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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vontae Davis Comes to Miami .. in time for the Hurricane Season - Possible Cat 5?

Okay, so there are no storms out there in the Atlantic Basin to watch just now but I am watching a storm that starts with a V... Vontae Davis who has the ability to become a Category Five Storm for the Miami Dolphins if he lives up to his own expectations!

Some weather news and mostly NFL Draft talk as I have Football Fever today on this beautiful, bright, breezy day in Miami.

Went to sleep last night as storms were rolling through Enid, Oklahoma. Storms kept morphing, blowing up and dying down and blowing up again. Shooting center down...really, possibly more damage reports will come as the sun

Interesting, sad story. A reminder of no good deed goes unpunished some would say.

I'd say... just can't be out during lightning or you take your chances...

As for me.. I'm watching the Draft and evaluating what and how to pack things up. Also, evaluating the best way to watch Dolphin football in North Carolina. Do they have Dolphin reunions for all the South Florida people living up there I am wondering?

Anyway... good draft day depending on how it works out. If Vontae lives up to his own press releases we will have a great competitor at a position we need. Good to have someone take some balls away from New England and the Jets.

Yes, he has some bad press on being a player who didn't like to take direction. Well... that complaint was made against him by Ron Zook who often had problems giving good direction in my opinion. Ron Zook's career has suffered from being inconsistent.

There was a movement so strong in Gainesville to fire him that they hung signs from Frat Houses. There was and STILL IS a blog dedicated to firing him (and still bitching) about him.

So... take it from where it comes from.. if you were a Zook fan, you might worry. If you are a Joey Porter fan and are happy Urban Meyer is at the helm in Gator Land than you don't care a flying fig about any character issues that Vontae may have.

I bad could someone be that four years later... the blog is still around?

Read more on this blog which is a legend to itself!

Comments on why Zook didn't fit at Gainesville "In the final analysis, it was apparent to me that something's not working here," Foley said. "I know that's kind of nebulous, but it's the truth. It's hard to put a finger on it exactly, but it certainly just didn't appear to be working as we all envisioned." I guess you could say that there were some personality issues Zook had at UF...

Spurrier did not get the call but everyone was still happy Zook was gone.

So, take it from where it comes from regarding criticism of Vontae. Suspending someone from a roster to motivate him knowing it will go onto his permanent record on draft day is a poor way of motivating someone, this is not kindergarten, you don't tell a 200 pound, talented, athletic player to "go sit in the corner" because you can't squeeze some juice out of him! Joey Porter sat in the corner during most of the season while Cam played at coaching (a man stranger than "The Zooker") and when Tony Sparano told him he needed him and to make something happened.. he did and we love him for it.

So... here's hoping the team that brought us last season's ride back to the top knows what it is doing with Vontae Davis.

As for the other pics... diversity and depth is good and Pat White has that! As a matter of fact, am thrilled with White's arm.. watch his films. He can play qb if we need and has been tested for use as a WR which could and should fit nicely into our Wild Cat offense. White played in the Gator Bowl where he was the MVP with an injured hand and various other complaints. He is perhaps better than he looks and was worth the higher pick that surprised some but not Parcells. I'll trust Parcells to see talent and trust Sparano to get his money's worth out of him.

Watch White Run...which he can do, a diverse player indeed!

Again... the later part of the Draft has always produced great talent, many of the NFL's greatest players have come from the bottom rounds. You can google all you want but will leave you with the name Jim Jensen, taken in the 11th round in 1981.. played very good Dolphin football in a similar position when we weren't playing the Wild Cat. Thank you brother Jay for reminding me about Jim.

In 1980 we took David Woodley in the 8th round.
In 1968 in the same year we took Csonka in the first round we took Jim Kiick in the 8th round of the draft.
In 1967 we took Larry Seiple in the 7th round from Kentucky.

It's all talk until they show up and play and make the team and roster. Til then... we talk, we watch and we wait for the games to begin ;)

Looks ready for Miami to me ;)

Love and kisses... from Miami.. watching the weather and sports. Haven't a clue who Carolina drafted, I guess I should give a look. I did see the Jet's big first round draft pick of Matt Sanchez. I like him! Gutsy to go out in as a Jr and gutsy for the Jets to trade up to grab him. I'd grab him too ;)

Besos Bobbi
Ps.. you can read about the controversy of keeping Csonka and whether he could play after all those concussions and how and what Shula did with him when we had a Coach that could coach! Coaches, got to love em!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

61 Degrees in Miami After a Rainy Day

Poured yesterday, good old fashioned, early morning thunderstorm during drive time!! Was wild, unreal... thunder, lightning, moderate street flooding, splashing through puddles while lightning cracked across the sky.. in April, not July. Go figure..

What does that mean in relation to the 2009 Hurricane Season..don't know but trust me Miamians everywhere who are into hurricanes of the meteorological mind were wondering.

We always wonder. Heavy mango crop. Double bloom on the mango trees. Rain in April. Dry May. Give us anything to think on too long or observe and we will relate it to what this upcoming season might be like.

Then... last night, it cooled off. When I say cooled off .. I mean as in "I'm freezing" sort of cooled off. Well, when it's hot in the middle of the day in the mid 80s and the temps drop down to the 60s on a cool, northerly breeze... you feel it fast. Windows open, blue skies and feels like February.. in late April.

Wondering what that means regarding the upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season or any Hurricane season.

This is the time of year us weather people dream of hurricanes. Unless of course you live in the mid-west and you are obsessing on Twisters.

One reason I love HurricaneCity in the off season... always there, always watching while we wonder on the Hurricane Season.

First verse, same as the first ;) going to figure out what to wear today that I can peel off around Noon when the sun comes out and it's warmer.

I am moving to North Carolina if you are wondering... later rather than sooner but I will be there in time for the Hurricane Season. Just think.. I'll have to start watching signs up there and wondering what it means when it's cool late in the winter and the flowers bloom late... well you know, where ever I go I am watching the weather!

Love and kisses...

Besos Bobbi

Monday, April 20, 2009

EPAC Hurricane Season Coming Closer... May 15th

Less than a month away... see this is what the big boys say:

If you don't believe them you can google wiki ;)

You know, those little storms that blow up off the coast of Mexico and move west bound, sometimes flirting with the coast of Mexico and traveling towards Baja..

I can feel it. The hurricane season is getting closer. The air is still a bit cool at night in Miami and a few lingering frontal boundaries are keeping us entertained with cool breezes mixed with a new balmy feel to the air in the evening. Beautiful weather but soon, not so far away something will begin to spin down near Mexico.

Just thought I'd mention it ... it's Miami, there's a feel of summer not so far away and the mangoes are hanging heavy ... there was a steamy shower this morning, barely a mist... like gentle rain... and the promise of heavier rain soon...

I think it will be an early season this year. Not sure why... just feel it. June 1st, not so far away... first comes the Epac and then the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Are you ready?

Can you feel it?

It's coming closer... I can feel it in the air... can you???

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Big Storms Down On the Bayou... Twisters Across The South...

There's a sense of storming in the air...on the air...being hyped everywhere...

Watch out if you live in the Deep South today and tonight..see if they live up to their pre-release publicity.

Stay safe... keep your weather radios on alarm mode!

Good coverage going on at on the infamous message boards!

Stay safe and if you see anything...take pics and run for cover.. down on the bayou..

Besos Bobbi

Less than 60 days til the Hurricane Season ;)