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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rainy November - Who Would You Be For Halloween?

Beautiful rain. Beautiful, beautiful rain. Sweet November rain falling like silver sunshine in the tropics in October still.

Sun is out, bright and yet it is pouring liquid sunshine!

I had this feeling a little while ago..was time for the tropical update. How do I just know that it is the right time? Ran in to watch and they were doing this whole "end of the season" show on the TWC explaining how this was the LAST day they will be doing the Regular Tropical Update.. unless something develops and they add in a few.

So, I got to watch... one last time in this wierd year of 2006.

Amazing but true how I always know when the Tropical Update is on like some internal clock going off, hourly even when I am no longer watching.

Gee... if I could apply that logic to my love for _________ I could make more sense of my life I bet.

I should ponder this.. I don't watch anymore yet the heart always knows... yet, I don't really watch. Just an old habit, in case... what if.. maybe.

Anyways...........Just wanted to mark the day. Happy Halloween. Happy almost end of the Hurricane Season. Happy I can keep my Jimmy Buffett shirt on. :( we didn't have a storm........

I will have to do something to mark the day today but what I don't know.

Today is Sara's birthday (my son's girlfriend) and it's also Dr. George's birthday.. a good friend. Funny, how many people are born on halloween and they are all wonderful, great, smart, goofy, classy Scorpios :)

Anyways.....................I have to go now.

So, I leave you with this thought.. if you were dressing up today? What kind of cloud would you be? LOL, sorry.. old joke?

Who would you dress up as?
What country would you be from?
What ethnic group?
What animal?
What fruit?
What color?

Who are you really deep inside?

Ever think about it?

What character from a movie or a book or a play or a painting?

Who are you really?

Going to take a shower, go to work, think on life and get some title and versos copied.

Love Bobbi!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Winter Wonderfland...

It occurs to me that I haven't blogged here in some time.

Well, between the tropics being quiet, work being busy, the Jewish Holidays wild and things going on in general I haven't blogged.

I feel bad.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

Is anyone reading this???

Cool weather has sifted it's way down to Miami. I wore my suede boots to work (brown, high heels, high boots.. very sexy and cool) and I wore a sweater today briefly, ever so briefly over my long sleeve shirt. Jean skirt. Winter clothes. Winter............... OH WOW WINTER!!

And, rumor has it (bad phrase) that another front is winding it's way down the state later this week. Wow, breezes blowing and palm trees fluttering and people dressed in winter looking clothes. Had to have been in the low 70s.. maybe 60s. Felt like it was 35 ya know?

Anyways... so what else can we blog about?

Nothing. I'm tired. In a good mood, just too tired to blog.

After a long day at work, a long ride to work and a long ride home from work... it feels good to get in bed, rest my head and do nothing but babble absurdities about life with a scatologically minded friend who is fun to play with in the sandbox of life.

Why? Sometimes there is no why. Or scarily, oddly, surprisingly... "why, because I like to" "because it feels good" because it obviously takes two to lose your mind.

Ever have a train of thought conversation with someone that enters one tunnel and arrives miles down the track at the end of a different tunnel? Chooo chooing it's way through time and space. One long, proverbial road trip.

Ewww... had a horrible thought just now. Pictured this Road to Bali sort of musical. You know Bing and Bob lol (giggling here) and me dressed up in a tank top and a long sarong skirt. There's Bing with some odd Carmen Miranda outfit on.. you know, bananas and cherries and berries oh my.... (i wonder if he has body hair) and there's Bob.. looking annoyed that he got dragged onto this adventure. Road to Ghana or Road to Zimbawegiggling and I wonder... WHY AM I DOING THIS? And, the only answer I can think of is............ someone telling me "just think of it as a road trip" and I nod and think .. "okay, I've been kidnapped, may as well have fun.........."

Life is like that sometimes. You end up with people you didn't plan on ending up with... one minute you were looking one way down the block and the next minute someone is tapping you on the shoulder, tap, tap, tap and before you know it you can't remember why you are where you are but all you can think of is that it is soooo much fun.

And, to be honest. I don't want to give up fun.

And, to be honest. I think someone needs me.

And, to be honest. I need them.

Go figure this one.

Capricorn Bobbi sitting here staring at this and trying to make some sense of it all when bottom line is .. you can't make any sense of it. I mean .. I can't, how could you? How could anyone?

So.............just gonna sit back and have fun.

All I could think of today, from early in the morning to later in the afternoon was a night at the beach with a friend of mine. Breeze was blowing, we were talking, they were assuring someone they were okay and safe on the secluded beach (does someone here not trust me) and picking up papers and throwing them in the garbage lol giggling seriously. Was a nice night. Ever have a night like that? Just where you park the car, go walk on a beach, talk to a friend. No funny business. No arguing. No kvetching. No deep discussions about life. Just walking along.. thinking on nothing but the breeze, stars and stolen moments to have fun with a good friend. Was a nice night.. a very nice night. Nights like that don't come along often.

So, when you have a chance to enjoy time with a much loved friends... you don't stop and wonder "what the heck am I doing?" ... you have fun.

Did Cleopatra tell Romeo that Rome wasn't built in a day? Did Juliet tell Mark Anthony that it was a long, long way to Verona? Did Anais Nin tell Henry Miller he was a sick little pervert and he should hit the road Jack and get back to the USSR? No.......... Did Dale Evans tell Roy Rogers she liked Tonto better... (grin, smile.. oh come on, that was funny) ...


Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water.. and they both laughed all the way down the hill..broken crown and laughter.

I know, making no sense here.. and you know what?

I don't have to..

Tropic of Cancer is over... we are moving into Tropic of Capricorn and not only do I get to wear the nice seude boots but next time I wear those really awesome dress jeans I wore on Laguna Beach on Oscar weekend back a few years ago............ I can wear a Jimmy Buffett Margarittaville Hurricane Tee Shirt. Would have been nice to lose the bet and have some serious storms slide by but I have winter.

And, a friend was right. Cirque Du Soleil (however you spell that) was awesome..

Trust in friends to help you find your way back home.

Love Bobbi
Now I have blogged. Officially!

That was Bing Crosby in that movie right? Why do I think I am picturing Danny Kaye and not Bing Crosby? Will have to google this.. love and besos.. Bobbi

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tropical Storm Development or Not? Miami Beach Delight...

The NOGAPS and another model is into speculation tonight as it tries to spin up a tropical low of some sort later in the week.

Jimmy Buffett should write a song called "That's What Math Is For" as meteorology calls out that age old question on a daily basis... Can you divide 144 by 24?

Eye Candy for the Tropically Insane of 2006:

Will see. Personally I think someone forgot to put the year in and it's an old model somewhere. Like the songs I am listening to tonight online.

Writing this post while waiting for a favorite old song to load. Someone must be looking through an old hard drive or IM is all I can say :) Nice presents tonight sent online.
Good thing they are so nice because they woke me from a very sound sleep. I didn't even know what day it was.. or where I was... Left the phone on "meeting" setting from earlier today and lord knows how many people I have pissed off by not 'hearing the phone' ring this evening. I woke up and there was this buzzing noise that I couldn't place... bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol. Was the phone. Haha.

Anyways... I really wanted to blog earlier on how much I love Miami Beach. Stuck in traffic this morning, endless traffic going down I 95 to work. I mean cars and cars lined out like a parking lot. I began to take pics with the sidekick and sent them to a friend, funny pics. Ever watch people carefully stuck in the traffic. Those on the cellphone will at least never give in to road rage I imagine. I did notice those smoking seemed calmer.. just an observation. And, then...suddenly you break through and head out east bound over the Julia Tutle Causeway and OH WOW... picture perfect ... like propaganda from a computer graphic company for Postcards of Paradise. Palm tree lined causeways, deep blue skies, boats passing by in the distance, whimsical looking condos jutting together like someone designed a crossword puzzle in playful colors, warm and tropical. After years of hating modern architecture suddenly I love it. What a beautiful city, what a fun skyline.

And, then............oh wow, home... the golfcourse on Alton Road, the manicured roadways, the old homes built in the 1920s along Alton Road on old land pumped up from the bay bottom by dredgers back in the early 1920s. The new movie theatre on Lincoln Road that looks like it was built there back in the 30s or 40s and just newly decorated. A colado to wake me up and share with a friendly porter at some trendy hotel as tourists arise and fall out onto Lincoln Road mixing in with models up early for photo shoots and people rush Miami-Manhattan style off to work and Starbucks.

So there I was walking past some Latin doorman who said something not totally translated here about the pretty girl with the good smelling coffee and as I kept walking I giggled and turned around and took one of the little Cuban Coffee Cups and walked back and gave him a thimble full of the incredibly sweet, delicious morning brew while he tried to discern my name. A Miami moment..a Miami Beach moment.. a Lincoln Road moment! Ivan I think his name was...I told him in broken Spanish I had to go to work, enjoy the coffee and left him asking if I worked nearby and I giggled and thought "God I love this city!" and then I giggled thinking how pathetically they penned me and how much life imitates art and then I thought how beautiful the cute little art deco motels are splashed in colors against the background of bigger, newer trendier hotels shimmering in the morning sunshine on Collins. I don't think there can be hotels as beautiful and bright and ready to play anywhere... clustered against turquoise waters and sapphire skies and the month of October looks like July. It's like a new skyline, a new beach, looks like some beautiful beach in the Rivera but without the mountains, miles of sandy beaches, summer sunshine, palm trees from the Canary Islands and parrots, PARROTS flying overhead in some morning symphony singing songs that only Jimmy Buffett can decipher.

A beautiful, beautiful city... even the beach bums have a better life than any other bums anywhere. The bag lady has the cleanest toys gathered together in her shopping basket. The girls have the sexiest walk, the men have the friendliest nature, the best muscles, greatest tans, sexiest smiles, the store keepers the coolest "I don't give a damn attitude" and well you just walk down Lincoln Road and listen with your heart as the city wakes up, the night people go to sleep and the daytime people fall out onto Lincoln Road in search of Starbucks and sanity and all working in paradise.

That is what the traffic is for... that is what the commute is for... beautiful, simply beautiful... basking in the tropical balmy breeze.

Did Carl Fisher get that right or what?

Give thanks to John Collins and God Bless the Ghosts of Henry Flagler... they built a beautiful beginning to a City that never stops building or getting better.

:) What a song here.... oh my gosh, what a song.

I would be the one to hold you down and kiss you so hard and take your breath away...........oh wow, worlds away in time...such lyrics they do take your breath away. That was worth waking up for by the incessant text messager :)

Yes, some people take your breath away, some cities take your breath away, some places are beautiful for eternity.

Going to bed. Will worry on the Nogaps of 144 hours tomorrow.

Tropical Delights await in the morning...and a good cup of Cuban Coffee, Colada, Cortadita... Cafecito or maybe a tall cup of Verona Coffee at Starbucks and a ripe banana for breakfast from the Bodega.

Bobbi :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stardust Mystery Morning - No Tropical Wxr...

One of those early mornings when you wake up too early because you fell asleep too early and then trash your bedroom trying to find the Stardust CD someone sent you last summer that you hid somewhere in the back of the closet.

An hour later and a dose of the inhaler I gave up and listened to Teatro ... a CD I rarely listen to but like most Wille Nelson CDs is beautiful.

Cold fronts are out there swirling somewhere but not swirling on top of me.

I have to go to work.

Nothing in the tropics worth mentioning but a chicken in Delray somewhere doing a routine on

May I suggest that in the off season when the Fins are losing and the Hurricanes at UM are self-destructing and the tropics are dead and the Redsox are out of it ... you might want to look through and read through the many links. There are book reviews, information on historical storms, hurricane information for the beginner and even the intermediate junkie. It's like HurricaneCity University.. more information than most meteorological programs. Seriously, this is an UNPAID meteorological announcement. Everyone around has great sites... with great links.. skeetobite and has great message boards and links and wundergound is great if you want to track cold fronts this time of year or read a blog or two but honestly.. nowhere online I can think of is there a site that has so much information for the tropically frustrated when there is nothing to track or link to... The message board is fun but there is an education to be gained on that site.

Watch the video for laughs. Robin Williams couldn't do it better than Jim Williams.

So.................................that being said.

I'm off to work. Waiting for cold fronts and chances to wear my suede high heel boots and ... maybe, just maybe there is a tropical storm out there somewhere in the tropics that might be squeezed out in November along some stalled frontal boundary. Just maybe.

Cute song from the Willie CD.

Going to dedicate it to Milagro from Ocala and Dakota from Cingular :) and most of all Yaffah :)

Love Bobbi

ill put you in my pocket who would know, right next to my heart

ill take you with me everywhere i go

No matter where our trails will finally wind.
Our paths will just keep crossing
yours and mine
Until then in my pocket you must go
Ill take you with me everywhere I go

no matter where our trails will finally wind
our paths will just keep crossing
yours and mine
until then in my pocket you must go
ill take you with me everywhere i go..

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cooking and Country

Cooking for Simchas Torah (Jewish Holiday)

Turkey made, Stuffed Cabbage Cooking
Gefilte Fish
Sweet Potato Pie

And God Bless Country Music. Listened all morning, music blasted up.

I think Easy Peaceful Feeling is my favorite Eagles song.

This is a good one, enjoy the lyrics but they sound better with music.

Next I am making cakes.. carrot and parsnip and maybe banana if I find a dead one.

Oh.......and........ it's 90 degres in Miami today.
Where the hell is the front?

Also, I made liver with onions and mushrooms.. baby portobello mushrooms and wine for lunch. Hell with worrying on if liver is healthy or not, has iron which helps me at the moment and I like it. So there..

Enjoy the weekend, if you are jewish... enjoy Simchas Torah and go to Chabad House.
Anywhere will do though someplace Southern is better :)

Good Yom Tov!
Good Shabbos!


Lyrics: Rodney Atkins - If You're Going Through Hell [Artist Lyrics]
Album: Unknown

Lyrics to Rodney Atkins If You're Going Through Hell

(Before The Devil Even Knows)

Well you know those times
When you feel like there's a sign there on your back
Say's I don't mind if ya kick me
Seems like everybody has
Things go from bad to worse
You'd think they can't get worse than that
And then they do

You still walk the straight and narrow
And you don't know where you are
Use the needle of your compass
To sew up your broken heart
Ask directions from a genie
In a bottle of Jim Beam
And she lies to You
That's when you learn the truth

If you're going through hell
Keep on going, Don't slow down
If you're scared, don't show it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there

Well I been deep down in that darkness
I been down to my last match
Felt a hundered different demons
Breathing fire down my back
And I knew that if I stumbled
I'd fall right into the trap that they were laying, Yeah

But the good news
Is there's angels everywhere out on the street
Holding out a hand to pull you back upon your feet
The one's that you been dragging for so long
You're on your knees
You might as well be free
Guess what I'm saying
If you're going through hell
Keep on going, Don't slow down
If you're scared, don't show it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there

Yeah, If you're going through hell
Keep on moving, Face that fire
Walk right through it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there

If you're going through hell
Keep on going, Don't slow down
If you're scared, don't show it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there

Yeah, If you're going through hell
Keep on moving, Face that fire
Walk right through it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there
Yeah you might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there

Wierd Raindrops in the Sunshine of My Mind

I have a million songs banging around in my mind this morning, a million scenes and a million memories and I can't really blog a normal blog today except to say.. it is so sunny outside that it hurts the eyes and yet there are these big heavy raindrops falling in funny patterns on the pavement.

Sunny but rain, not rain as much as raindrops, falling to the ground.

A big dark purple cloud to the west, sun to the east and high little winter sort of clouds up in the sky and big fat raindrops hitting hard against the windowsills. Slowly, one drop at a time. When I look out the window to the east I keep seeing these crystals here and there falling .. raindrops illuminated by the sun but when you look outside there is no rain, the pavement isn't wet.. just a few drops burning up fast against the hot pavement... so hot that it doesn't let the water remain.

Clouds somewhere moving in, probably from the west.. maybe that front that has been hiding or lingering out there.

They call that something..rain falling and drying before it hits the ground.. or is that snow ..

Dont know. Virga maybe, who knows, who cares... sunny for the men walking over to shul for Hoshanna Rabbah.

Not in a meterological mind today.

Dealing with something privately today and will eventually deal with it publically. Someone I know is very ill, realy ill, big time ill, sucky, crappy ..........not fair ill and I am angry as hell and can't do much but take it right now, wait it out and hope he makes it. Hope my kids are too busy to read this today but not taking it out because its honest, painful and hurts like hell. And, I need to write it.

So, what do you know?

It's Simchas Torah this weekend. I am making stuffed cabbage for my son because I promised. The cabbage is defrosting. Shoot, I probably should take the meat out too right? And, the half a turkey is defrosting. I have to cook a few cakes, bake a few eggplant and party hardy like there is no tomorrow at the temple.. why am i cooking?

And, plan on getting very drunk with Malka and talk to Sharon a lot and wish this weekend I was back on Miami Beach around 1993 dancing my heart out, 94 maybe? Maybe, 92 and 94 were good. Anyway..lost in memories, smiling. We all had such fun then, such a crazy time in our lives.

So.............going to get dressed, get out of here, shop, cook, maybe play hooky a bit as I am on vacation, pray, definitely pray and party like there is no tomorrow this holiday. Pray and party and pray some more and party hardy.

That's what Simcha is all about. Simchas Torah.

There is a great saying from the Torah..

Serve the Lord with Joy.

Eevdo Hashem Es B'Simcha and come hell or vodka I will do that tomorrow night.

Enjoy every moment, live every minute, make sure everyone you know ..knows how much you love them and never run away from love or friendship or life.

I'll be fine. I have Sharon. I have "crazy people" (smilng) to make me smile and I have Magda to get very drunk with if I have to and I may have to this Simchas Torah.

Peace, out gonna go watch the raindrops or the front move in or something

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

OOPS Wrong Harbor

Okay, my mind is gone today.. mush, gush, whoosh...whooshy indeed.

Got stuck playing in the wrong harbor.. thats what happens when there are no hurricanes to play with :(

1997 all over again... oh yeah, brain boy is right on that one

So... i looked, i peeked, found out he's been peeking why can't I?

So... now i'm hooked, harbor hooked.. docked in harbor..

riding out the storm

long day, very warm and i have to get out of here

so presuppose this insanity is for only one reason

went to the old library yesterday, so good to see friends... really sue if you are reading this... so good, great shirt... nice color, v neck... aren't V necks wonderful?

miss everyone there even though i like my job where i am.. just not the same
you make good friends, ya know.. and the patrons are so good and i can help people constantly there but here where i am is good to...

its all good

oh gooodie

oohblah dee oohblah da life goes on song
ladeedahdeedahdee dah dee ... i hate reverand ron

this is what it comes down to.. playing in one pond and still thinking of pond scum

no no no i dont mean that

okay.. so anyway.. talking on ponds.. i am out of the pond
into the harbor

not going to worry on reports that show people in NYC can't figure out how to evacuate, its on if anyone needs it.. now i know why people live in rhode island..they just go inland go new hampshire shopping or vermont

stay away from the ne kingdom and caledonia


im off on a shopping spree with my friend
jean skirts and some thing somewhere and a good cup of brew, not joe, brew..

going to try and stay away from this particular harbor or any for the rest of the day

not even doing myspace

no storms... nice little faux storm down there but winds too high
nice wave in the caribbean but no one can find a center.. of course they probably aren't looking, what are they doing down at the NHC with nothing to do

oh no..............1997

i have to go now

wrong harbor
but it's such a fun harbor


have a good day

if i could just get that song out of my mind

i wake up to it
fall asleep to it
its taking over my mind

love Bobbi

ps..................want to know a secret?
1994 was called Orchid Frost :)
the lipstick.. orchid frost

what a color huh?
:) don't remember the mousse but Orchid Frost :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So, no storm no post today.

Not really.

Some system may develop out in the Pacific and threaten Hawaii. I heard it on My shirt is safe for another day, week.. maybe forever.

MJO is moving into the Atlantic basin but it is tooo windy for any real tropical storm formation to get going... nice to heat up the water but unless you can stir just right you don't get anything going.. just hot water, wet conditions... no real action.

Don't count on Tropical Home Brew either...

Waiting for a cold front.

Wondering where to spend my birthday. I have this stupidly, strange desire that I can't seem to kick and am tempted to do it but that would be so random... Sometimes you got to go back to the beginning I guess, sometimes... best to not remember where you came from..

I'm on vacation today. In hiding from my kids, from older people, younger people and everyone in between. The song just me and you and a dog name boo comes to mind... smashing it with a jack hammer also comes to mind. Lots of little glitter pieces.. like some "hit me icon" on Myspace. Glitter Bobbi Boo pieces of purple glitter glued together and singing a song.

If I was a song what song would I be?
Windmills of Your Mind
Shadow of Your Smile
The Day the Music Died
Moon River
It's Too Late Baby
Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw (heard it live before it was recorded by him)

Why is there no song for Lois Lane?
Why are they all about Superman? Huh? Hmmm??

and the ever popular... Mr. Sandman, send me my dreams by Sammy Kaye and the Chordettes lol.

Giggling.. Oh Snonut.. where are you when I need you ?


Hit the road Jack... and don't ya come home no more no more no more no more Hit the Road Jack... King of the Road... On the Road

Time in a Bottle
Hotel California

Smart Women In a Real Short Skirt.
Woman Gone Crazy on Caroline Street
Sweet Caroline

I need a new jean skirt. Really, badly, a good one.. that shows off my legs and holds in my tummy and is cute... and wearable often to work and to play... tropical trouble today

Jimmy Buffett has a new CD out today.. so does Sting..

such decisions... such decisions...

Why are you still reading this????????????????

Did I or did I knot say there wasn't anything tropical going on?

Were you looking for the big answer to the 64 million dollar question?

Sorry... 64 millon doesn't go as far as it used to and if I had it I would not give it to you for your project so hahahahaha :P

love and kisses
mucho besos

ps...yes this is what happens when the Red Sox are out of it, El Nino moves in and there are no hurricanes to track ...though I do like the new QB for the Dolphins :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Back in Miami.. Preparing for Sukkos, not much going on tropically

1) Back in Miami.

2) Sorry about the typos but do you know how hard it is to type on a sidekick while swinging on a porch swing in Key West at a Bed and Breakfast??

3) Sukkos is later tonight. I have a sukkoth, I have a table, I have an estrog and a lulav. I have chicken and a half a turkey and meat to make into things. I have lamb for cholent if I use it and probably will (Stuart I hear has oxtails) and I need to see what I am missing. I'll get back to you with menus.. going to sister in law's for dinner tonight with the kids who are left home.

4) Tropically..not much about there but some incredible weather and it's not tropical weather but it is weather and yesterday we had all the windows open with the wind blowing.. was awesome :)

5) Later... got a nice old Jim Croce CD on the way back... some songs I never heard him sing. He was so good... so good.

later, Bobbi
Key West is wonderful, as always

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Southernmost Point Guest House is so beautiful..

Writing this post from a swing on the porch of Mona's Southernmost Point Guest House on the corner of Duval and South Street. A block from the famous Red Bouy that announces 90 miles to Cuba. Sitting on a porch swing hidden by Palm fronds and listening them rattle in the balmy, tropical breeze.

I'm on a sugar high. I had Real Cane Syruo in my coffee and some flan and rum cake a friend made. And I'm listening to US1 Radio and Conch Country and despite the suagr rush from breakfast I'm gonna buy a milk chcolate bar with almonds from Mona when I check out.... The money goes to Key West High's band where her grandson performs.

Staying a the Southernmost Point Guest House is always like coming home to your favorite Aunt's house. You know.. That aunt you always wished you had? That wonderful woman who is always there for you inspiring you and giving you a place to hide when you need a break from life's boring routine.

The porch swing (you MUST get a room with a porch swing on a balcony, you MUST) and the morning breeze and sitting here hidden by the trees with only a small mosquito buzzing round my toes reminding me even here in paradise there are a few bugs to be worked out left before it truly rates Heaven status.

And, I look across the trees at the beach... South Beach and remember just last summer this whole yard was flooded with storm surge and the Atlantic Ocean would have been tickling my toes and not Mr. Mosquito. A lot of construction going on across the street where workers try to erase all signs of the hurricanes before Fantasy Fest at the end of the month.

Everyone here is hoping to get through October without a hurricane. October All Over... I think if they do they should make William Gray king of the parade next year or maybe Max Mayfield now that he is retiring can come on down and party hardy.

Wow...the conch train just went by. Don't think he knew to point out the famous Bobbistorm is swinging on Mona's downstairs porch swing.

Trust me there are subtle signs of damage...very few. The pines on the island off Mallory Square at sunset look fairly well shredded...but still the sun went down and dropped into the water to the sounds of applause from the crowd on Mallory Square. The same docks where my great, great grandparents came to Key West as young kids in their 20s. They were here selling tin wares to the sisters of St. Marys. They were making trips to Cuba to buy tobacco maybe for Mr. Eduardo H Gato or the Marreros more likely. Or maybe running guns and raising money for Jose all the good jews on the island were back then. Tzedakah cans on the pushcarts of the Jewish peddlars or my great, great grandpa's store on Whitehead Street.

And yesterday I had a nice conversation with Raffi in his store on Duval Streets. I put money in a pushke. Charity box on the counter under a very nice picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and he gave me an update on Rabbi Zucker's new Chabad House. Yes.. Nothing like shabbos in Key West by Chabad.

But, this morning I'm hiding here on the porch swing. And. I stood and watched the sun come up over the water. A new day in Key West. The best show in town and its free and quiet while most of the tourists sleep in. Except for Bobbi, descendant of old Jewish Conchs who started a temple here in the 1880s and Miss Mona, Senora Mona who busily, lovingly sets up her special breakfast for her house guests. May she live to be 120 and enjoy every day.

May you be lucky enough to come to Key West and stay at The Southernmost PointGuest House....Bed and Breakfast and home of Eduardo Gato. Its the worth the trip to Paradise. Ask for a room with a porch swing, its a must!


Going back soon, just had a nice talk with Bobbi who works there at the front that funny or what, Bobbi living down here living the life I'd like to live..someday soon....

Posting from Crossroads Internet Cafe.. nice Green Mountain Coffee and good rates, quiet.. the city is waking up slowly, beautiful day.

I'll check the tropics when I get back... for now... breezy and beautiful in the Florida Keys, Simonton and Duval.. no place better in the world.. except maybe 770 but both make you feel almost like you can touch God and tell him.. "thank you"


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On Vacation in Key West... Gone Fishin' :)

Can't type much here because Sippin's prices have gone up reflecting their recent renovation. Maybe I'll try the place in the Bahama Village tomorrow.

Either way.. I'm in paradise, having a great time. Windy beyond words here and might actually have a chance of watching the sunset.

Nothing big or tropical going on. Only chance I see is at the end of the front in the Bahamas but... it's so windy here I don't see how anything can form.

Beautiful day in Key West. Interviewed a great lady this morning and hoping to do another interview later. Okay.. working holiday!

Mona and her friend at Southernmost Guest House gave me a deal for the night I couldn't resist. They are wonderful, the best place around. No comparisons. Google Eduardo Gato Jr. whatever.. think she calls it Southernmost now. Beautiful, as always. Like coming home.

Kids are okay in Miami, Miriam is probably partying hardy tonight as she leaves Thursday and I am taking advantage of an "adult" in the house so I can run away to Key West.. or go home.. which ever way you put it.

Paradise, Margaritaville... home sweet conch republic home.

Love Bobbi
see later.. when I'm off the rock