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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Winter Storm Avery. Going With That Hashtag ...Deal With It. First Official Winter Storm in November BEFORE Thanksgiving. Get Ready For the Winter of 2018/2019 It's Gonna Be Wicked.

Well this pretty much says it all.
Say it ain't so....
Hurricane Jim is out playing in the snow.

TWC calls this Winter Storm Avery.
First Winter Storm of 2018/2019
The first of many.

A look at tells it is as it is...
He's selling winter clothes.... time for Christmas presents.

This is definitely the year the Grinch came early!
It's even coming to South Florida.

This is a real picture my daughter sent me.
Broward County.
See the new Hard Rock Guitar building behind it...
Out the front car window it's blue skies, sunny.
In the rear view mirror moving in are dark skies.
The raining on one side of the street thing is true there.
Down in Miami Dade County it's blue skies for now.
But the Cold front will move through soon.
The front will bring "end of world" looking skies.
And then.... the weather will drop down to the 60s at night.

Further up the I95 road there's snow...
And Winter Storm Avery
If you put the word "winter" into Twitter...
..the FIRST thing that comes up is #winterstormAvery
Sorry but true and I tell the truth here.

I'm not gonna use every Winter Storm Name trust me.
But FIRSTS are always important and impressive.
The first things we experience we always remember.
Be it First Loves, First Children, First time we saw snow...
The First Hurricane...
Ask Mike about his First Tornado...
So going with Avery for this one.
Why not?

I was in Maryland yesterday.
There was no snow.
But they were brining the streets.

A cute girl in a gas station in Waldorf said to me:
"yeah they're being all melodramatic about it"
She admitted she did think she'd see some snow.
And the snow be falling still.
DC is having their first snow on November 15th... 22 years. 
Oh my goodness.
Talking since 1996...
Do you know where you were in 1996?
I do... 
Being very silly on AOL with Fishing...
AOL Weather Message Boards.
Palm Beach Post Message Boards...
..where Jim Williams was posting :)
And others...
We felt grown up but we acted like kids.
Good times. Good friends still.
But seems a lifetime ago.
Now I live in North Carolina.
I wait and watch for winter storms.. well as Hurricanes of course.
Boy this state has it all ;)
Ice Storms too!
Up near the mountains not here in Raleigh today.

It was a very interesting trip. The younger generation really watches their money and takes #adulting very seriously. Neither of my daughters in the NYC area have cable news or shows. They watch on APPS and share wifi with friends and they do their own thing. I was cut off from TWC and CNN and FOX and no local Spectrum News with Weather on the Ones. Basically I was in a time bubble hanging out with my kids, grandson and sampling the newest kosher restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Dixie BBQ makes unreal good burgers, fries and dairy free shakes and Mr. Broadway serves awesome sushi with complimentary pickles and Cole Slaw (sounds weird but actually was great Cole Slaw) so that happened. I got my news from the scroll on Madison Square Garden, oddly interesting and of course on Twitter. Generally I switch news channels depending on the story, in truth they are all depressing and combative so being away was a nice vacation from the news. I'm still not sure who won in Florida, but then again pretty sure no one is sure on that. 

In Raleigh the news is still about Hurricane Florence. The headline today was about Governor Cooper asking for an additional 5 BILLION Dollars in storm relief and a human interest story on shipwrecked crafts from Florence that are seemingly abandoned. A question asking if it's a matter of "Finders Keepers" mentioning that many of those ships have hazardous materials that need to be removed properly. Yes, the weather people moved on to the story of Hurricane Michael and then moved on to the Winter Storms of 2018 but in the North Carolina area it's all still about Florence. Trees weakened in the storm are more prone this winter to come down if there's a problem with Ice or a strong Winter Storm. 

Today's heavy rain from the Winter Storm that was more winter up in the mountains than down in the Piedmont and Sandhills brought flooding in some areas prone to flooding. Ice up in the mountains is a big problem as they definitely got more than a "glazing" as suggested by many.

I'm home. I got flowers at Trader Joes and food for Shabbos and I'm actually cooking soup as I type this as the raw, cold day today screams "soup" with dinner. It's good to be home. 

What I did want to add though is that this trip Up North was for my grandson Shmuel Ber who was having his haircut for the first time as part of a the traditional custom of having an Upshernish. In the Torah people are compared to trees and as we don't take fruit from a tree until it has produced fruit for three years we don't cut little boy's hair either until then. There is more to the story you can Google it but the family shows up, he gets lots of presents and is the center of attention in a way he will not be for another ten years until his Bar Mitzvah. My daughter lives "up state" and they love having a fire pit going in the backyard and doing BBQ. We had an awesome BBQ along with fancy cakes, treats and desserts. My grandson was happy and is still playing with his presents. I also got to see my older two daughters who live in the New York area.

Oddly though this trip seemed to be more about talking to older friends and relatives. My Mother-in-Law Zinnia is in a Rest Home in Maryland that is actually an old turn of the century 3 story mansion. It's really a "Rest Home" and they only have about fifteen people there with a nice staff, cheerful dining room, parlor, wrap around porch and real bedroom furniture in their private bedrooms. A lot nicer than the nursing home where her ex-husband was sent in Broward County next door to a large hospital to live out his final days. Marty was in a regular nice but generic and bland retirement home on a different floor from Zinnia until he needed extra care and hospice. A few months after he passed away the same nursing home was in the news as several patients died during Hurricane Irma when the electric went out and they were not moved to the big beautiful hospital next door for health care and that busy facility was in the news again later in the year for other problems. It's sad when an older, loved person needs more care than their family can give them and it's a hard decision what to do. The old Rest Home that was once a mansion up on the hill (think Peyton Place really) is a warm, loving facility giving the boarders a sense of dignity rather than sharing a hospital room with a stranger and being just another cog in the proverbial wheel. We stopped in on the way back to sit with her a while too and Zinnia being in Baltimore is closer to us than when she was in Florida and her only daughter lives nearby and comes and visits often which is wonderful.

We then went up to Woodridge near where my daughter is living so my husband could visit with one of his parent's oldest friends who is still alive, kicking and taken care of by neighbor in her house. I'm from Miami and I really prefer a Penthouse View, but my husband is from the country upstate where it's very different; I've never liked being there but this trip was awesome. She has this beautiful house on a hill that isn't that big but fits her perfectly, though she owned much land that she donated to the city to build a school. The Neversink River is off in the distance flowing fast visible now thorough the trees that no longer have many leaves up there. She has old, old books her mother left her and we sat and talked for hours. Her family has been in this country forever, the old country being "Winthrop Mass near Boston" though she thinks her family came from somewhere near Vilna. She's feisty, she says she knows she should give up smoking in her late 80s "but it's a habit" so she sits with her cigarettes, lights them as if she is smoking, holds them but really doesn't inhale. Sharp as a whip and funny.  She reminded me a bit of my Grandmother (who did not smoke) in that she could tell quite the tale and take you back to where she was at that point in time. Bright blue eyes that darted around watching and taking everything in... and posing with my husband for a picture as if she was a movie star. Awesome really. 

On the way back I sat at the "Rest Home" with May who is really named Mary but there is a Mary there so it's confusing and they asked her if they could call her May. The woman was 92 years old and barely had a wrinkle (she says she never used bar soap to wash her face....) and could tell stories about growing up in Brooklyn and had just gone to New York for a Christening for a Great Grandson and said she is not going "up there again" but I'm thinking she will. It's always amazing when you see older people who are alive, aware and vibrant... it's inspiring. 

The truth is you never really know what the future is and being depressed over things in the past is well depressing.... why we don't live in the present and enjoy it I don't know. Many of us do ... many do not and I thought much on this trip on why we worry so much. When I say "we" I mean me and my brother though I know because we were raised by a mother who worried about everything. So we end up walking a balance between taking chances (like storm chasing, traveling, moving about the country, pushing our safety zone) and then reverting to worrying behavior on everything. I actually thought deeply on this at the Ohel in Queens where the Lubavitcher Rebbe is buried and is a holy site where people pray. Worrying takes so much time away from us, it robs us of what is going on in the present as we are in a rush to worry on next week, next month and next year. It's one of those places where you go thinking you know what you will pray for and then suddenly all these other real thoughts rush in and you find yourself really praying on what has most been bothering you yet you couldn't put it into words.

So.... that was my trip. I'm back. I'll post on weather as it's evolving and currently we are evolving from the Hurricane Season to a Winter that will be devilish in it's own way. El Nino is producing one heck of a Subtropical Jet or as many say a "Southern Jet" and it will ramp up storms in the South as well as enhance ones Up North. Joe Bastardi (I know love him or hate him... he's a good meteorologist) has been screaming for this to be a cold winter for months. All the models now show that and it's overproducing in the same way that Florence wasn't expected to be much more than a Fish Storm off Africa but crossed the Atlantic at a high latitude, becoming a Major Hurricane and making landfall in the Carolinas. Everyone said the Caribbean was "dead" this year and yet it produced Hurricane Michael one of the strongest storms in a long time. We had a good hour or so of snow flurries in Upstate NY with no notice of them showing up in the forecast and this early Winter Storm Avery has over produced winter weather across many states and it's still evolving.

That's life. 

If you have hurricane supplies left, hold onto them for this Winter as we will see quite a few dangerous Winter Storms. Many insisted November would show a warm up after a colder than normal October and guess what? There was no warm up and none in sight other than this weekend the sun will come out and shine bright in Raleigh, but we will be dressing right. Speaking of Dressing I picked up a Turkey at a grocery store in Brooklyn named BINGO and am going through recipes for which to use this Shabbos and which to use this coming week for Thanksgiving. 

That's my life. I know I've been away but being away is good as it gives you the chance to reflect, breathe, see kids, eat sushi and hamburgers and way too much junk food while driving, buy presents for some of the grandchildren, children and sons and daughters in law. And when you come home it's so good to be home. And though snow is not in my immediate forecast I know it will show up soon. Below is a Map by an online friend who is good at making maps and forecasting weather. He's smart, quick, fun and a good dresser. Hoping to say hi in person next trip to New York in January rather than simply passing by quick :) Nice map.

Reading his tweets and Cranky's Blog and Spaghetti Models..
...was my link to the weather world on this trip.

Loved seeing snow.
Loved seeing family too!

Travel safe if you're in Winter Storm Avery ;)
Icy, slick roads and nasty weather.

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps.... look at that water vapor loop.
Tropical moisture sucked up into Winter Storms...
...will bring us a crazy, wicked winter.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Invest 96L in the Atlantic ... Could this be the Pat Storm? Patty? Hmnn Subtropical P Storm?

NRL is up and working.
So are the models.... shown below

Most models take it out to sea.
Some take it into the Caribbean Sea.
Basically we wait to see....
...where it forms.
That tells the story...

It's November.
2018 could give us a Subtropical
Or something gets into the Carib...

Strong fronts on the move.
Cold fronts.
It's actually colder this morning in Raleigh...
...than it is in Pomona NY.
Something wrong there...

As for me making cakes....
Actually my daughter and her friend were ..
I was watching.
Candy inside the cake
It's a candy surprise...
For a 3 year old little boy!

You put the top on and then another top.
Then it was frosted...
I'll show the final product.
It's a surprise... 

Much like Invest 96L
Currently at 50% to develop.
Seems to be going up by 10% each update.
Surf should be up for surfers...

There's the satellite's spinning view below. Watch it try to develop.

As for me it's really cold here and yes I got the hat and gloves memo... really.
Wore leggings under yoga pants, it's that cold. And my daughter's lined socks...

I'll try to update later. Either way ... has all the links and loops you want and more. 

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Somewhere between snow flakes and tropical storms you'll find me...

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Orange Area in the Atlantic 40% Moves Close to Bahamas Later in the Week - Tropics November. Fires Califnoria. El Nino Winning...

This will be a short post as I'm up north in Upstate New York where it snowed briefly today. Not very tropical like... but the Hurricane Season lasts until November 30th so we are still watching the tropics. The NHC has designated an area to be watched for possible development and it is not yet an Invest. So we watch it and it's worth remembering that as fronts are on the move a front is expected to catch this system before it makes landfall. However some effects could be felt if it develops and moves West, especially in the Bahamas and possibly later something for Bermuda to pay attention to...

This is the position of the Low pressure area.
Not the weak stalled out front.
Note more fronts moving South.
It's that time of year.
This is a long range map for this coming week.

At some point tomorrow (Sunday) I'll update the blog and we are all watching the models. But for now it's just an area that can develop and it's within the frame work of past storms that have formed in November. Many form, most are swept out to sea.

Again as I said on Thursday Night with El Nino in play and the current weather pattern we are having Fire Storms in California that are typical during such patterns but this particular fire is devastating and if Fires were rated the way hurricanes would be this would be a Major Hurricane. I lived in LA in the 80s and drove along fires on the side of the highway where the warmth could be felt the fire lit up the sky. Friends lost homes and there was little warning or a chance to prepare the way we do in hurricanes. They are horrible. It may be "fun" and exciting to watch "fire tornadoes" on social media but they are destructive, horrific and something from the devil. Pray for those people and pray they get the fires under control.

Lastly, I complained on the blog on Thursday about the ongoing mess in parts of South Florida especially Broward County though there are problems in other towns within the general region. Let me explain why this bothers me so much. 

One year I walked over to a polling place near my house on Miami Beach and presented by voter card, told them my name and waited for the really sweet gray haired lady to find my ballot so I could vote. It's awesome people give their time to do this, actually my mother did for a while. It was Early Voting and I wanted to get the voting out of the way as I was expecting a baby any day. I sign for the ballot to vote and realized she gave me my brother's ballot. My brother was out of the country and probably would have voted in that election differently from me.. he may have done so absentee. I told her that was my brother, he had a guys name I have a girl's name and I was 9 months pregnant. She asked me .."are you sure?"  Um, yeah... I was sure. The baby kicked as if annoyed as if to say "let's get this show on the road" so she spent a good ten minutes checking with someone and found my ballot. Mind you if I was the devious type I could have taken my brother's ballot, voted for whoever I wanted to be President and then gone down to the other nearby Early Voting location and voted again using my name. No one would have known the difference. The reality that happened was to be bizarre but as I was leaving a guy walked over to me and quietly said "she gave me my father's ballot" which really surprised me. He said..."his father had been dead for 4 years" but apparently no one notified the bureau of elections. I said naively, "wow what did you do?"   He smiled kind of jerky like and said "Oh I voted for my father... figured he'd be happy he still got a vote" and walked away laughing.  No words. Really no words. 

The  next election I was voting in Aventura... I was voting for Kerry to be honest and waiting in line as some man came at me with a sign for the other candidate and asked me if I was voting for Bush I believe... I said "not really" and he got angry and started yelling me in Spanish as I suppose I look Spanish?? and he spoke Spanish and I walked slowly away and he followed me way onto the area where they are not allowed to do that. I mentioned it inside, they said "he had been warned but they don't want to start up with him" and told me they had a problem with another guy pushing people to vote for Kerry. ... It was a zoo, people were afraid to walk into the polling place. When I asked as I was leaving if there was a receipt or something I was told that after the "hanging chad" problem they fixed it so that they can't do a recount and they don't give receipts. Understand you can't walk out of Walmart without showing a receipt but there was no way I could get a receipt and there was no way to recheck the ballots. Seriously? 

Then the next election there were voting inconsistencies in Broward and after much discussion they insisted they would fix the problem and find new ways to make voting easier, faster, safer and get results in a timely fashion. A good 10 years or so down the line we are still dealing with the same problems. That's just wrong. It's not about being a blue voter or a red voter.. it's about the security of each person's vote and those votes being registered in a timely way so as not to make people feel that one party or the other or one candidate or one person is trying to "throw an election" or perhaps just laziness.

My issue is not with Broward County who by the way has one of the better Library Systems in the State but with whoever runs the election process. Broward County is beautiful, it's people are wonderful as people in Miami and Palm Beach but there is an ongoing pattern of having problems and other big cities across the US have far less problems. I hope it's resolved and fixed. It's not about the beaches or the people who live there it's about the people who are put in place to preserve the integrity of our votes. 

So maybe that clears up my thought process. Not sure if the guy went and voted for himself at another polling place or just figured he's let his Dead Dad get a chance to vote. No words. 

I've lived in LA, NYC, Carolina, Minnesota and voted in those places and of course the Miami area and the only place where there has been consistently a problem is in the South Florida area and often Broward "finds ballot bags" or boxes which really is against the laws in place. Perhaps the people need to vote again and they need to hold the results and they need to try and watch the voting process there to get it right this time and in the future. And 12 sides of ballots mostly on referendums is crazy. I lived in NYC and had less pages on my ballot than the most recent ballot in Broward County. Makes for long lines in the hot sun waiting to get in and vote for the person you wish to have as Governor or Senator be a long, exhausting process. I spoke to a few people who told me they had to go home and feed their kids and it was impossible to even finish voting. In 2018 we need to get that better so everyone's vote counts.

So it's an issue that particularly bugs me as if something isn't broken it shouldn't be fixed but if something is broken it needs to be fixed. 

Thanks for reading.

If you live in Florida it doesn't hurt to keep your eyes on the area just in case but most likely you are praying for a cold front. I'll be back in Carolina later this week but the weather will follow me there. Miami will be a welcome burst of warm weather next time I'm in town. I vote in Raleigh these days. 

Sorry for any typos.
My daughter lives out in the country.
Service is weak and I have to sit on one spot on the sofa..
All the way to the left and not move or I lose service :)

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

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Friday, November 09, 2018

Falling Into Winter. Polar Vortex and El Nino in the Wings. Watching Leaves Fall and Convection in the Atlantic.

I've been away as I'm on a road trip and taking a few days off to work my way from Hurricane Season mode to Winter Storm Season mode while trying not to hold onto a few more days of Fall before the leaves go whoosh in the wind next week. I'm in Baltimore. It's not my favorite city and I tend to bitch about Baltimore a lot but it has much to offer today. A stop between my mother-in-law living nearby and my daughters in New York. Good food at David Chu (kosher iconic place to eat) and watching as the first drops of rain begin to fall as a winter blast blasts through all the way down into the Carolinas and on towards Florida.

There's an area I've been watching for days and it may do something briefly before being caught by this strong cold front. I doubt the NHC will do much with it but pointing it out often on Twitter and Mike pointed it out this morning as well.

Chick from North Carolina puts it well on Twitter in the tweet shown below.. Hug your vegetables and kiss the farming good bye until next year. Winter is on the way and with it comes a freeze warning in many freeze areas that have not seen them since last winter. See his tweet below. My suggestion is hold onto whatever Hurricane Supplies you have and keep them for Winter Storm Warnings.

While the flow later will indeed be more zonal (west-to-east) the air it's pushing our way is cold enough in its own right.  Also, an additional arctic system should approach later next week. It adds up to a cold stretch coming.

Chick knows Carolina Weather.

We are getting closer to the holidays and just as the Black Sunday Sales are beginning to show up in your mailbox so are the signs of El Nino in you Weather News Feed. Fires in California, a fast flow across the Caribbean and oh by the way it's snowing in Chicago. We are back to a normal sort of pattern as opposed to where people complain on TWC that they are still wearing shorts in December. Why anyone would complain about this I'm not sure but they do. Soon they will complain about the snow.

What's been interesting is that as we drove from North Carolina North the colors of Fall began to change as more reds fill in and there are less deep green pine trees and there are less leaves on the tree. As the Piedmont area enters "peak of the season" you begin traveling through areas that have peeked and look as if they are waiting for snow to begin falling. A little bit of this season and a little taste in the air of the next season; make that cold Arctic Air pushing down deep into the South. Snow is falling in all of the regular places .... those being Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Soon the snow will move East and hit the higher spots where the elevation helps drop the temperatures a bit more. 

Sad images coming out of California as fires rage through areas I love and know well. That part of the state is beautiful, but so prone to fires. October and early November usually are fire season though when the chaparral is crisp and someone by accident or on purpose starts a fire it spreads in the night fast and furious. 

In Florida they are still "finding ballots" which kind of should be against the law. If your election bureau is run so badly those votes should be cast out along with the people who run that department and either start over or declare them invalid. I rarely get political but this is more a rant on Broward County as they in ways the "Ugly Stepsister" of South Florida. Parts of Broward are nice, here and there pockets of normalcy but compared to Miami Dade and Palm Beach they aren't ready for Prime Time. Hollywood is nice, I'll say that for it and obviously Las Olas when there are no suspicious bombs found and a sliver of beautiful homes along the waterways but the rest of Broward to me is pretty putrid. Sorry... just they keep trying to catch up and they always fall two steps behind. The FLL airport is beautiful, or was beautiful before their remodeling that now makes it look sterile and as if you landed in the Midwest somewhere. You really have to live in South Florida to understand the incompetency in some places along with the ineptitude and public corruption on both sides of the spectrum that exists in some places. Or as a friend simply writes regularly #BecauseFlorida. 

Weird is all I'll say but this whole election cycle has been strange and hoping a strong winter will keep people off the streets and home trying to stay warm rather than ranting at each other acting like they know best what's right for the rest of us. As much as I complain at times about North Carolina people are civil, friendly and polite. And when I get back the red maple tree in my backyard may actually be red.

As for the weather it's back being a normal sort of Fall Winter pattern that we missed for what seemed like a good decade. It's not a Winter From Hell but there is a Polar Vortex signature setting up and this should really ramp up the economy a bit as people begin to buy winter coats, boots and jackets again. Some may actually go skiing or take long trips to Florida where the sun shines bright and there will still be ballot boxes showing up deep into December the way square grouper washes up on the beach. 

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll update as I can depending on the service I can (y'all pray please for me on that one) and stay safe, stay sane and remember the Vets on Veterans Day Weekend.

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

You can watch in real time as the front pushes down across the East Coast and into the Deep South. Note the convection East of Florida ... 
Bear with me... I'm not on my regular computer trying to get to know this one... again and again.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Update Monday Morning! 4 Tornadoes in Tampa Area Confirmed by NWS. Election Day Mother Nature Voting so ... IF You Didn't Vote Early Watch Your Weather Apps For Timing on Storms. Mike Covers Tornadoes in Tampa on Facebook Live.... Watch as it Moves On Shore and Mike Goes in Search of His Umbrella That Was Gone With the Wind. Storm Chasing in Florida... Gets Hairy and Crazy Fast!

Watches for today above.
Watch the rest of the South go into Warning mode tomorrow.
Say it ain't so....
Bad weather on Election Day?
I voted early... 

I'll update this later on Monday afternoon.
I want to see how a few models play out.
Watch the satellite loops and get a better feel for timing.

Note the presence of deep moisture in the GOM
As it lines up and connects with the front.

Provides more fuel.
Warm, tropical energy meeting a cold front.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Could have power outages.
Severe weather.
Again NWS updates watches and warnings in real time.
So go to your most trusted source for local weather.

Find your city in the link below. has a huge array of graphics.
If you are voting tomorrow you might want to start there.
He does more than just Tropical Weather.

Speaking of tropical weather...
I'll write more on that soon.
Models last week kept showing weak development.
That feature does show up...
..however the NHC is not going with it.
When weather ramps up... tends to ramp up across the board.
There MIGHT be something to watch.
Time will tell.
Either way...
If you didn't do the deed...

Go Vote Tuesday!!

Now a look at Storm Chasing ...
..and Mike's Tornado in Oldsmar in Tampa Bay area.
The tornado that chased Mike!

In the beginning of Mike's video... have your typical squall line.
The water turns this green gray color.
That's never good.
Then the colors become deeper.
There's this point when the sky turns purple...
...the water is frothy grayish green.
When things are about to pop.
Note the waves further out from shore.

After a nice chit chat with a neighbor...
..who heard the weather siren go off...
And decided to also go take a look.
Mike begins to run for cover.
You can see the "cloud" changing shape here.

Basically it's turning into a waterspout...
Funnel Cloud... 


Then all hell breaks loose live on Facebook Live.
That's why they call it Facebook Live.. duh.

Then the signal got messy.
So did Mike...
Though he handled it very well.
Scared but streaming as long as he could.

Note below the mess afterwards.

Trees down here and there.
Trash cans went flying in the wind.
So did Mike's shoes and umbrella.
Lord knows what happened to his energy drink...

And there's his tornado.

Mike being a bit of a practical joker...
..probably some people didn't believe him.

Here's the warning... 
... put up in real time.

And here's Mike's Facebook Live link to the coverage from beginning to end.

Absolutely love it. Video Mike took on Friday when a squall line was coming into the Oldsmar area in a park where he is used to chasing storms. This is obviously the first time a storm chased Mike and he recorded it live on air or about as live on air as you can get on Facebook Live. There's got to be a way to get that on Youtube.

See the news coverage of the tornadoes. At least four tornadoes touched down.

It would be easy to say fast forward to about ten minutes in, but without watching the weather slowly coming in and advance towards land it's hard to really appreciate how fast things can get crazy when you are out there waiting for it to ... well ...get crazy. Been there...done that ...though not in Oldsmar. I'd take a good guess that one of my Great Uncles has been there as my family moved from Key West in the 1800s to Tampa around the turn of the last century to the Miami area in the 1930s My Uncle helped develop Anna Maria Island and parts of Holmes Beach and loved life on the water and watching storms. Some things are genetic and karmic at the same time, but let's get back to Mike. Smiling, love it really. I've been down in the Keys with my brother chasing storms and seen squall lines that looked uglier than that or from my perspective more beautiful but didn't produce a tornado and we usually got to safe cover before the line washed over us. That's really the only way to describe that sort of rain storm as it washes over you like one big wave and you feel as if you have been tossed into a drive through car wash but without the car...

When things got crazy Mike was actually lifted up and his flip flops went flying in the wind. I'm pretty sure Jimmy Buffett needs to write a song about this... Anyone round here know Jimmy Buffett? That would make one fun, heck of a song to write. His umbrella took off faster than the wicked witch of the west went swirling up into the Twister and now that I'm thinking on it... how did stay on that bike in a Twister pedaling along ... oh right......Hollywood.

This was the middle of the afternoon in July.
When weather gets nasty everything gets dark fast.
2014 Hurricane Arthur offshore Long Island.
When a strong band came through..

So know that when you are chasing things like this can really happen. Good to have a safe spot when you see hail moving in on you...which my daughter and I did not have when we were in New York in the bands of Hurricane Arthur. We walked down through a park on a spit of land that looks across at JFL where the planes were grounded and suddenly something got "funny" in the water and Dina being quick realized it was hail whereas I was taking pictures in awe of the dark clouds obscuring the view of Manhattan. She insisted we leave as in "NOW" and we did and we sort of raced back through the park to the car where we chased the squall line a bit more down near Long Beach where she grabbed some great pictures and we walked around inspecting some post Hurricane Sandy construction. Turns out later we heard there was severe hail in the area. I really would liked to have gotten those pictures... but I digress.

We were here...........before we had to relocate because of the large hail coming down in the bay.

The plane is by JFK, it was grounded.
The discoloration in the water near land...
...was hail falling, bouncing in the water.

There's nothing like weather. Really nothing like it and it's unpredictable in that tornadoes can spin up without any watches or warnings especially in Florida where a sudden waterspout decides to become a landlubber and tears up a park or a house or anything it wants to on it's way somewhere else.

So yeah that happened. Funny as I'm going to be in New York this coming weekend with Dina who is chasing her 3 year old son more these days than weather, though she took some incredible video driving through the back roads colored with fall foliage ablaze in the sunshine.

Below is a pic I took with my brother and one my brother took of me. I'm wearing a Hurricane City tee shirt :)

Actually I remember that line.
We were oceanside and took cover near a hotel.
Lots of funnel clouds that day.
Some Asian tourists stood with us...
..we were excited, they were terrified.

This picture was taken from just under an overhang.
At the tip that juts out past the pool near the ocean.

That's Florida for you.......
One minute it's all aqua, turquoise and sunny.
Twenty minutes later it can be black and white and stormy.
And dark........very dark as the storm moves in.

I think I'm going to leave this up as a stand alone blog, easier to find and more fun to look back on.

Up late watching the clock turn back. Seriously, I had a horrible headache Saturday afternoon and I ended up sleeping for about five hours. I didn't sleep the headache off but I got my evening sleep a bit early. Going to sleep again now, now that the headache is gone and I'm smiling. I just might watch the video again just to laugh. And speaking of weather......the weather has turned cold again in Raleigh and though we missed the wild weather both New York and Florida had today (including a storm that took apart an Amazon building under construction in Maryland) we are headed into peak of the season leaf watching so I don't mind missing a storm for once. Hopefully later today on Sunday I'll get some nice pictures and do a full post on this week's weather and my thoughts on the tropics later on Sunday evening. For now I have a small fake fire going in little heater and the AC is off and so is the ceiling fan tonight! Brrr... Florida girls up north in NORTH Carolina get cold fast :)

Hope y'all turned your clocks back if you still have one or two of those great old radio clocks that my father loved and I still use. Amazingly everything breaks excepts those clocks.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... And a big thank you to Mike for being Mike!

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