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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dr. Neil Frank (sigh... smile) Calls It As He Sees It..

Yes, Dr. Neil Frank in a frank moment calls it like he sees it and complains about what I have been complaining about for some time. Dr. Neil Frank is to most of us.. the greatest Director of the National Hurricane Center that there ever was in recent times. A man called an alarmist by many complains how the NHC is naming storms that do not deserve names. (gee where have i heard that before??) Link to story..
Pic is from the NHC days..who was that cute guy with him? Anyone know?

Bear with me.. been a heavy morning, I got adjusted by a ghost ;)
One last time.

Thunderstorms and Music

When I watch the water vapor loop... I hear music and it flows like music from Enya that I have listened to for hours and hours at work and lying on a table waiting for Harvey to adjust me and make the pain go away. Or just let me leave, go home and gosh how I hated lying there doing nothing, face down thinking about my life unable to relax despite the music. He'd turn the lights off, say "go to sleep. RELAX!" lol but I'd think... sometimes I'd float away and then wake up all disoriented with him working on me.

The water vapor loop flows.. it shows the world, the clouds, the moisture

Watch it... can't you hear the music of the spheres?
Youtube it and watch the water vapor loop..

A front moving across the Plains, in a push me pull me sort of movement bringing winter, snow and the tide of time to those who remember summer but are immersed in the reality of winter descending upon them.

“There is music in the beauty, and the silent note that cupid strikes, far sweeter than the sound of an instrument; for there is music wherever there is harmony, order, or proportion; and thus far we maintain the music of the spheres.”

Sir Thomas Browne... a quote that has been misquoted over and over since the sweet little man wrote it. Pythagoras wrote: There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.”

And Shakespeare... good old Will said perfectly:

“Music do I hear?

Ha, ha! keep time: how sour sweet music is,
When time is broke and no proportion kept!
So is it in the music of men's lives.”

Love a man.. love his music (unless it's Beethoven lol) and I know because I sure have a ton of it filling up my closet where I hide it when annoyed or in my computer, everywhere. I don't buy music, I just wait for it to come to me usually (thanks).. Say it in a song and you can't go wrong. What's that song.. from the great Jim Croce Album "Photogaphs and Memories" that I used to lie awake listening to for hours in the early 80s in LA...I think I'll have to tell you in a song. music, memories are real, people are with you always and you are surrounded by the passion of their heart.. something we let go of and give in to when we listen to our music.

Anais Nin said...
“Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together”
"Good things happen to those who hustle.”
“Jazz is the music of the body”
“Electric flesh-arrows... traversing the body. A rainbow of color strikes the eyelids. A foam of music falls over the ears. It is the gong of the orgasm.”

And dance... allows you to say what even the best writer cannot say with words. I've loved a man who was cryptic. I've loved a few men who were cryptic. I'm way too cryptic but if you watch me dance... you can only sit in wonder and what makes my feet move, my body spin, my heart sing and my mind flow.

for him... in his pirate white shirt lol

Pss... a weather post below... called "Thunderstorm"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So... Wednesday..

Doing better today. Don't want anyone to worry on my account.

I would post a story about the man who developed the hurricane destruction rating system who died.. but felt one obit is enough this week. Will do a blog on it in a few days.

Doing better, a little better, as better as better can be when someone you've loved has died and gone away. Creep.

So... last night MalKa and I (smiling) ummm "talked" over a few bottles of extremely good red wine and remembered a lot of what needed remembering which both of us remember. Sort of like the old days, me and Malka talking, drinking, talking, drinking, atgeghkng, lag;a lol oh I love her. Nothing like some of those old talks over vodka or red wine with Malka. Got a lot out.

Went for a long walk on Ocean Drive today, stopped.. had some lunch, read my book, breathed in the fresh air and grabbed some sunshine.

So... upset but feel like I can function a little and a good cold front would be nice. Wish I could go up north for some snow. Really. Shame sandman doesn't do snowmen :(

But... watching this while I work and musing on my life..
Sort of sums it up. Gang of crazy people. A drunk texter. A Sex Maniac. A Holy Man and a Noble Red Man! Really, amazing how life imitates art and imitates life again and again.

Enjoy.. one of the absolutely greatest movies ever made.

Great scene.. isn't he cute ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Nothing is right, not really. Small stuff yeah... big stuff... nope.

close your eyes, close your eyes and relax and think of nothing tonight

harvey always told me to relax

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hurricane Forecasting.. Not an Easy Call to Make

Okay.. this is pretty much on target and weather related.

It seems the people who predict the Hurricane Season and how strong or weak it will be are now under the gun for ... not providing us with a bumper crop of storms this year.

Boy.. you win some, you lose a lot.

What can I say? Bill Gray was wrong.
So was NASA and others who predicted an above average season this year. We did have high numbers but if you add in the factor of a bunch of weak storms that might never have been given names by other directors... you end up with a bunch of wannabees and two knock out Cat 5s that formed within a few weeks and hit the same area.. something not that rare as when storms form close together they duh...follow the same steering currents.

So... read, enjoy.. good article by Martin Merzer who does his best at the Miami Herald to keep us readers aware of all things tropical and topical...

Boy, you can't win for losing round here.. tough audience.

As for me.. personally, I am dealing as best as I can with the loss of someone extremely important to me who made a tremendous difference in my life and the life of my kids, my friends, their kids... I think there was a scottish terrier he or Jay worked on too lol. Oh my goodness, thank God I can still laugh. How can I not think of Harvey and smile. Course my kids are no longer allowed to rollerblade, go to rock concerts (NO MOSH PITS), be exposed to illnesses or hurt their backs or get migraines because Harvey is not here to make it better. And, in a few days I am sure I'll stop listening to Enya and CATS and Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals and accept the fact that this man is no longer here to make the pain go away.

Be patient with me.. Besos Bobbi

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Malibu Fires and my memories.

Fires are burning again in Malibu. Does me in. Does an old friend in more I know but I loved Malibu and Trancas Canyon especially, love the way it ends there the highway and you could always run in and get something cool to drink and... well.. the Kanon burnin' now is so close to it. Pepperdine. Malibu always looked so gray. I loved it when it looked gray. First time I ever saw it, my then husband apologized for how gray the beach was.. I loved it. Miami never looked like THAT...

Links for info about the fires and video:

Speaking of gray, I am gray today. Shades of gray, lost in a fog and numb, very numb.
Just watching the world go by, hiding away, gray. I don't want to talk or hear people talk except for Sharon who knows more than words can say.

Harvey loved gray, gray pants, gray suit, gray car... the cats always looked gray too.

Pray the fires stop and Malibu can be gray once more.

and also ran... not CATS but he liked it a lot, i know, we talked a lot

bet you didn't find that in the top right hand drawer, was in my left one

Friday, November 23, 2007

In Memory of Harvey

When someone dies that you love, you don't want to talk about it or hear how special he was or have people give you all their stories, you just want to be alone to process it and remember. And, yet.. everyone wants to comfort you or share.

Judaism has Shiva. I've been through Shiva, I'm hoping my mother lives to be 120 and outlives me because I don't want to do that again. Or, maybe next time I'll just self-medicate myself through it.

I think I like the Irish Wake thing, never been there but gives you a chance to get rip roaring drunk and not feel and know you have friends around you I guess.

I mean who really processes death in those first few moments of hearing someone finally succumbed to cancer huh? I mean, some people cry, scream.. I guess that's works for them. I guess I can write more than cry or moan. Me? I go back in the house, grab my heels and go sit in a car with my best friend and bitch about life. Okay, not really bitch but we needed to talk. We were all friends. Many lifetimes too, I'm terrified of dying because I am terrified what new lifetime he will haunt. Probably be my father or mother.. tell me to "uncross your legs" or be some bratty child on a sugar high.

A best friend of mine died yesterday. He was a ... how shall I put this.. a Bone Doctor. A Chiropractor. I was his friend, his patient and his secretary. I ran his office, nice office up high looking out over Miami and the Bay. Well, no Jay's office was looking out over the Bay, Harvey's was hidden in the back like most everything in his life, top right drawer, all his secrets. But Norm knew that because he found Norm going through his things. Hope Norm liked what he saw. I'm digressing. Are bookmarks and Mint Magic tea all that important to someone who needs to know?

What do you need to know?

You need to know life is about LIVING. God didn't put us on this earth to suffer or he would not have made it as beautiful as it is.. He wouldn't have bothered with snow and how the moonlight looks on it in the evening when a full moon is shining down on it with all that shadow and the light and darkness and glitter you see when the moonlight shines on the snow. He wouldn't have made palm trees framing a tropical aquamarine bay that turns every shade from turquoise to the pea green color right before a storm. God put COLOR into this world. God put beauty. God put LOVE into it. All we have to do is to choose to live, choose to love and choose to laugh and roll with the punches.

Yes, there is evil. Yes, there are heroes. And, yes there are people in between who live their life with a purpose and a passion or no purpose but to get through the day and end it in the arms of someone they love.

I've given up on purpose. I want love. Plain and simple. Love, laughter and a big bottle of tequila to go with dinner tonight. Don't worry..the order is in.

Harvey took care of me always, even when he was pissing me off or pissed off with me he took care of me. He took care of my kids, my ex-husband, my best friends..

He was there last week taking care of my daughter, both of them ... I think he loved my daughters more than me lol giggling but well, he just always was so amused by them. So am I.

Stories don't tell everything, neither do movies or plays. They only tell so much.

Before Harvey became religious and a Miami Beach guy... he was from the Bronx and studied acting, then he studied karate, then computers.. I may be wrong on that order, I don't remember and it's not important. He lived in LA, he lived shortly and briefly in Texas (you know the 80s, Billy Bob or something, he loved to dance) and then he lived in Georgia and studied to be a chiropractor at Life College (you know, well you know) and then he ended up in Miami back around 91 or 92..

He loved that dragon series and mint magic before he decided it wasn't organic enough for him and there was so much to Harvey most people didn't know who just went to him to "make it all better" and so much more than you could find my rifling through his top right drawer.

Harvey wanted this life time to be about healing, making a difference.. after the selling water beds and teaching karate and acting and all those things he did before he found his way to Lubavitch... he took on healing with a passion, but he couldn't heal himself. Cancer, some people are really just genetically predisposed and so Harvey died of cancer about the same age his parents did... but his quality of life was good, up til the end when he roller bladed last week to my brother's car so my brother could give his battery a jump when it died. My brother Ronnie couldn't rollerblade five feet without breaking his ankle if he tried but Harvey dying of cancer, moving past stage four could rollerblade circles around Ronnie.

He lived his life his way and you know what? It was his life to lead the way he chose. He was an original, irreplaceable person.

No one like him.
Not this lifetime or the last and lord knows what he will do in the next one.

So... if you are still reading this, know there is one lesson to learn.

Life Life! Do good and help others! Make a difference! Love! Smile! And, don't let people you love get away because of differences or a million and one reasons to take a stand, reach out and grab that brass ring you have always wanted to reach for...

Be yourself!

It really is not about how long you live, life cannot be counted by the hours but by the quality of life, love and laughter and the difference you have made in other people's lives.

He made a world of difference, he made my world.

One of his all time favorite plays was CATS. He loved that musical and others.

For Harvey

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Well... A REAL Thanksgiving Thank You

Listen to the song gratitude :) and remember that it was their country first..
yet we feel the need to institute a wet/dry policy with Cubans that includes hosing them down from Coast Guard cutters to make sure they can't swim those extra hundred feet to make it to the dry beach...

Who are we? Where did we come from? How did we get here?

And... who did here belong to.. before we stole it away with our manifest destiny policy??

Chi Meegwetch Bobbi


Things I am Thankful For....

My family... no pics, no words can describe them... I wouldn't even try.

My friends. I meant Sharon! MalKa! :P

My brother.. he doesn't come under either category he is Simply JAY lol.

Living here in Miami... being able to go out in the afternoon sunshine for a walk and in search of a perfect spot to have some coffee, read and warm up seeing how my AC where I work is colder than the temperature in Ottawa where my daughter is living these days.

So there I was yesterday, walking along, staring at the Palm trees dancing in the wind, people walking, hanging, looking great, happy... relaxed... the smells of all the great food from the restaurants, the smell of my great coffee...the parrots sqawking and I smiled and thought... this is almost as good as Key West, almost as good as the Riviera ... incredible, beautiful... and how lucky I am to be able to enjoy this place I live. Mind you.. I have lived a lot of places, a lot of beautiful places and I loved them all.

Parrots on Lincoln Road:

Good youtube video of the parrots!

Nice video.. I agree, best time.. early morning when it's quiet still

Cute... my life on any given day walking on Espanola Way lol
Well, I did always wonder what the rooms were like at the Clay. The lobby is nice.. nicer than this shows. It looks a lot like the Hotel in Laguna Beach :) Better rooms, better food ... ummm actually a better view.

I give thanks for Laguna Beach :)
Thank you my smilin' friend...

I give thanks for living in Long Beach (always and forever) and West Hollywood was fun too not as nice as those beach cities... you know like Torrance and Redondo Beach. And... hey.. I lived in NYC... Brooklyn, Flatbush Avenue... all the places I have lived and I have to tell you... always been happy in Minnesotta.. I should look for love there. But..seriously...

Giving thanks for my ability to find happiness where ever I live... the history, the weather, the people...

So....enjoy what you've got and if you don't got what you want.. get off your butt and go out there and enjoy life.

Love and kisses, Bobbi

PS...Thanks for the memories ;)

PS.. also I give thanks for this:


the what I really miss about LA is... 10 AM FOOTBALL GAMES!!

good movie lol (you win)

this is a cool CD.. I don't own it but he writes beautiful, haunting, intense music... met him on a cute place in sobe that changed hands and is not there anymore.. a shame... nice little cafe... but i am thankful for the many chances I had to sit there and write, relax... and hideaway ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Message Not In a Bottle to You Know Who..

Get off Eharmony NOW!

Shit or get off the pot darling.

Desperado... get off the fence darling.

Go take a walk or something, write something worthy of a pulitzer or a Tony... GET OFF EHARMONY NOW!

or you'll be sorry!

Want Peanut butter cookies?????

Just because...

I don't know. Just because I like the song... has great sway, movement, flow... energy, like it makes you want to go spinning around in the room dancing in circles with your arms open wide and then waltzing a bit... great song, well done too!

I know.. bad storms in the mid-section but down in Miami.. sunny and warm and can't think of much to say that I want to say so... enjoy the music, just because you can.

Give thanks for YouTube!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cambio Bracelets In Cuba Create a Storm

So... it seems that wearing a small white rubber bracelet in Cuba with the words CAMBIO stenciled in is more than a fashion statement.. it is serious enough of an offense for those teens wearing them to be rounded up and thrown into some detention area where they will be I imagine re-educated about the benefits of the revolution and given a harsh warning that the next time they do something as dangerous as wearing a cute little "statement bracelet" as they are called in the USA..they might get a one way ticket to the Isle of Youth.

Really sort of amazing and pathetic. Equal parts here with a piece of lemon on the side.

I mean they are running such a totalitarian regime down there that they are concerned with every detail of a good Communist Cubans life down to white rubber bracelets or...are they... AFRAID..

The Cuban government has for years been trying to convince North America that all the children of the revolution are happy, well adjusted and do not want any kind of Change... but the real story is the many underground groups and networked people who do want Change... some kind of change anyway.

Don't we all want CHANGE sometimes?

I know I do... Hell, I want one of those bracelets myself. As much as I hate the feel of the rubber "statement" bracelets...that one I would wear.

Change is in the wind my friends... Change as the Castro Brothers near the end of their lives and the weak wannabe replacements do not have the charisma or control over all the agencies they need to stop the tide of Change..

Eventually, Cambio will be like a storm surge, relentlessly moving towards the island, covering the low lying areas where people have needs that cannot be met forever by fear or being persecuted for speaking out... for speaking up or even for fear of wearing a little white statement bracelet with the simple words CAMBIO

This story is bigger than it looks, and I am sure there are a lot of Cambio bracelets hidden in private places...

Seems like if we wanted to start a war there we could drop white cambio bracelets instead of leaflets.. sometimes a word means more than a whole pamphlet..


Whoever thought this one up... good going, shows to the world how the Castro Brothers respond to even the slightest, quietest request for change in Cuban Society.

Good special on Cuba last night on C-Span, except that seriously...what would the little Cuban guy say except that everyone is happy, fat, healthy and happy on the island. Right, that's why people are dying to get off and would rather swim with the sharks than stay fat, happy and communist and would rather die trying to attain freedom.

Cuba is like Devils Island... hard to get off of ... but the currents aren't as cold or as strong as Castro's grip on free speech of any kind.

Have a nice day in freedom all of you reading this and wonder on why we need to go to Iraq to bring democracy to a country that is run by a dictator when we could save a whole lot of money and be much more Green here and just liberate Cuba if we need to save the world. Iraq yes..Cuba no?

Only a country that brought you the wet/dry policy would think that's normal or energy efficient. And.. what is beautiful about living in America is that I can write this publicly and not get hauled into jail for typing it or you reading it.

Enjoy our freedom this holiday weekend, give thanks that you are here and can wear the Statement Bracelet of your choice!

Besos Bobbi

Monday, November 19, 2007

Why I love football....

There's a much longer story as to why I love football. There's a beginning, many chapters along the way. There were some great players that even the best writer would have problems creating. Moments like Garo Yepremian's kick/pass attempt in the Super Bowl or the disbelief of a Miami coach when Buffalo had a snow plow come on the field and clear it (like Miamians knew THAT was an option???) or how you can get lost in it like a good ballet as it is all in the end good choreography.

Ian Smith has a good line in his book. A plan is only good if you stick to it.. or something like that. Paraphrase it any way you want but even words of a good script sound bad if poorly acted or said not the way the writer heard them in their head.

The words "I love you" by the wrong person mean nothing and they mean everything by another person. Well, they always mean something. Love is good no matter what right?

Don't know. A thought for another day.

Today, while I adjust to another win less Monday when the Dolphins just sort of lied down and stopped playing during the second half... I can smile at the infamous, memorable moments of the Browns game yesterday and look forward to seeing if Ricky can do it on Monday Night Football next week.

Great... really great.

Football is a lot like life.

A coach in anything... be it a diet, a little league game or the World Series provides inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. The Fins are getting about what I imagine Huizenga paid for... which is why we don't have the best and we settled and you know what happens in life when you settle... you get what you settle for...

song stuck in my head that says it all but doesn't tell the story...
life has no instant replays like football, it's why i love football

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Writers Strike, Orange Bowl and Weather

The weather in Miami is beautiful. To quote Jimmy Buffett...wish you were here, or beautiful or who remembers.. I'm on my first coffee and it's not freshly ground because I don't want to wake anyone.

I mean blue skies, in the upper 60s at sunrise and already climbing up to the 70s as the bird chirps outside. I've noticed the cutest little bird outside my window every morning playing in the tree. Hit me finally yesterday, it probably has a nest in my eaves or something... but boy does it chirp pretty!

As for the Orange Bowl.. well let me say this about that.. it's a little less orange since last night's FIU game there!! I'm not sure what row seat 10 was in exactly, but I know where it is now and may I add here that I am very happy to know that it's heist will means one less sale of an "official seat" will not help contribute to the crime of tearing down that beautiful Rusty Bowl :) No, I didn't do that. I'm a Capricorn. Would a Capricorn do that? Kids with a lot of Leo in their chart would do that and some sneaky Scorpio thrown in for good measure. Whoever unscrewed seat 9 though I do want to thank them. Seems it's a Two Fer at the old Orange Bowl, once one seat is unscrewed the one next to it pops out..or so they say. I mean... kids.. funny how they put big time police protection on the seats when the Canes play but they underestimate those brawlin' FIU Panthers now don't they? So between giggling hysterically at some one's comments on how it's not "official seat" without that little plaque they are putting on there... some kid commented on how they were sure the grime on the sides, hardened piece of gum and someone's butt marks made it look damned official to them!! Hey, I was at Barnes and Noble last night. I do feel less angry though! Upset, annoyed and though I do not endorse stealing anything ever... I may have sat in that seat, who knows who sat in that seat over time and history, but it sure as hell will NOT contribute to the demolition of it's home. Sick, sick people. No love of history or for the people of this city, good Old Donna Shalalala going to bus kids up to CountyLine for hurricane games which the FIU kids like the idea of better than the Canes I bet and well really, as the saying goes.. Shame on You Miami who never took care of the place and let it get into that condition and let the Fins move to near Broward which is just across the drainage ditch in "Miami Gardens" and then the same City council that lusts after that humongous piece of property while at the same time complaining how no one wants to go THERE to THAT part of town for games. Yeah, I bet whatever gets put up there will have incredibly written advertising about the Miami and the beautiful area near the River...

As for the writers strike... may I offer my top ten list of things Writers can do during this dismal period of non-productivity and pensive boredom.

10. Work on Your Next Novel.
9. Find time to finally read all those books Stephen King has written.
8. Finally read all those books Steven has written under other names.
7. Get drunk and text Bobbi.
6. Get a job as a travel writer and use the travel as inspiration for your next script.
5. Watch General Hospital and start a betting pool on when they get off that island.
4. Go on Classmates, find old friends and make fake profiles, write them and see if they know who you are...
3. Wiki... it's a whole world where you can write forever on anything
2. Blog your problems away...use a fake name like Stephanie Queen
1. And, the number one thing to do as they say...go on Eharmony and sign up as fake people and make lots of profiles for Ted, Fred, Ed, Steve or Sam and do not forget Peter, play with it... see how funny and fake you can be and if you get bored on Eharmony gang..there is always Frumster... just know those bios have limits, you can only write so much.

Have a beautiful day but remember... no real writing!

Love and kisses, Bobbi
Ps... oh look, a new orange cushion...

Friday, November 16, 2007

57 Degrees In Miami

Nice :)
Cold :)
Okay, it's not cold... it's "cool" and I am thrilled, happy and staring up at the blue sky and thinking how green everything seems this morning.

I can hear a train whistle off in the distance and oh how I love the sound of a train whistle.

Just going to say a few things here and wish my friends a beautiful weekend.

1... Thank you for the music, great music... even the windmill song you have sent before (smilin) was good... great really. The candy was fattening and am judicously enjoying it and sharing it..

2... When I get "breaking news" in my email in the morning the only "breaking news" I want to see is that Fidel has finally bit the dust and when the scheduled State Funeral is.. I'm sorry but I don't care about Barry Bonds! Don't get my hopes up here CNN.

3... The debate was interesting, sort of like Dorothy taking on the Tin Man if you ask me. Little Hilary has real passion there, Tin Man Obama looks a bit confused, is he or isn't he in favor of the licenses there? Hard to believe that he wouldn't be prepared for THAT question. Does the tallest man standing wins work in this case or does Hilary just need to get higher heels? Candies must make nice pumps.

4... Good Shabbos, making chicken, yellow rice and Israeli salads.

5... I took a survey game on eharmony and it said the date I would get married is July 10, 2010. Well.. if that's the case... why am I paying them good money every month? F that shit.. I should lay low, take a cruise somewhere and start paying them again around April of 2010 it seems :(

love and kisses, Bobbi
ps... the song popsicle toes is still stuck in my mind.. unstick it please!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still A LOT of Moisture Left in The SW Carib

Just a comment, just a thought. The thought lingers and nags at me.
I am a sucker for the Caribbean, it's the one area of the tropics I can never really figure. Yes... it's moving to the west or has but it keeps leaving behind moisture and the moisture seems a bit trapped down there as fronts move down, move off the coast, sail away...this little bubble remains down there in the SW Carib.

Thought it was worth mentioning today.

Something to watch out of constant curiosity.

Gotta to get dressed, got to go to work. Don't want to ... want to stare at the water vapor loop from the comfort of my chair here, half dressed and half awake.

Not ready to face the world today.

Went out partying a bit with my sister-in-law last night... she was my friend first before she married my brother. Had this really BIG, HUGE Grateful Dead drink. My daughter was right... tell the bar tender to make what they want and it works much better that way :)

Smiling, Bobbi
RSW... email me if u need
like u dont know that address directly lol

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Windy Night in Miami - Miami Dolphins Lose.. Again...

So... as the saying goes. On any given Sunday any team can win a football game... except the Miami Dolphins it seems. Then again, I did get to watch Chambers catch a great pass was of course for San Diego...

Okay, truth is I missed the game. I didn't watch. I took the old weather radio/FM/AM radio to the Book Fair and then I forgot to turn it on. Just as well, I had fun and it was less stress so I shouldn't be upset for missing that disaster..

The Miami Book Fair was very good. Erica Jong spoke well about life, writing, being an older woman and what it is like to live your life after you have achieved your greatest accomplishments early on. She didn't say it but I will, sort of makes your whole life anti-climatic doesn't it? She was right though, very few women except the French write about life as they get older. Maybe the French care more about their women of age? Or, she is wrong and just set in her views. I suppose if I had time I would google it.

She spoke about muses and writers (something I know a lot of) and I realized again today how defensive women writers are about the role of a muse. For some reason women writers vs male writers are very defensive about the role of a muse. Women writers pretend to see a muse as something that male writers have.. you know the classic image of a muse and you know what I think? I think men are more honest and admit their relationship with a muse yet most women will not admit the relationship they have with their muse or the input that their muse made in their writing. Maybe it's just one of those things like masturbation. Men are always talking about masturbation yet women never want to admit they do it or talk about it. Or farting, women never want to admit they fart whereas men... sort of bask in the afterglow of a good fart.

So my point is that women writers who are also muses are just as creative when they are helping create as when they themselves are creating if not more. A muse talks, a writer writes, a muse thinks out loud.. a writer records. A muse thinks, speaks, muses, ponders, wonders, playfully speaks and a writer takes it and basically rewrites it to fit his needs and paraphrases it to the degree that if he was in college he would be booted out for plagiarizing ... and yet.... a muse lets him or her do so and delights in the product of the labor of their effort. It is the true definition I suppose of unconditional love of a muse (of either sex) for their writer (of either sex) and as Erica said so well.. it is a very sexual, creative process. Sexuality and creativity being linked. And, yet... she doesn't want to admit she has a muse, which I suppose is like a woman not wanting to admit she masturbates or farts.

Sorry... guess you know now how scatological Bobbi can be, on occasion of course.

Of course as good as Erica was and the really good lady I don't remember who wrote a book called Ahab's Wife (I think) was nothing compared to the 3 hour or more of programs I listened to about Cuba, before and after Fidel, before and after the revolution. Wow, my mind is still reeling. Hard to believe I am not Cuban, but then again... I went to 1st grade in Little Havana (Calle Ocho) the year that the Cuban Missle Crises brought me my friends Maria, Maria and Elizabeth, Marta, Mirta and Maria Elizabeth and I'm waiting also for that day when the news is confirmed that Fidel has passed on to that prison in the sky that resembles the one he locked people away in on Isle of Pines and his brother Raoul joins him and there is a chance for all those Cubans in "inzile" and working underground to undo the wrongs that Fidel has done that beautiful island just across the Straits from Key West.

So........................ that was my day today. Turned on the radio after I left and realized the Fins had lost, what a year, what a record we seem to be going for..

Weather wise. Boy, is it windy here tonight or what?

Came home to a great BBQ my older kids made.

Miami was beautiful today, sparkled in the sunshine, not too cold, not too hot.

Had a wonderful talk with a man named Neil E. Hurley (no relation to Hurley E. Hayes) about his book on light houses and some people selling books on Vegetarian Cooking.

Going to bed. I miss Drudge. Well, I miss him on the radio. I miss his music. I do have a large collection of Windmills of My Mind but it's not the same as listening and waiting to see what he will surprise me with on Sunday evenings.

Hope he and his father are well.

Hope those writers get this problem resolved and we aren't even talking about the Stage Hand Union striking ...who knew?

Waiting on a windy Sunday Night in Miami to hear the news that Castro has passed on..

And, wondering why it is that women writers refuse to talk about, or acknowledge the role of a muse the way men do. Funny that Erica could speak of Henry Miller with such ease and then goes silent on Anais Nin. Maybe she's jealous. Maybe she lost her muse?

I know where mine is... smiling, here, there and everywhere waiting to make me smile, IM me with a little tinkerbell sound or sending me a text message while he is out there somewhere saving the world :) and or writing, which ever comes first!

Besos Bobbi

Ps................yes I really did write all of this! I'm in an amused mood!

I love a windy night!

Show me a writer.. I'll show you a muse hiding somewhere smiling mischevously..

or staring like mona lisa keeping her secrets and his inside

women have muses too..

even muses have their muse, smile

great song.. God Bless the Child That's Got His Own.........mama mayhem ;) thank u

Always On A Sunday...

So... going out today somewhere to enjoy the sunshine and cool temps.

No tropical development happening today unless you call those showers down near Central America tropical developments.

Miami is beautiful today, has been all week.

Football Fever yet I am taking the radio with me today... if the Fins start to win I'll find a TV otherwise... I'm out and enjoying the sunshine.

Did my hair. Gonna do my nails.
Read the paper, drink some more coffee and get going.

I did read Norman Mailer died. Very big in the literary world or the world of history where his period in history is analyzed. Great quote from online that shows the pen can be mightier than the sword "Mailer turned reporter to cover the 1960 Democratic Party convention for Esquire and later claimed, with typical hubris, that his piece, "Superman Comes to the Supermarket," had made the difference in John F. Kennedy's razor-thin margin of victory over Republican Richard M. Nixon."

I could write a long diatribe on Global Warming today, is it real or isn't it.
Being a good machivellian from way back my answer would be I don't care... if the result of the whole Global Warming Debate is that people begin to take responsibility for picking up their own garbage, littering less, worrying on things like "how much money does it cost for bottled water to be shipped to me" or "maybe I should wash a plate off rather than buy styrofoam plates to trash" or a tree isn't cut down or a forest isn't deforested.. then hey... Global Warming works for me.

Maybe the message is wrong but the response is good.

So.... just checking in and checking out.

Love you all but the reality is the Hurricane Season is pretty much over. Both tropically and football wise.

And.. last but not least, to a school who has given us so much in the world of weather, at least in wierd ways :)

Go Illini!

Big win there for the University of Illinois in their victory over Ohio!

Friday, November 09, 2007


1972, Senior Year.. got to walk out onto the Orange Bowl for a Game with Miami High and proudly hold the banner which the football team ran through to go onto the field...onto the Astoturf and WIN.

Not only did the Miami Dolphins have a perfect season but the Miami Coral Park Rams pretty much had a perfect season as well.. what a year in sports history for me, my history.

So.. my brother called..upset, can't believe it.
Will process it later.
Have meetings to go to all morning.

Shabbos tonight.

Who am I?

I'm Bobbi, a Miami girl who wants her Orange Bowl back.

Who wants her Uncle Oscar back who took her to see rodeos and fireworks and football played at the Orange Bowl.

Very sad, very sad.

Opened December 10th, 1937... makes it a Sagitarrius and I guess Pluto is doing it's thing... blowing it up, or imploding it rather.


Really, really DAMN!


Greatest site I've seen around:

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Connect The Dots

Well connect the dots and excuse me for whatever I forgot
to remember..

Been busy, been thinking... working, living..

No tropical weather to talk about and I heard there is a writer's strike so........................

Connect The Dots!

Watched CMA last night with my bro and was soooo good. Loved it!
Stayed on my diet too, no beer, no chili..
Amy's meatloaf and roasted chickpeas with chili salt!

Cool weather, great art show Sunday, great week and did I say beautiful weather?

Fat Smash Diet. Smash Fat Diet? Well..needed strict parameters.

New White Wicker Dresser just like I wanted.

Freezing from the AC being on high everywhere in Miami and it's cool from the cold front. Cold front = No Tropical Weather.

Kellie Pickler might not have won the horizon award but she brought down the house... and would bet she's going to be around a lot longer than the cute chick who is having one hell of a Senior Year.

My youngest daughter went to a rock concert... they are almost all grown up.

Gonna paint real soon... as soon as I figure out the perfect color.

Miami Beach is so beautiful in the warm sunshine, with it's cool breezes blowing and making the palm fronds fritter and dance and well..

Chow for Now.. Bobbi
Shabbos? It's tomorrow silly... work on your novel!

Wish I had video from last night's show.. am sure it will be posted somewhere...

old one but good... u get the idea

Nothing is as good as cute guys in jeans ;)

except maybe me :P

Monday, November 05, 2007

Weather Round Up and Thoughts on the Writers Strike's an interesting article about how the Hurricane Season was pretty much a bust this year and how that raises the question of global warming advocates being wrong about future hurricane seasons producing storms all the way through the English Alphabet, Greek Alphabet and Morse Code Names...

Got to N with the help of some of the most pathetic looking sub tropicals I've ever seen and a few barely a storm a day systems.

In any other year back in the 80s we would barely have made it to H.

Noel was a winner however :)
The dollar amount from her shoreline spending spree has yet to be tallied.

Otherwise...winter is moving in. I am wearing long sleeves and freezing in my air conditioned office and though the sun is out.. I can't feel it. I'll go for a walk later and enjoy it some...

Jeans weather.. Not quite time to take out the Suede Boots but I can feel it coming.

Some "stuff" out there that people are trying to turn into the next named storm but.... well... drop me a line if you thin something is going to develop.. or post somewhere I'll find it.

Football Fever and the Pennant and World Series is over... and now...


It's Strike Weather it seems as the Hollywood Writers go on strike for the first time in 20 years and demand...well whatever they are demanding. Good luck.. Writers sort of live in their own world and make up their own reality as they go along...

One of those links provided by the great, amazing Matt Drudge

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said:
“Writers aren't exactly people...they're a whole lot of people trying to be one person.”

Trust me...that is so so so true... my question for the day is...

IF writers are on strike? Does that mean muses can take the day off?



turning head sideways lol waiting for an answer ;) lol


great pic.. love it..

where i come from its corn bread and chicken...
trying to make a living
and working hard to get heaven...
listening to Alan Jackson..
on vacation ;) today... giggle
pigtails indeed :P

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Noel Goes All The Way

What a storm.

Looked through old pics this morning of Noel. I remembered when I was standing on the beach watching the "high wind" from the "high wind warnings" and KNEW Noel was going to make it...going to exist, hang on and fight it out for bragging rights.

When you have been to the beach during storms as much as I have you can get a feel for the storm, every storm is different, something in the wind.. A burning intensity, a flash in the pan, fun but not the real thing, tenacious and hungry was how I felt Noel. There was a lot of talk about mid level circulations splitting off from the real one and the storm falling apart or weakening...meandering, losing intensity before getting absorbed in the cold front... etc... Knew this storm was going to be a biggie... had that hungry, compelling, intense, tenacious feel.

I was right. I also thought he might, maybe, could make hurricane status being so close at 60mph but never thought he would hang onto it for so long...or go so far.

So much for turning NE and racing out to sea.. this storm was a real Coastal Hugger and created havoc on shorelines from South Beach north to Maine and beyond.

There was flooding today on Sunny Isles Beach in some apartment building where water went into the parking garage, an apartment building up on Palm Beach is teetering on the edge of a new cliff carved out by Noel.. damage reports up and down the whole US coastline.

We are lucky this storm did not strengthen and turn into a Major Hurricane and take some Hurricane King like path or Donna path and mess up the cities as much as the shoreline.

So... now what?

Warm water and storms persist in the SW Carib where a Tropical Depression may develop later today.

Here is a loop, you can play:

I'm going out... too beautiful of a cool day to stay inside in Miami today. Not sure where I am going but I'll know when I get there.

As for politics.

Pakistan mess is a problem, I still say the Kurds and the Turks and Iraq is the REAL THING and Condi better figure out how to stop that whole area from turning into a 3 country war... or more countries involved and I say THREE because whether they are an official country or not..they should be, they have their own identity and a passion for their cause and America may not want to upset the Turks (which need us even if they complain a lot) and the Kurds could possibly do a better job of keeping terrorists at bay in Iraq than we can... Sometimes it's good for a country to have their hands full, and sometimes it's good for a people to have the rights to their own country. Kurds are interesting folks and they have been around a whole lot longer than the borders drawn up for Iraq by Western powers.

Check them out:

In my opinion Iraq is way too big of a country right now and cannot be controlled by any one group without the way it was done in the past. It is time to move on. And, in this age of Globalism there is within globalism an emerging sense of nationalism among small groups who want to see and get a voice in this new Global Village.

Europe Post WW2

Europe NOW

Middle East Now:

Middle East Soon:

Middle East... please note that the countries shown on the map up near Russia have changed, Europe has changed...why would we think we should keep the Middle East the way it has been just because we helped draw the lines a long time ago and why do we think we have the right to intervened? Oh..right...the air bases in Turkey that were needed way back when Stalin ran the Soviet Union and Nato and old time missiles vs new real time missiles... the world has changed... we are not it's policemen and we have enough to worry on in America right now..

Pakistan is an ongoing issue regarding terrorism that they are feeling and dealing with between groups for religious or moralistic reasons want to control every country..that is an ongoing issue in that region since time began.

The mess in Turkey and Iraq with the Kurds and the power vacuum created by our intrusion into Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction is a mess that can turn the whole area into a large civil war and finally tip the scales on over due change in that region.

Oops..Condi must have missed that class on power vacuums.. she should have spent more time studying Kissinger and the history of nationalism within ethnic groups who want their own say in the new world order.. and who have been oppressed way too long.
I'm not going to post the pictures of the children and mothers who will killed by Saddam, not today.. not this beautiful morning but... that was the real reason we should have gone in.. not for the faked up reasons and our need and greed for Iraqi Oil....

There was real genocide going on there... in a squeeze play between Turkey and Iraq going on... and the Kurds persist like Noel, tenaciously...

That is the real hot spot in the world right now because of our Turkey who no longer owns the Ottoman Empire is not a very friendly country... way too big for it's britches and too many alliances and a real powder keg waiting to be ignited.

Just my thoughts.. I do have a degree in International Relations .. it was one of my first loves and still intrigues me.

But... I'm going out for a while... read up on it, it is a story that is not going away... like Noel didn't go away so quickly.

besos bobbi

Friday, November 02, 2007

Hurricane Noel Races North, Miami Cools Off

Very nice temps this morning with a light breeze.. I can get used to this.
Can't wait for a cooler shabbos with the windows open and fresh air.
Just a note to say hello and not that Noel is still out there racing off to the NNE and still a Hurricane...80mph at 5am.

A lot on my mind, not in the mood to share as it is all stewing around a bit..when the gumbo cooks I'll offer you all some. Maybe. Need to finish an edit of an article for publication and really should spend my weekend on that before moving on to the really big article I am writing.

I don't think the purple pill works, I am glad it's purple... cute but I don't think it works as good as tagamet.... just my opinon here.

As for Shabbos... maybe orange honey chicken with sweet potatoes, orzo and some vegetable that looks good in the market. Usual suspect salads unless I get inspired between here and there.

See ya all later, Bobbi

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hurricane Noel

Noel makes hurricane status ... go figure, he really did. As a matter of fact Noel is now 80 mph... what a storm. I said last night I thought he could make it.. I thought this morning I shouldn't have said it but... all day Noel worked at getting that hurricane status and tonight.. he got it.

Going to bed, tired but wanted to post the update:


Bye Bye Noel

Finally Noel gets his act together and decides to hit the road..

Look how perfectly round and neat he is now...

South Beach was beautiful today, bright, very breezy and quick torrential downpours from nowhere that raced across the beach in a matter of minutes before the sun came out again. Amazingly for those few minutes it was as if we were having a real Tropical Storm, palm trees bent, horizontal rain..and then the rain moved on.

Had brunch on Ocean Drive today, watched the wind and the palm fronds dance together like some beautiful spanish flamenco dance.

So... now we wonder where Noel will go.. some say Long Island, some say Nova Scotia..wherever he goes, he is no longer my problem.

Take care all of you and be well and happy, Bobbi

Quick Thoughts on Tropical Storm Noel

I think we are watching the final showdown between Noel and a Frontal Boundary and it's interesting to watch as always. With Tropical Weather you win some, you lose some and you always learn a lot.

The track from the NHC has been excellent, the timing as usual falls short.

Heard to figure out that timing question, one storm speeds up, one slows down and one they get it just right.

Enjoy this link and watch the storm:

Heard it said on the news this morning a few times that Noel was one of the most deadly and destructive tropical storms around. I wonder whether they will retire the name.. probably, I wouldn't bet money on the track but I would bet money that the death toll is over 100 when all is said and done and the last bodies are found or accounted for as missing.

Beach erosion in Palm Beach has taken a big dollar and will hit them in many ways while they wonder on the ways they can stop this from happening again.

More later.. got to go to work. Got hair to wash, toenails to paint and breakfast to make. Took a long hot bath last night and when I got out of the bathtub I realized there was sand all over the bottom of the bathtub. Laughing, gonna go try one more attempt and getting it all over before taking a walk on the beach today at lunch.. one last time so I can say a proper goodbye to Noel.

Hello Winter.. hello cold fronts, goodbye Tropical Weather.

You know.. maybe now my life can go back to normal and I can move on and figure out the rest of my life. That movie Fever Pitch, lol... it's not really about the Red Sox as much as it's really about Hurricane Fever or the fever of Hurricane Season lol. A little birdie is singing in the wind this morning outside my window.. it's saying the games of 2007 are over.

chow for now.. Bobbi