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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! 2020!! Make It Golden :)

I was talking to my brother in Greece.
He reminded me we used to play with sparklers !
Waited up for the ball to drop...
...and say "Happy New Year!"
Yet he's already in 2020.
And I'm in Raleigh waiting for it to be 2020!

Mike from Spaghetti Models is a Florida Boy.
Florida Boys are great... Florida Girls are too!
He's grown up and lights firecrackers...
.. and I'm guessing his kids are loving it.

He always lights up our world.
Hurricane Season or otherwise.

I've been missing in action the last week or so.
On vacation in New York.
But I'm back home Down South in NC.

So here now thinking on 2019.....
... my life... our lives.
And where we go in 2020.

Sometimes you have to take a trip and get out beyond your every day to see the world a new way and understand how everything links together. My birthday is December 30th, so somehow the year in review hits me harder than most as everywhere you go someone is talking on the year that was and what they want to do in the New Year. It's also a difficult time to go out to dinner for a quiet birthday meal...   that said ... it is what it is and so here we are at the precipice of 2020, a new decade amazingly a hundred years since F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda burst on the scene in New York City dancing in fountains and becoming the symbol of that new time when the young generation came back from World War 1 and partied hardy like they would never turn 30 and wonder where the decade had gone as the stock market crashed and hem lines went South again and well it seems we have forever looked back at times like the Roaring 20s and wondered what it must have been like to be alive back then.

Okay ... maybe I'm that person as I'm pretty sure one of my first dress up costumes was as a flapper. And one of the first songs I ever leaned to dance to when I was really little in dance class was "I want do to the shimmy like my sister Kate" and there I was a little girl shimmying my way across the stage ;)

I studied dance and danced as soon as I could walk... yet this last year I didn't dance much officially so maybe I need to put that on my New Year's Resolutions for 2020... 

I was obsessed with Flappers since birth... I'd put on a nightgown and burst out on my mother's formal parties trying to dance like a flapper or a gypsy while my mother rushed me back into the bedroom where a 3 or 4 year old girl belonged. Insert a hand over my face like you do on the phone but what was I thinking? Maybe it's some kind of past life thing??? Hmnnn....

But in truth 2019 was the year...
...when people worried they'd have no avocados!!!
Total sheer panic.... the thought of no avocado toast for brunch!!

Just imagine this song with avocados... 

So here we are on December 31st, 2019 looking back.

In the world of weather and tropical weather...
...the year was all about Dorian.
Nothing like Dorian...

We had snow in November of 2018 and then...
...nada... nothing in Raleigh in 2019 :(

Maybe 2020 will bring us winter weather.
It always brings us hurricanes it seems.

California had an earthquake... 
... yet everyone still waits for the Big One.

My brother asked me what I was going to write about in my year end blog and in truth my thought was "I don't know" and that is true as this year has been at times like walking through a mine field as so many people are divided of late into two camps as to what they feel is best for America... add in those in Great Britain arguing over the election and Brexit. Got to tell you I never thought the European Union would last this long but I always knew if it began to unravel it would definitely be England or France that would be the first to leave. Time will tell. So this blog is for my brother who will get some of it and he's right also on things he says regarding writing but this is my blog to ramble on ...especially on January 1st a half a year away from the Hurricane Season but I will take his advice come June 1st with this next year's blog ;) (Stay tuned)

As for 2019 ... Baby Shark was an annoying ear worm song that sounds as if it should have been in the 1920s with baby flappers dancing ... or not. You probably already have the song stuck in your head just because I mentioned it so I won't post a link to that one.. nor will I post a link to CATS one of my favorite musicals that apparently bombed as a movie. Some things just don't translate to the big screen.. it's about knowing how to open up a Broadway play into movie... and keep people in sexy leotards rather than furry, fuzzy outfits.  But I digress. I guess we will go see Star Wars instead.

My Instagram feed is filled with my friends, my family and weather... and make up. If we could all get along together the way our HUDA and Natasha Denoma eye shadow palettes share space in our make up drawer the world would be a prettier, more colorful world! 

My oldest son who does art, graphics and produces Jewish Music now has a Food Show on Instagram and he's making me feel like an inadequate chef so I'm trying to up my game of late. My youngest son, an architect, cruised off to the Bahamas today with his best friend for a New Year's Eve cruise. I'm unpacking from my trip to the Big Apple though the GPS kept taking us up to Monsey through New Jersey. I saw mountains and hills and ate numerous donuts for Chanukah while dealing with drama that wasn't so great to deal with and hung out with family and shopped til we dropped. We went to see my ex-husband's show Off Broadway that's always fun and the family had a nice evening of Chanukah fun in Manhattan. Life goes on and that's good. My grandson in NY speaks a perfect Yiddish (he also speaks English) which is funny as his 2 year old cousin in Miami speaks a perfect Hebrew (he also speaks Engish) and their cousin Lucy in Miami speaks Spanish (and English) and I'm thinking I need to learn a new language though cousin Olivia speaks a perfect Southern English so... we at least speak the same language ;) Life is good is basically what I'm saying. You roll with the punches and say YES rather than NO to enjoying life's happy moments.

I have two best friends who are wonderful.. including the one who forgave me for missing her son's wedding in Bal Harbor because I had to be in New York City with my kids for my birthday. Yes the Groom is in the service... raised Chabad... and somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas where he was stationed he met his wife and they had a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony with his large family in Florida... his sisters and his mother... figure out which are which she's stunningly beautiful my Malka! I'll catch the next party hopefully as there's usually one just around the corner in our world. Her kids are awesome and vibrant souls as our mine. We must be pretty vibrant .. haha.

We can do anything we want to do ...
...if we apply ourselves and stay focused.

So whether you are little ....
...or older going out dressed up..
Enjoy life.
Do what you love... 
Love what you do.

My son Levi does... 
and as he so often says.
They live where other's vacation ;)

Benjamin and Charlotte below ... 
... with their parents further below.

And if you want an incredible stunning...
...home in the Porsche Tower.
Please look Levi up :)

Great new neighbors ;)

Drive your car up to your own unit.
With a robotic lift elevator to your garage.. the sky.

And a balcony to just sit and watch the world...
...the sky, the clouds and the ocean.
Love it.

In 2020 I plan to figure out Instagram better.
Best deal in the Tower...check it out!
A balcony to make your dreams come true...

I'd love to see him sell that unit.
...tho he sells incredible homes often on the water.
He sells lots on the water...
he has a boat... 
It would make my 2020 start off smiling!

Miami Life.
South Florida Life.
Party... Love... Watch the water.
Enjoy the view in paradise.

And he has a hurricane on his page??
Hmnnn must be my son.

As I said... 
My kids... Malka's kids.
Embrace life... 
They cook...they party.
They have podcasts...
They make Avocado Toast!

So what did I do differently in 2019?
I began doing short videos on Twitter.
Yes Jim Williams told me to years ago.
He's always right (don't tell him I said that)
So that was the year that was....

Okay so now you know what I sound like...
Life goes on.

What will we see in 2020?
Only time will tell.

Kiss someone or just smile at midnight!
Watch the ball drop or not.
Ring in 2020 in style.

I hope and pray it's a golden year!

Yeah... learn Instagram better in 2020.
That's the top on my list.
I use it but not as well as Twitter.
Obviously I live at Twitter ...

Put on some Natasha Denoma eye shadow.
Your favorite perfume...
...your favorite song.
Toast in the new year ;)
...the new decade!!

(okay I took that from Drudge...
...opps... sorry. Giving credit...)

Make it golden...
...and may you always have happy endings.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Decade.

Stay tuned for Hurricane Season...
..or watch me whine about wanting Winter Weather.

To be honest.
Facebook says I grew up in LA in the 1980s.
So let's go with an oldie goldie.
Party like it's 1999 
...except it's 2020!

Sweet Tropical Dreams.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps This one is for you.

and my favorite 80s dance musical... 

Dance more... learn Instagram more better ;)

Chow for Now

New Year 2020... On the Road on New Year's Eve. Winter Weather hiding from the Mid Atlantic & the South

On the road this past week mostly in Monsey and Crown Heights, NY but while I was hoping to see a few flakes of snow at least it seems snow took a holiday too! Of course there is snow up in Northern Maine and places out West that have been on friendly basis with Old Man Winter or is it Young Man Winter in late December? Either way it was cold, wintry looking with sheets of gray rain looking almost like a tropical system that found its way up North. It was beautiful though to watch deer wander across the yard as fox ran fast and hawks circled high up in the sky. I hung out with my daughters, my son who was in town from Seattle and my grandson Shmuel Ber who goes to a Pre-School in Monsey. 

We were out Saturday night in my son-in-law's family restaurant getting snacks, laughing and enjoying life when a series of police cars, ambulances and fire trucks raced past on the main street. As it was Chanukah I felt sad thinking someone's menorah probably started a fire. Then there were more police cars and a variety of vehicles with siren's blaring and then everyone's cell phones began beeping as Whatsapp Groups relayed the message of the stabbing at a nearby house of people celebrating Chanukah. Everyone knows someone in my world. My daughter-in-law's brother is a doctor at the hospital where people were brought in to the ER. A son-in-law's brother was on the emergency call for something called "Hatzoloch" or however it's written in English (it's a local emergency call service for medical or emergencies) and so news filtered in faster than available from regular news outlets. Very sad that a home next to a Synagogue where everyone was celebrating Chanukah was targeted by a man with a large machete looking to kill Jews on the festival night of Chanukah when people gather on a Saturday night to join together in happiness. I say that also as his diaries and online information has made it very apparent they were only being targeted because they were Jews gathered together. 

Hate is a problem that exists everywhere though of late it's been very bad in the NY/NJ area and ironically friends of mine were worried that I was going to NY because there have been daily incidents in New York City and in the Crown Heights and I told friends... "Don't worry I'll be upstate in Monsey" where it seemed safer. Understand in Brooklyn Jewish people walking down the street are being punched in the face, hit over the head with chairs and recently 3 women were attacked simply walking on the street in what is typical chassidic dress. What does that mean? They weren't wearing jeans and a hoodie as much as longer than normal skirts, long sleeves, tights and either a wig, a scarf or a hat while holding the hand of some little boy wearing a yarmullka and often in Monsey wearing side curls a custom of Chassidic Jews. One assailant recently attacked two women, she was arrested and immediately let out of jail without bail even and the next assault on the next woman was much worse than the first two. This has to stop. 

Yes muggings are everywhere but these are not "muggings" they are one or two kids or even a woman approaching Jewish people hurling insults, chairs and punches while making fun of them being Jewish. That's not simply "hate" it's hate and antisemitism. 

I woke up the following morning to the news that there had a been a shooting in a Church in Texas which was very sad to think someone would come in to pretend to pray and then pull out his gun and begin shooting. I said to my husband "maybe they do have too many guns in Texas" and he replied yes but two of the people in the Church had guns and took out the shooter. Oh, okay yeah there is that. And apparently the Church had appointed people with guns on in case something like this happened and that my friends is sad and though necessary it seems it should not have to be normal.

So while weather takes a holiday from my part of the world I just want to say... yes despite the specter of a violent attack hovering over us (as the crow flies I was very close to the stabbing) I did have a good time in Monsey which is a beautiful place to live if you are orthodox Jewish or not Jewish. And the weather was wonderfully wintry and beautiful. I had my birthday party, I made a trip to Queens to the Ohel of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and went out to eat with friends in Crown Heights. My grandson is cute... easy to say that but this one is especially cute, happy and laughs. He loves fire trucks, emergency vehicle toys and police cars. I asked him what police man do... he told me "they give tickets" so obviously he seems to know the drill.

I really hope and pray in 2020 we can have a world where people are not afraid to go to Church or a Jewish family gathering to celebrate a holiday and we can all live in peace. But the truth is there are many on the Internet not talking weather or sports and there are underground groups that fire up people who have an ax or machete to grind and weaponize them into a lone wolf attackers making it hard to track back where this is all coming from... because aside from the ridiculous hate and arguing over politics .... this is not normal and should not be normal and I pray and hope that normal in 2020 is that we come to live and let live and appreciate our differences rather than attacking each other politically or otherwise and really let love and peace rain down and then please Dear God... MAKE IT SNOW!

Going back to the land of the pines... North Carolina.

Besos BobbiStorm
Happy 2020!!

Ps...forgive me for not proofing.. I'm technically on vacation!

Stay safe and have fun!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Winter Solstice Weekend... Where's the Snow? Chanukah Begins Sunday Evening. Christmas Later This Week. A Look at this Holiday Weather Scene and Some Advice... Just Breathe and Enjoy It All!!

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

Don't you feel sometimes like this loop ... like playing roulette? 
Maybe this front??
Maybe next front???

It can easily be found at
Scroll down past the snow maps for winter.
Yes, it's winter not the Hurricane Season.
And I'm here tracking the weather.
And debating what to do this week.

Note the snow line is up near... 
..well way up there.
It's not happening this week here.
And I am not going up to the mtns so... in Raleigh this weekend!
And that's good too....

Here are my thoughts on weather today.
And the coming week.
In parts... 1 ... 2...and a Ps.

and Part 2...

and PS...

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, renewed and me again and that's good. Every trip to Miami is wonderful but it takes me a while to get back in the flow of things the way I like the flow to go. Everyone is hyping winter what with dangerous "SNOW SQUALLS" which are not that rare though rarely do they clip New York City like that vs up near the Great Lakes that are obviously GREAT because they do get snow squalls often...coming off the lakes, strong Arctic Air...winter rules up there.

Everyone is stressing about winter and I do not mean to sound like you know who on Twitter but OH MY GOSH...get a grip it's not a Category 5 Hurricane barreling down towards your town nor is it the Great Wall Street Blizzard of 1888 it's just winter weather (you may want to Google that) and winter weather does what winter weather does in that it makes everyone go nuts on the chance for snow and or nothing happens and then bars make money as people drown their disappointment in rum, bourbon or whatever y'all drink these days.

My daughter sent me that video from Brooklyn.
It flew through and was gone that fast.

Note the Snow Squall got lots of #Selfies ;)

There are some truths in life and one of those is never believe the models far out and never trust a forecast during the winter if you don't like in North Dakota more than 3 or 4 days out. You may hope all you want but hold off on the trusting until you see the snowflakes falling. And, if you hate winter weather may I suggest a trip to Miami Beach where you can walk down Lincoln Road on the holidays and see palm trees blowing in the balmy breeze lit up with neon lights as locals put on their winter finest and tourists run around in flip flops lathered up in sun tan oil. Miami Beach and Key West Holiday time is about the best it gets me been there. Usually I would go to Key West for the Winter Solstice... just my thing when I lived in Miami. Now I live in North Carolina and I love, love, love the way the trees look without leaves and how I can see the sky and feel cooler air but not freezing air and this year I promised myself I am NOT going to get caught up in hype about some system 10 days out that might give me a few flakes of snow melting on contact with the ground. If I want snow that bad I just need to go where the snow is and in this neck of the woods that usually means anywhere North of the Virginia State line...or the mountains.

Time and Date is one of the best sites around.

I'm knee deep in holiday presents and that means my "gift table" is covered in dinosaurs that look like they are on the rampage next to eye shadow palettes and size 2 T clothing along with Chanukah Candy, Cookies and Coffee (don't ask ...pretty sure we must be related to Jim Cantore somehow because nothing says love in my family like COFFEE) ..and chocolate.

So have a wonderful weekend ...if you be celebrating Chanukah like I am give up worrying how to spell it correctly and enjoy it. There's a Chabad somewhere near you lighting a Menorah in public so go enjoy it (Google it) or just stay home, light the them flicker and glow and enjoy some hot chocolate or hot coffee ;) and make a beautiful memory in your mind. Solstice fun is available too I'm sure and as for Christmas stores are open til Midnight in most places and feel free to spread around some economic, financial happiness and don't lose site of the real meaning of these holidays beyond the wrapping paper and Christmas songs stuck in your mind like they are in mine trust me... 

Own them.. make them your own... enjoy them...whether with family or alone. Do what you love and love what you do and I hope you get the weather you want and if not...there's always News Year Day 2020... maybe next week.

As for the great hyped winter storm that is like a tropical storm (it's not) down in the GOM near Florida and the one day of gray rainy day in Florida... enjoy the wind and the surf at the beach and it's going to hug the Carolina coast (as every tropical system did) and move out to sea. Just breathe... and enjoy your favorite song.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps...No Benny Friedman is not my child lol but very close with him and his family. My son did produce this video and I remember when he was going crazy trying to find enough candles for it to come out just right and he nailed it because it's a beautiful video ...with a good tune, good meaning to think on... and now this song will be stuck in my mind all day :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Is it Winter or Fall? Why Are People Talking on the Tropics AND Tornadoes While Snow And Ice Rule the NE?

So let's look at the Gulf of Mexico.

hicbsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Tuesday Evening Thoughts... the top.
Same thoughts below.
What season are we in?
Depends on where you live.

Yes there is Tropical Moisture down there...
Moving up the coast.

December 1st is Meteorological Winter.
We haven't had the Winter Solstice...
Everyone loves to argue "Winter"
Two good mets discussing it online.

If it's cold and snowy... it's basically Winter.
de facto winter... so to speak.
If I'm wearing sandals and short sleeves...
..we are waiting for the Winter Solstice.

In the South it's Summer.
In the North it's Winter.
Actually it feels like Spring in Georgia today.
You know Severe Weather Season...

But Dan in Albany has snow..
Albany NY that is...

The Weather Channel has been all over the place this morning like an hyperactive 7 year old that just finished frozen sugar pops! One minute there are in a Winter Wonderland in Albany, NY and two minutes ago they were following Tornado Warnings in Georgia...Winter Storm Warnings in that little No Man's Land between Jersey, Pennsylvania and "up state NY" (which really isn't so UP state but it's all a matter of perspective. December of 2019... going to end the decade on a big winter bang it seems. And, yet everyone really just wants to know if it's gonna snow across a good part of our country. Down in Florida they are watching for a rare tropical like system to form in the GOM (maybe) and move across the State and up the coast... bomb out off the Carolinas.... oh my gosh where have we seen this pattern before; like all year.

But in a little over 2 weeks we will move forward into 2020. A new decade. One wonders what if anything will change as we move deeper into the real winter vs the "I want it to be winter but it's not really winter yet ...winter" and I'm not really sure where I will be. I'm supposed to go to Miami. I want to be in NYC. Torn between two cities and groups of people right now and if I went North I'd get snow so... as it's not Hurricane Season you know where my loyalty lays. Let's see how it plays out.

Snow stays North of the Mason Dixie Line.
That I can see clearly here.
Except UP in the MTNS and that's different.

Weather is local and it depends which Albany you are in ... because in Georgia there's a Tornado Outbreak and in Albany in New York they have snow covered roads. Pick your weather today if you are traveling, choose wisely and be careful. In Raleigh it's steady rain...

Check that water vapor image out.
It's wild.
A long leash of tropical moisture...
...feeding the front.
Fueling the Tornado Outbreak.

Let's do a video together.
Turn the sound up...

As for me I have a deadline today...
...things I must do.
Take care of...
Wonder on and worry on.
Or really just think on.
Holidays coming.
I'm a bit busy.

So I'll be back soon enough.
My point today is keep watching that flow.
Because as it does get colder.
And Arctic Air does descend down...
That moisture feed could make for a messy winter.
All along Hurricane Country.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... Thanks for your patience and being here.

Just posting a song I like.
It's my holiday.... new, beautiful song.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

And Winter Came.... For Parts of the USA... Winter is Coming. Snow Storms, Rain, Volcanoes... Seasons Changing

Hard to really see.
But the leaves would catch the breeze.
And then flitter and fly down the street.
Making noise, whimsical.
Waiting on Winter still in Raleigh.
Though we have had some freezing cold fronts...
...teasing us and getting us in the mood.

Unless you are consumed with the Impeachment...
a lover or a hater or just a News Junkie.
You may not realize people are talking on other things.
In my world everyone is talking on Winter.

Will it be freezing?
Will it snow?
Will it be cold?
Will it be a bust?
Will this system bring snow.......
...who, what, where and when 
Will the next system bring snow?
And on it goes ....
For the next few months.

You know we have turned the page..
..when I go to Spaghetti Models for the snow.

Then I check out my local Weather expert.
Hmnn he didn't post today.
He's good. He knows this part of the Carolinas.

Again it's that next system we are watching.
This one will bring rain and cooler air.
Good thing too because it's been warm today.

It would have been a great day to be in Myrtle Beach.

Living in this here part of the Carolinas.... never know what to expect.
Time has taught me not to expect snow.

After checking out Allan Huffman.
I look to see if Cranky is talking today.
Never really sure but hope springs eternal.

(he's great with weather maps)

The real question of the day is "what is anafrontal" and how would you use it in a sentence? The definition is below. The word usage is shown above in a Tweet by Cranky who is a good word smith and knows his words as well as he does weather. Check out that flow.... straight up into the Appalachians and then into the I-95 corridor and you'll understand the constant hype on this coming system that basically is Pre Winter Season when Winter is here but not everywhere yet.

My brother says I often assume people know things and he is 100% right because although anyone may read my blog, it was originally begun as a part of discussion between me and a few of my very loved weather friends and then it took on a life of it's own. So taking my brother the writer's advice and explaining a few things. Many who read this blog, especially in the off season, are weather people who know the terminology but for newbies I'll explain. Anafrontal is term that describes the type of frontal system and the definition is shown below. When watching my video you'll see the upward movement of the warm-sector air ... until it runs out of warm air and eventually it all becomes mixed up producing moisture of all kinds though that could be cold, cold rain or freezing rain or sleet or even snow somewhere further to the North where the air is colder. There are many types of fronts, boundaries and snow storms. Miller A and Miller B will be explained in another blog when the term gets bounced around often as if everyone knows what it is and no it's not Miller Beer vs Miller Lite though to be honest... someone often gets a Lite Snow Storm vs a well brewed system.

Watch the video from Twitter and you'll see this playing out.

In Raleigh today it just hit 72 where I live.
Ahead of the front in the warm sector.
Out the window it's cold and windy looking.
Leaves are flying around caught in the breeze.
Or simply blowing in the wind.
My large, huge, big old Oak tree is almost bare.

I'm listening to an Enya song as I type today.
Today is the anniversary of a friend's death.
He loved Enya. So I love Enya.

CAD is another term that gets Tweeted often.
Cold Air Damning.

Weather is truly very complicated.

It's snowing in Alabama.
Up near the border... not down near Mobile.
Alabama is a big state.
People don't realize that.
Diverse too...

Another view of this system... 
..and the next system.

The next system has a bit more promise for me.
Okay not a promise but a whispered promise.

Yes... this is the weather news for Tuesday.

There is a tropical system by Madagascar.
I always wanted to go there when I was little.
Pretty beaches and palm trees.
Kind of like Miami but far away.
Isn't that pretty?
Small tight little eye there.
Center maybe.
I haven't been following it much.
But it's tropical so it's topical.

I have been following the Volcano in New Zealand.
I think most of us have been.

The tourists caught in the eruption especially captured the news.

Compelling video.
Mother Nature blows a hissing fit.
Reminding us who is really in charge.

The world has been caught up in other live videos.
The shoot out in Miramar Florida...
Mind boggling to me.
I grew up near Miracle Mile Coral Gables.
Miracle Mile was my Main Street growing up.
My kids live near Miramar in Pembroke Pines.
My son works near the shooting.
Cops raced out of his garage to get there...
in rush hour traffic with pedestrians crossing the street.
With cars stuck in traffic.
I like to think there was a better way.
I've never been a fan of how Broward County handles things.
Very sad.

Those are cars with people and families in them.
Suddenly stuck in a shoot out like at the 
OK Corral but just another day in South Florida.. 
And yes I was worried my son could have just left work..
...and been caught in that traffic jam.

To be honest there are better videos out there.
I'm not showing the one I saw in the Whatsapp group.
From the guy's dashboard stuck in traffic.
A car with the dead bystander in it slammed into him.
It's just not right.
Over an hour to set something up....
..if not to save the life of the UPS driver (so sad) 
but to direct the flow of traffic away from traffic.

Been a violent sort of week.
And I'm not talking about politics...
Terrorist shooting in Pensacola... 
..the second base shooting in less than a week.
Home of the Blue Angels.

An Active Shooter in NJ ongoing :(

I gotta tell you I've had the news off often this week.
Pensacola was sad... 3 young men killed.
The UPS driver kind of did me in...  :(

So I've been offline.... shopping.
Presents for family for the holidays.
Chanukah, Christmas... presents to send to friends.
Presents for family.
I'm decorating.
Listening to music... 
Staying off FOX, CNN and MSNBC
And have seen very little TWC
But I've been looping loops
(satellite loops that is...)
And listening to music.
And wishing and hoping for snow.

Talking to friends (love doing that.. )
Enjoying the evolution of the seasons.

To show how fast time is moving...
...the picture of the golden tree and blue sky below...
...and the ones with naked branches are two days apart.
Whoosh went the wind.

I love watching the changes.
I get bored easily.
Change is good.
Windy days are good.

Going out tonight.
Dressing warmer tonight....
...than I did this morning.

Sorry I've been away.
It's been quiet tropically.
I've been traveling.
Catching up once home.

I'll be blogging more regularly.

That's enough for today.
I've officially blogged.
Enjoy the holida
Enjoy the weather.
Enjoy life.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

On Twitter all day talking weather.
Weather, Make up, Life on Instagram.

For Harvey...
..there was never anyone like him.