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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Back in Raleigh.... Catching Up on News, Life and We Have Seattle Weather... COVID-19 Thoughts... Are Your Prepared? Are Any of Us?

Watched the sun going down last night in Raleigh.
This is North Hills a shopping/dining area.
It's always beautiful in some way.
Love when the sky is that color.

Seattle was wonderful on many levels but traveling during the fears on the Coronavirus was strange as life was obviously going on yet every once in a while you see someone with a face mask or you see a news headline reminding you about it's climbing rate of infection and death and you suddenly realize how many times you run your hand along the railing by the escalator and how many times you touch your face and then you wash your hands more than you did a month ago. I'm a touchy feely person so it's a matter of changing your nature and habits and it ain't easy. 

We all have to walk this road between "fear" and "panic" and thinking calmly and rationally and hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. Yet, how do you prepare? In truth it's much like any storm scenario except with a storm you expect it will at some point pass and with this unknown that has many intangibles it's hard to know when this will pass and how many lives it will touch or destroy. We have numbers out from China but are the numbers correct and can we rely on them? It's been said it has a "high infection rate" and a "low kill rate" but is that comment based on real facts or data that was not reported properly? Time will tell as we will eventually get better data from countries around the world and here at home that can be analyzed and revised if necessary. We just don't really know for sure.

What do we know?

Let's take a scenario that would be a best case scenario. Say a teacher at your child's school or a Co-Worker suddenly becomes ill and is diagnosed with the virus and a quarantine is put into effect and you and your family needs to hunker down for the next two weeks to make sure you didn't catch the dreaded disease. Say your child's school is cancelled for a few weeks and best case scenario no one shows signs of illness. Do you have supplies in your home to stay home for two weeks and when I say supplies I mean food, medicine, diapers and such? Can you easily take off two weeks from work to babysit and hunker down with them? Yes, this is much like preparing for a storm in that you need what you need to get through that time while praying no one else was exposed or becomes ill but are you prepared to prepare? Are you aware pasta and such foods are already being sold out in some places where people have begun to shop for necessities? I'm not saying you need to run out and buy rice, pasta and tuna but what would you eat if you had to hunker down and quarantine yourself and your family for two weeks at a minimum? 

Crazy to think on but it's just one part of this problem that goes way beyond trying not to panic you may lose a loved one and worrying on the Stock Market and a possible recession as our world is so interdependent these days and companies such as Amazon are working hard to get ahead of this as it's hard to ship out what you can't get in stock; yes I was in Seattle I heard lots of stories. 

The CDC will tell you to wash your hands often and carefully, avoid crowds or people who are sick and well that isn't easy when dealing with the regular deadly flu but even more difficult to such an infectious disease where you can be infectious before you show signs. Still its a good place to start and I'm sure over the next few days everyone from the President to your Governor to your local news authorities will begin to inform you of late breaking news to the level that escalates to BEFORE THE STORM and it does in ways feel as if a Category 5 Hurricane is coming to all of our country but we aren't sure when or where it makes landfall first yet we know it's not going to be over in 24 hours after it passes on to some other place it makes landfall. We are indeed one human nation... one world...  linked in a Global Economy to every other country and unless you are a "Prepper" who has a cabin in the country in Wyoming somewhere we will all eventually have to deal with this tragic chapter of our lives. I was hoping the 2020s would be like the Roaring 20s but so far they don't seem that fun. Time will tell.... you can ignore the VIRUS and watch the debates and talk politics but even politics will be impacted as everyone points fingers and blames the other party. 

So stay calm, think on what you need to buy or have on hand and much like before a hurricane I will tell you that if you take medicine on a regular basis you may want to go get some extra meds because it's possible at some point down the road for a multitude of reasons it may be hard for you to get what you need in a timely fashion.  

Yes, we shut the border to people from China but now it's all over Korea and what was in Italy has now spread to Greece; I know because my brother sent me the link to the first case in Thessaloniki earlier in the day. Apparently South America looks good, though I'm afraid that is only a matter of time. Cases have been reported in Rockland County in NY close to where my daughter lives, it's a very interconnected world my family lives in and well as I told a friend recently you look at NYC and realize that most people commute there from New Jersey or parts of New England, Upstate NY and sometimes Pennsylvania. Most people in DC commute in from Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and many travel frequently back and forth across the country to their home districts. We are in an election cycle and I watched the candidates in New Hampshire walking up and down the lines of people waiting to vote, shaking hands... giving hugs and I wondered how long will that continue. Oh and there's the huge rallies for Trump and Bernie, not to mention the Town Halls by Pete, Amy and Warren. I suppose Bloomberg is a bit safer as he mostly puts commercials on air and doesn't do the big rallies. So many thoughts go through my head. And I know so many thoughts go through your head as well. 

Are you more concerned about going to the Mall and getting sick or are you more concerned on who touches your packages from Amazon and the UPS drivers?  Or are you seriously not worried and not going to worry on it until it really hits your work place or local market place? I'd imagine the people who prepare early for the Hurricane Season are already making lists or stocking their basket with peanut butter, tuna fish and pasta. I'd imagine those who never prepare until it's almost there aren't doing anything just yet and making fun of others who are in panic mode. Hey, we all deal with things differently whether it's a Category 5 Hurricane down near Cuba that looks as if it's making a Bee Line for Miami or on going news stories about this case or that case that was just discovered in New York City or close to Boston or the next county over. 

I'm not going to kid you I'm concerned. Making lists in my head, thinking.... praying my loved ones are safe, praying it just goes away magically though I may be a dreamer I'm not waiting for the Vaccine Fairy to show up and sprinkle Vaccine Dust over all of us with her magical wand and then we will go back to complaining about the elections and debates and life will just go on.

Ironically I'm back in Raleigh, but it looks like Seattle still. My daughter in New York told me she'd be afraid to travel right now (she's not afraid of much) and I told her I went to Seattle fast while I could because I was well aware things could change fast and hopefully I'm fine. I'll let you know in about ten days :( but so far I haven't heard anything about anyone on Alaska Air being sick or where I was in Seattle or Vancouver. Yes, crazy times we live in currently. I'll pray something breaks in our favor and this disappears as fast as it appeared but in truth as they said it's not a matter of if it will spread across America but when it spreads. So put your "supplies thinking cap on" for a start and start making sure your priorities are checked off that list.

96 Days til the beginning of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Let's hope the only thing blowing in the wind is African Dust.

Stay well, stay calm and be prepared.

Much love,
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Friday, February 21, 2020

Left Sunny Seattle for Vancouver ... Beautiful City... Back in Sunny Seattle. Missed the Raleigh Snow (Maybe It Will Do it Again??) Saying Goodbye to Seattle Slowly...

So much to say yet my mind is all over the place so just going to post some pics and say a few things and then go out and explore a bit around here before my last weekend here in Seattle. I won't bore you with me waxing poetic on how much I love Seattle as it never disappoints me and that's amazing as honestly I can get bored easily but never here.

The mountains above come out and shine when the sun decides to come out and shine and it's breathtaking and my picture doesn't do it justice. It's the whitest white on the tops of the mountains and note the hills are high and the dips are low and then you go high up again and from the top of the ridge near where my kids live you can see forever when the sun comes out. And, despite what haters want you to believe the sun comes out a lot in Seattle and when it does it almost hurts the eyes it's so bright. In fact as I type this I'm debating closing the blinds in my room here as the sun is blinding me. Yes, supposed to be more gray tomorrow and that's good I'll enjoy that too! After years of living in Miami I moved to Southern California and lived for several years in Long Beach where the sun takes it's time coming out to shine while it lets the Early Morning Low Clouds and Fog gently embrace the city until around 11 AM when the sun shines at a civilized hour and the sky turns blue and if it's a clear day in the winter you can see past the snow on the mountains off in the distance and yes this makes me miss my Long Beach days. So I'm totally okay with the gray; the bright white, gauzy gray of Seattle vs the dark dimly lit, charcoal gray of Carolina when cold fronts dip down over you but refuse to move past you for a month in November or pick any month in winter when cold fronts tease you with a taste of Winter but then leave you under dimly lit skies. Note when the weather cooperates the Carolinas are oh my gosh beautiful.

This is my Synagogue in Raleigh.
Raleigh Chabad.
Rarely do I see it covered in snow.
But it did snow yesterday.
And one smart Rebbetzin got a good picture!
It will melt fast.
But it looks like marshmallow fluff here.

My husband sent me a picture of "my tree"
Because I love that huge Oak Tree.
Capitalized because it's HUGE.

Shame to miss our yearly snow in Raleigh.
Hope springs eternal within me...
..that it will snow again.
Time will tell.

I was in Vancouver and that's good.
Snow in the background....
...a sea of sailboats in the foreground.

Sunshine and shadows.
Sailboats peeking through....
...from the hill up above.

Then there's the Market Place....
Oh my goodness.
So much to look at .........
....aromas mixing, wafting thru the air.

Seafood, Meat, Cheese.
Bone Broths, Coffee and Tea.
Flowers galore.
Local art.

And the view outside is heaven.
Kind of like Miami's Bayside...
but a bigger view.

Yes, blue skies there also as we were blessed with blue.
Some people called this building the Twister.
From different angles it looks different!

Anyway it's awesome.

But the point of this is that when you travel you see the world from a different perspective and the views aren't what you are used to... 

Amazingly I've seen all the four corners of America and it always amazes me they are all beautiful. Born in Miami I traveled to San Diego when I lived in LA and then to Maine to see my best friend who lived there a while and then to my kids in Seattle so I have to say there is something magical about all four of those corners. They are artsy and friendly and they each have something different to offer yet all of them have scenic water views that are unique and memorable. 

And a quick shout out to Anacortes Island that is a place to spend a long weekend at a cute Inn near the water along the old town stores enjoying seagulls, fresh air and sailboats and yachts lined up waiting to travel somewhere else eventually but many are lined up waiting to be shipped or sold or to sail away. And the bookstore ... oh my goodness, I have spent so much time in Used Book Shops but no place like this in the world; the coffee from Olympia Coffee is divine! Honestly a place for a writer to go and hole up and write some Great American novel!!!

Just one view.
Just one room.
All the shelves marked neatly.
Books in place properly.
The people who work there are so friendly.
And there's this relaxed calm....
.... that floats in the air there.
Coffee and Scones or muffins or cookies.

That's it for today!
Going to go out and play.
The gray is slowly coming back.

Much love and I'll be tropical again soon enough.

Sweet Tropical Dreams....
...from Seattle.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... An awesome thank you to my kids here.
This was a Birthday Present they sprung on me.
Been 3 years since I was here apparently...
Been stuck on the I-95 corridor lately.
It was time to get a new perspective.
And touch base with those I love.
And make memories.

I've remembered many things on this trip.
This song sings it all.... 


Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sleeping Really Well in Seattle ... Thoughts From On the Road

The sky often is magnificent.
Often drops of various shades of blue appear..
hidden in the various shades of gray.

An awesome book I read yesterday...
Amazing how this atlas nailed this.

Highlights of "about" the book... 

Read that paragraph on the website.
Especially the highlighted part.
Explains it all.

The colors of Seattle are not shades of gray.
They are white and gray and silver.
Silver when the sun shines bright thru the clouds.
Dark blue when the sun is out.
Bright blue when the sun is bright.
Gray Blue like a Whale at times.
Purple Gray Shades I can't name.
But I love more than I can say.
Shades turn into different shades....
..according to the brightness of the sun.
And even the gray is bright white at times.
This house often looks cornflower blue..
...or lavender blue or out right blue.
It doesn't always look the same.
Seattle is like that too..

In truth I've been in the suburbs.
Not much to write home about.

This house is more purple than the picture looks.
Beautifully kept up...
vibrant yet peaceful at the same time.
Kind of like Seattle.
The sun was coming out and....
...hit the roof showing off the "green"
That sot of green is on the scene everywhere.
The air is cool, crisp, refreshing.
The gray relaxes me ...calms me.
Reminds me of years lived in California...
and early morning low clouds.

Note that picture with the cute shadows 
And bright blue skies was the same day..
As the one above all colors of gray.
And just one neighborhood over.
Microclimates abound here

Shopping in local stores.
Taking pics of my furry warm boots.
In Safeway Windows because silly.
I feel silly and that's nice.
Relaxed and silly.

The sun is coming out.
The gray gets whiter....
...then really white.
Bright white.
Then the sun pokes through.

As for weather this week.
The  models made everyone giddy 
I never saw such giddiness on Twitter.
Promises of a huge snow storm...
..that faded faster than the morning fog here.
Now back to "not really happening"
"Maybe" or "keep watching"

It was a good week to go away...
Away from the Watch for Winter Party in NC
Waiting, watching on when Winter might..
make it snow.

Maybe... wouldn't rule it out.
But not betting any money.
Just enjoying the show.
Day by day ....
...hour by hour.

Got places go and things to do.
Not sure why people hate so much on Seattle.
They tell me "it rains a lot"
"Really? I'm from Miami..."
Miami has REAL RAIN.
This is rain I can deal with :)
And seen enough sunny days to enjoy
The beauty of gray blue purple days!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... funny I'm near a few places where they shot this movie ...and my little granddaughter is going to a school that looks very similar and she moves and dresses like a Seattle girl and that's really funny in some sway and "oh my gosh the sun is out" and I have to go and....
I really do love Seattle ':)
It's just too good to be true!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

NH Primary - Snow on the Ground in NH - Watching Weather Trends Moving Towards Hurricane Season

Early Midnight results.
Yes, they go vote at midnight there.
The rest of the state votes today.
New Hampshire Primary.

No Apps were misused in this primary ;)

He's so good to follow....

Okay I want to get this out of the way as I know it's all the rage today while people either wonder on or ignore the NH primary so here's my link to the #broomchallenge and no I am not going to even try as it's way down on my list of priorities today.

She does a good job of explaining it so that said going to move on to the State of the Hour and that would be New Hampshire, an East Coast state that actually has snow on the ground so they seem to have won that game this year... and probably every year. Meanwhile Philly is as snowless as Raleigh has been so far this winter. Even New York City has had a drought of real snow as the snow line usually slides North of there this year.

Today above.
Back on Saturday below.

There has been a persistent pattern of a tilted alignment on frontal systems this year that basically traces the Appalachian Trail and the more elevation you have close to that line the more of a chance you have to see noticeable snow. A sort of 8 pm to 2 pm alignment across the East Coast after the dip in the Jet Stream in the SW connects up with the Gulf of Mexico moisture enhancing warm rain fall in the South East and bringing what seems to be an early Spring to the East Coast or at least round these parts in the Carolinas. I have grass on the ground that needs cutting, and bushes thick where bushes usually are devoid of greenery and pink and purple trees in bloom and Carolina Jessamine is climbing it's way up everywhere. It's yellow, it's beautiful and it only blooms for a few weeks as I found out way too late after my first Spring here when I ran out to buy some and then it just looked like a scraggly bush but when it blooms it steals the show.

Really small when you look at the larger perspective.

In New Hampshire, a state that is very small and not very diverse, there is much do to about who will appeal to this vote or that vote and whether Bernie can repeat his good showing during the last election cycle when he won New Hampshire and his only real opponent was Hilary Clinton. Statistics show New Hampshire is a fairly "white" state as states go tucked away neatly in the Northeast between it's shadow state Vermont, Maine and sitting just North of Massachusetts. Seeing how NH is anti taxes it's basically where people in the Northeast go to shop at the Mall there ....anyone from Boston or Portland that wants to take a nice ride and not have to pay taxes goes to Mall. Kind of ironic that they don't like to pay taxes yet voted for Bernie in the last election cycle. I guess we all choose which taxes we prefer paying or maybe it's about what we get for our tax money?  There are something like 2% Asians there according to the census results I looked at so that said it's not a very diverse state but it gets it's voice heard early. To be fair this 2020 election cycle isn't all that diverse either and the two women candidates seem to be fighting for the women vote as well as the vote from those who are not rooting for Sanders. Pete is there, Biden was there and Trump was there showing his huge popularity in the region among Republicans and Mike Bloomberg and his money is there. It's a state where Independents, such as me, can vote for whichever candidate they choose.

We'll know soon who they choose and then we will move on to South Carolina and Super Tuesday and the beat goes on....

I'm packing for Seattle. I'm watching election news. I'm listening to the rain taking turns pounding down onto the ground and birds chirping when that rain storm moves off to the NE sliding along at that angle making me wonder on what this 2020 Hurricane Season will be. I wonder odd things this ...such as in election years are there more El Ninos or La Ninas or does Mother Nature stay Neutral at such times of uncertainty.

I wonder on how ironic it is that everyone is suddenly worried on the Beer Flu (really they couldn't come up with a better name for this one??) washing hands and worrying on going out into crowded places yet thousands of people are showing up for Trump rallies and the candidates are on the trail giving big hugs to voters. Okay, Elizabeth Warren gives BIG hugs to people waiting to vote and I think to myself "she looks like a good hugger" and that's rare among candidates who are more prone to taking selfies or shaking hands and yes despite the fears of flu the candidates are out there doing what they have to do to pick up votes and momentum on the campaign trail.

I also wonder on how funny it is that to get into the White House you have to shake hands, hug people and take selfies with everyone yet as soon as you win the White House for the next 4 years the Secret Service doesn't let you get that close to anyone. Think on it... isn't it ironic?

Biden makes references to young people who have no idea what he's talking about... my husband is a John Wayne fan and so he gets it, he laughs but even he knows the kids wouldn't know what the heck Biden was saying without Googling it. Time will tell.

And I wonder how many people in New Hampshire moved there from New York City.

I wonder a lot.

Last night it was Tweeted online that this winter particular odd set up was not too different from 1990 so I quickly checked the 1990 Hurricane Season and it was a busy year but with few landfalls. The storm tracks are very similar to the current upper air flow patterns and the list begins with Arthur and Bertha leaving me to wonder.... "are we ever going to lose those two names or will they be with us forever and ever???"

Perhaps I wonder too much...

Going back to packing. Something I do often these days and as much as I love traveling I do hate traveling during the flu season when the media leads every day with a new story on the traveling flu. But what's a girl to do when her kids live in different places around the Country and well my Daddy always told me "ya gotta do what ya gotta do" so I'm packing. And have I mentioned how much I love Seattle?  Yeah, probably more times than you want to hear.

Check back later for images and music as my laptop is being annoying this morning so rebooting and editing and then posting and watching the votes come in ... hopefully way more fluid than they did in Iowa.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps .... If you want to see snow... and enjoy how it looks in the video...
Isn't it ironic people being interviewed today on the line to vote aren't sure who they are voting for yet? Hmnnn or maybe they don't want to share their thoughts? I wonder...

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Reality of Raleigh. Snowless Winter So Far. Severe Weather Winter. My Life.

There are no hurricanes here.
There is no snow storm here.
Just musing a bit about life in Raleigh.
My life to be exact.

I know you probably wonder.
Why am I here and not in LA today?
Lived in LA... it was fun.
Oscar Weekend ;)
Good memories.
The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. 
Traffic on Melrose.
Santa Monica Beach.
Laguna Beach.
Where was I?
Oh...that's right.

Okay Pita Planet is in Myrtle Beach.
We go there often.
I love Myrtle Beach.
It's in South Carolina nearby.

Okay obviously I'm obsessing.
Obsessing on lack of snow.
It was really close tonight.
Snowflakes a few miles away.
Though they melted on the ground.

To get snow in this part of North Carolina you need cold air and this winter has been mild and beautiful but that does tend to rob us of snow potential. We're getting rain, thunderstorms and severe weather that is more Spring like than what February normally brings. When I say "normally" note that the Raleigh area has a wide range of 'normal" in that some years it's very mild and other years the weather dips down into the teens and the ground gets covered in a snow, sleet mix known as "lasagna storms" with layers of crunchy stuff on top, a thin layer of snow and a sheet ice on the bottom. Then we get no measurable snow at all in other years though occasionally snow falls and melts on contact with the not so cold ground.

People move here for jobs, quality of life and we tend to be fairly safe from blizzards and too far inland to get real hurricane activity. More snow storms find us than do real hurricanes though we have had a few that roared through such as Hazel and Fran but they are the exceptions to the rule. Kids get excited about snow days from school and a possible sledding expedition on a near by hill and we go a bit crazy when a hurricane like Florence takes aim, however the rule that is rarely broken is they make landfall around Wilmington and only a few strong storms pass by on their way somewhere else. Note the State Fair is awesome, but often Hurricanes threaten that time of year but it's just part of life in what is still Hurricane Country.

In truth people move here who enjoy "the Seasons" while escaping months of digging out their driveway in the Winter "Up North" and people from Florida who are tired of year round heat but area afraid of real nasty "Up North Winters" so they move here in search of weather cool enough to tail gate and enjoy the footballs season while being able to golf all year and they learn to love basketball because this is North Carolina where March Madness is up there with the 4th of July and Summer Vacation. In truth we now have so many Floridians living here that Publix moved here also (Yay!) and so many people from New York that Wegman's moved here also. 

The boring part about Raleigh is just what makes Raleigh very livable, doable and preferable. It's easy to enjoy all four seasons though our Spring and Fall are away nicer than our Summers and well nuff said on the lack of real Winter weather however.... it cools off and we get to wear out boots and jackets and turn off the AC and enjoy sunny days when the sun is more visible through the bare trees yet the countryside is dotted with eternal green from the Pine Trees. Also it spoils you in ways so that even when you go "home" the traffic is too much, people aren't as friendly and you miss the ease of life here in the Triangle; that said I love going "home" to Miami to visit.

That brings us to another really good thing about Raleigh and that is we have a fantastic airport known as RDU that allows us to get out of Raleigh when we need a break. Amtrak runs right through town on it's way somewhere else and that works too for fast jaunts to Miami or New York or even to Charlotte. We can drive out I-40 West towards the mountains (and snow) or East towards the beaches which is where I usually go if given the chance.  As I was raised in Miami I miss the ocean that while close by... close being relative to where you're from it's still a good hour past my comfort zone but if you spend the night there the sunrise is always awesome. 

New Bern is beautiful and was originally the Capital but after two hurricanes that hit relatively close together and flooded the city and the Governor's Palace they suddenly got the idea that perhaps moving the Capital further inland would help secure the Western frontier. Honestly I think they wanted to get away from the hurricanes. Sorry Raleigh but New Bern is way more beautiful a city but again I'm partial to places that are on the water and New Bern gets a breeze that reminds me of the breeze coming off of Biscayne Bay in Miami except it's way stronger and always fresh and beautiful.

Note the snow man was not really there.
The vehicle on fire was.....
It's a steep hill, hard to see in the photo...
Remember I said a layer of ice under everything?

So yes I know how this rodeo goes and early on this particular winter I decided we most likely were not getting any crazy Winter Storms and we would be staying off the cover of every media outlet that likes to make fun of Southerners when they get snow so I promised myself I would not get all excited every time a snowflake showed up on the 8th day of my phone app because well I remember too well how that worked out last winter. The pattern has not changed much since last year, kind of repetitive. Again you need cold air to get snow in North Carolina and except for one early bout of low temperatures in the Teens in November we haven't had much to talk about and I've only worn gloves once this winter and it was in Monsey NY when visiting my daughters there. 

Last year I didn't want to leave town and miss snow or any type of winter weather and hope kept springing eternal after a very Wintry Thanksgiving Time Snow and then nothing. The Polar Vortex has gone missing it seems this year and maybe to be quite honest I don't care..   the weather here has really been beautiful and I know that summer is coming down the road and I expect it to be a long, hot summer so I'm just gonna enjoy not having to wear a coat rather than a sweater and enjoy my boots when I go out at night and not get all anxious watching the long term weather outlook and I'm going to go to Seattle and visit my son and his family and a city I love very much. Maybe it will snow there? Who knows... maybe, but not holding my breath waiting to see it happen.. If it does it does and if it doesn't that will be okay too.

Okay it's not all bad here in the Summer.

Life goes on as a friend of mine is want to say and in truth if one of us got to see snow this Winter and I'm glad that it was him and he really loves snow even more than I do. Next Winter I may plan out my time differently and spend more of it in New York waiting there until I see snow fall and then I'll head South to North Carolina and enjoy mild winter days, cool nights and the promise of Spring. There are places you can go that if you wait long enough it snows and if that fails I have a friend who moved to one of the Dakotas trust me it snows there in the winter.

So what do you do when Mother Nature robs you of winter weather? For one you enjoy the beautiful weather we've had so far. I'm not good with heavy coats and dislike wearing bulky gloves and I never ever wear a scarf! The Winter that the Polar Vortex took up residence and went on a Carolina vacation we had at least 3 snow storms, pipes froze by some people who didn't get the "leave the water in the sink dripping slowly memo" and it was followed by Spring Allergies from Hell so it's six of one and half a dozen of "get out of town the Pollen falls" but we won't talk on the Pollen ;)

Seriously, I'm going to Seattle to visit family there and enjoy a city that I really do l love. It's a long plane ride, a long trip and I always have Jet Lag after I'm back in Carolina. It will be cold, I guess I am taking a Winter Coat (maybe) and definitely my boots. Seattle is a bit of a muse so perhaps it will give me something to write about during this lull between the Hurricane Season is over and there are still more than 100 days left until the next Hurricane Season.. Did I mention I'm pretty sure we will be having an early start to the Hurricane Season? Yes, I believe I did the other day. More on that as we move deeper into those last 100 days.

What do I do till then? I'll do what I love and I suggest you do the same. If that means go to the movies then go to the movies. Write, paint, dance, sing or maybe take a road trip ;)

After Seattle comes Miami.
I took those pictures on a recent trip.
I went Storm Chasing with my best friend.
Bal Harbor was nearby.
Okay my purse matches dresses.... Dolce & Gabbana there.

And there's always Raleigh.
Sweet Tea.
Okay pretty sure that's beer... 
Dorton Arena and the State Fair.
And Hydrangeas blooming.

Sometimes you need to take stock of your life.
I spent some time on Instagram tonight.
Looking back over the last year.

However you count the days.

Wondering who wins the NH Primary.
Wondering who wins the Oscars.
Wondering on the Hurricane Season.

Okay that's from my Instagram.
Make up ;)

Sweet Tropical Dreams.
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Ps Who knew I'd end up in Carolina?
Loved this song always.
Now I finally get it.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Storms Across the South. Carolinas Had Hail, Thunderstorms & Twisters. Flooding in Virginia. Freaky February Spring Like Storm

That's one intense storm system.
And after dumping snow on Oklahoma...
... it moved on with tornadoes in the South.
Severe Weather and Flooding.

I've lived in the Raleigh area long enough to know when a line of severe weather is going to move in fast with the threat of tornadoes and other assorted severe weather delicacies such as hail, lighting and trees splintering apart littering our landscape as simply put oaks and poplars don't bend the way palm trees do in South Florida. In Miami we get a monsoon every afternoon for several months beginning in Mid May and then we move into the Hurricane Season. So while in Miami this was not a wild storm for Raleigh and the rest of the Carolinas it was freaky weather for February when we usually have school closures for a few inches of snow. Yes, school is closed as trees are down (worse in some areas than others) and power is out and they felt the buses wouldn't be able to properly transport the students ... not to mention teachers who would need to call in unable to get to work.

And know what's weird here is when we get this sort of weather it moves in fast. Once day several years ago we were supposed to get severe storms and possible tornadoes. We had sunny skies, no wind and it was a beautiful day. I went out in the back yard and decided to lie down in my husband's hammock and swing a bit and stare up at the sky that rhymes with lie ;) I thought maybe they were lying it seemed impossible the weather would change that fast (I was new to Raleigh) but after a while I saw the tops of a few high towering thunderheads move quickly into view out of the corner of my eye. Everything was still, quiet and beautiful yet there was this foreboding sense of something happening. I kept playing with my phone, watching the radar and watching the line move faster and faster and finally I went inside. By then the sky was turning dark and minutes later huge chunks of hail fell from the sky ahead of the eventual rainstorm that was properly predicted and we were fine but many lost power and yes school was cancelled because that happens now vs years ago. Yesterday reminded me of that storm system and the promise of severe weather delivered as was forecast. Fast forward to yesterday. Oh and my phone went crazy with one warning after another but understand they were all after the storm passed through and the creeks began to rise...

Understand this video below
...was pretty much the whole storm.
In minutes it passed through.
We went from clear skies to a white out.
Hail fell as if dropped down in buckets.
Heavy rain poured down melting the hail.
Small branches on trees snapped.
In some places trees were uprooted.
Schools let out early....
...though parents had problems getting to them.
Events were cancelled.
The TV was live for hours...
...kind of like it was a hurricane..
..or a snow storm.
But no... just an early Spring Storm.

Normally I run out to pick up the hail.
Measure it, throw it in the freezer!
It's a thing we do.
But I stayed because I wanted the video.
It was shared on several various news outlets.
Sharing is good.
Knowledge is power.
I love weather.

Some reports showed that storm...
..had a forward speed of 100 mph.
Big debate on that so waiting for confirmation.
Understand it came and went in 3 minutes.
WHOOSH then gone.
Sadly some trees were gone too.

My husband sent me that picture yesterday.
He was going with the Rabbi to help at a funeral.
Just after the storm passed by.
Streets closed off....
They got there on time.
But it was a rainy wet memory.

To be honest it was fun to see the Coronavirus blown off the news feed for a few hours. And wondering if Iowa declared Pete a winner yet or Bernie as it's a virtual tie there it seems. Here in Raleigh lights were flickering this morning as I awoke to high winds and pines swaying with blue skies as the dry air moved in behind the storm that was yesterday. So I got up early, cooked some things for tonight's Shabbos dinner in case we lost power later in the day. The ground is very saturated and more strong winds have been taking down trees and power poles today in my area and many are without power.

Pines are dancing in Raleigh today.
Mother Nature trimmed a lot of trees yesterday.
Noticed a few small broken branches on my maple tree.

It's just odd to have what felt like the back side of a late season hurricane slam through the area moving fast bringing with it the type of after effects we usually get from a hurricane in February where we should be talking on snow, ice and sleet or what we call round here a lasagna sort of snow storm with layers of crunchy stuff as ice covered the snow that covered sleet.

So that was the week that was in weather in the Carolinas. We had cold mornings, warm afternoons where the temperatures flirted with the low 70s. A wild line of what felt more like a Spring Storm crashed through yesterday and the temperatures are going down below freezing tomorrow morning. Raleigh isn't the most diverse place but our weather is diverse often within a 24 hour period. And, when I say not so diverse I'm comparing it to Miami ..... in general we have people here from all over the world who work in the Tech Industry and in the Academic world and we are the state capital ... it's just not Miami but it's slowly has become home.

Much love and sending prayers for good weather or dreamed of snow and maybe later today we will know who won the Iowa Caucus for sure ... hopefully before the New Hampshire Primary.

Spring Training isn't that far away.
Chaser Season began early this year.
I bet the Hurricane Season begins early too.
Something to think on...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Miami Wins & Puts on Fantastic Super Bowl. Iowa Loses... Bets It on an App That Was Broken. Don't Need a Groundhog to Know it's Spring in the South.

What's that song?
There's got to be a morning after?
Oh Snap... it was a Disaster movie :(

Seriously they knew the App had a problem.
Iowa now has a problem.
Let's never use an App to vote okay??

Ironically everyone claimed victory last night.
The weather wasn't a problem.
Technology was a problem.
This is why I don't want to vote on my phone.
I've heard people say "we could vote by App"
Yeah I don't think so.

As a weather person I get it when models mess up.
Or an App promises snow then snow.
Life goes on...

Winter is in the West....
Spring is in the South.
Much rain is on the way in the SE.
And in the NE the candidates have arrived.

Don't you just hate when that happens?
You go to your favorite satellite and it's broken.
Or you wait for the results from Iowa and ... broken.

Well at least for us we change satellites.
For candidates they change states.

Jim Williams always said I should do videos.
Or maybe he said "talk"
He knows how I talk so ...
...okay he's right it's easier.
Once I got past my fear or talking...
... but basically I prefer writing.
And I love satellite imagery.

Look at that image.... that area in the Southeast is RED HOT and filled with severe weather potential and no one really needs a Groundhog to know which way the temperatures are going right now or if Spring is on the way; actually it's Spring in the South currently as flowers are in bloom. Maybe this is a February Thaw? But unless you are out in the Far West.... the winter that never really showed up is about as far away as the real facts of what happened last night in Iowa.

Again let me say I am an Independent. Yes I was raised a Democrat that has often voted Republican or Democratic depending on the election and the candidates ...though I like to party I'm not a party girl anymore. I wait and see how the election evolves and which candidates are left standing and which candidate I believe has the best chance to lead this country as November nears and Hurricane Season slows down. Yes, between now and the next Presidential Election is the 2020 Hurricane Season but for now the slow season.... I go back to one of my first loves and that is politics. So I looked forward to the Iowa Caucus and the beginning of the real primary season and Oh My Goodness. I've never seen so many professionals paid to speak on air be totally speechless. I sat there last night going back and forth between CNN and MSNBC and oh my goodness. I don't really want to curse on my blog but yeah ...that happened ...

I kept saying during the whole Impeachment Trials "can't we just have an election??" and now I'm thinking ... maybe not. No seriously, as "Mayor Pete" said you could see for yourself what was going on at the Caucus and in my words who was hot and who was not. You could see those enthused about Warren or Amy and the Bernie people were on the floor and Yang Gang insisting they weren't going to vote for anyone but Yang (many then drifted away) and the Biden crowd was extremely thin at some of the venues yet always cheerful people would come around on the next count or the next... No, I don't think that happened. But maybe we will never know for sure and that's sad for the Democratic Party coming off of a horrendous 2016 where it was obvious they tried to skew the election towards their favorite candidate and many Bernie people felt it was stolen from him .... but we may never know for sure. But you could learn a lot from watching the various people who showed up to caucus for their favorite candidates and often hear who their 2nd favorite candidates were if they did not get enough to be viable.

Amazingly as we approached the Super Bowl on Sunday there was much talk about how the whole show would go seeing as it was held in Miami and you know all those "Because Miami" news stories on Twitter. People worried on terrorism or Coronavirus or some technological glitch happening. Would the actual game live up to it's expectations? (Yes it did!) and would the Half Time be a huge flop or would they pull it off? Yes, they did.. the two Latin Divas Nailed it swaying their hips, filled with emotion and passion holding most people mesmerized putting on one of the best Super Bowl Halftime Shows of all time. Okay, I'm from Miami and maybe I'm prejudice but I've loved Shakira since she first hit the scene. I studied dance and that includes Bollywood and Belly Dance and she is soo good as a performer. JLO is JLO an Icon who seems to transcend age being 50 years old holding her own up against a 43 year old Shakira celebrating her birthday in front of the world. Come on that's drama. And the game with the QB from Tyler Texas..... showing passion and leading his team from behind to victory!

So I never got around to blogging about the incredible football game Sunday as Monday was a blur for me as I tried to get the song out of my head and then finally gave up. I looked forward to the Iowa Caucus and the official start of the 2020 Presidential Election and.... well the new fancy App that they many were worried on worked about as badly as the GFS when it shows a major Cat 6 Landfall of a hurricane in Miami for a weak tropical wave rolling off of Africa in July. All of us in the weather world know how models can mess up and how really bad weather apps can be so are we really surprised? Okay, yeah I'm a bit surprised but Iowa has a history of problems. Santorum who actually once won the Iowa caucus despite the fact that they said Romney did and unable to gain any traction on that win ... we didn't find out who won until I believe the South Carolina Caucus and by that time anyone who knows anything about how hurricanes spin knows momentum is important.

It's not the first time Iowa messed up.
Both headlines above were right...
...but on different days.
Remember when.....

Trust me momentum is huge.
Whoever won or did well last night.
Would like that momentum going into NH.

So this seems to be a developing story.
I'm watching TV in the background.
Yes I watch the TV.
While watching the Twitter Feed....
....Twitter of course says "conspiracy" 
And there's great GIFS going around.
Life goes on...
CNN broke away to the Coronavirus just now.
MSNBC talking on "the process"
FOX the end of the "impeachment process"

So what can I say that I haven't said? Shakira rocks and perhaps the crew that gave you the Super Bowl without any major problems should have been in charge of the show in Iowa?

As for me I'm going to move on with my day. It's forecast to be 70 degrees in Raleigh and yes I have my sandals ready to use today and the hope for snow in Raleigh is fading into the background as I watch the never ending flow of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico into the Deep South as snow edges it's way towards Oklahoma after pounding the West that has been pounded all Winter as people in the East insist Winter didn't show up. 

As for New Hampshire .... the candidates are showing up there and the show will go on.

Stay safe... wash your hands ;) Always be prepared for severe weather.... Take it one day at a time and know that before this is over I'm sure there will be about odd story that crops up during this interesting Primary Season that collides with Spring Training and moves us day by day closer to predictions on the 2020 Hurricane Season. Seeing as the predictions for this Winter were horrible I'm not rushing to make any predictions but one thing I will remind you is that flow continues and the pattern of systems off the SE Coast continues the way it did during the Hurricane Season of 2019 except it's been winter like storms enhanced with the flow from the Gulf of Mexico. 

And the beat goes on..... 

Stay tuned.
This is all a developing story in Iowa.
Weather wise... I'm going to enjoy the warm weather.
Going to Seattle later this month....
...where Winter is still holding on strong.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... my real favorite Shakira song ;)

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