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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Yellow 10% circle in MDR Goes BOO! For Halloween.. Severe Weather in the South ..Carolinas in Crosshairs... Rebekah Doing Her Thing in the Atlantic.

Talked on this in the video down below
Made earlier before it was introduced 
Our Yellow Halloween Circle 
Lemon sour donut with sprinkles?
Did it think odds of getting a name..
..this year we’re on its side?
So it decided to try?
Or is it just here for the party?

Happy Halloween!

Quick blog this morning.
Subtropical Storm Rebekah is still alive.
Long lived storm here :)
Well they did forecast that.

In our part of the world trouble is brewing.
Trouble has been brewing.
Busy early Winter like Fall out West.
Warm weather in the SE this morning.
Front moving in.
Tropical moist air from the GOM

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

And then another front replaces the last one.
There's a pattern here setting up.

No voice video here.
I'll do one later maybe.
It's just something to watch.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

 I love this wide loop.
You can see the front ... it throughout the day.
You can see the system known as Rebekah.
Westbound Tropical Wave... 
riding low as they do in May.
And the battle ground setting up for problems today.

That's what they said.

Turn your sound up.
This is what I'm saying.
Pay attention please to fast changing weather.
Dangerous weather.
Halloween Weather Surprises happen.

Oh ...there's sound on this one.
So listen up.
And keep your weather alerts on today.
In Carolinas or in the SE
A front is whoosing through!

I'll update in real time later today.

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Subtropical Storm Rebekah in N Atlantic - Fires in California - Power Company Turns Power Off - Rain in the SE. Hot Water in the Caribbean As We Move Into November

A press release with info was sent out.... the NHC site had this info below. And I expected the NHC went ahead and upgraded 99L to Rebekah because well .... that's what they do in 2019. I'm sure I'll give my thoughts on this later at some point but for now I'm sharing the data and the information and that's the way it goes today. Next name up Sebastien...

NHC will initiate advisories on Subtropical Storm Rebekah, located over the northern Atlantic at 5pm 

While waiting for the advisory to come out I just wanted to point out President Reagan's Library in Simi Valley is in danger from the fire there being whipped by hurricane force "Devil Winds" known also as Santa Ana Winds. I know that area well as it's just North of where my Ex-husband's family home was and we'd drive up there on Sunday's for a nice ride out in the country. For Baby Boomers that grew up watching old Westerns it's where many a Western Shoot Out was filmed. Beautiful area that became filled with a suburban paradise that oozed past the San Fernando Valley when they ran out of room there. A beautiful part of the world... but not today.

Turn the sound up if you want to hear my thoughts while watching the broadcast, very crazy...
I did a video earlier talking while watching the coverage online live of the fire. As someone who has asthma (mild) whose kids had asthma that often wasn't mild and that used a Nebulizer to keep them out of the hospital and manage their asthma ...especially when there was a fire out in the Everglades and the smell of smoke spread East over Miami making kids with asthma extremely sick. The thought that I would have 3 options... 1) grab my kid and leave town 2) go to the hospital and sit in the waiting room to be safe or 3) take my chances without any power because the Power company cut the power is intolerable to think on yet to have to deal with as many are today. Many use machines to breathe or help them for various medical conditions and this cutting the grid off doesn't seem right. Fire Season in California happens every year, some years worse than others... there should be a better plan. It's like not preparing for Hurricane Season in South Florida and to be fair someone in California gets a fire every year yet Florida can go for years
without a real landfall ...yet we work them into our overall way of life.

Something seriously wrong with this situation....

Simi Valley used to be and still is in some part Horse Country and I do so love horses.

I may update later tonight on the fires.
It's very weather related as it's the WINDS...
...the hurricane force, dry winds creating this situaion.
It's Fire Season in California.
Been there... unless you have felt that dry wind.
You can't imagine.
I walked down the street one day and watched.. folding over and dying in real time.
As if a Fire Breathing Dragon in the Sky..
...was blowing down on West Hollywood.
And there was a fire two blocks away.
Up near the foothills of the mountains.
The fire was put out...
...not everyone's fire was put ou.
It was a bad Fire Season that year in the 1980s.

To be clear we are looking at the small center here.
Inside the larger huge cloud swirl.

It's all about the center.
Is this tropical?
Is it subtropical?
The pattern of these huge swirls.
And I use that term because..
..basically that's what they are.
The atmosphere swirls.... dances.
It moves in tandem with other swirls.
Other fronts and it flows.

Is this something to be named?
Only the NHC makes that call.

Currently it's at 50% as in "any minute"
It may be raised to 70%
Or it could get a name briefly.
We've seen this often this year.
Hurricane Season almost over.
Azore systems often get named.
At the discretion of the current regime at NHC
And they have been hot to trot with names.
Here's our wide view.

There is much more energy in our front over the SE.
Or moving over the SE.
Love the dotted line across the Atlantic.
It delineates the North Atlantic with the MDR.

Down below we have a parade of tropical waves.
West to East or trying.
I suppose because no one told them they couldn't.

In Raleigh it's raining this morning.
And I'm kind of loving it.
To be honest.

The constant pitter patter of raindrops.
It's been a while since we heard that.

A gentle reminder that there is still time...
...for a Caribbean system to form.
Gulf of Mexico or Home Grown.

Just because it's snowing in Colorado...
..doesn't mean it's not hot in the tropics.
In the 90s in Florida often.
Water in the Caribbean very hot.
Hot = favorable conditions.
So far we've been lucky.

As they say.
Nothing to track in this area.
But those are mighty strong rain cells.
Coming into the regular towns.
That often get tropical weather.
It's tropical.... 
But it's not organized.
Just rain.
Older map image but you get the idea.
Of how we got here.
Big news story today.

California could use some rain.
To quench the fires and
... let the power go back on.

I cannot imagine having my power turned off.
I had kids who used nebulizers for asthma.
When there is smoke in the air...
...asthma and bronchitis is a big issue.

You'd think they could think of another way.
As maintain the grid or the system.
Have thought of how to do this better...
.... and restore power to people who need.
Mind boggling.

Yeah California.
Lived there.
Earthquakes, Mudslides and Fires.
Pick your poison.
Everywhere has something.
Mother Nature finds a way.

And that's it.

I'll update if the NHC does.
Have a wonderful day!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Gulf Moisture Swept Up By the Approaching Front... Halloween Around the Corner. Then Comes November... Do You Like Candy Corn?

Only official game in town.
It's actually Invest 99L but...
...not being advertised.
Just being watched.
Ships at sea and all that.

It's pretty. Very there.
NHC doesn't seem to care.
So just pointing it out for posterity sake

The moisture in the GOM is shown below.
I didn't talk much on it.
It was obviously not going to get a name.
It's a player in the game.
Oomphs up the moisture in the next front.
It's a component of weather ahead for the South.

This is the pattern.
This is the purpose of Gulf moisture currently.
And it's good because many places need rain.
North Carolina needs it badly.

Just tropical moisture being swept up fast in the flow towards the cold front moving across the US on it's way towards bringing me a bit of cooler weather (in theory) as those in the North are getting the threat of snow, ice and those in the South are getting rain. We are having Fall mornings and summer like days as the thermometer climbs at Noon. I'd complain but friends in Florida are complaining about temperatures still in the low 90s so I'll shut up on complaining about the low 80s.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

We all see weather personally.
We look from our own perspective.
Or maybe we check where our parents live..
....or our children.
Or where we want to travel to next.

Raleigh expecting a low of 38 on Friday.
Says 73 today but trust me will be higher.
Every day we surpass the projected high.
Nights are beautiful.

In California winds are gusting hurricane strength.

If you want to follow LA weather or news.
Best source there is online.

Surfed around and came on this and I knew..
...where it was as I'd know the place in my dreams.
Sepulveda Pass on the 405 Freeway.

Winds can bring drought, rain or famine.
The many sides of weather and the atmosphere.

So that's it for today.
I have things to do.
And places to go.
And nothing calling to me tropically.

KYAAR is doing things on the other side of the world.
Beautiful to watch and many are....
and the beat goes on.

So that's it for today.
I said that already.
Had this song stuck in my mind.
One line "swept away"
Feel silly, figured out it was the Carrie Underwood Song.
It was "blown away"...
...maybe some "swept away" song somewhere?
Music running through my head always.
So leaving y'all with that.

Hope your weather is beautiful.
Watch fronts that are dragging slow ...
..and dying out over warm water.
But as always if there is shear there.
Nothing happens.
Deep Caribbean is usually the November arena.
So let's let things go where they flow.
And enjoy this spooky week!

Hope you have a happy Halloween.
What is a happy Halloween?
Your favorite friends?
Or your favorite candies?
Or your favorite spooky drink?

My favorite spooky song is obvious.

Cute tweet today.
A candy corn weather map below.
Whole tweet shown above.

I have a brother in Greece who loves candy corn.
So virtually sending it to him here.
Creative map.
Gotta love Candy Corn.

Much love,

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instragram

It's a bit of a dark song.
But I love the weather references....

"no storm clouds gather in her eyes"

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Monday, October 28, 2019

Invest 99L Can it become Rebekah ? Fires in California ... Santa Ana Winds.

This big, beautiful North Atlantic Swirl.
Is Invest 99L
NHC only has it at 20%
But it seems to be fast tracked.
For closer inspection.
A possible designation.'s up to West a bit from Pablo.

Sometimes NHC has this disconnect.
It often means they fast track things.
That they feel need further inspection.

Pablo is up there also.
I'll talk on Pablo another day.
There isn't much to say.
So little that Mike decided not to do..
...his Facebook Live today.
I know some who refuse to talk on Pablo.
I'm here to provide information.
Sometimes I go long on explanation.
Or I editorialize a bit if upset.
But today I'm just reporting the facts.

Short term 10%
Long term 20%
Spoiler Alert:
This may change fast so if you care...'s there.
On the far side of the Atlantic.

Closer to home on our side of the world.
We watch the Caribbean this time of year.
And we watch off the SE coast.
Fronts race down and then collapse.
Like a runner that finished the race...
...and is out of breath.
You know they need to catch their breath.
And then they stand up again.
Always watch dead fronts.
Be they in the Caribbean where Pirates dance...
...or off the Carolinas and Florida.
Because you just never know in late October.
Or early November.

Turning the world around a bit more.
No videos today... 
...well maybe later.

Today the fires in California light up our news feeds.
Again I lived there a long time.
I saw fires up close yet still far away.
Fires can make illusions.
A fire high up on the hill...
...looks like it's right in front of you.

So how does this set up work?
What is a Santa Ana.
Going to use Cranky's graphics.
He's my favorite map maker.
@crankywxguy on Twitter

Cranky does weather ...
...but as I have said.
Every meteorologist is a bit of a geologist.
Or a geographist  (that's not a word is it?
it should be a word)
We love maps.
It is what it is.

Add caption

These great maps explain how Santa Ana winds form and they are well forecast to form so usually there is an expectation they could happen and fires can and will pop up suddenly in areas where the wind races down the plains. (No I don't mean Oklahoma) and on top of this let's do a bit of botany. The hillsides in California are often covered in chaparral and as that plant has a high oil content naturally it tends to explode the moment a fire hits it and the embers fly far in the Santa Ana wind. It's a naturally occurring plant that actually has great medicinal properties but at the wrong time in the wrong place it can fuel a fire that is also being fueled by Santa Ana winds that are strong.... you know like if they were swirling in a circle in the Atlantic the NHC would name it but the names are location names according to a hill or a canyon where the fire is burning. Often homes are near those places and they also go up in flames the same way the plants burn and explode and go whoosh in the wind. And to be honest, this happened in the names of the Chumash Indians who lived in the Santa Monica mountains before there was a Hollywoodland sign or a Hollywood or million dollar mansions going up in flames. 

So yeah that happens.

Going to post some videos from Twitter.
They tell the story better than I can.

Remember the other day?
I said if you have ever driven by a fire.
Or God Forbid been in one.
You never forget.

And currently there is a new fire.
Known as the Getty Fire.
A beautiful place I know well.

It sits in a beautiful part of the world.
A place I used to love to drive up to.
Past Topanga Canyon...
...beyond friends in Malibu.
Up in the air...'s burning there today.

This is a satellite loop.
Shows the reality of what is.
The loop below has an illusion to it tho.

What's most odd is this video.
I knew it was from the fires.
But it looked as if California sprung a leak.
It looks like water leaking out..
...the way a fire hose looks.
Think about it.

As for Pablo being a hurricane.
Okay the NHC is the bottom line.
They get that call.
I hate that saying "it is what it is"
I did want what became Imelda..
..upgraded to a Potential Cyclone.
For heightened attention as I knew...
...Houston would flood.
And it had potential.

I'm just going to follow the weather.
The rest of the Hurricane Season is always
filled with odd systems out in the middle of nowhere.
Or very close in.
So watch carefully what can pop up close in.

A good video by a YouTuber.
Who does weather discussion.
Turn the sound up.
Wind makes crazy noise.
It can sound like a tropical storm but...'s not the tropics.

Fire can look like water on a satellite loop.
Sometimes fire burning sounds like rain.
If you close your eyes and listen.

Very crazy.
Mother Nature 

I'll update later today.
Should the Rebekah name be in play.
Or if anything needs reporting.

Have a wonderful week.
Halloween... Fall in the Carolinas.
Beautiful weather.
But it's snowing in Colorado.
Fire in California.

And maybe Rebekah  blowing in the wind.... the distant North Atlantic.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Tropics and a Non Weather Related October Surprise.

Quiet weather day. 
Pablo still up there with a name.
Moisture in the BOC remains.
Left behind... tail of a front.

A weak front on the Southern ends.
A wave westbound.
A beautiful Cinnamon Roll in the N Atlantic.
No...the cinnamon roll isn't getting a name.

But the biggest hit of the NC State Fair..
is a chicken sandwich from a cinnamon bun.
Cheese, bacon... obviously no I didn't try it.
Regardless...Cinnamon Buns are popular this year.

This is why we go to the State Fair.
To remove ourselves for a few hours...
...from the real world.
Eat carbs, fried food and sweet drinks.
To laugh and walk and wander....
... and get away from the crap in the world.
Whether you are flying high on a swirly ride...
...or looking up from below at a Ferris Wheel.
It's a great escape and NC State Fair rocks.

I went on this morning to do the weather...
...then I remembered the 9 AM Press Conference.
So here I am hours later.

Note nothing is rolling in the tropics just now.
But we will see Rebekah form somewhere.

Sunday morning. Big news day. October Surprise, but not in the tropics. This blog is about weather, but as someone with a degree in International Relations (special emphasis "Russia" and the Kurds.... ) it's an interesting impressive day. You live by bombs, I supposed you die by bombs but way too many who lived by peace are caught up by horrible villains that I will not use other worse words .... who made many victims who only wanted peace. An American Human Rights Activist on a humanitarian mission was killed brutally and I'd say put politics aside and give honor to those who try to do good in the world and thanks to special troops who went in and rid the world of a monster whose vile message was sickly romanticized by many misguided people who got sucked into his schemes. That's it.  I was going to write earlier but waited to watch the Press Conference and it kind of amazed me that even I forgot about Kayla (tho the graphic pilot burned alive was a visual we all remember) but amazing how in the flow of life and the stories on the news that try and hold the news captive with various agendas we forget about people like Kayla Mueller who only wanted to do good and help make the world a better place.

I remember thinking....
...she looked just like one of my kid's best friends.
Some girl who would be making smiling selfies.
Sad story, in her memory give charity.
And know the world is bigger....
...than partisan politics.

It's a big world, way bigger than weather but the atmosphere knows no borders as storms roll from Africa westbound with the prevailing winds towards North America.... they wipe out a population on an island in the Bahamas and the true death toll cannot be figured out yet... and then after terrifying most of the East Coast it swirls off out to sea taking aim at Halifax and England and then Mother Nature does it again with more storms and even weak, small Pablo takes on the Azores once again. Systems roll off of Japan and the Pacific across the ocean, slamming into the NW or Alaska and trek East bound, it's an amazing world from an atmospheric point of view and then .... eventually.... really........the Polar Vortex descends down going wherever it wants to. Tropics rule through November and then what goes up... eventually pushes what's up there down and we move on to Winter Weather Season. Using Cranky's image on one of our tropical players to illustrate how that works below.

What goes up ....
...forces things that must come down.

We didn't get a lot of moisture.
From this front passing through.
Oh and it's currently 75 degrees.
Feels more tropical than anything else.

My only issue with weather knowing no borders is that the weather often stops at North Carolina; not always but more often than not. Hurricanes clip the Outer Banks and move away.... Cold Fronts descend and fall apart around the Carolinas and even East bound fronts go weak when they get to our borders. This I suppose is why so many people move here. We have the "Seasons" but we don't get punishing and hurricanes usually play down by the coast and we don't usually have earthquakes though some tornadoes happen.

So yeah big news day. Weather wise not so much going on but we continue to watch while going about our day. I went out last night to local place that plays live music on Saturday Nights. You know those local bands where musicians live out their musical dreams on the local music scene and people sip good beer or wine and sometimes dance along. It was good. I needed it. My husband was extremely agreeable so for a few hours I sipped Tequilla with Sprite (yeah really just a drop) and played with the cherries the waitress from Memphis threw in as I just wanted to sip something and get lost in the music but no fall off the diet... you know women always counting calories or carbs or something.

And as for #alBaghdadi .... let me say this. Why is it so big? This is from a woman who earned a degree with honors in this field of International Relations. Bin Laden was more of a pirate not even really a rogue nation he took the game wherever he went, it was all about him in ways and while I knew he was there many did not really know who he was before 911 unless of course you are a news nut like me. He was dangerous, inspiring and inspired death wherever his fighters went to do his bidding... with an end game mission. But alBaghdadi as the Hashtag shows.... wanted to create a Kingdom... a Caliphate is basically a Kingdom not a nation and it in this case had a very dangerous message wishing those who do not agree with a death... or to come under their power like some old novel or a movie made with lots of costumes and battles on a movie set but in this case they want to change the world. It was a step bigger, wider and he caused more mischief in that region becoming the enemy of nations who rarely agree on anything other than wanting him gone.

So not making this political as in 2020 election but about 2019 and an interesting October Surprise and no it's not the end of ISIS but it's a huge dent in their propaganda and the reason International Relations students study so much geography and various Earth Sciences is that the resources a nation has from a balmy climate to oil to a lack of natural resources fuels their foreign relations policies and defines them usually... and if you don't believe me ...ask the ghost of Napolean if you can find him. If not... try Chicken Marengo (Google it) great chicken dish we owe to his favorite chef who found a way to feed him when there wasn't much left after his troops foraged and destroyed a good part of Europe the way Sherman did in the South but there was a chicken left for Chicken Marengo!

Have a great day.... stay safe ...find a way to smile... remember good souls who died trying to do good and remember them in some way and enjoy your life today whether you are at a Fair or on the Golf Course on in Church or doing your weekly shopping.

Life goes on.... the tropics go on but not today.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... really Hollywood needs to make good old shows like this more often. My kids loved it. I always thought they said Corey not Corky but well... my mind.... but the message is true. Life goes on...  Do what you love and love who you love and show love.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Updated! Olga & Pablo Form! Short Lived Olga & Small Pablo Within Huge Gale

We found OLGA...
Where we expected.
TD 17 now Olga...
Maybe longer than Imelda existed.
Pablo is my old N Atlantic Gale 98L

Don't they kind of look like bookends.
Opposite mirror like images.
Olga's adjacent Frontal System...
Takes up half of the USA
Pablo's signature takes up half the Atlantic.

NHC continues the editorializing ...
...funny headlines.
"during the next few hours"
(that long?)
"small tropical storm forms"
Um... yeah inside a huge system.

Track for OLGA below..

Discussion from NHC above.

Below we have PABLO
Where ya gonna go Pablo....

Cities in the path of Pablo...

A strategic place in WW 1 I believe.
Google it ...

That's it.
I'm not going to discuss this further.
Danger with Olga is flooding and rain.
Cold weather coming.
I am becoming a believer on next week's storm.
We'll talk on that next week.

As for the N Atlantic.
Busy times up there this year.

Next name up is Rebekah.

Personally I thought we would hit that name.
Maybe Sebastien.. 
Hey at this rate we could get to Tanya.

November really does bring oddities in the tropics.
This whole season has felt a bit odd for sure.
But wayward wrong way storms.
Caribbean systems.. 
If any form and a front is near South Florida.
It might give them a scare.
Or cross over Cuba... 
Or who knows.
Welcome to 2019.
Olga and Pablo.
Scratch them off the list.
2 beautiful romantic type of names.

Why they upgraded computer info on Pablo 1st?
Who knows.
I no longer care.
My job here is to provide information.
Hopefully a bit of entertainment.
A bit of tropical discussion....
...history and geography.
Have a great weekend!
If you didn't read the blog already...
...please keep reading.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Theres's our world on Friday afternoon.
Oh did I mention this?

Yellow in Atlantic.
Next week might be interesting.


Discussion from NHC below:

Real time blogs are funny.
This is definitely the case of the missing Olga.
But as it's a live real time blog.
We will solve this mystery soon!

Note both our systems.

One looks like a large...well Pablo
Or Olga.
But 17 looks like a Cold front suddenly. 
Perhaps it's just in comparison...

From outer space on Earthunll...
...up above at the top.
You can see the real Tropical System.
The one deserving of a name.


Up to 80%
Can I get a name at 5 PM?
Pretty please?

Do we really have to wait til morning visible?

Check this out.

How odd.
Tropical Tidbits has it as Pablo.
Did I miss this while being off for an hour?
But let's look at it up close.
Kind of looked like it had an eye briefly.

NRL has it as Pablo.
What happened to O?

Maybe it's in the wind ....

Whether 17 is Olga or not soon.
Flooding and Heavy Rain remain the threat

Compare and contrast below.

Our 2 systems on both sides of the Atlantic.

Tropical Depression 17 

Cities in the path of TD 17 
Possibly Olga later today.

Good discussion as always.
Explains the behind the scenes thinking.
TD Discussion from NHC

1 thing to mention ...
... don't laugh it off as a weather maker.
Tornadoes... Water Spouts.
Severe Weather Rushing in North.

Tornado Warning in Gulfport MS
Most likely waterspout on shore.

LIX_loop.gif (600×550)

Fast Summary of today's Blog.
Explanation of the discussion on yesterday's blog.
My fascination with the North Atlantic Gale.
Now Invest 98L raised to 50% chances.
Invest 97L now at 100% chances.

Introducing Invest 98L

GOM at 100%
TD 17... 

So which gets the name of Olga?
Such weather drama today.

Yesterday's blog.
Why would I lead with a N ATL Gale?
Because I knew it was coming.

(Cheerwine beat the PSL ones... just saying)

A look back at yesterday's blog.
Where do your eyes go.
Mine went to the N ATL Gale.
Tho the GOM gets high marks.
Weather wise high marks.
Location wise much closer to us.
But oh wow look at that Gale.
Takes up 1/3 of the Atlantic.

Today is the day weather people wait for at the end of the hurricane season when basically anything and everything goes and everything and anything is game to be named in the tropics. North Atlantic Gales out near the Azores get sudden upgraded attention and Gulf of Mexico Hybrid Systems hooking up with a cold front get named in some way as they head to important ports of call such as Nola and suddenly ride up the Mississippi River Valley vs taking yesterday's "carved in stone track" that leaned NE towards Georgia, North Florida and the Carolinas. Am I the only one who will admit or talk on how they totally pulled the model track for 97L to the West (left) and changed the orientation as it's moving fast, forming fast, falling into the pattern that the Cold Front is forcing as it merges into some wild weather maker. And.... as that pushes more to the North it whispers problems with the next system that may be colder, stronger and diving down deeper. As Dave Schwartz, of blessed memory, used to say... when something goes UP... something else comes down. The Atmosphere is like a wild ride at the fair, it's never stagnant it keeps on spinning.

Today is one Crazy Weather Day.
And next week (coming soon)
Going to be Crazy too!

Greatest Show on Earth.

Again a real weather maker.

Things I wonder on...
Did anyone but me notice?
Or admit?
That they changed the track drastically.
Yesterday it went over me in NC
Now it's straight up the Mississippi River Valley
Because the front was stronger.
Diving fast... grabbing 97L
Next front dives deeper ... 

And below ... beautiful.
Our beautiful systems.
97L now TD 17
N ATL Gale now 98L
But look how it's all connected.

Look how it's all connected.
I'll live update today.
It's going to be a crazy weather day.
Note next week will be crazy too!

I'll correct any typos later.
Special thanks to Bulletproof Coffee
and... my asthma meds.
The State Fair was good..
...not as good as last year.
But a bit much for me.
But oh my gosh so much fun.

Quick look at Earthnull.
Understand October storms ..
..are rarely perfect.

From outer space it's all about 98L
But.. when something is near Nola..
It's all about Nola and Louisiana 
Not perfect.
Packing TS Winds...
...but just TD 17

98L wow... 
Big military base there..

Much Love,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps...and they play country music.
Heard this song often.
So leaving it here now.
Great song.
Many great songs.

Or this song also is good............

First time I went to the NC State Fair.
They were playing Carolina Girls.
As I entered the gate...
...and I smiled.
Because the Southern Girl I was raised to be..
...finally found a real Southern Town.

Do you remember your first kiss?
Your REAL first kiss?
Your first hurricane?
Do you remember your first Fair?
Do you remember your first Circus?

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