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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jumping the Gun.... Starting theSeason and Oreo Cheesecake!

So... just wanted to say the 2009 Season is officially here even if we did jump the gun so to speak. And, there was another chance earlier last week so would say this means an early beginning. Depends if El Nino is lurking or not to see how we end up finish the season. Ya know that old saying.. it's not over til it's over!

As for me... I just want to remind my friends here.. I will be posting from North Carolina and I still will be visiting South Florida. I am not really going anywhere, I am here in cyberland where you can always find me so anyone worrying on that (you listening???) life will go on.. I'll just see the world from a bit of a different perspective.

As for me.. going off now for the Jewish Holiday of Shavous... making oreo cheesecake and dairy foods and having turkey and stuffing for other meals and I will be busy, but my mind will be on the tropics.. like always as I sit around in Miami watching the summer rain come down.

Love and kisses...chocolate kisses and oreo cookies!
If Ana forms... say hello for me and give her my regards!

Tropical Depression #1 - Will it become Tropical Storm ANA??? OFFICIAL START OF THE 2009 HURRICANE SEASON .. EARLY..

The 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season started a few days early when the funky little blob shown in the previous post was upgraded by the forecasters at the National Hurricane Season. Good call! Truth, justice..honesty rains supreme.. as that blob looked incredible on the Dvorak and other measuring tools and is in the intensifying mode and not done intensifying.

The Season has started... this is not a drill, not a publicity stunt (sic) by the NHC but the Real Thing. And, the evolution is clearly visible on this loop and many other sites around the tropical town.

We are a village of many parts... many ways of looking at a system and evaluating it. Scientific terms that would boggle the brain but the NHC remains the only player in town who gets the right to call a blob a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm Ana..which may happen later today if the current trends continue.

Okay... guess the little funky blob did indeed get the attention it deserved and was upgraded at 11am to a full fledged TROPICAL (warm core) DEPRESSION and very well could be upgraded to Tropical Storm Ana!

Another good site... good loop:

Good site to follow it is Mark Sudduth's site seeing as it is off the coast of the Carolinas which is..where I will soon be moving to in a few weeks.

A note here about size and potential. A Tropical Depression is a Tropical Depression when it meets certain parameters. It's not about how big it is... size indeed in this case does NOT matter.. small or large it fits the bill and is upgraded. Whether it lasts two days or two weeks or rushes off to sea to interfere with ships at sea or slams onto your beachy shore.. it is the first Tropical Depression of the 2009 so DEAL WITH IT.. a nice heads up from Mother Nature to remind you to go out and buy the supplies that you need NOW while it's just TD #1 out at sea and not Hurricane Ida knocking at your door!

This may and most likely will be named Ana if the trend continues.

Stay tuned for more updates later today...and once again.. Bobbi knows a storm when she sees one ;) Umm...that's why I am BobbiStorm ;)

Love you all.. welcome to the wild ride that will be the 2009 Hurricane Season!
Sooner..rather than later ;)

Funky Blob Off the Carolinas...

The Invest known as "91" is now pulling itself together in a nice, round little ball trying to get some attention after hearing the flights were canceled yesterday I suppose. Even has this little rudimentary band on the top lol.

Hard to get respect in May still... seems like June and even that is too soon but it's still May.

So... just pointing it out between wondering on earthquakes, moving experiences and other news of the world... it is still there and it does look pretty good on some satellite imagery... not as great in others. Like being a beautiful woman in your older years, put on a little make up... the right clothes and you look great. The baby boomers are going to go out in style it seems.

So... here's one pic above... moving fast and gonna be a problem for ships at sea I think providing nice surf and some strong weather but will it get a name?? Don't think so but people are watching none the same.

BIG BLOG IN THE GULF OF MEXICO.. moving this way... not tropical but wow, messy and filled with rain.. more rain. Raining every day now.

Here's a link for the Funky Blob off the Carolinas.. and as much as I can't wait to go back to OBX... am very happy to be here with warm surf in Miami this weekend. Just have to find the right hour to run over to the beach with my husband who arrived late last night. Can't wait to go to the beach but work awaits and the Jewish holiday of Shavous otherwise known as the cheesecake and ice cream holiday is almost here. Bought Edwards and making Ice Cream Sundaes as well!!

Love and kisses...Bobbi..still in Miami for a little while longer..

Looks like it wants more attention than it is getting... just my thoughts..

Besos Bobbi

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lunch Time Update on 91L .. System off Carolinas

Okay... fast little update here on my lunch break.

The NHC is issuing "Special Tropical Weather Outlooks" on it and has given it a yellow as 30% chance currently. Stay tuned for more updates. The dream team over at the NHC has posted this info:



So...there you go ... keep watching because they are watching and well's still a bit close to the coast even if most models take it out to sea.. the GFDL the favored child of the set takes it up through the Nags Head area and if that would pan out I would expect to see one of the TWC people out there looking seriously wind blown.

Maybe... gotta run before I get caught in the rain here.. and it washes out my lunchtime walk.

Nice loop, very closed, neat system depending on which satellite you look at..

System Being Monitored off SE Coast Headed North.. Have you bought your batteries yet???

Real system above ...not so real system below..

Okay, have to make this quick... have clothes to pick and hair to straighten and things to do.

And, nothing is really going on that will amount to much the northern Bahamas, really off the Carolinas (is that an official rhyme??) there is a system that is moving north. It most likely won't develop and most likely won't do much but bring big surf and give my friends something else to stare at other than the afternoon sky and read damage reports out of Bangladesh and other tropical ports of call that are having tropical weather.

You see as we sit here doing not a whole lot there are people digging out from a very bad cyclone. has good stories on Aila.

In this part of the world it is hurricane preparedness week over at the NHC and they are testing out their ham radio set ups and everyone is tuning up their websites and getting ready for the start of the 2009 Hurricane season.

My question... have you bought your batteries for your weather radio yet?

Better question...have you bought your weather radio?

Better question... DO YOU HAVE A PLAN??

As for me, digging through the old hurricane box and packing up parts of it and sifting through the things I will leave behind. It's almost empty, down to the bottom... if there is a storm before I leave I will go to my brothers I guess. If.. June may be slow.. maybe be too soon... will see.

Will 2009 be a big season or a weak one..only time will tell BUT just remember and it's not the size of the season that counts but where you are when the hurricane hits. It only takes one and if that one has your name written on it.. it will be the Hurricane Season of your life.


til then..get out and have some fun while the sun is shining.

As for me.. will be the beach or curry for lunch :)

Besos Bobbi
ps... don't worry much on Invest 91..not unless it gets a name.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miami Monsoons & The Loop Current

To start off with it was a beautiful sunrise in Miami this morning. Almost quiet. One could be lured into thinking the storms of yesterday past could not be repeated today. That's not true, this is the Miami Monsoon Season ...something rarely explained to tourists ... and the air is unstable. See picture the picture above and the picture below. Note they were taken about 3 minutes apart. Note that cloud in the middle that is punching it's way up or trying to...

Yesterday at 4pm looking west:

Then it moved East and when the storm was above us and small funnel clouds were dangling from the sky it looked like this...

Miami.. in all her Monsoonal Majesty

This is what yesterday looked like around 4pm.. which was darker and wilder than it looked the first time it rained around 2pm.

Going to put up a link today and possibly every day this week that may come in handy during the Hurricane Season.

The Loop Current. Prior to the year of Katrina, Wilma and "how I lost my electric for 3 weeks" no one seemed to know nothing about the loop current. Ever since the moment a system, an undefined possible system gets near the Gulf of Mexico on a model someone screams "LOOP CURRENT" as if they sighted Moby Dick. I figure it's better for you to read now than to get scared later. I learned about it years ago while learning in oceanography how El Nino causes fishing boat wars in Peru and why the International Courts do not work well or in a timely fashion. Weather, water... it's all related in this game we called "atmospheric science."

Note how it takes that cute little dip shoots out and about and how the Gulf Stream kisses Miami? Nice... will explain that later :)

Love and kisses...

Besos Bobbi

Ps or as we like to call it peek a boo..
Nice sites that explain more:,_Florida (surf down to climate)

Monday, May 25, 2009

BobbiStorm Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Tropics Memorial Day...

My name is Bobbi Storm and I am a weather addict ;)

Okay, smiling but well... one does wonder sometimes on the grand, esoteric questions in the universe beyond did you or didn't you BBQ today!!

I am someone who is... "weather involved" one might say .. and was said on the record.

In less than a week the real show here begins.. the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

During the off-season I am prone to rants, silly posts and my mind meanders places it sometimes shouldn't go. But, it's my blog and my life and life goes on as a good friend is want to say often.

I am in the process of moving from Miami to Raleigh but... I really live at Hurricane City from June through November with trips to Cyclone world on another website and I even belong to Hardcore Weather. I'm a writer. I'm a lover of history and frequently do research on tropical weather patterns and how they impact areas in the hurricane belt from a economic, demographic and historical point of view.

Example? Oh... you want an example..

Galveston was THE CITY in those parts of the world, however because a memorable, massive hurricane hit the city at just about the time that Houston was enjoying oil money and wanted to build their ship channel.... the traffic went up the ship channel and Houston became Houston as we know it and the Space Center was not built on Galveston Island where buildings are want to slip, slide away into the Gulf of Mexico. It's all in the timing. Had that hurricane not hit.. perhaps the ship channel was just a folly and a waste of a lot of money. Maybe not... it's all in timing.

Read about in the link above. An amazing hurricane. A good book too if anyone wants to read Isaac's Storm. Then again... the book doesn't tell the whole story of the feud between two brothers, one Isaac and the other his younger brother Joseph. There is always a story underneath the story like layers of an onion's skin and well maybe that is another book that is yet to be written.

I cover a storm differently than other places.. I can link to points of interest, evacuation information and links to help affected areas after the storm has passed. I show the human side of things, the historical perspective..sometimes I show the musical perspective.

I've been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, which trust me is much better than being quoted by the Washington Post and steered clear of the New York Times.

I studied meteorology in college as it related to my degree in International Revolution. How so you ask? me weather has played a big part of Russian History. It has been both their savior (Napolean) and their cross to bear in their ongoing desire for a warm water port and a way to perfect their very short growing season in the farm belt way up north of where ours is and theirs is not blessed by moisture from errant tropical waves that never get a name but water the heartland when they hit the shore running and their moisture ends up in faraway places like Oklahoma and Iowa and sometimes Wisconsin.

America is blessed with some of the best weather on the globe.. a great climate for prosperity though it dimmed a bit during the days of the Dust Bowl. You live, you learn, life goes on.

I'm friends with crazy weather kids who watch radar and satellite for days on end watching every little wave that slides off of Africa and fizzles half way to our side of the Atlantic. I had friends growing up whose fathers worked at the Hurricane Center or who flew planes into Canes. Nothing like being 8 and staring up at a picture of an eye wall taken by a neighbor's son during a Thanksgiving Dinner to get the blood racing and wondering what it must be like to really be inside a hurricane. Know a few people there now.. good friends, very good friends who have enriched my life and taught me more about hurricanes than I ever learned at FIU years ago. I also have a degree in English.. you know ... Fitzgerald, Falkner and Hemingway who was the first reporter on the scene of the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane when he took his boat the Pilar up the mangroves and discovered dead people hanging in trees and bodies of veterans tossed about on beaches and wedged into mangroves while their bodies were rotting. He wrote an amazing piece on the Hurricane that forced a Government Hearing to be held to see whether there was anything that the government could have done to protect our veterans a little better. Bottom line.. since it was a Category 5... there really was nothing you could do to stop an Act of God although they did feel really badly that those veterans who had marched on Washington years earlier died down in the Florida Keys. His article was very controversial, he was called a liar and a Marxist and the truth is probably as lost as is real data on the storm itself. A small storm the likes of which we have never really seen exactly that blew ashore across a part of the Florida Keys that is as thin as a strand of pearls strung across a Sappharie Sea. And, good old Max Perkins who usually was in charge of F. Scott Fitzgerald's stories on flappers and the lost generation ends up with a on the scene, eye witness to a hurricane by one of America's greatest authors. Go figure.. it's not what you know but who you know.

Fitzgerald wrote about weather often as well.

Most writers love weather... it's a part of the story as much as how something smells, how it looks, how it did the rain feel when it was coming down onto a crime scene washing away any traces of blood or genetic material that would tell us who the real culprit is..was... well.. you get the idea.

Lex Luthor was no dummy, he wanted to control the weather because the man...the country who controls the weather will one day control the world.

Yup.. you heard it here first. HAHA I beat Matt on this one... on a sunday night in Bobbi's life blogging her little heart out and wondering on the mysteries of the universe. I don't need you Mr. Drudge I have your music.. I can listen to Windmills of Your Mind anytime my little heart desires. Still feels like something is missing tho on Sunday nights. More fun listening to you play it than me digging through Bobbi CDs looking for the one I like best though I made an Allison whatever her name one at the old Hear Music Store on Lincoln Road that is gone..but not forgotten.

You want to read a thriller? Forget that new Stephen King novel.. put it down... go over to computer and watch a cyclone as it makes its way towards land.. will it make landfall in a tiger preserve or will it smash into Bangladesh... weather is the story but then Stephen knows that doesn't he... because he includes it in the title to his books.. often.

You still here?

Why are you here?

Why are you reading this?

Oh... you like weather too??? I see...

Well, stick around... cause in a few days the games begin and the curtain will go up on the 2009 Hurricane Season. Will it be a bad season or an easy one? Don't know but do know it all depends on where you are when the big one hits. It's all a matter of timing. Will you be in the right spot and the wrong time or the wrong spot at the right time to catch the storm??

Stay tuned.. it's the biggest drama on earth.

Other things you might want to know about me?

I like purple..and green. I love music, dancing and football. Miami Dolphins and the Boston Red Sox. I am one of those rare but beautiful Southern Jewish girls who was raised down south when Miami was still part of the South. My Grandma had an accent as strong as Miss Lillians if you remember who Jimmy Carter is.. I keep the Jewish Sabbath so I am not around from sundown Friday until Saturday after sunset. Hey, a girls got to get her beauty rest...ya know ;)

(really...we were like the ONLY family on the block NOT to have a Swamp Buggy or boat to go fishin' and huntin' in the Glades... )

Oh.. and I have a lot of kids... who live all over in various places where snow falls and where there are tornadoes and sometimes storm surge and well you just never know for sure.

Oh.......I'm also a Conch by blood, my great grandparents lived in Key West way, way, way back... a few greats... on Whitehead Street and luckily they missed any big hurricanes and luckily they went north to have my Grandma because the Spanish American War took over St. Marys and the nuns were too busy to birth any babies while the war was going on so thanks to the wonderful Mother Superior who was friends with my great grandmother my Grandma Mary (Miriam) was born and well... very old Florida, Key West, Ybor City and Quincy Florida where they grew "shade tobacco."

You still here?

Just telling you a little bit about who I am why I am here.

Why do I go to message boards and read emails from special email groups ... to be able to learn more, exchange information and to have fun.

Got this little piece of video on that was posted by Hardcore Weather.

Check it out... beautiful video of the storm that had no name... the storm that wasn't officially a depression but that dumped tons of rain and had sustained winds similar to a Tropical Depression.

Wish I was there this weekend...really, you have no idea. But, was here. Have gone weather chasin' a bit, taken some of the most incredible pics of storm surge and water spouts and well.. I can be one of the boys though usually wearing Victoria Secrets Bras and Candies High Heels... but still I am just one of the boys ;)

So... Bobbi packed for North Carolina and didn't get to go chase the storm with no name... lol.. giggling, hope someone gets this ;)

What is in a name afterall?? Good question, tried not to think on that this weekend and to just live, enjoy and remember that it really doesn't make a difference because uh huh.... you heard it here.. Life Goes On.

Keep the Faith... Bobbi Storm blogging from her bed on a nice little netmachine that weighs like 2 pounds and let's me watch the water vapor go round.

If you are still here........................note I did not say anything mean about Rob Reiner.. nothing, nope... as good as gold here. Not that I am afraid of him mind you. Nah...............angel of a man, really..salt of the earth..did I say salt, I didn't mean salt.. no ummm sunshine. Like sunshine lol... giggling.. lol can't stop giggling.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Tropical Low in the Gulf of Mexico - Bobbi Plays In the Rain in Florida

The NHC sent out a "SPECIAL TROPICAL WEATHER OUTLOOK" this afternoon for the second time in a pre-season period to give a heads up that they are carefully monitoring the system in the Gulf of Mexico for possible development.

And, I quote, "AN AIR FORCE RESERVE HURRICANE HUNTER AIRCRAFT WILL INVESTIGATE THE LOW TOMORROW... IF NECESSARY" which shows how seriously they are watching it as it seems to have gone through a phase of development today and conditions are getting more favorable for something to form. And, if it formed it would be close in and not give people in the Florida Panhandle or along the Gulf Coast who are vacationing on Memorial Day Week to properly prepare or evacuate. Probably will just be rain and if I was staying up there I would love nothing more than to ride out such a storm and feel the beauty of nature up close and personal. Not talking Cat 3 here.. talking possible sub-tropical or a Tropical Storm I think and that is pushing it. Could fall apart just as fast...

Loop the loop and look for yourself:

Early model runs.. very early and not set in stone:

Also..there have been deaths down near Haiti and flooding rains which were produced when a part of the system in the Carib lingered too long over an island already way too prone to recent flooding. As referenced earlier today in my blog... that was some intense batch of rain down there the last few days.

Models seem to play at a possible system in the Bahamas in a few day. I don't know. Maybe the models are just a little play happy this season or it really, truly will be an early season. El Nino may be forming and if so.. it could end the season earlier than usual so.. will see how the numbers play out in a few months.

As for me.. I played in the rain today :) Yup, stood outside in an afternoon rain shower today. Just stood there and felt the rain on my head, my face and caught a few rain drops on my tongue. Felt good. Felt great. Just sat there and sort of talked to God in a way that I can't always do. And, then a rainbow came out. Really, beautiful rainbow from one side of the sky to another... awesome. Nothing is as beautiful as the natural wonders that God puts all about us every day and we just have to find a way to stop and play.. and enjoy...and savor.

So.. keep watching the Gulf of Mexico and keep watching the beauty unfold around your while you walk on your way this weekend. Whether at the beach or in your bedroom or for a late night victory walk under a canopy of stars ;) Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Besos... Good Shabbos, Bobbi ;)

Friday... Morning Rain and Memorial Day, Tropic Watch

So here we are trying to get used to my newest little toy and enjoy the weekend. Personally...I have a half day today and then am off for 3 and a half blessed days ;)

My youngest son just landed in New York on his way to some big, end of the year Bnei Akiva weekend. My daughter is in Central Park watching Greenday in Central Park. Another daughter down here and I will be packing and enjoying a few days off.

There's color down in the tropics this morning yet nothing is really going on. Amazes me that something could look so "real" and be soooo deceiving. I mean you see the color, you see the round circular shape and you want to scream SHARK!!! and yet it's really just a porpoise swimming around down there or a lost dolphin who can't find his way back home.. wherever home is..

No... don't believe everything you see ..because if you did.. you'd think Tropical Storm Ana is forming down there in the Carib and yet... trackers everywhere are in fact watching the Gulf of Mexico AKA GOM for development. Dream development if you ask me but hey... who am I do knock dreamers? If you look for a bigger, wider sat you will see things are popping in the BOB also known as Bay of Bengal. Don't weather and computer people just love to write in initials. As for me... I know my limits and they are the Atlantic Basin. Only so much one girl can look at one time. I'm not the one sitting there on the watch with all those nice big screens in front of me!

Got to go to work. Then... come home and hang out, shop with Sharon (should be a movie) and make dinner for Shabbos (Sweet and Sour Meatballs Southern Style over Yellow Rice.. Miami Southern haha) and gonna rest... relax, hang with my kids who will be over for dinner. Gonna read the rest of "The Shack" which was a present or a "complimentary copy" from a good friend. Nice.. kill off Missy, very strange but true. Ahh...what's in a name? Guess I'll have to read it to understand. Thank you... wherever you are...

And.... as Oceanbreeze on a message board gave a great post about my Carib Non-System I'll play a tune they referred to this morning..

thank you... and just remember... never believe everything you see or hear...

For my son Shuky and his robotical past ;)
(won Florida Regionals in his Senior Year!)

Peek a boo... besos boo :P
(rolling eyes.. boobi)

pps for jay... mother HATED this song ;) lol I always loved of my favorites!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My House - May 21st, 2009

Today is the 3rd anniversary of when I moved into this very fine house. Three years ago. Took this big crazy step and decided to move and to do it NOW...meaning we were out of the old house in less than 2 weeks.

How did I do that?

One.. I rent. Two.. I rent from a very good friend. Three... I can be nuts when I really put my mind to it.

I had been living in a very large house that my ex-husband and I were renting when we first moved from Miami Beach up to North Miami Beach. It was a nice house, a good house. It afforded us an opportunity to make changes and yet changes were not made and as so often happens the problems of the past followed us to that house. I often think had we stayed on Miami Beach we would not have gotten divorced. Maybe I'm wrong and yet it doesn't really matter because in the end we did and that house will always be the house where my life fell apart.

This house was the house where my life was put slowly back together.

I lived in the old house eleven amazing years. Amazing because boy does life pass fast when teenagers are partying, when you have a close ongoing relationship with FPL trucks and when you are living on automatic.. which I was.. I think.

What can you say when you call the fire department that a neighbor across the street's house is on fire and FPL gets there faster than the fireman or the police? When your daughter thinks the ex (from whom you have a restraining order from) calls the police and the moment the police leave after taking a report a FPL truck pulls up and parks on the side street and stays there the sun comes up hours later. A lot of really cute FPL men I must say, especially the one with the cowboy hat but I am digressing. I think if I would draw an angel in my mind their wings back then would have been the buckets that reached high into the sky often from their trucks that so often were some company from Louisiana doing work in Florida.

:) I cannot believe I am writing this lol but I am. Because it was such a large part of the circus that went on in that house and one cannot write about this house without writing about the other.

The other house was dark, had no cross ventilation and no air moving about. It had more colors than you could paint on a house and yet you cannot paint away feelings or bad memories or create change by painting a new color on the pallet of those many walls. Okay, you can rent change for a few weeks but eventually you feel the same whether the walls are canyon coral or sea foam green. One wall was both... really.
My kids partied nonstop practically from the moment we moved in til the moment we moved out and they moved the party here. The bench died at 1151 and we never got another one. We had a few there..the kids sat on it and called themselves "porch monkeys" and many fine, upstanding people in the community would drive by and scowl at youth having it's day in the Florida sun. If not then...when?

But.. I had to move. The family became smaller, including the young hanger ons who would stay for a week or two or more with one of my kids because they were best friends and had problems at home or were "down visiting" or whatever excuse there was to stay at "the Meyer House" which was more a bed and breakfast than a home. Was time to move... my landlord had another house down the block and around the corner a bit. Smaller, easier I thought to live in and it was a needed change. Unsure whether to move or not he sent over the "handyman" lol who trust me was really handy often :) and he tossed the keys at me for 920 and said, "Bracha.. (he calls me Bracha in his great Trinidad accent) Bracha.... here are the keys to 920, go over there, look at it, think on it.. MAKE UP YOUR MIND... now you have two sets of keys. Let us know which one you want. Now you got two houses, choose one!" and he got in his pick up truck and smiled and drove off :)

I chose this one. I chose change.

I took one of my closest hurricane buddies to look at the house. He looked, walked around the back and the sides and the front. Pointed out the trees that would cause a problem in a hurricane and told me to cut it. I told him I liked it. He said it would scrape the roof if we had one. We didn't. I won ;) And, the jalousies that would let way too much air in and way too much air out. They did.. winters were wonderfully cool and summers were horribly hot. He called it a "Pt. St. Lucie Old Florida house from the 50s" and so it was and I smiled and knew I was taking it.

It has a breeze running through it when you open all the jalousies and it lets light in. You can see down the street and watch the sunrise or look outside through a filtered view of palm fronds. I planted bougainvillea and it just began to flower on the side of the house. There is a coconut palm with real coconuts in the backyard. And, the kids moved the party so that often on the front lawn are parked the fanciest or the bummiest cars. Anything from fixer uppers that can barely drive to Mercedes and Porsche Cayennes. You just never know who is visiting, hanging or spending the night. They go to a private school on a big scholarship, amazes me kids who live in mansions like to hang here. Why? Don't know. It's "the Meyer House" I guess. Good kids, good friends...been some great parties in the great big back yard.

I had boyfriends in the old house. Wonderful boyfriends but no real commitments, no long term I love yous yet lots of love. I am blessed always with good friends and lots of love. Yes, I do say thanks to God often. Here I found love and marriage and met my husband and grew up a little. I was calmer, happier.. more easy going. Not the Cribs kitchen I designed and my landlord put in.. well we designed it together and Lincoln put it in.. backwards once but he redid it. Was the most incredible kitchen, better than Better Homes and Gardens but it was a just a kitchen. This kitchen is nice as well... just not worthy of being on TV. Well..we won't go there... some TV show somewhere I imagine.

And... we never had a hurricane in this house. Lots of rain, storms and sunny weather. The other house saw us through Katrina and Wilma and near misses by Georges and a lightning strike so close that my ears rang.

We moved into this house when the roof still leaked from the Hurricanes of 2005 but well..that roof leaked also lol. And, I trusted him to fix it as he promised. One daughter moved out, one moved in. My married kids left and took the dog with them :( and it's been a nonstop, fast moving three years and now it is almost over.

There will be no more "Meyer House" in Miami or North Miami Beach though there is a luxury loft in Aventura that will see a lot more action it seems.

And, I am packing up this house, box by box, paper by paper, gift by gift from unseen friends who have already sent gifts to the new house. I wonder if anyone even knows what things have been saved over time that I must go through and discard and remember while moving out of this house. It's like walking through the scripts of a thousand unwritten movies and a few that were even made. It's like watching your life in 3/4 time go by and I am now sure if your life does pass before your eyes .. I now know what I will remember. I will remember my kids, my boyfriends... and the love they passed around. I will remember a man who came into my life for a day and stayed a little longer and his memory makes me smile always. I will remember a guy who wanted to date me for 7 years because he saw me dancing once and when he heard I was single, came over and saw me drive up with Sharon and got out of his car, ran over ...grabbed my groceries and took them in the house. Nice pick up line.. I will remember the best girlfriend a girl can ever have who spent a good month of their life here dressed in some great outfits and often wearing what I now call PF Yellow! Pale yet vibrant :)

I am moving... really moving... not today, not tomorrow but before this hurricane season is over.

What kind of door does that open to change and what change do I really want to make?

Good question.

I want to write and want to dance and want to watch weather. I want to live and laugh and be silly... be me. Be Bobbi.

So... excuse me if I take the time to write a very personal entry in my own diary before moving on to the heart of what this blog is

In moving away from Miami I am moving away from The Hurricane Center and friends on Virginia Key and the ability to run over and listen to Bill Gray speak or go out to lunch with a good friend and talk life, talk weather and watch the sun go down over Biscayne Bay. We will still email but it won't be the same. I got an interoffice memo the other day from a friend's email and stared at it thinking .. "ummmmm" and asked him why he sent it. He frowned and said, "his email misses me I guess" or something similar lol. I know, I am still here and yet I miss Miami.

Miami in all her beauty... 6am with the sun rising visible from my porch while I take in the mail or water the plants or clean out a garbage can. Afternoon thunderstorms, flooded streets in May when the rain doesn't stop, lightning storms in June and the possibility of hurricanes in September Remember. Bitching that the jalousies don't close well, that the AC doesn't work and watching the sun set through the jalousies through the filtered green lace of palm fronds out my bedroom window.

Life.. it's about living and about change. If you don't change you become stagnant and you may as well be dead. If something isn't flowing.. it dies.

Time to move on.

I picked the date to move into this house on purpose.. it was my house, my decision. I wanted to be able to look back at May 21st and remember that it was the day I moved into a new house and a new life.

And, it was.. but now.. it's time to move on.. to Salem Woods. Really, no words... names of places in North Carolina.. Lord have mercy, help me.


Found this video.. figures... just shows you the more things change...the more they stay the same. Smiling.. Happy May 21st... Happy Anniversary :)

Always Bobbi

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sub Tropical Spinning Wheel Over Florida - Edgewater Getting Slammed

All day it sits there getting slammed on the spokes of the wheel, one line of tropical rain after another slam, banging it in the face over and over. Currently there might be sunshine.. I'd run to the market, Starbucks or your favorite yogurt joint as I don't think it's over.

Makes you wonder what the Tropical Gods have against that part of Florida?

Great satellite imagery here. Watch it spin.

Don't think other parts of Florida are not getting slammed, oh they are .. but each in a different way!

Tornado Warning in WPB area came across the wire earlier, my brother was up there but didn't see any weather. Must have been somewhere...someone saw something or they wouldn't have issued a Tornado Warning. we doing?

Was watching the radar on Jeff Master's Wundergound Playground earlier and there was a line of deep, dark, intense convection training in across the North part of the State. Hope Edgewater liked the weather it got because it may get more down the road.

Up the road or down the road.. we are all getting weather today.

Perhaps the high surf will break up the "stinky foam" that "IS NOT A RED TIDE" which is what every government official says as soon as a what looks like blooming algae or dead fish turn up in the water.

More news for the weather involved:
weather-continues-around-town/'s really wet and windy... of course it is! Mike Seidel is there (happy belated Hanukah, by the way.. owe you one) and well have you bought your AA batteries yet? Hmmmnnnn

Hurricane Season starts in just a few days... less than 2 weeks. Get ready, get set cause we are rolling towards Prime Time in the Hurricane Basin.

Special "shout out" to the Magic Bus in Miami for playing Spinning Wheel every morning on my way to work..starts by day of so spinningly ;)

Love and kisses...
Besos Bobbi

Ps..if you are looking for any tropical development... keep looking, rarely happens this time of year but where there's smoke there is fire but that's a different song for another day.

Missing Link In Caribbean Basin?

Beginning to feel like there is some missing link here in the cloud masses formerly known as "Invest 90L" and what it may tell us about this coming hurricane season.

Are we going to have frequent Caribbean storms down near Jamaica and Haiti again or not? Bahama Mama storms or Mexican Cruisers?

Is an El Nino forming...or not? Why such a late season cold front.. a few friends up north have commented to me on how cold it is so late in the year. And, that front made it down to Miami..not Orlando.

Read yesterday in a history book that the winter of 1864-65 was one of the coldest winters on record. Not sure on that...have to research it today. The weather was being given credit for breaking the back of the Confederate armies and giving the North the edge. Seriously have to look into that one...

So.... thinking what's left of 90 L as it's head is up in North Florida and it's tale seems stuck down near Haiti and there is a skeletal structure yet it has no heart beating... realized it looks like that "missing link" they believe they have found which to me looks like one of many dead lizards I find when moving furniture around in Florida, the lizards that never got away I guess vs the gecko that was in my bathroom the other day and had no tail. Without my glasses I couldn't figure out which way the poor lost gecko was going. Give a meteorologist a cloud formation and they will tell you what animal you see in it... trust me :)

We spend so much time trying to make some sense of the past while we live in denial of the present and dream on tomorrow.

What will the 2009 Hurricane Season bring? Don't know. Keep watching because whatever you think it will bring.. it won't. It will bring something unexpected, such is the way of life. The one constant in life and weather is change and storms forming out of nowhere on an uncloudy day.

besos bobbi... in search of cafecito this morning!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upper Level Low Spinning... For Now

Murky sort of meteorological weather mass spinning over Florida tonight. Miami rain is coming down endlessly, quietly with no wind... no lightning.. just constant, beautiful drippy rain :) And, we need it.

Love systems like this as they remind people where their priorities are that time is moving along.

Of course Mike Seidel is getting slammed on Jacksonville Beach with sustained winds close 30 mph and gusts much stronger. They are getting beach erosion as well. L ooks like he is having fun though. No wind down here. Saw a beautiful rainbow this evening around sunset.

Very nice in May to be able to open the windows and listen to the rain. I should be doing a lot of things tonight but I can't..not in the mood, can do them another day. Does it really matter?? Today, tomorrow...

You know what they say....

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

I'm no idiot... I know when to stop and rest and listen to the rain fall down.

Steve Lyons is on TWC tonight trying to explain what is or isn't going on... in a very dramatic, poetic explanation he said the system has everything but "a heart"

Good explanation... I needed that tonight. Does that mean warm core sub-tropicals have a heart and cold core storms do not have one? Way too deep for me tonight! going to have strange dreams tonight..for sure.

Funky Florida Storm Developing..

Writing this early on in the day and posting it later ... will add something if anything develops differently but don't think it will.

It's a funky sort of storm.. or spooky. Spooky because it reminds me of a few Super Storms of the past... a few strange hybrids and one summer when a guy named Robert tried endlessly to explain to me the difference between a cold core system and a warm extratopical and a tropical and why Hybrids look strange :) Maybe it was back during that funny storm Earl.. not sure. But...this storm is one for the record books when it comes to bad weather, flooding rains, Strong onshore winds and a mixing of weather at all levels. And, yet.. it will probably never get a name unless it develops in the Gulf somewhere later in the week.

From Jacksonville Beach to the Keys ...Florida is wet and the reality of the approaching 2009 Hurricane Season has settled in the same way that water is reaching deep into our burned out dry lawns and will turn them green in a week or so. Things change fast in the tropics.

Models take this thing all over the place and for one of the best online model discussions please go to Jim William's excellent video. And, for what it's worth I agree with his friend Jim... I also think a small, moderate El Nino may be developing. He brought up what I didn't want to say yesterday which is.. May storms often mean a slow season yet don't like to make statements like that which can be argued. Often a May storm leads to a slow year.. just does, not always.

Watch the video:

Heard that the NHC is going to save the gas and not send the plane into the system ..which is looking more like some winter super storm and yet.............there are tropical features and I would not count out tropical development. The center looks to be forming down near the Keys and may or may not work it's way down to the surface, if so it can linger around at the end of the cold front and develop into something. Either way... there is no center right now unless you call that swirl on radar imagery a center. Light winds in Miami, but very low pressure. And, low pressure and pressure drops need to be watched.

Nice pic up on Accuweather that gives a good explanation as well of what is going on.

Last nights WV imagery was down right funky. Big ghost like smiley face from King Tutt swirling round and round in the far distant Atlantic. Is that spooky or what? See the evil, smirky little face? Hmmnnnn what is the satellite trying to tell us here I wonder?

Funky way to start the season if you ask me..

Keep watching, stay tuned and now is an excellent time to take stock of what you NEED for the hurricane season and what if any "wish list" items you might want to buy before your stimulus checks get eaten up elsewhere.

A short, brief note here about DENIAL. Never can push things off you don't want to deal with for years.. 10, 20, 30... but they rear their funky little heads again and again because until you deal with something it doesn't go away. You can wait to buy batteries but one day... there will be storm warnings up and you will have to run out to a jam packed storm and think "why didn't I do this before?" which is akin to wondering on all the stupid decisions you have probably made in life that made sense at the time but in retrospect seem stupid beyond words.

Enjoy life... go out and dance, go to a dance, buy what you really want and need and know what you need and want and go after it.

Life has many directions... choose with your heart. Choose wisely. Or.. you will regret it just the way you will when you get to Publix and all the canned food and granola bars have been taken by people who were not living in denial when a storm was headed your way.

As for this storm.. don't think it will be Ana but would give it a... 15% chance... maybe 16% lol... you never know what life has in store for you and you never know for sure what will happen so... don't count anything out! Talking life here maybe more than storms on the map!

Weather is a great metaphor for life and it seems sometimes God likes to keep us on our feet and guessing.. a little bit of mystery and downright funkiness never hurt anyone.. keeps you on your toes :)

Will update this evening or as the situation develops... for now, it's raining EVERYWHERE in Florida and we are very used to rain in May.. aren't we?

Love and kisses... Bobbi

Monday, May 18, 2009

weather conditions Miami. RAIN & Thunder...

Incredibly stormy night here. Rain, thunder.... Beautiful and poetic!!!
Watching models and loops and..... Just enjoying the sounds of thunder.

See what transpires tomorrow. A very complicated, wet scenario any way you slice it...

Special Tropical Weather Outlook Issued! Season sort of jumps the gun.. POSSIBLE DEVELOPMENT

Okay, you read about it here days ago when it was all about speculation but as promised the system in the Bahamas is beginning to show signs of possible development. Possible... means could happen, a chance. And, according to the experts that chance is about 30% or less but hey that's much more than anyone would have thought a few days ago.

Sometimes the season starts early, other times it starts late. You can read anything you want into that but in truth every possible storm reacts the way it does based on ongoing current meteorological situations and in concordance to some degree with climo..the on going study of daily weather over time.

Maybe this is a May sub-tropical or maybe it is the real thing.. but it will most likely leave a lasting legacy of being a drought buster across the State of Florida, a place that could use rain badly.

Shown below is a possible set of tracks for a possible system and this will most likely change once we have a system definitively. Early seasons can mean a busy season like in 1933 or a slow season like in 1997. .
compare... the tracks...

You got to take them as they come.

Be that as it may... here is the Special Tropical Weather Outlook put out this afternoon by the wonderful Jack Beven, who is one of the better forecasters in my humble opinion. It's just a possibility.. not a probability right now.

Stay tuned.. for more developing information about the possibly developing tropical system. Either way... moisture in the Bahamas, moisture across Florida from the dangling cold front and the rainy season starting a few days ago.. means rain for sure across Florida.

Be well... will check back later. On dinner break just now and wanted to post to catch you up on what is going on in the tropics. Played hooky yesterday and spent the day at the beach with my best friend enjoying the surf..which was wild!

ABNT20 KNHC 181942
340 PM EDT MON MAY 18 2009




Keep following the possible Ana here and on and the 2 best sites online for hurricane news other than the incomparable and always official:

Besos Bobbi

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Possible Development South of Cuba, Could Ana Be Lurking??

Words like "low level convergence" and "models predicting something forming" are being repeated all around online and in emails between those in the know. Usually TWC starts their tropical update on June 1st but they jumped the gun a little early this year. Could be just a coincidence but everyone is watching.

And, if this does form and does get into the Gulf always it has to hit land. It could be just a cold core system or it could mutate into a warm core system. But, someone is going to get strong weather out of this with a name or without a name.

Everyone needs to pay close attention. This is not a drill and not a pre-season tease.

The water is warm, more than just the Canadian Model have jumped onto this area and all that is left to do is wait and see just what will or won't happen.

Personally, I keep watching the wind. We have a really strong Easterly flow in South Florida.

It was hot beyond words today. I know, I sat outside for a while in the backyard trying to read but instead watching the trees move about wildly and butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. The bees were out as well sipping nectar from little flowers I couldn't even see tucked away deep in the grass. So, I keep wondering on the shear predictions that say that the shear will relax.

If those predictions play out... then there is more of a possibility that a pre-season system, anything from a sub-tropical to a Tropical Storm Anna could be forming down there in a few days.

There is a front moving down and whatever is south of Cuba will be pulled north.
Again, it will all depend on timing. Will it stay down there long enough to develop into something significant?

Models take it up towards Florida sort of Alma like and then they do sort of kinky things.

Here's one example. Load it. Hit forward.

General site to play with:

And, know one thing.. I was so right about the rainy season starting on Friday that this morning the Miami Herald did a story on it as well. Rained last night, heavy. Strong gust front blew through as we were eating dinner last night. Was awesome... as always.

Gotta go, got places to go, people to see and time to spent with Sharon while I am still down here in the tropics on a balmy Saturday night!

This is not a for sure and until I see an Invest from the Navy Site or here the NHC talk on it... it's just speculation but a whole lot of people are speculating seriously! Just giving a heads up here and letting you know what I am watching in the tropics.

Enjoy the night!

Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th - Start of EPAC Hurricane Season & Hints of Tropical Something Near Florida Soon -- Spooky!

Officially today is the start of the East Pacific Hurricane Season! Otherwise known as "oh look there's a storm forming off of Mexico" which usually translates to trackers in the East Gulf Side and the Atlantic as "damn... going to suck up all the energy and will be quiet on our side for a week!!"

In a mood, have to get to work this morning and get out of here and yet I feel the need to blog on hurricane matters.

Well... it's the season!!

Opps! Wrong Season.

Open the paper, find articles on hurricanes with little tracking maps, the Governor's Conference is going on in Miami (can't go... have to go to work) and the models are consistently showing something developing in 4 or 5 days that will dance around the tip of Florida bringing Tropical Rain. Could be cold core (not tropical) or it could become warm core (tropical) or it could just be the start of the monsoons of May that we get this time of year. Either way.. it's gonna rain, real rain. I know.. I can feel it. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of rain, heavy, serious rain.

There is moisture out there and it is going to find it's way to my part of the world. While I am still in this part of the world.. something I have to deal with besides leaving the Miami Dolphin Land for watching it from far away and not being able to run down to the shore and chase the storm surge, take pics and play with some of my hurricane friends in real time, face to face. Soon.. I'll be watching from Carolina.. but for now... I am here and what's a Miami girl to do in such a situation? She (me) went to the beach! Yesterday.. lunchtime.. walked around and watched the waves and people taking pictures of the waves and very white tourists about to become very red tourists as they tried to sunbathe their problems away.

Man..everyone was at the beach yesterday and the beach did not disappoint. It was beautiful.

Meanwhile..back to the models..they have consistently been showing some sort of tropical feature that hovers around Cuba and in the Caribbean and then flirts with Florida before it races off into the Bahamas and beyond. Briefly two days ago it really developed something big out there. Doubtful that will happen but I will predict here and you heard it first.. Florida is in for Rain, beautiful.. blessed rain! And.. the Almanac printed months ago, way before models began to spin something up, that South Florida would have a Tropical event. Will see.. the jury is out on the Almanac Predictions but I'm telling you... it's gonna rain ;)

Musically...very into Dusty Springfield these days... listening on Pandora, says a lot about my moods, my thoughts and my music. You know.. Bobbi's music!!

Enjoy the pics and well..some are down right Spooky!!

(great youtube here also but warning y'all it's a little offensive and bizarre but real promising talent .. I think, hope he has his own muse and lives far away from me ....The JOKER on the beach yesterday..was spooky enough for me :P )

Besos Bobbi... still in Miami .. listening to Dusty... ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Hot! Really Hot! Lag B'Omer Hot!!

The mangoes are so heavy on the trees that it's hard to see leaves... just mangoes having on their leathery looking ropes and swaying a bit when there's a strong breeze. Of course, there hasn't been much of a strong breeze but a steady easterly breeze. It's a hot breeze. Feels almost like a Santa Ana rather than tropical breeze.

Yet..the tropics is all anyone can think about once it's this hot.

Everyone's going to the beach. Kids keep sneaking away from school. Friends keep disappearing from work. Okay, the beach is a few blocks away but still...something seems to be calling us more today than yesterday.

Today is Lag B'Omer on the Jewish calendar. A happy sort of picnic, party day that usually works best when it comes on Sunday... Doesn't often, doesn't this year. Went to a bonfire last night down the block, gonna be a big party bon fire tonight round the block that the kids are making... bet that will be a fun one. I always remember two in particular, big parade down to South Beach and it was blazingly hot (like this year) and we all sat with Miriam as a baby and played with her. Must have been 1987 if that is possible, guess so. Hung out with two of my closest friends who now live in Durham. Morry gave Miriam a bottle of water... it was so hot. Had to be really hot for me to give water being one of those nursing mothers who rarely gave much the first few months but it was so, so hot. Felt like August not May. And... one night when we had a bonfire over at Haulover by the bay... Piamenta playing and Harvey dancing, happy.. happy Harvey lol.

In a silly mood today. Sure that will change as life goes on.

Do something special today even if it's not hot, hot, hot in your world!

In Crown Heights last year..

lots of them all different... depends where you live and who you are..'omer

Friday, May 08, 2009

Landshark Stadium! Fins to the Right, Left and Everywhere...

Jimmy Buffett comes home to Miami where his musical career about the tropics began. Years back he came down here for a singing gig at the FLICK which was a coffee house at the University of Miami. We hung out there, listened to wannabee singers and the almost famous perform. On rare occasions someone like Joni Mitchell or Merle Haggard but usually was just Uncle Dirty and a few folksingers.

Jimmy Buffett was one of those singers who flew south after a divorce back in Tennessee and came to sing and play a while. He was great. He said Ellis Dee and a few others. Drove down to Key West in his friends car.. fell in love ( a lot of that going on back then) and hung around the South Florida scene. He really doesn't live in Key West the song goes but he is still our very own Margaritaville Jimmy and Miami is now Margaritaville officially!!

Great idea. Great marketing man that Jimmy is he knows the Super Bowl is coming next year to Landshark Stadium making this deal a little sweeter.

Love it! Absolutely Love IT!

So... here's the song and start the party because the Fins are back and Jimmy brought back the magic.. well he and a great coaching team!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Well Raleigh's Got Weather...

I should have stuck to the plan and moved there May 1st and could have enjoyed this weather episode up close and personal. But, watching on the computer yesterday was interesting in an analytical way. They have great weather on TV in Raleigh. I noticed that the last few times I was there. They really get into it. Unlike Miami who spends most of their weather acting like a cross between a fashion show of clothes you purchase while vacationing and reminding people visiting how beautiful the weather here is while on vacation. During the hurricane season the A Team comes on and handles the big stuff.. that's when Miami weather kids enjoy our TV weather. Til then, blue, beautiful, surfs ups, possibly some afternoon thundershowers but go out and enjoy that sunshine. :)

Raleigh TV weather is great, they do a great job.

Some incredible imagery from places as far away as Rocky Mount and as close as Cary.

So... since the Twister passed over and went somewhere else I still have a home to go to in a few weeks. Til then I will be watching online, the way I watched that same line of storms go through Atlanta a few days ago. Been an active system... moving east..

In Miami..we are waiting for the rainy season. Imagine I will get to see one or two really good Miami Thunderstorms before moving on.

Besos Bobbi

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Derecho in Dalla and Atlanta and My Musical Magical Mystery Tour..

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the water... take a deep breath and scream "We are almost in the hurricane season" you slip and slide and fall back down the rabbit hole. Such is life in the off season for hurricane people.

As a derecho speeds faster than a speeding bullet across the Stormy South I sit in my air-conditioned room in Miami trying to pack up the bits and pieces of my life, my writing, my books, my friend's music and various hurricane related paraphernalia and photographs saved over decades in boxes piled high.

I read a little online today. Had Pizza Bagels for breakfast with Sharon at Jerusalem (it's a restaurant not the city) and wondered on the eye in the middle of the bagels which had globs of cheese embedded in squalls of tomato sauce. Read old diaries (nothing ever changes, nothing... I am still tired, I still have a headache and I fear I may never have my mind back. Maybe I could trade the music for my mind back??

Okay, I just packed the music. I need a drink. Maybe Tequila :P
Like tiptoeing through my life and someone else's life and everyone's life. Lord, do I have music. If music was diamonds I'd be rich. And, most of it I didn't even buy or record but fell from the sky like diamond, like lucy in she sky with diamonds that fell into Strawberry Fields Forever. Not a Beatle CD in the bunch. ROFL..go think on that. Giggling though the mysteries in windmills of my mind.

This is the day that I can say I definitely am moving. My F Scott Fitzgerald library is partially in NC and partially packed to go to NC. Maybe one day I'll finish The Beautiful and the Damned. Homeopathy, Astrology, bits of Harvey's library and pieces of Hurricane History packed into boxes and carefully labeled. One box of music left out to savor.

Oh me from rhymes, from reasons or rhymes.

Watching the news on the flu, oh no.. and weather news about derechos that left the Dallas Cowboy's recruiting coach paralyzed. Sad, but true.

That's heavy stuff gang. One of the most amazing weather and news stories I've seen. I pray the reports are wrong
and Rich Beim is not as paralyzed as they think he is now. Miracles happen... suppose it's a miracle he's alive and no one was killed.

Another reason I like hurricanes... you can prepare for them, the sky doesn't fall out of the blue on you.

Got to stop rhyming..

Came across this today online. HurricaneAnne..who knew? And, a librarian to boot.

Anyone who is into Smallville will enjoy this site. Anyone who is into librarians will enjoy this site ;)

I'll be back, time after time.. chow for now, Bobbi

Ps..why did I never realize the living room was pink.. like Miami Beach house pink, weird... twilight zone music lol. Even that clock.. weird.

(two in one day.. I'm back lol)

Random Thoughts of a Cluttered Mind - Hydrogen Peroxide, Bubbles & Dallas

Walgreens has Hydrogen Peroxide 3% on sale 3 for $1 with a coupon!
Good time to stock up for hurricane season.

In my house... I just went through my hurricane supplies milk carton with the extra canned food and emptied it out. There was French style string beans, peas and some canned fruit. A stray mayo fell out behind it, instant grits box and a whole bunch of C and D batteries no one wanted to steal from it. I am packing.

Okay...going to go take a shower. Am unable to think, type or wonder. Did just realize though something musically important, like the missing link. Honestly.

This is a great blog, by the way. HONESTLY!!! Beautiful pictures ;)

Taking a shower.. might come back later with wit, wisdom and want to know where my weather news friend is today... he's nowhere to be found. What do I need to do... try jumping off a building to see if he will come Save me???

Did you see the video on the Dallas Football's Bubble Bursting?? Saw some raw footage yesterday,, very dramatic.

Where was Superman then??? Huh??

Coach lucky to be alive, special coach..special lucky. Broken back though

Don't those horses look so beautiful? Love the way horses look running. Grew up by a racetrack, love race horses.

Nothing more beautiful than a beautiful horse at full gallop... getting ready to take off like the wind.

Speaking of wind... did you know it's less than a month until the Atlantic Hurricane Season?? More on my whimsical thoughts on this years crummy names another day. Another day, another dollar...

Got more boxes to to take a shower.. and go out with Sharon.

Did you know the best way to enjoy a coffee on a Sunday is to take it in the shower with you? Put it down on nice little ledge near the shower... feel the hot water on your back, sit the coffee... ahhhhhhhhhhh... wow, almost as good as watching straight line winds race through with a strong pre-frontal trough!

I want football.. badly.

Really badly.

Don't know that I can learn another whole team... learning the Red Sox was NOT easy but okay a labor of love. Maybe I can do this... no... I take it back, the Red Sox thing was like GIVING BIRTH!!!

Enjoy this little ditty... I did, not my favorite Herb song but will do for right now.

The shower and the coffee awaits!!

See ya Later Alligator
Besos Bobbi