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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Severe Weather in SE on Tap Today..5 Dead Overnight Twisters. Danger Zone Stretches Up Thru DC to NYC

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

Look at that Jet Stream.
Crazy dipping, folding, zooming.
Spells Trouble.
Radar at 7 AM shows the Danger Zone.

NWS maps show where to watch and what to watch for...
Yellow is Tornado Troubles.
Some flash flood warnings too.
The Green goes all the way up the coast to NYC.
But the real threat is the deep SE.

3 Dead and 4 in critical condition this morning from last night's storms.
Twisters ripped through Alabama.

Add that into the 3 dead in Gatlinburg from fires.
Stay informed if you live in Georgia, Tennessee or the Carolinas
You might want to add this to your Twitter Feed:

When that white frontal boundary below looks like a tornado.

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

As the tail of the front dips down into the Gulf of Mexico.
Mixing up warm tropical air with a cold front.
This time of year is a mini Tornado Season. 
Spring and Fall both bring severe weather.
And for the same reasons. 
You can see this on the loop below that we use during Hurricane Season.
Watch the last part of the loop.
Gulf Moisture streaming NE up towards the Danger Zone.
Gets kind of sucked into the frontal boundary.
And then things get wicked fast!

In the last few minutes the death toll has risen to five.
Stay informed today please if you live in the area in the warnings.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Also worth mentioning the frost and freeze line is oozing SE slowly.

Stay tuned. Stay safe.
If you live in an area highlighted in green or yellow.
Pay close attention to your local weather.

Again put the words weather and your Zipcode into Google.
Doesn't get easier than that.
Luckily Smart Phones keep us informed.
Or NWS (Your Zipcode)

Click on the link.
You get this:

Click on the link highlighted in red if there is one.
Takes you to this warning.

I say this for those who are not weather professionals. I don't put this up here for those of us who have 3 apps on our phones and are about to delete one and add a new one as we aren't happy with one of our apps. I don't say this for retired meteorologists or students at FSU hoping one day to work at the NWS or NHC. I say this for the people who read my blog and don't want to be taken unaware. Many in Tennessee complained they were not aware of the dangers of the fast moving fire. The fire moved fast, however those watching and paying attention to the National Weather Service updates were informed. They don't get prime press time on the news prior to every day weather and the people showing the news at 5 PM only get a few minutes to tell you what is going on. Now days we have apps on our phones that get lost or we ignore them while busy with our lives. Smart phones beep warnings at us and it doesn't get better than that.....well if you have the sound turned on. So many of us mute our phones and look down at them to see what's new.

Another good place to look for your local weather is down at the bottom of Spaghetti Models.

Bottom Right. Nice little map of the USA with stars across it. Make maps great again is what I say.. 

Click on a star and it takes you to a grip of local maps. Great resource. 

Stay safe.
Stay informed.
Knowledge is power!

Also if you don't have Twitter get it.
It's not Facebook.
You don't have to ever Tweet.
It's a live, real time News Feed.
Use it as needed.
Takes less than 10 minutes to set it up.
Maybe less than 5 if you are fast ;)
And you never have to post, tweet or do anything.
But read the news fast in real time.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Careful if you are in the Danger Zone.

ft-animated.gif (720×480)

Red means danger ... severe weather forming.
Check your local weather.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Updated! 3 Dead in Gatlinburg From Firess. Prayers For Rain Across the South. Dollywood Safe. Other Resorts Burned, Homes and Lives In Danger

rgb-animated.gif (720×480)

It's easy to see the force of the system that raced through Tennessee.
Hurricane Force Gusts whipped fires and caused devastation.

3 people have died in the fires as on 4 PM Tuesday.
Countless homes have been lost.
To post a number now belittles the true devastation.
This is a tragedy in process and far from over.

Dollywood is closed, but safe.

Another system is forecast to hit the area later in the week.
The weather forecast shows the ongoing dangers.

Worth noting a man was killed in Fayetteville today doing repairs after Matthew. Another reminder that a tragedy doesn't always have a neat ending in the way a hurricane makes landfall. The misery goes on and on. Often people are killed or hurt in the clean up process. And the process goes on and on and on...

In Raleigh it rained today. A slow, steady rain.
Warm rain actually. No sweater needed in late November.

In Israel they are thanking the many who helped fight the fires.
It's awesome to see how the world's nations can work together.
Note ground help from the Palestinian Authority was included.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

* * * 

There's photos on Twitter.
And online but less on air as the media continues with the political.

This is a huge fire and has long term ramifications.
There's a live link to coverage.

Besides Dollywood this is an area where many people vacation.
Whether is fall foliage now burned up, hiking, skiing, exploring.
Aside from the people who live there it's devastating.
It's also an area rich in forests, trees.
This will be a long term scar on the land.

There has been hope that rain may mitigate the disaster yet the same system that is carrying rain is also carrying high winds that whip the fire faster. 

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

The tropics are on back burner today.

Keep praying for rain.
And for the fire fighters who are doing their best.

I'll update later today.
Watching the wind in Raleigh also.
Very windy, gusty and leaves are in the wind.
I've been in LA when fire is in the wind.
I can respect that power as many cannot.
Unless you are used to forest fires encroaching on homes...
...worrying on friends who live there.
You don't really know luckily what it is like.
It's a slow motion disaster.
It's not a Twister or a earthquake.
Disasters are disasters but...
...takes a while to put the fires out.


Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... Going to be a Hard Candy Christmas for many in Tennessee.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Rain On the Way to SE and Watching Rain in the Caribbean. Praying for Rain For Those Who Need.

A lot to say here and yet most of it is not all that tropical. The big news story in most of Hurricane Country today is the possibility of rain with a strong cold front moving East. People are praying.

Down in the Caribbean it IS worth noting that there is an area of extreme convection in an area very favorable for late season tropical madness but just pointing it out today to remember and watch. I'll put that in motion for you so that you can see the big picture.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

You can see the convection going predictably NE in the Carib.
You can see the front progressing East.

The front progressing East towards the mountains.
Towards areas where there are fires burning.
Where the drought is bad.

Winter with snow is in the the Dakotas.
And some snow out west ...
Severe weather popping up along the frontal boundary.
Pushing East.

There is a small chance of development.

And lastly the 5 day shows some rain in areas praying for rain.

I feel almost guilty. I'm loving this fall in NC.
We have had very little rain. 
The leaves have remained longer on the trees.
Less mold from decaying wet leaves piled everywhere.
Blue, blue skies.

Yesterday we walked around the Flea Market.
That's not a regular flea market but a HUGE one.
Every Sunday in Raleigh at the State Fair Grounds.
I think at times it's more fun than the fair.

Note not a shimmy on that lamp moving.
Colors of fall with oak trees dressed in autumn colors.

A news story yesterday in the RDU Triangle said much.
A huge sink hole in a road destroyed by Matthew opened up yesterday.
A jogger didn't notice and fell inside, had to be rescued.
Matthew remains a story on many levels here.
Crazy but true.

You may have forgotten about it but locally it's news.
Many are giving to charities giving children displaced by Matthew presents.

I put up the link for as it's a good charity.
There are ones by churches, Chabad and many non-profit groups.
But staying neutral here the Red Cross is respected and a good one.

And there are people who have been affected by fires they are helping.
The beautiful weather we are enjoying in NC...
The Blue skies and the color that remains longer.
Is sadly caused by the drought.
Good for my allergy, bad for farmers.
Bad for anyone with breathing problems.
Bad for tourism.
The fires are in Western NC not in Raleigh.
We are enjoying one of the most picturesque falls I can remember.

So pray for rain.
Pray for a Rain Man to save the day.

Great movie. 
Leap of Faith.
Jonas Nightingale who prays for rain.

Gotta watch the movie to see if it rains or not.

We need rain in many places.
Hope that front doesn't get severe ...
...doesn't move too fast.
Hope it rains.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

A long PS if you aren't interested...
...check back tomorrow on the tropics.
But I felt it was something I needed to say.
Have a good day!

* * *

I want to say something here. I lived in California a long time and I was used to forest fires. They would often, early on, say they were arson and search out the arsonists. As a young girl from Miami I couldn't understand how they knew it was arson so fast nor could I understand why someone would intentionally start a fire. Mother Nature does a good job herself at times when the Santa Ana winds blow in California and often fires are unintentionally started but the result is the same. As I studied journalism as well as geography I ask questions often to learn and I was told that they know almost from the beginning the way the fire spreads; where it starts and it's very nature (different fires can be unique) has a signature to it, sad but true. Sometimes a thrill seeker, sometimes someone's careless and sometimes someone with a grudge. In LA during Santa Ana winds fires can spread like crazy in ways no one expects and spread as fast as... a wild fire. Add to it the common use of a certain roofing material that was more prone to catching fire fast. Why I can't explain as in many places where there is the risk of forest fires in wooded areas near distant subdivisions built up in the hills they outlaw such roofing materials.

Friars traveling North on the El Camino Real studying the area of California noted in their journals that there was smoke from fires in what is now the area of LA that looked much like smog as we know it. They didn't call it smog obviously but did note the weather conditions often. The Chumash Indians who cooked by fire added to the smog as the temperature inversion was there before the first automobile was ever driven on a road in California. And campfires not put out well do create fires and again arson specialists can tell almost immediately if a fire was started by accident by carelessness or on purpose using tactics that help a fire spread faster. Sad but true.

In South Florida fires out in the Everglades often start during the dry season when a rare strong line of storms moves through and the lightning in said storms sets the fire. Early South Florida history is riddled with the damage from these fires before man really moved in and drained the glades that started much closer to Biscayne Bay than most believe. A map of Miami in the 1950s shows the Everglades being due West of 441. Note on the map below where 441 is and how much of the city is to the West of it in an area that used to be a gentle, beautiful "River of Grass"  . . .

Fire is one of the first methods of terror used probably after throwing a rock or a big man knocking down a small man. Villages burned out other villages, fire was used when barbarians came riding into Europe from the East; they often used fire torches to scare the peasants. Fire is cheap, easy and terrorizes. Some of the fires in Israel were deliberately set in populated areas. 

So I'm saying this as I was attacked online by a few people when I said on social media that SOME of the fires in Israel were started by arson with the goal of terrorizing people. Some were I am sure started by ignorance. Some have been started on purpose, a crime that hurts people as well as the land itself. It's an ecological disaster not just one that has political ramifications. A fire that was not set on purpose but destroyed beautiful forests. Some of the fires in Israel that are still burning were started on purpose in heavily populated areas. Obviously time will tell the details. Again each fire is different. And it's easy for copycats to well copy a tactic used once they see how fragile and vulnerable every day life is in a place like Israel during a dry spell with high winds.

But, let's look at it this way... imagine some crazy person decides for whatever pathetic reason decides he can start a fire in Central Park in an area next to huge, high rises that line the park in areas during a time when there are Gale Force winds blowing that would carry a fire further. Imagine the damage, the horrifying results. Could happen. The famous fire in Key West in 1886 was said to be set for political reasons. It destroyed a good part of Key West. Sad but true. And then they started putting tin on the roof tops. I know this as my Great Great Grandfather was in the tinware business. 

So I'm sorry if it upset anyone that I mentioned the fires in Israel but they are scary, some where set on purpose and I have friends who have had to evacuate and may have lost their homes. Luckily the security in Central Park is high. Remember recently they found an incendiary device that blew a person's foot off. They still haven't explained why there was an incendiary device hiding under a rock in Central Park. Things that happen in Israel have a sad way of spreading. The person who took the truck and mowed down 84 people on Bastille Day in Nice caused death and terror by using a vehicle.

Now we worry and watch for trucks used in terror.

So .... yeah I do worry on the fires in Israel. Though it's not uncommon to have a forest fire in Israel as it's much like parts of Southern California in's not so common to have high rise buildings catching fire inside a city across a wide area all at the same time. Time will tell.

But when the land is dry, when the winds are whipping can be used as a dangerous weapon whether out of revenge in business (seen that happen sadly) or for terror reasons. 

The silver lining is indeed the many countries Egypt, Russia, Croatia, Belarus, Italy, Greece and Turkey working together to help Israel put out the fires. That's beautiful. That's heroic. A true silver lining to a sad tragedy both on human levels and ecological levels. Many of those forests were built, made tree by tree planted by people who wanted to bring Israel to life. I found family history recently by the copies of Trees For Israel that my Great Aunt Ida had planted for her parents who had died and a brother who died in the Holocaust. Most Jewish families have such papers stacked away in their grandparent's homes. 

An image from online.

So sorry if I bothered a few people by mentioning the fires in Israel.
I mention fires often after living in LA I remember them well.
No one has ever complained before.
And yes as a meteorologist and historian...
I've learned much on forest fires and arson.
I've also learned how Mother Nature is involved.
More often than not arson is also involved.

Lastly.....I use one Twitter account. 
On occasion like drunk at a wedding I may post a picture.
Almost always I'm only writing about the weather.

Much Love, BobbiStorm

Ps Ps Seriously hope the attack at OSU today was not terror.
Sad to wish someone just lost their mind....
Seems a car was used before the knife attack.
Scary times we live in but also wonderful times.
Pray you all stay safe.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Otto Crosses Over Into the Pacific on Black Friday

Otto 60 mph and moving West.
Back in the water again.

Worth noting Otto has moved into the Epac

avn_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Larger view

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Otto broke many records.
Otto made the land crossing intact.
Some of that land is marsh and includes a large lake.
There's land but also marsh, lakes, grasslands and swamps.

It chose a good place to cross over.

You can see how little land there actually is there.
And beautiful wetlands people go to explore.
Beaches galore but also grasslands.
Think low country in a way.

Otto's signature while crossing over.

Could this have helped Otto to sustain and even intensify?
Time will tell and it will be studied.
There are few analog storms to study for that exact location.
Seems it's a lot like Tampa and Jax.
Hurricanes nearby but rarely do they make landfall..

So keep watching.

Some models boomerang it back.
Most do not.

Keep watching.
And have a wonderful holiday weekend.
Give thanks...

If you are traveling or shopping...
Personally I'm the hide at home and enjoy the day sort of person.
But I may venture out somewhere to enjoy what's left of Fall in NC

<---- check="" location="" p="" your="">
Weather in most places pretty good today.
I have the windows open here.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps is a good place to give charity while giving thanks.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Otto Makes Landfall. Sat Images of Smoke From Fires in Israel. 7.0 Earthquake in Central America!

When it rains it pours. Otto has made landfall near the town of San Juan in Nicaragua according to the NHC with 100 MPH winds. That's a first for that region officially and at the same time a strong earthquake registered nearby. Crazy but true.

avn-animated.gif (720×480)

7.0 Earthquake off West Coast of Central America.

There have been similar cases. They are rare.
Happens. Officially no correlation.


Charleston 1886

Says it all....

Nice to see Drudge is back to weather and earthquakes..

Sadly there are fires in Israel burning.
Some are forest fires but others started in cities.
Arson has been seen as a new form of terrorism.
Some may be forest fires. Time will tell.
Nice to see people coming together to help others.
Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Russia and a few other countries..
..sent planes in to fight the fires.

I have friends living in the affected areas.
I wasn't aware as there is little on TV or regular news.
Friends were passing information on Facebook.
Pictures on Twitter.

Good to see international cooperation.

In other news it's snowing in parts of the USA.
Not a lot of parts and its 72 degrees in Raleigh.
Windows open, house smells incredible.

Otto broke records with this landfall.

And lastly there may be a fly in the ointment with Otto.


Please read my previous blog if you have not done so today.
Some good thoughts to ponder on regarding Thanksgiving.

Time to make a salad and start eating..

Stay tuned.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Seems to fit the stories of the day.
Add ... I feel the earth move.......

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