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Monday, April 20, 2009

EPAC Hurricane Season Coming Closer... May 15th

Less than a month away... see this is what the big boys say:

If you don't believe them you can google wiki ;)

You know, those little storms that blow up off the coast of Mexico and move west bound, sometimes flirting with the coast of Mexico and traveling towards Baja..

I can feel it. The hurricane season is getting closer. The air is still a bit cool at night in Miami and a few lingering frontal boundaries are keeping us entertained with cool breezes mixed with a new balmy feel to the air in the evening. Beautiful weather but soon, not so far away something will begin to spin down near Mexico.

Just thought I'd mention it ... it's Miami, there's a feel of summer not so far away and the mangoes are hanging heavy ... there was a steamy shower this morning, barely a mist... like gentle rain... and the promise of heavier rain soon...

I think it will be an early season this year. Not sure why... just feel it. June 1st, not so far away... first comes the Epac and then the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Are you ready?

Can you feel it?

It's coming closer... I can feel it in the air... can you???


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