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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quiet Atlantic - Nature on the Rampage in the Pacific

Just a quick post that will be updated later today.

As quiet as it has been in the Atlantic this past week in the tropics the Pacific has had storm upon storm to deal with and now two back to back strong earthquakes have been registered in Samoa and Indonesia.

A good site to watch for the geologically inspired...

And, I wonder how many people in America realize that we have a Congressman from Samoa.

I love geography. I LOVE MAPS! ;)

Most people don't and they don't realize Samoa has given us more than great NFL football players!!

Some interesting links:



"The Samoan capital of Apia was evacuated as authorities scrambled to get thousands of people to higher ground.

Witnesses said cars were swept out to sea in American Samoa where buildings were destroyed in what the US congressman for the territory said was a scene of "devastation."

For a list of football below:

And...if you are looking for tropical information..check out this great site from a tropical friend:

Be back later with an update... sort of running late for a business meeting but hey, have to stop and check the water vapor loop you know :)

Besos Bobbi

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tropical Depression 8 Forms Off Of Africa..

As expected the very nice wave that came off the coast of Africa the other day has formed into Tropical Depression 8! It is small, well put together but has very negative conditions to face and will most likely fade out fast or move up into the North Atlantic.

The wave behind it however... may last longer and stay further south.

Really worth watching, not so much for any real threat to the mainland United States or even the island as much as for the sheer joy of watching a beautiful wave pull itself together into a pattern of power, pull together and spin far out in the Atlantic Ocean.

Truth is I've watched storms form in the Pacific and enjoyed their symmetrical beauty but this is my ocean and my side of the world and anytime I see a Cape Verde Wave spin up into a Cape Verde Tropical Depression.. I am always impressed. Even if it will be a Fish storm down the road.

Nothing wrong with fish...

So, Good Shabbos and have a beautiful fall weekend and I'll be back Saturday night with more info on both these tropical systems.

Besos Bobbi

ORANGE box... wave behind it beautiful

Orange box up in the Atlantic for the wave that we have been watching and the one that I am drooling over is right behind it.

The reason I like the wave behind it is that it is lower, larger and has a low pressure system connected to it that will give it more juice to go the distance... or hang in there longer and either way... it is one hell of a beautiful wave!!

Going out a bit, not going to look for a bit and hopefully when I am back... the wave will bite be back ;)

love and kisses, besos bobbi

ps...AM getting cafecito this morning!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New African Wave a Beauty, Other one still yellow

Beautiful new wave about to emerge off of Africa, has low pressure attached and is simply beautiful. Not sure what will be with it as the old one is still holding on to yellow status but check this beautiful wave out...

wow...sweet tropical dreams...bobbi

Yellow Circle Up Off Africa...

Heads up for the Yellow Circle off of Africa for a new wave with a nice sassy look that most likely will not make the name Grace but well.. it is September and we should remember.

Often after a somewhat quiet summer we go into fall and it gets quiet as steering currents are not always a tropical entities best friend. They steer them away towards colder water more than suck them in towards tropical destinations. This has been a weak year.

But, every fall has it's Indian Summer and I think we are working towards that time of the year when the steering currents collapse and something changes and suddenly there is a surprise storm that popped up when no one was looking.

Of course, at Hurricanecity we are always looking. Newbies stare along with professional mets and off duty weathermen who are all watching the tropics. Young kids who begin studying meteorology go on to fame and fortune in the meteorological world while retired weather lovers watch the tropics along with watching birds in their backyard and pretty girls at the beach.

This is September. I am not giving up on the season though I am lowering my standards a bit and watching waves that have no invest such as the one that is waving back from Africa today.

If this site posts a link to an Atlantic Invest...then we will give it a little more creedence.

Til then.... we are not confusing chickens with geese ... or whatever analogy you would like to use. If you like dark chocolate you are not going to fall for someone explaining how white chocolate really is chocolate but if you like white chocolate like I do... you don't care that it is not brown and you don't want to hear a lecture on how it really isn't chocolate, it's called "White Chocolate" duh... case closed.

Yellow circle off of Africa, nothing more.. nothing less.

Here's some creedence to go with that circle...

Besos Bobbi :)
Ps...Grace is too pretty of a name to use on a fish, don't you think??
Very Autumn sort of name...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tropical Rain in NC, Falling Leaves & Durham Bulls Win Triple A Title Game!!

It's raining off and on in North Carolina this morning, as a thin but constant feed of moisture moves inland from the Ocean, up through the Piedmont and Coastal Plains and the always memorable Sandhills. It's a warm, tropical rain unlike when it comes from the other direction and feels cold and nasty. Birds are chirping and there was localized fog at the end of the cul-de-sac this morning. Leaves are turning yellow, dropping across the lush green carpet of grass and I got rain from Fred! Let's call it a homeopathic formula of rain but it did blow in from the ocean, from the remnants of Fred.

Now what would be the question to ask next?

Well... I don't know. As Eric Blake said in this morning's 2 AM Tropical Weather Outlook.. "the tropics remain unusually quiet for September and tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 48 hours." Jack Beven said even less in his curt 8 AM Tropical Weather Outlook "FOR THE NORTH ATLANTIC... CARIBBEAN SEA AND THE GULF OF MEXICO... TROPICAL CYCLONE FORMATION IS NOT EXPECTED DURING THE NEXT 48 HOURS."

So, who am I to argue with the tropical brilliance of Eric Blake and Jack Beven?

Ain't nothing happening folks...

A tropical wave out at sea in unfavorable conditions and a possible, quasi question in the Gulf of Mexico in a few days...

Fall is settling in here in North Carolina. Yellow leaves abound on trees as if by magic. I wake up and notice them every morning, more and more. The weakly attached ones fell off in last night's storm and fall like yellow butterflies fluttering towards the water soaked ground. Mums and pumpkins vie for center stage at the Grocery Stores and the Durham Bulls won the AAA championship. Hey, listen if you are going to be stuck in a town without a major ball league you may as well be stuck in a town with the most famous minor league team around ;)

(...still not quite sure why they played in Oklahoma City other than wanting to do up Brick Town but I'm sort of new to minor league baseball....)

And, gave up on the local Victoria Secret's and went online to their wonderful site and bought some great new sweaters for fall!!

So, don't know what to tell you.

Mt. Ranier was rumbling. Atlanta is digging out. Falling leaves are falling and I am wondering if I can become a fan of the Carolina Hurricanes this point, that may be all the hurricane action I will get this year.

But... possibly there will be an October storm. Been thinking that most of the season. A late season anomaly where conditions become ripe for just a day or two and a storm catches a front moving into South Florida. Planning on catching it... personally, in my new cute indigo shirt ;) (is that sooo me????)

Besos Bobbi

Hope if the rain is falling on you today it's soft and gentle tropical rain

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dolphins Lose and So Does Fred

The NHC has refused to comment on his existence even though he is still an identifiable entity that made it all the way across the Atlantic. That really is pretty amazing, all in all. And, somehow if it rains on me in a few days coming in from the east I will laugh... I will smile... and I will know that in some homeopathic way that rain came from Fred and far away Africa..

But, the NHC has refused to mention it and the other wave far out to it's east that is very noticeable on the wide open Atlantic satellite image.

Time of Possession is just not all it's cracked up to be I suppose. Time and time again I have been told, possess the ball and you win the game. The team that wears down it's opponent and slowly moves the ball will win the game. Sounds simple. Of course, I didn't believe that growing up because I had seen Namath score fast and Marino do his 14 point two minute drill and numerous other come from behind Quarterbacks who combined with some lightning fast run back after a kick off or watch a lone wolf safety intercept the ball and run the length of the field for 7 fast points... bringing a team that had been behind to sudden victory.

Tonight, the Miami Dolphins controlled the ball and lost the game. They won the battles and lost the war. And, Fred who has managed to stay intact the whole way from Africa after putting more time on the clock tropically is losing the war. Fun to watch his remnants though, not much else to watch.. don't think it will do any real damage to once every few hours look over and chuckle to myself for Fred's sake. Hey, I even read one wild scenario online where he stalls out under a massive high and sits over warm water and slowly regains his energy, moving a bit to the SW even ... talk on strange scenarios in a tropically dull September ..

But, it's not really that dull meteorologically or weather wise as a massive slow moving system that has produced one cell after another that has trained over and over and rained nonstop across the Southeast like some never ending Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Really not funny, just doesn't end. People have died, small children... cul de sacs have turned into flooded out ponds and insurance may not cover most people's losses and there is nothing worse than a flood and they can happen anywhere... and disasters follow us wherever we go and we can't escape them. We can run from earthquakes and run from hurricanes and then have training rain storms flood us out of everything we have worked so hard to build and worked so hard to hold on to...

It has to be some sort of lesson that what is most dear to us isn't what can be taken away by floods or storms but that which is in our heart and minds and which remain over time forever.

Friendship, love and good will is sometimes all we have left when the rain doesn't stop falling.

Some links to more stories on the rains in the Southeast...,0,970475.story

My prayers for all those in pain from the rain falling still in Georgia, Tennessee and other parts of the South.

Night.. Bobbi

Friday, September 18, 2009

2 Areas of Interest in the Tropics As I Begin to Celebrate the Year 5770

A little short on time today as I am busy baking and cooking various sweet delights for the Jewish New Year that begins at sundown tonight. The year is 5770 on the Jewish Calendar.

We are going into the New Year with no named storms in the Tropics. That's rare. One of my first Jewish New Year memories was in Temple, the old Beth El in Miami and it began to pour, strong, heavy, tropical rain. Old timers stared at the windows and had this look on their face, because to old Miami Jews the Jewish New Year is forever entwined with hurricanes and threatening storms. The windows were stained glass, yet you could still see the shadow of the rain pounding the windows hard. I walked out towards to the door as Bobbi is want to do even as a little girl, to stare at the rain. Old timers were gathered on the steps talking on previous years when it rained. Some old man, looked up at the sky as we huddled under a small awning, partially getting wet as we watched the deluge continue and he said quietly, "Jewish New Year and Hurricanes, they always go together!"

It was only years later when researching the Great Miami 1926 Hurricane that I realized that it hit Miami on Yom Kippur, one of the holiest days in the Jewish Year explaining the look of awe and remembrance in the eyes of the old man staring up at the sky and the palm trees nearby bending in the wind.

Miami seems to have escaped such a tropical complication this year and my friends there will be celebrating as will I up here with new friends and some family who are driving in as I type this blog entry.

The house smells of freshly baked Challah (my husband baked it.. not me) and cakes I baked and Pineapple Upside Down Kugel and Apricot, Orange, Honey Baked Chicken and Yellow Rice and Fresh Green Peas and Baked Butternut Squash... and well ... a lot of sweet things.

And, my eyes keep going drifting over to the Water Vapor Loop as the remains of Fred are moving west towards Florida and the US Coastline. Could it possibly regenerate over the holiday weekend? I wonder. A lot of people wonder. Amazing to see one small, closed remnant low track that far west and yet not dissipate and yet to have it blow up now into a named storm would be an ironic twist of fate and yet... tropical weather and the Jewish Holidays always seem to go together I've been told. Another low is further out and has a higher chance of developing it seems but both seem long shots. Though, long shots sometimes pay off and never know.

The official statement from the NHC is one of low probabilities but they do leave the door open for something to develop over the weekend.

I'll be back Sunday Night after sundown when the holiday ends.

Till then...wishing you sweet things and good times, health to enjoy your wealth and a wonderful, fantastic and incredible 5770!

See you on the other side.... L'Shana Tova Bobbi
Ps... if you want a real treat... slice an apple up and dip it in honey and think good thoughts for a good sweet year ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Fred.... Remembering Frederic 30 Years Later

The above is a beautiful picture of a beautiful but VERY destructive hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast 30 years ago with the now retired name Frederic. Note, do not piss off Hurricanes by taking the K away from their name. Not sure why they do that but well they did and was a messy cane in a year messy with canes.

1979. Big year for memorable canes.

Unlike 2009 which is a slow year for canes.

Nothing happening in the tropics today except for oddly Fred who though not in the official tropical update is still out there moving west, noticeable on sat imagery and he will probably rain on my brother's parade in Miami after he crosses the Bahamas. Could he spin up? Yes. Will he? Probably not. But, if my brother gets rained on in Opa Locka on Monday or Tuesday, will probably be from rain that came from Africa inspired by Fred somewhere out in the Mid-Atlantic.

There are some possible chances for storms to form in the Carib later next week as what would feel like an October storm would come calling in late September as we are meteorologicaly a bit ahead of time this year.

As for me.. I am going shopping and looking for inspiration for Rosh Hashona which is coming up in my play book this weekend. Making pineapple upside down noodle kugel (pudding) and sweet potato pie and yellow rice. Honey baked Chicken with apricot sauce and garnished with orange slices. And, whatever inspiration I found in Krogers or wherever I end up. Fresh Market can be such a food muse...

And, looking at boots. But the only boots I see I like I already own in my closet, talk about having strong tastes. Will see. Maybe fringe to go with my new purse..

Enjoy a quiet weekend to reflect on how good your life is this year at the peak of the hurricane season of 2009!

And, look back at 1979... a horse of a different color...

Besos Bobbi open to suggestions for something to buy from the wonderful Victoria Secrets online site..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fred, Fred, Fred... Why are you red tonight? Bahama System a possibility...

Well, the NHC did not upgrade the yellow to orange but they did put a yellow circle by my possible Bahama system that I mentioned earlier on the blog. It's only a yellow and it's a broad area but anytime you have a front hanging out like that, something could develop easily enough.. be it tropical or subtropical it could get a name if it develops. A less than 30% chance of "ifs" but since we are quiet tropically it is worth talking about.

As for the Cape Verde Wave...what is there to say? Nice enough but don't think it's all it's cracked up to be and the atmospheric dynamics have not changed and can't see it doing much more than Fred has done so far...

Which brings us back to Fred... he is no longer a naked remnant low but a fairly bright light in the otherwise dark sea. He is red on satellite imagery and shows up nicely on a few different satellites. Time will tell but if he is a ghost he looks to be trying to come out of the attic and make some mischief. Not quite at 60 west which is where I thought he would fire up but well.. keep watching. It's not over til it's over.

And, lastly wanted to post a link to a great book that would be worth having for anyone interested in hurricanes.

Beautiful pictures on the cover too... great book..take a look, go on..

As for me, going to bed. Been a busy day and went to a few seminars and took some interesting notes and going to go to sleep before I think too much more on Fred.

Great song in Fred's honor. Well, actually it's in someone else's honor but I thought I would show it seeing as we are talking about ghost stories..

Besos Bobbi..Sweet Tropical Dreams...

Patterns To Watch... Fred hanging in, GRACE coming into focus...

Will update this later day as I think the NHC will upgrade the big yellow circle by Africa to at least an orange one. Nice wave, looking good. Why she won't fizzle as fast as Fred did I don't know and want to know..

Fred is hanging in, convecting, twisting and moving along like some slow moving ghost wave getting a thin burst of energy off of the developing Grace. See the link between the two and this translates to a life line of sorts for what's left of Fred. Meanwhile, Fred has a busy Ocean to swim through and things are not very conducive right now for any tropical systems. Look how empty ..void...clean..the globe looks except for one big frontal boundary, again... a frontal, zonal pattern vs a tropical one.

Could something form at the bottom of that front near Florida? Boy, that would be a long shot. Can Fred hang in there?? Will Grace develop?

That and a few other unasked questions will be answered later today and tomorrow.

Tune in later... for a longer post with some deeper thoughts. Late for a meeting right now and have to move out of Tropical Mode back into the Real World!

Beautiful isn't it?

Besos Bobbi!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fred's Alive or Maybe It's a Ghost? Models take it towards the Carolinas as a weak, weak system..

The question is are the models right? Can the weak remnant low keep itself together enough to get far enough west to get to warmer water while maintaining his connection with the Intertropical Convergence Zone?

If you watch this loop you can see he is beginning to steal some moisture from the wave behind him and he has made a slow movement towards the west or wnw a bit.

Great loop, shows so much. I still am a water vapor loop fan but that loop shows so much and as long as there is a moisture feed, a ribbon of orange and red going down to the ITZ the remnant low formerly known as "FRED" has a chance to come back to life and "pulse up" as we say in the biz here.

This is a short update tonight, just to let you know that the models are still playing footsies with Fred. He could be off of Florida over the weekend moving slowly up along the path of least resistance this year cruising up the Gulf stream towards the Carolinas.

Could...would...only if he does what he should and follows the models. And, then I wonder.. perhaps with weak systems like this we think it's Fred and it's really the wave behind him the models are playing with... hard to say.

Either way... I'll be back tomorrow after I get some sleep and take a look at the new models and at the satellite visuals of Fred.

Overdosed today on football. Got a present from Santa in September and got to watch the Miami Dolphins on TV. Unfortunately it was a hard candy Christmas and the Fins lost but I was so happy to see them on TV that it didn't hurt as much as usual. Then again, was taking strong pain meds for a bad headache may not set in until tomorrow that we lost our first game of the season. Currently, I am watching Green Bay. Always loved Green Bay, more fun than watching San Francisco earlier and missed the cut boy toy quarterback playing for the Jets earlier today..then won!

Green Bay beat Chicago. I'm smiling!!

Hey, we have to have back ups and Plan Bs in life when things don't work out the way we expect them to. Normally, this is Prime Time for Hurricane Trackers and Chasers and when God gives you lemons, you gotta learn to make lemonade and if you are smart, you'll add a drop of grape juice and make pink lemonade out of it.

So... the best update on Fred I have heard anywhere online or off is by my friend Jim Williams on his tropical update online. Great job, love when he says "busts through" lol and well.. he is Jim, an original, a wonderful guy.

Check it out and as Jim says... I'll be back in a bit when there is something to say.

And, maybe the meds will wear off by tomorrow, the sleep will help the headache and I will have some more information on the Remnant Low of the Hour :)

Is Fred really alive? Hmmmmmm we will see what we will see. Otherwise, we may be back tomorrow night singing Casper the Friendly Ghost :(

Sweet tropical dreams... Bobbi

Fred is Dead! Or is he? GOM grovels for attention...

Sitting here in Raleigh, watching the leaves fall and the birds in the nearby oak tree run a commute back and forth from the tree to my neighbors bird feeder. I keep wondering, is that the same bird or different birds? Do they take turns. Do they ever stop? Do the leaves have to keep falling like yellow butterflies falling drop, drop, drop down to the ground??

I'm not a fall person. I never was and never will be. Leaves just shouldn't turn colors like that. I'm a Miami girl, leaves are green and at the end of bushes grown pink hibiscus and green palm fronds twitter in a tropical breeze. Poincianas drop their leaves without this whole yellow, orange festival and come alive in May in Scarlett splendor. I like Spring :)

Fred... is dead. Or so it seems anyway. Never quite sure with tropical systems because where there is convection, there is life and Fred is suddenly convecting again. Downgraded but not out yet.

Isn't it amazing that a storm that was a Category 3 could be gone in just 3 days? I guess...the bigger they come...the harder they fall...

Came on the computer briefly this morning to see if the area in the Gulf of Mexico
was doing anything or if the blob that was wildly red in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico near by blessed Florida Keys was still convecting and it wasn't...but to the right, stage right by eyes got dragged back to Fred.

Storms like this are those annoying boys you kind of sort of liked in elementary school or rather who liked you and did anything to get your attention and then in middle school you bickered through class and argued in the library, in high school you didn't date them because you were dating someone else and they were just annoying ole Freddy and then they go off to college somewhere else and turn into Drop Dead Gorgeous and you are at a different college dating another guy and it just never ends. Just when you think they are gone, dead, forgotten they stroll into weather chat and remind you how damn annoying they were in elementary school!!!

Fred is like that!

You would like to write him off, the NHC has written him off (with a slyly written commentary leaving the door open) and the models seem to suddenly notice how handsome he got around 60w and play with him again as he gets caught, trapped under a strong high moving west. That is...IF...he comes back as some second coming of Fred or he dies a dusty memory.

This is the tropics, this is the drama of it all in a slow, insidious season that hangs over us like a cloud of nuclear waste at the end of a disaster movie. Possibly someone is alive under that cloud of radioactive lime green...

So, I am going out with my guy today, out for brunch and going to try hard to bond with my new blackberry. Very hard for me to let go of the past as you can tell and I hold onto the sidekick and use both but the sidekick is for the hurricane season and well.... it's either really dead or playing possum.

Only time will tell.

One thing nice about Raleigh is the radio stations. And, I hate to say that as I am quoting one of the most handsome guys I ever met who said that about Miami from the top of a bucket truck. Yep, "The River" and "106.1 RDU Country"... really rock. I'm wondering when Kellie Pickler is going to be playing at the Fair and if I can get there to watch her?

And, I am going to ignore Fred for the rest of the day and see how he is after I listen to my favorite Miami Dolphins on NFL Field Pass and then we will see if he is alive or just convection firing up as last yellow flag before he cries uncle and bites the dust.

On a side note... saw this site online at the NHC and wouldn't believe what my first mental image was... or maybe i will, or maybe I'll tell you my second. A bunch of geekily dressed tropical mets from the NHC walking around at some Rooms To Go showroom trying the beds out... "this one's hard" "this one's soft" "this one is just right!!!"
Joint Hurricane Testbed ...indeed....

I'm sorry but when my hurricane friends are busy with Fantasy Football... well what is there to say? And, my political friends are busy with ...Fantasy Football...what is there to say... rolling eyes here. (And, yes that was for know who!!)

Cover of the News Observer is about the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Floyd. What a storm. Did some chasing, tracking and taking pics of that storm in Florida as it blew by and do mean blew by and boy were we lucky... and boy was North Carolina unlucky that year. What a year that was though, such online fun...such discussion so many memories. Good ones.

And, heads up to an earthquake in Venezuela where there was a 6.4 shaker. Have a lot of friends from there, I pay attention when I see it in the headlines.

So, I'm done. I've done my job, blogged on the way too quiet tropics at the peak of the season and taking a vacation today from worrying on Fred and the Gulf of Mexico and deadlines and chores and thoughts of really Key West. Woke up this early this morning with the thought I should walk over and watch the sunrise at the end of Duval and then remembered...this ain't Kansas.

And, by the way... I'm talking Fred not Ed, Ed is a horse of a different color.

Fred is still out there blowing bubbles and firing showers and until it's totally quiet, he is hard to rule out.

Take a little walk, take a deep breath, put on some make up... and consider me gone... boy are the tropical mets depressed... dejected... dead season like Fred.. quote a great song "Consider Me Gone"..

"consider me the smile in an old photograph
who used to make you laugh"

Besos Bobbi

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fred Downgraded to Tropical Storm and 3 Yellow Circles?

Very short on time but just wanted to say the Gulf of Mexico is hot and ripe for development if a low pressure system can take control and become established.. this could be Grace. Or...out by Africa ...or ...well it is peak of the season and during a weak season that translates to "Yellow Circles" not hurricanes.

And... Fred might go west as a very weak storm... possibly to fight again another day.

Going off for Shabbos. Maybe when I am back online tomorrow night we will have our next named storm.


Leave you with this beautiful saying I saw today on a card..

"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving"
Kahlil Gibran

Besos Bobbi

Good Morning Fred and TGIF!!!

See Fred far out in the Atlantic Ocean ... look below and see where he may go...

The above model is the GFS and it's illustrated, interpretation of it's model output. It seems the models over night continued their westward runs of a weakened Fred that gets underneath a strong high pressure ridge and tries to make a run for the Gold. The only problem is... they keep Fred a weak Fred and some even make him into the ever popular tropical entity of the 2009 Hurricane Season... a "remnant low."

Notice how it all rhymes.. remnant low, where to do you go, stay low or to quote a Michael W. Smith song... "Go West Young Man" yet some of the other models go east.

What will it be for Fred? Can he reform himself? Maybe...

That is also what the NHC alluded to in their 5am discussion, the possibility that he is reforming a bit to the SW...but that was just thrown out there like yesterday's leftovers and not as a "for sure" possibility. They left the door open, in case they do just that. If that happened it would change the models and make them probably even come in lower and more to the west.. but that's just a possibility right now! It is possible as if you watch the loops it looks like he parked anchor out there to fight the shear. Possibly put the sails down? Isn't that what sailboats do? Not much of a sailor here and my sailor friends sailed away to ports of call from which they send occasional postcards. Maybe they will run into Fred out there somewhere.

So... Don't count him out just yet but have a great weekend and see where he is on Sunday Night. Of course, they said that about Andrew in Miami on Friday August 21, 1992 but by Sunday Night we could feel his breath on our face at the ocean as his storm surge pounded South Beach before his assault on South Florida. Of course, Andrew was a whole lot closer than Fred is so really... go to the beach, enjoy one last weekend in the sun. But, the lesson to be learned from Andrew is never to count out a weak storm fighting shear mid-ocean as it moves westward as barely a tropical depression or a remnant low. But, remember... there are few like Hurricane Andrew, that is why he is one for the record books.

As for me, I am going shopping! Looking for something special to make for lunch on Saturday and going out tonight for dinner so not that much for me to cook. And, I'll be watching Fred out of the corner of my eye on some loop while I go about my business catching up on paperwork.

Here's a link to loop if you want to watch him too!

Talk later, going to go brew some cafecito and have some breakfast and enjoy the view from the deck...busy little squirrels darting about unlike Fred who is moving barely at all out in the big blue ocean.

Besos Bobbi

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hurricane Fred, Football and Energy..

Hurricane Fred is spinning tonight far out in the Atlantic, the problem is he is going nowhere fast and he is not making much northerly progress. In fact, the new cone of the hour from the NHC has him moving back to the west, sort of gracefully like... an exhausted and weaker storm and westbound for a while.

I'm going to wait til the morning to give my own thoughts on how far west he may get but it is interesting and the models did call this a few days ago. Still, he would have a long, long way to go to affect the U.S. Mainland though I imagine he could get close enough to Bermuda to give it a worry.

This blog tonight is really more about energy than Hurricane Fred, because energy is what it's all about. Hurricanes are nature's way of transferring energy from the equatorial regions to the poles. They bring beneficial rains to the Great American Bread Basket giving America a rich economy where we are able to grow wheat, corn, soy, take your pick or any of the many products that the Midwest puts onto our dining room tables. Wayward Tropical Waves that never make it to be hurricanes work their way west, west-north-west and then northwest towards the Gulf Coast and rain themselves out upon areas further up stream while we turn our attention to the newest wave emerging off the coast of Africa. Somewhere the rain from a weak tropical wave is raining on the plains of Kansas, Nebraska and other farming ports of call. They don't get the wind, they don't get the storm surge, but they get the rain. We really don't give those tropical waves enough respect for their part in keeping our country going. Trust me, those Russian plains don't have anything like we have... and we owe much of that bounty to rain from the tropics.

Only the big organized hurricanes that track around the Atlantic Basin are what we remember. Donna, Hugo, Hazel...the ones that don't pull out and re-curve out to sea or make it up into the Gulf of Mexico. Those are the ones we remember.


Because they had energy... tons and tons of energy wrapped up in their bands and their storm surge and their exploding, multiple vortexes spinning around nature's equivalent to the Atom Bomb, being thrown like a great white bowling ball at our coastlines.

What makes the difference between a weak wave and a strong hurricane?

Energy. Pure and Simple.

Watched football tonight and took some time away from the message boards where people are now talking about the coming winter, El Nino, a coastal low off the East Coat that is serving up vicious weather without ever getting the dignity of a name and a new area down in the Gulf of Mexico where a storm may be forming if it doesn't rain itself out over Texas tonight. Coastal lows, clinging to the coastline, riding the shore and creating misery but no real wicked weather worthy yet of getting the name Grace.

And, Fred is totally ignored as he lumbers about in the distant Atlantic trying to figure out what to do. Reminds me of that song from Oliver, he is reviewing the situation and trying to make a decision.

Question is.. does he have the energy? Does he have what it takes to go for the gold or even the silver? Don't know. Not sure. He looked really beaten up and tired today for a storm that was just recently a major hurricane. He looked a bit like one of those great pitchers who are sent down to the minor leagues to find their groove again, but can he? Will he? Don't know. Only Fred knows.

He does look a bit better tonight I think as he has stopped his northward movement. Just a bit, subtlety ...

Here's a loop. You can see him struggling against the current in the atmosphere that wants to take him out to sea and yet you can also make out the lower level flow that is westbound.

Pittsburgh played Tennessee tonight on the football field. Amazing game. I love watching Jeb Fisher coach. He is so much fun to watch on a field. Intense, quiet than quirky... great fun to watch. And, as a Dolphin fan I was kind of hoping that Pittsburgh would lose but well, they didn't.

Know why? Energy.

The game went into Overtime and after an amazing battle by both teams the score was tied. Four long quarters ...after the first few that remained scoreless. And, although Pittsburgh fumbled the ball just before possibly scoring and winning the game... they gave the ball over to Tennessee and yet.......they still won in overtime.

Know why? Energy.

They lined up, ready to toss the coin to see who was going to win the coin toss and receive the ball and I looked carefully at the players. The Pittsburgh players were hyped despite losing the ball a few moments earlier. The Tennessee players were sweating, was running his hands through his hair with this look of "Oh God I cannot believe we are going into overtime." Now, that's what it looked like he was thinking. He was exhausted, his team mate next to him looked tired, stunned. And, I thought... "Oh God, they are going to lose...."

Know why? Energy.

Tennessee gave up. They were tired. They wanted to win, trust me they wanted to win but when you have been watching football as long as I have.. you can see when a team looks like they are going to lose. You can see it in the way they stand, the way they run to the huddle, the way they look in their eyes.

Football is a game of energy, and who has the power and desire to get that ball across the field at any cost. It's not a game for the faint of heart or the weak or meek, it is one hour on the game clock and if it goes into Overtime... the first team that scores wins, game over.

So, I look at Fred out there tonight... does he have the power and the set up to fight a battle against shear and upper level lows and does he have what it takes to make that trek west or will he wander about, make small little loops and then finally catch a ride out to the North Atlantic and possibly end up as rain washing ashore in Cornwall in a Romance Novel or rain in Spain and the Azores?

Takes a lot to play in Overtime and right now... Fred is going into Overtime...

Energy... it's like the legendary bouncing ball, where will it go? Where will Fred go? Can he make it back up into the majors?

Time will tell...

Discussion from the NHC tonight... with the important parts to think on highlighted. Good discussion tonight by Berg, he has been working over time, my gosh where is Jack Beven, he's been quiet ... a few of the old timers have been. Maybe they are resting up to take on one last big storm that may develop later in the month.. we are just now at the peak of the season, you know.. and as the old rhyme goes.. October all over... except of course for football. Perhaps Tennessee will have a chance to have a rematch later in the Playoffs. Who knows.. I'm hoping the Fins get that opportunity but for to give it to them... Pittsburgh has the energy and if they were a storm they would be a Category Six Hurricane!!


By the way... there is discussion on the possibility of a storm forming in the Gulf and would someone at TWC please let Mike Seidel come out of the rain in New Jersey already...

By the way, those yellow circles are areas of possible development NOT target practice for Fred to aim for as possible destinations... no, those are less than 30% chances for a new storm to form... while everyone is barely paying attention to Hurricane Fred.

As for Fred... come on Fred, take the ball, tuck it safely away and RUN..accelerate to the Northwest!! This is your chance, your chance to do something... or pack it in and let's call it a day!

Grace is waiting...

Besos Bobbi

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hurricane Fred a Major Hurricane, Still Far Away

At 5pm the National Hurricane Center issued an advisory that explained that despite him being a bit weaker, he is still a Major Hurricane, a Category 3.

He is very far away from land and should go out to sea safely but things don't always go as planned in life and so we have to watch it carefully to make sure that he catches his bus to the Sargasso Sea.

There is a small chance that he could weaken and stall out and miss the door and get stuck a while walking more westward while waiting for another door to open up or find someone who picks up hitchhikers named FRED. You can probably ignore this blog for a day or two until a new storm forms and live your life with the calm, assurance that Fred will be a Fish storm.

You can see the face off here in the water vapor image, grab the door Fred...but no, Fred wants to crawl beneath it. No, Fred GO.. GO... Such a drama...

The NHC though has not totally bought the fish plate special and is leaving open the door for possibilities.

Here is the discussion in italics or rather the part that I thought was important to read and think on..


So, we will see what they say at 11.

I really miss using only girl names, I just prefer them for a storm, it seems more in line with the nature of a storm than a name like MITCH or FRED or JOE.

Models paint a pretty modern art version of a field of Monet flowers, don't you think?

Vase...Iris, daffodils maybe?

And, lastly...the NHC always gets the final word... here is the official wiggly cone for Fred:

As for me.. I am making fish for dinner, Cuban fish. Fritos Pescadodos or Pescado Fritos, well whatever.. you know.

Heard a cute song in the store today and tracked it down online... enjoy :)

Be well, be happy and enjoy the sunset where ever you are tonight ..

Fred is Beautiful. Many questions down the road

For now just enjoy Fred spinning far out in the beautiful, blue Atlantic Ocean..

He is much stronger than the early models gave him credit for and that alone raises some questions as to his future and why they read it wrong to begin with...

For now watch this loop and enjoy:

He is moving along ... he may slow down and eventually turn back a bit more to the west though he would have a long, long way to go before affecting land.

Storms like Dora are memorable because they traveled so far...not just because they hit so far up the Florida coast.

Cape Verde storms fade away fast or go slow and put on a show.

What will Fred's legacy be?

Keep watching...

Besos Bobbi

no song.. sorry, not in a very musical mood today .. i miss palm trees..

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

One of those Days... Fred Far Away, Gray & Nice here... Listening to WQAM sports talk

Not much to say about Fred that has not been said. He is stronger than they expected and may get stronger still. Stronger he gets the faster he sails off to see the world, or the North Atlantic.

Area off the Carolinas delivered strong, warm rain and a nice breeze. The air doesn't move much in Raleigh, tho I imagine when a cold front blows through it will blow quite hard.

And, listening to WQAM sports talk on the incredible Miami Hurricanes win last night. Yes, I am still enjoying it...and will for days.

And, listening to birds tweet and twitter as they play on the feeder outside.

And...the Miami Hurricanes are rated... #20 in AP Poll, very cool. Like a storm getting a name and an advisory ;)

Love you all... more later, when and if something big happens with Fred.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Tropical Storm Fred Has Entered the Room... Miami Hurricanes Beat FSU :)

Way out in Africa land, far away and moving this way for now but forecast to be fried fish by Friday. Seems the forecasters don't think it will make it all the way across the pond. We will see. Seen a few this year swim further west than first forecast. And, again...the weaker it stays due to strong shear..the further west it gets. But, there is a big doorway for it to take.. it if takes it.

Pretty storm. Have to say... beautiful little storm. Nice banding, seems to have a good solid center ...very nice.

Heard the wave behind it is... even better ;)

Stayed up watching the UM/FSU game on ESPN. God, I LOVE ESPN!!!

We won, amazing game.. amazing, everything hanging on the last minute, the last play of the game. FSU ran and ran against Miami and suddenly Miami held tight... Seesaw game, great game. Was such a good game I forgot to check on TD7... crazy but true.


Raining here, going to bed. Cicadas are quieter in the rain.. I think that's a bullfrog out there, new sound. No words. Don't care... we won!

So... check out the tropical update from Jim Williams for more details.

My brother gave me play by play after we finished discussing the Canes big win on the football field. Love when my brother calls me to tell me something Jim said, very cute. And... Happy Birthday Jim Williams.. in case you happen to read this and if not so much the better. He really is all about hurricanes... hates when people focus on him and not the Canes.

Wow... how am I ever going to sleep... Canes just beat FSU... upset them, in the last series of plays, came down to the friggin last play, UM wins!

Great triva about the UM and why they are the Canes.. the school opened in 1926... and despite the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 the school went on, the team went on.. life went on. The Ibis was said to be the last bird to leave the Glades before a storm and the first to return!!

Read about it here:

Sweet hurricane dreams...


Tropical Depression #7 - Alive at 5pm ...

The system off the coast of Africa, will be upgraded at 5pm to a Tropical Depression. It's consistently managed to hold onto convection and it spins.

It walks, it swims, it talks... it says, "Here I am!"

Probably will be upgraded to Fred.

Early models show it curving up the Atlantic but that's a distant scenario and I don't jump on early bandwagons, I like to hear what the candidate has to say for himself.

So, for now...from very beautiful and rainy North Carolina... I bring you Fred:

A note on the rain is WARM and very tropical. This is not the rain that I felt when the cold front went through, it's warm... and there is a pervasive sense of humidity in the air. It's apparent on radar it has a spin but the NHC seems want to ignore it as it is too close to the coast...affecting the coast, flooding in some areas. Nice here though... I walked in it a little while earlier. Steady, straight down rain. I did hear though it was windy and wavy at the beach...

More later tonight as there is more information on TD7.

Chow for Now... Bobbi

Labor Day & The Tropics, Red Alert For FRED & Low off the Carolinas

Fred below?? Maybe...

Okay, it's Labor Day. So, often Labor Day Weekend reminds many of hurricanes. Saturday night I was talking to someone about one storm, someone was talking here yesterday about Floyd's anniversary and everyone in South Florida or the Keys thinks... Labor Day Hurricane of 1935.

This year we are lucky, the BBQs and parades can go on and beach cities everywhere can make good money before shutting down for the fall and winter. Okay, might be some rain off the coast of the Carolinas where there is a low forming and moving in bringing gray days and possible rain.

Afternoon thundershowers in Florida... but, hey there are always afternoon thunderstorms in the summer in Florida..

But, still... we lucked out for Labor Day.

For me.. I gave birth to a little boy 20 years ago this Labor Day weekend, thought it was cute to go into Labor on Labor Day...

A Wicked looking Cape Verde storm is forming off the Cape Verde coast but most of the models make it a fish storm... going out to sea. Could be, but I do believe Ana and Bill were originally thought to be fish storms and both did affect land in some way or another so keep watching. With the set up in the Atlantic currently it would be amazing to see it swim this far west though.

Nice tight looking circulation yesterday, losing some tightness and convection today but still, it does have a red circle. Red for Fred.

And, off the coast of the Carolinas there is a small, low that is forming and will move in or up along the coast. Doubt it will get strong enough or tropical enough to be Fred and steal the F name from the African Wave ... odder things have happened but as it is yellow and not red, think Fred may be so far away across the Ocean.
As for me and the soap opera that is my life... I finally found a place where I could feel like I was almost home and have some incredible, freshly brewed Cuban Coffee.

Very nice, beautiful, clean, friendly place...good music too!

In Cary, North Carolina there'a nice little restaurant inside with pictures of Cuba, cigar brands, Varadero Beach and cigar box displays. You don't have to sit outside, not sure why they don't show the pics, it was very cute and sat and sipped my cortadito, can't vouch for the food as I only eat kosher meat but looked incredible and just right. They do have salads and incredible well. A few people had told me about it in passing but it far exceeded anything anyone said. And, I just sipped the cortadito and it was like nectar from the Gods, nirvana...she even made it strong the way I like it!

As for Fred and the Coastal Low... here is a little listening music for your loops, special for Fred...if he is out there playing with his mouse and listening to music today.

Bonus area to watch... in Bay of Campeche down near Mexico ;)

(hey.... see, I do have a sense of humor :P )

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Nothing in the Tropics, Mystical, Musical, Meteo

Sitting here thinking on the lack of hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin and on the reasons ... and those mostly are numbered by explanations of El Nino and it's many assorted conditions that it spawns and yet are not totaly understood.

El Nino.
low water temps in atlantic..oh gee... energy is in the pacific (duh)
TUTTs really big... wind patterns change from El Nino
Shear...El Nino
weak waves... yes and no, they hit a wall of shear

Etc, etc.... you can probably chalk it up to a low incidence of sunspots or the democrats being in charge of the White House again.. G Rays from Mars that have gone unnoticed and a million other reasons but seriously... El Nino IS the BIG CAT.

He is the legendary of Cane Killer or rather he puts a spell on the Atlantic and it falls asleep into a deep slumber waiting for it's poppy seed spell to wear off and when it does, wham, bam ..thank you maam La Nina sprinkles CDO dust into the waves and they begin to spin, and swirl and move west unimpeded towards the American Coast.

Actually, El Nino should be considered a hero... a Super Hero, up there with Superman and Aquaman and Batman.

Guess El Nino is one cool cat if you hate hurricanes... and if you are a tracker you toss your pencils into the garbage, kill your favorite links and sit around looking sad like someone took away your favorite summer and fall toy ...

Blame it on the moon, Blame it on Rio....Blame it on El Nino...

El Nino is like ....

notice thunder from finger tips in second part... love this...

So, when I get depressed... I start to watch CATS and stare and watch my life kaliedscope around in bits and pieces of jagged glass that sing various songs and swirl like broken tropical storms...

I follow College football or politics or take up a hobby, anything to stop me from finishing my novel..

(IHOP has football shaped waffles?? Just looked up at TWC commericials...ewww way too many carbs...I want to feel like I went to IHOP I'll just put some maple in my coffee...and no no no Bobbi do NOT go THERE)

So, the point of this wandering post this morning is... there isn't much to watch in the Tropical Atlantic Basin today.

Enjoy the beach if you've got it. Today would be a great day to be at Bayside or on the Pier at Haulover or at the old arcade where you could play pinball that used to be across the street from it and it's gone now like I am.

I'm going to a friggin barbeque today...

So, Jay if you are out there in Greece... light a candle for me, pretty please. I put December 4th on my google calendar lol and Sue if you are reading this... wink at the ocean for me next time you go and smile when you get some coffee on Lincoln Road and well... Rob, if you are reading this... lay off the carbs and fat and take care of health you great big, piece of ...well, I mean you are the one who said that you were... Oh Bobbi please don't go THERE lol... lol...

Health and wealth to all my friends and may you be surrounded by people you love, flowers and trees and the song of the sea..

Always Bobbi

Ps...if you really NEED to watch something spin... watch the TUTT in the Atlantic, it sort of kind of looks like a hurricane if you make your eyes go blurry want to make believe.. ya always.

Not my favorite Steve Martin performance, prefer Leap of Faith

King Tut, Live Steve 1979


Don't you just love subplots that are so often forgotten except for those who cannot forget...

Nothing in the Tropics, Meandering Musical Muse Post

Sitting here thinking on the lack of hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin and on the reasons ... and those mostly are numbered by explanations of El Nino and it's many assorted conditions that it spawns and yet are not totally understood.

El Nino.
low water temps in Atlantic..oh gee... energy is in the pacific (duh)
TUTTs really big... wind patterns change from El Nino
Shear...El Nino
weak waves... yes and no, they hit a wall of shear

Etc, etc.... you can probably chalk it up to a low incidence of sunspots or the democrats being in charge of the White House again.. G Rays from Mars that have gone unnoticed and a million other reasons but seriously... El Nino IS the BIG CAT.

He is the legendary of Cane Killer or rather he puts a spell on the Atlantic and it falls asleep into a deep slumber waiting for it's poppy seed spell to wear off and when it does, wham, bam ..thank you maam La Nina sprinkles CDO dust into the waves and they begin to spin, and swirl and move west unimpeded towards the American Coast.

Actually, El Nino should be considered a hero... a Super Hero, up there with Superman and Aquaman and Batman.

Guess El Nino is one cool cat if you hate hurricanes... and if you are a tracker you toss your pencils into the garbage, kill your favorite links and sit around looking sad like someone took away your favorite summer and fall toy ...

Blame it on the moon, Blame it on Rio....Blame it on El Nino...

El Nino...oh well never was there a weather event as clever as Mr. El Nino...

notice thunder from finger tips in second part... love this...

So, when I get depressed... I start to watch CATS and stare and watch my life kaleidoscope around in bits and pieces of jagged glass that sing various songs and swirl like broken tropical storms...

I follow College football or politics or take up a hobby, anything to stop me from finishing my novel..

(IHOP has football shaped waffles?? Just looked up at TWC commercials...ewww way too many carbs...I want to feel like I went to IHOP I'll just put some maple in my coffee...and no no no Bobbi do NOT go THERE)

So, the point of this wandering post this morning is... there isn't much to watch in the Tropical Atlantic Basin today.

Enjoy the beach if you've got it. Today would be a great day to be at Bayside or on the Pier at Haulover or at the old arcade where you could play pinball that used to be across the street from it and it's gone now like I am.

I'm going to a friggin barbeque today...

So, Jay if you are out there in Greece... light a candle for me, pretty please. I put December 4th on my google calendar lol and Sue if you are reading this... wink at the ocean for me next time you go and smile when you get some coffee on Lincoln Road and well... Rob, if you are reading this... lay off the carbs and fat and take care of health you great big, piece of ...well, you said it I believe... Oh Bobbi please don't go THERE lol... lol ...take care of yourself!

Health and wealth to all my friends and may you be surrounded by people you love, flowers and trees and the song of the sea..

Always Bobbi

Ps...if you really NEED to watch something spin... watch the TUTT in the Atlantic, it sort of kind of looks like a hurricane if you make your eyes go blurry want to make believe.. ya always.

Not my favorite Steve Martin performance, prefer Leap of Faith

King Tut, Live Steve 1979


Don't you just love subplots that are so often forgotten except for those who cannot forget...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Watching Erika Remants Spin but...Where Would She Go?

That is my question for the day...

See the loop:

Hostile out there, really... not a friendly view of the tropics. Even in the image above you can see the shear shooting of towards the remnants of Erika.

Interestingly enough the Tropical Update out of the NHC this morning showed equal odds for the remnants of Erika and the once vigorous waves off of Africa. Seems he went from "vigorous" to "still has the potential" in the 8 AM Outlook... Wow, that's harsh. Sort of like saying "he has a good personality..."

Anyways, lots of trackers out there up watching waves, as I said in my blog last night... whether by the light of the laptop shining in the dark or at the NHC with all those big screen computers, trackers are up watching waves... and they will continue to do so all Labor Day Weekend.

As for me.. I am making stuffed peppers for tonight with Yukon gold mashed potatoes. My friend is at Folly Beach, not being bothered by Erika or Fred it seems and she is a happy camper! Trying to figure out how and when to get down to Charleston or up to Savannah for a little vacation myself...depends where I am at any given time. And, on Sundays for the time being..real soon.. I will be in front of the TV watching football! Dolphins won last night...YAY. A win is a win. A wave is a wave and a remnant low is a possibility.

If it's early September and you can't find me or I am not reading my email, you know where I will be. Hurricane City. Why? Cause they are tracking, talking and discussing the tropics 24/7 for the next month or two.

Proof...names deleted for anonymity

Radar shows center over Antigua - Today, 12:47 am
Re: Radar shows center over Antigua -, Today, 1:34 am
Re: Radar shows center over Antigua - , Today, 1:49 am
Two LLC's at 5:57UTC, Sep 4th - Today 2:04 am
Re: Two LLC's at 5:57UTC, Sep 4th - Today, 3:30 am

Posts made last night... posts I read this morning before sipping my coffee or reading email. Such a group, great group of people there for one reason and one reason only... tropical weather!

This song is stuck in my mind, odd song.. my ex-husband liked it. Except I keep thinking the words are

"talking about the boys from Hurricane City" lol..

Hey...truth is Erika looks exactly the same way she did for the last several days when we tracked her as a Storm and a Depression... keeps blowing green bubbles on funktop and keeps spinning on the morphed composite...s

So...going to sit a bit at Hurricane City and watch Jim, Jac, Jack, Doorman and Target shoot the tropical breeze for all to see and watch those loops spin and maybe... I'll listen to my Footloose CD today. That was my favorite 80s musical, much more my style.. always loved farmboys and cowboys and good ole boys from Bird Road!

Did I mention the models are playing with Erika too??? Seems no one can take their eyes off....oh lord, I need to go take a shower, drink some coffee and do some email.
Stop playing on youtube while watching loops ...

allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

Hey, you know...hard to ignore a guy like Lex.. he was always trying to control the far ahead of his time ;) Control the weather and you have the ULTIMATE power economically and politically... why do you think we were studying meteorology for a degree in International Relations, hmmmmmmnnnn

Model link:

I am taking a shower and NOT posting a link to Psycho!! And, by the way...have not even GONE THERE about that movie with the psycho scene that did in the reporter and the hunky weather guy and how the weather girl takes a bullet in the arm trying to ...well... really, was that necessary????? No words. I have a long memory when it comes to some things it seems...

Chow for now.. Bobbi


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Erika's Demise...

Erika collapsed today into a group of interconnected swirls of circulation centers and was deemed a "remnant low" or some such handle and she will be watched for possible regeneration later on down the road. That means that some of the models refuse to let her die and see her coming back to life in the Bahamas or Florida, possibly an Anthropologie store if she can find one.

This makes many in the Lower 48 extremely happy that they can go to the beach and frolic this Labor Day Weekend and enjoy the last official weekend of Summer.

I've had a long day, busy with personal things and watching Erika here and there as well as the ever changing models.

There is an African Wave but until it is at least an Orange Alert I just can't seem to work myself up over it and if something is called "vigorous" shouldn't it be orange not yellow?

Saw Mums on sale tonight at the market... orange, yellow..the colors of fall.

So ends the ongoing drama of a storm that no one could ever get right, models forecast an intense hurricane, others forecasted a weak storm.. others were right and had it fade away.

Truth is ... it's a very unfriendly water vapor out there in the tropics and I don't see how Erika is going to be reborn and if she is... don't think she will be Erika. Possibly, at the end of the front in the Atlantic something could form.. don't know for sure. I'm just watching.

Watching the Miami Dolphins on a winning streak in a sweep of the pre-season games and enjoying that glow of a Dolphin win ;) Hoping that glow does not fade away when the prime time season begins...for now I am glowing...

Erika is not glowing, though she is showing some signs of life on the various loops that trackers watch by the dim light of the laptop when all the world is sleeping, looking for a tower or a burst of convection or a possibility of perfection ...that one wave that doesn't get away.

Official comments from the NHC in it's last advisory written by Avila on Erika. Note, they are looking for ship reports and hold a narrow door of opportunity for Erika to come back but I really think she is fading away.





And, I am going to the glow of a Miami Dolphin Win and a pretty productive day!

Sweet Dolphin Dreams... Bobbi