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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Last Day of the 2017 Hurricane Season

Palm trees grow back fast in South Florida.
Battered palm fronds hang down...
...while bright green growth grows back.
Life in the Miami after the 2017 Hurricane Season.
Coconut Grove to be specific.

So much to say and so little time ....  To explain I am in South Florida visiting my children and I was waiting for my daughter to give birth. First I attended a beach wedding a week or so ago for my son and  new daughter-in-law on St. George Island. Then I waited and waited for my daughter to give birth to a beautiful baby boy a few days ago. Sunday I'm involved in a baby shower for another baby who is due in January sometime (am I ever gonna leave Florida this winter I wonder?) and catching up with my South Florida kids. I'm short on time and far from the normal life of TWC and FOX/CNN back home in North Carolina. My younger kids use HULU, Netlfix and Roku so I it's been a long, long while since I saw Jim Cantore do a Water Vapor Loop....

I've spent much time interviewing various people from St. George to South Florida on how Hurricane Irma (and other storms) affected them as well as how the "hurricane season" in general affected them and how they will deal with the next hurricane season. Many have cleaned up and life is almost normal. Many are still arguing with insurance companies and trying to clean up trashed lawns, homes and lives. As always it's a matter of perspective. If you lost your prized oak tree that stretched across your whole yard and was witness to parties, BBQs and life you feel you lost a treasured friend and everything is so bright and nothing looks normal. If you had to remove a tree you disliked and prune the bushes life went on faster. Down in the Keys life is going on a bit slower.  Up in St. George I head some great stories I will talk on another time about how high the tide came in and how they just roll with the tide that usually flows under their elevated homes.

Ya... from SnapChat ;)

The other day after visiting my grandson in the hospital I went down to Coconut Grove with my son Levi to spend some of the day with him. I was specifically worried about him during Irma as Coconut Grove is prone to flooding and it's possible to have a sailboat land in your waterfront office. As his house is only a few blocks inland he could have lost his office and his house. Irma pushed the sailboats mostly towards the South and there was only minor damage in the parking lot. His office is awesome as Compass Realty offices usually are as they are modern, friendly and always busy with the ebb and flow of buying and selling homes any person would be lucky to own. The Real Estate Market takes a minor hit for a month or two and then bounces back fast; then again others are always looking to get deals on waterfront homes someone wants to sell. That's life.

That is life in South Florida. On the way to the hospital the other day I saw crews cutting old dead palm fronds from trees so that everything would look tropical, beautiful and as if most of South Florida wasn't terrified they would lose everything from a direct hit from a Category 5 Hurricane. Here and there you see a blue tarp on a roof or an empty space in a yard where a huge ficus tree was torn down. There are still some huge massive trees still down in Hollywood Florida on side streets ...though the main streets the tourists use are picture perfect.

Seems we are back to worrying on escaped American Crocodiles who decide to take swim on Hollywood Beach rather than a newly named land falling hurricane. In Texas some are still displaced from homes flooded by Harvey and the Florida Keys are open for business but still cleaning up where Irma did her worst redecorating on Big Pine Key and some other nearby keys. Marathon is still cleaning up; Key Largo is looking better. The same goes for Naples.

The 2017 Hurricane Season has taught us a few things. For one... the predictions for a busy season were spot on and came true even though many doubted it was just a lot of hype. Next year many will take the Hurricane Season a lot more seriously and prepare in ways they never thought they would. In general to be honest life goes on in South Florida. The horribly hot summer has given way to balmy nights and tropical breezes. Music flows in the air along side walk cafes where a Russian plays beautiful music in front of restaurant more famous for it's chocolate desserts. Last night I saw a man playing the Accordian in a Dollar Tree Parking lot and to be honest he had more money in his Tupperware container than the guy at the upscale restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard. The ironies of life. To be honest the guy sitting on the milk cartoon in front of the Dollar Tree store played the most beautiful music I've heard in a long time.

And that's South Florida....... it surprises you. Like babies who come early or babies who come late... like an impulsive drive down to Coconut Grove or an incredible surprise dinner at Brickell Centre after wandering with my younger kids through the Pamm Art Museum in Miami. The storm surge that was shown running through the streets of Miami is gone and it appears as if it was an illusion on the TV ... special effects or something. In Houston you can tell as there are scars everywhere from the flooding.

And everyone wonders the same thing...

What will the 2018 Hurricane Season bring us.... more of the same or worse? We will retire many names this year but Miami, as always, got lucky and Maria slammed into the Islands and Irma went South into Cuba before bouncing off the coast into the Lower Keys. What will the 2018 Hurricane Season bring?

Something to think on...

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... give me a few days to get back to normal and I'll be back to daily blogs again!!

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thankful the Hurricane Season Is Seemingly Over... tho time will tell ... Thanksgiving Miami 2017

CONUS_GFS0P5_SFC_ACCUM-SNOW_24HR.gif (1180×770)
The cold weather has receded somewhat.
We had heavy rain today in South Florida.

I'm just not ready to say it's for sure over...

5dayfcst_wbg_conus.gif (1024×768)

Fronts dip down. 
Trofs show up.
Time will tell.

Officially nothing going on.

You can click the link if you don't believe me...

As for me.... I'm going to sleep or I'm going to try to go to sleep. I'm so exhausted. The weather part of this blog is over so I'm going to just explain a bit about where I've been.

I woke up late but ended up putting together a Thanksgiving Brunch for me and some of my younger kids. What is a Thanksgiving brunch you ask? 

Eggs Benedict over Turkey and Stuffing with home fried potatoes and cranberry sauce.
Donuts of all kind were for dessert from Creme Brulee to Pumpkin with cheesecake frosting to Chocolate Turkey ones with candy corn for decoration. While I usually do Paleo I did as close as I could and we start over tomorrow. Note you can adapt that with Vegan turkey or sauce made any way you want and you can if you want add cranberry over the stuffing before the egg but I chose to leave it on the side. Adaption is the joy of life... I added Fig Jam into the stuffing and it was oh my gosh so good! 

Then we hung out.... the house smelled from fresh made stuffing. We talked, we joked and the kids played some virtual bowling game while the rest of us cuddled on the sofa under covers because when you live in Miami you keep the AC really cold. Sometimes Jack Frost visits our windows on the inside...  It's always 70 degrees in this house so after dinner tonight I bought an Ugly Chanukah Sweater to wear while lying in bed enjoying the feel of winter in Miami ;)  When the heater goes on it never goes above 70 degrees. It's a Miami thing. 80 degrees is for walking on the beach....

Then we got dressed and went to my son's Mother-in-Law's sister's house where our combined families and pets hung out, ate, talked, enjoyed being together and ate the most incredible meal I did not have to cook. What do people in Miami eat? Jews... Cubans...Southern Floridians?

Incredible appetizers ...bourekas with turkey and mushroom and chicken and olive ... home made. I'm full, tired and not using grammar tonight. We drank wine... really good wine. They took 2 huge turkey breasts and marinated them over night in real hard cider and then stuffed them with incredible stuffing with dried fruit and some sort of bourbon or apple liquor and it was one of the best Turkey's I've had and I don't generally like white meat but it melted in your mouth. 

Turkey and gravy.
Fingerling Roasted Potatoes.
Sweet Potato Mash..
Corn Souffle (incredible)
Cranberry Sauce home made with berries, ginger, lime, brown sugar and guava jam. Oh my gosh..
Various vegetables.
Roasted egglplant slices.
Roasted peppers.
Deli Roll
Pasta with chicken for anyone who didn't like turkey.
Things I can't remember.... 
More wine. 

Then we had coffee and dessert.
Pumpkin Pie
Flan (best I have had in ages)
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie.
More wine was on the table.

What we had besides "oh my gosh to die for flan..." was friendship, family and sharing happy moments. My daughter-in-law's grandparents left Cuba shortly after the revolution. They have been married 55 years and I think she has more energy than me! She's so cute... she can sing in Spanish and Yiddish and languages go in and out and flow from one to another the way a Bougenvilla branch winds it's way up into a Poinciana tree. South Florida is a colorful blend of flavor and languages pero everyone understands each other or gets the general gist of the conversation. People watch football, listen to music, dance in the kitchen and try to debate when someone in the family is going to give birth (hopefully soon) and there are a few girls pregnant so the conversation on that was constant. Kids hung out... dogs barked and jumped and then came back to lean against our legs while begging to be petted.

We all want to be petted in a way. Sometimes we want conversation and other times we want love and other times we like to debate and argue or talk and share and sometimes we just want to lie down on the sofa with our daughter in law and whisper and giggle and just share the love.

I've been traveling for the last week so I have barely been able to go online let alone blog. Living on the cellphone that seems to act more and more like my link to the world. Flew into Miami last Thursday, then drove up to St. George Island where my T-Mobile didn't work at all... watched my son get married on the beach at sunset. Spent quality time with my grandson who has a new stepmom and met her parents. Hung out with part of the family and the "gang" meaning the "boyz" who have been tight since their mid teens. Drove back finally and proceeded to get ready for Thanksgiving. Didn't go back to Raleigh as my daughter is due soon and there's a baby shower for another daughter-in-law and Thanksgiving with the kids. My old Chromebook I travel with tried to run away and fell off the bed onto the floor that kills all known appliances (Cuban Tile) and barely works. So tonight I got a new one... at Target on sale. Time will tell ... it's not what I really wanted but it's filling a need so I can go back online and write, blog and be normal again. 

So I sincerely hope that you had someone to share the love with today. And, if you are a loner who doesn't like large family occasions I hope you found some time to enjoy the holiday that celebrates being thankful. It's just that plain and simple. It's not the most commercialized holiday (well except for Macys and the balloons and all) and it's a space between the Fall Holidays and the Winter Holidays. A time of memories of our childhood, memories we made over the years and memories made today. 

Something about November as it seems I'm always traveling. Then I go back to Raleigh in Winter and the leaves have fallen off the trees and litter the pavement in colorful confetti patterns. The trees show their beautiful structure and people put on coats and jackets and it's officially winter. I told you ... November is that in between time. I'm going to try to make the most of it. 

So.... thankful for the love and support of my friends both online and off and for the people who read my blog and regularly talk with me on Twitter and other places. I wish you all happiness and many things to be thankful for... and if you are wondering. Stuffing is made with bread so you stuff the turkey with it and it's "stuffing" but if you use cornbread...then it's Cornbread Dressing. Now you know.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps ... We have a word in Yiddish for the "in laws" and it's basically "Machatunim" and when it works out well between families it means your joy expands and now includes another family that you share life with and they add richness and color to your world and vice versa. So today I spent Thankgiving with the Machatunim! What's nice is I've watched Karen's daughter Rachel grow up from a teenager to my son's wife and we are waiting for them to become parents and continue the traditions with love, laughter and Thankfullness!

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Caribbean Finally Got a Yellow Circle. 10% Low chances for stubborn convection.

Between travels right now.
Resting in Hollywood Florida for a bit.
Nice flight

Caribbean Convection Compelling.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

Stay tuned for longer update.

Besos BobbiStorm

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tropics Wednesday. Caribbean. Football. Seasons. Packing. Shopping. Cold in NC Still Watching the Tropics.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Official 5 day from NHC

Current images of the tropics.

Note not everyone is letting go of development possibilities.

This is going to be a somewhat short post. There isn't much to talk about tropically speaking and the Great Northwest is hogging all the weather currently. Winter is sliding it's way in trying to make a score but it's still November not December. The Caribbean provides a nonstop flow of tropical energy moving up towards the NE sending more rain to areas that have seen way too much rain this hurricane season. But, that's the general direction November systems that try to form in the Caribbean go...

The hurricane season goes on until the last day of November and until that time comes we are still in the season. On the gridiron the UM Miami Hurricanes are not ready to quit come the last day of November. They have issued storm warnings for their opponents and dressed up in gold for game day. The Miami Dolphins are well... just pitiful. My brother, in Greece, complains their fans are fair weather fans and I disagree as he has been living in Greece for more than 20 years and he is still following them. But they ain't be winning and that's a problem and it's been a problem for a long, long time.

Listening to CMT play some of my favorite Country Music songs and again it's all a matter of perspective is all I can say. The area in the Atlantic is obviously not doing anything anytime soon and the NHC is slowly edging away, but not losing sleep, as chances for development went from orange to yellow as the hurricane season fades away bit by bit. Yet the Caribbean is still conceiving convection that is stubbornly developing on the edge of strong winds that keep prohibiting anything from forming.

What do we do?

Keep watching. Keep enjoying the sunny weather. As for me I'm headed back to Florida for a while. I have a complicated life. Expect my posts to get more heated, infused with more tropical inspiration of palm trees swaying and waves crashing onto a beach somewhere.

Again one team wins and another team loses. The same game, two teams and yet one ends on an happy note and another on a sad note. Oddly this picture was taken before the game. I'm guessing he saw what was coming ... yet the Fins thought it was a great picture to show he was ready for the game. Um... no he wasn't. They weren't despite a few standout performances.

Miami Dolphins need serious help.

Cam Newton and his team was ready for the game.
They be celebrating.

Are you ready for the game of life?
It's a good question.
Do you live it with passion and energy?
Maybe it's all a matter of perspective.

I'm happy.
I'm a Cam fan.
Lived in Carolinas for almost 9 years now.
But still would love to see the Fins win again.
And the UM Hurricanes are undefeated and I'm smiling.
Shopping (maybe I'll find a dress...or not)

Have a great wonderful day!

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... Any readers who know anyone who was at landfall of Harvey?
I'm talking the EYE...the center not the flood.
You know where Harvey made landfall.

If so please pass the info along.
Contact Eric Blake on Twitter if so.
If you have any wind/pressure data...

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Invest 96L Hurricanes Are Back in Style... on the Field and In the Tropics. The U is back on Top. UM Beats Notre Dame Convincingly Moving Up in the Statistics. 2017...the year of the Hurricanes!

96L has 50% chances of forming.

You can see it out there.
Far away not coming near us.
And yet it may get the name Sean either way.

In motion it's clearly visible.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

As I've said many times in November systems pop up out of nowhere and often get a name. Case in point would be Invest 96L that formed in the distant Atlantic over the weekend. Where is it going?

Don't count on the Portugal track..
...few make it across the coastline of Portugal.
But time will tell.

As Mike says it's not going West.

But it is out there.
And yes I'm still watching the Caribbean.

Writing about an area that may or may not form and may or may not become tropical in November is like lying under the covers in Raleigh watching a Steelers game. Every week the Steelers are on here and I don't know why other than those smart enough to move South to more temperate weather have made Raleigh a pseudo suburb of Pittsburgh. Every week they are on TV here and often I watch because I love football even though I do not like the Steelers. I'm a Miami girl any way you slice it and it's impossible to "like" the Steelers. So today I am rooting for the Colts!  I am writing about an Invest closer to Portugal than Florida with about as much interest as I am showing for the Steelers game. Note the Steelers are so far losing.  There's another half to go and we are at halftime with Invest 96L as it has a 50% chance of forming, but from the discussion you can tell this is pretty much a done deal. Colts could lose if the Steelers wake up and 96L could miss the name if the NHC is wrong, however they were fast to make an Invest. It's also near the Azores and we have bases there...  

Later today the Panthers are playing the Dolphins and I won't say who I am rooting for.... nope. Keeping my mouth shut on this one. Pretty sure those who know me well will know who I will be rooting for..

Speaking of Miami and football.... the Miami Hurricanes from the University of Miami are back! Figures that the busy hurricane season in the tropics would translate to a winning, undefeated run for the Miami Hurricanes. Born in the year 1926 when the newly formed college had barely started their first classes the Great Miami Hurricane blew through town.  As a symbol of "we will rebuild" the mascot was named the Ibis...  The brave bird that is said to be the last to leave before a hurricane and the first to reappear afterwards. You can Google it yourself the quote below is from Wikipedia.

Some things are hard to explain. Hurricanes are back in style this year both in the tropics and on the playing field. My father graduated from UM when he moved to Florida (kind of like a snowbird) for his health and met my mother whose family goes back to the 1800s here. Mother had a pass to the UM games as she was taking classes there just after he graduated. She insisted he only dated her to go to free games at the UM, but that's not true. He thought she was beautiful, talented, smart and obviously they ended up married. My father taught me as a little girl that Canes were Dynamite while sitting on his lap watching UM football games. Last night I watched the Miami Hurricanes aka #TheU trounce the #3 team in the country almost shutting them out. Can't wait to see the new standings for the coming week.

I love football and I love weather. Even when it's a distant Invest out in the Atlantic I check the NHC to see the statistics and even when I'm not a fan of either team I'll watch a game if it's on. But's nothing like the joy of watching the Hurricanes dominate again on the playing field.  

Go figure... 2017 the Year of the Hurricanes! May it continue well into 2018 on the playing field.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps..... watching that game was like staying up late Saturday night for the new models to come in and for each new image on the NRL to load; for sunrise to illuminate the structure of the eye of a Cat 5 Hurricane.  Hypnotic! My father always said it's defense that wins games... seems he was right!

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Hurricane Season VS Winter as La Nina Enters the Stage

Officially NADA Out there.

But you know me I keep watching anyway.
I'm also under a Freeze Warning for tonight!

freeze1.gif (768×496)

Is Winter a Mother or a Father?
We say "Father Time"
"Mother Nature"
Or do we just act like Millenials and don't worry on it.
Winter is coming one way or the other.

And yet still watching the tropics.

al_rCUMP_048.gif (600×710)

Keep watching.
If you live in the Carolinas... bundle up.
If you live in Florida enjoy the tropical warmth.

When convection is stubborn.
You keep watching.
Models come and go.
Convection that lingers...
...bears watching.

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps.... I'm super set for the Freeze Warning.
Going to sit in bed and watch the leaves turn.
From under the covers ;)

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Thursday, November 09, 2017

What do Fire Ants and Tropical Storm Rina Have in Common with Marshmallows? Tropics Throw Back Thursday

Off to see the Queen.
The track keeps bending to the right.
Maybe Rina is learning how to curtsy
Post Tropical as of 11 AM.

I've never understood the whole to do about the Queen.
Historically I get the importance but...
Well.. my mother was into watching the Royals.

Her mother's family lived in England.
They adopted many English customs.
She didn't curtsy for anyone...
Maybe it's a Girl Crush thing?
I've never wanted to be a Queen.

Maybe my  mother did ;)

The anniversary of my mother's death is coming up; in the Jewish world we call it a Yarzeit and that's a time to remember her. Hard to forget your mother really... though some do. This year the  memory of her passing is mixing it up with various life events. A child is getting married, another child is due to have a baby and a bunch of Scorpio grandchildren are having birthdays. It's November and every day edges closer to Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, but its always been a mixed bag of love/hate feelings growing up. I wanted a big huge Thanksgiving meal like you see in movies. Does it look like that woman up there in the pale blue with the little hat and brooch at her neck liked to make a "big ugly turkey?" No.... she didn't though she often relented at the last minute and put up a small turkey breast (white meat of course) and mashed potatoes. She oddly loved to whip sweet potatoes up and put them back into an orange she emptied out with a little maraschino cherry. She was very into decorating, yet never seemed to get the hang of decorating a roasted turkey. She weighed about 98 pounds; perhaps she couldn't lift it?

It's a thing in Florida where the early natives learned to use oranges in everything from BBQ sauce to whipped sweet potatoes.  She liked cherries and back in the day before health food and Whole Foods catering to Vegans it was really hard to find small kosher marshmallows so now you know the rest of the story! My aunt made the best BBQ sauce with orange juice. I digress but it's that time of year. Mixing some thoughts and memories with discussion on the tropics. I bought a used cookbook from a synagogue in Tampa my family helped while doing some family genealogy research and yes the recipe for the orange cups with whipped sweet potatoes was in the cookbook, yet it wasn't easy to bring up on Google. Go figure. 

As for the tropics.
We are waving goodbye to Rina.
We are watching the cold fronts that will die out.
Convection in the Caribbean is there.
But the convection is being sheared.
An Upper Level Low is doing it's thing.

Instigating convection yet shearing it at the same time.
ULLs are able to multitask...
The flow is going both ways.
Lower level one way.
Upper level another way.
That time of year.

It's worth noting that without a name.
Tropical weather can bring misery still the same.
The convection in the Caribbean is a case in point.
Rob makes this point on Crown Weather.

Not getting a name.
But PR is getting much rain.
That causes flooding.
Misery upon misery while they try and clean up.

Being in NC today I'm watching winter descending.
Like Zeus descending onto the stage.
Deus Ex Machina.
Things things you learn studying drama.

Definition of deus ex machina. 1 :a god introduced by means of a crane (see 1crane 3a) in ancient Greek and Roman drama to decide the final outcome. 2 :a person or thing (as in fiction or drama) that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a contrived solution to an apparently insoluble ...

Winter weather sites are now up on Spaghetti Models.

The snow line is moving down.
Still "up north" but moving down.

So is the frost and freeze line.

I really need to find my boots.
For warmth not fashion!

Perhaps you can blame this rambling post on the fumes from the heater we finally turned on more to test it out than because I couldn't bundle up. It's going to be in the upper 20s later this week so I figured we better turn on the heater and get that "smell" out while we can still open the windows. Growing up in Miami we used the "heater" a few days a year and that was because my mother had a deadly fear of the big oil heater in our house that had jalousie windows. The cold air leaked in.... yet she preferred her heated blanket or a floor heater to turning on that "big old ugly thing" which means the oil heater was up there on her list next to the Thanksgiving Turkey. And, it was around Thanksgiving that people in Miami would relent and turn on their heaters as cold fronts finally made it all the way down to South Florida. And after Thanksgiving came the end of the Hurricane Season. You thought this rant on childhood memories had no real purpose here didn't you? If that's the case you must not be a Southerner who would know it's worth hanging on to a long rant to hear the whole story.  Blame it on the heater that is thankfully taking off the damp cold chill nicely and doesn't smell that terrible. It actually smells like winter is almost here. When I get back from Florida the leaves will have fallen off the red maple tree behind the house and the heater will be on more than the Air Conditioner. Miami people like to keep our air at around 72 degrees inside at all times!

Watching the Caribbean ....
...not holding my breath.
But watching it.

Rina is traveling a road often traveled by Tropical Storms that get ignored. Quietly, out there moving through the Atlantic taking the road everyone wishes Maria had taken and yet is Rina really a fish storm? The answer is both yes and no. Officially the NHC will pull the plug before she arrives in the British Isles in a few days.  She's not getting the glory, but she's still there all the same. She's not the hero, she's not getting the glory. Why? Because many of you are looking for snow... and winter weather. Well, if you live in the Northern part of Hurricane Country where you get both hurricane threats and snow fall. Down in Florida people just pretend it's cold enough to wear boots with short skirts that somehow make the skirts even look shorter. There's a reason girls wear boots in Florida and it's not to stay warm! Today if I put on boots it will be because I'm freezing and it feels more like winter than fall, yet we have a month to go before winter really arrives.

Stay tuned,

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Rina... Will Sean Form in November? What Are the Chances? Will Tropical Trouble Slip in Between Cold Fronts?

Rina is moving steadily out to sea.

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

A cold front is trying to move through the Carolinas.

There are mixed signals to be honest.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

The front moves South.

There are mixed signals.
Saying that again...
Tropical possibilities.
Mike is watching this... am I.

Hmmnnn look at that area in the Caribbean.

Below is the freeze and frost line.
Creeping down...

Here's an image of the front.
Dipping down into the GOM.
An area in the Caribbean below that.

Can November Hurricanes happen?
Yes, of course they can.
But they are rare and far between.
Rarely seen making landfall.

Major Hurricane Kate in 1985 in the GOM.
That's Florida to her right.

Hurricanes in November do strange things.

You can read the report from the NHC for yourself. I'm curious as I'll be in Florida that week or I suppose next week and so I'll be watching anything that might develop very carefully. In a year such as this one we all should watch carefully, even if the signs of winter are evident in a good part of the South today. The problem is it the arrival of cold fronts on an regular basis through Northern Florida that make watching the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico important as... always it's all about timing.

Visible above is a frontal boundary.
And moisture in the Caribbean.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

This time of year we have a clash of the seasons. Cold weather up north trying to work it's way down south. Fronts manage to temporarily make their way down through the Carolinas and then they stall out and sometimes back up as a cold front. If there is a reinforcing front then the cooler weather lingers. It's all about where a frontal boundary dips and when a system could form in tropical waters as to where it could move towards the dipping front. It happens rarely. Usually winter takes over and the tropical weather is but a memory and the season is one for the record books. This Hurricane Season of 2017 is indeed one for the record books.  For the record I put the space heater on for a bit in the bedroom this morning. I'm not ready to put on the real heater so I just pretend I have the air conditioning on really low down. Denial... it's a name for the space of time between November and December when leaves begin falling littering the ground with colorful patterns of nature's own confetti.

uschill.gif (640×480)

Keep watching.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

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