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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Let's be honest here.. I know a 3 when I see one.

She has become totally round (so much for interference with front and winds over the front) and the pressure is dropping, correction has dropped.. she has a strong circle on enhanced IR ...she is perfectly donut hole round..

She quacks like a duck, she walks like a duck, she looks like a duck... shes a CATEGORY THREE DUCK.

Waiting for official upgrade at 11.. and cannot believe they will keep this storm as a cat 2 just 5mph short of a Category 3. All sat imagery and data from planes confirms she has become a cat 3...

Oh.. wow.

Shut down here... had coffee and will be up for a while.

Big news in Miami is that TWC brought Morrow to Miami... hmmnnn think on that.

Nice breeze outside.. no real weather yet.

Kids went over to the football field.. they look happy.. hung out. Pushed home daughter's best friends BMW ghetto mobile car (long story.. looks good on the outside.. inside.. she jokes its ghetto city) cause she left lights on so they could see playing football and gee.... the battery wore down. So...they pushed it home with her boyfriends car and kids pushing it... isn't it fun to be young. So.. daughter is in.. no words.

Friend called from Key West. Still there..talking after 11pm. Talked to friend in Maine. Son called from Ny and thinks storm will be around naples... but he's worried about blow up of convection... haha.. me too.

So...eating an apple turnover that son's girlfriend brought me from Barnes and Nobles cafe where she works... heated it up.. was good. Had coffee.. everyone here is talking at once. Is it the coffee or everyone talking at me?

She is a Cat 3..why won't they up her to a 3?

Oh... so frustrating.

Going to try and listen to Jim on

Weather here is calm's about the only thing calm :)

later Bobbi


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