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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Monkees Peter Tork Passes Away... Memories of Music and Miami and Hurricane History and the Beatles

It's ironic as I heard a Monkees song on the radio channel my husband loves to listen to and usually it's more hard rock from a time when I lived in LA and was listening to Urban Cowboy and doing Disco. I'm not much into "Oldie Goldies" as I'd rather listen to a mix of music, but somewhere old love songs are always playing in the forest whether anyone hears them or not.

I was a kid when the Monkees were doing a weekly show on TV and they seemed more real than the Beatles (don't have a heart attack...) but the Monkees were for the most part American looking kids and many guys in my high school class looked like Peter Tork even though a decade had gone by but long hair was still in style for guys. The Monkees songs played on well into the 70s until Disco finally stole everyone's imagination. Being a Miami kid the Beatles seemed a part of Miami History and the Bee Gees lived up the road on Miami Beach by the bay. Peter was the Monkee that most ignored as girls argued over who was cuter Davy Jones or Mickey Dolenz; Mike seemed older and Peter looked like the boy down the block who went fishing and boating on the weekend. Miami was a fun place to grow up back in the years when Flipper was filmed on a nearby beach and Jackie Gleason showed up in town in search of the Greatest Audience in the world.

But this song.......years after it was first popular stuck in my memory the most. I had a boyfriend (I know every story I have starts like that) and he would sing this song to me often. I won't say his name as he's famous in his way and some love him and some don't but we had good times and secrets and magical mystical arguments while driving at night. Was he the Daydream Believer and I was the Homecoming Queen on the run? Kind of... at least at that point in my life. He sang lots of Monkees songs to me over time with long diatribes on what the song meant to him, to us and to my best friend who graduated the year before. Some relationships are complicated.

What's amazing is that we were sure we lived in complicated times. There were revolutions going on somewhere every day on college campuses and political conventions got messy in Chicago but in Miami they were fun in the sun and another excuse to feel Miami was the center of the world. The Beatles were complicated and political and there was drama over this wife or that. I'm pretty sure today they'd just marry Kardashians or Jenners and make a fortune on make up and fashion but the Monkees were just "fun" and whimsical and not heavy like trying to figure out the song American Pie.

Looking back it was such a simplistic time.... and we believed like believers and accepted silly musical videos years before MTV came out with a daily playlist that showed music videos 24/7 and we didn't care if the Monkees were a put together band they were fun. Seems we needed fun and I've read it said that the Beatles became the Beatles because collectively after JFK was shot and a country was in morning they were ready to live again and laugh and scream over 4 young men from England arriving at JFK to conquer America's teens. My father liked the Beatles. First time I saw them I thought they were a bit boring... yeah, yeah, yeah...   Their songs got better and more complicated and we couldn't "Imagine" that then when they first hit the scene so clean cut they'd become deeply involved in trends, philosophies and more drama like whether Paul was alive or not.

I was raised in the South and I liked other songs.... I still do.

Such a classic song.... how well I remember the look that was in his eyes...

And then after Disco and Urban Cowboy.... fast forward Billy Ray came back and sang his achy breaky heart out and women screamed all over again.

You can't make this up.............

My daughter lip synched to his daughter's songs in high school ...and yeah there's youtube videos somewhere at her and her best friends singing at what we like to call "Camp Academy" in between classes.

We lived in similar times back when we waited for the Monkees to come on with a new show and we were believers in the last train from some place in Clarksville.

Then there's my youngest and Bruno Mars ... we've become so complicated and fancy.

Maybe their charm was their simplicity and their smiles. Who knows. I was a kid. Life was simple. We had football seasons (Go FINS) and Hurricane Season (praying for a hurricane so we got off school and could go to the ocean to watch the waves) and hanging out at the pool all year because we lived in Miami where the world vacationed and we lived life.

So yeah........ a bit of hurricane whimsy.

The Beatles were scheduled to play in Florida but a hurricane came and messed up their schedule so their managers decided on doing some promos and pics of the Beatles in the surf having fun in Florida.

Can't make this up... Hurricane Dora and the Beatles

Historian Paul George often has told me that February 1964 was a landmark time for Miami. The Sonny Liston fight was scheduled, the Beatles hit town and Jackie Gleason moved his show to Miami. I was a kid... probably had a mini crush on some cute boy and was praying a hurricane would hit Miami ... and one did! Gotta love Hurricane Cleo... see wishing does make things happen.

Much love..
......Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Instagram and Twitter

Dedicated to my best friend Linda and all my old boyfriends and the city of Miami (including Paul George whose incredible)

Sorry music today ... more weather tomorrow

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Wacky Winter Weather in Vegas -- Odd Signals At the End of Winter & Looking Towards Spring

My kids have friends who are also my friends who live in Las Vegas. They have been somewhere between "OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!" to "I moved here to get away from the crappy snow in Iowa" and amazingly it's snowed more days in Las Vegas this winter than in Raleigh North Carolina. 

Check her out to watch the pooch playing in the snow.

When it snows here or anywhere I am I'm more like the little white pooch running around saying excitedly "it's SNOWING!" and not everyone is as happy as I am but when it snows I'm happy. 

This is a tornado over snow in New Mexico.
The desert Southwest is getting wacky weather.
Snow sucked up into the Twister. 

Weather is all messy this year!

Some call that #Farklempt 
That's what she/he said!!

Is the Modoki El Nino the culprit here?
... but it's getting old if you ask me.
Will it still be there in September?

People are whispering on Mr. Modoki more than talking.
I mean it's always in a state of flux.

Everyone needs a hero or a villain ...
Which is it?

I decided I need to go back to my first love more often.
Broadway Musicals.
During the off season I have needs.

Woke up at 5 AM and half asleep I thought:
"Oh I should grab my fone and ...."
And then I remembered there is no 5 AM advisory.
Getting closer. I can smell it.

Dabuh is watching...

It's impressive on satellite imagery even if it's February.
A disclaimer below there are no hurricanes.

But know the NHC is always watching also.
From today's outlook

No hurricanes.
But snow in Vegas.
Snow across the SW.
California? Grapevine...
Sin City is now Snow City in 2019!
And what happens in Vegas....
...gets posted all over the Internet!

It has snowed on the East Coast recently.
My daughter in Monsey, NY is in it.
And I mean IN IT.... 
Drive carpool in that every morning...
...she's eating ice cream and dreaming on Miami.

At some point you just don't wait for summer.

 I love winter even without snow.
Why you ask?
You see beautiful images such as this below.

Is that beyond beautiful.
You don't see that in Summer.
Pretty sure in Summer the sunset is invisible there.
Winter reveals the beauty of what is underneath.
What is withins hidden in the forest.

Last night I went out and saw some friends.
Put on cute little boots I could not wear in Miami.
Wore my pink sherpa coat that I did not wear in Miami.
Got a pickled okra with my bowl of "sweet potato mash"
(they don't do that in Miami)
(my Uncle did grow okra in Miami though)

I'm silly.
Not quite losing my mind yet.
My hurricane friends are restless.
We may be crazy but we be friends.
I'm remembering LA... 
I went to LA Oscar Weekend years ago.
What a circus :)
Back before Facebook or Instagram..
..hard copy pictures :)

I miss LA sometimes.
Nothing like a LA sunset.
Well no not really Key West out does LA.
It's all beautiful.
And it's snowing in higher elevations near there.

Are you still reading?
Hurricane Season is miles away.

Far away 
There is a hurricane somewhere.
And someone is always watching.

I'm a Miami girl.
This was my house.
We didn't have the hedge then.
But we planted the palm trees.

Have a good day.
I do believe early March will deliver snow.
I'm hoping Green Book wins the Oscar.
Director deserves one too...
...without a good director a movie is just "meh"
Trust me on that one ;)

Have a blessed and beautiful day.
I'll be back when there is something more to say.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wintry February Reminder That We Aren't in Spring Yet... Tho Spring Keeps Trying to Sneak In. Thoughts on Hurricane Irma

I'm lying in bed under the covers.
Doing some work but staying under the cover.
My fake fireplace floor heater is on :)
Notes and notebooks scattered about my bed.
I decided to stay in today.

Note the red on the Maple Tree....
It's budding.
Rain not snow is falling.
Though some flakes and sleet fell last night.

Feels like the high 20s or low 30s out there today.
I don't go out in that weather unless I'm in NY.
I'm in Raleigh. Staying in bed.
I'll do some Yoga for exercise ;)

So I am home in my Carolina home and that's good, because I got here in time to watch Spring try to sneak in before the actual start of even meteorological Spring. That happens when the temperatures are very warm for a week or two in early February and Mother Nature gets all discombobulated and decides to allow the first few blooming trees of Spring to bloom a bit early. There are some white pear blossoms and that bright pink purple blossom that's part of the magnolia family but looks more like an orchid. The maple tree had the slightest reddish blush on it when I went to Miami and I came home to small little red buds unfolding fast to bring it back to it's normal red color that looks Christmas like against the dark forever green Carolina Pine trees. A neighbor behind me has his fireplace going I suppose trying to stay in Winter mode just a little bit longer. I like my fake fireplace with different color flames dancing about as the warm air comes out from down below and takes the chill out of the room and makes me feel cozier.

I've always been that type of person with dual lives, dual loves, two best friends and multiple interests so I don't feel conflicted over loving Carolina and also calling Miami my home and a city I love. I am who I am and I don't make excuses or pretend and own up to who I am and what you see is really what you get... though some here know me way better than others and possibly better than I know myself! 

Last night we had a really short bout of winter weather as in "winter precipt" as in SLEET!

Sleet came down to the ground.
Like shards of glass under the street light.
Covering the windows of the cars....
... with fake promises of snow.
And then it began to rain again.
RDU had traces of snow.
I think I saw some mixed in with the rain.
Hard to say and too cold outside to linger.
Amazing how ten minutes of sleet...
...looked like icy crystals on the glass.

Too far away from Hurricane Season to bore you with endless stories of hurricane history but I warn you they are coming. I'm putting together my "favorite" hurricanes to discuss and thoughts on what this coming hurricane season may bring. But really what is in an early season forecast? I wonder, because almost everyone forecast a very cold, wintry winter in the East ... East of the Appalachians and this winter has been all West Coast Winter Storms and East Coast blasts of moisture rushing in from the Gulf of Mexico with storms training over the beach towns that Hurricane Michael took aim at ...... and if that is not some sort of pattern I don't know what is. 

My son in Miami calls this "look" in Raleigh that "dead winter look" whereas I call it "I can see the sky I love it" look. I love looking through the lacy branches of the trees with the sky beyond peeking through everywhere that turns into a solid green canopy of verdant, Carolina green scenery. Winter allows you to see what's underneath it all and it allows you to see the beauty of each branch and the shape and form of the tree and it's trunks reaching up into the Carolina sky that today is gray not blue. Tomorrow is another day.

So this Wintry Stew is shown below. You get the feel and taste of the winter buffet being presented for lunch today along most of the East Coast. Spoiler Alert New York is finally getting the snow they have been wishing for all winter. Complaints will follow soon I am sure.  DC and adjacent Baltimore getting snow and I'm not following Virginia's weather but sure they got more than Raleigh got of snow. Boone got snow and that's where the snow should fall obviously. Raleigh is like Camelot... it snows magically at midnight then disappears as if it was never really there. It's also snowing in Blowing Rock but I'm not there I'm in Raleigh getting rain, rain and rain.

WXBRAD @ Instagram and Twitter.
One of the region's best weather people.
I often joke I'm moving to Charlotte just because of him!
Charlotte is on my short list of places to move.
Then my Granddaughter Charlotte could come visit me.
(When she is older...she's not yet 3)
And Charlotte could play in Charlotte ;)

Well currently this is Charlotte's playground.
Check out that beautiful Miami canal...
Boats, palm trees and sunset.
Actually she lives in Coconut Grove.

Is that beautiful or what?

That's her Daddy's office view. You could have that view too if you bought a place in paradise to use all year or just as a winter hideaway. Miss Charlotte lives in a tropical paradise. Where do you live? Or more so . . . are you happy where you live? Where would you want to live? Are you one with your environment or do you feel like a fish out of water wishing you were in Biscayne Bay or near Pawley's Island? 

Main Highway in Coconut Grove.
A true historic street in South Florida.

Her brother on the left enjoys Florida too!
Several of my sons go every year to this event.

Benjamin on his daddy Levi's shoulders.
Some of the other cousins, uncles, etc.
Miami is a play paradise all year.
And Levi loves his Miami paradise.

Buy something!
Make me happy ;)
Buy me a place in paradise ;)

Carolina is a Spring and Fall paradise each year.
I love both places and all of those kids.

Yes this is a trip through BobbiStorm's mind today.

That's Lucy cuddling with her father Mendy.
Lucy aka Leah Rivka is turning 1 soon.
Charlotte is turning 3.
I'm sending presents and going to do Facetime.
As Dina who has a birthday on Sunday says..
"you can't be everywhere at once" and she is right.
Her present is in the mail ;)
Moe has a birthday today.
Yes I had a baby on President's Day in LA years ago.
Gosh I loved LA.

That's Moe on the right.
His oldest brother Sruly on the left.
Both Pisces babies as is Dina.
Hebrew Month of Adar.
This week was birthday week growing up.
3 birthdays in one week.
Now we have Charlotte on March 2nd.
Lucy is also March.

I'm rambling.
That's good.
I like being me today ...
...ain't no hurricanes in the Atlantic.
Oh but look at that below.
Big, big swirl in the North Atlantic.

Greenland on the left.
Europe on the right.
Cyclonic Porn.
Just being honest.
Everything is connected.

It's snowing in Brooklyn.
I may be in Brooklyn in May.
I haven't decided but possibly ;)

Cranky dazzles us with his map gymnastics.
I say that as they truly feel as if they are in motion.
You can read the his blog but his maps are a treasure.
So is his brain ... but that's another issue.

As for me I'm staring at loops on Spaghetti Models.
My ultimate pasta buffett.
Lots of color and flavor but zero calories ;)

There are no hurricanes today in the Atlantic.
There aren't even tropical waves or depressions.
Only winter and Mother Nature playing games.

Weather is a wonderful hobby.
It can be a cruel mistress sometimes.
Take another look at the pic at the top of the page.

See the little votive on my windowsill?

It's a whimsical present my brother bought me.
We were in the Middle Keys.
A thrift shop was having a huge garage sale.
Lots of treasures left behind or found after Irma.

I have a good friend who lost her beautiful home in Irma.
Her Keys home... lots of family treasures.
She has a treasure trove of beautiful memories.
They are making it hard for people in the Keys.
That's a blog for another time.
Hurricane Irma may have stormed through...
...but the local governments are raping the survivors.
You can't do this or that and it happens but it's pathetic.
It's not an issue of protecting their citizens.
It's a matter of protecting their future interests.
Big Pine Key was once home to many....
.. winter homes and year round homes.
A place people could afford in paradise.
Now days you can't park a trailer or boat on your lot.
Just move along and go somewhere else.
Let the big investors move in and improve the values.
Sad as Big Pine Key was a true Keys treasure.

Sometimes it's the aftermath not the hurricane that gets you.

And government doesn't look out for the simple folk...
...but those who will come in an invest lots of money.
Hurricanes bring an odd form of forced gentrification sometimes.

Big Pine Key... read up on it's history.

Irma may have officially hit Cudjoe Key...
..but it pounded Big Pine Key.

That was the hurricane season of 2017.
Then came the hurricane season of 2018.

Hurricane Michael slamming into the Florida Panhandle.
A late season hit for the Florida Panhandle.

What will 2019 bring?
Not sure......not yet.

I'm going to sit here and enjoy this bit of winter.
Maybe we will have a late season hit of winter again.
I played in the sleet last night (Brrrr)
And going out tonight a bit.
Cleaning, organizing and thinking.
Thinking out loud here in my blog on the off season :)

More to come soon.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Ps..... It's always good to love where you live.
If you can't love where you live....
... I hope you get to visit places you love often!
Choose wisely in life!

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Back from Miami... Watching Weather, Earthquakes, History and Touching Base with BobbiStorm - 1111 Lincoln Road, Florence 2006.. A Look Back and a Look Forward.

I've been following weather only here and there was time permits while on vacation in Miami. I refuse to obsess about the slight possibility of any sort of frozen preceipt in North Carolina until next winter; if we get snow it will surprise me and I'll be silly and over the top excited. Watching models this past winter, after the surprise snow in November, has been like watching Lucy promise not to pull the football away from Charlie Brown and then she does it over and over again.

I'm more than halfway to the Hurricane Season and thinking of posts to write that would offer some historic and educational value here as we march into March of 2019. You can see the signs online that we are more there in our minds than the pages of the calendar are that are stuck on February 2019.

Nothing makes my heart race faster than...
..purple satellite images of the tropics.

Yes I was hiding from the world in Miami Beach.
Standing on rooftops staring out at the lights below.
Wearing long sleeves because it was cold that night.
High on life and too many Nespressos.

My son's best friend's father helped design it.
You've seen it on the credits of Burn Notice.
It's next store and upstairs from Nespresso :)
And yes someone lives on the top of it ...'s true. My son explained it to me.
I believed him but here's the link...
There's a tropical palace on top of an iconic parking lot.
They paved paradise and built another paradise.

But from the street level....
...who would know what's on the top of the parking lot?

Miami is like that, always evolving.
Always rediscovering itself.
Always redefining itself.
Magical city indeed.
How it looks from down below.

There are secrets everywhere there.
And in life as well.
They paved paradise indeed...
..and put up a parking lot with a hidden mansion on top!

I'm home, back from my Myami vacation (that's how natives like to say it...though my Grandma Mary used to call it "MY-AM-MAH" with a deep Southern drawl that she called a real "FLAHR-da accent" and yes there was something awesome about my Grandma Mary... no one like her really. I found out on Ancestry that she was actually six years older than she told everyone and I'm not even sure she knew that as there was a lot of fussing with birthdates in her family. Shows you what a cute, short, youthful looking woman can get away with over time.... six years... but it explains some discrepancies in her stories she told often that seemed not to make total sense. For instance she told me once she walked in a parade in "Tampeh" (that's how she called it) with her father when she was little and he held her hand so tightly so she didn't get lost as there were so many people there celebrating the end of the Spanish American War. I asked her if she was sure about that because she told me she was born in 1900 and that's really young for her to be walking in 1898! She thought on it and said maybe it was some other parade but I always wondered on that. There was a rumor going around once she was born in 1898 but even then you can't walk in a parade when you are five or six months old...  But at five or six you would go to a parade with your father. See my point? The devil IS in the details. She was born when her mother was going on 40, my mother was born when she was also older... I had my last child when I was going on 40. Patterns exist in families. I do not lie about my age but I could get away with it if I wanted to...

This is an off the topic post tonight and I'll resume posts regularly soon, but if you haven't noticed there isn't anything tropical going on right now. I was looking back at some old posts from years gone by when I used to sit up obviously at night refusing to go to sleep and apparently writing in my sleep the oddest posts and people read them it seems. Confessions of a storm tracker out of her mind a times. Looking longingly for some wave that would spin and catch the attention of the men at the NHC who might write a real discussion and that would come close enough to flirt with Miami but not do any real damage. That is the dream you know of all Miami kids.... the thills, the flirting and the excitement but no roof tiles should fly off anyone's roof and no papaya trees lost to the storm and only some minor palm trees swaying and work cancelled so you can go to the beach and watch the waves.

2006.... the year Ernesto came flirting (and sent kickass roses I may add to the library) and Florence confounding the NHC as to why it wasn't doing what they thought it should be doing. What is in a name afterall? That name is now retired, gone with the tropical wind and that ship won't be sailing again in the Atlantic Basin.

What amazes me is that I wrote like that and no I was not high on any substance other than a love of hurricanes and obviously some of my closest friends who also love weather. More diary than blog except for when something was really going on in the weather world. Lots of menus and music and musing on going to Key West which I did regularly back then when I needed a more tropical place than Miami.  Oh what a time it was...

Apparently there was an earthquake in September of 2006 in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Tampa (Tam-peh) and it's not that I didn't believe my blog but I Googled it just to be sure. How bout that, talk about a geological event disappearing in the tropical breeze.

Wonder what Dutchsinse would say on that one?

There was Florence in the Atlantic kind of...
...trying to find herself.

Confounding the forecasters.
Not much has changed huh?
Well the name has been retired.

Miami is a unique place.
Diverse and deceptive at times.
Raise the buildings.
Make a parking lot into public space.
And this weekend is the craziest weekend of the year.
The Boat Show meets the Coconut Grove Art Festival.
Miami in February is often an illusion.
And illusions sell.
So do the movies.
And if you are going to film in Miami... it in February.

As for me I'm back in Carolina.
Debating what to do this week...
Wondering on the weekend.
It's the OSCARS in LA.
Far away but maybe I'll wear my Oscar necklace.
It's a real golden copy of an Oscar.
An Oscar charm!
My mother hated it.
She asked me if I had a St. Peter around my neck :(
I showed her it was a mini Oscar.
My ex husband got it for me in a jewelry store in Beverly Hills.
And then the next day they stopped selling them.
Apparently it's against the law to make a graven image of Oscar!
Even in 14K gold.
Beverly Hills was fun.
But it's not as beautiful as Miami Beach or Coral Gables.

Trees are budding in Carolina.
A few even have some flowers showing.
After this week of endless rain....
... maybe more will bud when the sun comes out.

It's quiet in February of 2019.
Looks like there's a party in Rio.

Sometimes I wish I could be as silly as I was in 2006.
I changed jobs that year.
I was probably out of my mind with fear.
I decided to take a job for Touro University.
On Miami Beach... paid to be on Miami Beach.
It changed my world in ways.

Change can be good.
It's good to stay fresh and be inspired.
So yes I went to my Tara.
I'll be back sooner rather than later.
Girls get married.
Babies are born.
Life goes on...

It's good to love where you live.
Nowhere is Key West.
Nowhere is Seattle.
There is a huge world in between.

I hope your world spins on the right axis.
And those you love make you smile and laugh.
And at the end of the day.
You say Amen and let's do it again!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
And everywhere else in between.

What's your dream?
What's your fantasy?
What would you like to create?
What a creation....

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tropical Tuesday - Snowy Seattle - Sunshine in Florida - NY/NE Winter Weather Expected

It's a mixed bag across the nation with the Pacific Northwest stealing all the headlines and the states North of the old Mason-Dixie Line are hogging winter weather ...depriving Southern Snow lovers of snow and wishing they were in Seattle of all places! Here my grandson below who lives in upstate New York finally got some snow action again today; by the way he loves snow. Apparently the snow began before 9:45 AM so the school sent out text messages that school was cancelled officially so he's on his way back home (to the left of the picture) to spend a snow day with his mother who is most likely online sympathizing with her sister-in-law in Seattle whose kids have been on "snow day" all week so far.

Seattle grandkids doing cookie arts and crafts today.

Pretty sure that's gonna be Snow Week 2019!

In Florida we be like Winter is Wednesday ;)

Florida is beautiful.
So is Seattle ;)

The view of snow in Seattle is magical... everyone but my daughter-in-law Chani

Van Gogh could not have done better.
That's a stunning, snowy, magical winter wonderland!

So what can we learn about this coming hurricane season from this recent ongoing winter I wonder. It's easy to ask if previous past snowy years in Seattle were El Nino years or La Nina years or something in between. The problem with that is that some were moderate El Nino, others were moderate La Nina and some were moderately Neutral which is interesting as there is nothing moderate about this winter in Seattle so something should be worth studying. 

The problem with El Nino discussion is that everyone writes a different story in the news explaining that it is coming, going or continuing on as scheduled. Up above is a plethora of contradictory news stories regarding El Nino and how it is or isn't affecting the weather in any one given spot on the planet. Below is a good discussion from the most reliable place stating we really aren't in the throes of an El Nino today. It's not a matter of "fake news" in the "weather world" as much as everyone needs a headline or story so there is always some statistic that may be used to hype any fact you are trying to sell. 

This map shows a current Enso Neutral phase.
I'm sure many might argue this...

A wonderful link to learn about El Nino away from the hype of the headlines is shown below:

Either way the years when Seattle had record breaking winter weather in one form or another are years when the Atlantic also spit out busy hurricane seasons. You can add 1945 and 1949 to the images I showed in yesterday's blog. Despite the differences in phases of El Nino the similarity for all those years shown from 2012 to 1985 to 1945 to 1949 show busy hurricane seasons along the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico; it would be ironic if the Hurricane Season delivered what Mother Nature took away in the winter. One way or the other weather happens.

Note the headlines for one of those storms.

Another factor in the tropics is SAL.
Saharan Dust that has already shown it's face.
The sunset images all week on Twitter show that fact.
Coral orange and rusty red sunsets are in order.
It also ups allergy, asthma and other illnesses here.

Yes, that's dust as DaBuh pointed out this morning.

It's pretty windy in Miami today so that helps.
The Australian Pines are rustling.
The sun is shining.
My kids are either swimming, boating or jogging on the beach.
But the natives never really forget the hurricane season.
Those coral sunsets on Instagram dazzle....
...but Saharan Dust is in the air.
Winter weather here is beautiful.
Nothing lasts forever....

Winter turns into Spring.
Spring Fever Baseball....
...Storm Chasing on the Plains?
Royal Poinciana Trees turn crimson colors.
Plumeria blossoms appear.
Jo Malone puts out Spring Scents.
And then.... we have hurricane season.
Til then a good loop below shows the SAL story.

Saharan Dust satellite loop:

The bottom line is any real weather pattern that is as noticeable as this year's lack of winter in some places and the constant bombardment in other areas shows a pattern of sorts. What kind of pattern? Not sure yet. Shake the Magic 8 Ball and look again later. The Plains were a bit lacking in Spring weather last season and tornadoes happened frequently in places far to the North such as Wyoming and Cape Cod. And endless parades of T Bone like Cold fronts dragging severe weather up across the Florida beaches that got slammed last hurricane season meeting up with Ohio Valley winter weather continues on and on and on.

Last year's developing moderate El Nino helped keep Texas dry.
Dry from tropical weather tho they had lots of storms.
That pattern months later still seems in place.
However the winds may have changed if El Nino waned some.
Til then just keep watching.
Much to think on down the road.
Today I'm going to enjoy Miami and the family.
Not going to think about NC and the lack of snow there.
Or the cold temperatures at night.
Or my boots that are waiting for me in my closet.
Then again Spring will come soon.
The maple tree was already budding when I left.
We are all collectively waiting on Spring.
Especially meteorologists.

Stay tuned.
Check out yesterday's blog on Snow in Seattle.
And it explains why I've been on vacation ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... a good long walking tour video of Seattle's Pike Place that is one of the most iconic and incredibly fun places to spend the day if you are lucky enough to be in Seattle on any day even in a snow storm. Spoiler Alert... it's going to keep snowing this week. I bet he never thought he'd be on a tropical blog that usually features tropical weather. Such is life ... filled with surprises.

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