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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tropical Depression #1 - Will it become Tropical Storm ANA??? OFFICIAL START OF THE 2009 HURRICANE SEASON .. EARLY..

The 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season started a few days early when the funky little blob shown in the previous post was upgraded by the forecasters at the National Hurricane Season. Good call! Truth, justice..honesty rains supreme.. as that blob looked incredible on the Dvorak and other measuring tools and is in the intensifying mode and not done intensifying.

The Season has started... this is not a drill, not a publicity stunt (sic) by the NHC but the Real Thing. And, the evolution is clearly visible on this loop and many other sites around the tropical town.

We are a village of many parts... many ways of looking at a system and evaluating it. Scientific terms that would boggle the brain but the NHC remains the only player in town who gets the right to call a blob a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm Ana..which may happen later today if the current trends continue.

Okay... guess the little funky blob did indeed get the attention it deserved and was upgraded at 11am to a full fledged TROPICAL (warm core) DEPRESSION and very well could be upgraded to Tropical Storm Ana!

Another good site... good loop:

Good site to follow it is Mark Sudduth's site seeing as it is off the coast of the Carolinas which is..where I will soon be moving to in a few weeks.

A note here about size and potential. A Tropical Depression is a Tropical Depression when it meets certain parameters. It's not about how big it is... size indeed in this case does NOT matter.. small or large it fits the bill and is upgraded. Whether it lasts two days or two weeks or rushes off to sea to interfere with ships at sea or slams onto your beachy shore.. it is the first Tropical Depression of the 2009 so DEAL WITH IT.. a nice heads up from Mother Nature to remind you to go out and buy the supplies that you need NOW while it's just TD #1 out at sea and not Hurricane Ida knocking at your door!

This may and most likely will be named Ana if the trend continues.

Stay tuned for more updates later today...and once again.. Bobbi knows a storm when she sees one ;) Umm...that's why I am BobbiStorm ;)

Love you all.. welcome to the wild ride that will be the 2009 Hurricane Season!
Sooner..rather than later ;)


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At 11:22 AM, Blogger Automaton said...

I really hope this thing doesnt escalate, I just bought a new house last week! Topical Storm Ana looks like it may develop into a lil problem. :(

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