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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Cold Winter. Miami Awaits. South of the Freeze Line. Or Buy Snow Boots! Compass Realty

Today is the day when people on the East Coast ponder buying that pair of snow boots they have been wanting but were waiting for after Holiday sales. There's rumors of snow...

Note Winter's song is now heard all the way through North Florida.
South Florida is holding out as always.

See the oranges by South Florida.
They are reminiscent of Julia Tuttle's oranges.
Groves in Miami weren't destroyed by the Hard Freeze of 1894-95.
Julia Tuttle was said to have sent Old Henry Flagler oranges.
The oranges were alive... blossoms fresh.
The crop wasn't destroyed.
Henry who is better known for hotels and railroads...
...was making money on the agriculture boom in Florida.
The first boom being the farming boom.
Then the Real Estate Boom that busted the farming boom.
Coral Gables was originally Orange Groves.
Thus the  name... Coral Gables.
He build houses with coral gables and coral roof tiles.
But the orange groves were mowed down for the housing boom.
You win some you lose some.

In Downtown Miami they sold oranges to tourists.
My mother's best friend's mother had a juicing stand.
Across from the Olympic Theater on Miami's Main Street.
Tourists, Sailors, Cubans up from Havana shopping.
All came to get fresh squeezed orange juice.
Stores sold orange perfume to tourists.
My Great Aunt got married with a bouquet of Orange Blossoms.
Really... it was all the rage back then.
She lived in Tampa, but same thing.
Orange Groves brought the money rolling in.
Then came the Orange Bowl Parade.
The Jr. Orange Bowl Parade is alive in Coral Gables.
Of course...
The Orange Bowl Game Still lives... 
Oranges helped make Miami what it is..
Go figure.
Try and find an orange tree anymore...
We had one in our backyard. Not easy to climb.
And we got in trouble for climbing it.. 
So yes Julia Tuttle knew the value of being south of the freeze line.

One of my favorite people is my good friend Historian Paul George.
You might want to sit a spell and listen a bit.
Paul's favorite History Tour is the City Cemetery.
Okay he is born on Halloween so this shouldn't be a surprise.
Listen to "Julia" tell the story in "her" words :)

That's the land she bought.
The beautiful hotel.
Prime Real Estate.

Now if you think on that a bit...
We got from there to here....

What a city.

So while watching that frost line move South....
...and the temperatures drop deeper and deeper down.
Look around and wonder if you really, really like the Seasons.
Or would you rather fly South to Miami.

Orange has given way to white.
White fancy new Spec Houses.
White buildings with touches of playful color.
White beaches, blue water.

Whether you are in Coconut Grove (incredible)
Miami it!
Or just plain old Miami..
Usually, but not always, the freeze line is in the rear view mirror.

My son is a 5th Generation Floridian.
We've built homes, sold homes and loved homes.
He loves Royal Poinciana Trees...
..being his mother I know that.

Beautiful historic real Miami home in the Grove.
That's the street it's on...
.... palms, orange poincianas, blue skies.
Green all year.

That's my Levi ;)
He's not worrying on buying snow boots this year.

That's the bottom line.

Either you LOVE the Seasons.
And they are nice.. especially when you can fly South.
Buy a condo downtown not far from Julia Tuttle's home....
...when it gets too cold up in Cleveland, Ohio.

Do you really want to buy winter clothes?
You're call.

Because the bottom line is winter is on the way.
And it's gonna get cold really soon.
So if you aren't flying South in sandals.
Buy boots.
The forecast for the next week UP North is COLD.
And it's only gonna get colder..

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps I have to add there is the smallest chance of something forming.
Tropically at the bottom of the front in the SW GOM.
But until it gets more realistic it's just some rain.
Rain is better than snow unless you love snow.
I'm more a believer on Winter and snow now.
But as the Hurricane Season started in January...
...stay tuned just in case

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Tropical Storm Ecai in Brazil. Snow in Hawaii. Record Snow in Chicago. What Next Mother Nature? Winter Predictions for December

First and foremost the weather news today is Winter makes a move on the South. It's one thing to have bitter cold in North Dakota and another thing for it to be cold in Florida. Hey, but Florida didn't get snow so they are still the best place for snowbirds to go when they need to fly away. You can see here how that frontal boundary just cuts straight across Florida.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Note the moisture feed moving up from the tropics still.
As winter plays out that could become problematic.

The chill map shows where the front is currently.
Miami still 77 degrees which is balmy for 9 AM.

North Florida is feeling it.
According to many meteorologists many of us will feel it for a while.

So as Chicago had record snow for the date recently...
Maybe don't throw out those crazy long range models for December.

Aside from the snow in Seattle... Brazil had a rare Tropical Storm.

Looks messy to me.

Some images shown there.

I'm going to go with their designation as it happened to them.
There has been discussion here on if it was or wasn't.
It's like surgery. If it's your operation it feels major.

They had damage. It seems closed off.
There was a frontal boundary.
Not going to get into the fray.
Let's just say.
They had tropical weather.

Hawaii had snow.
Chicago had a lot of snow early.
Brazil had a Tropical Storm.

Brazil has had hurricanes before. Happens.

Can't argue that one.
See they do have tropical weather.
You can read about them in the link above.
Ecai made it onto their list.

Brazil's version of the NRL made the call.

In other places Mother Nature has gone on some rare rampages this week. If I was a conspiracy person I'd start believing things I see online. Some would whisper Al Gore here and talk on Global Warming. Perhaps I think "Mother Nature" should have gotten Man of the Year as Mother Nature has been on some strange rampage this year. Hurricane Julia formed over land. Storms everywhere not to mention earthquakes and well Mother Nature has been busy in 2016.

We had snow this week in Hawaii in areas where it rarely snows. It does snow in that they often get a dusting up in the mountains, but this was a larger than normal event. is a good article that explains the why of this snowy event.

So from the one Olympic site to another, from Sochi to Santa Catarina we've had pretty odd weather this year. I'll predict the trend will continue with this coming winter. Stay tuned.

From Mike's site you can clearly see Winter is winning.

Besos BobbiStorm
Ps And you if you use Twitter you will hear on these things in real time.
@bobbistorm on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter for real time thoughts.

For my brother in Greece whose always in a Jazzy mood.

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Monday, December 05, 2016

Snow in Seattle, SE set for Severe Weather Again. Winter On the Move. Russian Storm Waves in Sochi.

Love it. Slow motion.
Kids who rarely see snow watching it falling.

Gonna lead here with the snow in Seattle. 
It's a big deal when it snows there.
Statistically Raleigh gets more snow than Seattle.
And seems people react there the way they do here.

My daughter-in-law who lived in Postville, Iowa is not happy.
She has seen enough snow for a life time...
It rarely snows in Seattle.
My son posted video on Youtube so I figured I could post it here.
He's seen his share of snow but not often since moving to Seattle.
Everyone loves that first snow unless perhaps they live in Minnesota.
Especially when it's not all winter just once in a blue moon.
This was forecast, but no one believes it til they see it.

And they saw it falling.

It's also snowing near Boston but that's not exciting.
But everyone loves the first snowfall of the year right?
Okay, not my daughter-in-law Chani
Actually my daughter-in-law in NY doesn't either..

So let's look at the snow map for today.

CONUS_GFS0P5_SFC_ACCUM-SNOW_120HR.gif (1180×770)

Well, that's a lot of snow up near Seattle.
Dark reds. Brief bursts of snow at higher elevations.

Down South we have rain.
Possible strong storms.
Severe weather.
Moisture from the Gulf of MEXICO
Moving North hitting the diving cold air.

And get used to it as winter is not leaving.
I do believe this will be a real winter Virginia...
Perhaps the Almanac was right.
Should I whisper "La Nina" ??

So if you need to stock up on snow supplies.
You know all that stuff they have out in front of Kroger..
You might want to slowly prepare as winter is in the air.

What's also interesting today is video coming in from Russia.
Russia had a storm, a wild one recently.

Note their use of the word "hurricane" ..
... storm surge like waves caused this damage below.

Just wow. 

The destructiveness of water is to be feared and hopefully never seen up close, especially if it is endangering people and your home. However, we are often mesmerized by this force of nature, and we watch videos online in wonder and awe. Awe is a funny word to use for something so horrible and yet it is awesome that a gentle ocean can be so whipped up with unrelenting, wild waves moving onto shore in what we commonly call a storm surge. What many of us do not realize is that it happens across the world, not just in the Atlantic and Pacific Basin. And people react in the same way, they stand there, watch and take pictures sharing them online.

The video above is of a storm in Russia recently. It immediately reminded me of the way the storm surge looks in Daytona Beach when a Hurricane is off shore. So the video below is from Hurricane Matthew. Compare and contrast how similar it looks and how the water finds it's easiest path inland.

True story. And as always people get too close.

She's fine... I think.

So stay on top of the weather today where ever you are..
...before the weather is on top of you!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Cause you can't talk about Seattle without showing the Space Needle.
Old video during a snow storm in 2010.
Worth noting similar time of year.

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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Chicago Gets 1st Snow of the Season. Storm Moving Towards East Coast

Just marking a moment in weather history for the Winter of 2016. No this isn't about the tropics. Well, I do have one fact I'm putting up but this is all about the first snowfall of the year in Chicago. I wasn't paying attention much to the weather this morning. Resting, a bit under the weather myself. Allergies and sinus nothing big and yet annoying. My son in Chicago messaged me and asked me when the snow will start. I smiled. He's on a long weekend trip with some friends to check out various buildings and well that's what architecture students like to see on vacation and he was hoping to catch some of "the seasons" away from Miami.

I checked the most reliable sites and many had icons for rain mixed with snow and a low chance of much if any accumulation. As I know that story from Raleigh I warned him he might not see much but maybe. I did notice the NWS was updating it's discussion and TWC took down their rain and snow icon for light snow with a few inches of accumulation. I smiled.

And then it began to snow and snow and snow. The snow stuck, the snow accumulated and the Miami kids got to enjoy a rare treat. I know this because I'm on Snapchat with him and they had fun out and about in the snow. Oddly, he and I were in NYC 2 weeks ago and we saw snow flurries. Maybe he's a snow magnet? He's coming for a visit, I'm gonna start watching for any chance of snow down the road. I can dream right?

So this storm has been an over producer was we like to say.
What will it do next as it moves East?

Up on Mike has snow info up.

Seems winter is making it's presence known.
One of it's presents is beautiful photo ops ...

Beautiful. So beautiful. I want some.

I'm getting rain this week.

And that's good as we could use the rain in the SE.

And now that the hurricane season is over.
SAL has taken a vacation it seems.
Go figure. Nada.

Just the way it goes.
As for this coming winter.
Weathermen win some...
...they lose some.
Will be a while to see just what we will be.

So stay tuned and pay attention.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Love it... 

Everyone loves the first snow of the Season ;)
Not just Miami kids on vacation.

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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Meteorological Winter. Light Up Those Dark Days of Winter with Light and Music.

Notice the cold front....

December 1st is the start of what we call Meteorological Winter. That means it is basically easier to remember a solid date than to remember when the Winter Equinox. I know, gets difficult remembering if it's December 21st or December 22nd or maybe December 19th...

If you have a calendar chances are it's ON the calendar and depending on your browsing styles it may or may not be on your news feed. I'm putting it here so it's officially on my blog.

Either way the High in the Atlantic over the SE is holding tight.
Remnants of the frontal boundary is off shore now.
People are still missing and they are they searching through the remnants. 

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

It's that big blue, teal color down near Florida.
The front moved through last night.
As usual Greensboro and Durham stole Raleigh's weather.
Blue skies and it's 64 degrees today!
It's beginning to feel closer to winter.
Yesterday Raleigh tied a high of 77 degrees.
The leggings are back on here...

The Drought Monitor was released this morning.
You can see where Matthew helped along the East side of the State.
And nothing has helped the West side of the Carolinas.

The green is the areas that received rain from Hurricane Matthew.
The Farmers Almanac is predicting a wet, cold winter in the SE.
So possibly that will help. 
I know this as one of my kids sent this to me and asked if it was true.
We will know if they were right in April of 2017.
Til then it's all forecasts and predictions.
And it was 77 degrees yesterday in Raleigh on November 30th.

Today the death toll has climbed to 7 and several people are still missing.
The clean up after the wildfires is ongoing.
The clean up from the tornadoes is also ongoing.
Today is a day to clean up after disasters.

Pray. Give.
It's easy to give online.
I just bought someone a menorah from Kohls online.
Easier to give than to buy.
Takes less time and we all know time is $$$

I'm really praying that the father finds his missing wife and daughters alive.
News stories are heartbreaking out of Tennessee.
And the news for the West Coast today is a forecast of Santa Ana winds.

Santa Ana winds bring fire to LA and other areas in Southern California.
Not always but often. Extreme fire danger.
You haven't lived til you felt a hot, dry, strong wind on your neck.

So rather than post about the end of the Hurricane Season which is most likely over, however since it started this unconventional year in January who can say for sure? Officially it's over and I'll look back on a quieter weather news day. I'll discuss it soon but here's the statistics:

I can say the 2016 Hurricane Season is in the books.
We can also see it out performed the forecasts.
Giving a range of 12-17 is stupid so let's ignore that one.
Really? That's not a forecast but an average.

A good read is linked below:
It's the CSU summary of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Weather today:

My world today is filled with music.

You'll have to forgive me a bit for having some motherly pride here in a CD my son worked hard on. Very hard as many of those people involved are perfectionists and like to get it right. A CD is what is left of LPs and although individual songs are available online and will be for sale on iTunes in 2 weeks after local stores have a chance at selling it first... it's the concept of an ALBUM that artists get that often people listening do not get. Go to some big bands like Journey and you will see the theme that underlies each CD. Willie Nelson does this often as he did so beautifully with Stardust in the same way Gloria Estefan did with Mi Tierra. The theme of this Album is LIGHT. Very perfect for a CD being released before Chanukah. A brief explanation of what Light means from a Kabbalistic perspective is below. My mother who was a singer when young would be very proud of Sruly, her grandson, as she loved music greatly. She told me once "music was the great love of my life" and she had a sign she pasted to her desk that read "Music has no age" and so from the bottom of my musical genes I'm dancing today to some of the very upbeat songs on this CD.

An explanation of Light from one perspective.

Another perspective from an artist's point of view:

We all know the value of LIGHT.
People with SAD who are deprived of light in winter become depressed.
Artists travel to spots around the world where light helps them create.
Also why there are so many artists in Key West.

Van Gogh knew light.
The light in Provence was said to inspire artists.
You just look at his art and see and feel the countryside.

Flip side of light at night Van Gogh also knew.

Incredible CD Cover Art that radiates Light.

Cover by Artist Marc Lumer.

"The beautiful album cover features original artwork by world renowned artist Marc Lumer, and the jacket includes art by Yitzchok Moully, Yiddy Lebovitz and Sruly Meyer" 

Cute work with weather...

So if you would like listen to the music.

And enjoy what is left of Autumn before we all slide into winter.
Of course if you like winter... go for the December 1st start!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps This week I started back at my dance classes at the Gym.
Moving the muscles... 
Taking advice #HustleYosselMoveaMussel

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