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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Winter is BACK.... And Mean and Cold and Cat 5 Wind Chills. Some thoughts on Weather and General Hospital & Social Media

I'm back from my trip to New York. Someone in the family had surgery and they are doing well and I went in to be there for moral support and to show my love. While there I saw a few family members and did some ice cold sightseeing in the Pomona Height's area. This picture is an icy waterfall as snow up on the ledge was melting, falling into the cracks, freezing, melting, freezing and covering the plants in small icicles. It was beautiful, it was freezing cold. We drove by and I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a crystal plant and then realized it was covered in ice (Miami girl here...) so we drove back and the daughter that liked to chase storms with me was chasing winter views and pictures. No we didn't get out and examine it, it was freezing.

The things you see that you don't expect to see.
In the sunlight it was crystal bright.

Tonight winter is back and in charge again.
In Minnesota to Ohio it's frigid.
This dives down to the South.
It's 61 degrees in Hollywood Florida...
...going down to 49 degrees.
Okay it's warmer than Detroit!

And we aren't even talking on the wind chills.

Here's the link to use tonight and tomorrow.

If you live "up there" beware it's dangerously cold.

I know there has been a lot of hype......

To be honest people need advice not hype.
Please read it explains "wind chills"

Detroit is NOT St. Paul Minnesota!

That's -20 degrees.
Wind Chill -47 degrees.
I cannot even wrap my head around it.
It gets below 47 degrees and I get cold.

The truth is winter comes and goes and this is normal. It gets cold early, it warms up and then winter comes back like that friend you didn't expect to show back up on your doorstep or bad sushi salad! It comes back. And often when it's been unusually warm it SNAPS BACK big time. In this case it is due to warm up in many places in a few days so that's good news. People outside not dressed properly could easily die when it's this cold. That includes animals and all living things. This is one of those times when the hype is for real, but it's really for those places where the wind chills are near zero or below. Yet I know people in West Palm Beach terrified of this winter's sudden Arctic Dive who are panicking. We are the world, social media makes us all feel closer and it's not gonna be 20 degrees or feel like it in Miami but it still will feel colder than you are used to so .... so proceed accordingly. 

Note how far the freeze line goes.

Lot's of sites up there on that site above.
Most of the USA is below the freeze line.

Will see tomorrow how we survive this winter weather.
And I hope and pray people do take it seriously.
And then what?
Is this the start of something big?
A new pattern?
Or an anomaly and it warms up.
In the Carolinas snow is often promised...
...but you can rely that the rains will come.
South Florida has had a rainy, wet winter.
New York City people feel snowless..
...though they have been dusted with snow.
In the midwest they can't get rid of it.
Europe was buried under it.
And in a month or so the tulips will push up...
Spring will be upon us.
A lady in the market today said "I"m waiting for Spring"
Aren't we all?
That's the nature of the seasons....
We want them to come faster and then......
....we start praying on the next season to come fast.

Life goes on.

As for me I have been in a sort of news, weather and sports black out as where I was staying the wifi was a weak signal, my phone service went from full service to no service for no apparent reason and I was on the move often. I watched the last winter storm come rolling through into Brooklyn from the Verrazano Bridge that swayed a bit in the wind while tropical like rain came at us sidewards. Then from a tall building in Brooklyn I saw the sun come out and light up the New York City skyline. Far off on the horizon the city shone under a silver sky, through the raindrops and next to a beautiful rainbow. 

On Friday we went shopping and I caught this picture.

Winter cold and mountains in the distance.
And tonight they are blanketed in snow.

Stay warm under your blankets.
I have a special satin blanket that's warm.
Well it keeps me warm I leave it on top of the covers.
What do you do to stay warm?
Drink soup?
Sip tea?

Non - Weather related rant
Social Media
General Hospital
Oh Lord.... stop fighting!

Now I'm back home, under the covers watching a show on my TV on my cable that my young Millenials don't use as they do HULU and NetFlix and YouTube usually. While away I follow what happens in the world on Twitter. I also missed General Hospital  which is fun to watch and have on while putting together dinner. So while away I follow what's going on in Twitter, just easier to retrieve news and follow. Got to tell you if you think Weather Twitter is bad, oh my gosh you haven't seen anything. So many haters... People holding on to obsessions on characters no longer on the show who they want them to bring back and I mean "NOW!!" showing old clips of their favorite scenes. They love Franco or hate Franco (I like him and yes I followed the actor on One Life to Live) and I don't mean just hate I mean long, long diatribes worse than arguing about Trump and Pelosi and Hilary. There is more of a Soap Opera on General Hospital Twitter than on the show and they have strong feelings about the writers who they all seem to know by name, some guy name Frank and they seem to feel someone is trying to destroy the show (oh no) and oh gosh worse than arguing over the EURO and the GFS model. I missed the big Jasam reunion which doesn't upset me much as I preferred Drew and Sam to Jason and Sam. Let's get real Sam could never totally commit to Jason and Jason always ran off to save Carly and Sonny. Drew loved Sam, brought out something soft and beautiful in her while she remained tough. This is what I don't understand about GH...they spent years building up Drew and Sam into this beautiful couple who loved each other greatly and then they ripped it away bringing back stone cold Jason and I don't get it. I watch.... I watch when I can but I don't understand. I like the Peter guy (maybe it's the name) and I don't get so emotionally involved. I don't say hateful things and attack the writers, producers and actors personally.  

And the reason I bring this up is it makes me wonder what goes on in this world? Every person who has a Weather App or can watch a satellite loop thinks they are an expert meteorologist and student mets think they are all the next Jim Cantore and everyone thinks they know what will happen next and if it will snow in Cincinnati and they argue when someone (a well known reliable meteorologist) says something they don't like on Twitter such as "it probably won't snow" which basically is "OH NO!!!" an insult that in the old days someone would result in a duel at sunset by the cold river. 

Social media is wonderful and fun and I've been around since the early days of AOL and the Weather Message Boards but come on people get a grip! It's not the total end of the world and the guy who plays Franco is a great actor, focus on some other character and stop begging for Anna and Duke to get back together (he was never worthy of her anyway) and stop making Laura into the next matronly Monica who can be grandmother and matriarch of the family, she may be mayor but she's a bit boring like this... give her something fun to do. Stop threatening mets who take away your snow and by the way Mother Nature is the problem not some met who reads the models correctly and won't promise you it's gonna snow just to get likes on Twitter (rolling eyes) and if you got a problem with the Government Shut Down or Truce... force the congress people to show up in DC because the place looked like a Ghost Town on Monday when we sailed through as if the city was closed; I checked Twitter to make sure there wasn't an alien invasion somewhere or a terror attack. Obviously no one is really working in DC just yet, waiting for the Super Bowl to be over and go back to digging into their boots and saying "NO!!" the way my grandson does when you offer him chicken!

Social media can be the best thing that ever happen or the worst. Be part of the solution not the problem. 

Stay warm, before you know it I'll be posting on the tropics and Spring will have burst through everywhere in the Northern hemisphere and life goes on as my friend is prone to saying (yeah I know you say that) and enjoy the music.

In a world before HULU and NetFlix and YouTube and the EURO model and the GFS model and in a world where only friends argued if Luke and Laura should be a Super Couple because well he raped her before they became lovers and Franco had a brain tumor removed and he's not the character he played on One Life to Live anymore.... 

Good to be home, at least for this week anyway.

Besos BobbiStorm
Dreaming of Tropical Dreams on a cold night in the Carolinas

Ps Life does go on after our first loves (tho Laura was married to Scotty before Luke so maybe Luke was her second love but I digress) and whether Anna is with Robert or Duke (he died, really) or her new love who she is cute with .. life goes on. She was really young back then.... so let's look back on Laura and Luke way before we had great weather models we could argue about.

And when it comes to Anna... that actress can dance.

See she can dance with anyone....

But......before life at General Hospital she was in one of the most iconic movies ever

Keep on dancing.........   but leave that Frank guy alone on General Hospital and stop fighting!


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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Winter of 2019 Been a Carousel of Storms ... Bouts of Warm Weather, Icy Weather and Rain. What Will the Hurricane Season Be Like I Wonder?

I just want to be clear that there is NO tropical development expected this week according to the NHC. The tropics is my main area of interest, but I love all weather so I'm here year round. I also live in the Carolinas and we do get winter weather and it's been more of an enjoyable hobby and a learning experience to understand various types of winter storms that often form but often do different things and form in real time often near the Carolinas before either slamming into New York City or Boston or going out to sea. You can see the trails of the last front on this map above out in the Atlantic and the new one over the mid part of the country about to move
East. There's moisture down in the Gulf of Mexico waiting to be sucked up into that next system and then be dumped on the East Coast again.

It's been an odd winter as it started fast out of the gate in November and then took a long December Thaw and reved back up a bit late in January as frigid Arctic Air found it's way down into the US again. It's been a nonstop carousel of wet, dangerous weather complete with tornadoes across parts of the Deep South, snow in the Appalachians or Ohio River Valley and at times covering parts of the Mid Atlantic States; North Carolina gets snow in the mountains but rarely into the Piedmont. Every model run shows a system with two or three different tracks and as soon as the models show it making a more Northern track people in DC and Baltimore get excited and New York City waits to get dusted with snow fall. And this has gone on for the last few weeks like some strange winter carousel and everyone on the East Coast waits for it to slam into the I95 corridor as if it's DC to Maine or Bust.... and often it's been a bust.  So yes this is funny and you have to follow "Cranky" to understand his sense of humor and the message in the madness of this ongoing set up. And, it's winter and no two winters really have to be exactly a like so as the saying is "it is what it is" and we keep watching.

I'm on Twitter usually watching.
Waiting for the snow to dip down into NC.
It doesn't do that often.
That's why so many people move here.
Because they like the seasons but...
...don't want to shovel snow.
They want it to melt fast like in Camelot.

I spend a lot of time on Spaghetti Models.
Lots of models, maps and information.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

This loop is on that site shown below.

How long will snow stay out of the Deep South I wonder?
Weather people wonder a lot.
And winter storms come weekly... there's always another one leaving from the West Coast..
On it's way East bound.......

A friend online Allan above shows daily maps.
Next system leaving... moving in.
Another round of rain.
Some chances for snow or freezing rain.
This whole winter has mostly been storms such as this.
All angled 1:30 to 7:30 (give or take)
Thin slivers or winter weather and rain.

My daughters used to sing that nonstop...
... all day, all night til I sang it all day.
This summer has been a winter in search of snow.
Slices of freezing rain and sleet appear.
Then disappear and then we get rain.
I've been told Raleigh got enough snow.
And some places got Ice.

It's late, as I am typing this at 1 AM after I unpacked the suitcase I packed last night for the trip to New York that got put off until tomorrow morning. Oddly I have a smaller suitcase packed also for Miami and yes Cranky is right I do spend an inordinate amount of time on I-95 going back and forth. I'm dreaming of Seattle personally, but it's not so easy to get to and I need to be in New York tomorrow for one daughter and later in February (or sooner if the baby comes early like his sister did) I need to be in Miami eventually. That's life ....   no not putting up Frank Sinatra but the song is in my mind. Old cars and old time love stories with singers are popular at the movies again, trending like storm systems and rumors of snow and wintry weather before we spring forth into a Spring regime.

So what will be with the rest of winter? I've been offline a bit doing things, checking in, checking out. Always watching my friends and wondering. I've heard rumors of an Ice Storm but then I heard rumors that the rumors of the Ice Storm for the Deep South down the road should be ignored. I heard FOX news implied Ruth Bader-Ginsburg died and then after a commercial they took it back. The news and the weather has been a roller coaster of rumors and trending models. The Government Shut Down is still on and I know this as I spoke to my best friend Sharon around it today at length on the old fashioned cell phone rather than texting. And the beat goes on... My brother and his wife went to see Cher in South Florida; I'd prefer seeing Camila Cabello personally. (Havana oooh nana)

Isn't he cute ;)
Busy in the winter even.
Yeah big possibilities for wicked weather there.
High seas and strong surf. 
And as always we look forward to the next storm.
The one with real possibilities.
Where it's tracking.
I think it's interesting as we move along.

What will the early part of the Hurricane Season be like?
Have you noticed.....
(shh don't tell anyone)
No one is talking about El Nino of late.
Have you noticed that?
I mean where did it go???
There was so much talk, discussion and innuendo...
...and suddenly everyone has been kind of quiet.
Cranky will get that.
Like a kind of hush in the meteorological community.

As for me I'll be on the road again.

I'll blog again soon.
If rumors of ice or snow become real concerns.
And if there is anything tropical or subtropical to track.
I'll be back.
Till then enjoy the music.
And watch the weather world turn.

Much love.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Honest... when I was little my mother used to sing this song to me.
Hated it in ways. It was like "it is what it is" 
But that's true too.... for my mother and my daughter... 
(and a special friend)

Note cute hat but she wouldn't be able to play the piano with gloves on ;)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

OH MY GOODNESS.... WINTER GOING TO COME BACK !!! Happy MLK Day on the Real Day Not the Weekend.

This basically began yesterday in ernest.
Headlines on Twitter showing SNOW and ICY weather coming!

The Polar Vortex is being unleashed!!
Yeah........ Winter is back!
My AC is off and my heat is back on!!
The beach a week ago was nice........
.... I didn't go outside today in Raleigh. Brrr...

Tonight's blog is a prelude to real discussion.
I want to show a variety of news and tweets.
The real news today was in California...
Dabuh knew that!
If there's a beach he's watching the surf.
And the weather.... he's a great weather watcher!

Prayers indeed as you will see deeper down in the blog.

Weather is locational and whether you live in Maine or Miami you have different priorities with regard to what you wish for......  and in this case be careful what you wish for....   Note the REAL storm is going on NOW in California but the East Coast, as always, thinks this is all about them and whether NYC or Boston gets Snow. The South looks longingly at the snow models wishing the system would take the more Southern track so that we could see some snow flakes falling and dusting our Carolina Pines. There is a middle part of the country, though to be fair they got the last snow storm AND Jim Cantore so they have plenty of stories to tell of the Winter of 2019!

I gotta warn you there's a lot of hype going on right now, because that's all we have is hype and models and watching the satellite loops. Speaking of models the Canadian is really on to something or just being the Canadian over amping every system and bringing snow to Cuba. It's worth noting it DID snow in Cuba in 1857 so I suppose it's not impossible. The EURO and the GFS (choose your version of it) do not show snow for Havana or Miami so you can breathe a bit and get out your favorite boots for weather diving down for one night into the 40s!

And the usual mets are having fun with this because to be honest we had one wild winter storm in November, a January thaw in December and now in January winter is showing up again on the models. And it seems this one will really do the trick and usher in some Arctic Air down into the US all the way down to .... Key West and do NOT laugh as Key West is an island in the middle of the Florida Straits and when a cold front breezes in across the water it gets down right chilly!

Yoda knows.... 

In truth though California IS having WEATHER NOW!
Yet you wouldn't know it from my feed ....
...that is heavily weighted to the Hurricane cities & Seattle.

There's a Blizzard warning up for the Sierras!

California is like the song....
I've lived there....
First comes fire and then the rain comes....
...and the mud runs down the hills.
It's one disaster after another... 

In Santa Barbara there was crazy wind damage. 

High Surf Warnings up the coast of California.

If you live in LA.........
........don't let your garbage cans float away!

But on the East Coast everyone is ready!!!
North Carolina and Virginia are waiting... 
NC won the November storm lotto...
VA stole last week's storm.
What will be with this next storm?

Allan Huffman is as reliable as it gets.
He's watching the models and we are listening.

In my mind it's going to Carolina......

No it's not really going to Carolina, not this week's storm.
But I'm driving North for the cold, frigid week down the road.
So I know I'll see snow one way or the other soon...

You heard about the 10 year challenge on Facebook?
30 years plus and James Taylor is still singing.
My best friend loves him.
Took me a long time to enjoy him again.
I can finally listen and smile.

What do you love?
Who do you love?
You love snow or hate it?
Doesn't matter.... get what you get.
Mother Nature's in charge of this one.
I know... Polar Vortex (rolling eyes)

Yah we have all these great terms these days.... describe Winter.

Love reading Cranky's BLOG.

Note there is a 2 part harmony here going on.
The storm THIS week........
.... the BIG storm next week!
Cranky likes to Tweet.
He loves to Blog.... 
Read his blog and then read it twice.

I know you want to know if Philly is gonna get snow.

Definite maybe.

Everyone's chasing after snow......

Or complaining about shoveling it!

And everyone who is Tweeting is ......
.....updating every few hours.
As models come and models go.
Soon we will really know.
Compare the below tweet with the above one.

A man of few words has this to say on the cold.

A man of many words and great wisdom is Larry Cosgrove.
You really need to follow him!

Yes Weather Twitter is a buzz and buzzing louder than transformers or swarms of freezing bees. What do I think? What do I know? When you have a period of warm weather deep in December you have to know that winter is going to come back with a vengeance. It's like during hurricane season when it's slow and early waves give it up to Saharan Dust and Shear at the Gateway of the Caribbean and you think there won't be any hurricanes and then Mother Nature is back with a bite and Twitter begins buzzing with innuendo and rumors and people act as if the world is coming to an end and on air news people say things like "unprecedented Arctic Invasion as the Polar Vortex is blasting it's way down into Florida" and you worry Aquaman is going to freeze and Lex Luthor finally discovered a weather machine that will control Earth's weather and then you remember Spring will come again. Kids enjoy the snow, parents shiver and shovel the snow and someone gets sleet which is about as annoying as rainy days and Mondays. 

So as for me I'm going to enjoy whatever we get this week and wonder on what weather I'll see in New York City next week as I'm scheduled to be there then. There's highs and lows near zero if the extremists are right and if it moderates in the teens... time will tell.

As for tonight, enjoy this song and know I love it...... really as much as the oldie goldies are great this song is perfect and note .... he uses weather because how can you show a love song without some kind of weather??

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Don't say I didn't blog and as always I hoping you get the weather you dream about!

I'll be back with real hard data on what to expect from the storm after this storm and how frigid the temperature will be and just how low that freeze line will go. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the winter links on Mike's fantastic as he's a guy for all seasons ;)

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Monday, January 07, 2019

Monday. New Week. New Models. Possible Snow Storm in the Wings. Keep Watching for it to ... Come Together

Quick post on the upcoming week and the week that was and how it's all connected. It's been warm and mild (though rainy) in the Carolinas this January despite every person who predicted a colder than normal winter we have yet to see it really take control. In November we had an early winter storm that much like an early May hurricane got everyone excited while many know that early May storms happen in slow hurricane seasons. Time will tell as always. There's a lot to deal with as there are two Jet Streams and they need to come together and hook up with Arctic Air to really get us there.

Yesterday it was hot, sunny and flirting with a high of 70 degrees so being the good Capricorn I am I figure if life gives you lemons make pink lemonade and enjoy it. So we went to the beach, Wrightsville Beach in particular as it's the closest beach to Raleigh and there's much to do in Wilmington while there. There is nothing like a Carolina Beach really and I've seen a lot of beaches from Seattle to LA to Maine to Miami. They are peaceful, family oriented more than most and filled with a sense of peace and a beauty all their own. The beach in the off season is always preferable to the busiest days of summer. Except for a spattering of blue tarps (not many) and the sea oats being thinned out you couldn't tell Florence had ever been there.... go figure. Florence was more a stuck rain storm and flooding event than Michael that sandblasted North Florida beaches leaving them looking as if a nuclear bomb went off in places from storm surge and wicked winds. It will take North Florida a long time to look as if Michael had never been there. I will say I noticed the hanging moss took quite a hit in Wilmington much the way Matthew pruned the hanging moss in Savannah. Life goes on at the beach.

There I am looking for a shell I liked.
Planted there, not moving til I found it.
I took off the leggings and put them back on.
Wrapped a sweater around me in case I needed it.
The pier is windier and colder than the beach.
Nuff said. It was warm but the wind was chilly.
The water was cold but not as cold as usual in January.
I walked barefoot in and out of the water.
It was glorious.

On Twitter people argued a lot it seems.
I missed it as I was at the beach.......
When there is no winter in winter... people get a little nuts.
When it's hurricane season and it's slow...
... people get very nasty and fight.
Weather people need weather like....
...I seem to need to see the ocean.

Luckily the models are tossing us possibilities.
It's going to be Mid January this weekend.
If not now when?

A voice I trust very much.
Before I lived here I followed him for hurricanes.
He's good, very good.
Further North you go the better chance of snow.
As always Raleigh is on the edge.

Always and forever ...
So I look to see what Allan Huffman has to say..

And Cranky brings it all together as usual.
He knows winter storms.
Does well with hurricanes but well...
...he is more in the heart of the winter world than me.
So you may want to read his blog.

NY/NJ/NE do they get a real winter storm?
How about the Carolinas........
As always great folksy advice from Chick ;)
When I suggested bourbon in my French Toast...

It's a winter thing you buy eggs and bread and milk.
French Toast for Snow Storms in the Carolinas.

Will it all come together?
Keep watching.
Time will tell.

Til then keep watching the models, enjoy real weather discussion on Twitter for a change and the possibility that we may be able to wear any new winter clothes or boots before we have to put them away for summer.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps....and until then another Allan is right we will be watching the models and what all of our favorite weather people have to say. Speaking of models I'll be spending a whole lot of time on

For one of my favorite people round here.... Yeah I want weather, I want weather bad and this winter has been a bit crazy and the crazier the better when it comes to weather so yeah... I want a crazy, Carolina winter snow storm and to talk endlessly about it online. And, I'll be in NYC in late January so figure I can see snow either way then .... (seen long range models) and early February in Florida so need winter weather NOW in January but either way...... grateful for short sleeves weather in January and the beautiful beach... but love a good ending with snow falling ;) Got home in time to collapse into bed under the covers cause when the sun goes down in the Carolinas in Winter it does get cold and watch the Golden Globes. Yay! :)

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Friday, January 04, 2019

EPAC Special Tropical Statement. Questions on El Nino and Winter of 2019 Abound... Stay Tuned for Surprises! Weather These Days is Like the Stock Market...

Eastern Pacific
January 2019

Putting this into the blog today and talking about it because anything that happens out of the ordinary needs discussing and bears watching. Yes I said bear.. it's kind of an old joke to some of us.. but true. And we are all watching the Stock Market even if we don't have money invested as we all have interests that it could affect down the line. The same with a system like this in that what happens there doesn't remain there it gets caught up in the flow. So yes...there's a circle in the Eastern Pacific and the National Hurricane Center decided to put out a Special Tropical Statement about it in January.

Orange circle up.
Discussion below.

Yes I know it's January.
Yes they start earlier than the Atlantic.
But rarely this early.
But weather happens.
Climate is the long term average.
Out of season development can happen.

Regardless of development....
Gale Force Winds likely over the weekend!

Why do we care?
What begins there....
...often ends up here.
Here being the East Coast.

That flow.... 
The signature of the last month.

Put it in motion:

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Moisture caught in the flow...
A pattern seemingly stuck.
But is it?

I've spoken about this with a few of my friends lately in that it seems despite all the headlines and comments made we are in a strange time with mixed signals weather wise. There's a lot of volatility going on both in the market and in the weather world. We had an extremely cold winter like period during the fall in November where we had surprise snow storms in New York and Raleigh got a nice sampling of the winter stuff.... however December rolled in with warmer temperatures (that were forecast) and all we've seen is rain, rain and more rain. Raleigh broke records in 2018 for rainfall totals due to a wet year and two hurricanes that dumped huge amounts of tropical rain on us and now deeper into Winter we have rain from a moist subtropical flow. Where do we go from here? Oklahoma City has had warm temperatures yet they cooled off enough to get snow, freezing rain and sleet yesterday finally. Snow lovers there better be happy. But, the snow is going to melt fast the way it did here in Raleigh as temperatures rose fast into the 60s following the snow. Sound a bit like the stock market?

El Nino is constantly being discussed and I mean constantly on any given day in the weather world. As I have said nonstop here online for old timers no two El Ninos are the same and no two hurricane seasons are the same. The variance in the weather patterns as the Northern Jet hands off to the Southern Jet to where they both meet up for a quick fling and then go back to doing their thing defines what our weather is like on a day to day basis on the East Coast.

Add in a big player that produces gale force winds over the weekend and a big sloppy storm into California and that impacts weather in every city from California to New Jersey down the weather road. The big player that seemingly is in hiding is the flow that dips down from the Arctic and until that sleeping bear wakes up we are in for more wet, wicked, unseasonably warm winter rain patterns. As usual when it's warm here it's cold in Europe and it's snowing in Greece as I type this where my brother lives. Weather in the South Atlantic was so problematic a few days ago they rerouted my other brother's cruise ship to a different port. When we don't have the usual suspects on the weather map we often end up with unusual weather. So keep watching. Make sure those weather apps are activated as I'm getting the sense more and more that we may end up with some surprise weather on the East Coast somewhere. There's also a huge area off the East coast producing high surf in some places. And the beat goes on... 

Personally I agree.
Something bothering me too..
Questions that will get answers soon.

May you have an awesome weekend! Don't believe those constant long term predictions of snow that get pushed off every day to a later date on your weather apps but do believe the weather app when it says tornadoes or severe weather or fog may show up in your designated area in the next six to twelve hours. Pay attention!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter... follow me there for fast weather updates.

Ps.... a chaser chases and when there is a lack of hurricanes or snow to chase they chase whatever is interesting. Mike chased fog last night on Facebook and his viewers were excited to see him go live. And the fog that was ghost like indeed on the field near where he lives lit up by bright lights was enchanting to watch. Make sure you follow him on Facebook... Lord only knows where that boy will show up when he's reading to chase someone or something or some kind of weather ;)

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