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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yellow Circle Up in Atlantic... Fantasy Storm or Ida?

Well, seems the models have verified in some small fashion as there is a yellow circle up about where they predicted one would be the other day. Pretty good actually.

But, is it tropical? Extra-tropical? Sub-tropical? Or ... just alas a Gale Center?

Not sure...time will tell and I will report it but we should know tomorrow.

Strange things do happen in November in the tropics and often Gale Centers form and then some sort of Tropical Storm forms and it gets a name and it moves off fast into the Atlantic just as fast.

Here's what we see when we look on funktop tonight:

There is some small chance, currently at 30% or below that this could become the next named system. If we have another named system.

Will see..

Will update tomorrow as something develops or if it goes poof and it was all just a scarecrow's dream on Halloween!!

Boo Bobbi!

Ps...hope anyone who got to walk on Lincoln Road tonight...enjoyed themselves, one of the best shows in the South..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fantasy Canes... New Sport Among Trackers

You have Fantasy Football?

Now we have Fantasy Canes!!

Deep into what seems like November on the way to December we sit in October watching models that are showing tropical development as if computers have tropical wet dreams after midnight fantasies about Ida doing Great Britain!!

And....oh the images...the visuals... the wicked, wild scenes that come to mind while watching a storm form and do loop de loops through the Gulf, United States and Danny like emerge into the Atlantic and after a wild, fantasy ride it clobbers Great Britain with a warm core tropical cyclone spawned from the Gulf Stream! Possibly there is some tie in to the Bermuda Triangle here as well...

But.. that is what we do... we either watch tropical cyclones pound the Philippines or we fantasize with the computer models about possible fall scenarios for Grace who has yet to show her face...

Above and below are a few of the possible tracks that the Canadian Model (my best for fantasy personally...) or the GFS model and well... just like with Fantasy Football, it's okay if Ginn blows a pass or makes zero yardage on a run back because you can probably trade him or bench him unlike in real life where the Horror Story continues week by week as we wonder how long the mistakes of the past must continue on making us feel miserable.

Fantasy Football or Fantasy Canes?

I'll take weather any day. When I do football it's the real thing, one week at a time, every week matters and on any given Sunday any team can win.. unless of course they have the Ginn Family playing on their side.

May sound mean but when I consider how much money he makes a minute to not show up and catch the ball or make noticeable yardage.. football is money, big time money and there are big time decisions to be made by the Miami Dolphins Coaching Staff.

As for the Tropics... I think the chance of this storm forming is about as strong as there is for me to get snow tomorrow.

But...hey... you never know... the tropics sometimes surprise us before October is over...

Grace could go BOO and Tricker Treat!!

But... I think she's on a diet and not doing Halloween personally!!

Love and kisses...Besos Bobbi ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Living Life With Passion...

Life is honestly what you make it. It can be an empty canvas awaiting a masterpiece or just waiting endlessly for someone to come along and get inspired enough to fill it up with magical colors.


We wait and wait for something to happen and we get so lost in the waiting that we sometimes forget we are what we are waiting for... inspiration comes from being intricately, involved and inspired by living life interactively with nature, music and weather.

Why do we chase storms? For the danger? Nah... For the thrills? Nah... For the fame?No...seriously... not.

We chase storms because we are chasing life and we are interactively, involved with the wildness of the moment, wanting to learn more, see more.. up close and personal, to understand more.. to wonder...

And, knowledge is power and the more knowledge the more power we have collectively over storms and the better we understand them.

And, in the process we better understand life.

To see a fallen ficus tree that provided shade and a canopy of delight filled with hiding places for generations of children reminds us that we are only human, time moves on and nothing is permanent except change and the wind and weather. Just as the children hiding high up in the highest branches on a hot summer day are now grown and have moved on... so eventually does even the biggest tree. One big tree that lasts 100 years and then strong storm hits it just so and wham, bam... it falls across a yard, a street, takes out part of the sidewalk and a few water pipes and takes weeks to get cut down into small enough pieces to be carted away.

And, then..........

There is big hole in the ground that looks empty and sad and missing something and you can either sit around waiting and watching and wondering how such a big tree that was such a big part of your life could be gone in one storm...or you can go out to Home Depot and pick out a new tree and plant it into the spot where the old tree was and move on.

This is life. These are lessons learned from watching storms...

Some people leave the hole there and others plant a big, bright royal poinciana tree that soon showers the yard with scarlet petals in the spring.

Your choice...

Live life with passion and become intricately involved or sit passively by and pout and be depressed that nothing ever happens. Make it happen!!

Being an artist is being constantly inspired by the big and the small of it all.

A website, a wren or a wrinkle in time.. a rainbow or a snow storm or a sudden summer shower.

The Hurricane season was a bit of a let down for us chasers, however even though there were no storms to chase in the Southeast there were storms in Southeast Asia and we watched and learned from them a bit more than before. Every season brings some new piece of the puzzle, some new forecasting tool, some new favorite link or friend that enriches our understanding of how hurricanes are born, live, thrive and die.

I went to the beach after a storm passed by off shore this year and saw starfish on the beach, glistening in the light of the early morning sun... a sight I had never seen before. I bathed in waves that crashed about and yet did not wash over the beach with a storm surge but passed safely offshore before crashing into beaches far away in Newfoundland!

Passion can be found quietly by staring at the colors of a fallen leaf on the ground on wet stone walkways on a cold, damp fall morning. Ficus trees turn colors too when they are uprooted and die after a hurricane has plucked them out of the soggy, saturated ground and yet they don't grow back... they are dead. The oak tree will be green again in the summer ... until some hurricane comes close enough to this area and uproots it like the trees lost after Hugo marched deep into the Carolinas and took out much of the tree canopy of Charlotte.

Hurricanes... passionate reminders of the beauty of living in the moment. And, the constant reminder that each year is different and change is inevitable.

The very quiet year of 1925 in the Tropical Atlantic was followed immediately by the very active year of 1926 when 4 storms affected Florida in some way and trashed the tobacco crop in Cuba as well. is a new day... what are you going to do with it?

How are you going to live it?

Interactively, passionately or are you just going to stare out the window and wonder?

Find your passion and paint it...write it!

Besos Bobbi

Life a life less life with passion!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two Waves... Ugly Men in Miami??? Prejudiced Poll Perhaps?

Number one and the most tropical comment here is that there are two areas where storms could possibly form in the Atlantic Tropical Basin this morning. Both have equal chances of less than 30% but they are highlighted so that people can pay attention and be prepared if either can find a chance in hell to go Boo before Halloween! Slim Pickens might be a good costume for any weather chaser this Hurricane Season.

Oddly, we are waiting for Grace to appear and the area in the Bahamas could form into a similar sort of storm as Hurricane Grace in 1991. Not talking on the later evolution of the Perfect Storm but more a storm forming at the end of an old dead front that becomes sub-tropical and merges with a cold front coming down in a few days..and Grace would glide gracefully out to sea. IF she forms.

Other money is on the area down in the Caribbean that doesn't seem to want to stay in one place and needs to if it is to develop. So often this time of year if a frontal boundary makes it down deep into the tropics, it provides the stimulus for cyclonic circulation beginning at it's base..that would be scenario number 1. On the other hand the next front can pull up an area in the Caribbean and drag it across Florida or the Bahamas..that would be scenario number 2. And, in my opinion that is the order of how I think they could evolve if only something would evolve this Hurricane Season.

Statistically it's not over until October is over. November is still legally the hurricane season but tell that to the Snow Queen who will appear before November ends I am sure.

Check out this loop and note that the area in the Carib has more color but oozes about and blows up then washes out. An upper level low is forming near Florida and is making a sort of spin in the area to it's east in the Bahamas at the end of the old cold front which is what upper level lows are want to do. Keep watching it... just in case, just for fun, just because it's there and in a few weeks we will close the book for sure on this wimpy Hurricane Season. And, before you go high fiving each other on how little damage there was know that the imbalance in the tropics and lack of energy forming did not help other areas prone to sudden flooding, fires and mudslides. Weather happens one place or the other. It is the way the atmosphere is set up and you can't turn the valve off somewhere and not have it explode elsewhere ... like in the Central Pacific Tropical Basin that was the place to be for cyclones this year!

As for Sexy men in Miami...this is more topical and it is something I can definitely talk about. Some poll by some online website that hopes people will click on their link and find the perfect wrinkle cream has decided Miami has the 3rd most ugly men based on their various parameters. My thought is... they are totally clueless and shallow and possibly prejudiced. Not sure who they are because when I went to their site to find out information it tried to sell me wrinkle cream, cover up sticks used by the stars and wanted to show me the top movie star hair styles with a side part. WOW... like they know anything about sexy or ugly men? Good advertising idea as they got lots of play on the news but personally I don't think they know much about what makes a man beautiful, sexy or desirable. And, maybe they are a bit prejudiced about the diverse and beautiful mix of men Miami has to offer...

Here's a picture of some of South Florida's finest :) I bet Julia Yarbough would disagree with that online beauty website as well!!

#1... It seems they think it's important for sexy men to have an education. They obviously have never gone to a dance with a great guy in a pick up truck who has a killer electrical business and never finished the University of Florida. Their loss. They obviously have never had the delight of going out for a cafe con leche with a Hot Cuban guy who came over on a raft a year earlier and is sexy as hell and daring enough to take a chance to ride a raft across the Florida Straits. I mean, seriously? Education is the parameter they used to choose ugly men? Do they not know that a good part of Miami is made up of men from the islands, from other countries and hard working types who support their families and know how to make a woman feel good but never got a Masters degree while life was happening? Hmmmnmnn.

#2.. It seems good teeth is important. I imagine they are selling a lot of teeth whitener on their site, saw that listed as well. Well, good teeth are nice... but not everyone can spend a fortune buying whiteners or going to dentists and getting their teeth capped and oh seriously? Not sure where how many smiles in Miami they were actually peering into, dentists do real well in Miami.

#3.. It seems they have decided that men in Miami do not work out enough and even more so we get points against us because we have such great weather and so much sunshine and we should be exercising more. Oh really? Has the writer of that article ever spent an August in Miami? A hot, humid August? I imagine most men in Miami who cannot afford a sexy cool gym consider making hot, passionate love in their air conditioned room with their beautiful woman as a great way to exercise. But, hey to each their own. Have they walked on Lincoln Road or on Flagler Street or Collins Avenue. Have they seen the hot men dressed in expensive suits doing business deals or do they not like Latino men or men of color from the islands who are some of the sweetest, most sexy men around.

Not sure what their problem is but perhaps they don't like Jewish men in Aventura or Cuban men in Hialeah or Jamaican and Haitian men in North Miami. And, if they are lucky enough to find a few good boys at a chili cook off in Cooper City or some sexy Israelis on South Beach they might change their minds as to what is ugly and what is beautiful. Maybe they think white bread sort of guys with white teeth and an education from some Ivy League school makes for handsome men. Hmmmmnnnn??

I've known men with doctorate degrees and men with no degrees, a degree does make a man sexy. And, I'd rather work out with a guy in bed overlooking the deep blue Atlantic Ocean with see through glass windows eleven stories up in a Miami Condo while sipping Pina Coladas or a Mojito than reading a website trying to sell me pimple cream and tell me how the rich and famous wear their hair. But, hey that's just me. I'm a Miami girl... we know what is sexy, we know what is hot and we know our men are as sexy as all git out...

Dare anyone here to go take a walk at Bayside at night, have a drink, listen to some great Brazilian Jazz and have some sexy Argentinian guy flirt with you and bet you that you don't wonder what degree he has or how many hours he spends at a gym. And, if you can see his teeth through his mustache... it will only be after he kisses you and makes your knees go weak.

Give me a frigging break... ugly men, seriously?

Someone needs a reality check and it ain't me!

Besos Bobbi :)

So... that is my thought on polls online on men and the tropics. A good read on another October Grace that formed further out in the ocean than this one could and caused much more damage than many might.

And..if you want to donate to a good cause and get a great calendar with some not so ugly men from South Florida... here's your link ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Caribbean Thoughts on Making a Roux

Down in the Caribbean... is a little system with less than a 30% chance of formation.

It has earned the yellow circle honor which is sort of like at least coming in with a bronze medal at the Olympics or ... a certificate of merit or... well it's more than a brownie point and less than a slice of pie!

We watch. The models do call for slow development and yet it doesn't look ready for prime time in my mind. So, I am watching and sharing what I am watching with you.

You decide?

Is it more in the Caribbean or is it oozing over into the Pacific or it just sitting on simmer like a good roux?

You see everything we look at is linked in some way to something else ... be it football or cooking, there is always a connection. Normally I go long with football but since this past week was a Bye Week for the Miami Dolphins I am going to go with making a roux.

Takes a while for a good roux to come together, you can't just hit one minute in the microwave and expect it to pull together. And, sometimes... especially in the Caribbean they simmer down there and suddenly spin up late in the season. Remember Wilma? Explosive development. But, that only happens after it pulls together and right now we are missing ingredients still. Time to go to Trader Joe's and look for that important ingredient and take your time, enjoy the trip because nothing is happening today.

Also.. hard to see all those cold air clouds in the Tropical Atlantic near Florida and see how a strong system could develop and go that way just now.. maybe in a week like the models predict. A crazier, lower November sort of track I could see as we are meteorologically really in November right now not October. There is frost in North Carolina, there was snow in Pennsylvania and cooler weather in Florida before Halloween which is when the first cold front usually meanders down and dies out just north of West Palm Beach. Even the buzzards are back in Miami gliding about in all their beauty at the top of the courthouse...that usually happens way later in the month.

Picture I took on Monday. Early bird special there.. if you look closely you can see the birds buzzing around coming in for a landing. Taken from one of my favorite places, patio outside the Historical Museum and Library complex downtown. Sometimes, you see it in the movies.. makes a great backdrop!

Good blog with great pictures of the birds sunning themselves on the Miami Dade Courthouse...vultures, hawks..what is in a name after all?

So... keep watching...but don't worry on it just yet as it can just as easily go poof in the tropical night! Remember, if there is only a 30% chance it could form that means there is a 70% chance it won't form. Think on that a bit.

As for me... going to take a shower and do my hair and get some work done!

Besos Bobbi

Ps... I am beginning to believe there is nowhere more fun in South Florida than the Hollywood Boardwalk at night..great people watching. Then again The Waterways is wild as well for people watching set against the backdrop of palm fronds and much life.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fastest Drop in Temps Since Forever... miami beautiful as always!! Carib Development??? Long shot...

And, it is always beautiful after a strong cold front. The sky is blue, the breeze is strong and brisk and the white and pink frangipangis are in stark contrast against the brilliant blue sky.

Seems the temperature plunged from 92 to 56 in less than a day? Are we having a cold front or what?

Haven't had much rain. Waiting for rain. Heard maybe it would rain later today. Heard a lot of things that never came true so am not holding my breath.

Taking care of business today, meeting with my editor and going over some really good work I did for him. Maybe take a long lunch somewhere and watch people wandering about in their typical Miami winter outfits. Sweatshirt, shorts and flip flops.

As for the tropics, very sketchy, possible but not probably development. The models keep blowing things up in the Carib. I can see it but not sure on the timing. Maybe in a few days it will gel or maybe it's too cold to gel.. not sure. Only time will tell.

How come there is no Margaritaville in Miami? Always wondered on that... Maybe because Miami IS Margaritaville :) Have to wait until I am up in the Carolina's again and do Myrtle Beach which when away from home is as close as I can get to Miami!!

Take care and hang in there and keep your eye on the tropics but enjoy the breeze and if you can... get out and watch the sunset tonight!

Besos Bobbi...on her way to get a cafecito and a pastellito!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hollywood Beach Breakfast..

God do I love Hollywood Beach. It's like a movie set someone made and left intact. Nothing feels as tropical or fun. Well, Matheson Hammock works for the movie set but though it provides a great backdrop it's not as "fun" as sipping Sangria or a Cuban Coffee or eating an ice cream cone while watching people roller blade by listening to their Ipod. It's a little bit of Venice, California in South Florida.

Weather is warm. Sky is blue. Beach is beautiful. Clouds build up high into the tropical sky but refuse to rain themselves out. Very dry here.

At my old job seeing my old friends and it's like Dorothy back in Oz.. lots of hugs and love it. Feels so good to see everyone (yes especially you Sue :) who I am watching from the computer while you work the desk) and Sondra and Lucy and Susan and George who is stalking me around the building. So, good to be home for a few hours in what fits me better than a cute shirt from Victoria Secrets or signature cologne.

Nothing tropical to talk about but just saying hello to my readers, my friends and wanted to say thank you and back at you!

Going out with Sharon shopping and getting ready for Shabbos and being with family and long walks on the canal with my brother!

Where ever you all are.. may you be happy and in love and have friends and the weather you like the most.

Miami... sultry, sensual, steamy, sexy, sensational... it vibrates with life and when you need a quiet moment you can stop under a palm tree and always feel a breeze.

Just personally wish there would have been an October Hurricane here ..that would have made this trip perfect!

Besos Bobbi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miami Dolphin Morning..Smells Sweet like a Cuban Coffee

Woke up this morning with a smile on my face and the realization that last night was not a dream or a fantasy but the Miami Dolphins won a hard earned victory against the Jets in what will be for many "the game of the season." Even if they were to go onto the Super Bowl in Miami (talking on dream time..) this game would still be the turning point, the moment of AHA.. the game where we showed we could win and win big!

That is what life is all about in the end? It's a win and loss statistic. Anyone who has ever passed the benchmark age of 40 knows you look back and realize you won some, you lost a lot. But, it's the victories that keep you going. Their memories become inspiration for your next moment in the sun!

We look back at games like that Miami game against the Colts when we won the time of possession battle and lost the game. Days and years when we do everything right and we still strike out to mix a few metaphors here. Life is a battle of up and down, constant motion forward despite multiple setbacks and moments of glory that we will look back on from the other side of forty. That game we won, that title we were awarded, that play that was published and that perfect prom dress for that perfect night with the perfect partner to the perfect prom. Last night's Dolphin game was like that moment of giving birth, when the baby finally makes it through the birth canal and there is a rush of energy and emotion and elation and a bonded sense by many who were not even on the field that "WE DID IT!!"

And, THAT Virginia is what football is all about!!

It's about my kids strung out all across America getting to watch the Fins beat the Jets on Monday Night Football and reading it in real time on Facebook as they are all high fiving each other in one virtual tailgating party! I was on the phone with my youngest who called seconds before they won and on a Gmail IM with my oldest son and on Facebook IM with my daughter! It was electric, it was as 2009 as it gets!

A good article posted up by the Bloomberg Report on the Game.. says it simply and without much prejudice to either team.

As my sister in law Paula said last night on this a 2 minute drill?? Really? Shades of teams pasts and fighting back and not collapsing!

And, the stats say it all as football is really a game of math. Chad Henne passed for 260 yards and the Jet's defense gave up 413! We won! And, yes their quarterback is good, very good.. not just cute but good at what he does but he was out played by Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown and even Ginn showed up last night for a big play. And, my only argument with any Jets fan who thinks they gave this game away is that they lost to a team that fought their way through until the end refusing to give up.

With regard to the statement by Rex Ryan about their loss I would like to say that last night Chad Henne WAS Dan Marino and we were as classic Miami Dolphins as it gets ... on the air and on the ground we always take control.. and when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl! And, that is true..whether the Fins will be there or they won't the Super Bowl WILL be in Miami this year :) Sweet.. like Cuban Coffee!!

“I’m at kind of a loss for words with our defensive performance,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said during a televised news conference. “We made that quarterback look like Dan Marino. Just a horrendous day for our defense.”

Besos Bobbi.. never at a loss for words ;) and always a bit unpredictable ;)
Great song, great game, great team effort!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fins Win!! Dolphins Beat the Jets in a Shootout

..............and we won! In one of the most exciting games in recent memory the Miami Dolphins hung in there with their incredible quarterback with the incredibly strong arm and with Ronnie and Ricky and even Ginn showed up and played and ...we won!

My whole family and all of their friends are online on facebook and elsewhere twittering their little hearts out..anyone and everyone from Miami is celebrating tonight.

The Fins seem to have found their groove..
(still listening...)

Will fall asleep hearing that song in my head... sweet Dolphin dreams..

Spanish Heritage Month & the Quiet Tropics...

Lying in bed, netbook on my lap and sipping a cafecito while watching the Miami Dolphins play on Monday Night Football!

That's right!! This is the high light of my day, my week... and if they win it may be my highlight of the month!! I just saw Gloria Estevan singing for Monday Night Football and heard a referee give his call in Spanish as a part of this tribute by Monday Night Football to Spanish Heritage Month! I am so happy I feel almost home and almost forget I am not Spanish. I just think I am sometimes... must be all those genetic memories of distant relatives living in Key West and Ybor City back at the turn of the century. All those trips to Cuba to buy tobacco for their plantations in Northern Florida. My early childhood at South Side Elementary in old Miami was punctuated by Hurricane Donna arriving for school the first week I began my academic education. A few years later the Cuban Missile Crises and Cuban airlift brought more Marys into my life but instead of being old time Miami redneck Irish girls they were now speaking Spanish and nothing was ever the same.

The school sits neatly tucked away in the Brickell business district just a few blocks from The Miami River and beautiful Biscayne Bay. And, it is currently highlighted as a Museum Magnet school offering a bilingual education.

It was at Southside I learned about hurricanes and football while watching the cute boys play in the big open yard on a warm September afternoon while we cheered the guys on during recess...while hoping another hurricane would come to Miami and give us a few days vacation from school!!

Well Virginia, there are no hurricanes in the tropics this fall. No tropical storms swirling about on satellite imagery. As a matter of fact, there are not even any clouds in the Caribbean worth talking about and yet I will. Because late October often brings a brief break and creates just the right formula for a quasi sort of storm to develop down near Cuba and to find a front moving down south across Florida and that front is that storms ticket out of the tropics. Or..sometimes a storm forms at the end of the first few dead fronts that make it down across Florida and linger around the Florida Straits where low pressure often forms.

Of course, this is 2009 and not most years and my hurricane friends have taken to going to therapy four times a week and knitting. That's right knitting :( Cute little table toppers with cyclonic patterns and bursts of coordinated colors. No, I am not making this up...

So... if you are here for the tropics.. here are some loops to watch and there is a secret voodoo weather curse that you can try if you want one last flirtation with tropical weather before it's all over (and most would say it's all over already) but if you really believe. Take out your Hurricane City Tee Shirt or a University of Miami Hurricanes Football Jersey if you have one and go to the nearest beach, find a palm tree by the Ocean and stare out into the beautiful turquoise water and scream out into the wind "EW EVOL SENAC!!!!" Trust me..this really works. You either get a hurricane or a drop dead gorgeous FPL lineman... either would be just fine and dandy with me!!

Okay...enough of the private jokes for my friends and hoping my brother Jay is not choking on his Greek Beer while listening to the Dolphin Game on NFL Field Pass!! :)

As for the Fins... I am seriously hoping that the interview today on CNN with Mercury Morris will sprinkle enough Dolphin magic to beat the Jets in what is already their typical shoot out complete with great passing, running and high scoring drama.

There I was today, editing a manuscript for someone in Israel only half watching CNN when I look up and see a palm frond and a city by the Bay and I'm like "Wow! It's Miami!" and it then it hits me that the guy who who is being interviewed is Mercury Morris!! I was so excited I took a picture... with my cell phone and sent it to my brother. Understand I LOVE Mercury Morris, he is one of my all time favorite Miami Dolphins.

Controversial interview but that aside... there they are Rick Sanchez (from Miami TV) interviewing Mercury Morris on CNN!! Love it. He is indeed the Pride of South Florida. Great player, educated speaker even on controversial topics but Mercury Morris never shied away from doing a long sweep of the field and outrunning everyone chasing him.

So there you go... a storm of words in the tropics about a controversial subject by a Hispanic Reporter during Spanish Heritage Month!!

I was kinda hoping for Hurricane Grace...but we don't always get what we wish for.. and sometimes we do..

Tonight I am wishing for a Dolphin Win!!

Tomorrow I am packing to go back to Miami, where I will sit and sip cafecito and watch palm fronds flutter in tropical breeze and listen to the sounds of the city with it's heart beating, traffic beeping, people moving and lord it's one big Conga line of life, emotion and passion that you can't find anywhere except in Miami. Myami as the locals call it... MYami ;)

And, tonight as much as I think the Jets new quarterback is drop dead gorgeous and talented I am loving Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat Offense and my cafecito which was made with my espresso maker from my crazy friend. (Thank you! And, okay we are both crazy ;) lol)

Go Fins!

Come on Grace this can't be THAT hard!!

Come on My-amee... show me some tropical weather.. please...

Besos Bobbi..

Ps... controversial interview between two of Miami's very own...Raleigh is nice and pretty with fall colors but it does not pulsate or groove the way Miami does... Wow! Joe Namath is at Landshark Stadium watching the game.. only in Miami!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Quiet Atlantic or Playful Possibilities?

The glass is either half empty or half full and the way it's been this Hurricane Season is more like ...

Look there's something in the glass, sniff it..what is it? Taste it fast, carefully, wow... water.

This season has been like a trip through the desert on a horse with no name looking to find rain fast before he wants to lie down and play dead because it's too vicious out there for tropical entities. And, yet..storms keep rolling off of Africa and trying to make it was bound like lemmings on the way to the sea.

A good illustration of this is below. Check out all those cute little retro white dots in the Atlantic ocean pressing down on the once tropical Atlantic. Cold air and unfriendly to tropical waves.

It takes a delicate balance this time of year to make a storm in the great big ocean and yet every October one comes along somehow, somewhere looking for a funky track to take or a cold front north out of the tropics. Problem this year in the pudding is that one has to form to get that far down the road.

Just north of South America there is a system that looks really nice but it's hugging the coastline after partying in Trinidad and if it has any energy left it may make it into the Caribbean. May is a big word this season, it's at least an ounce of water in a glass.

Further out in the Atlantic is the wave that I am watching. It's big, really big and has nice color and has been moving and grooving along the ITCZ which is more than most waves have done (shows life) and if it could lift just a bit further north (but not too far north like Henri) it could possibly be a player.

I'm sniffing but I can't tell for sure what it is.. vodka or water? Either way there is something there to watch.

Pretty soon it will be totally all over. October all over. It's a rhyme guys, hang with me here.

In reality it is except for the dreamers and schemers who are always trying to scam one more system to life, just one before winter pushes in and takes over the map with cold fronts, ice storms and noreasters.

So, come on my pretty wave, give it one for the gipper and give us something to talk about before we shut the door on anything more than a post analysis of the overly quiet 2009 Tropical Atlantic Hurricane Season.

And, remember...while waving hats on how lucky we were in our part of the world the weather conditions that brought us a quiet season caused misery and despair elsewhere.

Look back up once more at that red colored wave in the middle of the Atlantic. Notice how it looks a bit like a flying dinosaur? Been my experience when they have enough to them to start playing "name that cloud" with them there is something there to talk about and this one was worth talking about.

Heading into the last long holiday weekend of the fall for me and will be off line until Sunday Night. Would like to come back on and see that the wave is alive and my favorite college football teams won!

And, next week I am back in the land of heat, humidity and hopefully tropical rain!

Besos Bobbi

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Henri weak and downgraded...

My first thought is... they can't be serious with the above model run... he was just downgraded to a Tropical Depression not exactly something that could go the distance to Florida but... the model shows it as a weak, weak, w e a k system and it's only a far out model. First has to stay alive.

What is there to say about a Tropical Storm that's life goal is to become a remnant low? Don't know. Not much to say.

He is now a Tropical Depression about to lollygag about the Atlantic with a possible regeneration in a few days or he fades quietly away. Only time will tell.

I've seen a model scenario that has him puttering slowly towards Florida coming in as a weak.. remnant low?? I don't know. I would think it would be hard for a storm to hit South Florida from the ESE in October, especially a pattern that feels more like late October. I would think such a scenario would be more from a storm that made it into the Caribbean and then pull north towards a Cold Front. From where Henri is he would have to go pretty far south or stay out there a bit not to be swept up faster or blown apart.

Not sure... been busy honestly with guests and the Jewish Holidays and am just really sitting a bit and thinking on Henri.

Also, am watching an area to the SE of Henri for possible development. Can see that area moving into position to become a problem later if it could only get going. Not a very friendly tropical environment but it's still October and climo takes into account slow years as well as busy ones.

As for me... am going to be in Florida soon and cannot wait to feel the tropical, balmy air upon my face and watch palm fronds dance in the moonlight and watch waves break upon my favorite beach. Smiling... so come on Henri..don't fade away...

Don't fade away...

Be back as soon as there is something more definitive to say ... going to sleep now.

Sweet tropical dreams.. Bobbi

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tropical Storm Henri Forms in the Atlantic

From ye olde yellow circle. Just shows you that you can go from Yellow all the way to the big time without ever going to orange or red!!

Not very exciting or big or even easy to find but it is there and it is moving wnw into very unfriendly territory.

More information after I look at some more loop. Truth is I wasn't paying attention the last two days and knew there was a yellow circle but hey.. it was yellow ... and had family in visiting. In the middle of checking my mail for something else Palm Beach Post sent me a news alert.. Henri ;) pronounced AHN-reee He's a Frenchy ;)

Anyways... if I thought this storm had a snowball's chance in hell of even getting anywhere near South Florida as a rainstorm I would be on the first JetBlue south. I might either way ... but really... heard the weather is unbearable and hot beyond words. One friend said she had been to Africa a while back and Africa was cooler!!

So stay tuned and watch the loop and yes there is a system there.. tiny, but there none the less.

Loop de loop if you don't believe me..

Besos Bobbi

Ps..Jim Williams called this system earlier in the week, pretty smooth weather guy there :)