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Monday, October 30, 2017

Tropics Mid Atlantic. Winter Storms in October. Stormy Weather Continues in 2017 - Chabad Sea Breeze Restored 5 Years After Hurricane Sandy.

Nothing much happening in the tropics today. There is an orange colored circle over the Atlantic far from the East Coast and the Caribbean where a subtropical or tropical storm may develop. It currently has a 40% chance of developing. Systems such as these are common this time of year as the season winds down. It is also important to keep watching cold fronts that move down towards or over Florida that linger too long as stationary fronts where additional tropical lows can spin up.

The big winter storm (insert your favorite online name) hit along the coast and caused heavy damage in some areas. A link to a story in Maine shows what a Fall Storm can do. It's worth noting it snowed in North Carolina and though that is the Smokey Mountains... it's the East Coast not Colorado or Wyoming. It's cold this morning in Raleigh, but the sun looks warm and it's hard to figure what to wear that you can slowly take off as the temperatures rise.

Looking back at Hurricane Sandy.
Sea Breeze is a beautiful place to live.
Unless a storm surge is headed towards your home.

A story on a place in Brooklyn that just reopened restored finally five years after Hurricane Sandy. Sea Breeze is a cute place close to the water as the name implies. They were one of the areas most damaged in that part of Brooklyn from flooding and it's taken them a while to recover. Each place rebuilds differently and after the storm the Rabbi, his wife and the staff helped many in that area to get through the day to day of life. It shows how long it takes to recover from a large disaster and the scope of Sandy five years ago was huge as it covered a large area in an extremely populated part of the country. I mention this as a reminder for places like Houston where the rebuilding in the 4th largest city of our country will take years not months and the rebuilding and recovery in Puerto Rico from Maria will take even longer I fear. Harvey, Irma and Maria are names that will forever be remembered as part of this destructive hurricane season. There is a video in the story below.

I'll update if anything happens later today worth noting. It's a watch and wait as currently the orange area for the five day has a yellow circle for the two day so you know that drill. Enjoy the cool weather, it won't last and somewhere between cold fronts and warm sunny days ... tropical systems tend to develop. Luckily, whatever develops for the rest of the season "should" be mild compared to what we have been through so far...

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Some Hurricane Sandy Videos

Hurricane Sandy... 5 years ago...

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