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Friday, June 30, 2017

Tropics Weekend Watch -- Quiet Despite Model Whispers on Development in July. Strong High. Stubborn Waves.

I'm prefacing this post with the request that you read the previous two posts that explain why we are in the doldrums of the Hurricane Season while the Atlantic rests up and gets back on track. The previous post shows typical types of hurricane tracks that will be important to remember in about 10 days time. It's June and this is exactly where we should be, but after July 4th expect an uptick of fireworks in the tropics on the Atlantic side once again. You will notice a stubborn wave battling it's way West like the one before it in a sea of dry air and Saharan Dust. Around 40 West these waves wake up, smell warmer water and make a run for going the distance. They hit the shear at the entrance to the Eastern Carib and their moisture gets pushed up a bit to the North, part of the wave tries to go West and other parts move North of the Islands. This is the pattern that usually begins in July and ends up giving us a dramatic September. This year it began in June and I'd expect August to be prime time a bit earlier than usual.

Connect the dots above.
There are waves leaving Africa every few days.
The High remains a strong feature.
SAL is in it's seasonal place.
It's like it has a vacation condo for June and July..

Shear is nominal for this time of year.

Models though show a few possibilities.
Weak possibilities I may add.
Sort of burps in the High Pressure that dominates.

Let's go through the models fast.

Canadian shows the Epac being active, Atlantic quiet.

Euro doesn't show anything but a huge High.

GFS does a remake of Bertha with a way happier ending for North Carolina.

GFS Para ... sort of slides something very weak through the Florida Straits and hooks back.

I put those models up in alphabetical order so not giving any weight to any in particular.

I'm not in love with this set of waves yet despite some weak model support. Not sure what the GFS is sniffing, but I wish my coffee was that strong this morning. So let's let those waves leaving Africa bulk up a bit as they don't have much of a twist going on just yet. The water needs to be warmer, we need to get further into July.

And as always models update every so many hours and offer different solutions from run to run. Last night the GFS took a storm into the Islands, then lifting North tracing Hurricane Bertha's path towards Florida and then curving up towards the Carolinas. Today the same model shows the same similar set up but weaker and the track is more the right missing land on it's long journey across the sea. See last night's GFS wild ride in July.

When there is consistency we pay attention.
When said wave has consistent convection...
..we pay attention.
But we watch always.
Sometimes we are amused.
Sometimes annoyed.
Sometimes bored.
Sometimes worried.

July has a worry buster for everyone.
It's called July 4th...
And this year the beaches seem to be open.
Enjoy it as you may not get another chance come Labor Day.

Keep watching.

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps It's possible that one of those stubborn waves that breaks through the gates of the Caribbean may make it into the Epac and form there into something but that's a real long shot. Gotta watch stubborn waves and the tail end of old frontal boundaries for fast pop up action close in creating home grown problems.  Have a good weekend everyone. I'm one weekend closer to NFL football! Again those waves have great potential just because they seem to make it past SAL but they need to grow up and bulk up a bit before we see what they can really do. Coming to a tropical island this coming July....followed by real trouble in August!

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lesson 2 - Other Types of Tropical Formation. What About Bob? Oklahoma Or Bust!!!

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

Nothing officially happening in the tropics today.

Following up on yesterday's explanation of how Hurricanes form in the Atlantic usually I am adding an addendum titled "those other types of hurricanes and tropical storms" which basically means every rule is made to be broken.

1) Waves that sneak under or around the shear at the beginning of the Caribbean and wander into the warm waters of the Caribbean and then form into storms. It's rare, but it happens. Camille in 1969 was one of such hurricanes. Now days we'd have been tracking it and making fun of it since it left Africa as a weak wave showing some signs of rotation but not the real thing. And then as some late bloomers do they become the real thing.

2) Subtropical storms that form in the Western Atlantic from stalled out frontal boundaries and mix it up with other features. They start off as Subtropical often and then go tropical, briefly becoming Hurricanes then existing far longer than they should in the cool waters of the North Atlantic.

3) Hurricanes develop around the Bahamas but do not go out to sea as fish storms. What about Bob you may ask? It was a costly, crazy hurricane and one that didn't have nothing to do with African tropical waves.

4) Crossover storms that are rare but happen as energy from the Pacific makes it into the Atlantic side of the basin. Hermine wanted to show Oklahoma some tropical love in the rain maker game.

There are more I will discuss tomorrow.
Watch those sneaky waves and stalled out cold fronts.
Don't say I didn't warn you...

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps...okay I guess cryptic deserves cryptic...

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tropics Quiet. What Are You Doing For July 4th! Fireworks? Beach? Wave Watching.

Remember that wave that the NHC thought had potential.

No yellow circles. Quiet day in the tropics....

You know those daily struggles we all have? Whether you are trying to stay on a diet, go daily to the gym or trying to stay on a budget - you know it's an up and down process. Some days we are better at working towards our goals and other days we feel down in the dumps and overcome; our energy zapped with no will power. Then in a few days the Moon goes into Virgo and we suddenly feel the need to clean out the attic and organize the back of the closet. Okay, it might not be an astrological aspect but when the moon goes into Virgo I know I suddenly want to stay home and organize. I'm a Capricorn so maybe Virgo just works well for me and I'm feeling better. Virgo rules those wild waves that role of Africa and take aim at one of five basic paths. September remember...

I know you are thinking this is way too much astrology for your skeptical Virgo brain, but I've had way too much discussion on the most talked about Eclipse since the one the ancients wrote about after the fact and gave up eating, sex, drinking and ran for their lives when they didn't know why the devil took the sun away and hid it. So you can indulge me a little while I debate getting a hat or a V neck tee shirt for the most over merchandised event we have had since the Millennium and I'm sure many of you remember that!

I'm into astronomy, astrology and events that leave indelible imprints in our brains as a collective we love events that unify us in buying tee shirts and booking passages (money permitting) for cruises to watch the whales and an eclipse at the same time. But this has become the merchandising event of the year. And the travel sites that pay big bucks to TWC are paying trust me there are Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon and Charleston that are already sold out.

So let's talk most likely hurricane paths across the Atlantic Ocean.

a) Through the Islands, under a strong High Pressure straight into Central America.
b) Through the islands, curving up just a bi taking aim through the Yucatan Passage at the GOM.
c) Up and over the islands or just brushing the islands, missing the big ones towards FLORIDA.
d) Aiming for the islands but some trof grabs them pulls them NW bypassing FL to Carolinas.
e) Swim little fishy out to sea, be a Cat three but no one watches me....cause I'm a Fish Storm.

Basically with a little variation those five paths are the basics. Now sometimes you get two of the above that merge together such as Betsy and Andrew. Or sometimes you get a Donna like storm that looks like it's going to New Orleans after bulldozing it's way through the Florida Keys and then the track snaps back across Florida and runs the Eastern Seaboard. The point is the track down the road is up for grabs.

This is the wave and it's nemesis that is you note larger than the wave, stronger and going to win the battle with the tropical wave emerging off of Africa. One one side of the ring we have a small, nicely wrapped contender with not enough weight on him. In the other side of the ring we have a contender with ripped muscles and looking hungry.

You get the idea.
Poof goes the Yellow Circle 
We have a champion!
It's June. 
Those waves need to bulk up some!

And they will....

Add in the water is still cold this time of year.
Ever try going swimming on the Outer Banks in June?
Oh my goodness soooo cold.
It's not the beaches of Miami...

Looking at the loop above you can see the wave that never developed but stayed alive and is kicking up color and weather in the Islands. Still going strong... keep watching it and see how it matches up with the shear at the door of the Caribbean. Something fun to watch.. maybe.

Old danging front across Florida worth watching. 

And more waves coming off of Africa and there is one that looks to have some potential. And that would be why many are looking at long range models for after July 4th. Seems Uncle Sam paid someone off to keep those waves from forming until after his birthday. So stop worrying on the eclipse and figure out what your plans are for July 4th. I'm pretty sure there's a fire works show if you are into tons of smoke and noise or a concert with carefully choreographed fireworks and if not there's always that place in the hood where you live where every kid over the age of 10 has a treasure chest of fireworks he's shooting off for all the neighborhood to enjoy. Except that one neighbor that calls the cops and then the cops come, park down the block and watch the fireworks and then drive away. Happens. And yes I posted this song for the message and for great pics of the Fontaineblue in the 1980s. I grew up a few blocks away, had my prom there and one of my son's knows all the hidden exits to get in to watch concerts. Miami Kids. One generation hung out in the Boom Boom Room and other generations sneak into concerts on the beach and Victoria's Secrets fashion shows. Growing up in Miami is not like any other place in the world. I'm prejudiced....

Pics from the vault.
Powerhouse discussion on where to set up the big ones.
July 4th in the Meyer house was always interesting.
Then there was the year my daughter sold fireworks in Dania.
Summer jobs. 
Half Price off discounts.
Cousin's front yard show was bigger than the Orange Bowl.
Well ...seemed like it.


In the front yard on the circular driveway upsetting half the neighborhood or taking all the big vans into the backyard and turning the lights on to light up the yard and blasting the music. Kids grow up and then they get lazy and watch from the show below from their balconies up high in their tropical balconies looking down on the Golf Course where little kids shoot off rockets.

So you just keep on counting, 1 2 3 4 and one of those waves will be something to do something big, bad and dangerous. And then might just curve out to sea and be a fish storm like those sharks at the beach that scared everyone out of the water and then swam off to another beach to scare some other bathes. Analog to the shark scenario would be Hurricane David ;)

1979 a year to remember ... think of this year perhaps.

So enjoy the day, enjoy the week and I'll be back when something starts to spin or some model somewhere goes "oh my goodness" and til then make plans for the 4th of July and enjoy the possibility of a weekend to party, laugh and buy tee shirts!

Love and Kisses... 
Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps Growing up we could see the fireworks shot off at the Fontainebleau from our sidewalk. Some kids have a mall, Miami Beach kids have Lincoln Road, the Eden Roc and the Fontaineblue ;) And once in a while a visit by the ultimate tourist of all.. a West Indies Hurricane! And I believe after July 4th the fireworks in the tropics will truly begin..a bit early this year!!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sneaky African Wave With Yellow Circle as Another Nears South America. A Look Back at Hurricane Audrey and the Rule Breaking Atlantic Hurricane Season of 2017

Yes we are starting off with Africa this morning.

Going to try and keep today's post short and sweet, on the money as they say. There is a yellow circle in the far distant Atlantic off the coast of Africa again in June. This cannot be ignored and not for the reason you would normally think but solely for the reason that it is merely there. There shouldn't be yellow circles off of Africa in normal years in June, but there hasn't been anything normal about 2017 since Arlene formed in the Atlantic in April. And note I said "the Atlantic" vs some swirl in the Gulf of Mexico or off the coast of Florida but out in the Atlantic. Something to think on and discuss in depth after the season is over, however the pattern for an early Atlantic Hurricane Season was set back in April.

So let's look at Africa.
Several waves can be seen.
None dynamic but it's June.
June 2017

And the African Waves have been sneaky this year.
They are low this time of year.
That's within the framework of Climo.
Hurricane History since time began.

Early season waves tend to come off Africa at a lower latitude and that low ride hurts them as they have to lift a bit for them to really spin up as too close to the Equator you run into the dead zone for tropical formation. Bret was a rare spinner that low down close to the no go zone, however will more follow Bret this year that is the question. It's a two step dance, one part is staying away from the high dry air that sucks the energy out of fledgling tropical systems. On the other hand they can't go too far South or they lose their mojo. There's a thin line for development and it helps to have a wave with a lot of potential and not sure this wave has all that much potential.  SAL loop.

A while back a beautiful wave came off of Africa, but it was ignored. No yellow circle and yet it's on it's way to Trinidad and Tobago. You can see this wave flaring up on satellite imagery below. Nice little compact, red circle in a pocket of moisture. Riding low as another wave comes off of Africa. And note there are numerous waves coming off of Africa as the ITCZ has stayed moist this year South of the region where SAL dominates in June and July. You can also see a front draped across the Northern part of the Sunshine State. Many have said this morning in NY feels like September not June. Get over it, it's an illusion and summer heat will return soon. But it's interesting to watch as the season unfolds as this season's tropical waves don't always follow the rules.

You can see this low riding wave below.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Looks like a bright, white mole moving West on the loop above.
You can also see a small cyclone named Dora in the Epac.
Small, quick lived fast moving Dora.

Hurricane Dora formed an eye.
And the eye opened up wide.
Dora moved West towards cooler water.
No shear but maybe the eye was too big?
Seriously it's now been downgraded.
Maybe it's the name.
Dora 2011 had a huge eye too.
However 2011 Dora was a strong, big Hurricane.
Both had huge eyes.
25 to 30 miles wide in 2017

While June is usually a good deal for cruises in the Caribbean it's usually unfriendly for tropical systems as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place a bit later in the season. You can see how unfriendly it is and yet we have a yellow circle with 20% chances in the 5 day and that's interesting. Interesting for how it may relate to later in July and August before we even get to Remember September. 

Look at all those waves swimming West.
Moisture in the Caribbean in June.
Fronts dangling across Florida.
Warm waters in the GOM and the Bahamas.
Epac squeezed out a small storm nothing more.
The signs point for this to be an above average year.
Where the hurricanes go is the question.

Northern Hemisphere.
Small pretty cyclonic signature in EPAC
And lots of moisture to work with for waves.
And no El Nino.

Waves lined up in the Atlantic.
Purple circles in the Atlantic.
Yellow 20% CV Waves.

Stay tuned....
....connect the dots!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter
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Ps... Anniversary of Hurricane Audrey.
This old image was once new and amazing.

Audrey a rare June Hurricane.
A good look back is below.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

State of the Tropics in the Atlantic Basin Monday Morning While Hurricane Dora Dances In the Eastern Pacific.

Hurricane Dora is in the Epac moving WNW out to sea. Pretty hurricane and not expected to a problem for anyone and of course no one is really paying attention. Like in Real Estate it's all about location and Dora is in the wrong location for Atlantic Basin people. If we had a hurricane in the Atlantic moving WNW at 13 mph the islands might be in it's way. Just the way of the world in that we tend to ignore the hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific while counting 5, 6, 7 days until our side of the world becomes active again.

Pretty quiet on our side of the world.

There is some cloud clutter in the areas known to show June development in most years. Storms flare up and die out in the BOC and down in the cradle of the SW Caribbean near Panama storms pulsate and go flat just as fast. It's part of the ongoing process. SAL is strong in the Eastern Atlantic as if someone remembered suddenly to turn the switch on. There are waves but they are not overly exciting waves unable to do battle with cousin Sal. We ( a group of weather friends online) like to call him "cousin" because well you know how those difficult cousins are in any large family. Everyone's got one or two or three and you can't live with them and you can't live without em. With any luck they are loyal good friends as well as partners in crime but they have a tendency to take all the air out of the room at a family gathering by reminding everyone about the one thing no one wanted to be reminded of...

This blog should be subtitled...
"Don't stop believing..."

Note far to the right, down low is a wave that looks interesting. That's why we call this "wave watching" in that it starts with a wave. You thought I was gonna say "kiss" didn't you? And that wave has to catch the eye of the right people at the exact same time as the models suddenly close off Lows and show moisture congregating in all the right places with pressures dropping and well you know the rest of the story. Otherwise we spend most of our time studying old hurricanes to learn from the past to deal with the next big hurricane. Patterns, it's all about patterns. Whether we are talking about the news or the weather it's all about patterns. A friend put this image up this morning and in ways he's right especially as he knows waves of all kinds.

He's a smart guy that's a little crazy. He probably doesn't mind being called crazy as much as a "little" crazy as he does things in big ways. But, he's right patterns are known to produce tropical cyclones. When we are really bored suddenly in the tropics after so much food at the "All You Can Eat Tropical Buffet" we start to watch the Canadian model yelling at it a bit "hit me with your best shot, fire away!!!"

Luckily for us crazy types the Canadian never disappoints. 
That's about a week out so don't hold your breath!

The EURO took a vacation to a beach in Majorca.
Watch out for sharks the way.

The GFS long range model shown above in an image taken from shows a nice, large African wave setting sail on a journey across the ocean. That is very long range as in after you ate too much watermelon and drank too much beer over July 4th weekend! It's after a week of intermittent, weak waves trying to form with high pressure areas popping up for no apparent reason and then suddenly the MOTHER LODE... a big, huge, healthy wave riding low trying to avoid SAL. Yes, there has been whispers and chatter on this wave and the beginning of the CV season starting off in early July. Whether you insist on calling it a Cape Verde wave or you try and be politically correct and call it a Cabo Verde wave an African wave that's viable by any name is akin to a perfect rose for people who spend hours tending their garden trying to coax that one long stem beauty into perfection. A long range model is akin to a run on sentence that needs to be edited down or left alone under the guise of "my writing style" and if you are still reading this you must like my writing as...there is nothing happening currently in the Atlantic Tropical Basin.

I could wax poetic on the area of convection near the BOC but I'm really more of an African 
Wave girl who likes to ride a really long wave. I don't want to hear one great song and then leave the party I want to dance all night. I want to wake up in the morning and watch sunrise, then walk the length of Simonton (which makes no sense to you unless you have done it) and then watch the sunset. I want a long tracker, real tropical cyclone vs some sacrificial tropical depression offered to ancient Mayan Gods who refuse to let the season begin without one very mediocre named tropical storm. Please let that one be Don as I'm not up to the nonstop jokes the media will make on Hurricane Don. Let's just not go there. Make Don a fish storm and let's let this be the year that the name Emily is finally retired!!

And that's the state of the tropic this Monday Morning. Keep watching. If anything pops up on the models in the short term that was not there last night or this morning I'll mention it. I'd be very shocked if we don't have a healthy wave with designation after July 4th weekend and so I suggest you all do your July 4th thing and enjoy the end of June and early July before we start rocking and rolling again. The period from July 7th to July 13th looks ripe for trouble. 

I could be right, I could be wrong but the guy who liked that song was a lot of fun to dance with all night long ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter.
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Ps I'm not a big Billy Joel fan, really more an 80s girl but... 
... you might be the lunatic I'm looking for...
2 great names Billy and Joel
You can't go wrong with those two.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Cindy's Aftermath.Flooding, Tornadoes. Moving E and NE. EPAC Busier, Atlantic Takes a Short Break For You to Prepare for Hurricane Season. Hurricane History Miami, Tampa Due for a Real Direct Hit. Forecasting in 2017 vs 1917. Who Am I?

A look at Cindy's remnants in motion.

The exact location of Cindy's "center" above.
New Madrid area actually...
...sorry how my mind works.

As usual forecasting the worst weather in the weather mass formerly known as "messy Cindy" has not been easy for the NWS. They have erred on the side of caution with flood watches and warnings with some mention here and there for possible tornadoes and severe weather. Yesterday, out of nowhere and far from the "center" of Ex Cindy a tornado danced over Metro Atlanta. Not far away in Northern Alabama a tornado decided to visit a liquor store. Apparently it was picky as only some aisles saw debris while other aisles still had the bottles stacked as if nothing had happened.

This really does happen.
No walls left standing.
But some of the bottles upright as if a Twister wasn't just there....

Fairfield Alabama now on the map thanks to Cindy.

Pointing out two things here.
Above note the interior room structure remains..
Note the Mtns or high hills off in the distance.

There has been much discussion here as well as elsewhere as to the effect of topography and how it makes a bad situation worse if it's in the path of the remnants of a tropical cyclone in search of a frontal boundary. The issue of elevation intensifies the weather leading to possible flooding problems if rainfall is high or small random twisters starts to spin. And, the reason they tell you to go to an interior room in a tornado is you have a better chance of surviving.

After Hurricane Andrew people noticed similar patterns of wind flow that left some houses on a block barely touched while homes on the corners often were torn apart. A friend in Kendall had just bought a new bedroom set for her baby daughter. The wind entered the room and tore at things a bit, but nothing was broken. However the new furniture was scratched up by things unseen hitting it at high velocities. It then whooshed through the hallway into the next bedroom tossing everything about. The photos on the wall in the hallway were not even at an angle, as if nothing had happened. She and the baby spent the night of Andrew in a bedroom closet praying they would all survive. Her husband stayed outside with his back to the closet door hoping it would hold tight. The family photos just hung perfectly all through the hall where wind raced on it's way to destroying the back bedroom. Happens.

So Cindy is inland and her weather mass is moving North and East bringing potential problems with it and the NWS is doing a great job of warning everyone in it's path. Those watches and warnings along the Ohio Valley and the SE will move East over time so check in often with your best local source for weather news. is the link for the NWS. Just enter your zipcode and I'm sure you know your zipcode so just do it if you live East of those warnings above as this whole mess moves East and North. Weather in Kentucky may get dicey later today! This is not just your every day cold front or summer weather moving through. And please make it move through faster as it's way too hot and humid in Raleigh today.

As for the rest of the tropics.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

The Epac has an Invest.
As usual the Epac screams "my turn, my turn!!" 
... after an Atlantic storm dies out in June.
They seem to take turns sometimes.
There's a real scientific reason for it but ...
...let's just say energy moves about.

In the Atlantic you can see the curvature of a tropical wave.

Waves will be departing Africa that are more viable in a week or so.

Nothing is currently being shown by the models.
But models update often and so should you.
Always stay on top of the weather.

The tornado that formed over Atlanta...
..had no Tornado Watch.
See the map from yesterday below.

When the tornado was spotted...
..NWS put a Tornado Warning up immediately. 

Weather can happen like that...
Climate is always.
Weather can be like a one night stand...

As a writer I try to stay light here and explain the dynamics of tropical weather in a way that is easy for the lay person to understand. I don't tout my meteorological knowledge or education but let me say that it's extensive. From studying meteorology and geography in college to a point that it was obsessive to learning from people I have.. collaborated with online and in person while doing research at the NHC Library. And reading my whole life books on hurricane history that were then out of print and that are almost impossible to find today. I've been through numerous hurricanes, done storm chasing and been chased by a few too many hurricanes. Trust me it's way better to chase a hurricane than to be chased by one. Chasers move about with knowledge of both roads, weather conditions and other chasers. You cannot pick up a two story, 13 room home built four blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. You can do your best to protect it and you and pray the storm hooks to the right or left and leaves it in better shape than that ABC Liquor Store in Alabama. My house on Miami Beach in Hurricane Andrew was high and dry and in good shape. A block away a ladies roof took off and set sail in the wind landing in her neighbors back yard pool and the yard and partially on her house. 

As a writer I try to put this into a frame work you can understand rather than talking in academic language that if you understood you probably wouldn't be reading this blog. Or maybe you would as I have some friends in the world of academia who seem to enjoy reading my thoughts.

Bottom Line:

Weather can spin up fast and the NWS moves fast to stay on top of changes in real time to a forecast. Forecasters dealing with multiple models giving totally different solutions did the best they could and they did a very good job at the NHC with Tropical Storm Cindy. Kudos to the rule changes that allow for faster dissemination of information by way of watches and warnings before an actual center has shown itself. We can do that based on trust and reliance that we have now days in model forecasts for tropical development. We are lucky these days, in the old days people were not lucky they were caught without warnings often by Killer Hurricanes that suddenly swerved or made a turn where no ship could relay that information.

We have been extremely lucky the last few decades as some areas were hit over and over by dangerous hurricanes in the past that have not been hit in recent times. Key West has been lucky that the worse they have seen was Wilma or Georges as the 1919 Hurricane was a big blow and then it went on to slam into Texas as well a a very bad hurricanes in 1910. Read the text above a few times and try to picture it in your mind. And understand the weather service back then did the best it could to protect the people in the path of storms, but there wasn't much lead time when they were wrong. Now we can warn people with a Tropical Storm Warning before the tropical storm is done forming.

Tampa is so overdue for a Major Hurricane pushing up into Tampa Bay that it makes some wonder if they paid off the devil.

Lastly no matter how many times we say September Remember it's been a long time since downtown Miami and the beautiful adjacent city of Miami Beach was hit by a Category 4 Hurricane. The last record we have of wind speed was before the anemometer was blown off the a rooftop of a hotel on Miami Beach. We have been very lucky and at some point our luck may run out. Trust me I hope not but I'm realistic and so should you be. Andrew hit Homestead directly Miami only felt it's destructive energy.
Read it and look through the pictures.
Be #Hurricanestrong go on...

We used to forecast by the barometer.

There are a lot more buildings there now...
...for ships at sea to be tossed into!

Trust me on this there is so much information online. At Jim Williams has a list of cities and he shows the history for most cities in Hurricane country. Miami is shown below. You learn from history so you can prepared for the tomorrow when a hurricane is coming straight at your town. Trust me. I said Cindy would hit the Sabine River area between Texas and Louisiana when asked by friends on Twitter over and over days before it made landfall there. I made it clear Cindy might move a bit more to the west or east but in that general region. And, I said that when other meteorologists insisted it would hook left into Mexico or aim at the coast of NW Florida. I know hurricanes and I know weather and on any given day weather can change fast and the NWS does their best to change the forecast. You have the final responsibility to stay on top of the weather.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter.
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