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Friday, July 30, 2004

Songs to sing while waiting

I whistle a happy tune..

Maybe this time... maybe next time..

Waiting for a Jet Plane

Tomorrow.. Tomorrow.. there's always tomorrow

Tomorrow's a day away...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow..

might have a storm tomorrow..

tomorrows a day away..

I don't.. I woke up with the tune to Me and Bobby McKee McGee?

Well you know the one I mean..

stuck in my mind.. over and over..

listened to Janis sing it but didn't get it out of my system.

Had a nice day. Obsessed over loops. Read a bit of a book I hope to finish on Shabbos.

Made it through the day..

Found a picture of Kerry on his Lacrosse team but George at the library who collects LaCrosse pictures didn't want it. Guess he's a Bush fan. hmmmnn. He gave it back to me. So, now I've got a picture of Kerry dressed to play Lacrosse and copies of the Frog Pond Maulers that he is making me. Sweet man. George comes in every day or two.. asks me to save pictures of Lacrosse teams on his floppy disc and thanks me. Found him some. Guess if I was to follow a team I'd go with the New Jersey Storms.. how could I not being a weather chaser. Hey.. I'm learning Cam Bomberry. HAHA you think I'm not knowledgeable about anything but Dolphins, Green Bay and the Boston Red Sox. And.. I know Jai Alai too.

Has anyone ever noticed how similar a Jai Alai sesta is to that thing they use playing LaCrosse.

Is it Lacrosse or LaCrosse? Think small C.

Just rambling. Ed doesn't let me ramble on one site and don't want to ramble on Jim's site where i have more leeway .. either way. That is why I made this board. Blog. So I could be myself.

So...someone calls the library today.

They ask me in spannish if I know the name of this song and then proceed to sing some song. They sound like a woman.. or a man pretending to be a woman or well.. like someone with a hankerchief over the phone. So.. I tell them I can't speak Spannish ... only a little. But, they keep singing something that sounds like I.. want.. I need.. I ... well am sure it was very colorful. The fourth time I managed to get out "no... you sing it nice, can you sing it again" they sort of giggled. I lost it. I mean if they can understand my english why are they singing me in spannish and speaking spannish? Typical.. Friday nonsense on the phones. Cracked me up.. had to put the phone down and my head down to hide while I was laughing.

Will "THEY" ever grow up?

Will "THEY" ever come out from behind the tree?

Will "THEY" ever ever ever ever... ever... get up the guts to sing in person?

okay.. maybe they did.. but we won't go there.. cause who knows?

Just.. sigh...........giggle........... am sure it was a real nice song. Lord only knows what they were singing.

Hurricanes.. there aren't any.

Get over it.

sing ...sing a song

sing it something to last your whole life long

dont worry that its not good enough

for anyone else to hear

just sing... sing a song..

as long as they aint singing the Carpenters I can handle their singing reference questions.

Truth is.. do I NEED "THEM" to come out from behind the tree? Don't think so.

Speaking of trees...took a really nice little picnic today at lunch by the tree where I had the really nice picnic a couple weeks back. Diet Cherry Coke.. and BBQ Potato Chips at 3:30.

Decided that is what I wanted... chips and a diet cherry coke and to watch the canal. just have to do what you want to do and enjoy the moment.

Brian Norcross just gave a very long detailed discussion on the 6 pm news which basically said..

Not Today.

Have a great weekend... have a good shabbos..

If Jay is reading this... I love you, always..

your big sis.. Bobbi

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Two Invests and twenty different views..

So.. today finds TWO invests on this site:

This is the main Burger King of Tropical Trackers.. anybody who wants to fast check out the tropics looks at this site longingly to have an Invest posted. Today they hit the jackpot. There are two. Two Invests.

They don't have names.
They don't have centers.
They don't have strong winds.
They barely have a red dot in them but there are 31 anonymous posters on which means... something is happening.

Well.. odds having two are that one will develop.

Course since they are so close together..hard to have both develop at the same time.
Agree with Jim ( on that one.. sort of basic math.

What I don't think anyone is taking into account is that the conditions are not ALL that favorable. There is a tremendous amount of energy being funneled down from the north still on the WV and its blowing convection away from the system in the Gulf. That is not just from the ULL or the other system in my opinon. It's the whole flow.

But..the water is hot.. very hot and the atmosphere is ripe so I wouldn't count anything out.

I'm not a big fan of waiting for moisture to wrap into an upper low. I'm not saying it can't happen and doesn't.. just well it's like playing with a Blow Up doll instead of the real thing and wishing it would come to life like  that movie named?? Roxanne.. .. Mannequin. Has a high wish content in it. Fantasy factor. Does happen sometimes...but rarely the way you want it to work out.  So...if you are into hollowgrams or hollowdecks or grabbing anything you can get your hands on.. step up to the plate and bat away an take your chances.

Go for it.
Why not?

It's a full moon.. blue moon.. maybe you can get this storm to build into something big.. or even find a low level center.

Anyway...............stand by for futher announcements of a tropical nature.

Look the left then look to the right.. back again.. us trackers are going to be cross eyed by the end of the weekend at this rate.

Note... the Atlantic System looks better but I would bet money that if John Hope was here with us still..he'd be watching the Gulf system.

If Burns is reading this.. sneaky person that he is.. never underestimate me darling.


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

There's Something About the Bahamas


Smiling here.. such a good morning. this was the morning announcement from the National Hurricane Center what those of us in the biz call the "TWO" Morning announcements, remember when you were in highschool and they had those morning announcements... see there is a big Mish Mahsh of moisture out there across a large area of tropical territory and its not doing anything specific but the Canadian (smile) and some other model has blessed it with a possibility so everyone is watching it. Only game in town..not much else to look at.. so... we are watching.

In Orthodox/Lubavitch circles this area would be called a Mishgabobble. Yes.. thats a word, a mishgabobble.. come on..say it.. Let it roll off your tongue and sit around and spin a bit like the area in the bahamas... Mishgabobble... love that word, kids would use it when small in school, not sure who started  it but its known round most Chabad parts.. wherever there are small ones.. mishgabobble..

So....what we got is SOMETHING in the Bahamas.. we don't know what but its there..
and the water is hot.. HOT HOT HOT... and... its trapped and tied up there in some saddistic dance of nature... being held there and being watched and its enjoying it. Sort of likes the weather watchers watching it.. enjoys voyeristic boyfriends..

It knows everyone is watching... its enjoying everyone watching..its just being itself, playing, singing, dancing ..."but every night all the men would come around, and lay their money down"

So.... if you are a tropical watcher.. keep watching..keep betting...keep talking...keep chatting.. keep dreaming.. and the mishgabobble out there that the NHC has said we should watch, kind of sort of like you watch the house across the street hoping the cute girl who lives there will come out in a halter top and short shorts and prance around pretending to water the lawn while she's hoping you are looking through your window watching..

so watch.. keep watching
sometimes we don't mind people watching

and that Gypsy like magical mess of a mishgabobble will dance around in your crystal balls and you watch her dance from your closed stuffy airless rooms with your big monitors on computers that you name :) like you name other parts of your bodies and ... keep watching

yes... and put on some great old CD with some Cher songs or any other songs you are lucky enough to have around like.. and watch your gypsy system out there trying to get you to put your money down... and watch her dance..

Have a great Wednesday.. one of my favorite days of the week.
Thank you Jay (my brother) for sending me these two great CDs..
one day you and my friend can duke it out for who makes the best music CDs for me.
This is the year 2004...your brother can live in Thessaloniki Greece and make you CDs from songs he got online that are from your childhood together out in SW Miami.. so that you can almost taste Betsy brewing out there somewhere...teasing forecasters, playing peek a boo.. I'm here..going there, nope..going there haha, you can't figure out where I'm going

Good morning from the NHC... and remember "THERES SOMETHING ABOUT THE BAHAMAS"


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bobbi is on Holiday today...

From obsessing about tropical weather. She has promised herself and others that she is going to hang loose, hang low, sweet chariot..

Seriously, nothing out there today that demands my attention or should take up your time reading. Go do something!!

A small wave in the Bahamas has stalled out just offshore but nothing is expected to happen. An ULL is out to the east of that also not expected (just yet) to develop. A wave left Africa but its not doing anything.

There is dust.

There are remnants of that wave in thg Gulf.. Steve is watching. I'll leave that to Steve.

So, except for a brief rainstorm ...all is quiet in Miami.

I'm obsessing on other things but not weather..

In no particular order.... oh wait. I'm not telling what I'm obsessing about. Nope.

Those of you who really, really know me.. if anyone is really, really reading this.. they know.

Whether they are happy about it or not happy, they know. So..

Chow for Now

Monday, July 26, 2004

Talk About Love In a Nursing Home...

One last chance to dance... staring in the Atlantic just south of Long Island. Remnants or not remnants of the old invest or at least you can say some moisture from the old invest. Does anyone here believe in Homeopathy? Somewhere...there is a molecule or two of the moisture from that annoying wave down in the Carib that got sucked up into that ULL trench like feature in the Atlantic and its still there.. somewhere..

Phil's Storm..
Dancing around in the atlantic, trying to attract moisture and put on one more annoying show to piss off all the trackers who have FINALLY agreed that there wouldn't be a named storm in July. this Phil's storm or not? Okay..well you have to know Phil.. he's  poster on board but if you knew him.. you'd smile.

Wrote this there.. afraid somehow it will get Edited and lately been edited a lot and can't figure out what's being edited.. so like I'm not upset because beats me what's being cut out but am I am editor.. no... so like that's Ed's job. Right?

"Woke up this morning..First thought .. haha Red Sox won!Second thought.... put on the wxr radioThird thought ... haha Phil gets his storm
I mean thought I was still dreaming. Did the NHC really say they expect development? Winds already 25-30.. and potential to be... then again they did hedge and say possibly a subtropical low.. but wouldnt be surprised if they sound so bullish at 5am for it to be Alex* subtropical.
Somehow sort of perfect, like to get that name over with and officially will be a July storm and... can we move onto Bonnie in the Atlantic?
Sort of reminds me of a skater in an old vaudeville skit.. skates on the stage, does some trick and joke and keeps skatiing off stage.. in between acts... waiting for Bonnie to come on stage. Here today...gone tomorrow... but officially on the books.
Is that the way its going to be?"

Now...moving onto the RedSox :)  Oh wow, oh that was such a good game.
Still smiling. Boy do I love them! Really good good game!

Ricky who? The guy who spent his off season traipsing around with Lenny Kravitz (??? did he do that) and reading books on spirituality and philosophy who has decided he wants to retire so he can smoke pot and do his own thing w/o being drug tested? And, he doesn't need money and somehow this is Lenny Kravitz's fault? Telling you..things like this ONLY happen in Miami. You give up two 1st round draft pics (always thougt that was stupid) and he runs around like Hollywood Ricky looking for fame and a need to win the big game and now he wants to run off somewhere and be himself. Like some early case of mid-life crises.. I thought he was just jealous of all the attn that the Shaq is getting and wanted to be begged to come back for more money. Guess I was wrong. Didn't realize this was like a life choice decision. Sort of sucks for Waanstadt. Now Waanstadt knows how we feel.

Well... guess we have a few weeks to figure out where the Dolphins will get a new star.
Personally I have come to like Fieldler.. and didn't put a lot of faith in them this year anyway. So...we will see how it all plays out. But as always... in this wonderful banana republic I live in ...there's something nutty going on.

But...thankfully... because of I know Who... I have the Red Sox and going to OD my little political background on the convention this week and... well.. suppose I can put a dot on my map for Alex if.. *IF*  if if if they go ahead and name the little bugger.

Talk about love in a nursing home.. that is what Alex would be like.. making memories whether he is going to be around or not for a chance to enjoy them.

But..that's what life is all about it. Isn't it? Truth is from my past experience its better to live in the moment, enjoy it.. revel in it than it is to spend a lifetime looking back.

I forgot to add a movie to my movies.. I mean they limited me to 600 words !?!? Something about Greatest American Hero. Great movie.. great.. football player who played for great southern team and his career.. haven't had enough Starbucks yet so won't go into details when my mind is still hyped from the Red Sox win but... great movie. Been there in a way .. not sorry for any of my great memories but sure would like to make a few more (smiling) and sure happy over that Red Sox win.

So.... lets make a wish for those little rainclouds that got caught up in this system from Ye Olde Wave and pray it gets to dance a bit on the sats before heading out to sea with a sexy, strong, late season NE Cold Front....zoom zoom zoom out to sea.................

Have a Great Monday.
Catch the Spirit.. the Red Sox are the team to watch :)


Sunday, July 25, 2004

If there's no trouble on the horizon, sing a jimmy buffet tune...

So...that's what I'm doing... going to sing you a Jimmy Buffett tune .. or cut and paste it anyway.

There isn't much to talk about.  Jake or Jim on said it well today. Don't remember which and not going to go back and look but...its just too chaotic out there for anything to get going. Too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.. Too many Upper Level Lows spinning around and too much dry air in the far Atlantic still as the dust hasn't settled just yet.

Had a wonderful morning and working on the afternoon still.

Sharon (my BEST FRIEND for anyone who has yet to learn that about me) and I went out for breakfast. We had a summer brunch picnic where we sat and ate fresh fruit and drank spring water (I had a good coffee already, so yes I do caffeine) and we sat out in the summer sunshine, under a tree in her car talking about hurricanes and watching men. Good spot. Going to make it our special hideaway spot for when we need to get away and talk. And, watch men and the clouds and the butterflies and obsess about the storm that has yet to form. And, we found it because we are impulsive and took a chance, didn't go where we were going to go and sometimes you just got to say "why not" as opposed to "why would you want to do THAT." Don't mock Sharon.. she predicted Andrew wasn't turning and wasn't catching the trof but if she had been posting these days she'd have been written off as a wishcaster.

Nope, Sharon knows weather and the feel of the air and hurricanes and Maine. She wants to move to Maine. What is it about New England that makes sane people wax poetic about fall? We have fall.... we play the Gators and the Noles and our tee shirts turn to orange as we follow the Fins, the Canes and the Gators.. and you don't need to rake tee shirts like you do leaves.

And... Key West has everything Maine has except that it has those New England houses with bougenvilla and hibiscus flowers and poincianna trees and half the place is runaway rejects from New England anyway.

But..this isn't about Key West or Maine or Sharon or New England.. its about Hurricanes and there aren't any...anywhere. No where.. nope.

Steve is watching a wave that used to be part of THE WAVE that everyone laid claim to until it dumped us and ran away with some babe to Central America.. after scraping the north coast of South America.

Phil is I think watching the northern yankee remnant of the wave that was an invest and a possible area of development last the East Coast.

Don't think Jim thinks anything will form til August. Okay I know he doesn't. By the way if there is anyone out there reading this (my you have patience) please check out Jims Size Matters link on his website. Great site.. hard work he has put in, let me tell you. Puts things in perspective, tropically speaking. I have a few more questions on that count but I think I'll just see how many more storms he adds and hold my questions for another time.

So..the part of me that respects Jim says there won't be any storms til August. Because he is more often right than wrong.

Ed says July 31st, can sort of see the hype going on in the media but ... not sure. Will see.

RockReader site friend believes in a Blue Moon Cane.. and well.. its fun but have been real disappointed in full moons in the past so I wouldn't bet any money but its fun.. well I never bet money.

I thought something would develop enough to have cords issued by July 26/27th but then ... could happen.

So.... going to hang out and watch the loops, let TWC roll in the background on mute, listening to favorite Buffett Mix I know who sent me and.. waiting to watch the Red Sox game this evening.

Ever have Kettle Corn? Tastes good but leaves an aftertaste.. but sometimes you have to do something different.. within reason.

And, thats the tropical round up today.

So...remember...if there is no trouble on the horizon.. sing a Jimmy Buffett tune..
Don't fight..
Don't obsess..
Don't think too much... sometimes there is no real meaning in something that sounds like there is and no I don't pussy foot around. Ain't no kittie kat here.. Just Bobbi

Trouble on the Horizon

By: Jimmy Buffett Spoken intro with music playing: This is a song that started a long time ago. Back when there was just the water world. There was this strange looking fish that moved along the hidden currents of the deep dark ocean. He knew he was different because he could sense there was something else in his nature. He swam in circles for millions of years and one day he decided it was time to go up. He was soon in the world of light where he remained a long time until his eyes allowed him to see color. The world was no longer a dark place and he moved further up into the light and one day before he knew it he was no longer in the water world. His head was above the surface and he felt his gills turn into lungs and he said "Ah shit! I`m an amphibian!" Then he slowly swam towards the shallow waters and marshes of the shore and one day he felt the ground beneath his feet. There he gathered his wits, checked his balance, and stood erect. And THAT`S when the trouble began! Well the birds disappeared and the sky began to turn purple,

From the skeleton coast to the land of violins.
Sailors prayed to the patron saint of lightening,
"Please St. Barbara, save our miserable skins."
They say that God takes care of drunks and fools and children,
That leaves the rest of us rummaging for alibis.
But friends there`s trouble, trouble on the horizon,
And it wears an inconspicuous disguise.
You never see it coming,
You never have a clue,
But there`s trouble on the horizon,
Bubbling like a roux.
You have to taste the weather,
You`ve got to touch the storm.
There is trouble on the horizon,
Waiting to perform.
You gave us cigarettes, guns, and whiskey,
And watch what happens,
Then add a little nuclear fusion and some gasoline.
We got trouble, trouble right here in River City, Every day`s becoming Halloween.
We never see it coming,
We never have a clue,
But there`s trouble on the horizon,
Waiting for the barbecue.
You have to taste the weather,
You`ve got to touch the storm.
There is trouble on the horizon,
Waiting to perform.
I`ve seen a spaceship built by Howard Hughes,
I`ve been a witness to some strange taboos.
I`ve seen a storm from deep inside the eye Of hurricane don`t lie.
Hurricane`s don`t lie.
In the hour of desperation,
You`ll cry like a baby.
When it comes right down to merely molecules.
Hell, you can pray to Jesus or a flock of pink flamingos.,
but in the hour of desperation are the fools.
I hope that all the greedy bastards in the world
Come back as lobsters.
You know that life at the bottom of the food chain Suits them well.
I think that all of the evil people of the world Come back as horseflies,
They want one last bite before they`re sent to hell.
You better know it`s coming,
You`ve got to have a clue,
There is trouble on the horizon,
Bubbling like a roux.
You have to taste the weather,
You`ve got to touch the storm.
To keep trouble on the horizon,
You got to stay informed.
Trouble out there, ain`t going no where,
Trouble on the horizon,
Trouble out there, ain`t going no where,
You got to trouble on the horizon,
Trouble out there, Trouble out there,
I see bad moon arising.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Going into the weekend with no news.....

Nope..nothing. Nada. Just a lot of fantasy.

People playing fantasy games online and off believing what they want to believe.
Seeing what they want to see.
Patting themselves on the back for being so smart.

Some want to give up.
Some are not optimists but just the opposite. Worse..they aren't even really players.
They sit on the sidelines, on the fence like Desperado waiting to make up his mind and yet telling himself all the time that it isn't yet time.

Then...when someone who is playing the game.. wins the game they will be upset but secretly relieved because they didn't lose anything. Of course...neither did they win.

Nothing lost.. nothing ventured.. nothing gained.

A cuban working in a cigar store in Key West in Mallory Square told me once that if you don't play.. you can't win the game. He had taken a raft with others and set sail in the gulfstream, praying to God to get him safely to America.. taking the chance, playing the game.. a big, big gamble to cross those Straits in just a few tied together tires.. bobbing on choppy waves and riding the current. But...he wanted to come to America. He wanted off the Castro infested island of Cuba. He wanted a chance. He wanted a life. the grace of God and the winds of fate he made it safely to the Keys. And, somehow got a job selling souveniers in Mallory Square at that great restaurant where people dine and dance on the patio watching the sun go down. There is paradise.. where I want to live one day. He took the chance.. to live and be happy another day.. somewhere.. a free man.

A gamble.
He won.

I'm happy for him.

What does this have to do with tropical weather (giggling) ummmmmmmmmm well Cuba is in the tropics and so is Key West. But, if this was just about tropical weather then I could have posted it on but didn't want to rile the weather Gods or upset Ed after I promised to be good. Right Phil?

So.......tropical weather is about possibilities that turn passionately intense suddenly and life beginning to swirl in circles tightly .. forced wind gradients and moisture and updrafts and downdrafts and eddies that swirl within the bands of storms. It's about the unpredictable and the very predictable. And, people tracking and watching from eyes high up in the sky to watch what happens far down below.. and making predictions (and some around here, not me because I make bets) on what will happen.

And..sometimes you get it right..and sometimes you don't.

And.. if you want to live in Key West, work where you can watch the sun go down in freedom then you have to swim the river to get to the other side.

No Tropical Storms.. No Depressions even.. No Hurricanes.

Not yet. Soon.

Watch the wave off of Africa.. it's fun to watch even if some (most) say it won't develop.

Or...go to and read up on some of the storms that  have formed and learn more about tropical weather.

Or.............go to Key West and watch the sun go down.

If you can't do that.. get a great Jimmy Buffett CD and close your eyes.

Good Shabbos .. Have a great weekend. Thank God Its Friday!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Search for the Invisible Wave...

It's somewhere...has to be. Everyone is still talking about it.

So...maybe here...

and then... theres is this one.. Sharon loves this one.. ( friend)
look...there's a red dot just where it should be..the "should" is for Yaffa, also a good friend

So....that being said.. I'm going to work.

My ex-husband texted messaged me to let me know they had finished wrapping some scene in some movie that he did on his birthday. He's an out of work-looking for work actor. Game Six.
Yes...a movie being filmed about Game 6 of the famous world series where the Red Sox lost.. and broke the hearts of every young boy coming of age into the world that was or is a Red Sox fan. Go figure.. of all the movie sets in all the world he walks into THAT one. Sure that's a Jungian coincidence. Hey..can imagine what it was like.. what if the Fins hadn't won those 2 Super Bowls back to back or lost the last game of the Perfect Season. If I was that age and watching and waiting for the Red Sox to win and then........sigh... oh well..would give me a complex for life I suppose. Red to love them. Well, you don't have to but I do.

And, my ex-boyfriend has my son for the night. He's sleeping over his house hanging with his son who is in from Israel. He sleeps there often in these days. You see? It's not true what they say about being a single woman with lots of kids (who knows how many..who was watching the Hard Copy, hmmmn?) can't find a love life. Not only can she find a love life (if she's me) but she can find guys who when she won't sleep over their house ...they are happy to have her son sleep over and baby sit.

I have a strange life.
It's a good life.

Now... I realize, who killed the Prince of Tides... sorry, listening to music.
Friend sent it. They have the most wonderful taste and ability to put together CDs. Incredible.
Course they have a copy of every Jimmy Buffett song that has ever been put together.. and so they should, trust me.

I saw Jimmy play in Miami at the Flick the first week or even the first night that he ever played in Miami. He had just driven down to Key West and the sleazy announcer just announced that this guy just got divorced and moved down from Tenn and we should all have some pity for him..or something like that. Remember it. Was mean. But he played and I sat there leaning against my boyfriend, lost in love and thinking he looked a bit like Donovan my boyfriend stared and said quietly, "he has something, he's going to make it" and so he did.. my boyfriend knew music. He knew destiny when he saw it.

So......................where's the wave guys? Invisible wave. I don't think its yet to be cast and believe its in pre-production. Not sure the script is finished because well... the wave died about the time the Red Sox lost last night. Bummer. And... well.. if we find some financing (called moisture) and we can get excited enough (called wet) and we can get some circulation going (called energy in a twisted way) and then... we might have a Wave come out and show its face again today.

Til then..I'm going to work
This hurts my brain... and not enough Buffett in the world can make me like this wave.

Have a good day... so all alone I walk back home and made up this post..
I must confess I can use some rest.. I can't run at this pace very long
Yes its quite insane, I think it hurts my brain
but then it cleans me out.. and then I can go on.

thank you Jimmy... and yes ...writing cleans me out, wakes me up and relaxes me and its who I am.. a writer.

Check out the great pic on Drudge if you can .. great storm over Miami yesterday.

if you find the invisible wave... let someone know on hurricanecity or 

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Happy Birthday Ronnie

Happy Birthday Ronnie...
Ronnie is my baby brother. No..not the one that reads Henry Miller, but our baby brother. Today he turns 39. I can say that here because he doesn't read this :)
But..he is a fellow hurricane tracker.. we track together and he loves hurricanes so ...he deserves a birthday greeting.
We used to make hurricane parties on June 1st. Small ones. His wife would try and make him happy and bake him a cake with a hurricane symbol on it. Now, if that doesn't qualify him a mention here..I don't know what does?
He has posters on his wall (framed of course) of Andrew. He has hurricane charts and postcards and pics around his office. I think he even has a hurricane mousepad..I'm not sure. Don't remember. He doesn't let me use his computer much.. I think he is afraid of some of my hurricane online friends.. my guess. Thinks they will bug his computer and take it over and watch where he goes ..or something. It's okay.. he let me use it back when I needed it and that's what counts.
I used his computer when I first went on the old AOL boards. Hurricane History board or the precursor to it. It's where I read for the first time posts by SNONUT and PTravel and learned that there was a whole underground network of hurricane trackers. Fishing and Lilac Wonder and sort of changed my life even though I only wanted to learn more about hurricanes.
I would sift through all the material that was available ...which compared to now is the proverbial drop in a bucket but in those days it was a waterfall of information flowing freely throughout our little world. Dos and DJ and Burns all out there tracking. Aggease and Jim. What a world we lived in.
It was the duct tape that caught me there in the season of despair.. 1997. I couldn't resist.. couldn't stop myself from joining in to what was some of the funniest and best writing ever seen online or off anywhere. What's a tracker to do when you stop being a tracker? Sung to What's a general to do..when you stop being a general" from White Christmas.. no hurricanes.. well you have got to know the movie. But, we had no canes..we had the El Nino of all El Nino's and instead of the boards being deathly quiet..they came alive with the sounds of laughter and madness. Oh..and Steve's incredible top ten lists that were better than any Letterman ever used. So..stuck there like a piece of duct tape on an old window two hurricane seasons past that no one could scrape off. Easier to sell the house than to get that stuff off of the windows.
I'd go on.. print out a few maps. Ronnie would be all hyper because he wanted to read the bios of the people at TWC. We are so different. Never occured to me to do that.. they are who they are.. on tv. I wanted to know what they thought.. not what they ate for breakfast or where they went to school. Ronnie did. So.. seems Dave Schwartz likes Wizard of Oz (wow..him and 99% of most weather nut) and Jim Cantore is from Vermont.. (shhhh the NE kingdom.. careful, things go bump in the night up THERE) and Dave Morrow is from Pennsylvannia somewhere and likes the Great Storm of ...oh darn I forgot. And.. did you know that Mike Seidel can speak Spannish. LOL.. I do but not because of anything I read on the bio page of TWC. I've seen a tape.. someone sent me.. of Hurricane Andrew coverage. See what good friend's I've made. Well..I mean we had no TV so we only saw the beginning..not the end of the story. So.. there is Mike.. in the most perfect spannish without any signs of accent giving a report in spannish to all the spannish speaking people in Miami that still had their electric and cable. Was cute, endearing.. speaks spannish well.  LOL.. you wouldn't believe what I  had to do to get that special video from a weather friend. Well.. thank you Ronnie for things you never know you did ;)
Steve Lyons just did the Tropical Update. Wish I had heard Cantore do it. There is no one like him who can describe the water vapor. I can read it ..I can read it good but he can turn it into a great novel unfolding before your eyes. Steve surfs by the way and he had a really nice house when he lived in Miami years back, nice dogs. His neighbor told my brother and I when he appraised the house that was across the street. Thank you again Ronnie. Not that I care.. but Ronnie as excited. And, he's a real estate appraiser.. he likes houses and weather.
I liked John Hope. I liked to complain that he talked about climo instead of getting excited abotu a wave. But.. he was right. I was so upset when he died Really upset for a lot of reasons. Affected a lot of us ..for our own reasons. Some because they shared a small office with him way back when and others because he was the Mentor of All of Us in ways. My favorite John Hope memory: The day that Bertha formed. For days he stood there.. smiling sure of himself, not worrying on that wave. Pointing to his blue screen with the dots where storms had formed and never formed.. Never before had a storm formed that early in the season. Well..not since we have had good sats monitoring every inch of the basin. And...when they announced during the broadcast that Bertha had indeed formed where no storm had formed.. John came on.. there was the screen.. and a DOT had suddenly been put there. He turned.. had this nervous deer caught in the headlights look and turned again to be get one more look at it and announced that indeed there was a new dot in the big empty blue screen.. BERTHA. Big Bertha was suddenly on the map, a dot messing up his perfect climo. Smiling.. was so funny, so endearing.. so memorable. Can see him now in my mind.. loved that moment. Was so happy I saw it live as it happened. TWC isn't the same anymore.. nothing is.. but somewhere John is in Hurricane Heaven wishing he could talk to us about climo and oddly he does because I think we hear him better now than we did when he was with us and we wanted to play devils advocate. Now.. we want to see climo win out.. just for John's sake.
Ronnie loved John Hope. We all did. We hung on his every word.
Local weather is doing the weather.. no talk right now of the Wave.. talk of fires started by lightning out in the Glades near where I used to live. West Dade. Wet Dade.. soaked by storms that were wild beyond description. is the wave on Ronnie's birthday?
Not good.
Is it playing possum or is it gone? We don't think so. No one trusts it. It's been the most annoying wave since the one that didn't become Erika in 97.
Maybe tomorrow.. as I said online earlier.. if this storm develops we should rename the storm Annie because for the last week we have sung every night "maybe tomorrow.."
One more thing I have to tell you about Ronnie.
He's sort of a curse to getting the big storm. Send him out of town if you want a direct hit.. keep him here if you want your house protected without paying wind insurance.
He was born in July of 1965. My early memories of Hurricane Betsy was being a little girl sitting on the floor under or near Ronnie's crib. Maybe I felt safer down there watching as the rain sort of seeped in a little through the jalousie windows. I began to play with some little spring on his crib, up and down, up and down, up and down it went mesmerizing me til my mother screamed out "STOP THAT" worrying that somehow my playing with the spring would weaken the wooden structure of Ronnie's well made crib and he'd go slamming to the floor in the middle of the storm.. sigh. Childhood memories, always funny, always silly, always full of angst. Ronnie was fine. I walked over to the north window and got yelled at to go away from there too, lol. And, after Betsy..we didn't have a storm in Miami until 1992..not a real storm. Mind you Ronnie lived in Baltimore that year. He missed Andrew. Yup.. he couldn't believe it. He was in Baltimore. My other brother Jay was in Houston. Only I was in Miami on Miami Beach for Andrew. Ronnie felt cheated.. was so upset. Bought the posters and had them properly framed. So..he decided to move back to Miami, missed it.. came down here for a job interview and .........left his wife Roberta up in Baltimore.. which got slammed with the famous Storm that Morrow remembers so well. Maybe Morrow. You know the Storm of the Century. Yes, not only did Ronnie miss Andrew...he missed the Storm of the Century. There are no words. Trust me.. Ronnie is to Miami what the Chapel at St.Marys is in Key West that protects the island from destruction. My great grandma's life was saved by the sisters at St. Marys back in the 1880s when she took ill with some tropical ailment... we are eternally grateful seeing as how she eventually gave birth to our Grandma Mary.
Any trip for tropical weather lovers to Key West MUST include a walk down the little coral rock path to the outdoor grotto off of Truman Avenue to say a prayer to keep our wonderful Key West safe.
Ronnie loves Key West.. loves to drive by our families old home.. the old poincinanna tree.. Happy Birthday Ronnie.
If you are ever in Key West for Shabbos..for those of you who keep shabbos you can go to Chabad House or Bnai Zion, both wonderful places.
Did you know Key West has more churches and places of religous worship than there are bars. Or so the saying goes..
Happy Birthday Ronnie!
This might not be one of my best posts but its my board.. and I'm just relaxing tonight, not obsessing about that wave and not obsessing about YKWho and just enjoying myself.. writing and talking to my hurricane friends.
Have a wonderful tomorrow everyone...and I hope Ronnie has a wonderful year.
His big sis... Bobbi ;)
ps...............there is some deep red on the IR tonight between Cuba and Haiti.. the wave?
Maybe tomorrow......... (he has a great poster I might add and a very comfortable tee shirt).

Rose from the Almost Dead.. again

A very annoying wave. A very very annoying wave.

Not sure if it doesnt know who it wants to be or if it is just annoying.

Here today...gone tonight, back again... going to I am.

Dies every night...revives itself every morning.
Getting like Groundhog Day.. which I thought was an annoying movie though it had its points.. murray.

is it just interaction with the ULL ventilating it or is there something there

West bound or a slight WNW movement through the Caribbean until it reaches that area that has been dying to give us forth and produce a storm???

I don't know.. I'm not sure. Really not sure.
Will keep watching.

We all will... we watch and watch and wait and wonder

Lots of W words here. tropical development is expected through Thursday.

"Squalls out on the Gulfstream
Big storm coming soon
Passed out on my hammock
Stood up and tried to focus.."
and there was the stupid wave... convecting again...

"I must confess... I could use some rest
I can't run at this pace very long
Yes its quite insane
I think it hurts my brain
But it cleans me out and then I can go on"

I need a vacation.. I need Key West..
I need a lot of things.
You think the tropics would cooperate with one normal little wave.


Monday, July 19, 2004

A Wave makes it to the Model Stage & an Invest

Very exciting for all of us trackers to see an actual Tropical Wave.
Nice round tropical wave down by the lower islands, racing fast.. a bit too fast. Always better when they cruise along at 20mph than 25 but..well who am I to argue with success?
Invest is up.
Models have it going through the islands and turning wnw towards Cuba and setting it's sites on..
Teasing.. really all to early to rush out and buy water for a system that isn't even a TD.
But... fun to have something to obsess on in the tropical world.
Nice wave off Africa too. Despite all the talk that there would be no African waves for at least ten days. Talk is cheap.. especially on the boards.
Always best to wait and see what really rolls of Africa and then read a bit.. read and learn and smile and track.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

In the Tropics.. Size doesn't count..

Posted this on earlier and liked it.. its true... a little lost in fantasy a bit today, watching storms roll in and by and near by and windy sort of day... dark and stormy just like I like it and thinking about the tropics.
The Gulf is getting lots of mention though many say nothing will develop.
Contrary though to popular belief last week..another wave came off of Africa and this is what occurs to me.. everyone thinks its about being the biggest, baddest wave out there but I don't think so.. so to catch everyone's attention and make them all smile. Lord knows all trackers need a smile these days...
this was my post... enjoy... and its so true..
so so true.. not saying size isn't nice and all but its really about going all the way ..
hanging tough..hanging in..not giving up before the game is over ;)
***********************************my other safe harbor*******
It's about how long ... some Cape Verde wave can manage to stay on the map and manage to stay in a wet, moisture laden environment and how far it can go.
Nice wave off Africa despite all the worry worts who insisted the last wave would be the only one to come off for a week or so..seems to me where there is moisture and color there is a chance of action.
As long as it stays wet out there and the dust doesn't dry out the wave and rob it of any chance to keep going.
Look..if you don't believe me. Another wave... not a real big wave, not a real exciting wave..not a drop dead gorgeous love at first site sort of wave but not all of them come off the coast spinning.. some bide their time like the turtle in that old famous tale and some make it across the big blue ocean and regenerate elsewhere.. POP UP.. out of the blue.. hahaha.. like Camille did. She didn't just form out of some rainstorm south of Cuba.. nah...she was a late blooming CV wave.
So...............all of you out there in hurricane land... watching those waves off of Africa.. it's not about size.. its about the ability to go the distance, all the way.
One day some wave is going to surprise all of you who think you have it down to some neat little formula.
Yup..all of you. Even Dr. Gray somewhere safe in Colorado.
**************I told you..its about how us hurricane people think ********************

Friday, July 16, 2004

So blue... what'll I do..

Okay.. not really in the mood to post today but said I would as much as possible so... posting.
Hi.. a wave in the Atlantic. Far Atlantic.. going top speed west and still there. Looks like its moving too fast but its staying low so maybe it will make it.
Lie low? Is that good advice?
I don't think I've ever taken good advice in my life..then again I don't take chances to it evens out.
Not in the mood to do the tropics today.
Big rainstorm in Miami.. big.. loud...bad.. thunder. Smiling..okay thats nice..
Just not where my mind is today. Staring.. don't think it's where it will be tomorrow.
Should I take happy pills? What are happy pills.. giggling. I do don't do that.
What do I do?
Hurricanes aren't doing it. Football is far far away.
Maybe I can type/write later.
Read? Only have about 40 books at home waiting to be read.
A  movie?? hahaha I don't think so.
Feel like a small child that had their candy taken away from them.
Going to go mope somewhere and if I have the chance to stand outside in the rain w/o deadly lightning strikes nearby.. I will do so.
Or go to bed and dream of.. Canes, right?
What a mess.
I'll be okay.
I'm tough.
Tough enough to deal with this.. just feel like I got hit my lightning and wasn't even outside.
chow for now..
will let the wishful sit and stare at the wave
Good Shabbos.. Happy Friday...
Maybe I'll listen to Jimmy Buffett.
Bobbi :(

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Thursday in the Tropics

Fantasizing is good. A lot of hurricane trackers are fantasizing right about now. Here..I'll show you how it's done.

They start with the city where they live and start working a hurricane backwards. Either in the gulf or the far atlantic.. some really BIG fantasizers sit back in the chair at work pretending to listen to people talk business around them and Walter Mitty style start out over Africa.

It's hot .. muggy...late in the Afternoon somewhere east of Senegal and a rainstorm with a weak low attached is beginning to rain and make its trek slowly westward towards the famed beaches of Senegal. John Hope used to talk about that beach.. that was the beach if a wave passed over it had a somewhat favorable chance of development. sort of spins. Enough to write at least 3 posts on 3 different hurricane boards hoping like a Sunday fisherman that one of the pieces of bait will attract a fish. No..not a fish storm.. a fish being a fellow cane fanatic who will bite and write a post on their favorite site that reads something like this:

"has a spin but its early, reminds me of Hurricane ______________ when it rolled off Africa in ______ but it's early still and there is a lot of dryness still because of SAL (dust) and will just have to watch it and time will tell" (note that most weather chasers are big Jimmy Buffett fans.. they ALL say "time will tell" until you want to shove time down their cute little throats but we won't get into that today)

or.. some other poster will write "not a chance, too early"

hopefully...this will get a chain of posts going which will help them ignore the fact that the tropics are STILL DEAD shhhh

they are fantasizing

So...they take this little barely discernable wave and roll it west a bit.. a drop north of west.. they make that little dip that all good Cape Verde storms do and continue it west until about mid-ocean where... it begins to lift in the pattern that would hit their particular part of the world.

They can see it.. they can feel it.. the storm is coming.. its about to explode.. Yes while others are fantasizing about Brittany Spears or Hallie Berry they are waiting for this unnamed, unformed storm that exists only in their very warm, wet, hot, tropical imagination to explode into something that they can really track.. play with.. enjoy.

If you haven't noticed by now.. hurricanes are very sexual. That is why they used to be called womens names til the macho manipulations of 1953 came along and insisted men too can be tropical. But, that's a discussion for another time and place.

Yes..this hurricane tracker sits fantasizing all day hoping to hear from one of their tracker friends via text message, phone call, indian signals or carrier pidgeon that "ITS DOING SOMETHING"

The other type of tracker who is very left brain sits surfing through sites and looking through old books trying to figure out what year in history most resembles this particular year so that they can find a pattern that will explain WHEN SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN.

That's how it goes right now.. these the slow mean times.

Someone is upset with me over at because I was impulsive and decided to have some fun while waiting for some storm to actually show up SOME DAY. What details they have I don't know but they seem to and so..well.. that's the way it goes. Nothing I can do about that. What happened happened and not a whole lot happened and what did was nice but it's my life and we all do things our own ways.

Sorry if I upset them.. I didn't mean to.. I just doing my own thing.

I think everyone is just a bit too testy waiting.

Hear the Red Sox are doing good these days.. or trying. That should cheer some NE hurricane trackers up. I'm a big Red Sox fan. Don't ask why.. long story.

Sorry if I ruffled any feathers .. it wasn't my intention.
I really had no intentions beyond wanting to have some fun and I did.

Cute site on some Rock something site. Might write about it tomorrow.. someone out there predicting a Doomsday very cute link. Silly people.. we are allowed to be silly once in a while..once every blue moon or so.. just live and laugh and not get lost in detail. and their message board.

So..I'm down here in Miami.. all alone, my fun for the time being is over and better than my trip to Islands of Adventure.

Soon we will be tracking.. Hope Phil and ED get over it.. and as always... my total dedication to Jim for all he does for us trackers.

Still smiling in Miami even though there isn't anything happening out there.

not fantasizing.. remembering and just enjoying the memories :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Relationship Summary of the Tropics and Monsoons and Mongoose

Ever notice how you can go online and type in your banks web address and in seconds you can get what is called a "Relationship Summary" which details in minute detail every addition or subtraction in your financial life with little asterisks and a "help" email place to write for help from a banker somewhere out in internet land.

Why can't you wake up and find a website that gives you that data about your life, heart and thoughts? I mean..a barometer of your heart? Something that tells which way the wind is blowing and a compass to show you which way to head? Into the wind or run for the hills?

It's so simple. So easy.

You go to your favorite weather view of the tropics and all you see is a picture. You know they lied when they said a picture is worth a thousand words. As a girl who can write ten thousand words easier than just looking at a picture... they lied.

Okay so there is system down in the Carib. It's still there today. Everyone thought it would move up towards the BOC but it didn't.. it lingered and is hanging about possibly waiting for a chance to do something later. It's hanging there as if its magnetically attracted to the spot and sometimes indecision is a good course of action. Ask Jimmy Buffett. see one picture is not worth a thousand words. You need a loop at least and then what? Can you tell in one loop the effect of dust or the mjo or the negative tilt of the dragons head upon the ocean's surface or the way it mixes up the atmosphere like a stiff drink at the end of a long hot afternoon? It needs to twist like a swizzle stick in just the right brew to get it all circulating fast and feverish. Until it does that.. its just a mass of indecision.

Can you tell the future from a picture?

Nope.. just possibilities in the sea of indecision.

There's warmth in the ocean
and heat in the sea
stars in the heaven
but no light to guide me

Struggling in a sea of indecision
I wait and watch for a clue
Will the steering currents grab me
Tropical development is way overdue

okay..bad poem lol but good mood

Probably better mood today than most the trackers
Amused and stimulated..
mentally, creatively, emotionally and yet detached
I want to play like a little girl today in my favorite spot and not think on anything more serious than if its going to rain in Miami or not.

And, the weather radio is now giving Smoke Updates with more information than the Tropical Update.

Sharon turned to me last night in the car while we were drowning our thoughts in Vanilla Almond Bark Tofutti ...neither really listening to the other, both lost in our own world a bit. Me in funny places, she wanting to move to Maine while I ponder why anyone would move to Maine when they can move to Key West and have the same houses with bougenvilla and tropical rain and as the last light of the sun goes down in the parking lot of Publix, not Mallory Square and she says after a long diatribe about the heat and how she can't take it anymore "We Are Going to Have ONE MONSTER STORM" and she said that before Andrew with total conviction also. She asks where I will stay? In the house or not or... Told her if she is still here and hasn't moved to Maine I'll stay with her in her house with the good shutters. She seems okay with that.. as if we should schedule it in between mid August and late September.

For Sharon a hurricane is a free pass from having to buy school supplies.

The monsoons have started in India and Nepal.
Did you know that a bunch of women in Nepal.. young maidens picked rice naked in Nepal as an offering to some rain God and damn if it didn't start raining. Probably some boyfriends of the maidens praying to the God of Jealousy that it would rain and get their girlfriends back into their normal regular picking clothes is what pushed the buttons and broke the balance of indecision and made the rains pour down from the heaven. Jealousy is you know stronger than prayers for rain. I think. Either way it started raining.

Imagine that will move across the basin towards us from East to West on the few raindrops that are left from some tropical wave that made it across the great dusty Atlantic and rain down on Miami and get the tropics going. Like some homeopathic formula for rain. Drops of the rain from the maidens who were dancing naked in Nepal and got the whole summer going and the monsoons started.

You see..more rain in the Indian Ocean ...the wetter it gets there.. the more moisture there is over Africa the stronger the waves (like Landsea I think said in his doctoral dissertation and I still think he's right...just maybe the equation is off cause Landsea wasn't listening to me online complaining about the African Dust situation, he was off skiing in Colorado somewhere in College.. should teach him to pay attention to whats important) and you take those really wet, wet storms and you adjust them a bit for the dust in the ocean sucking up the moisture like some kids sucking up coca cola on a hot August day :) and you add in the location of the high and don't forget the solar flares and the tilt of the dragons horns (taurus/scorpio these days) and you get the Relationship Summary of the Tropics.

Monsoons have started.

Lots of things have started and made their mark upon the relationship summary of my tropical life.

The mongoose live in Madagascar. I've always wanted to see Madagascar, always. Bet they could use some tropical rain.

You can check out all about Mongoose below as well as wonderful Jimmy Buffett's lyrics about the Port of Indecision. Some good thoughts there from the philosopher of the American Tropics.

But as for the bottom line ..the summary of the tropics today from the people who get to say yes or no..

from the NHC and my weather radio..
from the National Hurricane Center..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..
Tropical Storm Formation is Not Expected Through Wednesday..

Going off a bit to do somethings.
Will check in and out of HurricaneCity and see what new productive thing Jim has done with his time while others sit around sounding like those town people in Halleyujah Trail... "think this is going to be the coldest winter since... 1802..." "Do you think this season is like 1953?" "We won't get any storms til..." Yeah, a lot of hot air on the boards and yet we could use some in the tropics to get us out of our various funks and wake up and smell some storms brewing and dream of advisories in the middle of the night at 2am ...

Do I go to Barnes and Noble and inhale coffee while looking at books? Starbucks? Surprise my son at Starbucks? The post office to mail out presents to my kids and a few close friends? The beach? Or do I stay home in my cozy port of indecision and listen to the pretty new age cd called "wind" ???

Only time will tell, not telling what else I'm thinking about.

Time for change. A summer of change. I told Sharon that and I meant it. This is the summer of change and things are changing.

Just Bobbi
not BobbiCane
not Bobbistorm
not Bobbiboo
and Lois is on vacation.. she's out shopping with Amy somewhere over the rainbow.



Lone Palm

My garden is filled with papayas and mangos
My life is a mixture of reggaes and tangos
Taste for the good life, I can live it no other way

While out on the beach there are two empty chairs
That say more than the people who ever sit there
From under my lone palm I can look out on the day

Where no bird flies by my window
No ship is tied to my tree
Love is a wave building to a crescendo
Ride if you will, ride it with me

I knew this girl made of memories and phrases
Who lived her whole life in both chapters and stages
Danced til the dawn, wished all her worries away

Well she wasn't crazy no she wasn't mad
She just wanted the father that she never had
From under my lone palm I think about her today

Where no bird flies by my window
No ship is tied to my tree
Love is a wave building to a crescendo
Ride if you will, ride it with me

We sailed from the port of indecision
Young and wild with oh so much to learn
Days turn into years as we tried to fool our fears
But to the port of indecision I returned

My gardens are filled with papayas and mangos
My life is a mixture of jingles and jangles
Come Christmas winds and blow all my worries away

Where no bird flies by my window
No ship is tied to my tree
Love is a wave building to a crescendo
Ride if you will, ride it with me

Sing if you will and we'll sing to the sea


The mongoose lemur is a medium-sized lemur, about the size of a small house cat. Its head and body length is about 35 cm (14"), and it weighs about 2 kg (4.4 lb). It maintains a horizontal body posture and moves quadrupedally.

In Madagascar the mongoose lemur is found in dry deciduous forest and secondary forest. In Comoros it is found in humid forest. It is arboreal. During both the wet and the dry seasons, fruit appears to dominate the mongoose lemur diet. In the wet season, it is also known to feed on flowers, particularly those from the kapok tree. In addition, the mongoose lemur is extremely fond of nectar. More so than other lemurs, the mongoose lemur is active at different times of the day, depending on the season. During the wet months (December to April) there is considerably more diurnal and/or crepuscular (evening) activity. With the onset of the dry season in May, there is a shift towards nocturnal behavior.

Mongoose lemurs live in small family groups consisting of a monogamous adult pair and 1 - 4 of their immature offspring. Social bonds within these family units appear to be strong, with groups being very cohesive during feeding, traveling, resting and sleeping. Home ranges are small and there is often overlap with the range of another group. Neighboring groups encounter each other rarely, but when they do, the encounters are marked by aggressive vocalizations, much scent marking and physical charges and threats.

The mongoose lemur has always been uncommon. Its natural range is restricted to northwest Madagascar. It has also been introduced to Comoros, where populations occur on the islands of Anjouan and Moheli.

Major reasons for the decline of the mongoose lemur include the destruction of its forest habitat due to logging and agriculture, hunting for food, and persecution due to its alleged raids on crops. The dry deciduous forests of northwestern Madagascar continue to be cleared to create pastureland and produce charcoal. This loss of habitat is the primary threat to the survival of the mongoose lemur, but it is also hunted for food throughout much of its range. In addition, it is occasionally trapped for the pet trade. In Comoros, the mongoose lemur faces similar threats.


*** It has been illegal to kill mongoose lemurs in Comoros since 1974, but few Comoriens are aware of this (Reason & Trewhella 1994).


Sunday, July 11, 2004

Took a vacation from tracking and thinking I've been playing hooky from weather this week.
I'm allowed. Lord knows mother nature seems to be.. cause we haven't had any Canes to track..

Went to Orlando with the kids for July 4th weekend and a man I used to date and his kids... kid stuff.

btw...the closest I have gotten to a tropical downpour was the wonderful unreal ride on the Popeye ride.. was so fantastic, got soaked down to my you know what.. haven't been that soaked since I was at the beach during Floyd and the wave pulled me under while I was shooting this great shot but I didn't get any sand in my you know what so this was good.


Then I had this fantastic time at the end of the week which precluded me from thinking about weather..or Canes.

Can you imagine? I barely thought about weather.
Amazingly they did because they told me it rained a few minutes at the beach but I didn't notice it I was home and don't think it rained here. But nice to know he watches the rain.

And, so that was my week that was that I didn't blog or write.
Time with Hurricane Jason if you want to call him that and it was time well spent. A beautiful Cane.

Now... we can get back to weather except that we don't have any and there isn't much to track.

I'll start normal posts tomorrow again.

Nice to have a hurricane diary.
Nice to have met Jason.
Nice nice nice..

oh and the Boston Red Sox have been winning, yahoo!!

BObbi ;)

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Watching Clouds Blow Away, no rain, no waves, no Ed

lol sorry... who am i laughing for here? just laughing to myself listening to a cd that steven sent me with beautiful songs to while away the summer day while there is time with nothing to do but clean the house or plan the day or a way to pay bills

No hurricanes, no tropical storms, no tropical depressions, no tropical disturbances, no tropical waves worth mentioning. What can I talk about it in my hidden harbor alone with my mind, thoughts and secrets.

I've been accused of being very secretive.
Okay, that's true. Venus in Scorpio.. so so true.
But, who would believe my secrets or read my thoughts except for the few I am secretive about?

I should rant on like a loon about screenwriters and meteorologists who play with my mind like a cat plays with yarn on a boring afternoon?

I should explain that someone's eyes burn through me to the core from just the way they look at me and yet there should be no way for their eyes to do that because usually only someone's words can do that to me.

Or that I talk with them in rhythmns and rhymes of songs and theories and loops that go silently in the night while we watch storms moving from africa to america and back to europe again.

see atlantic storms do that...they loop back, they go home
gulf storms dont..they plow into texas and send rain into oklahoma and beyond

different storms..very different

so... the board wars seem over..
who won? did i win? (smiling broadly) or was it all a set up
who knows...

im just happy jim's keeping his board and you don't take candy away from a baby and you don't mess around with jim

and as for flhurricane board... im there, how could i not be there, its a pattern, a habit.. an obsession ??? lol

theres nothing to talk about

Boston Red Sox lost bad last night in some strange karmic dance of scores won and lost and frankly sucks.. bad loss, not fair..why do people watch baseball? takes soooo long and then just eats your heart out in the my friend, all that waiting and waiting and i like football sport, bam, slam..hard hits and constantly moving, flowing, evolving... changing, God I love football.

But... was fun to have a team to watch, to root for and you can't really do that to the Marlins, not really...I mean they aren't the Red Sox you know?

So Ed is missing from the board...and life it seems, and Phil is worried about him (which is pretty endearing and sweet unless of course Ed pays Phil which would mean he's short a paycheck, oh E.D. Call HOme lol

and steve goes on talking and posting because he does

gee wonder where Terri is but I'm digressing and not a tropical subject here

and the preacher keeps preaching.. maybe he can do a tropical raindance, oh mean prayer

and the writer is off writing or creating

and in miami...
Hot blue mornings, dusty streets, clouds climbing but not collapsing down in tropical rains...just blowing away being sucked up by the high

and we wait and wait and wait in the heat of summer

i wait... for i know who
chris waits in his beautiful building overlooking the beautiful blue of biscayne bay, playing with bevin and jason and others reviewing the history of hurricanes while waiting for a new one to come along and take his breath away

jim waits to see how all his figuring plays out

they wait for another Mary although maybe they don't want another Mary, maybe they don't want to go where they went before and no one gets it

like burns who says everyone wants the next hurricane to be the last hurricane

and burns is waiting for God only knows what

and did I ever mention I have this thing against Rob Reiner? He gets on my nerves. I don't like him. Thanks..sorry ...just an unpaid political statement.

and where is the Poetry Man?
He needs to make things alright

where is my poetry man?

watching clouds blow away, no rain, no waves, no Ed