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Monday, February 28, 2011

Thunder in Winter = Snow in 10 Days?? Thinkin' on the Hurricane Season & Jane Russell Dies...

So, we had one wild line come through here earlier this evening providing a light show worthy of an Oscar award for Summer like special effects in February. the saying true that if you hear thunder in winter, you get snow within 10 days?? Just wondering.....

As for me I'll be southbound on a plane in a day or two and so hoping it's closer to 10 days than "within" 10 days.

Nice to hear rain falling heavy and hard against the thirsty ground.

A record was set for all time high for Raleigh today...or tied with a record from 1948.

So, how does my mind work? First thing I did was google the 1948 Hurricane Season, just to see if I could see any similarity in possible storm tracks....

Very torn here between posting "I love a rainy night" and posting "raindrops keep falling on my head" and yet I'm thinking on yellow roses and how beautiful that song is... but that's a Texas song.

While out at a dinner party tonight I heard that Jane Russell died today. Really, had not known that when I posted the link but what I did hear about her life is something that goes under the radar while having important things like the Modern Bra attributed to uplifting, protecting and showing off her assets by Howard Hughes. Seems Ms. Russell, due to her own personal problems with infertility, founded the World Adoption International Fund (WAIF). Seems she dedicated a good part of her life to Bible Study and helping the poor in various ways. Shame we have to wait until someone dies to find out the rest of the story...

As for the Arkansas Watch.... (trust me people are scientific circles)
Note how active the A places are today Arkansas, Alaska, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. Okay, that sounds a lot like my friend.... must be some Martian Mind Meld... oy...

Going to bed... dreaming of rain in Key West and chocolate covered strawberries, yummm

Sweet Tropical Dreams


MAP 5.1 2011/02/28 23:42:18 -29.446 -112.063 10.3 EASTER ISLAND REGION
MAP 4.9 2011/02/28 23:10:24 4.054 95.968 33.9 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
MAP 5.2 2011/02/28 20:45:43 -20.431 -69.032 99.0 TARAPACA, CHILE
MAP 4.7 2011/02/28 16:35:49 27.619 139.845 489.0 BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
MAP 4.3 2011/02/28 16:17:17 53.043 -149.982 10.0 SOUTH OF ALASKA
MAP 2.8 2011/02/28 14:41:42 59.913 -153.088 100.0 SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP 2.5 2011/02/28 14:08:52 35.281 -92.338 4.1 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.5 2011/02/28 13:15:53 35.274 -92.338 3.7 ARKANSAS
MAP 3.0 2011/02/28 13:06:46 35.271 -92.341 3.1 ARKANSAS
MAP 4.9 2011/02/28 13:05:29 46.340 152.129 27.2 KURIL ISLANDS
MAP 4.3 2011/02/28 10:54:11 41.095 47.852 10.1 AZERBAIJAN
MAP 4.7 2011/02/28 10:27:17 -36.704 -73.212 29.4 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE
MAP 2.6 2011/02/28 09:56:26 35.288 -92.325 6.1 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.5 2011/02/28 09:55:50 35.288 -92.321 6.0 ARKANSAS
MAP 4.5 2011/02/28 09:36:59 11.309 -86.656 79.5 NEAR THE COAST OF NICARAGUA
MAP 4.7 2011/02/28 09:36:34 53.122 158.356 72.8 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA
MAP 5.1 2011/02/28 09:13:44 -20.067 67.395 10.0 MID-INDIAN RIDGE
MAP 3.4 2011/02/28 08:46:12 35.282 -92.341 2.5 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.9 2011/02/28 07:57:36 19.264 -67.285 8.6 PUERTO RICO REGION
MAP 5.2 2011/02/28 07:49:07 34.963 25.423 53.5 CRETE, GREECE
MAP 2.5 2011/02/28 06:32:44 35.276 -92.335 4.8 ARKANSAS
MAP 3.3 2011/02/28 06:21:55 19.197 -64.492 43.4 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP 3.8 2011/02/28 05:18:00 35.270 -92.374 4.2 ARKANSAS
MAP 4.7 2011/02/28 05:00:50 35.265 -92.344 3.8 ARKANSAS
MAP 4.5 2011/02/28 04:44:48 36.542 70.379 190.3 HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN
MAP 2.5 2011/02/28 03:36:47 60.847 -150.608 1.8 KENAI PENINSULA, ALASKA
MAP 5.0 2011/02/28 02:03:27 32.330 142.371 33.5 IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
MAP 5.0 2011/02/28 02:03:18 -17.680 -173.940 33.9 TONGA
MAP 2.5 2011/02/28 01:44:04 35.270 -92.361 4.8 ARKANSAS
MAP 5.8 2011/02/28 01:29:26 -37.268 -73.296 20.0 BIO-BIO, CHILE
MAP 4.4 2011/02/28 00:55:05 20.007 95.316 112.3 MYANMAR
MAP 4.6 2011/02/28 00:04:43 33.152 131.568 64.6 KYUSHU, JAPAN


Tracking Quakes & Waiting for Severe Weather

So, as I sit here thinking on last night's Oscars and wondering what to eat for breakfast the thought occurs to me.... "this is what has become of my life" :(

A certain weather friend has hijacked the weather boards to talk geology non-stop, we are now watching quake profiles on radar imagery.

Reminds me a lot of 1996 and 1997 when the old AOL Message Boards were connected by the same people trying to prove Earthquake Weather and Hurricane History was connected in some way. Now, I am not going to argue the fact that in both South Carolina and Jamaica there have been earthquakes that hit almost in tandem with tropical events so there may be a method to his mad genius but he ain't winning any Oscars anytime in the near future. Not unless he is using a pen name I am not aware of... and he is definitely capable of winning any darn award he wants.

But, this is about me and not my crazy friend.

To be clear.... there is a lot of latent, buried energy in Arkansas near the New Madrid Fault Line System that is about to go SHAKE RATTLE AND BOOM and we are already at 4.7 as of today. We went one whole day without a quake in Arkansas and instead of the quake strength going down we went UP. Which is par for the course, as typical a show of buried energy needing to break through the surface as any Geology 101 professor can use an example of a fault line that is extremely active

Check this out below:
4.7 Earthquake which is closer to 5.0 than 4.0 as my mathematical father would have pointed out were he still here to point it out.

Monday, February 28, 2011 at 05:00:50 UTC
Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 11:00:50 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
35.265°N, 92.344°W
3.8 km (2.4 miles)
6 km (4 miles) NE (46°) from Greenbrier, AR
7 km (4 miles) S (187°) from Guy, AR
9 km (6 miles) SE (128°) from Twin Groves, AR
59 km (37 miles) N (359°) from Little Rock, AR
418 km (260 miles) SSW (207°) from St. Louis, MO
Location Uncertainty
horizontal +/- 0.6 km (0.4 miles); depth +/- 0.7 km (0.4 miles)
NST= 14, Nph= 20, Dmin=3 km, Rmss=0.18 sec, Gp= 68°,
M-type=centroid moment magnitude (Mw), Version=B

Cooperative New Madrid Seismic Network

Now, fault lines are sort of like crazy people, no I don't mean the mentally challenged ... I mean the brilliant genius types that try to fit into societies rules and regulations and do what they are told they should do but their unique genius bubbles through and burst out fast and furious and everyone wonders why they just can't be "normal" ????

They can't be normal because they are artistic, intellectual, amazingly brilliant geniuses that need to shine and show their talent and creativity the same way the earth needs to go shake, rattle and roll.

Energy has to go somewhere....

We are set for tremors of the atmospheric kind today across the Eastern part of the USA as a storm system that produced tornadoes yesterday has the potential to produce more today... it's all a matter of timing. If the system comes through like Sherman's Army at the hottest part of the day the cold, fast air will slam into the warm, humid air and whamo we will get severe weather.

Not sure what causes earthquakes to decide to go pop in the geological night.

Maybe it is sunstorms and the sun is stormin' right now.... shooting off batches of plasma towards the earth's atmosphere and well... if you think we are too far away to be affected by some silly old plasma flare don't look up at the Northern Lights if you live in Denmark.

(wow I am good, someone, somewhere is loving this...)

So....what did I think of the Oscars? I loved it. It wasn't the best show, it wasn't the worst show. A lot of people nominated that no one knows who they were and a lot of people wondering who Anne Hathaway and James Franco are this morning as well.

Everyone looked beautiful, no streakers, no boring political rants, no long musical segments that make great bathroom breaks for the musically challenged.

I'm sorry.... Elizabeth Taylor is in a hospital room sick and quite frankly old. I love her, but she's old. Kirk Douglas was old but luckily alive and kicking at the show. Billy Crystal looked old, but that's okay cause I decided I am aging pretty good and didn't feel too bad and he is still witty and funny, face a little puffy and his hair too dark but his style didn't miss the mark.

The kids from New York were great, but they should have worn fancier duds but I guess that is what makes them the kids from the school in NY... their tee shirts.

And, I sort of liked James Franco in drag, I mean obviously I'm dumb enough to play along with someone dumber in drag as history as shown so I kinda get the comedy there. I mean I really think it's time to do a remake of Some Like It Hot and I don't think James Franco or anyone could have pulled off the see through, peek a boo gown Marilyn wore in that movie and how topical can you get considering the quake today was really close to Little Rock, Ark ;) so.... Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend worked just perfect.

So, now that we have tied up all of this into a one neat ball of wax ...the big question remains...

What am I making for Fat Tuesday??? has a few suggestions...
(my Grandma Mary lived in Nawlins when she was young, Garden District... I know from Fat Tuesday though when she was young they locked her up so she'd stay safe from the voodoo queens... really, honest...)

And, are we getting Severe Weather Today???

As for me, trying to decide where I will be in 3 days but that needs to wait until I ask the Magic 8 Ball the question later.

What precipitated this rambling rant??

I miss hurricanes, I miss football and I miss something else or someone else obviously but will deal with that tomorrow. March 1st... 3 months to the Hurricane Season and having problems getting into Spring Training and old movies and got a lot on my little, complicated mind.

So.... enjoy the weather because it's the weather you got not the only weather you got because you can put on Twister and watch funnel clouds drop out of the sky over the open plains or you can make a funnel cake. Your choice... your call.

My call would be to stop trying to reinvent what got you here but reinvent yourself and always stay new, funny, smart, bright and no I am NOT talking about Joe Bastardi giggling.

I still think the idea of a remake of Some Like It Hot is a whole lot funnier than the Three Stooges but who am I to say?

Besos Bobbi
Ps... Extra Credit Question?
"Will there be another earthquake in Arkansas??"

Answer: Yes. For Sure.

Little Rock Links:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bastardi Leaves Accuweather... Tis a Mystery

Joe Bastardi left Accuweather this week with no reason given and no comment from Accuweather other than he will no longer be issuing forecasts and they say they were "surprised" by his resignation that was effective immediately.

There is a Facebook Page dedicated to him and people saying goodbye...

Mostly, they are saying goodbye to their Professional Subscription to Accuweather, something that most people and businesses pay over $250 a year (give or take) which is no laughing matter from my perspective.

Truth is there is NO reason to go subscribe to Accuweather's Professional Site without Bastardi. Anyone who can find their way to Accuweather, can most likely find their way to the many sites that offer the same info and satellite imagery for free.

Bastardi was the main reason... the main draw.... the real thing.

A sample... one of many on youtube...

But, more of a loss is Joe's long, very long written post like ramblings on weather, sports, football, his family, his father and his son, his thoughts on not liking to dress up fancy for his videos and bits and pieces of weather trivia that no one can come close to...

Truth is ... Bastardi is nuts about the weather, any weather and all weather.

I doubt that he is leaving the weather world to do body building full time. I doubt he is changing careers. I doubt everyone at Accuweather was surprised, though who knows exactly why he left?

The answer:

Joe knows.

Even The Washington Post doesn't seem to know :(

For now he can be followed on Twitter.

One thing I do know about Joe is that he won't be silent forever, his thoughts bubble forth like spring rains turning into raging floods.

I'll miss him. Well.... I'll miss his ramblings on Accuweather and reading his long winded, wonderful blogs and will wait to see what Big Joe does next...

Hope he is smiling.... hope he is well... hope everyone around him is well and I hope he is enjoying the weather he's got.

Chow for Now, Bobbi
Ps the man dreams of weather...........

As for the Geologically minded... keep an eye on Arkansas... seems like every other quake today above 2.5 was in Arkansas... less of a mystery than why Joe left Accuweather.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Solar Storms and Earthquakes in Arkansas?

Can't sleep and gave up the ghost on trying as I can take a nap later today, so why not do some reading online....

A lot of interesting articles online concerning earthquakes along and near the New Madrid Fault Line that are worth reading.

Also worth noting is that in the last few hours Arkansas has had TWO ...4.0 quakes or stronger.

In fact, the world ticker on quakes is beginning to be taken up by the word ARKANSAS.

MAP 4.3 2011/02/18 08:13:35 35.271 -92.377 6.3 ARKANSAS
MAP 4.9 2011/02/18 08:03:16 26.569 143.688 10.0 BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
MAP 2.8 2011/02/18 06:10:33 35.194 -92.378 5.0 ARKANSAS
MAP 4.0 2011/02/18 04:59:50 35.251 -92.409 5.0 ARKANSAS
MAP 5.3 2011/02/18 04:23:18 -4.665 153.140 54.1 NEW IRELAND REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
MAP 2.5 2011/02/18 04:04:35 58.769 -152.638 76.1 KODIAK ISLAND REGION, ALASKA
MAP 2.9 2011/02/18 02:30:13 35.280 -92.340 5.0 ARKANSAS
MAP 4.6 2011/02/18 01:21:52 26.557 143.506 10.3 BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
MAP 2.6 2011/02/18 01:00:53 61.519 -149.846 25.2 SOUTHERN ALASKA

Keep watching:

I mean do we need to get 5.0 earthquakes before we have some serious discussion on this in the media?

Have heard bits and pieces about gas drilling in the region. What kind of drilling? I mean a few 2.0s okay...but 2 four point quakes is nothing to shake a excuse to.. it's getting serious and not just bored storm chasers and wannabee geologists are watching.

Some doomsday types have pointed out the linkage to the bird and fish kills... that's a stretch but worth keeping in mind.

Another source of contention is the major Solar Storms this week, the strongest in 20 years. Strong Solar activity seems to affect people's moods, migraines, earthquakes, volcanoes and it makes for really beautiful Northern Lights.
(this one blames the Mississippi River for depositing too much sediment... )

Shame we don't have the ghost of Tecumseh to ask if he sees anything in the near future happening...

I don't know... but I do know that this is more than a small swarm of 2.0 quakes and something is going on beneath the Earth's surface. If there is a link between space weather or earth weather... that remains to be seen.

But, it's worth watching and if I had a chance to stay up and watch the Northern Lights then trust me I would but the only light I was watching tonight was the Magical Moon Rise Over the City of Miami...

Besos Bobbi
Ps that was a FULL Moon by the way and not sure if that makes a difference or not, just noting on it's beauty and fullness.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Watching Quakes and Sunsets (New Madrid Fault)

Back home in Florida, watching the sun rise...the sun set and the things that go bump in the night.

This has been an ongoing item on the weather boards by the frustrated wannabee geologists who lurk there but this is beginning to get serious and rattling my subconscious too much not to say something.

New Madrid Fault. Worst earthquake in recorded history in America vs the San Andreas than everyone worries on....

Native American Curses and just plain old nasty fault lines.

The last week .... the quakes are getting stronger... this whole month they have been rocking and rolling out there...

Check out this mainstream news story.... best line is at the end. They are trying to figure out what is causing it... Seriously????

Keep this link and watch the wire...when you see Arkansas go "hmmnnnnn"

If you have friends in the Missouri, Arkansas or Tennessee area you might ask them if they have any back up plans were these to become 5s or 6s on the Richter Scale. The big one was over 8... but that was in the past, historic... then again history does repeat doesn't it???

Besos Bobbi
why does that sound like a song cue Fishing???
oh fine fine fine... in a good mood, will go with it and make u giggle
lord knows you can use a giggle...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Julie Derda

Oh yes... I am home. I am so home.

Come back from up north in the winter, stumble to the shower, come out refreshed, brew some cafecito and wake up as the house comes alive with the wonderful aroma of coffee.... good coffee... Turn on the TV and there she is Julie Durda, fast talking and sexy in a cute short dress giving smart talk on the morning weather. I'm home :)

Okay, it's a bit gray out there today and I have to go to a friend's funeral and Shabbos is coming later in the day and I'm not cooking for a change and I found my box of my favorite chocolate raspberry mocha bars I left here in the back of the kitchen cabinet that's filled with every flavor of granola bars.

I'm home.

Bring on the rain... I don't care... it's warm rain.

Besos Bobbi

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sinkholes in Florida.. Sure, Blame It On the Hurricane

While packing for my trip this evening, I saw a story on the National News about how a sinkhole in Florida swallowed up a car. I stopped, watched, smiled and gave a small giggle.

Oh, I do so love Florida.

Blame everything on the Hurricanes.

Note, we have sinkholes in years where no hurricane even comes close to blowing us kisses as they pass off our shore, north bound towards Cape Hatteras and Nags Head.

Too much rain in the winter and whoosh their goes the Mazda...and hopefully not the family pit bull.

At a librarian conference in Palm Beach one year, Edward Bloor the writer spoke about how living in Florida provides him so much material he never has to make anything up, he just writes from things he sees every day. People ask him how he comes up with quirky scenes where a portable classroom is swallowed up by a sinkhole in his novel and he said he gets it from reading the newspaper or listening to the radio.

My son's best friend was not allowed to go home a few weeks back, he had to hang out like some refugee from life while Burn Notice filmed a scene in front of his house. He had to wait for the sun to go down before he went home. It was either be home by 11 AM or wait until the crew had left... I mean you can't make this stuff up.

Someone puts a piano in the water on a sandbar and it becomes a new story in Sweden. The pink snails were being molested in seems on Miami Beach so the City of Coral Gables offered them refuge and respite so they could stay in America a little longer and get treated a little better.

I mean it. You cannot make this stuff up!!!

Got to love it! Can't wait to get home and put on my pink high heel sandals and take a walk on Lincoln Road and go over to Coral Gables to check out those relocated snails. Wouldn't it be funny if they were set up in front of a French Restaurant??? Think on it.

Besos Bobbi

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Weather Roundup

High on medication and coming off a bad something and lost on the computer this morning :)

Listening to youtube videos of songs that I know by heart so I don't even have to peek at the video, just listen. If you were ever lucky enough to know someone like Ferris, give thanks and smile. Yes, life is sometimes like a Hollywood music number.

Or a Bollywood musical number:

(okay I have been known to be wrong a few times, seems I do like Indian food and music...)

The Ground Hog might have his last laugh and Spring could come early, it's possible but then again depends on where you live.

Got stuck in the Carolinas longer than I planned cause I got sicker than I planned, though I really didn't plan on being sick.... maybe it's the cold, damp weather and cold wind that is bothering my allergies and breathing but hopefully will be back in the Florida sunshine in a few days.

I would not fly with this "head cold" or would not subject passengers on a train to my nonstop, hacking cough. I did wonder if they would upgrade me for free to a room if I looked like I was about to die on them (God Forbid) and/or scared every passenger on the train....

So, watching the sun light up the steeple off in the distance, visible through the wintry peek a boo woods and wondering if the smell of mango blossoms baking in 80 degree heat will bother my allergies or just make me smile like a sultry memory?

I love winter up north because you can see the sky, in the summer it is a wall of green and nothing can be seen except heavy foliage everywhere. If I want to see a forest I'll go to the friggin forest and enjoy it's natural beauty but not in my own backyard.

It's cold today, -8 in Des Moines Iowa where one of my kid's lives. Is that life imitating art or what? Or is "art" what I do with my friend? Don't know, the jury is out on this one.

The Jury is out on a lot of things. Maybe I have lost my sense of humor, but have seen one commercial too many times and not laughed once yet :(

I am the only person I know who worries something could be a bomb and how the fallout will affect my life. Okay, so not every post has to be about weather and not every movie has to be an all time, once in a life time hit. Then again, maybe I have just lost my sense of humor. (thinking on that, no... don't think so)

My phone rings at like 3am but I missed it, that is like a tree falling in the forest. The princess is traveling through said forest and looks down at her cell fone and says "oh no there is a tree down up ahead that I didn't hear fall but thank God I was texted so I know it's there" and well maybe they heard me coughing. Not sure how they "hear me" but I know they do so sorry for waking everyone up with that really bad cough.

So, Negative Eight Degrees in Iowa...that is cold Virginia...

In Miami it's a going to get near a balmy 80 degrees today, though it's in the 60s currently. In New York it's raining and in the upper 30s but no one cares because Spring is coming and people are booking tickets to Miami faster than you can shovel a sidewalk.

It's winters like this that made Miami what it is... a paradise in the winter. A perfect place if you like water and palm trees and tropical breezes and hibicus flowers baking in the sunshine all colors of the rainbow from Flamingo Pink to Peter Farrelly Yellow and a few shades of red in between, even a rare white hibiscus can be seen. Frangipangi blossoms will appear soon, then Poinciana blossoms...who says we don't get seasons??

Raleigh is bad enough, could never do Atlanta...too far from the ocean and I was conceived there....isn't that enough for one lifetime?

New Orleans...there is a city.

Savannah...there is a memory.

So, life in February is simple enough.... it's a short month, at the end of the road it will feel like April not March if Greg Fishel has his way as he has aligned up with Punxsutawney Phil to say "Spring cometh early" this year. And, I am wondering why Punxsutawney Phil gets more press than Phil Klotzbach who is one heck of a good weatherman and forecaster.

Greg Fishel is to weather in Raleigh as Brian Norcross is to tropical meteorology in Miami. He is the final voice, the go to guy, the honest voice in the Carolina night saying "something about this bothers me" and standing up to ask questions about a possible snowfall or explaining why Virga happens more than rain in this area. I mean the radar shows green, yet it's dry outside. Once I saw a cluster of snow showers race off above my head on the radar, yet not one made it to the ground.

In Miami it rains even when you can't see it on the radar yet and the NWS didn't have time to issue an "Urban Flood Advisory" which happens a lot...

Then again in Raleigh they can't figure out if it is going to snow 48 hours out, which to me is pathetic but I am learning. Course, am really just visiting but it's like Minnesota, I "lived" there a few times in the summer and I got used to hearing about the front coming in from the Dakotas and I do love Minnesota... it's clean, but it's far, far away from tropical sunrises on Collins so think twice before going there young man. (test to see if my son is reading this...)

So, what more is there to say that shouldn't be said?

Oh, so much. I am the keeper of secrets and secrets are kept here better than at the CIA as they put everything up on the web for all to see don't they? Giggling, note to Bobbi: Do NOT Giggle.... makes you cough and wheeze.

Amazing site... can learn almost anything on this site, truly.

Anyway..... a special shout out to my special friend who reads my mind and knows me better than I know myself for coming to my rescue this morning and have to tell you that dancing is a wonderful thing, truly it is especially when conversation is so fluidly done that it's seamless and delightful and saves your soul and gives you a smile to get you through the days when you are fighting off colds and other gremlins that go bump in the night or morning.

Is it just me or did they steal this opening for the Andy Griffith Show??

And, though I like the miscellaneous one better this fits... you know. Transparency? Seriously??? It's filmed in Canada NOT Kansas, I mean really even Superman got outsourced???


Mucho Besos

Ps. There is ALWAYS a Ps.... a good site for next year when hurricanes threaten the Carolinas and I am at the beach in Miami watching a storm surge slap the sand with strong waves and incredible winds that grab at your ankles and sting your face with salty kisses

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Yasi and Sugar Futures

The picture above is of Yasi at landfall as it passed over Willis Island, taking out the meteorological equipment there and doing damage that is still being assessed and will be for sometimes. Yasi was at one point a Category 5 storm, very large and it is very rare for that region to be impacted by such a storm. News stories abound everywhere even if you have one eye on Egypt like many of us do here in America.

I love reading stories on the Bloomberg report about cyclones in Australia because it illustrates the point that weather relates to economics and often political events.

It seems that sugar was up yesterday sky high in anticipation of damage to the crops in Australia from the very powerful cyclone Yasi. What most people on our side of the world don't know is that Australia is the third largest sugar producer in the world.

After some inspection of the crops the damage was not as bad, as previously feared and down the price of sugar went to a price that will make people who are hooked on sugar relieved enough to use an extra teaspoon in their morning coffee today.

Yasi, a storm bigger than Katrina, could have seriously impacted the cost of sugar on a worldwide scale even far away in a land down under.

Weather is a great lesson on how some event far away can rock your world in ways you would never imagine.

Personally, I use honey or agave syrup but hey to each his own

May your day be sweet and full of flavor ;)

Besos Bobbi

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yasi and Ramblings on a Misty Mauve Morning

There's a Tropical Cyclone named Yasi bearing down on the land down under but it is on the other side of the world from a strong Winter storm that is marching east from the Midwest to the already besieged New York area.

Weather like Real Estate is all a matter of Location, Location, Location.

Who really wants to hear about a storm surge of six to ten feet a world away, when they are buried again under 19 inches of snow?

It's funny how a piano put on a sandbar in the middle of Biscayne Bay can make the news in Sweden, yet no one in Poughkeepsie is really interested unless they are a Tropical Meteorologist. Yet, even the average person in Poughkeepsie in the dead of winter will gladly dream of sipping Pina Coladas in a Piano Bar in the Florida Keys rather than having to deal with shoveling snow and driving on icy roads.

No one really worries about Australia unless Jimmy Buffett falls off of a stage there, otherwise it barely goes beep in the night. Just a radar screen on the Far Side of the World.

Jimmy from Sydney...

Weather like life is all relative and I am sure many of us have a few relatives we would like to jettison like a yesterday's newspapers. Uncles, cousins and possibly a sibling or two who drive us crazy or beg us to do favors for them in the early days of February. We put up with annoying relatives like we put up with bad weather, because in a few days it or he will be bothering someone else.

What is the weather in your head I wonder?

Do you dream of snow at midnight in Maine? Or do you dream of spring flowers in February? Do you dream of Spring training opening in Ft Myers or Frangipangis blooming in Hawaii? And, why would someone in Ft Myers dream of frangipangis in Hawaii when they will soon come alive and blossom in Florida?

But, how many people dream on what they don't have and how many people don't dream at all but are happy with what they got?

Watching the weather around the world takes us on trips of fantasy to far away places, far from our problems and far from the reality that we have made in our every day lives.

What can you say about people who sail in and our of our lives and then sail away looking for adventure rather than trying to tackle tomorrow and build a dream brick by brick into a castle of reality?

Actors love to act out being someone else. Writers love to write about other worlds where dreams really do come true the way they would wish them to be. Directors love to boss people around and Producers like to produce what writers have written. Producer Slash Directors need to go into therapy and stop trying to carry the world on their shoulders :) Bloggers blog like dreamers dream and all the world's a stage it seems sometimes, especially if your life is a reality show not of your making with no cancellation date in site except the one that leads to the pearly gates and even there I would imagine St. Peter is waiting for someone to save.

Find your passion the big guy says, but what if your passion is a collage of many things and many people? What if your passion is talking to the big guy in the sky or on the other end of your Android and do sheep really dream of electric sheep in the middle of the night or do they dream of snow falling at midnight in Maine?

I really can't say what your dream is or what the dream of your annoying relative is but I can say some people are luckier than they realize because they have people who enable their dreams even if their dreams are a never ending nightmare for someone else.

Hey, we all get stuck between a rock and a hard stone sometimes in life don't we? Personally, my advice would be if you see a gem you like... never let it go in the first place rather than having to settle on remembering how it sparkled until Alzheimer's sets in and the simplest stone in the forest may seem like an emerald in the rough. Just don't try and eat that emerald as it may go down with jagged edges.

There is an annoying saying... "Bloom where you are planted" which oddly is a bible quote from Corinthians not from a Hallmark Card writer. That is true sometimes, but some people keep aloe plants from Key West in water bottles and others keep mangroves from Miami in their bathtubs in Maine in the winter. We eat blackberries from Peru in January, yet we don't care what the weather is in Peru unless it is going to raise the price of our blackberries.

Some people sail away in search of adventure and others enjoy adventure in waking up and watching a fog settle onto the coast of California even if it's just another day at Pebble Beach for someone else.

So, my advice to you from the artists and dreamers in my life is as follows.

1. Find your passion and follow your dream. I didn't say stalk it, I said don't let it get away from you in the first place.

2. Write about what you know, you know it better than anyone else and someone, somewhere wants to read about it.

3. If you think you see a great place for a location shot, nervously while you think no one is looking make the little box with your hands and try to envision what it would really look like and find a scene to film there. Trust me this does work.

4. If you have a muse, send her beautiful presents and tell her you love her every day, in every way because she or he was a gift from a far away Greek God given to you to create something eternal that will make someone laugh or cry or do both in the same storyline.

5. If you can't sleep, wake up and watch the sunrise. It is a freebie often overlooked by sunset watchers at the end of Duval Street in Key West.

6. If you have a smile, pass it along. If you can't find a smile, act and put one on and then give it away and it becomes real.

7. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy :)

Watch a misty mauve moment turn into a brand new day and give thanks for your friends who pray for you and say a prayer for someone you love.

Love never fails when it is based on goodness and kindness and not greed or evil. The opposite of evil is live, do unto others as you would wish them to do to you. I have known quite a few pranksters who laughed jokes off and yet when the joke was on them their sense of humor failed. Sad.

For a good little Jewish girl I know a lot of good bible quotes from both bibles. One of my favorite is this:

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy.
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
It is not self-seeking, nor easily angered.
It keeps no record of wrongdoing.
It does not delight in evil,
But rejoices in the truth.
It always protects, trusts, hopes, and preserves.
There is nothing love cannot face;
There is no limit to its faith, hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things that last forever:
Faith, hope, and love;
But the greatest of them all is love.

~1 Corinthians 13:4-7

A quote from my bible that is much loved is:

"Serve the Lord with Joy"

So, while watching the misty, mauve morning unfold into another gray day in winter a frangipangi and a poincianna blossom bloom in my heart and I will give thanks in joy to a new day, someone who prays for me and moments that will last forever in my soul.

A kiss may just be a kiss, but a hug lasts forever.

Besos Bobbi
Ps Thanks for reading and indulging my rants and ramblings as sometimes my soul sings songs that only few can understand.

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