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Monday, July 31, 2006

Chris Forms in the Alantic as... Castro hands over power to his brother

Tropical Storm Chris has Miami Dead Center in His Cone for a Weekend
Landfall---Tuesday Morning in Miami
August 1st, 2006

24.0 77.5 in 120 hours

Well that puts it neatly offshore and headed this way.

One weathergirl on TV this morning in a cute leather skirt with great
hair reminded viewers in the Miami area that although the cone does show
a storm in our area over the weekend that is still 3 to 5 days away.
Well I don't know how to break it to the girl with skirt to die for
but... We live by the 3 to 5 day forecast as a near certainty and the
NHC is very, very good 5 days out.

My advice to sexy weathergirl: Leave the leather in a closet in an
interior part of your house as it looks like it is going to be very
windy and rainy on Sunday in Miami. Not a day for leather. Keep the
heels though as there could be some flooding in low lying areas around
your studio's parking lot.


This is the problem. Chris looks better today than he did yesterday and
that was with marginal conditions. As noted he is passing the point
where shear inhibited his growth. His reorganization last night where he
became vertically stacked (as good as wearing leather skirts with 5 inch
heels) was what led to the NHC upgrading him to Tropical Storm status
without the hard recon data they often prefer.

The models are based on old cords and bad data. They show Chris taking
on Hispanola and they keep Chris at a low intensity due to a battle with
land. New models based on information gathered today should reflect in
better model output later today.

Stewart who is one of the best forecasters at the NHC gave his own
thoughts that conflict with old models. I would take Stewart's thoughts
over old model runs any day of the week.

Miami... Pay attention. We are in the center of the cone. Cones change
often but we are way too close for comfort with a blue roof on my house
and few hurricane supplies in my pantry.

Since Miami Dade County has already been put on elevated alert due to
the partying over Castro's release of power ... They may just want to go
straight from party mode into panic mode tomorrow.

Waiting to see the Cone shift north or south in Miami today and need a
Cuban Coffee to wake up. I need to make some to do lists of a tropical

Special thanks to Chris at HurrCity for his excellent updates on
Tropical Storm Chris.

Note...again.... IF Chris stays north of the islands and keeps a classic
track towards South Florida and the high stays in place then he will
most likely come in more like a lion than a lamb and be a Category 1
Cane we are dealing with and not the "fun little tropical storm" that
most party goers in Miami are expecting.

I don't wear leather in the summer or I'd ask where she got the skirt
but at the moment I need batteries and water more than a leather skirt.

See you all at lunch when I check back in after the 11 am and new
information has been released.

Politically.. Is this the longest Fidel has gone without speaking? You
would think by now they would have a host of low level lackeys going on
TV to explain what is going on. As my brother Jay would say. "Splain
yourself Lucy splain" but no official words seem forthcoming. Maybe they
are worried on Chris.....

I know I am...



What a night, what an unreal night.

TD 3 formed in the Atlantic Ocean as expected by many who have been tracking the wave for some time. Even now there is talk of it's evenutal demise..which I think is a little premature.

It has a tight signature on visible imagery but the system is not that organized.

It is headed towards land or more specifically the islands and warnings and watches needed to be posted and so... there will be a 2am advisory.

Waiting to see how it looks by daylight.

On a more personal level... big Miami story tonight in that Fidel gave over reigns of the country to his brother (as planned) but for at least a 2 month recovery.

Doesn't take a brain surgeon to know something really big is happening in Cuba.

All night Miamians partied and Cuban Americans across the area celebrated. Not once for hours... did any important or unimportant Cuban official come on the TV or news or Air to dispute the many rumors that are abounding in the area. Word from relatives of people here is slowly leaking out of Cuba..

Is Fidel just unwell or has he passed some point of no return? Is he as unwell as Sharon in Israel who is on life support or is he still able to support his regime? We will see.

The Mayor of Miami was on the streets of Calle Ocho tonight and he said something that resonated so deeply with me it bears repeating. He said he hoped that Fidel would give up power while he was the Mayor, during his term.

I am a Miami girl.. born and raised and I started school the same year that Cubans began coming to Miami for a temporary vacation... the same year as Donna came to Florida... my best friends came on flights from Cuba and planned to return before the schoolyear was out. They taught me how to speak spanish, how to drink Malta with milk, how to dance latin dances and to despise Fidel Castro.

They stayed in Miami, he stayed in power.

I moved out of Little Havana or as we used to say "the Road Section" and I moved west with them to Westchester.

I often forget I am not Cuban.

My great, great grandparents lived in Key West in the 1800s and helped raise money for Jose Marti, they traveled back and forth to Havana and Cuba on buying trips for tobacco.

Cuba is as much a part of me as it is of Cuban American's born here... I traveled once offshore just 3 miles out along the Old Bahama Passage while a tropical storm lurked nearby .. I saw the mountains and the island that my great-grandparents knew so well.

And, I wake up every morning and trek down to work and wait for my reward, a small cafecito on Lincoln Road before work before I have weak, watered down American Coffee in my office.

When I lived in L.A. and traveled home to see my family... the first I think after getting off the plane and before I got luggage was stop and get a Cuban Coffee.

I know Castro.. I studied his regime well in College while getting my degree in International Relations.

For him to be off air, not on his cell, not on his balcony and not having anyone else speaking live... speaks more about the situation there than any badly worded letter could ...

And.....................control freaks don't give up power EVER unless they couldn't make the decision themselves.

Lastly... Mr. Leo of the Caribbean, a man who loves rallys and parties and parades cancelled his birthday celebration for August 13th.. he cancelled it (??) and there will be a party in December celebrating the Armed Forces... that says more about the future of Fidel than any press release.

So party on Miami.... party on Little Havana and Hialeah and I hope Maria who I went to school with who had her father and uncle and grandfather all executed in the days after Castro took over for speaking out against Castro... I hope they are looking down from heaven and dancing, smiling...

What a day.. what a night.

Oddly.. I had breakfast this morning in a Cuban restaurant, more for the chance to sit down and read the headlines on my sidekick and to write my morning blog. I didn't so much need food as much as a place to sit and sip my Cortadito and watch people pass by on Washington Avenue. For some reason this morning I didn't want to do Starbucks... I just wanted to sit and watch the people come in and out and think on life.

I hope they are partying tonight.

I hope a new world will open up for Cuba in the years to come.. and I can't wait to someday go there and visit up close and personal not from 3 miles off shore.

I hope Ernest is partying tonight, I hope Ernie is happy... wish I could party with him but for me.......I'm caught staring at Tropical Depression 3 and watching people party in Little Havana waiting for official verification to explain just what is going on and why Castro's 80th birthday party has been cancelled.

Night... check out the National Hurricane Center for more information or for news on TD3.

Bobbi in Miami on a night to remember in Miami and Havana
Wish I was in Key West tonight, and always

NONAME STORM.... A Depression waiting to be born

On the Naval site tonight the system known as Chris Wannabe is officially designated as NONAME Storm.. something that they usually do when a system is about to be upgraded to a depression or storm.

In this case... look for an upgrade later tonight or in the morning.

Usually NHC will wait for recon and that is what I thought they would do but imagery tonight have been pretty amazing... and at the lowest parameter they have for a tropical depression I would think this system fits those parameters.

Will see...

Problem is... if so... where will it go?

Discussion being on a trip through the Carib.. south along Haiti or under Haiti but more people seem to believe it will lift more to the N and a more 'up and over the islands" classic path and take aim possibly towards South Florida or the mainland.

Will see..

Before you get a reliable model going you need a good starting point and as yet it's position has only been a matter of conjecture.

Would be nice to get the planes in there and gather more hard info..

See you later or see you tomorrow.. depending on what the NHC decides..

But... Chris may be on the way to forming.

Something about it reminds me of Georges... just a feeling... looks like an old fashioned Alantic Storm.

Be worried on the ones who refuse to die when they should.... they are usually holding out for a more infamous date with destiny than a quiet death from shear.

Miami: African Dust Today... A hurricane soon to follow?

The weather pattern in the short term has been set and Miami is very lucky so far to have a dry patch of air out in the Atlantic that is currenly filled with Saharan African Dust drying out the already dry air and still cool water temps because the Wave Train has begun and the Hurricane Center's Jet Planes may be leaving as well to check on a tropical wave currently approacthing the islands.

Sometimes the models bring it north this way.. other times they take it south through the Caribbean.

Either way.. a model without a true point of beginning is just a shot in the dark or one step above shooting the breeze on the front porch of the NHC... just talk.

But...where there is talk.... there is something going on and something might go on later today. Probably not..probably later in the week with the next wave but when you have a tropical wave that despite negative conditions all week has managed to stay alive and maintain a circulatory signature.. it bears watching most carefully.

And, they are......... watching.

May I say right here, right now before I go further.

There are two men, two weathermen who I want to thank for always being
here to make me smile and be thankful for good friends.

One is Jim Williams. There is no one I know more dedicated to the study
of hurricanes than he is and.... He may not work at the NHC but he could
as he knows his storms, storm people, storm trackers and storm chasers.
And we all respect him greatly.

Next is Howie at HRD who has spent the most amazing lifetime studying
and watching them from all directions....inside and out and helped so
many young people of all sexes and backgrounds grow at HRD and other
agencies and jobs.

Two incredible examples of dedicated and admired men I am honored to
have as friends.

As for Chris......... Well.........sigh....... What can I say that has
not been said? It is a question for hurricane therapists to debate for
the next week or so.... Is he or isn't he here? To be or not to be...
That is the question.

It was suggested at that Chris is here but he
doesn't know it yet. My response stands. Poor Chris sometimes doesn't
know which way is up without a dropsonde to tell him.

According to the NHC the planes might go in and check his pulse... Hope
he's not dreaming while they go in to look.


Anyway..moving on.

Pink rosy sunrise in Miami colored by Saharna dust.

And you know what I say... Wither the dust goest so do the Canes. The
wave train has started and models develop a Cat 1 Cane in 120 hours from
the last run.

As always time will tell.

Martin Mercer's article in the Miami Herald today warns of health
related problems in the Miami area as a possiblity for asthmatics because of the dust.

May I add the dust is a good sign tropically to reorder your inhalers and any
medications you may need in case of a hurricane in the not so distant

Keep watching... We have not yet made it through July without seeing

Bobbi, on South Beach listening to good music, drinking a cortadito and
watching the milky, dusty skies out over the water and posting from Kafka's Bookstore on my way to work.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Topical Update ALA Mode

Soup du jour or Pie of the Day...
Whatever you call it... update from Bobbi late in the evening on July 30th, 2006.
This is topical... if you want tropical... skim on down to the bottom and you will get satellite loops and sites and thoughts enough to make you intensify... but first a message from your sponsor.. ME :)

Nothing really happening in the tropics and yet.. it's busy enough you got to look, you got to peak, you got to check a bit just in case something began to spin.

It was a good day all in all though I didn't get much of anything accomplished except for a few bills and phone calls.

I had/have a headache. A bad one. Sinus probably though who knows for sure. :(
Miserable, horrible headache with whipped cream on top, the works.

I tried sleep. I tried drugs. I tried taking a walk.
I went back to sleep.

Dina is ironing her hair in Los Angelos.
Levi is at a wedding in Colorado.

Just think two kids on the other side of the Great Divide.

Shuky is doing the tropics in Israel while promising to be careful.

Rivky just got in with Emily from somewhere.. dinner at not in but at Jerusalem Pizza.

Miriam left the house after making a ticket for NY.

Is anyone in this family not traveling today or this week?

Me it seems.

I am traveling down to Miami Beach tomorrow.. to work.

As for Chris... will Chris travel or won't Chris travel? We will know as soon as he forms. One thing I can promise you... Moi Bear will be watching as always to see where Chris goest.

As for me.........I'm going to bed or to the world of realization.

Realization that I was stupid a few years ago and afraid of things which I am no longer afraid of but it may be too late to do anything about.

What is that stupid German saying.. we learn too late too smart?

I realized something this week, hit me hard and not sure I can do a thing about it other than admit it... even if only to myself.. maybe to Sharon.

But.. not on this blog, not this blogger.

I will smile, I will go on and I will pop a chocolate covered almond in my mouth and close my eyes and smile......and remember moments when you feel as if you are touching heaven and I will smile.

As for the tropics and the ongoing saga of the upcoming Hurricane Season of 2006.. it looks like we make it through the rest of July without a named storm.

Wouldn't bet the farm on that for August... expect August to take off like a lion not like a lamb.

So...what do you do when you admit something to yourself or your diary?
Pray like crazy, damn the devil and sell your soul if only..

Well, I know how Gillian felt. Sometimes we don't understand what we do but I understand why she did what she did... she didn't want Shep to walk out that door and go off with Merle Kitridge or Merle Norman or Merle Beryl or Caramel Swirl so she put a spell on him so that he would walk back in through the door and see only her and he did. Like a revolving door, smiling.. yeah.

Where's Pyewacket when you need him?

Stuck with Skeetobyte when I need Pyewacket.

Nite.. love Bobbi
Aunt Queenie, Gillian.. does it matter tonight who I am?

Don't think so not really... you just want to know about Chris.

Poor Kerry Emmanuel... not a storm in sight to be named after him.. maybe one day.

Go Redsox, even when you are losing I love you. That is what life is all about. We don't choose the things we love or the people............ we just love them.

Love Bobbi

Tropical Update below..

Tracks forecasted for a system that doesn't even exist.

This is mind you like daydreaming on a sunday afternoon... maybe even a phrase i wouldn't use here but it is a graph, it is up online and worth showing..

If it wasn't so hot today in Miami I would go for a long walk and do something... but it's Miami, it's hot. I pay a fortune to spend 2 days a week in this house while I am away the rest of the week and I am damn well going to enjoy it.

Wish the ice cream truck would come by even though Mendy and Miriam shared their Ben and Jerrys with me earlier but it was toooo tooo sweet. Who invented a flavor called Half Baked Cookie Dough??

Of is the same graph, just without the website of skeetobyte

and here is the visible.. which may not be so visible depending on when you read this..

Very dry area out there all around the pretty little wave that is crying for help right now.. right now that orange and red breathing dragon is saying us from having named Storms...

So...that is my world tropically today.

I have a horrible headache. Shame. Really a shame. I know a good cure but it's not available, around..tylenol isn't working. Maybe I'll take a nap.

Some kids (theoretically kids) wrote swastikas onto the synagogue at the end of my block and nearby around the corner and on a few jewish stores.. nice, very nice, mature displays of poorly reared children.

Imagine the display of affection shown in Seattle at the Jewish Federation there may inspire copycat displays elsewhere around the country.

Shame we don't learn to copy and emulate good and not evil.

Whatever.. in my world I'll take a hurricane over hatred and rascism anyday. They are non-political and non-denominational.

Cape Verde Hurricanes to Form in 2006? Keep Watching ... Watch Carefully

I don't trust seasons that start off slow and hint at Cape Verde Storms forming later in August and September.

There have been a lot of hints so far this year.... cookie crumbs out there that may lead to a tropical trail of tears later in the season.

This is getting as close as it gets to a Cape Verde set up and only time will tell the next few weeks if that story unfolds and plays out before us or.. if some trof monster or Saharan dust monster saves the US Coastline from a landfalling Cape Verde hurricane.

There are strong, viable waves out there, one after another. A real Wave Train as we call it in Florida. The water is still cool and the waves are not as of yet rolling over the beaches of Dakar the way the John Hope taught us that they need to .. in order to get lift off and a true Cape Verde Hurricane going.

But...they are getting close.

The Saharan Dust is there but it is a bit high leaving a pathway for storms riding along at 8 or 9 degrees north.. flirting with 10.

For now..the water is still a degree or two too colf, not yet bathwater but getting close.

As for upper level winds... getting there.

As for the high moving in to place to steer them.. it's getting in place.

But, for now.. the air out in front of them is a big too dry, too cool... but as a good friend and a great storm tracker taught me years ago... each new wave that gets sent west towards the islands serves to wetten up the atmosphere a little more and juice it up enough that the one behind it finds a bit more moisture and a bit more until well.... once we reach orgasm in the tropics we end up with the BIG ONES and I am not talking sex here but a mainline, hard core Category 4 or 5 hurricane with nothing but running room between the Cape Verde Islands behind it and Cape Hatteras or Cape Kennedy before it.. or this year maybe even Cape May if Mr. Bastardi gets his way with storms.

So.. batten down the hatches, stock up on batteries and figure out what you will do if you are under the gun of a landfalling Cape Verde monster this Hurricane Season of 2006.

It is looking more and more like this may be the season real trackers and students of tropical weather may have been waiting for to gain an eye into the real thing.. A Cape Verde Hurricane.

Note...Jason Dunion and others are out there this year are working on a special project to better understand how a Cape Verde Hurricane forms and to track it carefully, scientifically from the nursery of their birth to where they spend their golden years on our shores in their relatively short life on Planet Earth. It's a great project and I and everyone in the meteorological world wishes them a lot of luck and I wish I could be there too, watching waves flying over head and raining droplets of tropical rain down onto me from a system that may one day go down into history with a name that will be remembered forever.. like Donna or Hugo who came spinning off of Africa.

The more we learn, the more we can do to help save lives and give better early warning down the road and if Global Warming is an issue to worry on the more we know about the "how and why hurricanes form" and why they don't the better.

It's all a mathematical equation and that is why the real weather people need to be math majors not english majors.

I've been screaming African Dust around my friends for longer than I can remember.. there has ALWAYS been a correlation in my mind between big outbreaks vs small strong ones and the path the dust takes across the Ocean to the paths the Cape Verdes take later and some years those dust storms suck all the moisture out of Christopher Landsea's Sahelian rain storm formed Cape Verde Waves and other years...the Dust Storms don't stop the rain from falling..

It's a mathematical equation in my mind... not a song and there is no solution... not as of yet.

Rain from the Sahel Region minus or divided by Dust from Saharan Storms = One Big Bad Momma of a Cape Verde Hurricane... westbound towards the islands, the tropics, St. Thomas, St. John and all the beautiful islands in the Bahamas and the Turks on their way west-north-west towards Miami or Wilmington, which ever way the upper level currents are blowing and depending on however far west the Bermuda High has dug in.. and if it really digs in there is even a threat to the Sabine River area this year (in my opinion).

So... if Desdemona is building a rocketship.. she better hurry up and get the job done fast before the next Cape Verde Hurricane blows her rocketship away before it gets to Mars.

Good links to two good sets of articles and stories about Hurricanes this Sunday while we sit and enjoy the relative quiet of still too early July of 2006.

Two very good stories about 2... two of the best and hardest working hurricane researchers out there who we owe a debt of gratitude to with every piece of knowledge they gain and share with the rest of us.

Happy Hurricane Free Sunday... enjoy it while you got it.

You won't get many more as we get deeper into the Hurricane Season.

Personally, my bets are on Chris or Ernesto to cause tropical trouble in the short term :)

Smiles, Bobbi.. enjoying chocolate covered almonds this morning

Ps.. anyone receiving weekly Sunday reports from WXAMERICA better read it carefully, he is so right about everything he says and he said it very well, kudos to Larry Cosgrove for an excellent weekly update .. quoting "The conclusion we can make is that the tropical cyclone season is about to heat up, and fast!"

Friday, July 28, 2006

Wave in the Atlantic Set to Be the Next Tropical Depression???

Looking very tropically depressed to me.. or roaring and ready to go,

Has to be the best wave I have seen all year. It spins.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


A really wonderful, beautiful thing happened yesterday.

It wasn't tropical. It wasn't even really topical.

It was just sort of wonderful.

My daughter-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in NY yesterday.

I'm so excited. I have a granddaughter :)

This is so cool.

I went to Baby Gap this morning and bought every pink thing on the clearance rack in the size 0 to 3 months :)

Then.. I went somewhere else and kept buying.

Oh..and got Dovid this little blue and green fish Jimmy Buffett sort of shirt.

And................oh this is so cool.

So, this blog will return when I am more normal and able to think tropics or topics or anything but pink. I bought a little pink bracelet at Bayside this morning just to wear pink.

Girls Rock :)

Girls just want to have fun...

And, I packed up the little hot pink shorts from the GAP into a little Victoria Secrets bag :)

Bobbi has a granddaughter and she is so excited.

May all babies everywhere be happy, healthy and wise..

Check back tomorrow on those waves that don't convect and those blobs of showers in the Gulf of Mexico.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday Delight While Tropics Are Quiet

Naples was incredibly beautiful.

The weather was beautiful.

The area was beautiful.

The little tin town was cute.

The ocean was awesome.

I'm exhausted in a good way. I'm also mildy sunburned :)

The ride across the glades was awesome.

The ride home featured a big, anvil shaped, thunderhead lighting up the distant sky and a million stars to stare up at in the heavens.

Great day.

Can't believe it's so close and I so rarely go.

Everyone should take a break and enjoy life a little once in a while.

Tropics are quiet with the exception of the BOC (SW Gulf of Mexico) looking like something wants to twist and shout. Maybe..

Maybe we can start the hurricane season all over again and go back to the Bay of Campeache.

I had some really great drinks also and there is something called Naples Winery... rumor has it that everyone was trying the Category 5 Sangria. If you get to Naples.. try it.

As for me.... the sunset was beautiful even if there was no real sun...just colors on the sand and silver, slivers of waves slowly moving in towards the shore at low tide.


I did feel like the music at the little Tin Town Place was a specially sent CD from Steven .. was like a soundtrack but a cute one.

love and kisses...
a sunburned Bobbi

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tropical Sabbatical and Remembering the 1926 Great Miami Hurricane

Today is the day for a Tropical Sabbatical and a day off from worrying on the tropics. At least in Miami it is. And, I plan on doing just that... taking a day off.

As the high tries to get itself into the right configuration for the tropical waves rolling off of Africa.. unaware or very aware that the waters are too cool there still for real Cape Verde storms to form just yet.

Note frontal boundaries are still draped and arc their way across the East Coast like a casually thrown pair of pearls onto the table.

Moisture sits nestled in the Bay of Campeche as if it is June not late July.

Something is off here. Something is not quite ready yet.

Another view:

A dot midway across the Ocean has very limited potential to develop. Some models show a weakness later in the week, a doorway opening. I don't really think so but it's possible. It's July. It's early. Maybe.

Shabbos was wonderful here. My son Levi and his girlfriend were visiting. They came into town to get Sara's car and drive it back up north. We had a really nice time for dinner with some old friends who hung out talking about old times, new times and just time in general. My younger brother and his wife were here, it was nice. It was a nice shabbos. Rained a lot off and on. A crazy, wild electrical storm. Good old fashioned Tstorm. From the bottom looking up at the darkest of clouds it looked like we were out on the prairie somewhere and a Twister might be forming. Later in the afternoon, I lay in bed quietly, listening to the steady rain outside and smiling.

So nice.

This note here is for Jon (in case he reads it) "hi" :)
Seeing how he should be minding his myspace and not my blogs. You can sit on our sofa anytime with a newspaper over your head sleeping. We love you.

And, that..

Except to say that on a personal note I was wrong about something and I am glad to have been wrong. I may just give up making decisions as usually in retrospect they are wrong anyway.. I think I'll just play it my ear.

What is that song? Listening to the falling rain?

Going out today with my brother Ronnie and his wife and my nephew and my youngest son. Probably going to Naples, something about a city made of tin?? Water, boats, a harbor, a pier. Maybe Ronnie will change his mind (he has been known to) and we will go north or south. But, today.. is Ronnie's Day. It was his birthday on Friday and we are celebrating it.

For that matter... my ex-husband's birthday is today. Happy Birthday Eliezer.

And, then I go back to work on Monday. A nice job so far but mostly because the people I work with are extremely nice, good, caring people all working hard towards this common goal right now of getting this school up and running and ready for September. They are caring and just "good" nice people. And, from what I have seen from the girls I met who have applied (some I actually know personally a long time) they are special, good girls. It is very nice to be working in a positive environment where you are trying to build something that is much bigger than yourself, bigger than a weekly paycheck and watch an institution come to life in bits and pieces, spurts of energy and motion, behind the scenes drama and the every day tedious little chores of following through on small projects and chores that build the overall machine. It's exciting and rewarding so far even though I haven't been there that long. Very nice, good, protective, caring people who have even at this point taught me a lot about life and things I need to know to grow.

So... so far, so good. I hope I can continue to be an asset and help bring it all together.

Hoping a hurricane doesn't blow it all away.

What will the 2006 Hurricane Season bring?

Don't know for sure but know the nodes in Pisces are not a good sign. And, the ghost of the 1926 Hurricane Season sits hovering nearby as I walk over to the Starbucks on Lincoln Road and remember what the First Community Church looked like after the 26 storm from a series of pics I was privy to see a few years back when writing an article. The church stood but it was filled with water... the trees were ripped apart, the little Alamo like appearance was there but the survivors who gathered at the Spanish Village on Espanola Way were happy to be alive and just get water to drink. Not much changes when it comes to people fighting hurricanes and their aftermath in Miami. Great images available if you look for them of the Spanish Village right off Drexel and 15th from that time period. And, the look of those happy flappers taken the winter before and the looks of that same rag tag group in September stays with me forever. September Remember...

They were the people of Miami Beach, not the tourists, not the schemers but the every day people who worked and ran the stores on Washington Avenue that were open "all year" (a few were) and the ones on Alton or 5th Street. The ones who ran the bathing casinos, the real estate offices, the construction companies that were developing Miami Beach, lot by lot, house by house, home by home.

Those are the people who were personally remember forever the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926.

People like me and Chris Landsea and his best track team who review storms and my good friend, Paul George who study the history of that storm from all the angles and remember it only by bits and pieces of photos and data and flood surge charts and how the bay looked and Ralph Munroe's famous words and how he was right about how a storm surge would move up Biscayne Bay and even more so how the railroad being built to the south would damn up the water in Florida Bay and create a disaster seen a few years later in 1935.

History... you either learn from it.. or you are condemned to repeat it.

And, every day I go past the new towers going up and the city called "Midtown Miami" being built north of downtown and I realize, as the most wonderful Dr. Paul George realizes, that the last time we had a building frenzy like this was 1926. And, the frames of the skyscrapers lay twisted and broken like giant squashed spiders it was said after the Storm in the Miami Metropolis. Even though Miami took a beating, it rebuilt, it kept going, it kept growing.

Maybe this year the hurricanes will hit Tampa (a city way past due for a Cane) or Jacksonville (another way past due city) or Pensacola that keeps getting hit and keeps on going.

Somewhere, someone is going to get hit this year. I believe we are two for two if that really is a landfall on Nantucket.

But, Beven knows and we know... those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it and so here's to learning from history and hoping and praying we make it through the Hurricane Season of 2006 a bit safer than those poor folks on Miami Beach in 1926 who didn't even know what hit them and were unable to prepare for a Hurricane. For the ghosts of the people who were washed away as they rushed out across the Causeway to reach the safety of the mainland during the height of the eye of the storm unaware of what hurricanes look like from heaven or a satellite and got suddenly swept off the causeway and washed away when the second half of the eye wall carried them and their cute little Model T Fords out into Biscayne Bay and a watery grave ... they didn't even know a hurricane had an eye, or an eye wall or a storm surge.

We know. That much we have learned. Yet we keep on building towers at the water's edge so that people with money can sit in those towers and stare out on a good day at an afternoon thunderstorm and watch it dance it's way towards shore.

We learn a little, we learn a lot.
What was that old family saying, win a little, lose a lot?

Whatever... you get the idea.

Have a great Sunday in this tropical void of July.

Stock up, make plans, sit back and relax and watch the thunderstorms form out over the Everglades and move slowly over a city waiting to see what the Hurricane Season will bring.

July stand by, August Look out you must, September Remember.
Keep watching that water vapor loop :)

Enjoy the day, Bobbi

Friday, July 21, 2006

Beryl Hits New England (how bout that?)

Wow. Tropical Storm Beryl really does officially hit New England. Is this an official landfall?

This was from an ABC news article earlier this morning:

BOSTON Jul 21, 2006 (AP)— Tropical Storm Beryl made landfall on Nantucket early Friday, bringing a steady, driving rain and whipping winds to coastal Massachusetts.
The storm's center hit around 3 a.m., said Jack Beven, hurricane specialist with the National Hurricane Center.

Well, Jack Beven wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it. He's good. I'll take his word for it.

Which means of course that Bastardi was right and begs the question "What else did Bastardi say?"

I guess I'll have to type my way over to and see what his predictions were officially vs all the hype of NEW YORK, NEW YORK.. WHAT A WONDERFUL TOWN!! That was what got posted around the media world though I do believe he said that this year (for numerous reasons and words) would be a year that the area from the Mid-Atlantic to New York to Boston and beyond have a greater chance for landfalling storms. Who ever expected the second storm of the season to hit land and hit New England? Well, I guess Bastardi did :)

Maybe South Florida will get lucky and we will have a chance to recoup and rest. Doubt it. Possible.

Who knows?

As for me...

Making Shabbos for my son Levi and his girlfriend Sara and their friends and assorted family.
Week 2 of the Shabbos Reunions at the Meyer House.

You know the drill ..
Gefilte Fish/Assorted Salads
Chicken/Yellow Rice
Challah/Wine* note to Bobbi.. buy some good wine.
Some kind of dessert such as Cake or Cherries or both.

And... life goes on.. and on...

And, in the far, distant Atlantic.. a wave swirls westward bound.

And, in Miami it is pouring... maybe, just maybe another weak storm will form from the tail end of the frontal boundary hanging draped across the region.

Dina is in Malibu for Shabbos. Lucky her.
Shuky is in Jerusalem.. Mommy davens for him...
And, Levi is home.

Drudge has a great image on the cover of his site today. Heavy, hard to look at and affects us all in ways deeply. The war goes on. You gotta have heart in this crazy world of ours and Matt Drudge has heart.

Good Shabbos,


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tropical StormBeryl & New England, About As Close As It Gets...

So, Beryl picked up speed and slid along the coast and is flirting with New England which is about as close as they get to tropical weather.

I bet the waves are beautiful. I know, it's not a Noreaster but still... it's a tropical storm in New England.

Bastardi wins this one. Well... more than 50% of a win... about as close as it gets.

What will this hurricane season bring later in the season?


Nothing seems normal. Our weather doesn't feel normal, I was talking to a friend about it today.

Miami is getting late night and morning rain in July; the type of rain we usually get on September mornings.

Enjoy the waves and the tropical poetry... the muse it brings to many an artist who watches the storm roll by.

It was this type of storm years ago that inspired Sebastian Junger to write his now famous novel, The Perfect Storm. Standing by the beach watching the waves of a storm... is what I believe it says on websites.

There is nothing as poetic or as inspiring as watching a storm roll by, a beach full of waves and that feel in the air..

So...enjoy Beryl New England. Feel the rain on your face and say hello and goodbye to the tropics. She isn't a Noreaster.. but I am sure she is beautiful.

Personally, tomorrow morning is going to be rushed. I have kids in from out of town and some of their friends are eating over. It's going to be a house full.

I think I'll cook, make an appearance, watch the fun a bit and fall asleep. It's been a real long week.

Meyer family meal. Chicken and Yellow Rice and all the Israeli salads. Deborah brought me beautiful flowers tonight and they are already on the table.

I'm tired. Waiting for Levi and Sara to drive up. Said goodbye to my brother Jay and I am falling asleep.

Good night Beryl.
Good night Burns,

Love ya,

Is Beryl Bastardi's Storm?

Is Beryl Bastardi's Storm?

And, more problematically she moving too slow?

That's my tropical question this morning.

Early in the pre-season forecasting frenzy Joe Bastardi predicted New
England would be open for tropical troubles. He took a hit the size of a
linebacker by other hurricane trackers for his media catching New
York/New England predictions which were written off by many as hype and
sound bites designed to catch a hungry media's attention.

I've learned to watch Bastardi the way I watch Drudge. I don't believe
everything I read but I've learned in life where there is smoke there is
fire and there is a method to their madness.

Miss Beryl is dancing way too slow over unusally warm water and swirling
almost indecently too close to the coastline for my taste in tropical
drama. From the radar sites in all the big metropolitan East coast
cities this morning you can watch Beryl move those hips and she may be
doing a more entrancing dance than Shakira.

You see..... Tropical storms are not supposed to go slow and shift
their track a bit west and do a slow intensification this far north.
She is supposed to be speeding up forward speed and losing her intensity
and be suddenly looking off to the NE to rush off and out to sea.

Beryl it seems is not playing by the rule book.

As a storm tracker that makes me go "hmmnnnn" and I bet its making
Bastardi go "Hmmmmnnnn" and I cam hear Mr. Drudge's beady little mind go
"Hmmmnnnnnnn" because Mr. Drudge is one of the best "hmmmmmnnners" out

She is teasing the forecasters moving her hips a little too much to the
left (west) and not playing the game by their more proper climatological
playbook. Go to their site and notice they left the door open for
additional watches to be posted if this leftward trendy dance

As for me I am watching and anyone to her north should be watching most
carefully. In fact if I was up on Martha's Vineyard right now I'd turn
my cute little head to the left and go "Hmmmmnnn, what a delightfully
bad girl the B Storm is being.

Oh yes... I am sure she will eventually go east out to sea but what
trouble will those hips do before she does? I bet ya Chris and Eric are

Personally, I hope my son Levi gets in from NY okay tonight withut any
weather delays.

I hope by brothers make it through the day without killing each other
over the question of what is Real Country Music. I'm fine with Old
School or KISS Country on the radio. Its true the old adage. You get
two Southern Jews together and you get three opinons on country music.

As for me..heading south in the rain this morning.. I'm singing Lonesome
Highway and I have a bit of Coal Miners Daughter stuck in my head this
morning as well... And wanting to move my hips like Shakira and Beryl.

And a very special thank you to my sneaky, spooky friend for making me a
better writer all the time. This message was brought to you from Care
Africa and my sidekick as my electric went out from the storm this
morning just as I was about to hit send on blogger. Nah, don't worry..
It came on just as I was walking out the front door. Thank you FPL for
all that you do so well.

Hmmmmmnnnnn Bobbi!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Playful Beryl, Playing Off the East Coast

First Start Here:

Shows the models.

Second, read the discussion with my notes in bold

WTNT42 KNHC 190840
500 AM EDT WED JUL 19 2006

MOTION IS TOWARD THE NORTH we slapped it silly and it is now inline with our previous discussions......I.E. 360/6. A MID-TROPOSPHERIC
SYSTEM IN 36-48 HOURS...if the first one doesn't get it the next one will..WITH A STRONG SUBTROPICAL RIDGE HOLDING IN
THE PREVIOUS ADVISORY...dont get all bent out of shape over it.....OUT OF RESPECT FOR A LEFTWARD SHIFT IN THE
2-3 DAYS. ..remember rule of above 30N.. turn girl turn...THE OFFICIAL FORECAST IS CLOSEST TO THE U.K. MET...Yo Blair you watchin? OFFICE
STEERING SCENARIO DESCRIBED ABOVE. ..???huh?? oh, right, 30 N and a front should save the day....BERYL IS LIKELY ..we ain't positive but we would almost bet on it...TO MERGE WITH
PERIOD...IF NOT SOONER. ..we may have to slap it silly again

Lastly, read my own discussion.

Tropical Storm Beryl, a most minimal tropical storm if you ever saw one, will most likely curve out to sea as most storms in this place usually do. It is north 30N and storms begin to curve gracefully out to sea parralleling the Eastern Seaboard on their way to Bermuda or the British Isles. They often merge with a frontal trough and some say this storm formed at the tail end of one so it is as they say... a very frontal tropical storm. PG-13 but no R rating.

There has been a lot of media hype this season since Joe Bastardi predicted storms landfalling possibly around the Mid-Atlantic States (above your garden variety Cape Hatteras landfalls) and even a possible New England storm this year. Personally, I think he has a secret crush on my friend Sharon after we were on Hard Copy together doing that piece on hurricanes and she waxed poetic on El Nino and.. he wants to make sure she gets a hurricane up in Maine before she moves back to Miami. One never knows.. there is that Rhode Island connection with him and those Rhode Island types live to see a replay of the 1938 Hurricane the way most Miamians want to outlive Castro.

Bastardi plays in the media and despite all the kvetching from other websites and message boards everyone reads him and listens to him in a "just in case" mode as if to see "the other side of the story." He is amusing :)

And, every once in a while in a year where there is extreme heat across the US, a strong high and warm offshore water temps there is the chance that this could be the year, this could be the storm.

It is easy to write Beryl off and indeed many have... many are just waiting for one of those Cape Verde waves to connect but while we wait for someday we have to go with what we have on the maps and the only player today is Beryl. Everything else is speculation, fantasy and mental, meteorological wanderings of the 3rd Kind.

So... watch the forecast and hope the GFDL is lost in space and will soon kick in and jump on the wished for band wagon of "out to sea" and "fish storm" that everyone is hoping this one will be.

The Northeast and other parts of that region need a flooding, soaker storm like we need another 3rd World War.

But... be prudent and don't count it out just because it rarely happens.

Some people win lottos. Some couples have happy endings. Some people get lucky. Sometimes lightning does hit the exact same spot twice.

The Hurricane Center is doing a good job and it is taking into account the GFDL and other models that show a track closer to the coast than most people think (including them) that it will get. They have been very on the money so far this year even though it's early.

As for me... on this brand new day with the sun rising in the East and a bird chirping outside.. I will go to work, keep reading Atlas Shrugged and when I am done with that I will read My Life As A Man because serendipidously it fell off the book shelf at the library and into my hand after looking for it for a long time and never coming across it. I also came across that carnival book by Herman Wouk. What a wierd week it has been with coming across things.

Great song, pack up all my cares and woes... dah dah dah, dah dah dah, Bye, Bye, Blackbird.. where somebody waits for me, surgar sweet.. dah dah dah... Bye, Bye, Blackbird.

Have a great day everyone.. and watch Beryl play a bit before she eventually goes out to sea. Think for now Ontario is safe from the B storm.

Ps... you know of course to watch the Atlantic as the wave keeps moving across the ocean and the ITCZ stays tropically active and colorful.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tropical Storm Beryl Looking Towards Long Island?

Tropical Storm Beryl formed today in the Atlantic off the coast of the Carolinas.

All interests in Long Island should watch this storm carefully just in cast it does not make the famous turn out to sea. It most likely will but the GFS and AVN are both saying otherwise and showing a possibility for a Long Island landfall. Probably a long shot but please pay close attention to this storm and any track variations.

As for me and some of my friends we are watching a wave (i know i know..) out in the Atlantic as we watch this storm.

Maybe Bastardi is right.. maybe this will be the year for a New England landfall.

Will see.

Keep watching


Bring It On!

Someone on the message board today said that in reference to the 2006 Hurricane Season and then it was debated to death what it meant but whatever the reason... Yes, Bring It On!

Talking life and the world and one step better than "Just Do It" philosophy.

Do what you will, do what you do best, do whatever you are going to do ... Just do it and bring it on.

We spend so much time in life worrying on the future that we forget to live in the present. Just enjoy.

The tropics are quiet. They won't be for much longer. Something will spin, something will connect, something will start to twist and there won't be time in the day to do it all.

I love every minute of being on Miami Beach these days. I love it. I LOVE IT. Bigger font.. I watch the palm trees on Lincoln Road, the people scurrying about, the people dressed nutty and the people dressed in suits and heels and the overdressed bum in a Jimmy Buffett shirt trying to panhandle change on the corner of Alton for a Starbucks for breakfast not beer at the Walgreens.

I love the cigar shop that has been there forever despite every hurricane season that sells tarot cards from their window and the Cuban Coffee place next store that uses real brown sugar. I love the boutiques, Victoria Secrets and The Gap and the old Cadillac building. I even love the Sterling Building where my ex-husband proposed to me (thank you Ellie) and I miss the used book store and need to go into Books and Books when I get a long lunch.

I love Washington Avenue, where I hid from old boyfriend's parents and Lee Ann Drugs. I love staring at the Convention Center and the old Jackie Gleason theatre where I graduated, Ron's father worked and Jimmy worked and all those flea markets on Miami Beach.

There is a house on Alton Road STILL for sale, always for sale, not fixed up and in original bad condition. Should I win the lotto today maybe I should finally buy it.

And, I worry every day... every day, there is always this little thought in the back of my head while enjoying it..

Will this be the season that blows it away?

I have pictures and images in my mind that compete for my attention. Pictures and images of the 1926 Hurricane and how Miami Beach looked then. It competes with the workers working on the Church banging away with their hammers on some remodeling. I've seen pictures of that church in October of 1926 when they were rebuilding it slowly and the trees near by were stripped of their foilage.

I have so much that hangs in the balance this summer, up in the rafters and quietly tucked away waiting to happen.

Old boyfriends, old best friends, old co-workers I need to call, old stalkers losing steam and slipping quietly away in plaid shirts into the rafters of a big, closed up, dark barn.. hidden away like characters out of a Stephen King novel that don't ever scare me.

Long, long, run on sentences.... and paragraphs with no end except for when I decide to end them.

I have a brother here from Greece for the first time in 10 years. Where will we go to dinner? I have a grandbaby of some indeterminate, unknown sex waiting to be born, I have a son keeping me informed that he is alive and well in Jerusalem.

And, winnebagos and golf carts dance and fly in my head while I wonder... will this be the season that it all disapeers to be rebuilt again in 2007.

Will my blue tarp make it...

Will I ever see Ernie again in this life time and WHY CAN'T I HAVE CHIP????

Giggling, oh giggling.. please, that girl on the message board was so right..

Bring it On!

Redsox won yesterday by the way, we rock!
We do.


Love and kisses in any language... hit me with your best shot, fire away... Bring it On!

Just no pomerainians please :)

Ps.. I work next to a duck the size of a cruiseship.. do you think a winnebago is going to scare me? Giggling, sorry.. I do love your winnebago, was just perfect. How can you top the winnebago?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Superman Sunday & Devil Wears Prada, Nothing in the Tropics

I took the day off today from the tropics and from the news and went to the movies with a friend and my youngest son. It was just what the Doctor would have ordered had I asked the Doctor. Rest and relaxation far from the CNN and FOX show and away from people calling the house every few minutes.

Shuky is okay, for now.. in Jerusalem and staying put there.

I turned off the cellphone and relaxed. It was nice. Really nice.

Devil Wears Prada and Superman.

Devil Wears Prada was good, reminded me a lot of things I have gone through and learned from work related the last few years. Glad to be out of there even though I enjoyed it despite the frentic energy of everyone being nuts all the time worrying on the boss .. if she was in or not in or leaving on vacation or...

But, all and all.. we got along. I held my own. A strange bond of respect. Hey, she gave me her shoes a few times. Let me buy them for a penny so we didn't become enemies and we didn't. A mutual respect, I learned a lot and I left. I took her advice on that oddly, never stay in one job too long unless you are planning on retiring there. Grab an opportunity when it comes because otherwise it passes you by and you don't always get a second chance at opportunities. Well..sometimes you do but rarely when they are work related.

As for Superman..

Was that a Pomeranian? A little Pom dog Lex's girlfriend owned? Hmmmnnn

Best scene when Lois is saved on the plane by Superman has to be one of the best scenes I've seen in ages. The line that didn't need to be used wasn't. Good writing there. I guess the point was proved. Lois needs Superman even if the world didn't even though the world did.

Was it just me or did the movie have a really strong Christian sort of energy on the son and the father and that image of Superman floating in space with his arms spread wide like he was going to land near that big statue of Christ down in South America somewhere? Maybe it was just me. Jesus in a plaid shirt walking in from a corn field... Hmmmnnnnn

What can you say about a man who wants to save the world in a plaid shirt and pretend to be a mild, meek mannered man as opposed to the incredibly brillant, strong, courageous man he is living an AKA life in Metropolis?

Not bad, good movie. Of course I didn't like Eve Marie Saint as Ma Kent. I think she's a big small, the real one is much bigger. And, it must be hard for Clark to come home and see Lois did fine without him, maybe even better than she did with him there.

Life does go on .. you know?

And, on and on and on...

I had a good time at the movie. I had a good time tonight even though I just hung out and talked politics and life and shot the breeze a bit.

The tropics can wait til tomorrow.
The world can turn without me til tomorrow.
But, can it turn without Superman turning the pages?
Don't know but it can turn without me blogging on the weather.

Going to go lie down and listen to the most confusing and annoying man this side of Smallville, a man who would never be caught dead in a plaid shirt.. Matt Drudge. Not because I like his politics but I might get one more shot at Windmills of My Mind.

Oh come on laugh! It's a joke. A private one but a joke.

Good song, love that song.

Wonderful, crazy friend sent me so many versions of it. One of Sting singing it. That's how they know me so well.

Can Lois survive without Clark or without Superman?

We will see... as Clark says, Lois does well when her back is against the wall and then she is her most dangerous. Can Lois be dangerous? Hmmm don't know. Ask the Pomeranian ;)

Love the Seaplane. Jimmy Buffett would love it.

And, as for Jimmy... awww Jimmy is so cute but I am still trying to figure out for sure who Perry is :)

Who cares?
Life goes on..

A song for the Life Goes on man.. because I never told him I loved him
How could I? I didn't know, maybe he did.

No tropics tonight, warm tropical nights in Miami
Take care, be well.. talk tropical tomorrow
Love Me..

Ghost Story, by Sting
I watch the western sky
The sun is sinking
The geese are flying south
It sets me thinking

I did not miss you much
I did not suffer
What did not kill me
Just made me tougher

I feel the winter come
His icy sinews,
Now in the firelight
The case continues

Another night in court
The same old trial
The same old questions asked
The same denial

The shadows closing round
Like jury members
I look for answers in
The fire’s embers

Why was I missing then
That whole december?
I give my usual line,
I don’t remember

Another winter comes
His icy fingers creep
Into these bones of mine
These memories never sleep
And all these differences
A cloak I borrow
We kept our distances
Why should it follow that
I must have loved you?

What is a force that binds the stars?
I wore this mask to hide my scars
What is the power that moves the tide?
Never could find a place to hide

What moves the earth around the sun?
What could I do but run and run and run?
Afraid to love, afraid to fail
A mast without a sail

The moon’s a fingernail
And slowly sinking
Another day begins
And now I’m thinking

That this is indifference
Was my invention
When everything I did
Sought your attention

You were my compass star
You were my measure
You were a pirate’s map
Of buried treasure

If this was all correct
The last thing I’d expect
The prosecution rests
It’s time that I confessed
I must have loved you
I must have loved you

ps if you are STILL reading this..............

Nothing is happening in the Tropics today and Life Goes On

Friday, July 14, 2006

Worrying on Israel, Not the Tropics Today

Hi. Worrying today on Israel and not the tropics. The tropics are quietly asleep today. Remnants of the wave are moving slowly through the Caribbean at a low latitude and a few upper level lows spin poetically across the basin. The tropics are hot in the Pacific and that means we are a week to ten days away from trouble in this side of the Basin.

My son Shuky, the weather wonder, is in Israel studying in Jerusalem at the moment. Well, at the moment he might be in Jerusalem or he might be in Bnai Brek or somewhere but I am not sure where and getting a little nervous. He was supposed to go to Tsfat for Shabbos with a group of kids from America that are on a tour that he is working with but..........because of the missiles falling they decided to go somewhere safer not near the North, not near the South. Is there anywhere safe?

I'm nervous. Not a happy camper on this one.

Hurricanes I can handle. My son in a country that is at war I can't.

Did anyone, by the way, notice how they sure have a lot of long range, good missiles for a group of people who have been complaining endlessly about the state of their poor Palestinian refugees living in squalor. It would seem to me that if the people of the Arab nations looked out for their poor Palestinian refugees and supported them instead of arming Hezbollah, a terrorist army, with high tech, long range bombs they would be sitting pretty and living well. But, they don't care for their own people they only care about the destruction of Israel and Jews.

Let's call a spade a spade here. This is not a "turf war" as some very pretty Lebanese girl said on the news in Miami. This is a war against Jews and a war to rid the middle east of anyone who is Jewish or Christian (eventually) because they want a "pure" Arabic Middle East. Plain and simple.. and if they had all of the Middle East free of Jews they would be glad to bomb any Jewish place in Paris or New York.

Back in 1994 son's friends and classmates were driving home across the Brooklyn Bridge after visiting their ill, elderly Rabbi who was in a hospital in Manhattan and the van was fired upon by a Arab Taxi driver on the BROOKLYN BRIDGE.. symbol of NY and America.. for no other reason than they were Jews and a good target. Target practice on Jews on the Brooklyn Bridge. Just a nice taxi driver with an Uzi under his seat set to take out a few Jews in America. One of many in illegal terrorist cells living and working among the Jews in Brooklyn. He wasn't looking for his homeland to be free for his poor Palestinian relatives and he was using his taxi fare money to buy Uzi machine guns and bullets not sending it home to the poor Palestinians back home.

My son's friend lost part of his head, and survived a bullet lodged in his brain. Another friend on the bus died.

Some links below to what happened on that famous "Welcome Back Kotter" bridge that is the symbol of New York City.

My son Sruly wasn't on the bus, he could have been on the bus. He could have been dead (God Forbid) like Ari for no other reason than he was a Jew and good target practice for Arab hatred of Jews.

That could happen in America, right under our noses and a few years later the big Twin Towers went Boom and Kaboom and imploded straight down all over Manhattan. Not so far away from where Ari died for no reason but because he was Ari, a Jewish boy with a yarmulke and sitting like a duck on his school bus being shot at the length and breadth of the Brooklyn Bridge.

At least with Nassar we knew the truth..

It wasn't about UN Resolutions, it wasn't about an Arab homeland for Palestinians who were really thrown out of Jordan and Egypt by Arab leaders who didn't want them there either. It wasn't about wanting a Palestinian State or a Palestinian Army. It was about Arabs wanting a Jew Free world starting with Israel.

Nassar told the truth when he said he wanted to push the Jews into the sea until there wasn't one Jew left in Israel.

So, you got to wonder while all those poor Palestinians are living poor lives in crowded ghettos supported by UN welfare and help how Hezbollah and Hamas has so much money and a non-stop pipeline of military hardware from Iran, Syria and anyone else who wants to help annihilate the Jews in Israel.

Seems like if they cared so much about their own people they would help their own people.

War is not in their best interests and as a friend said to me on the phone this morning.. "they" (the Arabs) are shooting missiles and attacking the Christian Arab Villages the hardest because they dare live and work with Israel in peace. He's right. And, the Druze there are targeted as much as Jews.

So... hoping Shuky will be safe. Hoping Israel will find a way to stop Hamas and Hezbollah and all of their enemies. Because if you think this is just about those crazy Jews and Arabs fighting in the Middle East you are DEAD WRONG.


Dead, like Ari Halberstam

Look at the picture of the boy below.. he was an American boy going home from doing a good deed and visiting the Rebbe who was ill in a hospital in Manhattan.. not far from where the Twin Towers fell... just minding his own business, playing with his friends, shooting the breeze and hanging out in America and suddenly shot to death on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Yes, I am worried on my son in Israel. Maybe I should be worried about my children living here.

Good Shabbos, Bobbi

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Wave.. remains.

The Tropical Atlantic Basin is the same today as it was yesterday.

The Wave.. remains.

I am not the one obsessed with it. The National Hurricane Center is:

Complain to Seahorse at NHC not me.

Note the text below. Still talking about it days later despite negative
conditions. So cute by the way.. look Blake, I love when Blake gets to
write something.

And, lastly... to you know who..

Authors and Writers should not boss around or abuse their muse. Please
refer to the rule book, seeing how you are the one possessing it you
should know where it is. You know, Robert's Rules.

And, I'd think twice if I were you or you could spend the rest of your
life up in Iceland snoring with the Polar Bear and if you don't believe
me watch "I Dream of Jeannie" and get a clue.

And, no I am not going back in the bottle.

So, cut it out!

ABNT20 KNHC 130919
530 AM EDT THU JUL 13 2006







Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Water Vapor Loops VS Upper Level Lows

Good Evening or Good Morning however and whenever you read this..

I was asleep earlier but then Shuky called and Shayna called and someone called (don't remember who) then Jay called and some guy from Tampa with a fake fone call and I gave up... so I'm here.

These are my thoughts, this is my post, this is your life.

Partially reposted from except I have a few things to add.

Okay, I just want to mention this briefly and in the morning we can see what has happened over the last 6 hours out there in the Tropical Atlantic.

Good morning (those of you who slept last night).. good evening those of you who are awake. Doesn't insomnia suck? Night shift? New Zealand? Maybe you're reading this on the Space Shuttle? Anyway.. Welcome!

This blog is about the Water Vapor Loop and Upper Level Lows. Really.

Truth is Jim Williams made a good observation on the message board today regarding the ULL (Upper Level Low) that may or may not be forming in the Atlantic that might affect THE WAVE in question.

It could bust it up bad tomorrow and enhance it a bit later though depending on IF the ULL develops, where it goes and how fast it moves.

Next.. there is an upper level low aka ULL that is enhancing shear in the Caribbean and shooting the shear right into the heart of "The Wave"

However.. the shear is a constant feature at the entrance to the Eastern Carib this time of year. The shear enhancer is not. And, sometimes those upper level lows can move faster and suddenly the switch is flicked and everything changes real fast. It is like letting air out of a balloon. Whoosh..

They are compelling and hypnotizing to watch and they are difficult to read as there are all these little nuances (much like this message board) but if one little detail changes the whole atmosphere changes and you get that butterfly effect.

Just remember when watching Upper Level Lows: What disrupts today may enhance tomorrow.

Cantore is one of the best around at reading them. It is like a great artist explaining another great artist's work, showing how the techniques were used and pointing out things that to the common, average viewer they never noticed until he pointed it out. Personally, I think he is better than Bastardi and Bastardi is good but Cantore reads nuances well on the water vapor loop. He is the best by my book.

My son Shuky speeds them up and it makes me dizzy watching them spin that fast but he sees things at that speed and I like to watch a long time and get a real feel for it but at a slower speed. And, often the black and white is better to view than the color as all those colors can be distracting and the black and white can at times tell the story better. At times.

As for Jim's ULL that might create a problem. Agreed. But, what bugs it today may fan it's flame in a few days.

You know what I mean?

You watch, you decide. Lot's of good water vapor loops. (particulary pretty)

Very pretty picture. You MUST sing the following song while looking at it though.

He's got the whole world in his hands...

As for me.. I am going to try and go back to bed.
I have so much on my mind. A daughter west bound through Nevada on the 80 with some guy bugging her (not bad) and a son in Israel who might be going up to the mountains for Shabbos, a friend on the road with a possibly sick child, a best friend in Maine who I think needs me up there badly but I'm stuck down here and a new job that I am very happily stuck in and I have to make a Thanksgiving Dinner for my brother Jay for Shabbos because I thought it would be a "fun" idea. Talking on IM to another son's ex-girlfriend who is the most perfect girl I know (someone needs his head examined) and well...................I wish I had a faster computer so I could stare endlessly at that Orca loop and I'm not talking about a big, fat, whale's...

I'm talking weather..

Wave watching today, hurricane watching tomorrow.

He's got the whole world in his hands....

Going back to bed. Dreamland. Bye bye. Go to sleep! Go back to Work!

Or Good Morning..

Tropical Waves

It's one of those days. One minute it's pouring. One minute it's raining.

A tropical wave mixed together with an upper level low is dancing it's way west across the general Miami area. I looked out the window towards the ocean from work and the whole sky was black. A few minutes later it was blue. A few minutes later it poured so heavy I thought it was hailing.

Watching the wave still. You may think this is tediously boring or pathetically preaching wave philosophy but this is what July is all about. And, until the waves start spinning into Storms there is all hype everywhere.

One channel said nothing was happening.
One said a lot might happen.
One said that maybe we will go with only a few named storms ?!?!? (not reliable reporting)
One said they might send planes in
One said this little wavie might run all the way home.

July is Waves Month. Waves of waves work their way west bound through the tropics.

But, one thing you learn from watching waves is that the path the waves take will soon be replaced by full grown storms with names and cords and a set of problems different from slipping through the raindrops on Lincoln Road on my lunch break.

So... the wave is not dead down in the Atlantic. Neither is the one dancing across Miami but either way this one isn't doing anything. The one down below might.

Got to run, lunch is over.

Shuky called in from Israel looking for news. He did not join the Army and is in school in Jerusalem.

More on that later

For now.. in the tropics it's all about Waves.

Waving goodbye


Slow Tropics, Wave May Develop Slowly As It Approaches the Islands

Some slow development or "blow up" of the wave may occur as it nears the islands and gets past the Shear Zone. The wave hangs in and should be watched because every other wave so far as passed over Southern Florida which in my book means: Watch the Wave.

One is waving and raining currently over my house. A sudden downpour with strong winds messing up my morning commute.

Unfortunately the situation in Israel may blow up faster than my little wave.

Woke up to a text message on Israel not the weather this morning from a friend.

And, I have a son there right now who will not give me any definitive verification if he has or hasn't joined the Army there recently so.. I ain't happy.

So at the moment I would prefer the wave to rain on me and not any developments in Israel.

So like... hello.. Shuky call home.

Great time for Dina to be in Boulder staring at sunsets.

Jay is here, he looks great.

Got to get out of here, very later at this rate.

Damn, I'm rhyming.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So cool.

This is soooo cool.

Jay is here. It's pouring rain and lightning and Florida is putting on a good welcome show for my brother.

Tropically speaking the local media says the upper level low in the Bahamas is going to make for a wet tomorrow.

The wave down low in the Atlantic is hanging on but looking weak.. but there.

Tropics in July.. on hold waiting for the Upper Level Lows to depart and the shear to lessen.

Meanwhile... my brother is in America for the first time in 10 years and I am sooo happy to see him, hold him and laugh with him.

Til tomorrow... watching the lightning and listening to the thunder and laughter around here.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Tropical Wave Still There and Models Notice.

The wave is still there and looking better all the time. More and more models are playing with possibilities as it stays together and flirts with the islands.

There is a discussion as to if the circualation forming (notice we are now using circulation word)is middle level or near the surface.

Models have played with it. Rumor has it the Canadian develops it into a system in the Carib though I think it is more likely to lift. Maybe not.. watching.

Stay tuned. As for me.. I'm going to work.
Monday morning.
No time to be brillantly funnier or delve too deep into things.

There is a great article posted on on global warming that gives fairly both sides of the discussion. It is a discussion, it does need to be discussed and there has been NO consensus as everyone is still debating, collecting data and observing. Accurate and fair discussion (of this kind) is important vs hype and sound bites even though we do live in a world of sound bite mentality.

Good reading. Rarely have I seen an article written without prejudice and not trying to prove their view on the topic but a real examination of the voices being voiced today.

Okay............I got a little deep.

Here's funny. My thoughts.. not gained at the knee of Dr. Gray though he did stand besides me trying to get a cup of coffee once and yes he IS tall :)

"And, I'm wondering in the days of the bible I bet they blamed the Flood on Global Warming too!" BobbiStorm :) You heard it here first!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

National Hurricane Center Mentions My Wave at 5pm

To everything there is a season unto heaven...

Today was that kind of day when you reach out across the miles and stop time if for only a minute or a few hours and remember people who were and still are important in your lives. In my life.. Reunion Sunday it should be called.

As for the wave... the NHC mentioned it and it still exists and it is still moving slowly this way. It is much more subtle that your average run of the mill Stephen King scary mystery.. it has no music from the movie JAWS.. just a signature that spells trouble of the tropical kind. We will see... what we will see but for now we are all watching as it distantly slides its ways west and west-north-west this way.

My tropical wave is still twisting it's way west along the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone..possibly coming to a city somewhere near here later this week. Maybe.. could happen, might happen.. and if it does develop, development will be slow to occur.

Says the NHC at the 5pm. Text of their discussion at the bottom of this post.
Link to Naval Invest ----->

Let's see what they say at 11pm. They can be a difficult group to impress and even catching their attention isn't that easy for a tropical wave in July to do but this one did.
Notice the blob closer to America.. that is an upper level low (supposedly) interacting with an old wave. Do not pay that attention (why I don't know) but scroll to the east and down low and you will see my wave dead on 10 around 41 chug, chugging along.

Some personal comments today from my thoughts on reunions with old friends and...........the link to the Naval site that has our little wave (and possibly the B storm) on "invest" meaning.. the Navy at least is investigating it :) Well.. loosely what it means.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The reunion brunch was nice and went on most the day. I sat and watched my friends talk and enjoyed realizing how no one has changed and despite life going on, moving on... it stays the same. A reassurance in ways, both good and bad of how much things change they stay the same.

Nice day, nice food, nice friends... everyone brought cherries. We snacked on cherries all day while talking with an endless supply of Entemann's cakes. Beautiful view of cruise ships passing by outside. Morry and I laughed remembering that summer (or winter) back in 75 or 76 when he was dating "that girl" and we both talked on Richard and life. Richard was in some ways the one missing person in the group. He lives up north.

It was fun, but I lost a good part of my Sunday and it's hard to replace a Sunday.

It's hard to replace time, find it, use it wisely and find it again.

You have to force yourself to stop and enjoy yourself, to take the time to enjoy time before it passes you by. Sometimes you get the chance, other times you don't.

Lately I have noticed a trend in my patterns changing. If I have the urge to reach out, take a chance, grab for a gold ring or just send an email I will try. As I said twice this week in very different situations "glad I didn't chicken out" and... on that level Robin didn't chicken out. She said that every time they come in they mean to call and get together and didn't and she knew if she didn't and arrange it in advance the opportunity would be gone.


As for the hasn't gone poof yet and...... it ain't going poof that soon. Maybe it will even develop.

The NHC gave it doubtful chances to develop in the 5PM. Their doubtful chances is a big deal as when they even bother with the "development, if any, will be slow to occur" line it means it has a shot, it has a chance... which is more than anyone thought last night at this time.

It has an Invest on the Navy site and it still has structure and color and is moving as an entity westbound...

So... along with the news that Italy won the World Cup and Jeff Gordon won today's race and life going on... along with my brother and his wife having their 17th wedding anniversary and the Ron Mon having his birthday today (said with a jamaican accent) and... along with old friends not forgotten..

Don't forget it's July in the tropics and the water is hot, hot, hot and there are waves riding westward bound on satellite imagery.

It may be early but development.. if any...will be slow to OCCUR and you may read that sentence however you like but I'd worry.

Could the tropics disappoint my brother Jay who will be here on Tuesday?

Can my blue roof stay together... oh help...

Smile and enjoy the new work week..

You know that song.. you got have heart, all you really need is heart... I don't know why but it's stuck in my head. I think we learned the words in Jr. High :)

Ps.. Yaffah I am so sorry I missed your call today. But, as you said so long ago "life is just a chair of bowlies" (you didn't think I forgot, did you?)


Tropical Wave to be watched in the Atlantic, Cape Verde Wave still holding on..

First off.. the wave in the Atlantic is alive despite dry conditions and dire predictions by many. It is very large and that helps it stay together. I'm wondering if the upper low in the northern part of it (that I am not sure is really upper level and not middle level) might just keep the bottom surface low alive and keep dragging it along for the ride. At some point down the road the lower level low to the south may switch seats and drive the car wnw.

We will see but for now.. it is twisting and convecting and I'd keep my eye on it.

It will approach the islands in 2 to 3 days and if it pulls wnw than it will approach the northern leeward islands in 3 to 4 days. And, that would put it where the last two upper level lows have been that trained their way across the Florida peninsular. And, my brother Jay would be here just in time for some tropical trouble.

Easy to be negative. And, the real crew of hurricane trackers and researchers are negative on the Atlantic as despite the busy year of 2005 and 2004 they have been denied their main love for the last 2 years. That being.. Cape Verde Storms.

All hurricane people who say politically correct things in the public eye long for a good Cape Verde wave to track it's way across the ocean. This little wave is a Cape Verde baby.. not officially a Cape Verde Storm because it hasn't formed but it is the stuff that dreams are made of for trackers who haven't had their favorite systems to play with the last two years as the Saharan Dust Monster sucked them dry and wiped them off the maps. They have been stuck with the most lethal of the Caribbean cruisers that made their way up towards the Loopy current of the Gulf and caused so much death and destruction along the waterfront resorts of the Gulf of Mexico.

This wave has a classic signature and started way back from the genetic pool of hurricanes of the past. The hurricanes of the rich and famous so to speak. The real deal. Cape Verde Waves.

Yes, it might fizzle. No, it might not fizzle.

I remember to this day and always, forever and always the look on John Hope's beautiful gone but not forgotten face when they put that blue dot on the map that was so climatologically not favorable. One minute it wasn't there..the next hour.. POOF it was and he had this deer caught in the headlights look. In a land where there had been no dots on The Weather Channel's Tropical Update map..there was suddenly a storm named Bertha.

NO.. I am NOT saying this will turn into Bertha, no way but it could turn into the 2006 B storm of this year. Stranger things have happened and it has stayed together so far.. maybe this B Storm like other's before it is indeed a fighter.

Never turn your back on a fighter wave.. never.

As for me.. I'm going to my group reunion over on Palm Island. Funny how that works as Richard and Morry and I spent so much time there back in 76.. time has been strange lately.. It comes and goes and flitters about.

Herman's kids were here yesterday hanging with Miriam and Mendy. In from Israel.

Leslie will be here in 10minutes screaming "BAHBEEEE Why aren't you dressed!"

Jay is coming in on Tuesday.

So many people coming and going.. Vincento in the library for my goodbye party.

Talking to Shroeder again.

Wierd... some time warp going on here. Nice but well..

Time will tell on the B Storm :)

I'll be back later..
Watch the Wave.

Read about it here:


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tropical Wave in the Atlantic Is Worth Watching

A wave in the middle of the Atlantic has a nice structure and has managed to stay together half way across the Ocean despite dry conditions and it being early in July. It's low position on the ITCZ has helped it stay alive and it has early signs of banding.

If that wave shows more color tomorrow it could be something to worry on in a few days as it approaches the islands.

Right now there is a huge amount of Saharan Dust in the atmosphere out there.
There is also a very strong high that it (and other waves) will ride under.
There is a pattern for the waves to lift in the same way the Upper Level Low is traveling.

That takes this wave (if it holds together) into the islands or NE part of the islands a couple of days from now.. more depending on speed. Several days away to worry on it but if it holds together and it could.. expect there to be model runs sometime tomorrow or tomorrow night.

IF it falls apart.. expect there to be more bickering over teeshirt designs and global warming on the web.

As for me..

Personally.. off the tropics..
It's been a nice Shabbos.

Moe and Deborah were here. Their fish committed suicide on Friday, a betta.. it leaped.

Bizarrely one of my two bettas leaped today.. gone, up and out of the little bowl and it wasn't filled to the top with water and the bowl has an indent making it a pretty talented suicide leaper if you ask me. I have never had a fish do that. I used to tease Stuart his jumped because he filled the water to the top like Moe and Deborah. I didn't. It just leaped. So wierd.

Wicked vibes if you ask me.

Nice meal last night. Nice meal for lunch.

I saw some old friends today who I haven't seen in a while and that was very nice. Very. I slept a lot. I read about 40 pages of Atlas Shrugged.

Tomorrow I am having a reunion of my friends from the old "Rabbi's Study Group" which was our name for the group who hung out together at the temple. The Youth Synagogue we made. A friend is in town with her husband and we are having a party at her brother's house on Palm Island to hang, talk, shmooze and eat brunch. I'm going to spend the day with my best friend from high school Leslie and the rest of the gang is going to be there. Very nice to see old friends. Very nice to hear from old friends.

Nice, nice, nice..

So..if I disapeer that's where you will find me.. if you pass by on a sailboat..wave.

But.. if not.. and more important then Big Chill Style Family Reunions..

Watch the Wave..

Great song.. one of your all time favorites "every move you make, every step you take, I'll be watching the wave" oopsie.. my lyrics, not yours.

every loop you loop, every sat you click .....ill be watching too..

I came back on at this hour to write a short post as I am not sure how much time I will have tomorrow to post and promised someone I would yell if I saw something.

I am yelling.