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Thursday, November 09, 2017

What do Fire Ants and Tropical Storm Rina Have in Common with Marshmallows? Tropics Throw Back Thursday

Off to see the Queen.
The track keeps bending to the right.
Maybe Rina is learning how to curtsy
Post Tropical as of 11 AM.

I've never understood the whole to do about the Queen.
Historically I get the importance but...
Well.. my mother was into watching the Royals.

Her mother's family lived in England.
They adopted many English customs.
She didn't curtsy for anyone...
Maybe it's a Girl Crush thing?
I've never wanted to be a Queen.

Maybe my  mother did ;)

The anniversary of my mother's death is coming up; in the Jewish world we call it a Yarzeit and that's a time to remember her. Hard to forget your mother really... though some do. This year the  memory of her passing is mixing it up with various life events. A child is getting married, another child is due to have a baby and a bunch of Scorpio grandchildren are having birthdays. It's November and every day edges closer to Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, but its always been a mixed bag of love/hate feelings growing up. I wanted a big huge Thanksgiving meal like you see in movies. Does it look like that woman up there in the pale blue with the little hat and brooch at her neck liked to make a "big ugly turkey?" No.... she didn't though she often relented at the last minute and put up a small turkey breast (white meat of course) and mashed potatoes. She oddly loved to whip sweet potatoes up and put them back into an orange she emptied out with a little maraschino cherry. She was very into decorating, yet never seemed to get the hang of decorating a roasted turkey. She weighed about 98 pounds; perhaps she couldn't lift it?

It's a thing in Florida where the early natives learned to use oranges in everything from BBQ sauce to whipped sweet potatoes.  She liked cherries and back in the day before health food and Whole Foods catering to Vegans it was really hard to find small kosher marshmallows so now you know the rest of the story! My aunt made the best BBQ sauce with orange juice. I digress but it's that time of year. Mixing some thoughts and memories with discussion on the tropics. I bought a used cookbook from a synagogue in Tampa my family helped while doing some family genealogy research and yes the recipe for the orange cups with whipped sweet potatoes was in the cookbook, yet it wasn't easy to bring up on Google. Go figure. 

As for the tropics.
We are waving goodbye to Rina.
We are watching the cold fronts that will die out.
Convection in the Caribbean is there.
But the convection is being sheared.
An Upper Level Low is doing it's thing.

Instigating convection yet shearing it at the same time.
ULLs are able to multitask...
The flow is going both ways.
Lower level one way.
Upper level another way.
That time of year.

It's worth noting that without a name.
Tropical weather can bring misery still the same.
The convection in the Caribbean is a case in point.
Rob makes this point on Crown Weather.

Not getting a name.
But PR is getting much rain.
That causes flooding.
Misery upon misery while they try and clean up.

Being in NC today I'm watching winter descending.
Like Zeus descending onto the stage.
Deus Ex Machina.
Things things you learn studying drama.

Definition of deus ex machina. 1 :a god introduced by means of a crane (see 1crane 3a) in ancient Greek and Roman drama to decide the final outcome. 2 :a person or thing (as in fiction or drama) that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a contrived solution to an apparently insoluble ...

Winter weather sites are now up on Spaghetti Models.

The snow line is moving down.
Still "up north" but moving down.

So is the frost and freeze line.

I really need to find my boots.
For warmth not fashion!

Perhaps you can blame this rambling post on the fumes from the heater we finally turned on more to test it out than because I couldn't bundle up. It's going to be in the upper 20s later this week so I figured we better turn on the heater and get that "smell" out while we can still open the windows. Growing up in Miami we used the "heater" a few days a year and that was because my mother had a deadly fear of the big oil heater in our house that had jalousie windows. The cold air leaked in.... yet she preferred her heated blanket or a floor heater to turning on that "big old ugly thing" which means the oil heater was up there on her list next to the Thanksgiving Turkey. And, it was around Thanksgiving that people in Miami would relent and turn on their heaters as cold fronts finally made it all the way down to South Florida. And after Thanksgiving came the end of the Hurricane Season. You thought this rant on childhood memories had no real purpose here didn't you? If that's the case you must not be a Southerner who would know it's worth hanging on to a long rant to hear the whole story.  Blame it on the heater that is thankfully taking off the damp cold chill nicely and doesn't smell that terrible. It actually smells like winter is almost here. When I get back from Florida the leaves will have fallen off the red maple tree behind the house and the heater will be on more than the Air Conditioner. Miami people like to keep our air at around 72 degrees inside at all times!

Watching the Caribbean ....
...not holding my breath.
But watching it.

Rina is traveling a road often traveled by Tropical Storms that get ignored. Quietly, out there moving through the Atlantic taking the road everyone wishes Maria had taken and yet is Rina really a fish storm? The answer is both yes and no. Officially the NHC will pull the plug before she arrives in the British Isles in a few days.  She's not getting the glory, but she's still there all the same. She's not the hero, she's not getting the glory. Why? Because many of you are looking for snow... and winter weather. Well, if you live in the Northern part of Hurricane Country where you get both hurricane threats and snow fall. Down in Florida people just pretend it's cold enough to wear boots with short skirts that somehow make the skirts even look shorter. There's a reason girls wear boots in Florida and it's not to stay warm! Today if I put on boots it will be because I'm freezing and it feels more like winter than fall, yet we have a month to go before winter really arrives.

Stay tuned,

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

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