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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bobbi, Bobbi, Married Lady That's Me :)

Yesterday morning my mother started singing that song from Funny Girl to me on the phone. Hadn't thought on that song in ages but my mother remembered how much I used to sing it and other songs from Funny Girl.. made me giggle. You know "Sadie, Sadie" ...

At the wedding I danced with my best friend from high school Leslie and for the first time in years I remembered also all those Broadway songs we used to dance to in high school. Okay, I was a drama major way, way back.. musical comedy and Tennessee Williams ...

You have to understand, Leslie is blind... pretty much totally but she danced with me at the wedding both on instinct and from memory I guess. Somewhere in the 5,000 pictures my kids, my friends and the photographer took there is a picture of us dancing. But, the memory is stuck forever and I thought on some soundtrack from a movie that bombed but we loved called Lost Horizons. We would dance and sing, we were young teens in her bedroom or mine but the songs came back to me while dancing in the same way my mother remembered me singing songs endlessly from Funny Girl.

It was a beautiful wedding. I am a little shy on posting pics of me and the groom but I will. I was happy. He was happy. Everyone there had a good time. And, the weather was beautiful! February in Miami, best time of year except it doesn't have hurricanes.

So, this off topic post is to let y'all know pretty soon things will be back to normal and I will be posting again.

Nothing too tropical going on so am posting for my friends online a few of the many pics taken.

Some of me and my two best friends Malka (blondie) and Sharon.. go down in history with those two ;) especially ... Malka ;)

Okay, here's one pic.. with my daughter Dina and my husband!

The incredible wedding cake that was chosen after looking through thousands of pics and who the "wedding cake lady" did INCREDIBLE job with the bride and groom dancing on top.

And, my son in law Uri, who is a Chabad Shaliach in Ottawa helping do the Wedding Service in Miami.

So..enjoy the pics... the artsy one my daughter Dina did of the bride and groom dancing under a make shift wedding canopy by their cake.

Sometimes it seems you can have your cake and eat it too!

Love and Kisses, Besos Bobbi

Thank you all for being my friends ... listening to the wind whip through the palms on a cool, sunny, windy, wintry day in Miami. And.. I am just, just getting around to emails and phone messages so please bear with me if I don't respond right away.

Monday, February 16, 2009

On Vacation Today

So much to do and can't relax enough to do anything. Watching turkey buzzards glide high in the sky from my bedroom window. A grey, cloudy morning and the electronic moan of the garbage truck and the screech of it's brakes outside overwhelms the quiet of the morning.

Okay.. I just went outside to put the recycling bin by the curb. WHO TURNED ON THE AC OUT THERE? I wonder.. geez, when did that happen?

Been so busy with wedding preparations I forgot to watch TWC or check my sites or pay attention to the weather? It was so, so hot yesterday kids went on picnics and hung out. I was thinking of going swimming. You know how I hate shopping. I feel lost somewhere between Alice In Wonderland (eww) and the Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe. Don't go through that mirror Bobbi, you might never get out? Who would be in there to play with though? And, would there be weather and wondering what kind?

Anyways... I am here, marking time or killing time.

66 degrees.

Where is my mind? Drifting away...

On vacation today...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oklahoma City Tornado Outbreak

Home today taking some migraine medicine and sipping some excellent coffee while watching the news a little.

Seems Oklahoma was not just in my blog but in the news yesterday. They had an intense, unusual outbreak of tornadoes in February which just goes to show you can't always rely on climo to know which way the wind will blow.

Yes, a lot of trailers torn apart but also high end million dollar, well built homes in Edmond as well so... this was the real thing as they say.

First time in a long time. Only two other similar tornadoes have occurred in the last 50 years.

People died, lives rearranged, homes destroyed. Weather... in your face, real and happening out on the Plains.. even if the wrong time of year.

Change is always around the corner, sometimes we know the timing in advance and other times not. A woman at work, Elaine.. gave me some advice a while back. She said change is always good, especially when you are the one initiating the change. She is right there...better by a wedding than having a tornado come down and destroy your town.

As for me.. the dress seems to be in good hands and the alterations are going well. Feel better about that. Now I have to figure out about a dozen more things in less days time.

Trying to figure out wedding pictures, don't think the weather will cooperate but maybe some outdoors tropical looking shots would be nice. At least I am not expecting to worry about hurricanes. I don't think ;)

Watching the clouds float by my window and going back to bed.

Link to an excellent short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a family caught in the wind. Free download, enjoy if you have the time, interest or desire to read a bit today. Family In The Wind.

Besos Bobbi this is what I call a wedding picture!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I guess I have been MIA.

Missing in action somewhere in Miami.

Or maybe running around under the code name Mia and sipping Lattes at a table somewhere in Lincoln Road pretending to be French and only visiting this place in paradise.

Perhaps I am caught between teenagers fighting with their parents and using my house as a "house of refuge" which it has been for years it seems. Lost in facebook which is much easier to use for email than gmail if you ask me.

But, what if it all stops. If the internet just goes ZOWEY and we can't connect again. What will you do? Do you know? Or will you just send a plane over my house with messages? Are there trained homing pigeons to find me.

Gosh I wish I was in Laguna today. I would know what I would do if I were in Laguna. Just stare out at the big blue Pacific which might or might not have a marine layer today. Or go to Santa Monica Pier.. oh wow. Favorite runaway place from those frentic days in LA.

My mind is too messy to get lost in today. It's a jumble of songs and memories of things what have gone wrong. And, oh shit I am rhyming today, damn.

Going to work, going to try and function and hope I do not have to take a child to the doctor today because she looked pretty green around the gills last night.

Life isn't easy when you are trying to work and plan a wedding and deal with teenagers who aren't even your own making and a 3/4 finished novel and wishing you were somewhere else today but you can't be there.

A line from a great song.. Santa Monica freeway, sometimes makes a country girl blueeee... Gosh I loved that song.

For full moons over Tulsa and when you can't be where you want to be..

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Freeze Forecasted In Florida

That's not a Valentine guys... It's a Freeze Warning for the State of Florida!

A lot depends on where you live or are visiting but tonight in Florida is going to be one cold night.

It's predicted to be the "coldest night of the year" which is cool or cold but that was what they called the last "coldest night of the year" recently. We've had a few but no snow. Doesn't snow often granted but it sure would be nice. Just a litte, a few flakes? It's too dry though as our really strong cold fronts are Artic blasts that race down in the winter. In fact, we now have a fire alert as the humidity will be below 35% and any small spark could take off and become a big forest fire... or so the lady says on the local weather.

As for me.. I can't figure out what to wear. I am not really in the mood. I want to stay in bed and find my head and figure out what needs to be done next today.

Today is also.. Tornado and Severe Weather

Seems there will be a 20 minute drill today so if you live in Florida and see something about a tornado warning.. it's a test, like those air raid sirens ;)

Florida Hazardous Weather Awareness Week.. whew..who thought that name up?

Stay warm :)
Besos Bobbi

Monday, February 02, 2009

Storms Down Under

Scenes from the Land Down Under..

Just because there is nothing going on here in the Tropical Atlantic does not mean there is nothing going on Tropically :)

Also..check out Jim William's video on Hurricane City with information on changes to the main page as well as some upcoming shows he will be doing.

As for me.. am busy trying to plan, make a small (haha) wedding :) later this month while working full time and raising busy, active kids who are at least Category Two level Canes in their own right with a few Majors thrown in there for bad behavior. They are happy about the wedding... they just also want to do crazy and wild things during a time I want them to lay low and be good. Road Trips, motorcycles, no words. Can't they do something safe like storm chase?

Whatever...............Let them eat wedding cake and be in one piece to dance...

I'm singing Piamenta's beautiful rendition of a beautiful tune ;)