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Friday, May 31, 2024

1 Day Til Hurricane Season. Models Hint at Something.... EPAC Maybe.... 2024 Hurricane Season Forecast to Use Every Name... Valerie and William for Halloween? Hurricane Prep NOW!


Sure you have seen this Meme, using it to tell the truth. When I say "prepare for Hurricane Season" I'm not just saying "prepare for a landfalling hurricane at your door" I am saying.... after the storm moves on. You are left with all the mess and it'll be 90 degrees with 100% humidity and no AC, no electricity for fans, no ice as it melts and the water may be off or contaminated. Whatcha going do then? You have 1 day before Hurricane Season offiicially begins. What are you waiting for???  Hurricane Prep is the name of the game today and this weekend. In Florida there are Tax Free Shopping for Hurricane Supplies, check it out... begins June 1st through June 14th! 

I'm going to show long range models today, they are long range and it's worth noting nothing is impending stopping y'all from shopping this weekend for hurricane supplies. Post Memorial Day Sales and Clearance Racks should be your goal as many supplies for that party weekend will be on sale and you can get good deals on non-perishable snacks, drinks, paper goods and such. The GFS, as usual, is more hot to trot for development of some kind in Carib and then it races off crashing into the High trying to kill it, but of course the High snaps back.

Low forms in SW Carib.
Traces the last few into ATL
Cuts it's way into the High.

Euro sees nothing.
Well does see an unorganized swath of moisture.
Rather cool air is in place today in NC.
But waters still hearing up.
Below is the Canadian.

Canadian similar to GFS 
Also sees an African Wave at higher lat??


10% yellow ... maybe....

This time of year the players are getting into place, it takes a while for everything to be set. You know Proms don't just appear out of nowhere, there are committees and decorations and menus and gowns to be bought. Then suddenly you walk into the room dressed up with your date, both of you dressed like you're going to a ball or disco or whatever...and it the room looks like heaven on earth. Music blares, people take photos they will look back on and remember with smiles and sadness sometimes as who knows where you'll be 50 years later down the road. And, you dance all night! 

The tropics need to warm up, the upper air patterns need to arrive in the right place. Shear needs to lessen at the entrance of the Caribbean and tropical waves need to lift north of 6 degrees North and get up to where they have a better chance of becoming a hurricane. The much awaited MJO needs to get it's act together and arrive exactly on time for pictures, dressed to kill. There are so many details to get a hurricane season rolling. So ignore the snore fest of "nothing happening in the tropics" from the NHC and beware the orange and red circles that will appear. It takes time. Mother Nature and the Florida Gov gives you time and sales to get what you need, BEFORE the orange and red circles appear!! And, get your game on before Mother Nature is ready to party all summer long into fall and you might lose your mind! Hurricane Prep!

13 years ago or so one of my sons got married at a waterfront mansion with a huge lawn and a tent, a bar that flowed and everyone dancing under the stars with the music blaring. This was the song of the hour. Mother Nature getting ready to party... Alberto, Francine, Gordon, Kirk, Sara and Rafael! Are you ready? Ps get lots of batteries for your radios and whatever old school toy you have to use when there's no power and your Spotify won't work because you have no battery left on your iPhone.    

Researchers be getting ready.
Chasers get in shape to chase.
Miamians... Houstonians...
Get Ready.
Charleston, Savannah... get ready.
Just do it!
1 day left til Hurricane Season.
Forecasts say we get thru all the names.
Hurricane Valerie and her date William??
Maybe for Halloween.

Gonna be a long season.
Prep NOW!!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Insta
Twitter weather, Insta whatever.

I'm an 80s girl.
Maybe you're a 70s guy??
Or 90s or 2010s??

Soon there will be Storm Warnings.
Prepare now PLEASE

Great name for a Storm Chaser ..isn't it?

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Hot Water in GOM, FL Straits & Bahamas is Red Hot. This June is Like Late July... Prepare for Hurricane Season Now. Models & Discussion on Possible Development Down the Tropical Road. Weathernerds & DaBuh Sites of the Day


Nothing expected for 7 days as per NHC.
Note old frontal boundary off the East Coast..
...base of the dead front is in the Bahamas.
Thin line of clouds go all the way into SW Carib.
Low riding waves are off of Africa...
...crossing the Atlantic westbound.

Home in the Carolinas, back from Florida, I left the window open last night as it was cool enough to actually leave the window open. That said, the AC will be on later today. So it's 2 days to the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season. That begs the question, "what do I write?" "what do I say that I haven't said?" and it's not easy as I think I've said it all regarding Hurricane Preparation for how to prepare for a hurricane, hunker down and get through it and for how to live after the power goes out and it takes 2 weeks to get it back on. I've talked on evacuation and when to evacuate and when to hunker down at home in a zone where you won't get storm surge and you can ride out a hurricane and have a generator for basic needs when the power goes out for 2 weeks in South Florida in August. Yes, you can move away from Florida to Kansas but I warn you they get Twisters and very hot summers also! After just being in Miami I'll add you can't go 2 minutes without AC unless you're in the shade near Biscayne Bay and there's a good breeze blowing. 

So staying with the theme of the HOT WATER and looking especially at areas that are prone to June tropical storms and hurricanes as June is 2 days away! June this year may not be "too soon"and  yet even with so many signals set to "GO" the tropics are not really, totally ready yet. We have fronts still on the mood and Twister Season doesn't want to end it seems. The flow of air moves in different directions this year and between shear and steering patterns it's hard to get an early Hurricane Alberto in June even when the water is HOT, but it could happen.

Michael Lowry on Twitter posted this image above.
Water temps in the Atlantic Basin.
Early May.
Notice the hook in the Gulf of Mexico??
Infamous Loop Current looping.
SW Carib hot.
SW of Africa HOT....why we have strong waves.
Lots of cooler spots in white and blue polka dot areas.

Currently much of the white and blue are gone.
In the GOM it's hard to find the Loop Current.
Its "as if" the GOM IS the Loop Current.
GOM hot like the Loop Current but not looping.
Florida Straits are primed and ready.
Cuba.... Bahamas ready and waiting.
And as we've seen....
..enough heat to allow waves to make it across.

Caribbean and Atlantic today.

The 3 triplets in the bottom left are waves, convection gathering over hot water and when that happens pressures at the surface lower and if shear is not there, something tries to spin. Closer to home, near the hot water in the Bahamas is an old dead frontal boundary and at the base of the  old front there are remnants of the front sitting over hot water and where there is convection (rain) sitting over hot water lingering, if the wind shear is not there then you can get tropical development in water that is 85 degrees! Bottom right you have low riding, but viable, tropical waves that left Africa recently and have all made it across to South America. Add in, when you get a big wave sometimes one part goes West headed towards the SW Carib sliding across South America and the Northern part of the wave makes its way up WNW then NW into the Islands or drawn to the lower pressure anywhere it can find it such as in this case toward the old remnant of the dead frontal boundary and wham IF the shear is not there, pressures lower and it's "Hello Alberto!"

Note in all these scenarios the IF is shear and upper level wind flow patterns... IF they tear the tops off the thunderstorms then you can't get a hurricane going; you can't even get a tropical storm going. But, IF and when the steering patterns, the flow of the air and wind shear are not in an unfriendly pattern the very hot water all around Florida from the GOM to the Florida Straits to the Bahamas put out a "Welcome to the 2024 Hurricane Season" banner and suddenly there's an Invest and the threat of a named storm and someone near there is possibly in the Cone in June!

Ignore the big pinwheel in N ATL.

What this shows us is the old frontal boundary off the East Coast, note as it tries to move away a white line lingers down in the Bahamas. If you look at the bottom left you'll see a line of moisture going South of the Yucatan, reaching out towards the moisture in the Bahamas. The Water Vapor Loop shows vapor, moisture and it's a good indicator of where things are going development wise and otherwise. You can see there still is Easterly Shear near the Caribbean Islands, yet the sneaky low riding waves slide under it, pump up the rain in South America and then emerge into the SW Caribbean where there is ample moisture over hot water to wonder what if something pulls together. Would it go North towards the Yucatan as many early systems do or will it ooze across the Greater Antilles and emerge in the Bahamas where the water is hot. The last few weeks this set up has been in place, it hasn't left yet. 


Models for a week from now.
Show convection gathering.
Nothing ready for a name.
Note there's a frontal boundary
Fronts are still on the move.
We aren't there yet.

GFS above.
Always ready to party....
...shows stronger convection.

Neither show any development.
Tho...there's always one model somewhere.

As for Site of the Day.
Great site.
So many things you can do...

Takes a while to learn it if you're new to this...
...but one of the best sites to use for Hurricane Season.
Also...follow @DaDaBuh.
Takes a while to understand what he's saying.
He always sniffs out the next storm.
Enjoy the music and art while you learn.
As for a song below....wait for it!

Yes.... definitely African Wave Season...
...going into June.
Cray cray but true...
..stay tuned.

Sweet Tropical Dreams 
@bobbistorm on Twitter ...
Insta also but not always wxr.

... thank you Dabuh ;)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Hot Water in the Tropics! June Probably Not Too Soon for Tropical Development. Use Your Time Wisely.... 4 Days til Hurricane Season Begins.


Currently tropics quiet.

Unfortunately Texas is not quiet weather wise!

Currently I'm on the way home from a preseason vacation in South Florida. Been watching the tropics, but barely been online as I had a busy schedule. And, when I wasn't involved in various events, I was doing some Hurricane History research with some materials I was able to look through and pick up to take home to continue research in Raleigh. 

The water is hot across a wide area, and that's a problem. However, it takes more than HOT water to get hurricanes spinning. Shear across the basin or a strong, fast flow will knock the tops off of anything trying to develop. Generally the talk is the MJO is moving into position to possible give a kick to the start of the season in the near future. Time will tell. But, as I said in the post above, any convection that lingers over those hot waters in conjunction with a lowering of shear and with any possible pressure drops "could" help get things spinning. 85 degrees will definitely support tropical development in early June! So stay tuned, as June may not be too soon in 2024! As for areas to watch, currently this area is highlighted in the SW Carib and there is a large convective mass there currently.

I'll post tomorrow and will be back to posting daily and updating on Twitter my thoughts. This vacation has been busy and the weather beastly hot. Lots of awesome things to do and some not so awesome news I have heard on a close friend of mind. And, then good news mixes in with sad news and the water only gets hot, hot and hotter. 

I miss being "home" in North Carolina. I miss the Farmers Market (really) and my room and books and things I play with as the hurricane season moves closer day by day. So stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

Today I had breakfast with my daughter in a restaurant and while looking outside I realized it was pouring in one part of the parking lot and the other part of the parking lot was dry. Such is life in tropical Miami, it often rains on one side of the street and not the other.  Honest. Seriously. 

As for my site of the day:
One of the best sites online to help South Floridians and the rest of y'all to prepare for hurricane season. And, most people online know I am a huge fan of Phil Ferro on WSVN, who always graciously gives info, answers questions online with emphasis on educating and informing as many people as he can with as little ego that you'll ever see from a meteorologist! A sweet man!

More tomorrow, more to come....
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps for those who wonder, no I am not Cuban but I was raised in Little Havana in Miami so I suppose I think I'm Cuban ;) And, to be honest... I have 3 little granddaughters who call me Abuela Bobbi ;) 

Friday, May 24, 2024

NOAA Forecast Confirms Super Busy Hurricane Season - Yellow Circle Still 10% - Old African Wave Crossed Atlantic Now Near SA


Woke up to the info on the NOAA Forecast.
That confirms all the other forecasts.
2024 forecast to be very busy Cane Season.

While the forecast that you can read online is tropically troubling and topical there's nothing new in that forecast we have not heard before since Dr. Klotzbach released his forecast from CSU saying it would be a very busy hurricane season. This is new news in that it's from NOAA, but it's old news as the fast news cycle continues and the take away here is to up your efforts, put them into action to put together the tools you need to get through the 2024 Hurricane Season. Be it buying supplies or discussing if you would stay or go and at what strength a hurricane would be before you packed up and left town for higher land and safer places. If you are riding out a hurricane you need to know what you would use for the aftermath. 

Last night at dinner I was speaking with a smart, beautiful young girl who talked on how her parents lost their home in Andrew but the aftermath was long and difficult even though the hours Andrew rushed across South Miami Dade County went fast as did her parent's roof and windows...... being without power for what seemed like ages was the worst. Finding a place to stay after the hurricane, nothing being normal and time movely slowly after your whole life was torn apart can take the worst toll both emotionally and physically. My point if you think going through that sort of hurricane, the aftermath can sometimes be worse. I actually have a daughter-in-law ...also smart and beautiful...who lived in the Palmetto area during Andrew, she was a baby girl being held by her mother in the bathtub with a mattress over their head while her father also held the door to the bathroom shut as much as he could...while the Andrew took their roof away bit by bit. Tales from Palmetto Bay in 1992.

That said many Tropical Storms and "weak" hurricanes are easily survivable without losing the roof over your head, and yet in 2024 the infrastructure is slow to come back so you need perishable foods, medical supplies for cuts and bruises and a plan on how to cook food, keep the house lit well enough without power so you don't stumble around getting hurt needing said medical kit. That is the take away from the newest report forecasting a very busy hurricane season! 

So the tropics today and tomorrow are below:

Yellow X moves towards the Grid.
10% still. 

While there is a small chance this could develop into something out there in the Atlantic it's more important to note that it's there and that behind it, it leaves a huge swatch of tropical moisture and behind across DR and PR with a tail that goes deep into the Caribbean. Why is this important? Bear with me... Further to the East or let's say SE aka bottom right of the image above you see the moisture from the old African Wave that soon becomes the South American and South Caribbean Wave as it's moisture doesn't know the word for STOP and it just keeps oozing along into our part of the hurricane basin. 

Models on show their colors different
Above and below for Monday.
Moisture in the Carib.

Why is this important if it doesn't show a developing named storm? Because when you have the hot tropical waters of the Caribbean heating up and there's a steady flow of moisture, pressures lower and there's always the chance that something down say by the Yucatan or up closer to Cuba and the Florida Straits can begin to develop into ... something be it a tropical disturbance, depression or named storm.

It's all about the moisture.

In the distant Atlantic the water is so hot that it allowed the FIRST Tropical Wave of the Season to make it across the Atlantic. Normally, beautiful tropical wave off Africa in June (not even May) roll off looking or colorful and grand and fizzle and shrivel up as soon as they hit the water that is not warm enough to support their travel plans. This year......the water was hot, inviting and provided fuel for that African Wave to make it towards South America and the lower Islands. Shear there blows developed storms apart, however the shear there with no named storm and no closed circulation does nothing but scatter the convection about and the environment stays moist, and friendly to some remnant of a tropical wave that has long term dreams of attaining a name closer to our coasts.

Take with lots of Sea Salt.
GFS always ready to party...
...shows something near Central America.
Where do you think that came from??
Think about it.

The problem with moisture in the tropics is that if it doesn't dry out from a dry environment, all it has to do is stay alive long enough to find a sweet spot where the shear lessens and conditions can prodice tropical development. This may or may not play out and IF it did...where do you think that area of convection (named or otherwise) would go and the flow shows us we need to watch this region especially in early June as climatology is inline with development near the Yucatan and around Florida on either side of the coast.

The site of the day is a place that was a real stomping ground for me before the days of Twitter and Instagram and YouTube when we all hung out there on the Message Board when not on HurricaneCity's message board and site. It's still a great resource for everyone, especially people in Florida who worry on hurricanes coming to visit. 

That's the site and hurricane season is in 8 days.

So prepare now.
Enjoy the blue skies and sunshine in Miami.
Or how the AC feels in your home in Miami.
Please prepare for a busy hurricane season.

Stay tuned....
...Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Insta
Twitter weather and Insta whatever.

Oldie but Goldie song today...
Bee Gees lived in South Florida.
Miami Beach not far from where I lived.
No did not have a manstion on the bay...
But the Bee Gees
They knew all about Hurricanes.
When a tropical wave stays alive....
..or surge of moisture is staying alive.
Keep your eyes on it!
But keep on dancing :)

Be it NYC or South Beach or Club Space... 
..somewhere someone is always dancing!!

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Yellow Circle 10% Moving Towards Bahamas - African Wave Has Eyes on ?? South America?? Trinidad???? Home Depot Has Hurricane Supplies, Use Their Site to Prepare for Hurricane Season Officially 9 Days Away.

Good Morning from Miami

Took a walk for Ice Cream last night.
Walked out and this is what it looked like.
Literally point and shoot!

Woke up this morning, looked out the window at the planes flying high over the bay, the boats coming and going in waves of motion as the palm fronds dance in the tropical breeze. For real. And, there's a yellow circle from the NHC with a 10 percent chance of forming into something, maybe. Sounds about right. If I was writing this script, I'd have written it just like this..... 

NHC writes nice iffy discussion this morning on how there is a surface through (as models predicted I may add) that is kicking up the weather in the Islands and while conditions are not really all that conducive, maybe it could try and get it's act together into a tropical or subtropical system. Kind of a "we see it" and "yes the EURO" came on board a little, without the stronger support of the GFS obviously we will keep watching it!

This looks ominous. It's not.
It's a broad area of messy weather.
With low possibilities of 10%

Here'sthe EURO above.
The GFS below.

72 Hour forecast map.

There is no mighty hurricane about to devour Miami nor Melbourne, just a broken line across a wide area suggestive of "something" might be out there in 72 hours. A High to the NW of it as if it's trying to hold the line against any tropical problems until at least June 1st!  A good illustration of the situation is below, basically showing how it gets scooped up and carried away.

This is explained well in the Tweet below.
Kind of an up, up and away dance to it.

Of course further out in the Atlantic.... out African Wave still hanging in there.

This is our tropical wave.
You can see the curves in the atmosphere.

It has a handsome signature on MIMIC.
Still there, still crazy after all these days.

So what can I really say today about this set up? The models did show a surge of convection where we have the yellow 10% circle that the NHC added to the maps. The Wave is still there a "WAVE" which really doesn't mean much, except it's May 23rd and generally it's way too early for a westbound, wave to be still visible on satellite imagery. Still discernable when looking at satelitte imagery and stealing our attention from the little yellow 10% area that has a huge swath of moisture closer in to our world. The Wave is low, the Wave should make it to South America at this rate and possible Trinidad and Tobago as rain. This is not a "forecast" it's a suggestion. I just woke up and am getting used to my son's super faster Internet and only had one small Nespresso.  But the forecast for Saturday and Sunday there does show rain, so we will keep watching. 

I should be busy today doing not sure what...... as my schedule here today is iffy and if I just hang out after breakfast somewhere and play online and watch the boats sail in and out of the Port of Miami I may just do that. It was a nice but long drive down and due to tire blowing out quietly after changing the tire we stayed and played in Savannah as new tires were put on the car and everything was finally set to go. I do so love dawdling around Savannah, however it always makes the trip that can be done easily in one long day if you push it..... mean two long days on the road. Florida is long. Always seems to take forever, you can travel through several states going in any other direction from Raleigh but not Florida if you are going to Miami. And, my mind is messy with thoughts colliding on different matters while debating what really will or won't happen this hurricane season.

To me it's not about how many hurricanes will form or how much ACE we will see as Accumuulated Cyclone Energy is not my thing, my thing is trying to warn you to prepare for a busy hurricane season that looks as if it'll be on steroids see really, seriously what area will most likely be under the gun for landfalling tropical systems. Where vs how many is the bigger question. Will Major Hurricanes form in the Mid Atlantic and slice there way up through an opening in the large high pressure system allowing them to escape or will the High snap shut and will they be propelled towards impending landfall at the end of the High ...where ever that unlucky edge sets up is where named storms will make landfall. This is what consumes my mind while I watch the first Atlantic Wave look as if its gonna go the distance before June 1st. Memories of Bertha dance in my mind.

So the best site I can think to put up today is Home Depot's site for the Hurricane Season. No it's not loaded with models nor satellite imagery or blogs explaining discussion, it's hard facts on what you need to do to protect your home, your business and how to properly prepare for the 2024 Hurricane Season. If you are not creative or an old timer it even has "hurricane kits" with everything you need. If nothing else, use it as a good suggestion of what you may need this hurricane season!

Til 5/27 they have a good grill on sale.
Why a grill?
You can cook on it... duh.
No seriously ...
Grills are not just for hot dogs on holidays.
Get a grill with a burner... you can cook...
...when you have no power for days, weeks.

I may update later if I have the time and...
...if there's anything new to add.

Again above you see our surge of moisture from the Caribbean into the Atlantic, up and up and away. You can see the little wave approaching South America and if so then the first wave of the season actually made the crossing intact. There's a new wave emerging off of Africa. Each new wave, each new day brings us closer to Hurricane Season. Stock up, follow the list you should have already made and have a wonderful Memorial Day knowing that no local beach town is expected to have that holiday ruined or soaked in tropical rainfall. That's a win on many levels.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
Ps I have a friend from Miami from high school who lives in Georgia and she quilts with pieces of colorful fabric. It occurred to me as I type this that I also have a hobby quilting, but it's quilting with words, images and music to try and help people better prepared for Hurricane Season as well as an impending hurricane with the most time and information they can attain on the wonderful world wide web ;) as we use call it. I have very few friends from highschool who still live in Miami (hmmm they mostly moved away....) and yet everyone has a cousin in Miami that is true.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

While Waiting for 2024 Hurricane Season to Begin.... Will We Use the William Name? According to Experts ... YES! Prepare... Now.... Or What You Want May Be Gone......


Good morning from Savannah, one of my favorite cities, trying to write a fast, quick and cohesive blog post this morning. Above you see a satellite image for today May 22nd, 2024 which is 10 days away from the official starting date of the 2024 Hurricane Season. There is nothing out there today nor expected by the NHC for the next 7 days as per their 8 AM Tropical Weather Outlook AKA the TWO. 

When I look at this image above, what I see in my mind is a misty, watercolored image of what thngs will look like later in the season... let's say sometime in August. It's a new age Modern Art  suggestion of a large hurricane in the Caribbean, and to the North of it is the old, dying, decaying image of a one strong storm beginning to fall apart in Northern latitudes. To the right is another developing storm that will soon attain a name and be the next contender for hurricane status down the tropical road.

If forecasts verify this will be the type of Hurricane Season where you can look at satellite imagery and have an array of named storms on the maps, churning the waters and swirling about the face of the globe especially in the Atlantic Ocean and it's adjacent seas, gulfs and beautiful islands. 

Like the one above.
Or like the one below.

Katia, Irma and Jose - 2017

And, it's hard on a hot day in May in Miami when you're wondering what you could do for the Memorial Day Weekend if it rains or if it stays blazing hot. Do you go to the beach or to the movies? On May 25th 1977 the movie Star Wars premiered for Memorial Day Weekend. Now days you can stay home in the AC watching Netflix and taking occasional dunks in your backyard pool, go to an Air and Sea Show or you can pick up some hurricane supplies while out at your local Publix while grabbing some extra beer, chips and all the things that go with whatever you'll be grilling. 

Keep that image above in your mind and know that with the predictions ahead by excellent meteorologists we may get through the whole alphabet this year all the way to William and beyond.... 

When Star Wars opened it was a low budget movie made by a promising young producer/director and some actors and no one had ever heard of any of the characters or even what a Wookiee was....

By early June it was THE movie to see and it stayed that way through the summer and beyone and by then everyone knew who George Lucas was and was wondering what would be next down the galactic road.

One of these hurricanes names may have your home town as it's ultimate destination. Will it be a Tropical Storm or a Cat 1 Cane or a Major Hurricane or even a dying decaying hurricane with a still deadly storm surge about to batter your beautiful beachfront property? It's true often factors arise that mitigate a set up for a crazy, wild hurricane season but it's best to hope for that but to prepare for an extremely busy year.

Being honest. No hype. We never know for sure what the hurricane season will bring, but forecasts are getting better and the signs are there for a whole lotta tropical trouble. 

As for the Site of the Day ... I'm going with

Jim Williams is a good friend and has been for a long time. He puts out yearly forecasts or maybe he calls them predictions; he's very detail oriented so he will probably correct me either way but that's Jim. He takes a different approach to hurricane prediction in that he is more focused on which cities may be at a higher risk for being impacted every year. I have watched over time as random, obscure cities he picked (based on his own research) that would be impacted were crossed off the list one by one. No one is perfect, not the NHC or NWS but he's onto something and if your city is in this list then you may want to take Hurricane Preparation a little bit more seriously. If you live where you need to evacuate, get a plan for what you take and where you will go. If you can hunker down in a hurricane, figure out what needs to be done and what supplies you will need. Hint.... one of my main home cities is in the list and high up on the list and no it's not Raleigh.

That's how his website looks today.
It'll be filled with named storms soon.

It even has an old fashioned message board.
Good message board, many love them still.
Now u know where u can go to talk Canes.

A quote from Jim... 

Here's his predictions.

So with that said on my way later today to Miami and I'll see how seriously people are taking it there. I'll be busy with family events and some other excursions to meet friends and hit my favorite spots .... and see how many I can get done this trip around. Road trips are road trips, you kind of roll with the punches and originally planned to stay in Savannah overnight, then thought maybe Jax then a tire blew out that needed to be replaced just outside Savannah so here I am once again. I have tons of distant cousins here as my family is related to some of the town's earliest settlers. And, a city where I have friends and places to go and hang out ... endlessly explore the place. Did you know Savannah gets hit more often from back side storms that made landfall in the Big Bend of Florida then curve gracefully back out to water moving over Savannah as they end their land trip moving back out to the ocean. 

One of the things you can do or find on Jim's site is how often your town has been hit and what the history is of it and learn how often it gets hit over time. When Jim made his site, he saw it as a site where people could learn and become more educated on hurricane history. And, the irony with Savannah is that it rarely takes a direct hit from the SE or the SSE and yet it gets affected often. 

"How often Savannah gets affected?
brushed or hit every 1.85 years"

Click on it or go check his site out!
As always contributions are appreciated.
Money is time and time is money.
Takes a lot of money to keep sites going.
It's not his full time job, it's his passion.
And he chases .... so keep that in mind.

Sweet tropical dreams from Savannah.
Got places to go and waiting on my favorite bookstore to be open.
Also Savannah has great coffee!

He actually named a daughter Savannah....