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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Friday Third Look at Snow Storms and Weather and a Cold, Cold Start to March.

Went out last night for drinks with friends.
Whiskey Kitchen in Downtown Raleigh.
The Capital of North Carolina.
Filled with big beautiful public squares.
And in the spring they burst forth with color.
Beneath the Oaks in the City of Oaks.
At dusk it was almost warm.
But the forecast as 22 on Wednesday.
Which season is it already?
Woke up this morning and it's March... 
...go figure.

March 5th is Fat Tuesday.
March 26th is Purim.
Busy month.
Make the calendar your own :)

Happy March!
Yes that means 3 months til the Hurricane Season.
For some it's considered Spring today.
Meteorological Spring begins March 1st :)
Why you ask?

So you can decide if you go with today...
...or wait til the Spring Equinox.

We're still waiting on the real winter storm to stand up.
This is an older tweet but I love it.
Because it's kind of how I feel as well.

Check back later this afternoon.
I'll talk on this weekend's storm.
And what will be will be with the next.

I'm still holding with Roxboro gets snow.
Doubtful on Raleigh.
A sliver of a chance it doesn't rain this Saturday here.
Sunday shows thunder.
Do I count ten days because it's winter?
Or go with March 1st being Spring?

Check back later.
Til then.... much here to think on.
And still relevant.

Posting this image from yesterday's blog.
It shows a messy mix of systems trying to come together.
Models have been doing the two step.
An old Virginia Reel .... 
Did you ever have to learn this in school?
I did.
If only Mother Nature would come together like this.
But they they kind of then they move back.

Mother Nature doesn't want to dance this year.
She's doing her own thing.
Bi Polar personality maybe?
Or 2 Faces of Mother Nature.
Northern Jet Stream.
Southern Jet Stream.
Will these two ever hook up again for a winter storm?
Not likely but possible.

DaBuh shows these possibilities here above.
Who do you believe?
Whether it's the hurricane season or winter....
... The EURO and the GFS can't agree on the weather.
It's like that dance above.
We take a few steps to come together and then...
... things fall apart and we slide away.
Move on down the line.

EURO says NO.
GFS promises YES.

When you love the weather there are always consequences and moodiness sets in if the snow storm gets yanked away by the Yankees and Southerners dream of one last chance to see snow flurries flying about. Boring weather is boring for weather people. We all have those memories we love to remember and wish we could get a set up like that again. A few thunderbolts that came down fast nearby frightening us out of the pool and running for cover. A day when tornadoes were predicted and hit nearby and the sky turned more colors than Jacob's coat of many colors but they were all turbulent and in motion as they raced across the sky to a touchdown nearby just beyond the horizon. Standing on the protected porch with my brother watching things flying down the street.... roof shingles, branches, small trees in what was not a strong breeze but a real hurricane. Santa Ana winds in California snapping electric wires, starting fires and killing the flowers in the garden as if a dragon just exhaled with his dangerous breath as LA was melting under it's relentless presence. Weather memories dance in our heads the way scenes from Twister make us laugh and we love songs that talk about the weather. Loving weather has consequences.

Loving weather has consequences.
For many of us it's the first thing we remember loving.
Staring out the windows at a hurricane blowing.
Palm trees bent over swaying in the wind.
Hanging out on the porch in a thunderstorm.
Playing in our first snow fall.
Seeing our first snow falling.
Seeing the trunk of a Twister forming in dark clouds...
... wondering where it will touch down.

We are stuck at the end of winter....
...with wicked cold about to descend.
And yet only promises of rain....
Even though we dream of snow falling.
Weather people don't play it safe.
I'll tell you that.

See when you film a video for a song named Perfect.. put snow into the video.
It makes everything more perfect.

In some places weather is happening.
The Tar River in NC is flirting with flood levels.
NC has had way too much rain this year.
Hurricanes and Winter Storms that brought cold, cold rain.
And rivers that flow downstream and well..
..Spring brings River Flooding doesn't it?

California also having problems with flooding.
Beautiful Sonoma County is washing away.

And in places like Canada......
......they have ice and snow.
Pulaski NY has snow and ice.

Up in those parts they are so over winter.
One of my daughters lives in upstate NY.

Some of her hoops have ice on them.
She has a lot of hoops. 
Can't keep them all in the house.
Snow everywhere.
And I know she's dreaming of summer.
Blue skies and bright clothes.
Fountains and rainbows.
And hooping in the sunshine.

In Florida and California where she grew up...
.... life was a different story.

In Miami winter is pretty much over.
Mango Season has taken over.

Mangos are so tasty.
The heavy scent of their blossoms baking in the sun is not.
The scent is musky and heavy and gives me headaches.
But oh the mangos are so delicious.

I had mangoes in a salad in Myrtle Beach.
A Key West salad.
Mangoes and Hearts of Palm.

Anyway.... maybe I'll get some snow flakes.
Not holding my breath.
They take the snowflakes out of the forecast.
They put in a wintry mix.
They take it out.
It's a dance weather people do...
...until a day or two before it comes through.
And then we will see what we will see.
I hope to see some snow.
If only wishes came true...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Instagram and Twitter.

Ps... Weather memories are forever.
Somewhere an old woman stares out the window of a Rest Home at snow falling.
And on the front porch an old man sits in a rocker watching the sky and wondering....
... if it will snow or rain and we are as we were when we were little kids. Looking out 
the window and watching the weather. I've danced in rainstorms. I've stood on beaches 
getting slammed by tropical winds in nameless hurricanes that all blur together.
I don't want to watch a movie about the snow I want to walk in it and feel it 
and see it falling before we race ahead into the hurricane season which is coming soon.
Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Back From the Beach. Models Whisper Southern Snow. Pet Peeve about 1926 Miami Hurricane. Florida History. Weather Thoughts.

Yeah yeah it loves to promise snow late in the 10 day.
Other apps do it too.... it's model driven of course.

So we have a snowy jigsaw puzzle.
Keep watching.
Chick lives in the Sandhills.
Usually they have a slimmer chance than Raleigh.
Roxboro has the best chances usually.

Okay I'm home and the first thing to greet me this morning was the possibility of snow on my various weather apps. I use them but I don't trust them that much but it's a cheap thrill more a game than anything else. "What does the weather app show for the next 10 days" and come on we all do it because if you are reading this blog you are probably slightly obsessed with the weather. Any forecast beyond the five day to me is still iffy though I tend to trust the seven day a bit more. 10 days is speculation and innuendo and means as Brad says the pattern is favorable!

I'll wait to see what Wes in Raleigh says and Allan who is also in the Raleigh area over the next few days while adjusting to the cold night time temperatures again. Being into weather means that you check the weather often when making plans to celebrate events. This past weekend was a 10 year anniversary of sorts and I was debating whether to spend it in the Raleigh area or maybe drive to Charlotte or up to Highpoint but after checking the long range weather models I felt there was a good possibility we could pull off going to Myrtle Beach and the weather would be almost summer like if things fell into place. Again, what Chick said, it's a puzzle with pieces still falling into place when you watch the models. A suggestion of 72 degrees in Raleigh for Sunday was nice but a suggestion of similar temperatures at the beach if only the front would push through and clear out a good week's worth of gray skies and rainy days. Honestly did not see the sun for a week after getting back from Miami last week; after a while it does get to you I have to be honest and I don't generally mind a few rainy days. After an extremely beautiful sunset in Myrtle Beach's Broadway on the Beach I fell asleep to howling wind and woke up to this pristine, beautiful, incredible #nofilter sunrise with venus shining down on me. The last vestiges of clouds can be seen at the bottom of the horizon. Seen many beautiful sunrises in Myrtle Beach and other beaches but nothing like that.

I have blue skies outside out beyond the pine trees.
Carolina pines and Carolina Blue skies.
Winter in Raleigh when the sun shines.

Stu Ostro is good to follow.
He's one of the best.
Met him at some Hurricane Center event once.
He knows his stuff :)
This is a perfect example of an annular hurricane.
With that big, wide, perfectly round eye.
Wondering if that eye is bigger than the state of Rhode Island.
Possibly. Awesome and very far away.
A very strong February hurricane in the Pacific.
Strong and rare even for the Pacific.

Speaking of Hurricanes.
One of my biggest pet peeves is this:
"The 1926 Miami Hurricane killed the Boom"
No it did not.
I've written articles for Miami History magazines.
Researched endlessly with Dr. Paul George.
The Miami 1926 Hurricane hurt Miami.
But Miami was down for the count earlier that year.
The much awaited 1926 Winter Season was a BUST!
Bad press on true news stories flooded the national media.
New laws were put into place to stop bad real estate deals.
Binder Boys were flipping swamp land by the hour.
Binder Boys were in all the Boom Towns.
Both sides of the Florida Coast.
But they flourished in Miami.

Real Estate practices then basically were like buying stock back when in that you could buy Florida Real Estate (not built on yet and often under water still) for a mere percentage of the price and that deal could be "flipped" and turned over ten times in an hour on mere speculation. Some of those subdivisions such as Coral Gables did get built, but many did not and people (tourists are people too) were swindled out of money by those hoping to make good money. New regulations were passed putting an end to the "Binder Boys" period ... a name mostly for their style of clothes they wore that were popular in the roaring 20s and their buying land on a binder... a wing and a prayer method that made them rich for a while. 

A huge ship named the Prins Valdemar capsized in a winter storm and ended up blocking the "turning harbor" that ships used to get into Miami and offload their lumber that was the fuel for the housing boom; without lumber it was hard to build houses and it was equally as hard to get other merchandise and people into the Magic City. Being Miami after they finally were able to get it up they hauled it over to the nearby docks and eventually turned it into a floating restaurant and party venue popular in Miami. Only in Miami does the problem get sold as a tourist attraction.

Add in two railroad strikes put a halt to the flow of money and people.
I mean in WINTER of 1926 you could not get to Miami for trying.
And you could not get building supplies or merchandise in either.
And the National Media now knew about the land swindles.
Florida Real Estate = Selling Swamp Land suddenly..

But oh what a time it was in the Roaring 20s.
Miami was a real paradise.
Before the ship capsized and the trains stopped running.
And the Media had a field day with the Binder Boys.

And then came the 1926 Miami Hurricane.

The Smithsonian does history.
But they should tell the whole story.
But hey it's more dramatic to blame it on the Hurricane.
And it is incredibly great footage.
It's fake in that the real footage was not in color.
But think of it as a colorized sequel :)

The hurricane gave Miami focus.
They cleaned up, rebuilt and were open again by 1927.
In the same way all the blue tarps from Irma are gone...
...and new construction is everywhere.

Hurricanes are a meteorological form of gentrification.
5 years after Hurricane Andrew....
... Homestead and Cutler Ridge property was worth way more.
People sold and left, real estate deals were everywhere.
Expensive construction with pools and higher price tags.

And the beat goes on .... 

North Carolina is beer country.
Beer is good on a rainy day.
Going to the beach is better when the sun comes out.
And the temperature is forecast to climb to 73!
And that is the beauty of Raleigh.
You can drive up to the mountains...
....or down to the beach.
Or just hang out in Raleigh.

But will it snow in Raleigh soon?
I'll be watching ...
But this week is mild temps and cold nights.

Works for me.

A little note here in that if we do get Carolina snow it's worth remembering some trees have early leaves and some trees are covered in early blossoms and a wet, messy snow will put pressure on those trees and I'm not even talking on the possibility of ice. So when things bloom early it's beautiful to see but it has a secondary threat if snow falls when flowers are on the trees and red maples already have new red leaves unfurling in the Carolina Blue sunlight.

And in about a month of so we will be worrying on pollen popping. Yep... Carolina has lots of seasons; summer, fall, winter, spring and pollen season!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps.... if you keep listening to that hurricane video on the 1926 the really chilling story is told on the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane. If you listen to the first hand survivors you will know it was not your average "storm surge" but truly a tidal wave that washed over the Florida Keys as the construction of the railroad created dams that early Florida author and ecologist warned against building that way but he was ignored and what he said would happen did happen and Florida Bay sucked the storm surge in the Atlantic over the railroad and the Florida Keys in one huge tidal wave that washed the train off the tracks and washing people out to sea. 

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Myrtle Beach ... A Needed Getaway... To a Place I Love.... Hurricane Florence Long Gone.... Sunrise Sunset. Green Flash & Green Book Wins

Warning I may ramble...
..intoxicated by the beach and the sound of the surf.
Did I mention Sunset and Sunrise?
Keep reading...

This is your generic advertisement brochure for any beach, but in this case it's Myrtle Beach and it really looks like this often if you are lucky and on this trip down to South Carolina I got lucky. Okay I may have prayed also and a lot of prayers seem to have gotten answered. It's my 10th Wedding Anniversary weekend and a celebration of people I love being happy and it's also my daughter's birthday but more on that later. 

Last night's sunset at Broadway on the Beach.
2 things I love.. Broadway and the Beach.
I also had a Margarita ;)
at a Key West Restaurant near the water..
..after wandering through Margaritaville!

I'm writing this blog this morning from the 10th floor...
..listening to the sound of the ocean and the waves below.
Yes... 10th floor. It's the details that matter.

I literally woke up to this view.
The view from my bed out the sliding glass door.
That's venus shining in the sky...
...over a colorful display of beauty.

I got dressed fast.
Thankfully I put on leggings and my sweater.
I forgot to check the temperature out there.
Good thing too or I may not have gone down there.
View from the balcony stunning but....
...sometimes you gotta get up close and personal.
It was 43 degrees and "feels like 36"

Seagulls and sandpipers ....
...catching the moment the sun breaks the horizon.
The waves, the wind and the seafoam.

I had a beautiful nice last night in so many ways. Walked around Margaritaville listening to Jimmy Buffett songs thinking it's not like being in Key West but it's a pretty place to be. Decided to go over to the Key West Grill on the lagoon and get a Margarita that way I could say I was in both Myrtle Beach and Key West at once! Good margarita and a nice view of the sun setting over the lagoon at Broadway on the Beach. If you come to Myrtle Beach it's a must see like the Ferris Wheel and the Gay Dolphin and the Hurricane Myrtle at Myrtle Beach Margaritaville. My husband is over at Chabad House a few blocks from the hotel doing his morning prayers while I do my morning blog. You seriously didn't think I was going to not include a Hurricane in my Anniversary plans did you?

As always looking for that elusive green flash at sunrise.
Or was it sunset?

I wanted to go away and party and I wanted to wander around the beach and other places round these parts I love and I wanted to get some kosher lamb at the Food Lion here (seriously high on my list) and wanted to watch the Oscars. I had a somewhat vested interest in the Oscars this year and if my wishes came true (and they did) then Green Book would win the Oscar and I'd smile a lot and Green Book won the Oscar as did people involved and I smiled so much. There are things I say and things I allude to and only the guilty party gets all the innuendo but I'm fricking over the moon happy for my crazy friend and that wishes come true.

Green Book is an incredible movie with some great cars :)
That's what "he" said...
And he's always right.

In truth Green Book is a story that should be told and it's good to learn about a time in history that was different from today when we are blessed to have so many freedoms and opportunity to do what we love. Once upon a time the original deeds to my parent's house in Miami Beach had the clause that the property could not be sold to Blacks, Jews or Dogs. Why a dog would want to buy a house I have no idea but apparently in case it was possible the early bigoted, prejudice builders of Mid Beach near Arthur Godfrey Road wanted to make sure that blacks, jews and dogs stayed far away from true white privilege; know that Arthur Godfrey Road is now the center of the Orthodox Jewish community filled with Kosher restaurants, blacks are allowed to live there and dogs can be seen walking with their owners on their way to the beach and the boardwalk. That's irony. That's karma. Once upon a time Sammy Davis Jr was allowed to perform at the Fountainblue with the rest of the Rat Pack but he was expected to sleep in Overtown across beautiful Biscayne Bay in a place that was in the Green Book; the guide to where people of color were welcome. If you read his biography "Yes, I can" you will read all about that incident and others and as Sammy used to like to remind people he was the most handicapped person around as he was a one eyed, Negro Jew... oh that man could sing and dance but he still had to stay at the "right" hotel not the one he was singing and dancing in...  

Miami Beach was beautiful always; early on the Jews were only allowed to stay south of 5th Street though that did change fast enough I will admit it's still a dark scar on Miami Jewish History that every Jewish Miami kid knows. My parent's lives on 37th and Sheridan in the 1970s so it seems Arthur Godfrey Jr did not get his wish. Sorry Charlie...    and have had some wonderful black neighbors over time so he must really be rolling in his grave. In fact there are Argentinians and Israelis and Canadians and Russians all mixed together into a beautiful Beach City that loves all creatures (even dogs) and it's a diverse, happy place. That's karma biting some people in the proverbial ass! It's also a great place to film a movie and it has so many picturesque film locations... 

So back to me and my crazy, sometimes upside down life. I loaded up my favorite makeup including my Kat Von D compact and my Huda Eyeshadow Palette and Stila stay on forever even after sipping a margarita lipstick and bought some Strawberry Creme cookies to nibble on while sipping some sort of alcoholic strawberry canned drink and watched the Oscars and wishes came true. And, I woke up in the morning, made a fast coffee in the room and went downstairs and collected shells and took pictures and videos and prayed to God thanking him for this beautiful day; okay my husband went to Chabad but to each his own. And to the person who wrote about me leaving Chabad in the Post.... that's rich irony as here I am still connected and still chasing sunrise and hurricanes and doing what I love.

What do you love? I love dancing and weather and music and make up and beaches and margaritas and best friends who have rocked my world.

My daughter gave us permission to get married on her birthday.
February 24th was always a good day for me.
It was also Rosh Chodesh Adar and Fat Tuesday.
Ps I had a Hurricane at Fat Tuesday last night ;)
Dina hoops.
She loves to hoop.
Apparently she has a mother who let her do what she loves.

That's my girl.
She's a character. Definitely my daughter.
One of my daughters.

Some people love to watch satellite loops.

Yes I can almost feel the hurricane season in the wind.
Whispering... "don't forget me"

Dabuh loves beaches, surf and hurricanes.
He also loves hurricane people.
You don't get more hurricane people than PHIL.
Trust me I know.
Well maybe a few but.... he watches hurricanes.
And I mean all over from all over.
Phil could be in Switzerland and he'd be watching the Pacific.
I'm more an Atlantic girl ...

This girl Barbie lives in Key West.
Takes great pictures.

The beauty of the beach is it's always changing.
It's also always rearranging itself in odd ways.
Miami Beach is built on a Sandbar remember that!
Colors change, clouds come and go and then the sun comes out!

Enjoy those places you love.
Love the people you love.
Do what you love.
Do it with LOVE.
Indeed.... so true.

One thing I adore about Mike is...
...he does what he loves.
And we love him for it!

I'll be writing about the tropics more and more in the coming days.
Some hurricane history and hurricane tips.

Stay tuned...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Instagram and Twitter

Ps... My son is a music producer. Ironic huh?
He does what he loves.

He produced this song and the CD.
Producers are awesome... 
..producing and oozing creativity :)

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Snow in LA County... Santa Monica Freeway ... Malibu! Happens More Than You Realize. 1980 Similar Winter Storm in the SW. Wondering on the 2019 Hurricane Season

Look how pretty!
Like Kansas or Iowa or maybe New Jersey.
But it's snow in LA county.

Kind of jerky video but it's real and tells the story.
Actually if you look at the date.......'ll see it's not yesterday but a few years back.

Usually it snows up in the Mountains.
I lived in LA in the 1980s.
I loved to stare up at the mountains at the snow.
So close and yet so far away.
But it always framed the view so perfectly!

In truth despite what you hear on line...
It used to snow more often in LA ...
Check it out in the Roaring 20s in LA!

Model T Fords!!

In 2016 this article was written....
..asking why it doesn't snow anymore.
Good question.
Easy to say Global Warming.
But I'm wondering if there is more to the story.
Perhaps the heavy traffic in LA over time...
.... created small heat islands of sorts as in Atlanta?
Something to research or think upon.

Look at all those years with snowfall totals.

1882, 1877 (official record)
1913, 1921, 1922, 1926 snow flakes fell.
1944, 1949 and 1957 big hurricane years.
1962 was a quiet hurricane year.
1926 Great Miami, Bahama and Cuban hurricanes.
This year Cuba had a recent rare tornado.

What is going on with the world?
Did Lex Luthor finally figure out how to control the weather?
Maybe it will snow on the Oscars?
Can you imagine winter coats over those beautiful gowns?
I don't think there will be a snowy ending like in the movies.

But there has been much speculation on the recent snow.
Maybe snow is back in style?

Hey it snowed in Burbank in 2011!
February, same timing as this year.
"Never seen snow" 
No...not really true but it sounds good.
Snow happens.
It seems it used to happen more often.
And there were less people there to see it in 1913!
So don't believe everything you read.

I lived in LA a long time.
I never saw snow.
My friends in Torrance near Rolling Hills saw some.
(higher elevation in Rolling Hills than LA Basin)
Malibu has mountains.
LA is a basin... flat, surrounded by mountains.
Kids drive up to Frazier Park usually to see snow.

It's beautiful there.
Arrowhead is also beautiful.
In Palm Springs you can sunbathe by the pool...
...or take a ride up to the ski resorts covered in snow.

It's not like it's snowing in Key West...

But West Hollywood saw snowflakes...
..and the Valley towns of Northridge and Thousand Oaks.
In 1980 below there was snow near Crowley Lake.

Great picture, very Ansel Adams.
But Crowley Lake is upstate.
But it was 1980.

So in 1980 I lived in Long Beach California. My husband and my best friend's husband took the students from the Chabad School in Westminster on a weekend trip to Phoenix for Shabbos (the Jewish Sabbath on Saturday) and then to the Grand Canyon on Sunday. That was the plan. My best friend Pesha and I had both had little girls the summer before so we decided to have one long Slumber Party and hang out and talk life, football and motherhood as we usually did when together. It became a memorable trip for the students but one long weekend in hell for the parents in those days before kids having beepers or cell phones. They safely got to Chabad of Phoenix and set up for Shabbos without any problem. However, KTLA was running stories nonstop on the news about severe flooding in Phoenix and in those days before you could look on Twitter to see where the flooding was or put on The Weather Channel basically every parent called us both twice hysterical asking if the kids were okay. Yes, they were okay... a different part of Phoenix, I was assured they were fine and having fun and safe. 

Moving along they packed up and headed off in a huge Winnebago that one of the parents had lent the two young Rabbis to take the class to the Grand Canyon. In a few hours the calls began again as the same parents who heard on the news that there was some sort of blizzard near the Grand Canyon and roads were closed and motorists were stranded. My ex husband called me deliriously happy because they had gotten to the Grand Canyon and it was covered in fresh snow looking more beautiful than he had ever seen it and being a LA kid he had been to the Grand Canyon often. I asked if the kids were okay? He said they were "thrilled it was snowing and many had not seen snow in their lives" and then babbled on again about the layers of snow shining in the sunlight and the blue skies and how he wished I could see it. No Facetime then or Facebook Live huh? It looked a lot like this scene below:

I posted that picture the other day.
Beautiful isn't it?
Because this year it also snowed there as it did in 1980.

So because the roads were closed behind them rather than sticking to the plan they decided to drive up through Vegas (not stopping just driving through) which the school had said they didn't want them to do but hey the roads behind them were closed so it seemed like a good idea. I told each parent that called that they were safe from the blizzard just as they were safe from the flooding in Phoenix. It was one hell of a winter storm. My best friend and I sat by the heater at night (which is what she said they do in Buffalo) as it was really cold in LA and we had fun and were happy the parents had stopped calling to check and the babies were asleep and life was good.

Then the storm assaulted the High Desert to the North of LA and the road into LA was closed due to snow, high winds and they shut down the Grapevine and every other road down to LA. The parents called again.... and I told them again the boys were fine they had spent the night in a motel on the other side of the mountain pass that was shut down to any high profile vehicles and let me tell you it was a big winnebago so it wasn't going anywhere! On the 2nd day of being stranded there they decided to take the kids to a ghost town similar to this but possibly this ghost town; the kids had a blast. The parents were frustrated, worried and mind you LA also was hit with extremely bad weather and it seemed those kids were never coming home. Finally on the 2nd night there they decided to book them passage in the morning on AMTRAK at the nearest point they could get on the train and may I say that to this day one of the most exciting things about the trip they took was that they got to go on a train... a real train. In those days LA kids didn't take subways or trains much and well... it was a surprise and they loved it. Memorable trip. So memorable I can never forget how bad the weather was in February of 1980 in all the same places the winter weather has been nuts in February of 2019!

My best friend and I and our babies were fine. The husbands were fine, though probably tired of being with their Middle School students for days. The parents were happy to see their long, lost sons. The kids were excited because those LA kids got to see SNOW, they drove through SNOW and they saw the Grand Canyon covered in SNOW and they drove through Las Vegas and saw all the bright lights and then they went to a Ghost Town and then they got to go on a train. Finally someone drove up and carefully drove the Winnebago back despite high winds but legally and LA continued to have crazy weather the rest of 1980. 

I have to wonder on what the parallel is with the this coming hurricane season to the similar winter of 1980 in the desert Southwest that included snow, flooding, high winds and if I remember right fires and mudslides. 

Very busy year.
Wild wicked Hurricane Allen.

Taking up the Caribbean Sea...
...down near the Yucatan.
Made a beeline for the desert SW kind of...

The season started late.... was very busy deep into November.
It was considered a Neutral Year.
Coming off a weak El Nino based on some sites.
Something to wonder on...

As for today.
It's still February.
It's still winter.
We still only got real snow in November.
Seattle has been stealing the show.
Minneapolis has gotten it's fair share.
And Vegas saw snow on two different occasions.

Keep watching.
Winter ain't over.
Yes there are wild whispers online of wicked winter weather coming.
Some will most likely say "unprecedented" or "historic"
Someone online said a hurricane like winter storm was forming.
Isn't clickbait grand?

We have only officially been collecting weather data since the 1800s.
The history of Earth is what climate is all about.
The 1700s and 1800s produced wicked Caribbean Hurricanes.
Jamaica got trounced.
And back before man began settling the LA Basin... seems to have snowed more than it does now.

Have a great weekend!
It's rainy here in Raleigh...
...though warming up into the low 70s on Sunday.
Then it dives down again into colder weather.

It's the way of the world.
It's the way weather works.
And often parallels exist... 
We learn from weather patterns of the past.

Will 1980 be someone's analog year?
Who knows.
We are a month of two away from those early forecasts.
But just remember.........
........last year they said cooler temperatures in the Atlantic...
could bring a quieter hurricane season.
Then the temperatures warmed up.

Anyone who went through Florence or Michael....
...will tell you it was a Hurricane Season from hell.

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

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