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Monday, October 31, 2005

Another Message from Bobbi - Day 540 Without Electric

FPL came and tagged our light pole that they would be in the area for a couple days, have patients. Library still closed no power. Good news is that they found the gas leak in the backyard. FPL knocked it loose. Their tapping it, more good news. Nice guy from Georgia. Bad news don't know when school starts, don't know when work starts. Good news, I'm halfway through the romance novel, something about the Wild West. Got me dinner up on little tea lights, BBQ turkey will be done in about an hour. One daughter bolted, 13 yr old sleeping at best friends house with power. All fine from the war zone. hoping to have power in a day or two according to FPL.

Also, dying to know what the model say about the invest.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Message from Bobbi

Message from BOBBI:

We’re all fine, power is out, like it is everywhere. Some places are getting power back, but it’s slow. Parts of Miami Beach, and the Gables have power, portions of Miami Gardens Drive has power, hospitals and major street intersections have powers, most grocery stores have power.

Latest estimate for possible power is nov 22nd, but it should happen sometime later this week or next. Cooking up food on a grill, sitting on the porch, kids have been amazing.

The media has been downplaying the crime card. There have been many thefts of people’s generators one person in the neighborhood was pistol whipped and his and his wife’s house ransacked and robbed. They can hear the generators and there are kids hanging out on corners making some trouble. It’s not complete chaos, but there is a serious crime problem, the curfew has been pushed back to midnight, cause more stores are open, and people want to go out.

Sadly because of pressure the county decided to give gas stations power before schools, so there is no public school till at least wed, and even then they haven’t decided if there will be school this week at all.

That’s all, I might be able to log on quickly at my brother’s makeshift office, but probably only for a moment. As soon as we have power back, I will be back online.



Monday, October 24, 2005

Power flickering in North Miami Beach as Wilma moves in..

Winds are picking up and power beginning to flicker so want to post now while I can...

Beautiful storm out there.. big... and moving in strong.

Lots of wind here but not a lot of rain.

Wind event.

Watching Norcross off and on in the middle of the night.

Mother woke up and dog began barking wanting to go out. I could hear my daughter on IM with someone. Those cute water fountains that are real New Age and make noise get old fast around here. Someone text messaged me at 3 to tell me it was 120.

Life in the middle of Hurricane Country.

Watching Key West...wondering where Wilma will make landfall and think we just lost power.

On back up here it seems.

If the kids are reading this.. we are fine. But, when Roberta wakes up and sees me typing here we won't be :)

Love you all.. hang in there.. Wilma is one for the record books


have to go find my walkman TV, flashlight and weather radio and think someone is text messaging me on my cellphone

will post again when I have power...hope someone prayed real hard at the grotto!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Beautiful Wilma.. Major Hurricane Again .. on the move...

Really beautiful...she is just so beautiful.

This is a storm that peaked days ago and she is making one last run for Major Status.. a second time. A major hurricane twice.

She is very beautiful from a meteorological perspective and deserves a lot of respect.

Unreal.. beautiful.

Nite.. Bobbi

2 AM.. Went to Brothers House with Shutters

After much thought on the matter and dealing with teenage daughters who keep wandering off with friends.. decided to go to my brother's house where I have back up and the house has shutters. It is around the corner from my house. Arguements over... here, hunkered down.. life goes on...

And...........well.. Wilma is a Cat 3 and it seems that North Dade where I live could be in the eye wall for a few hours tomorrow and makes sense to be in a house with shutters than not. Even though my house feels safe.. I tell people you shouldn't stay in house w/o shutters if it is a Cat 3 so I should listen to my own advice. Right? Sorry about the "should." Then again if I wasn't responsible for the kids.. I would be in Key West. It's not New Orleans.. there are no dikes that are breaking and it isn't a bowl and Solares Hill is is the area around Truman Avenue.

So... talked to my best friend Sharon and talked to friends online, talked to my kids.. talked to my ex-husband. Didn't talk to Jim but know he would blow a gut if he knew I was staying in a house w/o shutters vs with so..didn't even go THERE... so........decided to evacuate and go to Ronnie's house.

Mind you got to evacuate in style in a low rider that belongs to some friend of my daughter's Jr. Rabbi friend. The low rider guy had a lot of tatoos and a very big trunk. Daughter's wanna be Chabad Rabbi friend took daughter in his old fashioned red jeep that I hope makes it through the storm.. cute jeep. Told them to say goodbye.. so now she's on the phone with them. Deep breath... been here before.. She's still upset I didn't let her go to the Hurricane Party on Miami Beach with all of her best friends. All of her best friends except the tatoo guy and the Chabad wanna be Rabbi I guess..

Going to bed.. or going to sit here on brother's computer that has faster cable and watch TV and the loops.

How can you not watch?

My last guess on what Wilma does..

Wilma will move faster than we believe and the north side will end up being the wet side... vs the previous thought of my side..on the south. When the front grabs her it will wrap her up real fast, neat and run for the goal line with her and dry air will wrap around fast... and this won't be a long event.. no long, long tail.. run for the end zone.. maybe even run for New England and go for a two for one and make a blizzard cane.

Everyone stay safe... and National Hurricane Center did a good job with the track... she did stay on that track. Got to give them credit where credit is due.

Hoping friends in Key West are okay. It's a small island... high but small and how fast can it take for it to get across it?

Nite all... thanks for your thoughts and prayers and smiles..

Sorry... the corn will have to hold down the house and keep it safe..that and the mezuzahs.

L'chaim.. Bobbi
ps...the wind is picking up here.. really picking up. While arguing with the boys outside that the storm was hitting before tomorrow afternoon ... a big gust came.. picked up the kid's yarmukle and he had to grab it and someone's hat went flying so I guess I won that one.. or Wilma did. They believed me, thank you Wilma.

CAT 3... Wilma Turns Cat 3

Its one mph away from an imaginary man made line that we only change every 3 hours...

Steve Lyons on believing it was a Cat 3 at 10pm ....

Well... she is a CAT 3 NOW!

moving fast towards the florida peninsular

here with my brother trying to figure out what to do.. stay here..go there... how bad will it get..

so many questions..

really don't want to go over ...comfy here in the house and question is how stong the storm will be on the Miami Dade/Broward line where I live..

Kids finally in the house... the dead BMW is up on the lawn after a family conference ... I told them to move it closer to the house.

going off.. will try and decide what to do

put a few drops of vodka into the coffee to make a weak white russian..


watching carefully Cat 3 Wilma

unreal.. Bobbi


Let's be honest here.. I know a 3 when I see one.

She has become totally round (so much for interference with front and winds over the front) and the pressure is dropping, correction has dropped.. she has a strong circle on enhanced IR ...she is perfectly donut hole round..

She quacks like a duck, she walks like a duck, she looks like a duck... shes a CATEGORY THREE DUCK.

Waiting for official upgrade at 11.. and cannot believe they will keep this storm as a cat 2 just 5mph short of a Category 3. All sat imagery and data from planes confirms she has become a cat 3...

Oh.. wow.

Shut down here... had coffee and will be up for a while.

Big news in Miami is that TWC brought Morrow to Miami... hmmnnn think on that.

Nice breeze outside.. no real weather yet.

Kids went over to the football field.. they look happy.. hung out. Pushed home daughter's best friends BMW ghetto mobile car (long story.. looks good on the outside.. inside.. she jokes its ghetto city) cause she left lights on so they could see playing football and gee.... the battery wore down. So...they pushed it home with her boyfriends car and kids pushing it... isn't it fun to be young. So.. daughter is in.. no words.

Friend called from Key West. Still there..talking after 11pm. Talked to friend in Maine. Son called from Ny and thinks storm will be around naples... but he's worried about blow up of convection... haha.. me too.

So...eating an apple turnover that son's girlfriend brought me from Barnes and Nobles cafe where she works... heated it up.. was good. Had coffee.. everyone here is talking at once. Is it the coffee or everyone talking at me?

She is a Cat 3..why won't they up her to a 3?

Oh... so frustrating.

Going to try and listen to Jim on

Weather here is calm's about the only thing calm :)

later Bobbi

Forgot the song..There's Something About This Sunday...

Jimmy Buffett
Squalls out on the Gulfstream,
Big storms coming soon.
I passed out in my hammock,
God, I slept way past noon.
Stood up and tried to focus,
I hoped I wouldn't have to look far.
I knew I could use a Bloody Mary,
So I stumbled next door to the bar.

And now I must confess,
I could use some rest.
I can't run at this pace very long.
Yes, it's quite insane,
I think it hurts my brain.
But it cleans me out and then I can go on.

There's something about this Sunday
It's a most peculiar gray
Strolling down the avenue
That's known as A1A
I was feeling tired, then I got inspired.
And I knew that it wouldn't last long
So all alone I walked back home, sat on my beach
And then I made up this song.

Well, the wind is blowin' harder now
Fifty knots of there abouts,
There's white caps on the ocean.
And I'm watching for water spouts
It's time to close the shutters
It's time to go inside.
In a week I'll be in gay Paris;
That's a mighty long airplane ride.

ChorusYes, It cleans me out and then I can go on.


Hey there.

For some reason there are X and Os drawn across the TV screen while Ed Rappaport and Bryan Norcross are talking on TV and for some reason I don't think that means that Wilma is blowing kisses.

Turns out the fetch of the wind will be overland more in Broward County whereas oddly Miami Dade County may ..for some long reason that Rappaport explained...might get stronger winds than Broward.

Oh..and the front has sort of stalled up around I-4.

Who knew? An October front stalling and waiting for that second short wave up around Kentucky or Missouri to come down and kick the front through.. Well, you know.. happens. ALMOST EVERY YEAR... but this year we gambled on a front swooping down and whooshing through. No comments ...


Better news. If we lose power from Hurricane Wilma we will have cooler weather than when we lost power with Katrina in August. Don't I feel better? Okay..truth is a lot of people down here are rather thrilled over this prospect. A sort of best, worse case scenario.

So. I took my sukkoth down or rather... my kids helped my brother take it down. I took pictures. I put on Jimmy Buffett real loud as a soundtrack.

Okay... Rappaport is on TV now being interviewed. Something about the front going slow and Miami getting strong winds or to worry on strong winds... okay it seems he doesn't know for sure. But, he does look good explaining what he doens't know for sure.

So that all being said.

I'm finally rinsed off and showered after working in the yard for the last few hours cleaning things up and making the last few runs to the store for the last few things we forgot yesterday with the last few runs.

If you are wondering..

Miamians are pretty much boarding up and using the shutters they have if they have them. The Rabbi took down his sukkoth so everyone would see that you should take them down. Most people have.. my neighbors across the street of course haven't and if that sheet flies here and hits us am gonna scream. There is always one in every group. Then there is the guy who lost the roof tiles in Katrina across the street and down the block from my bedroom ...he has all his new tiles and roofing material piled up on top of his roof. Either he is out of town or doesn't have a clue that his roofing materials could fly through someone's house. Is he there? Does he care? Probably not.

People seem divided into those panicking fast and furious and those who are convinced that it is going to blow over and be a real no show, nothing much of a big deal.

Trina Robinson on Channel 6 NBC Miami is one of the BEST around. I really should write her. She is the most real woman on TV today doing weather. She talks smart, fast, quick.. smart and dresses like a real woman..not some phony, plastic version of the TWC weather girl crew or the regular bimbo types they put on early in the drive time slot on the news and not the mousy, old looking look they have like the Kristen Dodds who have been around forever .. Trina is as real as it gets..and good. Want to say like a man... You know .. she doesn't have to act cutesy or matronly or mature or poised..she just does her job excellently. If I was on air I would want to come off like Trina Robinson.

So... she interviews Ed Rappaport who explains the wind field is expanding and it is not getting the sort of interference from the front that they had hoped it would get. Yes..I am thinking. They usually do that when the intensify and don't catch the front fast enough.

Mind you the rain on her top far from the center is caught up in the frontal boundary but... her round tight core is tight. Miami I have cooked.

Put up two chickens... which are cooling and will freeze soon. Cooked them with garlic and seasoning and a piece of lime inside.. key lime. Makes them tender ;) I have roast meat in the crock pot.. sweet with the old standard ketchup, wine and apricot preserves. I have asparagus to steam. Potatoes baking in the oven. Cooking for Simchas Torah you know lol. Sure the front will go thru and we will walk through the debris of our homes and lives and dance with the Torah on cool weather from a front.

I have eggs boiling on the stove and going to freeze some strong coffee in ice cube trays. You know cuban coffee style IF we lose power.

If... oh please I hate losing power.

So... I am lying here resting and wondering if Lex Luthor did this. I know he is here somewhere. Just had to make the last official storm of the season.. before going to the greeks ...had to make my storm hit my town. Fred emailed me... asked me where I thought Wilma would go... I love Fred. Hey..Wilma should love Fred. Right?

so... singing Jimmy Bufffett songs with my laptop on my lap and watching local coverage.

Wondering on wierd things like... the dead, dried corn that is all around my house .. a gift from my crazy friend... (should see my face when I think on the corn) is that corn like a big hug and kiss and thank you or is that corn a sort of veiled haha threat they will get me. Giggling... well they got me so... lol oh well...that's just the way it goes. Looks like dead swamp grass actually. Was really scary in that big long four foot box.. like autumn roses from a scarecrow.. a plot from a Stephen King novel made into a movie by someone... no spiders... no cows... no dead dogs.. just cornstalks. Took the pretty silk autumn flowers down from the sukkoth and put them in the pretty purpose vase they sent me. Nice.. very nice.

And, I wonder on things like do the weather people on TV say things on purpose like my crazy weather writer friends would say online during weather talk or do they just not realize how it sounds. On and on about how Wilma and Alpha are interacting and the guy announces he has had a lot of questions and basically ... it is like this: Wilma is eating Alpha. And, the smart girl Trina turns and stares and him and repeats, "so, wilma is eating alpha, okay.. " I mean in some weather chat they get a bit kinkier than that talking weather but does make you wonder.. is Alpha a guy or a girl.. cuase I want to get this right. Or is she a guy cane in drag... out of work and waiting for Fantasy Fest in Key West to start.

Then again.. I wonder lots of things .. it's "their fault" my crazy writer friends... they took my innocent brain and warped it into little kinky pieces and I wonder lots of things while waiting for Wilma to blow through my town.

Do most people brush their teeth in the shower while taking a shower or do they do it over the sink??? Or...somewhere in the bathroom while trying to conserve time?

Do most people use a bar of soap on pubic hair or do they use their shampoo??? I mean I always wondered on this one.. I mean it is for hair right? Well.. I wonder. Too many strange conversations late at night with crazy people I suppose.

Lonnie Quinn on TV... interviewing Dan Brown at the NHC.

And, earlier today... I saw Eric Blake do an on air interview :) So cool... up there with the big boys. I am sooo proud.

So...that's it.

Unless you know how strong this girl is going to get in Miami/Broward and can tell my futurefor tomorrow...unless you can send Miss Cleo here and let her tell me... I threw cards... interesting cards but hey.. I'm not showing my cards. Not unless you show me yours first :)

Over and out... overly hyper can you tell?

Sunny skies..high clouds... breezy... is a hurricane really coming?

Wherever you are Lex Luthor.. thank you!

Song for the day... Squalls out on the Gulfstream.

Oh...and my very own Ed said (rhymes)... I'll get a strong blow. Of course I am wondering how he means that.

Bobbi.. in Miami..waiting for Wilma.

Is Drudge going to be live tonight from Miami? Does anyone know?

Miami Hurricane Morning...Why I haven't been online :)

Her name is Wilma and she is currently putting on her favorite orange dress for the event. You know Wilma...wears pearls, that little hair do.. A tough girl to have to put up with Fred..

I've shopped til I dropped. Put up 2 chickens for the holiday and some other food to cook and freeze fast in case we lose power.

Watched a storm staying on the low side of the packaged forecast.. means.. Miami gets more than expected.

Watched local news media go into a frenzy around noon BEGGING people to put shutters up. We don't do that for cat ones or even twos... my brother is here to help me and my older son who has been at his house all day helping..take down MY sukkoth...

I'll be back in a little bit..after the 2pm to see how fast this pretty girl is really going.

If she stays slow... and hits warm water (which she is) and the eye is becoming more open as you can see now... well..will hit as a Cat 3 maybe.. maybe..and down around Everglades City or near the Keys... which isn't what most people down here hoped for..

Oh................and I was on the phone with friends in Key West who have decided to stay there and promised me they would go to Bnai Zion if she comes in as a Cat 3. The temple is not old style but poured concrete and built to withstand a Major Storm.. and Wilma.. may be one.

Back soon later


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Miami Under Hurricane Warning

And, I danced the night away :)

Had a wedding to go to tonight. Right after Shabbos.

Black Satin gown. Danced for hours... A real Miami wedding.

One of my co-workers at the library..her son got married in Miami Lakes.

So... I did what any good Miami girl would do.. put on the black satin and pearls and danced latin and rock and roll.

Came home to the warnings and will blog tomorrow.

Only so much you can do and have supplies and it all depends now on Wilma.

Do I stay here in my house for a Cat 1 or Cat 2 or..........go around the corner to Ronnie (my brothers house) as he has been shopping for supplies since last week :)

Will see... he has shutters. I don't. I do have bars and tinted windows which help if they break with the hurricane film.. and the house is usually very good in a Cat 1...

I'm just not sure where Miss Wilma will really make landfall or as what intensity. Not yet.

I did post on in their hurricane forum to pick landfall that I thought she would come in around Everglades City..go over Burns Lake.. exit around Pompano. Intensity would be a strong 2 for sure.. maybe a 3.

I still think it's possible.. maybe a drop higher.. not sure of angle of landfall.

Will look and see still mentally dancing and had pina coladas and rum and coke and champaign.

Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding.

Beautiful Wilma spinning and spinning...she danced the whole time she was over the Yucatan. What a girl :)

nite Bobbi

Friday, October 21, 2005

11AM Discussion explained... translated

Great uncertainty with the forecast. Please note all "iffy" words are in red letters.

Mind you I happen to think this is a GREAT discussion of what is happening. Well done, honest and informative. It just shows how uncertain they are of the exact tract of Wilma.. both on intensity, timing and actual landfall.

That being said.. DUH... everyone in the cone or just in South Florida should be watching this storm carefully without the Hurricane Center having to spell it out for them. And, I may add Central Florida because you never ever know for sure how strong a front is in October til it chills your soul at 4AM.

My opinon? Bobbi's prediction?

Wilma will not stall but she will move steadily if slowly north and then make a quick turn to the east.. NNE.. NE and maybe even possibly ENE as the high to her east weakens, the one to her west strengthens and the front digs down and grabs her and she goes in the direction of the lowest pressure... across the Southern part of the State of Florida.

You want exact perfection? Work for a bank..they demand it. Become an accountant. This is science and it is an ongoing exploration and study on how tropical cyclones react to changes in their immediate environment tempered with a good knowledge of climo that takes into account all other storms of past Octobers.

There you go.. appearing on the big screen for all to see..


Don't get to see many hurricane summers like this..there are oceans of information yet to be learned and explored, studied by the professional mets.. for now.. watch and learn.

Shabbos meal at my house

Chicken w/ Potatoes and Onions
Israeli Salads and Gefilte Fish
Challah and French Bread with Rosemary Herbs
Lots of Cinnamon Graham Crackers put away "in case" for Wilma.. maybe I'll break open a box.

11AM Discussion out of the Hurricane Center~
whether due to interaction with land or some other factors... the western portion of the inner core convection briefly weakened earlier this morning... but that did not last long. The ring of very deep convection has reconstituted around the entire 30 N miwide eye... which has become a little clearer and warmer in satellite imagery. The Cancun radar depicts a very solid outer eyewall over Cozumel... and the inner eyewall is likely weaker but perhaps not as weak as it seems on radar due to attenuation.Passive microwave overpasses from AMSR-E and AMSU during the pastfew hours depict the outer eyewall at a radius of about 45 N mi...and earlier aircraft data contain wind maxima at radii of about 20and 45 N mi. It is possible that the outer eyewall will contract and lead to intensification in the short term... but eyewalls with this large of a diameter sometimes remain steady-state. Dvorak intensity estimates at 12z did not quite support the current advisory intensity of 125 kt... but that was before the deep convective ring reformed.

Wilma is located in between a mid-level ridge centered over western
Mexico and a more extensive ridge over the subtropical Atlantic.
The Atlantic ridge seemed to have more influence until very
recently... when the north-northwestward motion slowed. The initial
motion estimate is now northwestward...325/4...and the short term
motion might be even slower. 12z upper-air data from this morning's
NOAA G-IV jet surveillance mission indicate perhaps even a little
more ridging over the Gulf of Mexico than contained in the
short-term forecasts from the 06z models... so the slower motion
now observed is not surprising
. Nearly all of the dynamical models
forecast the center of Wilma to make landfall on northeastern
Yucatan today... as does the official forecast. The models do not
agree on how long Wilma will spend over land
... and the new
official forecast...while adjusted westward and slower than the
previous advisory through 48 hours...remains to the east of most of
the models and keeps Wilma on land for less than 18 hours.
Obviously... a longer stay over Yucatan could cause more weakening
than forecast...but the opposite is also true.
In the 3 to 5 day time frame...the new official forecast is
basically unchanged. Fortunately for the sake of better agreement
among the models...
the NOGAPS no longer keeps Wilma in the
Caribbean for five days and is now more in line with the remaining
models. This results in the dynamical consensus being in fairly
good agreement with the previous advisory at days 3-5. However...
the spread in the models remains quite large... and both the
location and timing of the impacts on Florida remain very
The new intensity forecast is very similar to the
previous advisory in steadily weakening Wilma over the Gulf of
Mexico due primarily to increasing shear. However... if Wilma does
not spend much time over Yucatan... it could be stronger than
forecast when it crosses Florida.

Forecaster Knabb

Hurricane Tracking Was Easier In the OLD DAYS... and better...more fun

Today it has reached a degree of ridiculous ... of sheer comedy not wind shear and you want to just slap someone silly in the head of late. No one person in particular though I can think of a few. Government people, network people, media...

This is not brain science.

They are low pressure systems. They stay away from the high pressure and they go towards low pressure systems. Like being like and all as a rule they don't like highs.

In the "old days" we sat around waiting for the Hurricane Center or the Local Weather Office to issue an advisory and give us cords that we marked on beautiful maps we either held onto over time or got from the Miami News or Miami Herald. Amos and Andy characters on the radio station's free map. Roll up copies given out by hardware stores. We drew the track..we were young, we could see the little dots...we drew lines between the cords. We watched the evening news to see where the fronts were or if there were fronts. We got reports from the Caribbean, from ships...

It was a beautiful science developing that has been well...let's leave the word I was going to use out of this... crapped up. How's that for a substitute word. My father liked that word.

We either dum it down with fancy graphics and cartoon images on modern screens or we try to over analyze it to death trying to verify every model so that we have a pot of spaghetti spilled all over our lap tops and those tracks are burning holes into our brain if you ask me.

It ain't that difficult.

I suppose if we want to fight for government funds we can beg for more (everyone is) and develop better and better models but when it comes down to it there cannot be a real prescision ever because that is the built in beauty of hurricanes. There are so many factors and they all compete for attention. There is sometimes no feature just takes over.

The Cubans did it best. They always did.

And, the Seminoles knew what you need to know... you watch for a good strong Easterly wind (or southerly) that does not stop.. as if someone turned a fan on and you know there is a storm out there. That combined with basic tracking tells you...there is a storm, radio reports tell you its a big one... and you can prog it by hand to get a damn good track that if needed can be changed according to developing weather trends.

Today they are mired down with a million news stations and people looking over their shoulders at every word in a discussion which can be fun if you are doing it with the right person at 2am but in all honesty is ridiculous.

It ain't that hard.

Have seen a few guys in the old days of online.. SNONUT, PTRAVEL, Robert in Tally and a few who are still doing it take a storm and look at the conditions down the road and almost by hand move the systems around and find landfall days, days...away. Sometimes they would get it within 50 miles or 75 from as far away as a week a way.

It's weather guys.

It is not THAT hard if you know what you are doing and aren't afraid to take the chance, and have the balls to put your money where your mouth is.. mind is and give a forecast.

All the models, all the whizzy bells... Jim tells me during a moment in the storm that I should watch out because the pressures are lowest down my way (meaning NMB) and the storm is going to make that turn that a model had predicted but so many forecasters sort of threw out as "out there" and Jim was right. I remember it. On the porch..looking around.. and half an hour or so later we were sitting outside in patio chairs in the driveway with still wind and in the eye of Katrina.

So... yes we took them serous, yes our parents shopped and bought supplies, we boarded up and we filled up bathtubs with water and a little chlorine and we knew it was part of the price we pay of living in the tropics that every few years we had a rash of bad storms....and then they would go off for ten years or so and hit Texas or North Carolina.

We didn't freak or talk about selling homes and moving Wyoming though maybe a lot of those people just snuck away in the night and we thought they were moving down the road to Palmetto. Who knows.

I do know that this is ridiculous the way it is being done nowdays and we cannot expect perfection from a science that's beauty is that you are flying by the seat of your pants with an everchanging atmosphere on a swirling ball that is spinning slowly in space.

It's all fluid.

Enjoy it a little... enjoy every damn moment of hurricane days and pray the bad ones don't find you. And, if they do... you pick up and rebuild because the story is not in the destruction but in the rebuilding, in the surviving .... those are the true heroes of the storm.


Waiting to see today where Wilma will go and not expecting she has to follow any one specific model. Hell..if I was Wilma I wouldn't. I'd do whatever the hell I want.. there should be some rewards to being a Major Hurricane of any category. Watch, wait.. prepare if needed, hunker down, hide from the wind, run from the water and listen to Bryan Norcross on the radio when the power goes out.

Bobbi Style 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005

11 am..same old cone..same old soon turning nw...

Why I feel like I should be somewhere near Key West or Cuba today. Growing up down here we tend to feel that Cuba is an off limits vacation paradise that should be ours to play with and or grow sugar, tobacco or anything we like. However, Fidel..a child of the great 1926 storms won’t let go and I can’t go there so easily either.

I lie awake at night listening to a weather radio in Miami telling me about the weather in Cuba and imagine people in Cuba lie awake at night wishing they were in Miami.

How did Puerto Rico become a territory and not Cuba? I don’t understand things like that. I should study it a bit. Something I missed here that makes no sense.

So..Wilma heading west for now.. officially west north west but in reality more like just north of west.

Waiting for that big turn.. the news at 11.

Has anyone noticed the nice developing wave east of the islands?

Can we talk and chew gum at the same time? I am wondering.

I miss Bob Sheets. I wonder where Bob Burpee is..

I wonder on a lot of things.

Especially Wilma.


I could have been in the Keys today but someone days ago bought into a bad forecast that anyone should have seen wouldn’t have possibly verified with that sort of timing but then… they were waiting days ago for her to turn NW by the next advisory. Part of the problem at the NHC is not their inability to gather information it’s their inability to make a forecast without having to explain why they did it and having to back it up with data and being incapable of changing their forecast when things change but holding onto the past and hoping bad forecasts were built upon good information and will verify. Garbage in just looking like garbage but really being diamonds in the rough. Sort of.. hard to explain and I am not saying more. Leave it at I would go with the guys on the causeway anytime vs the ones in the big moving picture rooms who get to write the forecasts. Hard to write what you want when Big Daddy is always looking over your shoulder.


Sorry but I think the "cone" for landfall that we are supposed to watch is the biggest waffle cone in recent years that the NHC has put out.

As a matter of fact.. they have even waffled on timing. Pushed it back.. don't go with the unrealistic scenario of it zooming faster than a jet plane that it had doing earlier in the week.

Meanwhile.. Wilma is still going west north west (with a heavily west component at times) towards the Yucatan. She should turn NW today..tomorrow or the next day according to the NHC.

I don't see much that will pick her up today or tomorrow and do think when she gets above 19 or 20 she will hook right real hard. Right now the westerlies are in charge and everything across the US is going left to right. Show me something different. Watching those water vapor loops in the Atlantic and in the Pacific.

Waiting for Wilma in Miami and think it will be a weekend event..will see.

Time will tell.

We are back to work...hei ho it's off to work I go.

One thing I will tell you is that as nice as it is to see Ed and Shari kiss at the end. Ed was real fast to leap into bed with that brunette bimbo with the broken cat. And, Shari didn't run so fast the average Joe with all those movie people in their face would have run a whole lot faster.

And, I'm wondering if Rob Reiner could do a Southern accent or if it would kill him??? Okay, so maybe he isn't such a great actor and he should direct for the rest of his life.

Let people study rocks..hurricanes.. grow corn.

Leave me alone and let me play and send me some ice cream and good dreams today.

Over and out.. Bobbi
Waffle cone chocolate chip in a waffle cone. Send it special delivery FED EX with Wilma!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Zalmy is explaining to the interviewer in intricate detail where storm surge hits Key West from the north side if a storm surge comes in strong from Florida Bay...Gulf Side.. left.. Interviewer taking notes...

Bobbi and daughter who was going to bed are staring at TWC and going blurry eyed watching her spin. Interview lady sitting on foot of bed taking notes and listening to Zalmy.

Door opens... 16 year old son bursts in...PUT ON 43!!!

Everyone stares up at him.

What could possibly be on Channel 43 about Wilma??

He's insistent, almost freaking...

Everyone fumbles around for th remote... he grabs it.

Everyone starts cheering...there is a rearrangement suddenly on the bed... interviewer lady falls off the bed onto the tile floor, turns her neck fast to see what happened with the storm. What the big commotion is about. Did it become a Category SIX or something.

All the kids scream out at once in unison.


Bobbi stares, its a plot. She can't get to Key West tomorrow and now THIS...

Everyone jumps on bed... steps over interviewer picking up her notes...

Bobbi stares.

16 year old walks out laughing, "oh yeah, oh yeah"

Bobbi smiles, despite herself... stares at the TV... its the beginning she thinks.

Suddenly...the reality hits her... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Oh no... ewwwwwwwwwwwwww oh nooooooooooooooooooo ...if it wasn't bad enough now she is going to have to...

Interviewer grabs her notes...crawls out of the room quietly wondering where she can find a gas station open to get gas and north of Orlando.

Wilma is off... gone.. lingering around the Yucatan............pre-empted by EDTV.

She's running loops... talking to friends, trying not to watch TV... they are having a fight on TV at the studio... Bobbi stares up like a train wreck is about to happen..

Wilma.. wilma... choo choo Wilma...zoom zoom Wilma...

Mouth is wide open, Blanche Du Bois is having a temper tantrum, some brown haired bimbo is trying to replace Shari ... she crunches down under the cover, fixes the tank top again, phone rings its Sharon to talk about the storm...

A category five hurricane may wipe Miami off the map or at least Flamingo Florida and everyone is watching EDTV.. and his father Al.

Bobbi sips the warm, watery beer not being a real beer drinker thinking how she can explain this to anyone.

She says, "Al is your father Ed."

Bobbi nods..

Wilma who?

Eye Into The World of a Storm Tracker & Wilma Watching

First of all.. let me set the scene.

Bobbi sits cross legged on her bed typing on her laptop that is partially resting on the bed and partially resting on her lower legs that are incased in a pair of thin, lilac colored Victoria Secrets draw string pj pants that have little navy blue embroidered roses on them. She is wearing a matching Victoria Secrets itsy bitsy Navy Tank Top she bought last year at Bayside. Very thin tiny straps and she keeps adjusting it a bit so it doesn't fall down revealing too much cleavage. There is a lot of cleavage. A few older teens have friends in the house and she isn't totally alone.

Barometer Soup is playing on the CD next to her for the 11th time tonight. She had an overwhelming need to hear it.

She is pissed and upset because there is a 5:45am bus out of North Miami Beach to Key West but they are checking ID and she doesn't have any Monroe County ID to show she is a resident. Which she is.. in her mind.

A beer sits next to her going warm.

She is thinking what to tell Tom in Key West at 11 after the new advisory comes out beyond that she is pissed she can't catch a ride back to Miami tomorrow night with friends evacuating Key West in the evening late.... because Greyhound won't let her on the bus in the morning.

The Weather Channel is on. Friends keep calling from as far away as Maine (sic) and Key West. Both ends of US1. Her brother has called and asked her opinon. Her thoughts being she wanted to be in Key West tomorrow.

She read some Torah that a friend online sent her. She's wishing he was here and could try and run the roadblocks down to Key West in his winnebago.

Cantore is talking on TWC...

Switching channels between TWC and CNN.

CNN announces that the Silver Star and Silver Meteor have now stoppped all trains south of Orlando and there are no trains going into Miami or Palm Beach.

Seems we are cutting off the state of Florida at Orlando.

Smiling at silly segment of story Mike is doing on TWC about a cute, fake Jim Cantore he met in Key West and now we all know the storm isnt going to Ft. Myers cause Cantore on TWC announces tomorrow he is going to Ft. Myers there and Mike is in Key West. In TWC viewer terms means Key West is getting the storm.

Zalmy: (Bobbi's youngest child comes in, he is the one who has been trained to like Key West for when they move there) "Look, that's where we were this summer Mommy!" (he is pointing to the famous bouy a block from the room that Bobbi wanted to rent on Whitehead Street but couldn't cause she had to come back to Miami with Zalmy and be Mommy in Miami.

Bobbi: (smiling, staring) Yeah.. there's the bouy. (she is thinking her favorite coffee place is 3 blocks up South Street from the bouy.

Interivewer: (realizing they have gone to commercial) So, what do you think of the models Bobbi?

Bobbi: I think the only good models are on the right side of the package and dont' see how the NHC gave so much credence to the A98E and the Lbar???????????? Now the Bamm and the GFDL take her further south... since when did we realy care about the A98E?

Interviewer: staring or at the boxes of opened packages on the floor in Bobbi's bedroom looking for a crowbar or what an A98E could be or if the packages came from someone at the NHC..... more kids have come in the room. Bobbi adjusts the tank top to look more proper. Starp falls off her right shoulder. Her hair is messy, waves fall about her shoulders and she's staring at TWC again. The guy on TWC calls Wilma Rita and everyone claps in the room and laughs thinking his is funny.

Bobbi giggles. Phone rings.

Bobbi looks at clock and wonders who would call before 11 and the new track. Tom isn't stupid. It can't be Tom.

She grabs the cell.

Bobbi: Hello? (she makes a face and rolls her eyes) What Ronnie? (she mouths over to interviewer "its my brother") Yes, Oh, Okay, Uh huh. Don't know Ronnie, waiting to see the new track at 11. (tells interviewer he went walmart without me for water..says they are all out) Got to go Ronnie, talk later.

Interviewer: That package..?

Bobbi: Oh, I'm sorry. (Bobbi starts talking fast trying to explain) A package means forecast track. Right means East or SouthEast in this case. I'm sorry. Can we have this conversation after 11? Truth is they are sending planes in tomorrow morning and then the new models will have that new data and they will have a better handle on Wilma.

::::::::::::::::::::::everyone in room gets quiet, Son screams out"Tropical Update is ON":::::::::::

::::::::::::::::everyone stares, no one talks:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Bobbi speaks as soon as it is over: Turn on Channel 4. Picture doesn't work but I want to hear what Norcross says.

Interviewer: So, you want to wait til 11pm to give any real opinon here, right?

Bobbi: My opinon is I want to be in Key West tomorrow morning. I am not a happy camper. My beer keeps getting warm. I'm not much of a drinker. (turns to oldler duaghter and says "get me an ice cube please"

Older daughter whose name is to stay a secret: "Ewww Mommy."

Bobbi waits, stares at the loop. Sends a smile to Mike in email because she can't think of anything normal to say to him while 11 year old son Zalmy begins to shows interviewer where Mike Seidel is doing live shots from on a map of Key West in Bobbi's bedroom.

Jazz is playing on TWC. Kids switch it to CNN to hear what hurricane hunter guy says ...

Bobbi: (yells at kids) Turn it back to the Norcross channel and leave it alone!

13 year old Daughter: Okay fine, but CSI is still on and throws the remote onto the bed. Interviewer ducks.

Bobbi: (smiling, thinking good one less person in the room) I think that she isn't going to go very far north and the whole flow is going from west to east and want to hear what Norcross says.

Door opens, daughter comes back in the room announces she is going to sleep.. guess she wanted to see what Norcross says afterall. She doesn't leave.

Bobbi turns down the Buffett CD. News announcer tells everyone they are telling all visitors to leave the Keys. Bobbi looks annoyed again. Interviewer gets nervous, afraid she is going to throw something at the TV. Norcross starts to blinks and rolls, no picture is available but everyone watches quietly listening to Norcross.

Bobbi: I think when they get it down to a regular killer Cat 3 and the jet stream begins to grab it a little...then the westerlies take over....then we will see the NHC pull the track further to the right..east..

Zalmy: giggling.. Mommy look they are already out of gas (points to TV news story about no gas left in Miami)

Interviewer looks nervous, looks out window at her car.

Bobbi: I have a lot of water if you need to stay here.

Zalmy: (explains) Yeah, my mommy has about 40 empty soda bottles under the kitchen cabinets.

Interviewer? 40?

Bobbi: It's a big kitchen. Miami kids..they know not to throw soda bottles out. I mean do you want to fill the bathtub up with water and bleach orkeep soda bottles? She stares at the TV and without talking to anyone in particular says annoyed, "Why do they have to call them the CAYMAN islands?"

Interviewer: stares nervously at Bobbi...turns to Zalmy. "Can I ask you a few questions?"

Zalmy smiles.

Bobbi smiles, sips the beer, adjusts her tank top and says "Leave it on channel 6, we can watch the picture on that channel. Fifty dollars a month and cable can't get any local channels, go figure."

Commercial comes on: "Zoom, zoom, zoom." The now infamous car commercial comes on.

Zalmy giggles at the private joke ..and begins to show the interviewer where he thinks the storm will go on the hurricane map on the wall.

Barometer Soup plays for the 83rd time.....

Jimmy Buffett - Barometer Soup
Lyrics Follow in my wake
You've not that much at stake
For I have plowed the seas
And smoothed the troubled waters
Come along let's have some fun
The hard work has been done
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters
Just for starters
Barometer's my soup
I'm descended from a deckhand on a sloop
I travel on the songlines
That only dreamers see
Not known for predictability
Come and follow in our wake
You've not that much at stake
For we have plowed the seas
And smoothed the troubled waters
Come along let's have some fun
Seems our work is done
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters
Sail the main course
In a simple sturdy craft
Keep her well stocked
With short stories and long laughs
Go fast enough to get there
But slow enough to see
Moderation seems to be the key
Constantly searchin'
Oh my eyes have seen some horizons
And I've crossed the ocean for more than just thrills
No I'm not the first
Won't be the last
You lust for the future
But treasure the past
Follow in my wake
You've not as much at stake
For I have plowed the seas
And smoothed the troubled waters
Come along let's have some fun
The hard work has been done
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters

Monday, October 17, 2005

1909 Florida Hurricane? 1921 Tampa Hurricane? Wilma...What will you do?

Quick little post here as I get ready for Sukkos.

Watched Bryan Norcross and he said Florida is definitely in the path of the storm.. where in Florida specifically...will see soon.

Pressures are low enough to be a hurricane but wind speeds have not correlated yet.

The storm reminds many of us of Mitch but... models all agree she will pull north soon. Or rather bend sharply right somewhere down the line... where down the line or rather up the line we don't know so at this point all of Florida is on watch; Central to Southern Florida more so.

Good article in Tampa Bay paper today. They must be a little worried.. in this year of no one is safe and worse case scenarios are possible... Tampa, a city rarely hit these days, is watching carefully.

And..I'll be watching. Will leave a weather radio on somewhere or TWC on mute over the holiday. But, for now I'll enjoy my sukkoth with its beautiful autumn decorations that were special delivered from friends in New England. Of course.. where else? Apples, mums, MAPLE SYRUP (yum, yum.. pretty maple leaf with amber colored maple) and Indian Corn and decorations for the Sukkoth and gold beads and.. Stalks of Corn. No words, none... imagine if I do nothing but leave the big, long, box of dead corn on the table and look at it every couple hours it will be a Rx for laughter. They have little yellow hard corn things in them but I feel sort of... well...feels invasive like to unshuck them. Sometimes, I don't believe my life. Funnier and stranger than any reality television show anywhere. Beats EDTV though that actor is cute.. like him. Wish they'd send him in a box special delivery lol.. no .. no no no..on second thought... I'm taking a vacation from stalks of corn lol.

Going to relax, put on some very nice music. Rat Pack, 1960s.. great CD and listen to Frankie and Dean sing songs. Going to make some apple and maple cake. Going to rest, read Wicked the book and try not to think on anything ...not even Wilma too much.

Wonder on the wonders of the world... love, friendship, creativity, karma.. corn stalks lol.

Watch Wilma for me everyone.. I'll watch the wind and relax a little bit.....while I can.

Chow for now.. Bobbi

good links to look at below


Tropical minds are basking in being alive and trackin' in 2005 when we have caught up to the infamous Hurricane Season of 1933. Not an especially good year unless you were FDR with a nice White Roof over your head but a kick ass Tropical Year. Funny how things parrallel. The economy was bad and he had a relative in the White House a few years earlier. See? Nothing new under the tropical sun...

So..the National Hurricane Center has finally named Wilma and is watching her slow westward movement carefully as she is predicted to bend back towards Florida later in the forecast period. It's October... there are cold fronts and the cold fronts in October propel storms from the S up towards Florida whereas if they are to the SE of Florida they usually curve them harmlessly out to sea.

For me...

Tonight is the Jewish Holiday of Sukkos. We built a sukkoth which is in fact a Florida version of a Fiji sort of Thatched Hut House where we enjoy breakfast ... a cup of coffee and watch the world around us. We bitch often about the heat during lunch and take a less leisurely meal and enjoy evening meals greatly... nice especially when Sukkos comes a bit late and our evenings have become milder.... come over and hang out with my older kids who are pretty popular and the center of their little friendly worlds. It's like a one week veranda addition to the house... for hanging, relaxing and appreciating the wonders of the season this year and way back when in biblical times.

Going to my brother tonight for the official family meal. He bought a pre-fab one that I am wondering if we can spray paint Dolphin Colors. Well, its blue and white... close.

Not like its black and red or something.. He bought me fake purple beaded grapes to hang in my sukkoth. I'm waiting for the apples and corn from New England to decorate....Not sure what we are having there to eat...

But my meals are as follows...

Turkey with baby carrots and sweet potatoes roasted in the pan..and as bubbys somewhere used to say "Gedempte Chicken" whatever that means... think it meals a lot of other stuff will be thrown in that my brother Jay in Greece would love to have picked at.. mushrooms, baby onions, pieces of red or green pepper...whatever I am in the mood to throw in. Never end with a preposition but they work so well, you know?

Sweet and Sour Meatballs.. heavy on the sweet with yellow rice for a lunch time meal. Miami style meatballs... saffron colored rice..

BBQ chicken with Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce and roasted round small potatoes to pop in your mouth... finger food which is so satisfying to eat as is most food you can pop in your mouth... maybe find some baby corn or something else we can use out there... Will see how creative I get with that meal.

Making a 1-2-3-4 cake with cinnamon and sugar on top.
Apple cake...

Vermont Apples and Maple Syrup... of course.

Babaganush and Vegetable Chopped Liver.

So... that is the plan.

I'll be back on Wednesday night after the holiday.

Lastly... well I had this whole thought last night as I was falling asleep and thinking how to put it.

I once fell in love with a man named Paul Finkleman. He was cute, sort of stole my heart. Little silly sayings and the whimsical way he turns his head when trying to figure me out which of course could have given him a permanent crick in his neck. Oddly... really funny because when I first heard about him I really hated him or maybe a relative of his. Bad company he keeps sometimes, like an old boyfriend Fred. Says in the first psalm to choose carefully the company you keep.. the friends and well... some guys just pick real winners you know? Well, they say you can't choose your family, only your friends. So.. a little piece of Paul's heart always rests inside mine because after I got to know him (which was at first worse than a trip to the voodoo dentist) ..well after I got to know him I realized how wonderful he really was.... is... and always will be. But, people don't know Paul like I do. I know him better... better than he knows himself. And, will always smile when I think of Paul.

Sometimes you meet someone and oddly the one person you DONT want to meet you realize is the one person you NEED to meet.

Life is such a bitch. A beach? A picnic in the park? Barefoot in the Park? Road trip to fun.. take the scenic route always.

And... owe an apology to a guy named.. Mel. If I ever hurt your feelings in any way... well you are tough and you can take it. Smiling. Sorry. And, you are and you can do anything you put that brillant mind to and it's your call, whatever you choose to do. And, last night while trying to get out of Walmart, beat my way past the guard who didn't even speak english and wanted that receipt before I could leave. Didn't matter thatn I spent $80 for Sukkos..without that receipt I wasn't leaving. Couldn't remember which side of my bra I put it in.... thought it was in my purse. Jeez.. unreal. Well, every time I try to get past a store guard without a receipt I will wonder why I cannot get a receipt when I vote to proove who I voted for ??? What if I want to take my vote back?? Huh??? Happy Sukkos... hope you are happy.As for me.. I will be enjoying corn.. corn stalks... Indian Corn.. oh there is an idea... wow.. okay let's not go there :)Have a wonderful Sukkos... where ever you all are..

As for Wilma... she is going to be making a run for the State of Florida it seems.

Stay tuned. Hope she has her receipt because without it she will never get past those gestapo guards at Walmart but the White House may never let her in.. Leaving with a preposition which is better than a dangling participle I have been told.

Love Bobbi

Watch Wilma dance at or

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Waiting for Wilma...

Waiting for Wilma here...

And think Wilma will be one wild girl.

She hasn't waited this long to get on the maps and be a dud.

Nope... you wait this long and something is bound to explode.. when given half the chance.. and October brings a pattern of exploding storms in that region of the tropical realms.

So... in a day or so you are going to have a Wilma unleashed and people may start worrying on WHO picks these names anyway.

Mitch.. Wilma five letters... funky names for the year 2005

Not Caleb or Shayne or Jacob is a big one these days.. Kayla, Shakira, ain't no Mel or Rosebud either here...

neither Mary, Peter or Paul... but she is one girl that is slowly taking her time, building a center and about ready to explode..

Listening to an old song here.. Dawnnnnnnnn

Moving my shoulders and dancing a bit as I type...
hang on hang on...

Think what a big man you'll beThink what the future will be with a ...

Well, have to tell you all... Fred has been real preoccupied this summer and hasn't posted much tropically speaking or at least not under the name Fred and Barney...well lord only knows where Barney is.. haven't even heard him mentioned much lately ...
think what your family would say... giggling, thinking Yabba dabba do...

Well you know feet look funny when you been running around using them barefoot to get the Bedrock Roadster moving on a long road trip.

Do wah ditty... she looks good, she looks fine

Before I knew it she was aiming her storm fury towards me..

Walked home to my door and you parked under the trees in the moonlight to hide from lol... the dinobabies inside the house giggling.

Can't type. Giggling... One smart cookie best friend... smarter than Sharon lol

I have a few best girl friends... that no one can come close to..sadly most don't live here, they left me alone :(

and... none are replaceable

Sharon at the Beach trying to get blown away by Floyd and other storms :)

Left me a lone with smiles and memories and trying to stay out of trouble here...

Bumming around with Yaffa.. ain't nothing better
Yabba dabba doo

Oh geez... we are going to have to deal with Wilma before the season is over and Fred better get his ass back home to bedrock from where ever he is and give me some attention... not often I get a storm named Wilma.

Where is my mind... whoosh... navy jets flying low over us on their way to the Stadium...
Need to find the Hair LP and put it on the pretty music box and dance, think... make a shopping list.

But know one thing... I don't have about 20 empty soda bottles under that nice sink for nothing you know?

Just in case Wilma comes to SE Florida and not SW Florida..

I'll have water in my granite bedrock kitchen :P

More later... after she is named and I get to see what Ricky really looks like ...
If SNONUT IS READING THIS............................. GET YOUR ASS BACK IN TOWN :)
love Wilma :)

perfect... So Happy Together is playing lol

later guys, later gang.. yabba dabba do! :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Storm Stalkers

Realized recently while trying to explain to someone what it is we do on Hurricane City and other similar Hurricane Tracking sites that what we do is... track, investigate, find information on and study the storm. We are in fact.. Storm Stalkers.

A good example of a Storm Stalker would be ..........oh say..........Joe Bastardi.

Is there any piece of information that man would not hunt down to add into his long, indepth analysis on

Jim Cantore. Picture him in your mind.. come on, you can do it. There he stands, on the beach, those deep intense eyes protruding from his serious face.. about to face the storm. In his case.. he has not stalked the storm metaphorically speaking but.. he has raced to the ends of the earth to bring you to the storm.. face to face.. up front and as closely personal as he can get.

Guys like Jim Leonard track storms all over the world.

Guys who have quiet jobs, paying the bills and limited vacations cannot take to the highways to track down the hurricane.. they stalk the storm online via webcams and fancy dopplar sites.

Jim Williams stalks historical data on storms not just today's storms.. like Chris Landsea and Company who penetrates the eye wall with his dropsonde in hand.. Jim from his Hurricane City site stalks any piece of information he can get his mind wrapped around to better understand and explain the storm to his audience on Mind you.. Jim has been known to on rare wonderful occaisions stalk in person, on the ground.. time and budget permitting but usually he is stalking on the radio... looking for that perfect connection to someone in the eye of the storm. Jim has I may add knowledge that few amateurs have regarding storms. When does an amateur become a professional?

Chris Landsea has the degrees and gets paid but well........Jim knows quite a bit about hurricane history himself. Uses it online vs on the Best Track Team from NHC.

Palm Beach Post used to have a great site online.. a message board for storm stalkers with an address that was like "lets talk storm.." something.. always looked like let's stalk to me :) has raised storm stalking to a family affair as the two brothers and friends stalk anything that spins.

The skeetobite person has found a way to map the actual storm.. adding a graphic angle to the stalk.

So.... after much thought... the only way I can splain it Lucy is................ storm trackers and storm chasers are in fact.. Storm Stalkers!

Girls do it.. guys do it.. even tropically minded kids do it..

Let's do it.. let's stalk the storm!


Love Bobbi Storm!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just a note.. to pass time..

Today, Columbus Day would have been my father's birthday. So.. makes me think deeper on things, the past, reflections on lifle and a laugh at alot of funny things he did. He was a funny guy. An, honest man with integrity when it came to his profession.. respected by many. Loved by many, even those he told off when he was pissed. A good man. Today, would have been his birthday.

October 15th is my mother's birthday. Coming up..down the road in a few days.

They were only 3 days apart. Born in 1926.

Holidays come.. they remind you of who you are, who you have been and when you really reflect deeply on life... who you want to be and where you want to go.

Pearls of wisdom from Daddy.. when you feel sick, congested.. haserick.. go to the movies. Good air conditioning and you forget your problems. And, I suppose infect the whole movie theatre :)

Well..we think differently these days worrying on Asian Chickens and epidemics and germs and moldy air conditioners.. but in it's way it was very good advice.

Or ... go to Barnes and Noble :)

Happy Birthday Daddy.

Have an easy fast..for anyone fasting.. Bobbi




I would blog right now but I can't because I just did a big mitzvah and hope something will come of it... sort of like the mitzvah that keeps on giving for a good friend Yaffah and amazes me that all I had to do was go find some old friends who are standing around at sunrise waving a chicken over their head and giving the chicken to poor people to eat ...after it is schected properly (schect..kill) and or wave some coins around my head with a secret jewish prayer known as shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kaporis...

No... I have to go write a bunch of words like some special giving deed ... planting seeds that I hope will bring forth a ummmmmm fig tree in Key West..

Wonderful...they would love it. A real wonderful life. A Fig Tree Grows In Cuba.. I can see it now... Teyve Hernandez.

Do I have a mind?

Guess Mother Hubbard has my mind and Old King Cole the merry old soul is wondering what the hell is going on.


In the book of life.. you need both comedy and tragedy... that way you know when to laugh and when to cry and sometimes life is so funny that you end up crying tears of laughter when you are dumb and dumber and life gets funnier and funnier and.. you pray they don't lock you up in the Neil Frank Home for the Tropically Insane... if so... if it happens, I have but one request... sure hope Yaffah leads the conga line cause it was so much fun last time.

Oh.. and lastly... got a cd from a friend yesterday, a few CDs of New Orlean Jazz.. beautiful gems from the past, old, old songs... unreal melodies... beautiful. No one for a moment should ever complain about the clean up of that city and it's value to America... NO ONE. Not a musician around who hasn't played a drop of jazz or visited the city that did not leave a part of his heart in New Orleans..

Two Synagogues I am listing below that if anyone is reading this that wants to give money for Yom Kippur and the Jewish Holidays to I urge them to give and give generously. They are both beautiful congregations.

One is in Key West. My great, grandparents helped start it.. old time Jewish Conchs... and it has helped so many people over the years including helping Cubans who were fighting for independence from Spain... they have been there for jews and non jews over the years in Key West and have just been rebuilt after a fire that was started by arson sadly.. yes even in paradise there is prejudice... and the other is in Baton Rouge... a synagogue that is helping Jews from New Orleans live, relocate and find a dry place to pray while they are slowly rebuilding their lives and homes..

The Key West Synagogue by the way is built to be a shelter in a storm for anyone who needs. It was built to survive a Cat Five but I hope they will never need to test that. great link to learn about old key west history also...

btw... sometimes they would daven in my great grandparents house while waiting for that there synagogue to come into realization :)

next... email from Temple Beth Shalom in Baton Rouge.. and their times and dates for services. And, breaking the fast together as a community starting a NEW YEAR..

A wonderful year to everyone and a special request for foregiveness for anyone who I hurt their feelings intentionally (okay im not an angel) or unintentionally and well.. I'm sorry, so please forgive me.


Yom Kippur Service Schedule
10/11/2005 10:26:12 PM Eastern Standard Time

Sent from the Internet (Details)
Please note that due to water damage in our Sanctuary Yom KippurServices will take place at Jefferson Baptist Church which is locatedjust next door to the Synagogue. We look forward to seeing you there.
Yom Kippur Services---------------------------------
Wednesday October 12 - Erev Yom Kippur8:00PM
Kol Nidrei
Candle lighting: 6:20 -
Thursday October 13 - Yom Kippur10:00a
Childrens Service2:30
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

To Dream The Impossible Dream... Spain Song and Vince

So here we are.... October 11th? Moon flows from Capricorn into Aquarius. Heavy week loaded with vibes that revolve around eclipses and strong planetary aspects. This morning at around 8am the moon was conjunct my natal Chiron. I'll say. Chiron ... a laser beam in people's charts. It means wounded healer.. somewhere between saturn and uranus in it's nature. Like a laser beam hitting the exact perfect spot in my heart.. essence.

So.. the rest of the day we can be funky with Aquarius and eat blue fish or drink red tea or electrical eel sushi.

Tropical Cyclone VINCE made landfall yesterday .. last night and this early morning in Spain. You know the old saying...the rain in spain stays mainly on the plains. Well, it's raining now. Going to go to work soon and hit some good world news links on a faster computer and see how they took old Vince.. Vincent.. Makes you think of artists and soul searchers and did anyone for a minute think a storm called Vince would hit Spain... some Goya sort of madness, karmically speaking.

This eclipse marks a year since the last one... a year since I asked someone their name and they told me it was Vincent. How karmic can you get?? Things changed, been a strange year. Would say good and bad but more like ending good vs a heavy year for a lot of reasons. Well, Jewish ending... dealing with Jewish New Year and taking stock of life, death, love, like, weather, friends and even The Weather Channel. After years and years..they changed their graphics. The Abernathy girl finally lost her bangs. Rain is falling all over the Mid-Atlantic and up to New England. I almost feel a plot here somewhere.. subplot maybe? Suddenly Rutland and North Miami Beach appear on their maps. Now that is strange. Not as strange as Vincent though.

To dream the impossible dream today would be for me to act normal, walk normal, talk normal and not giggle or get lost staring and wondering.

I don't buy the storm forming north of Puerto Rico but hey I could be wrong. I like the "large broad area of convection in the Atlantic" so sue me. I am allowed to like whatever the hell I like and it's got some stubborn look to it. And, it is low enough to stay on track west.. at least for now.

Florida Panhandle seems to be winning the voting contest for a place to meet in May for the Hurricane City family. Will see.. time tells. Okay Miami was a little far to go and won't even wonder how "neutral Atlanta" got on the poll but hope they paid for the chance. Well, guess we could have seen TWC up close and personal but to tell you the truth I have seen enough of TWC. Maybe we should have met on Block Island and tried to do some weather voodoo dance to see if we could get another 1938 storm...for Sharon who is up close and personal with New England. Into the belly of the beast she runs to get away lol... it's a joke, a personal one we have and well... maybe there will be one more Perfect Storm this year ...who knows.

As for me.. I am going off to do my thing today and get some work done. Clothes need to be picked out and put on. Papers need to be gathered. Something I must send out to Sharon. My mind needs to be found. Or not.

After three days of wonderful conversation on the computer...and the phone with a few friends and enjoying my house for the first time since I can remember... up a chance to go wander around Key West.. I'm happy. It's good. Good to make people happy.

Thinking normal today... functioning normally may be quite a dream. But, then ... Spain was always a dream for Vinnie and he seems to have realized his dream. Why can't I? Why can't we?
So... dream a little dream for me..

And.. bear with me... if I feel like singing a song all day.

Top of the World Lyrics
Such a feeling coming over me
There is wonder in the things I see
Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream
Everything I want the world to be
Is coming true especially for me
And the reason is clear, it's because you are here
You're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen
On the top of the world looking down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around
Your love put me on the top of the world
Top of the world
Top of the world
Top of the world
Something in the wind has learned my name
Telling me that things are not the same
In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze
There's a pleasant sense of happiness for me
There is only one wish on my mind
When this day is through
I hope I'll find
Tomorrow will be the same for you and me
All I need will be mine if you are here
On the top of the world looking down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around
Your love put me on the top of the world
Top of the world
Top of the world
Top of the world
Top of the world
Top of the world
Top of the world
Top of the world
Such a feeling coming over me now
Everything I want the world to be now
On top on top on top of the world
I'm on the top now
I'm on the top now
Top of the world

and I have full distribution rights too!


Monday, October 10, 2005

WHERE'S WILMA?? WAITING FOR WILMA.. sitting here today.. on top of the world... just singing a song, just singing a song.

And...looking down on the world... and the only explanation that i the love that I found ever since you been around... lala lala on top of the world.

And..what do you get ...when you fall in love?

You geta little silly, silly, silly... so... forget right now about love and writers and getting it right not write and look at the world spin around on a water vapor loop.

Looking for Wilma... Want to make SNONUT happy today.

Want to make me happy today.

Well..made a whole bunch of people happy today but not sure I want to know why or what is perculating on their brains today. Too many smart funny people round here this weekend. Wondering if there is a convention in town I don't know about.

So... Where is Wilma?I'm asking that because Fred needs Wilma and Wilma needs Fred and think personally they should be back together again.

Do they have hurricanes in Bedrock?

I can't remember if they ever did that and would have to google. If I google that on my slow computer I would end up falling behind in the mail volley this morning. (They broke my mailbox..the little arm won't come up anymore. Doesn't say "you got mail" ... there is just always an email, each one doing me in deeper and deeper and giggling my way through it all.)

So... can Wilma be down there near Puerto Rico? Or... down south of Jamaica? Oh I want to take ya... What a song. Don't worry.. be happy.

Okay my brain sprained and I'm insane today.

So much to think many things to do...

Sitting here in my pale, blue towel, laptop on my lap... thoughts racing through my brain... AC humming... sunlight on the boungenvilla outside my bedroom window... like pink paper mache or is it machete? Wrong vision... Tropical palms beyond the boungenvilla... blue skies.. lala blues skies.. all I see...

Have and endless supply of music here and I've got show tunes stuck in my brain.

And, old music..

So... button up your overcoat...when the world is gray... take good care of yourself lol
And then there was the mornings IM...

and the riddle..what does maple syrup, apples and corn have in common and purple statice... one of my best friends in the whole wide world gonna send me apples, maple syrup and something about corn sticks .. a very New England package. :( worries me but hey...well... who else would ever have sent that lamp as a present.. you know? me.. or other things.. lord only knows how much of my stuff is up in New England... pondering...

I should buy some lamb today and use the maple pepper.. yum yum yum
under the yum yum tree lol so crazy today, so silly.. Waiting for Wilma

OH wait.. I remember now... I remember what today's blog was gonna be about...

I was going to blog this morning before i lost my mind and Auntie Mame found it for me lol

Names.. what is in a name?

Wilma.. well no baby boomer can think of Wilma w/o thinking of Fred......right???
Next storm up is: WILMA

Current storm is a one of the kind VINNIE which has been one of the names of my year.. a good friend. Took me a while to get used to saying the name... seeing as he isn't my cousin or anything but I have become fond of the name Vinnie. But...seriously how often does a storm threatened The Maderia Islands?? Only this year.... like Spain didn't have enough problems with all those terrorist, floods and left over junk food wrappers from the last Olympics... now we have sent them VINNIE!

And..what is in a name? Is a rose by any other name.. the same? Does it smell as sweet?
As for me I'm a carnations girl.. love carnations. Especially when they have that cinnamon sort of smell.

Talked to a friend last night. Kids asked me who it was. Told them some guy named Mel, a friend from the library. They informed me Mel is a girls name. Melanie... Melissa.... Melinda... Mel is a girls name. Duh......

The ONLY Mel they could think of that is a guy is the Gibson Guy. Not a Gibson Girl..the Gibson Guy. Gibson Goy.

Now ....isn't that funny?Because ask any baby boomer to think of a Mel and I would bet money.. and not a gambler remember... Sure Thing.. any Baby Boomer worth their weight in TV trivia would think of MEL and Buddy and Sally and Comedies Writers. But, she's not a baby boomer so to her.. Mel is a girls name. Had to show her a picture of Mel from Dick Van Dyke Show.. hmmnnnn he sort of makes Morey Amsterdam handsome.. sorry Morey but well.. there also is a quandry. One of my oldest best friends from high school..his name is Morry. My sister in law's best friend, maid of honor is Morri. We forever have to ask around here "Mommy's Morry or Roberta's Morri?"

What is in a name?

Take a name like Gale... great weather name if I may say so... not as good as Tempest but good.

Gale Storm... beautiful lady.. no relative but beautiful lady... left her mark on the world of Trivia and Entertainment. I'd it but I'm having enough problems today ... Gale a guy or is Gale a girl? You choose... you be the judge.. you don't even need experience these days ;)
Then you have the other Gale...

As for me... gonna go sing a song.. had another song in my mind today...

Daughter woke up..turned over on the bed (cuddled with me a bit) and looks at me strange.. I told her to turn over. Don't want to scare her or remind her or make her wonder too much why I'm giggling or who is coming to town ..

Santa Claus is coming to town.. he knows when you've been naughty, he knows when you've been nice.. he knows when you've been bad or good so................ gonna post those lyrics later.. let everyone else get that song stuck in your mind today.

Anyway..clearing my mind of metaphysical clutter... dangling participles and sentences that end with prepositions. And, illusions... neptunian illusions that could make you swoon... smile and be silly....

Is this the most beautiful loop you have seen in a long time? Wait a's posted down there below.. have some patience, my gosh...

Very beautiful loop Jim posted it on the main page of
.. very beautiful. He may win here.. as much as I love the Orcas Rsmas Anis site.. this is something else, beautiful color and deliniation. Hey those three words are how I find my site anywhere online. I just think... ready? Fat Whale's ... well... google it.. it works. Orcas Rsmas Anis.. and you thought those were the three words to tell the that guy in the space ship in the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still... WRONG :)

Orcas Rsmas Anis :)

But, beginning to like Jim's loop better...

Unreal great loop... sort of best of both worlds
black and white unisys.. orcas rsmas anis

Now if I could just figure out Where Wilma is.. I'd be happy.

Okay, scratch that.. I am happy.

Having a good morning. Whistling a happy tune... and no one ever knows, I'm afraid...
What am I afraid of? The result of this deception very plain to see.. that when I fool, the people I fear.. I fool myself as well... I whistle a happy tune...

Whose afraid of Virgina Woolf?
Whose afraid of the big bad Wolf?
Well.. at least I'm not afraid of the Beeman now am I?

I'm not even afraid of Superman.. Clark scares me but since I'm not living out on the plains of Kansas, Oklahoma or Ottawa..I'm safe.

Safe in my Hurricane Harbor.

Playing this morning with one of the greatest writers.. ever... ever.. ever.

Okay I'm a little prejudice

See you later... alligators, gypsies, orcas and horses that go bump and neigh in the night

Hell you click on the link... good luck
Look at all those versions.. Frank Sinatra and Cyndie Laufer?

Go figure.......................and the cowboy version..

Waiting for Wilma... I'll be back later.. maybe I'll even be sane... maybe I'll dye my hair..maybe I'll just get drunk on apple wine... Me I'll be just fine and dandy... lord it's like a hard candy Christmas... maple candy

Alexander Brandy...guy or girl... Zippity Doo Dah.. Zippity Day

musically messy and smiling and silly


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Miami Herald Article.. Problems at the NHC or is it all a Lack of Proper Funding

Today's Miami Herald has a first part in a four part series that explores problems the Hurricane Center has had in predicting storm tracks and errors made that could have, should have been prevented.

At first glance the article ...though very in depth.. seems petty.

I mean you live in the tropics or a place affected by tropical cyclones and you have a hurricane headed in your direction, you are in the cone of error... this is a NO BRAINER and there shouldn't be anyone in a 3 day track who doesn't have their house stocked up, their television on 24/7 watching live coverage and enough water to fill their backyard pool. Charley hit an area that was predicted to be hit a few days in advance. The shuffling back and forth of the exactness of the cone maybe was an error but not a soul should have complained they didn't know that storm was coming at them unless they sit around all day watching the food network and reruns of Judge Judy 24/7. I mean do we need to have an automatic early warning siren go off if a hurricane is to your south headed north 48 hours before possible landfall? I think not.

Truth is... they were more or less on the money.

The problem is the purpose of the Hurricane Center is to provide the BEST warning they can POSSIBLY give and unfortunately with the scientific resources out there it is frustrating for scientists who know they can do it better... be stuck with the limitations of only 250 hours of flight time in airplanes that need to be budgeted out over a specific time period and weather devices that have not been fixed because of budgetary problems.

Seems in a day and age when we have unlimited funds to fight a war, drop missles, use all sorts of fancy computerized gadgets that let people see down into some den of supposed terrorism we are unable to get a bouy working in the Gulf of Mexico that the guys back at the NHC need to perfect a path.

They want to do better. They know they can do better is more the point of the article but being good government employees.. most within a few years of retirement they .... like most civil servants don't want to rock the boat or risk losing their pension. Neil Frank, a man with nothing to lose and the most to say... says a lot. And, being as he was a Director of the National Hurricane Center and left rather than continue to play the government's games... he deserves respect and a good audience.


The point isn't that they do a bad job.. the point is that they don't do the job that they could and that is mostly... because of money.. or lack of it.

This isn't a problem of poorly trained people unable to grasp the basics of forecasting.

It is about a time where NOAA or other similar agencies receive more and more money (probably to try and see the mole on the back of Osama's neck) and the NHC gets cut, time and time again.

So... what I want to know President Bush is this...

Do you limit reconaissance flights over Iraq and the Middle East to 250 hours of flight time or just the National Hurricane Center who is trying to protect the lives of people close at home and give them better warning?

I would really like to know if some big general has to sit and worry over whether he can send out a plane today to check out some small problem he is unsure of before launching some raid or does only Max Mayfield have to worry that it's early in the month and in a busy season he may need that Government Jet later more often.

I want to know if the Army and Navy and Air Force across the world is counting pennies while the NHC trying to protect our tropical butts is the agency that gets left short counting pennies, flight time and waiting for repairmen to fix easy to fix equiptment?

I want to know where our priorities are... protecting your oil partners assets or our assets back home?

That is what I want to know Mr. President.

And... yes this has been an ongoing problem going back to Clinton, back to Daddy Bush and probably before that... but still... money only goes so far and now that we realize that we have cities to be rebuilt in America... and equiptment that can and should be replaced here ..especially if as so many say this is Global Warming... well... I'd say bring the troops home, bring the boys home... bring the money home... bring the budget home.

You looked out for your own attorney that has served you well... you do seem to be a loyal type of guy. Or does she know where the bodies are buried.. funny thought.

Either way.. I suggest what is learned from the article or rather expose in the Miami Herald is that.... money is needed to make it better and since no one who works for the Federal Government wants to ask..I'm asking.

Can all the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men... sit down in Congess and vote more money to agencies back home.. like the National Hurricane Center and FEMA and NOAA and help put America back together again.

Let's let the Iraq people worry on Iraq now that we have given them the very expensive gift of democracy.

Let's give the proper funding to those who need it and while you are at it Mr. President.. maybe you could reconsider keeping some of those bases in places that voted against you in the last election alive... I'm sure we can find a way. This is America.. we can bring democracy to nations on the other side of the world we should be able to at least feed our own people here, give them good jobs, provide proper medical care and fix a broken bouy in the Gulf of Mexico.

Your tropically concerned, ex-Republican American

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Been Hiatus for Jewish Holidays

In case of Vinnie forming.. I will be back sooner rather than later.

Just a bit busy with the Jewish New Year and trying to catch up on Message Board Wars and Message Board Information and Loops and Work and School and trying to figure out why I am capitalizing things.

I like the wave out in the Atlantic.

I like the wave down in the Carib that is hanging there, lower tonight than it was this morning. Looks like it doesn't want to go quietly into the night as just rain over Florida. Will see..

And, lastly..I mentioned on the board several times..if there was a chance that Tammy could get back in the Gulf and was read the official forecast and well... parst of Tammy are back in the Gulf. Go figure.

Complicated set up.. lots of convection.

Lots of rain in Miami.

Rosh Hashonnah went very nice... very nice.

Going to make Bourbon Chicken for Shabbos over Rice of some kind..CreoleRice probably. on a sort of hiatus waiting for Vinnie to form.

Nice name.. not as good as Wilma but... nice name.

A One Life to Live Year in the Tropics if ever there was one.. poor Marco missed his chance to be part of this group of names to remember but..well.. Marco Dane will always be remembered.

Nite... good shabbos.. unless of course Vinnie shows up tomorrow ...then I will start posting again

If any of my kids in NY are reading this... stay off the subways! Oh, smile....
Manhatten, Manhatten Beach... never as good as Redondo Beach or Long Beach.


Monday, October 03, 2005

Deja Vu=sense of having been here before

Artist: Hugh Jackman
LyricsSong: Everything Old Is New Again

When trumpets were mellow
And ev'ry gal only had one fellow
No need to remember when
'Cause ev'ry thing old is new again
(Dancin' at) Your Long Island Jazz Age parties
Waiter, bring us more Bacardis
We'll order now what they ordered then
'Cause ev'ry thing old is new again
Get out your white suit, your tap shoes and tails
Let's go backwards when all else(forward) fails
And movie stars you thought were long dead
Now are framed beside your bed
Don't throw the past away
You might need it some rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When ev'ry thing old is new again
Get out your white suit, your tap shoes and tails
Put it in backward when forward fails
But leave Greta Garbo alone
Be a movie star on your own
And don't throw the past away
You might need it some rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When ev'ry thing old is new again
I might fall in love with you again

Tropical Tzimmes

Red Sox beat the Yankees yesterday.. on the same day that they won the wild card... but still they beat the Yankees. And, they beat them good. Sometimes I suppose it is fun to just play.. even when nothing is riding on it. And, as an ex-Angelino... I'll get to root for the Angels.

So..... in the battle of the Sox.. my sox are RED. Even got a pair in the drawer somewhere except it's Miami in October and we don't wear socks til around late November. Maybe I'll wear a hat or a tee shirt or... a red towel. Miami in the summer until the first strong front makes it down.

Tropicals are simmering with moisture everywhere to the East of the Bahamas (read Florida) and something may develop if low pressure shoes it's face ... somewhere.. out there... some time.

Some being a "vauge" term.

When you say "few" you know exactly what you are dealing with..

Did you ever notice that?

When someone says, "I'll be there in a few days" you know.. few.. two.. most three if something comes up but "few" is defined. Whereas "some" is vague, nebulous... kinda maybe, probably... don't pin me down... don't bet the house... or sell the cow or run out and buy a prom gown.

So... that being said.... Somewhere in the Tropics is a system that probably will develop sometime down the line, somewhere, someday soon.

Keep your eyes on it.. Tammy would be it's name.

As for me... I'll be off for the Jewish Holidays. So, don't expect no posts from me for a few days.
Few... two or three.

Going to family dinner tonight and making dinner here the following night. Lots of honey, apples.. orange/honey chicken, tropical tzimmes, sweet meat balls... yellow saffron rice and lots of salads of some kind or other. Making some kind of pasta salad.. not a clue what kind, some time. Bought the pasta.. colored odd shapes which I'll mix with some kind of vegetable.

And... so......I got to go..

Wish you all a very, happy, healthy Jewish New Year... may all your dreams come true and may you have someone to love you, hold you and keep your tight in their arms.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Open a New Window... In Miami... signs of Cool Air

Beautiful, wonderful, marvelous cool air blowing through the window from the East on an ominously strong flow. Sky is gray, white, shades of both and small, frequent showers are blowing through the area like a kiss..or a promise of winter down the road.

Or at least fall.

Fall in Miami though often brings tropical weather...not golden leaves or snow flurries.

But, before you can get those tropical storms of October you have to get a few good fronts that pass on down the line far enough to flavor our weather with a football sunday like today.

Okay.. so I'm watching the Red Sox game and my boys are at the Marlins game and the Dolphin's are on their "bye" week. So, we have mixed metaphors here... with cool air, signs of fall and signs of summer... all jumbled up in a jambalaya stew cooking on the stove because it feels like fall.. even if it's only a temporary illusion in Miami.

But, oh what an illusion.. it feels so fine.

Cool air..blowing through my open window... wow....


A lot of moisture out there... all we got to do is get something spinning.

As for me.. I'm reading recipes today... looking for culinary inspiration for the High Holidays later this week.

Carrot Cake.
Honey-Orange Chicken.
Soup...some kind of soup... mixed home brew..Miami Soup simmering on the stove top.

Trying to clean the pot I burned the other day while writing .. who knew a gefilte fish log burned in a pot could mess up a pot so bad... If i can't get it cleaned, am taking down the pot I like that I used for Passover... buy another.. or take a box of matzah on the road next year.. won't need it where I'm going.

Reading and writing with my friend. Somethings you just can't fight.

Wondering why I have to watch Stephen King's butt ugly face every single Red Sox game. I'm sure there are other people there. No... they have the Stephen King mini cam on TV nonstop and he's not even watching.. he's staring down at something in his lap it seems. Oh.. maybe he spilled the chili..

So... I'm here... watching, meandering my way through the day... planning a menu for Rosh Hashonnah.

And... hoping the Red Sox win today.


Mame:Open a new window,
Open a new door
Travel a new highway
That's never been tried before;
Before you find you're a dull fellow
Punching the same clock
Walking the same tight rope
As everyone on the block.
The fellow you ought to be is three dimensional
Soaking up life down to your toes
Whenever they say you're slightly unconventional,
Just put your thumb up to your nose.
And show 'em how to dance to a new rhythm
Whistle a new song
Toast with a new vintage,
The fizz doesn't fizz too long.
There's only one way to make the bubbles stay,
Simply travel a new high way,
Dance to a new rhythm,
Open a new window ev'ry day!