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Sunday, October 23, 2005

CAT 3... Wilma Turns Cat 3

Its one mph away from an imaginary man made line that we only change every 3 hours...

Steve Lyons on believing it was a Cat 3 at 10pm ....

Well... she is a CAT 3 NOW!

moving fast towards the florida peninsular

here with my brother trying to figure out what to do.. stay here..go there... how bad will it get..

so many questions..

really don't want to go over ...comfy here in the house and question is how stong the storm will be on the Miami Dade/Broward line where I live..

Kids finally in the house... the dead BMW is up on the lawn after a family conference ... I told them to move it closer to the house.

going off.. will try and decide what to do

put a few drops of vodka into the coffee to make a weak white russian..


watching carefully Cat 3 Wilma

unreal.. Bobbi


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At 8:35 PM, Blogger Elli said...

If Ronnie put the shutters up you should go there.... but you know that...
Keep safe...


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