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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Derecho in Dalla and Atlanta and My Musical Magical Mystery Tour..

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the water... take a deep breath and scream "We are almost in the hurricane season" you slip and slide and fall back down the rabbit hole. Such is life in the off season for hurricane people.

As a derecho speeds faster than a speeding bullet across the Stormy South I sit in my air-conditioned room in Miami trying to pack up the bits and pieces of my life, my writing, my books, my friend's music and various hurricane related paraphernalia and photographs saved over decades in boxes piled high.

I read a little online today. Had Pizza Bagels for breakfast with Sharon at Jerusalem (it's a restaurant not the city) and wondered on the eye in the middle of the bagels which had globs of cheese embedded in squalls of tomato sauce. Read old diaries (nothing ever changes, nothing... I am still tired, I still have a headache and I fear I may never have my mind back. Maybe I could trade the music for my mind back??

Okay, I just packed the music. I need a drink. Maybe Tequila :P
Like tiptoeing through my life and someone else's life and everyone's life. Lord, do I have music. If music was diamonds I'd be rich. And, most of it I didn't even buy or record but fell from the sky like diamond, like lucy in she sky with diamonds that fell into Strawberry Fields Forever. Not a Beatle CD in the bunch. ROFL..go think on that. Giggling though the mysteries in windmills of my mind.

This is the day that I can say I definitely am moving. My F Scott Fitzgerald library is partially in NC and partially packed to go to NC. Maybe one day I'll finish The Beautiful and the Damned. Homeopathy, Astrology, bits of Harvey's library and pieces of Hurricane History packed into boxes and carefully labeled. One box of music left out to savor.

Oh me from rhymes, from reasons or rhymes.

Watching the news on the flu, oh no.. and weather news about derechos that left the Dallas Cowboy's recruiting coach paralyzed. Sad, but true.

That's heavy stuff gang. One of the most amazing weather and news stories I've seen. I pray the reports are wrong
and Rich Beim is not as paralyzed as they think he is now. Miracles happen... suppose it's a miracle he's alive and no one was killed.

Another reason I like hurricanes... you can prepare for them, the sky doesn't fall out of the blue on you.

Got to stop rhyming..

Came across this today online. HurricaneAnne..who knew? And, a librarian to boot.

Anyone who is into Smallville will enjoy this site. Anyone who is into librarians will enjoy this site ;)

I'll be back, time after time.. chow for now, Bobbi

Ps..why did I never realize the living room was pink.. like Miami Beach house pink, weird... twilight zone music lol. Even that clock.. weird.

(two in one day.. I'm back lol)