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Monday, July 26, 2004

Talk About Love In a Nursing Home...

One last chance to dance... staring in the Atlantic just south of Long Island. Remnants or not remnants of the old invest or at least you can say some moisture from the old invest. Does anyone here believe in Homeopathy? Somewhere...there is a molecule or two of the moisture from that annoying wave down in the Carib that got sucked up into that ULL trench like feature in the Atlantic and its still there.. somewhere..

Phil's Storm..
Dancing around in the atlantic, trying to attract moisture and put on one more annoying show to piss off all the trackers who have FINALLY agreed that there wouldn't be a named storm in July. this Phil's storm or not? Okay..well you have to know Phil.. he's  poster on board but if you knew him.. you'd smile.

Wrote this there.. afraid somehow it will get Edited and lately been edited a lot and can't figure out what's being edited.. so like I'm not upset because beats me what's being cut out but am I am editor.. no... so like that's Ed's job. Right?

"Woke up this morning..First thought .. haha Red Sox won!Second thought.... put on the wxr radioThird thought ... haha Phil gets his storm
I mean thought I was still dreaming. Did the NHC really say they expect development? Winds already 25-30.. and potential to be... then again they did hedge and say possibly a subtropical low.. but wouldnt be surprised if they sound so bullish at 5am for it to be Alex* subtropical.
Somehow sort of perfect, like to get that name over with and officially will be a July storm and... can we move onto Bonnie in the Atlantic?
Sort of reminds me of a skater in an old vaudeville skit.. skates on the stage, does some trick and joke and keeps skatiing off stage.. in between acts... waiting for Bonnie to come on stage. Here today...gone tomorrow... but officially on the books.
Is that the way its going to be?"

Now...moving onto the RedSox :)  Oh wow, oh that was such a good game.
Still smiling. Boy do I love them! Really good good game!

Ricky who? The guy who spent his off season traipsing around with Lenny Kravitz (??? did he do that) and reading books on spirituality and philosophy who has decided he wants to retire so he can smoke pot and do his own thing w/o being drug tested? And, he doesn't need money and somehow this is Lenny Kravitz's fault? Telling you..things like this ONLY happen in Miami. You give up two 1st round draft pics (always thougt that was stupid) and he runs around like Hollywood Ricky looking for fame and a need to win the big game and now he wants to run off somewhere and be himself. Like some early case of mid-life crises.. I thought he was just jealous of all the attn that the Shaq is getting and wanted to be begged to come back for more money. Guess I was wrong. Didn't realize this was like a life choice decision. Sort of sucks for Waanstadt. Now Waanstadt knows how we feel.

Well... guess we have a few weeks to figure out where the Dolphins will get a new star.
Personally I have come to like Fieldler.. and didn't put a lot of faith in them this year anyway. So...we will see how it all plays out. But as always... in this wonderful banana republic I live in ...there's something nutty going on.

But...thankfully... because of I know Who... I have the Red Sox and going to OD my little political background on the convention this week and... well.. suppose I can put a dot on my map for Alex if.. *IF*  if if if they go ahead and name the little bugger.

Talk about love in a nursing home.. that is what Alex would be like.. making memories whether he is going to be around or not for a chance to enjoy them.

But..that's what life is all about it. Isn't it? Truth is from my past experience its better to live in the moment, enjoy it.. revel in it than it is to spend a lifetime looking back.

I forgot to add a movie to my movies.. I mean they limited me to 600 words !?!? Something about Greatest American Hero. Great movie.. great.. football player who played for great southern team and his career.. haven't had enough Starbucks yet so won't go into details when my mind is still hyped from the Red Sox win but... great movie. Been there in a way .. not sorry for any of my great memories but sure would like to make a few more (smiling) and sure happy over that Red Sox win.

So.... lets make a wish for those little rainclouds that got caught up in this system from Ye Olde Wave and pray it gets to dance a bit on the sats before heading out to sea with a sexy, strong, late season NE Cold Front....zoom zoom zoom out to sea.................

Have a Great Monday.
Catch the Spirit.. the Red Sox are the team to watch :)



At 8:16 PM, Blogger alena said...

Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way.

I have a Hurricane Katrina blog. It pretty much covers hurricane related stuff.

Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!


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