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Friday, June 30, 2006

Last Day of Work at the Library - Nothing Happening in the Tropics

Okay, today is my last day at the library and if I am not going to write about that... what am I going to write about?

I have been here six years. It's sort of a lot like leaving high school.

We had a cheesecake party with hot fudge sauce and cherry sauce and fresh cherries. Oh, I said that probably.

Who cares? It's my blog I'll say it again.

I am leaving everything I have known for the last six years and going off to start something new.

I'm scared.

Who cares?

Some people do and I do.

And... I know I will be fine but I cannot believe I am leaving this reference desk where I look out on the world and talk to all my friends. Help them find things, put them on the computers and watch kids from the local schools grow and go off to college. And.. now I have to say goodbye to people I have been so close to..

Why am I doing this?

Because I have to..

Because life is about taking chances and opportunities and life is about change.

We change day to day, year to year and over the decades.

And, the more we change.. the more we stay the same in some ways.

Only some...

I teased Troy today how he never thought we were going to become close. He came running towards me through the libary and I told him "go on, tackle me" and I cracked up. Teased him a lot (as he has been teasing me) that when I first came here he probably thought "oh right little white jewish girl who probably has a husband somewhere taking care of her" and then he found out about the kids and he kept saying "TEN KIDS, TEN KIDS" and everytime he saw some guy coming on to me, hovering over the desk flirting with me he'd go saunter over to them (if he didn't like them) and say, "she has TEN KIDS" and then he would later let me know he got rid of that guy who had been bugging me. Well, he didn't get rid of everyone as the Indian got through and Ernie is here somewhere and Nat and either way I am going to miss Troy so much. So much. And, Sondra... no words for how much I will miss Sondra. Zee is already gone...she left like others for Georgia.......... (hate Georgia).

And, I will miss talking hurricanes with Sue and Illiana and plan on talking to them often on the phone; maybe meet Sue on the beach for coffee.

Wow, I am going back to South Beach. Leaving the Ghetto. Back to Lincoln Road where my father had 3 offices and I grew up wandering around Lincoln Road getting Cuban coffee and watching storms blow in over the ocean in the summer.

Sweet Home South Beach.. okay, it sings funny but it works.

So... no tropical development anywhere in the Atlantic Basin today.

Lots going on behind the scenes at work.

Saying goodbye to my friends, my hood, my life for the last six years and being way too loud today and way too irreverant and I haven't even had a chance to finish reading my emails from Jeff or read

Wrote a poem today about the street where the library is just down the block from where they put in the new boring Walmart where I buy somethings and not all.

And, if the little guys in the booth reading my stuff online at City Hall want to string this together into one good book or movie... just don't sell my City file of emails to the National Enquirer because I don't want to be on the cover for things I prefer to keep to myself.. and others, such as in Mr. Ed's words "the one doing it"

I love this place.

I will miss this place.

But, until I am gone the picture of Stephen King hangs crookely over the reference desk and I will wear my red glitter slides to work one last day before I go off to a job in Academia... two blocks from the ocean on Miami Beach and hope that a storm surge like 1926 doesn't wash my new job away.

I'm jazzed. I'm cool. I'm nuts.

How many people can put on their resume as references Dr. Paul George (Historian of South Florida) and the Deputy Director of the Hurricane Research Division (who has brought me so many smiles over time and held my hand through my father's death online) and...........

How many people can get to be tackled by Troy in the Reference Section.

God I love this place.
But it is time to leave.

So... take your winnebagos and your dusty yachts named Brigadoon and feel free to send me any Native American OJIBWE Indians who played hockey for 11 years and who comes to Miami to go swim at Haulover... play your cards but play them well because as my father once said, betting on people is a lot harder than betting on dogs.. because you can buy someone but you can't buy their heart.

Love everyone reading this and this is my poem for the day..

To read my tropical thoughts.. go to and see why I think the National Hurricane Center kissed off this wave and waved good bye to it..

Reference Librarian
Freelance Writer
Researcher of Hurricanes and Florida History.

I walk past
the Jamaican grocery
where they sell
goat meat
and burnt feet skin
and on fridays
I buy my vegetables
and talk to my friends.

Bobbi..tackled by Troy

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wave is Struggling Along WestNorthWest

I noticed this afternoon that the wave is struggling along wnw through the Atlantic.

Got to give it credit.

It's a fighter.

And, as Burns always says you never ignore a wave that is fighting that hard so..

Watch the Wave...

I'll blog later. My next to last day at work here and we had a party with cheesecake and hot fudge sauce and cherry sauce and fresh cherries (you get the idea I like cherries?)

So.. I'll watch the tropics later.

Just worth mentioning.. keep your eyes on it because if it gets into an area with less shear it could develop.

Models show some development.

Bay of Campeche or more affectionally known as BOC to us trackers has some showers that look interesting enough for the Navy site to pick it up for general broadcast purposes.

Maybe.. you know me and BOC systems. Hard for me to get real excited but worth watching especially if you live on the Western side of the Gulf.

More later..

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nothing Tropical Going On BUT Lots of Weather

Even though this coastal low did not form into the 2nd named storm of the year it is causing a ton of weather. Watches and warnings are posted everywhere.

It is making a very bad situation much worse.

They really don't know how lucky they are because if this storm had stayed off shore just a little longer, developed a little further south off the coast of Florida into a real hurricane and followed this same path with just a slight deviation it would have been the first big hurricane in a long time to slam into those Coastal regions.

After years of hearing about this year possibly spawning a Hazel sort of storm I am beginning to believe this *might* be the year that the Atlantic Coast north of the Carolinas gets a hard hit.

Everywhere from Maryland to New England is overdue for some "coastal cruisers" not crusing by but picking the best spot for landfall.

A real old honest hurricane hitting Cape May and not Cape Fear wouldn't be pretty. How about the Potomac River or Atlantic City and the whole Philadelphia area getting hurricane force winds not just flooding and "Strong winds" and what would a storm stalled off the coast pushing winds and WAVES north towards the Long Island shore to and instead of it quickly flying like a bullet off to the ENE and only giving Long Island some nice breakers to watch.

Could this be the year the Mid-Atlantic to the New England area gets a hurricane of it's own to remember?

Time is running out in the "time will tell" scenario but I think this No Name Storm will leave a lot of forecasters up there worried about what this summer might bring.

And, as for Joe Bastardi... it may be fun to make fun of him but we all watch him and you never know when he will get it right and in this case right big time because if they do get hit .. he called it early on.

If not....oh Joe... we still love you for your football predictions.

As for me.......
I'm going to work. 3 mores days. Oh my .. lions and tigers and bears.. oh my.

Don't start with me today, you know that song.. "aint no one gonna bring me down, oh no.. "

Got a lot on my mind currently and it isn't all weather or the Redsox.

But........... they did win yesterday?
Try a victory dance next time, not a victory walk.

Dancing is always better ;)

Over and out.. Bobbi

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No Development of the Tropical Kind

A lot of strangeness going on but nothing tropical.

The system is spinning it's way across land bringing flooding rains to the Carolinas, Viriginia and never forget Mary Land.

Really a wet mess up there.

If the system gets back out over water it is something that needs to be watched.

The recon planes went in and found nothing.

Showers are still filling up the SW Caribbean and .............the wave is still out there approaching the islands. On some sites and loops it looks quite good and at other moments... it's not much to write home about but.. we keep watching.

It rained today. Poured. Lightning.

Sharon called me and found me at the Payless and asked me where I was and did I know that there was a tornado warning; a tornado was on the ground in Hialeah. She yelled at me to get back to the library fast. Weather warnings all the way from Portland Maine.

I walked across the street, some platic bag over my hed like a cape and felt like I was Dorothy without Toto.

When I got back to the library, slightly wet and back on the desk Toto showed up.

Who next? Peter Rabbit? Santa Claus?

May I say this to a certain person right about here:

What are you part Indian? Do you walk on little tippy toes.. one minute you were there, one minute you were somewhere else, pretending to look at reference books, standing way too close to the Stephen King reads poster and then two seconds later you were over there and then..........back again pretending to look something up. No words. None. Well, some.. a whole bunch I could use but I won't. Play your little games, I hope they give you a lot of pleasure. I can personally think of other ways to gain pleasure but hey.. to each his own and I'm a Southerner not a Yankee so (hahaha you are a Yankee hahaha giggling, giggling a lot) and never the twains shall meet as they say. Mark Twain that is.

So, give it your best shot. Go on.

Why don't you trot Mr. Ed in there later this week.. just canter him slowly past the circulation desk. Tinkerbell? Tonto? How about Barney?

Enjoy, temporarily rattled but not broken and will take chill pills with me for the rest of the week just in case little Green Martians from the Green Mountains land in front of the reference desk and ask where the casting call is..

3 more days. And, Poof.. I am out of there.

Actually the boat Brigadoon was nice but.. alas it was dry wood and out of water like some people I guess I know.

One thing saves you and only one thing.. my deep undying love for the stupid red sox.

Ps... if the guard or Ernie or that little Russian guy who has been hanging around attack you and pin you to the ground trying to keep me safe... remember you were warned.

Pss.. Sharon says Wells Beach is beautiful and that she's staying in Maine where any normal smart person should be in June

Special Tropical Disturbance Statement Issued - Off Carolinas

This was issued this morning at 7:30 a mere hour and a half after the 5am comments from the NHC said to check with the NWS for weather information.

What happened over there?
Don't know.

Franklin seemed bearish on development.
Stewart came on and seemed a bit more bullish.

Bet Landsea is having fun now..

Waiting to see what future developments the day has to hold.

Either way there is a ton of rain up along the Eastern Seaboard and a dangling front that is hanging, a strong high off shore in the Atlantic and a vortex trying to get it's act together and connect at the surface.

Also............there is a large area of reds and oranges down by the Yucatan near Western Cuba and I would think that will train it's way up this way.

Only one way for that moisture down under to go and worrying that people in South Florida are going get slapped from behind while watching off to their NE thinking they were saved from any named system bothering with them.

Not saying it will develop but am saying it could.
Anything with that much color and that traditional set up of two weak systems forming at the same time possibly happening ...should be watched.

Often there is something down by the Yucatan moving towards the NNE or NE towards a low pressure system parked off the Carolinas.

Watch and enjoy the show unfold.

As for me.. I'm going to go read my email. I've been waiting to enjoy it like one enjoys desert and a good cup of coffee ;)

Disturbance wording from NHC below:

730 AM EDT TUE JUN 27 2006





Rain Barrel Art Village - Overseas Highway

The proper way to drive down to Key West is to stop along the way and enjoy the bougainvillea and hibiscus. Enjoy the quaint little shops that look like fancy, artsy tourist traps. Enjoy the ads for used book stores and swap shops and flea markets that look like they are there all year round, and are but they are waiting for you always if you just slow down, drive off the highway and enjoy the Florida Keys.

There is no rush. Key West is always there. It has always been there and it doesn't even wake up until around Noon or late in the Afternoon. Unless you plan on watching the sunrise on the east side of Duval with a small Cuban Coffee or eating spicy fries and eggs at the Deli Restaurant on Truman... SLOW DOWN... enjoy the ride, and stop along the highway.

One place to stop is the Rain Barrel Artist Village. A quaint, beautiful collection of shops with expensive (but beautiful) art work with real local flavor and a nice Cafe tucked into the back with a hidden garden and a backdrop that should be used for any movie filming in this area. It is a moment of relaxation, heaven and beauty that could be enhanced if you have enough money to buy one of the little treats.

They have a ladybug nightlamp and tiffany lamps, shiny shellacked fish and sea glass hanging in balls of colorful, tropical colors to buy and take with on your travels further south.

I interviewed the owner of the Cafe about the hurricanes and he said..

You can't worry about a HURRAKAN saying it like he was just back from a trip to Havana. You live here.. they come.. they go... everything grows back. You have to enjoy life and if they come, they come and that is part of living here. You can't worry. Of course, he is closed during the height of the summer season as the tourists are gone and no one is buying his sweet salads and I'm wondering where he goes in the deep, dark, hot months of August. But, I am sure where ever it is .. it is more delightful because he is happy, content and in tune with the world around him.

People at the Rain Barrel (and other similar places along the way) have chased their dream or fine tuned their dream to be doing the things every day that other people only dream of. They may succeed, they may make money, they may fail but they are doing instead of dreaming and living in nature's most beautiful, tropical paradise in the continental United States. No "one day when I retire I would like to paint and have a little studio and..........." nope... they are painting now. Stop and buy something or even tell them how beautiful you think their work is and then meander over to the Garden Cafe, say hi to the Spanish gentleman behind the counter, sample a small coffee flavored chocolate or buy one of their tropical teas.

Sit a spell in the garden, take some pictures of yourself and your friends and then... drive on down the high way to Key West.

You won't miss anything by stopping and you will gain a vision into the world of the people who really live the dream of having a little artist place along the Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys.

You are on island time now.. and that means... go slow and enjoy the frangipani and the ponciannas blooming.

back to the tropics
something is about to go pop at the NHC.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Wave Mongering and Trying to Go To Sleep

Well.. just had to come on, look around and see what is really out there.

An area of unsettled weather down south of the Yucatan I have been watching.

Waves out in the Atlantic I have been watching.

Good posts on both boards as they rev up for the real start of the season.

You know the tune .. June too Soon. Well... would think by July 1st we will have something to track. reposted their definition of a Wave Monger by John who runs the site with his brother. So funny to read. Reminds me of the old, early days of tracking online when we had the funniest glossary of terms. Wave Monger being one of them.

It's one of many things you can find online at their site and know most the terms are used at and on other boards online. Their definition but a commonly used phrase.

Used when someone posts a post like,

"Wow, did you see that wave out around 35 hanging in there and moving west fast?"

(Everyone looks and sees a small cluster of clouds barely, fairly representative of something that might have once been a wave that rolled off of Africa.)

Some old timer posts a post next that says, "BigKahunaCycloneChaser: you are a wave monger. Breathe!"

(everyone laughs and someone soon points out that the NHC does it too!)

too funny, good post and some good follow ups..

As for me.. okay, I am at times a wave monger and I am guilty.

Hey, you have to feel for me. It's not football season yet, waves are wimpy and tracking is slow, the Keys were great but didn't see any waterpouts (I told him to go south down to the old balcony by the old NWS offices in Key West or at least Marathon and Big Pine but no.. Baby brother wanted to park somewhere and wait for the weather to come to him. Doesn't work that way. On the other hand.. had a nice time, nice drink, nice dinner, got two books in the used book store and some great pics of low hanging clouds over stormy Florida Bay Water. Don't cry for me here. But, it is slow..and I am trying desperately to russel up a Cane for the King of us weather people to make him happy.. maybe throw him a "fish" and have a dry run on a fishy storm.

To find out what a "fish storm" is.. look around and find out on the boards.

And... as for me, spoke to my daughter Dina who is on the road working her way west bound across America to a hippy festival. Her older brother and other siblings shaking their head I am sure. But, Dina is on the road.

And, I am going to sleep. Smarter, wiser and giggling from a cute letter from an old friend who is making me smile.. while waiting here for waves to develop out across the Atlantic.
Go head, watch the waves yourself.. feel free to monger :)

Definition below, found online at

Good night, going to sleep, giggling but going to sleep and maybe I will dream sweet dreams of Canes to the tune of Irish Eyes.. or whatever that song is called ;)

"CFHC Definition:

Wave Monger - 1. n. A hurricane tracker who pines for storms. Who sees every cloud over the ocean as a potential monster heading for land. Usually tropical waves that have not formed yet. Wave Mongers are usually seen more often in the early season. They deal in hype rather than facts. 2. v. The act of hyping up a storm way before it has even formed.

With that in mind, and nothing really brewing out in the Atlantic basin, and you spend more than 2 hours a week on, most likely you wave monger. That is OK, because we all do it from time to time. Tropical waves are hard to predict whether they develop into a system or just die out. Most everyone likes to challenge there predictions for the season, you can see that in a lot of users signatures. Its almost like an unspoken competition.
When nothing is imminent for the tropics we here at CFHC try to keep content updated on the site, and at least report on a cloud or 2. We try to keep the mongering down and make experienced observations of the tropics.

Watching the SW Carib and the Atlantic for development..

Bobbi's favorite site of the day and always.

Watching the SW Caribbean. Watching a wave in the Atlantic.
Not watching rainfall over Florida in late June.

Talking to my son on the phone from Israel, he is waiting to track there as well.

Everyone is waiting.

Meanwhile, going to take a long, hot shower or bath and think on the tropics later.

So much to do, so little time these days.

And yet... amused and enjoying talking to friends both old and new and...

just want to say one thing to a special someone of an untropical nature

Dear Crazy People/person,
Thank you for the .........what word can I use here to describe it?
The cute, cryptic interlude at work. The Non-tropical disturbance at my reference desk.

Thank you.
I needed that (not) and I am fine, not rattled and more interested in the Redsox than you.

Yes, I got all the references...
Stephen King
Stephen King
Stepen King
Red sox
Stephen King
People working for airlines
Stephen King
anything I am missing here??
Redsox (oh THAT part was good, rich... somehow made me think that Stephen and Ed have a lot in common. Long walks.
yadi yadi yadi, yada yada yada
etc, etc, etc

So...............if that is the best you can do...

na na na na boo boo and go find me a Cane, not a King but a Cane.

Go Redsox.
Wasn't all that amusing. Don't hurt your hand patting yourself on your back.
Glad y'all had fun. 4 more days to go and I am out of there and you can kiss public access goodbye.

You know that song.

Wave your little hand and whisper so long dearie, you ain't gonna see me anymore!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weather Chasing in the Keys Today - A developing wave tomorrow..

Just got back from the Keys where my brother and drove down to get some good pictures and do some weather chasing.

He called me up and told me that they were saying it was waterspout weather down there and he loves to take pics of waterspouts so... last minute grabbed a few things and went down to look around.

Drove through heavy rain, beautiful rain, all the way down. Around Key Largo we stopped, hung out, waited for some bands to pass, grabbed some cherries and nosh and drink and checked with Jim to see how far to go to see something and.. headed south.

Jim said to head south. We did. Not as far as Jim said because Ronnie only wanted to go so far. Somewhere my other brother Jay in Greece is cracking up dying of laughter.

It was great. I wore my black Hurricane City shirt over my jean skirt and my beaded sandals. Hey, you can take those little heels off and wade through a puddle a lot easier than dealing with sneakers. Ronnie stood there eyeing the lake we were wading through, I just went barefoot.. only ankle high but was fun, really fun.

We relaxed, we talked, we listened to country and Keys US1 Radio and stopped down at Table Top to get a great panorama view. Took some nice pics. Low, low clouds rolling in with a shower coming down all white and misty stirring up the water. A few hanging funnel clouds but nothing much to write home about.. not the real thing.

Ronnie got some great pics of pelicans in a marina in Islamorada where we stopped on the way back.

We stopped at the Rain Barrel and went in and looked at the local artwork. Stopped at the cafe and talked to the owner who I want to say is named Ernesto but not sure. I'll check my notes later and fill it in. Nice little Cafe with mostly vegetarian style fair, fresh salads and cute table tops to sit in the garden. Except it was pouring in the garden, the Hurricane City tee shirt was getting wet and we headed off somewhere else to pick up some food. That was good too but that's another post.

Nice pics, nice day, nice rainy weather.

I knew it wouldn't develop. Not today anyway. Maybe tomorrow but it's too close to the coast and really much to do about nothing.

On another front it poured at the house and the ceiling leaked a bit in one of the rooms that previously didn't leak. Darn. Double darn. Luckily my landlord, my sweet, funny, good landlord is in town. I love this house, don't want no problems.

We stopped on the way back and I got two really deep red colored crouton bushes with the twisted leaves. I know, I know.. croutons but hey.. I am enjoying the reminders of my childhood here in this house in Miami and it's so 1960s South Florida that I decided it NEEDED a few crouton bushes.

Otherwise................oh I love the Keys.

Otherwise..............models show something might be developing in the Atlantic east of the islands.

Check this out tomorrow and see if what I see late tonight is there tomorrow morning. Remnants of banding from a REAL tropical wave (not one of those quasi systems off the Florida coast) and if that banding is still there well.. it can intensify and well..............

Clark knows what I mean. He taught me. Sneaky little meteorologist that he is and he is always, always, always annoyingly right about things.

Lastly... be it known that I sat up tonight with my daughter Rivky and we watched Dirty Dancing. Really. Honestly. Twice. oh my goodness.. can you believe that.

And, I wrote an old friend.

Note to anyone reading this: If you ever get a beautiful love poem from a friend and you dont know what to do with it. Save it. It just might come in handy some day :)


Dina is traveling westbound on the way to Colorado. Highway 80, westbound on the way to some Hippy Concert. Mommy just traveled back from the Keys.

I wonder who she is talking to ...

Take care, be well, be happy and remember.. watch the weather and remember to dance in the rain.

Bobbi aka Lois aka Bobbi
Watch the wave...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Models Shmodels, Maybe it will and maybe it won't

You just never know with the models.

Tropical Atlantic Imagery shows...

Not a lot happening.

Nothing major or melodramatic for now.

South Carolina and North Carolina seem to be watching this too carefully for this to be a done deal Florida system if you ask me.

Meanwhile.. I still think the area ripest for real tropical development of the Stephen King kind is near the SW Carib. The upper air enviornment is more user friendly for something big to form.

Bahamas would be lite, a weather maker, a headline grabber but I think the models are overdramatizing personally.

They do this often in the early part of the season. It is as if they forget it's June and think "wow wow wow tropical development" sang to the tune of "danger, danger Will Robinson"

As for me.
I got me new clothes and I have to hit the road.

Shabbos Menu:
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
choice of yellow or brown rice
whatever vegetables I see in the store in 30 minutes that look fresh
gefilte fish, babaganush, chummus, cole slaw, salad, matbucha (google it)
challah, wine, drinks

maybe ill bake a banana cake

Having Fritz or Yitz or whatever his name is today over for Shabbos

Mendy is going to his "in laws" for the South American/Cuban Shabbos meal.. works for me.

Rest of the kids are home. I think. You never know.

Either way, Fritz and Yitz and I are home lol. Have to be nice to Levi and Dina's old roommates.

chow for now.. Bobbi
notice wording below... very iffy, about 3 yawns in there with big question marks written all over it.. either way from their wording it's obviously the only game in town today...

speaking of games.. go Heat :)

ABNT20 KNHC 230859
530 AM EDT FRI JUN 23 2006






Thursday, June 22, 2006

Possible Tropical Formation in the Bahamas


Models are playing with possible scenarios and despite the high sheer out there.. it seems to have a need to spin.

Watch the sats and the Tropical Update for any information about a system that could be forming and might possibly move across Florida. Some models say South and others say Brevard County.

Time will tell... keep watching.

Going to clean up the remnants of my shopping spree and get back down to earth.

The new cellphone I have allows me to listen to the FM radio. Besides listening to Kiss Country.. I figured when Channel 4 gives live updates on the FM band I can listen anywhere :)

Also... big find today at the Mall was the Hurricane Map at...........STARBUCKS.

My hurricane tracking map for my purse now has a Starbucks symbol out where usually there is a big TUTT spinning. Go figure..

Starbucks and Coffee, what a world.

I'll post later if the 11pm from the NHC has any firmer wording than the current one that raised eyebrows on weather boards across the internet.

Bobbi Bought a Bra... Finally

The saga continues.....

Finally, at long last after all the errands and never making it to work...

Bobbi bought a bra.

Three actually.
A black one.
A beige/nude one.
An ice blue, baby blue... oh come on you know the color of the tuxedo from the prom blue.

A red ruffled shirt.
A cute black V neck tee.

A small compact black purse.
A purse at Victoria Secrets that has spray, body oil, body wash and conditioner on sale...

You know the sale.

2 mini black mascara's for my purse (.99cents each)
lipstick Steven would approve of ($2.50)

3 small dark chocolate postage stamp wafers at Godiva Chocolate ... only ate 1 and didn't buy white chocolate)

Drank black Gulfstream coffee from Starbucks.

Bobbi.. spent money.
Bobbi.. is posting from her son's Apple Store in the Mall.
he says you are NOT allowed to take pics in here
oops.. I wanted one of him at work.

Visited her soon to be ... maybe one day daughter in law at her boutique (Anika)

Bobbi had lunch.

See Bobbi read. See Bobbi write.

Bobbi got the radio attachment earphones for her new phone and got it set up at the Cingular booth because..
the men there are nice and I don't want to spend any more time online with Cingular ever in this life time or on the phone

Bobbi got her new phone turned on, the old one turned off.

Sent papers out that needed to be done.

And... didn't do anything else that was supposed to get done because...

Bobbi needed a break. Bobbi needed to spend the money that her son Levi sent her as a "fathers day present" as Bobbi is raising the kids alone without any financial support or otherwise from their father so.. so he said I get the present.

I was supposed to use it to go to Key West but well.....Key West is far away and I don't want to go to Key West alone anymore.

Bobbi is looking for some nice guy who wants to go to Key West with her..

Bobbi is going off now. Going to go to work for a few hours (maybe if they want me) and...

Tomorrow.......maybe........the Tropical Weather Update ala Bobbi will be back.

Today is a V day.

Oh..and the lady at Starbucks gave me the little blue bowl to keep because it had no price, had candy in it, the candy was gone and she said I should take it as a present.

Cool beans huh?

Love ya all..

Life is short.. every once in a while you have to pull a Ferris Bueller's Day off and go with it.

chow for now
not so tropically topical Bobbi :)

All I Learned I Learned From My Boyfriends.. (nothing tropical going on)

Tropical Discussion based upon satelitte imagery:

lastly... look at the Atlantic, no green dot or blue link

Nada, zippo, nothing going on tropical

so if you are only interested in tropical musings
please click off and go elsewhere

The City :)
or the cyclonic discussions on
or learn the links at


The rest of this is going to be mine

Or as my landlord says: Me, Myself and I of which I think at this point I can safely say he is the better part of the 3.

I have decided that everything in life I have learned I have oddly learned from my boyfriends. Old ones as I don't possess one at the moment. I possess possibilities but nothing more and nothing less.

I often feel like Ginger in Gilligan's Island when she would say, "I played the part of a _____________" once and that gave her it seems great confidence to believe she could be a ____________ and wear whatever cute, tight, form fitting costume the script called for on any given week.

I haven't had that many real love of my life boyfriends but I have had many boys in my life. Many men that were special to me and that I was involved with on some level, be it physical, emotional or spiritual that left a deep and everlasting impression.

Where I would be without those boys? Who knows. Leading a quieter more normal life I am sure.

As I told the nice lady from Cingular yesterday on the phone. She lives in Toronto. She said "near the Niagra Falls" so I said, the Canadian side or American. I mean come on... was clearly outsourced to an English speaking place. I told her, "if a nice, cute, sweet, honest man comes along and isn't the smartest, wittiest fellow on the block... grab him. Enjoy him. Smart, witty and good looking is not all it's cracked up to be." Or as an old boyfriend of mine told me once, "Bobbi, what you really need in life is some nice dumb goyishe guy" and he was probably right as deep down I am nothing but a redneck at heart who would love to be sitting on the porch, watching the clouds, barefoot drinking a beer at the end of the day with someone I love. It's sort of a strange fantasy but it's mine. MINE. Shooting the breeze about sports, the weather and life or just enjoying being alive. That is my fantasy. That is my dream guy. That is my dream life. You throw in a peaceful 24 hour period of Shabbos that allows me to live the rest of the hectic week and I would be in hog heaven. Or ... beef heaven. Fish heaven? Any heaven.

But... I have learned so much from the men in my life. Men are in so many ways so much better to be friends with than women. IF they don't like you.. they won't waste their time with you. They rarely talk to you to find out what anyone else is wearing to some party that you don't even want to go to... And, you can shoot the breeze about life and hang vs listening to someone give a 20 minute pitty party and kvetch why Lulu get's all the guys and tell you that it's because all guys care about are breasts and say that really angry like while staring angrily at your breasts making you want to explain that girls with breasts have brains too and or... cross your arms across your ample chest and sink slowly into the carpet wishing you hadn't run into Mona who is moaning about men vs moaning... just well.. Really, men are much more fun to be friends with and when they stare at your breasts.. they don't do so with anger or jealousy. You see?

Oh lord, why am I writing this?

Because I STILL need to go to the mall and by a bra and I can't get time off. Actually, I need more than a bra. I need "Pure Seduction" spray and I want to see what other stuff might be on sale at Victoria Secrets. IF they don't have anything I need or can use.. I can go to JC Penney's and they have half a floor of nothing but bras. I think that is my biggest fear in life.. not getting lost in a corn field but getting lost in JC Penney's lingerie department. I'm short. I can't see over those stands and after a while every bra display looks the same and all the Double Ds are always at the back of the racks so you have to go deeper and deeper and the cute colorful As and Bs fall off on the floor, the weird saleslady is giving you glaring looks and you can't remember which is buy two and get one free or buy one and get one half price. It all becomes a pastel blur of cups and nylon and lace and ... it's scary, trust me. At least Victoria Secrets smells better.

Sometimes by the way.. Victoria Secrets sells music and they are beautifully put together for your listening pleasure.

Anyway... I have learned:

The end of the Amidah prayer has the most beautiful paragraph that is often used in Jewish song. I learned this because when we were very young Richard looked up to me while listening to a record and smiled broadly and said, "this is the.... from ..." and to this day when I get to that part of the tefillah (prayer) I smile broadly and think of Richard.

When I am in a quandary and need to make a decision that is somewhat sneaky or pragmatic I think of Joe, Joseph.. Snoopy who is now the Mayor and I should call him up and say hi. But, there is Joe, standing in the middle of Honors English on his imaginary soapbox arguing with me if the ends justifies the means or not. Well, I think we agreed but we still argued because well.. what else do you do in Honors English when you would rather talk and discuss politics with your friends than do the work which we already knew anyway. I think Joe being the mayor works because without his legal help the mayor of Miami a few years back wouldn't have been the mayor so..what goes around comes around. Note to Bobbi: email Joseph.

I've learned from Stuart to think on two levels.. long term, short term.

I've learned alot. I have much to learn.

I wonder why I never learned who John Galt was way back when because deep down I could probably use that lesson most in life today.

And.. I learned from one of the best weathermen in the business to watch the death star satellite site and to go in close to look at small cells exploding inside bigger bands (even though for forecasting track he should really pay more attention to the water vapor loop) and well, I learned more than anyone can imagine about tropical weather. Thank you "you know who" from me to you.

Yup. Men...

You got to love them. They go after what they want, they put their needs first, they aren't afraid to blow their own horn and they are not jealous of women's breasts or her brains as long as she brings them a cold beer and let's them watch their favorite team on TV.

Men have their priorities straight.

And, they look cute in jeans and an open shirt.
I'll wear the high heels and Candies... and I'll keep my shirt buttoned.

And... now I am going to get my butt out of here. Go brave the bra safari at the mall, mail a package to someone and use a smudge stick to clean the spirits of the children who have been sitting here for a few weeks glued to the computer and TV. I sent them to camp today, day camp, away camp, out of here camp.

Going to put on Jimmy Buffett or Willie Nelson, take a shower, purify the house and find a bra to go replace.

Learning more about John Galt and looking for that simple, redneck guy who wants to watch the sunset with me, beer in hand, barefoot who doesn't have a cow because I want to keep shabbos also. If he likes to dance in the rain... even better.

Additional links if you are lost The Official Site of Victoria's Secret
Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Store Key West (always good) (learn how to daven)
Native American Indian arts and crafts, jewelry, music, leather, books, smudging, and ceremonial supplies on line! (cedar smells sweetest) Road to Africa meets Superman and find out how Lex Luthor may win the girl :)

PS :) The Heat may have won the championship.. but the Redsox won big last night against! GoSox!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CMC Model Develops Something? Weddings and the HEAT


Tropically: CMC model possibly develops something. The discussion is below but after you decode it.. basically says that something might develop and hit Florida in a few days. A possibility, a mere one but a possibility. Important to watch future model runs and see what they do and if any other models jump on the proverbial bandwagon.

Also..shows timing is somewhat sketchy in this model run.

Watch the area east of Florida for possibly development.

Right..just when I was going to firm up plans for going down to Key West.


In other areas of my life..

I danced for 4 hours, four... last night at Laz's son's wedding. I know they served chicken because I ripped a few pieces off and thought..this is good and then... realized later it was gone. Not sure what the side dishes were. Buffet was good, soup and salad was good... what I had of chicken was good and some incredible Israeli Merlot that I had a lot of... You need that if you are going to dance for 4 hours.

They gave score updates at the end and when the Heat won everyone went crazy.

Okay..we were already crazy but this was so cool. Sruly and Adina Laz got married while the Heat were winning the championship.

Yes..danced with my daughter Miriam. She was so beautiful last night and always.

And..........well let me put it this way.. Mary and Magda got soused and boogied all night. We all had fun, was wonderful beyond words.

Enjoy the happy times.. we missed Devorah Leah a lot. She died two years ago, Laz's beautiful daughter and my close friend. But... last night was a night for love, laughter, dancing and happiness... and we were happy :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Houston Hit By Torrential Rains

Houston - Torrential Rains. Not Tropical but torrential

So the lesson to be learned here today everyone is:

Expect the unexpected and you will never be surprised.

It's not the storm you expect to hit you.. it's the torrent you didn't expect. The one that sneaks up behind you and runs you over.

There you are wondering on the tropics in Houston. Looking in the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe the Bay of Campeche. Even possibly down in the Florida Straits to see what might blow your way around the large high pressure system anchored out them when...

Wham.. from behind this landcane anchored over your area spins so much that your town becomes flooded and people bored on hurricane message boards take to posting radar sites from Houston.

You just never know when you will be surprised.

It is the method of the beast..

Houston is prone to flooding from both tropical sources and not so tropical. My brother lived in Houston back about ten years ago and he was driving home one day along his favorite back road path when the bayou came up to meet him. Before he knew it, there was a wave about to wash over his dashboard. He pulled his car up onto a sort of nearby hill; next to all the other parked flooded cars and the lady who owned the house let him use the phone to call for help. Told him it happens all the time. Old timers know not to drive "through there" when it rains heavy. I imagine... that street is flooded today.

Either way it is a lesson to remember.

Often I think of the irony it would be to have some city like Charleston be hit by a massive earthquake during the peak week of the Hurricane Season. Could happen. Has in the past.

A book tells the story about the past but no crystal ball tells the story about what could, would happen if Charleston was to be hit this hurricane season by not a hurricane but an earthquake.

1886. Relatively recent history when you consider the story of the earth. Happened then. Will happen again.

Something to think on while you sit here wondering about this hurricane season and what it will bring.
City of Heroes, By Richard N. Cote. (found it online.. didn't read it.. would like to)

So... instead of flooding from a predictable June storm. Houston gets flooded either way, any way and does it matter if you have to deal with clean up issues while worrying on what the Hurricane Season of 2006 will bring later this year...

It's never the torment you expect.. it's the storm you don't expect.
Remember that.

As for me.........
I watched a beautiful, classical silver lining frame a thunderhead posed dramatically across my eastern sky this morning. I watched out my new windows on the world as this big, dark, gray thunderhead built it's way magically high in the sky and a small sliver of silver framed it like something out of a picture postcard.

It rained. Briefly. Good.. I don't have to go water my new frangipani trees I planted in my yard. Ripped a few branches off the old ones in my old backyard for this yard.

I gave in notice yesterday at my job and start a new chapter in my life later this summer IF no 1926 sort of storm washes away my new place of employment. Hey, I can always move to Sharon in Maine, sit by the lighthouse and write poetry like another poet a long time ago. Worked for him, could work for me. Beautiful, especially when it's cloaked in the snow.

So... still amazed that I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal next to William Gray and Max Mayfield not to mention Whizkid Phil Klotzbach who is the new weather, wonder, wizard on the block in the world of meteorology. There, in the spot usually reserved for Chris Landsea right underneath William Gray was ... Bobbistorm. I STILL have my head turned sideways smiling over that one.


It is Tuesday. I have a wedding to go to. A wedding for Dr. Laz's son and my friend Batya's daughter. They are getting married. Years later they are still together. They fell in love, grew up, stayed together and are getting married tonight in Dr. Laz's backyard before we all go to one of my favorite places to party.. Temple Moses and party hardy we will.

Party today we could be shopping for hurricane supplies tomorrow.

As for me..
Fast round up

Red sox won last night.

I am learning about the soccer finals here in Miami. You can't go in a store without seeing it on a TV somewhere. The sales of TVs must have sky rocketed through the ceiling this week down here. The lady in the Argentinean bakery where I was getting a Cuban Coffee explained to me how it works to the best of her knowledge. Goes on and on in what makes the March Madness look like preseason football. A naked woman in red stiletto heels could have walked in and ordered an egg salad and hearts of palm sandwich (their specialty) and walked out and not one man would have even noticed. All eyes glued to the soccer games. Miami in June. June too soon for Miami but not too soon for soccer.

And, the Heat playoffs... oh wow. The city is crazy about the heat. I should wear red to the wedding tonight and bring my smallest weather radio or sit and peak at my sidekick for the score.

And... waiting for my new cell phone to come and replace the old one. I think the reason I waited so long to replace it is that my old cell phone was the same phone as my old boyfriend (I used to use his charger all the time, you know..) and sort of makes me feel like it's really over using a different phone. Well, it is over. Been almost a year. And, I need a new phone. I'll try this one and if I don't like it I will give it to my kids... and get another one.

Actually.. I need a new boyfriend.

That being said...
My favorite links of the day (and always) are as follows:

Despite all the fancier sites out there.. I still love these.

Next favorite site of the day:
I need a new bra. Actually, my 14 year old needs a new bra. Maybe I'll take her. Actually, probably all my girls need new bras. We are very into Victoria Secrets in this house.

And, lastly..................
What would life be like without Barnes and Nobles?

I think I will go over... look through Mr. Know It All on Global Warming's book that I won't buy and even my library won't buy because it's too expensive. My boss said any book on hurricanes that cost so much is an "academic journal" more than a book that the regular patron would want to read. Fine with me. I can sip a sugar free caramel macchiado and read through it at Barnes and Noble while checking out this gem recommended to me online.

(did that work? can you see a picture? still learning here)

Alentejo Blue by Monica Ali

I still want to go to there... and the Azores.

Dr. Gray got to see the Azores.. why not me?

Until then...
I'm going to watch the models on the Bahama Blob that my own hurricane specialist says I should watch (he wasn't quoted in the Wall Street Journal but he's been quoted elsewhere I am sure) and I am going to go bra shopping and I may continue to browse through Ayn Rand and try to figure out the answer to a very old question.

Who is John Galt?

And, more so.. why didn't I figure out who was John Galt when I was 16 and that sweet boy used to bug me about him?

Answer to this and none of my secrets but all of my tropical madness will be revealed in the next chapter of my blog..

chow for now
Ps.. if you need me you can find me at or shopping for bras or books on my morning off

Monday, June 19, 2006

Wow. Wall Street Journal.

Found myself today quoted on the Wall Street Journal.

I was quoted and I didn't even know it.

I should google myself more often.

I was helping someone at work and showed them how to google their screen name.

Wow. There I was. Between William Gray and Max Mayfield ..

Funny. Nice. Thanks.. whoever it is that reads my blog or googles me.

Funny thing is that I figured out the answer to my fortune cookie riddle.

A while back I got a fortune cookie that said.. "you will soon meet someone you admire"

Silly me.. I didn't think it meant romantically .. I figured it meant.. "hero" and oddly I realized that I pretty have met or know everyone I admire.

Well.. I didn't ever officially meet Neil Frank.

I've been to the Hurricane Center and met a lot of important people. I have met most people I respect in other ways. I'm not a big star freak like "movie star" and there aren't any big politicians I admire ..sadly...these days.

I thought on it.. maybe Billy Wagner :)

Who would do me if I met them? Willie Nelson? Maybe.

Realized to meet and talk to Jimmy Buffett would be cool. Really cool.

Truth is.. I was there when he started way back at the FLICK in Coral Gables. Used to go with my boyfriend and watch him perform. Saw him a few years back somewhere and realized it was him.

Why do I admire him? He has made a career out of being Jimmy Buffett. He is an original. Living life the way he wants and recording his thoughts through songs.

He is the original blogger of music. His songs tell the story of his life, his dreams, failures and many fantasies.

Jimmy Dreams...

Red Sox fan and weather fan and he loves Key West..

Anyway..nothing much happening tropically although there are some rumblings on models.

The 5pm Tropical Update had more words than usual so something is possibly happening. Can you imagine if I wrote it? lol.

I gave notice today at work. Two weeks. Starting a new job in July. In a library and close enough to the Ocean that if there is a storm out there I can walk over on my lunch break and watch the waves come onshore.

My brother Jay is coming in from Greece this July and I'll see him for the first time in a long time.

My son Shuky is in Israel watching the tropics and posting online.

And.. I am on record with the Wall Street Journal as to my thoughts on the 2006 Hurricane Season..

Time Will Tell

So, so true.

Making dinner. One daughter wants tuna pasta, one son wants hamburgers, one daughter told them both to get up off their expleted parts of their bodies and cook it themself cause Mommy is tired :)

Great kids.. so independent and spunky.

ABNT20 KNHC 192127
530 PM EDT MON JUN 19 2006







Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer Sunday

A slow day in the tropics. One of my favorite tropical friends is away crusing around the Yucatan.

My youngest son is at his older brother's for Father's Day. My youngest daughter used that as a chance to spend some quality alone time with Mommy. Barnes and Noble and dinner at the Pita Place afterwards. She treated.

My close friend Z came to visit with her baby Avi. So cute. So darling. Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh.. Holding a baby in my arms again.

Somehow I feel like that baby is almost mine. Like one of my sisters or daughters had a baby. Not like usually when I don't feel I could grab a baby and bounce him around but Avi Baruch... was mine for the grabbing. Sweet baby. Like his mommy. Vocal too! So good to see Zelaya, so wonderful. Hope she gets the hell out of Georgia and back home here. I'm selfish today.. tough luck.

And... am going to rest... going to relax...going to write and think and okay not rest and relax.

My life is so nuts. Taking all sorts of chances these days. Did something this morning I can't believe I did.

And, that is that.

A lot of drama I am not going into as it does not relate to the tropics and this time of year..

We try to stay topical on the tropical.

Oh..well I did read a few articles in peer reviewed journals on debates between various meteorologists over Shabbos. Anyone who knows me knows ...where I stand and with whom. The debate goes on. The jury is out.

Stay tuned.. Bobbi

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday - Fast and Furiuosly

I don't have much time and have to get dressed and out of here fast.

So... here goes

First off. Real post. Real reason for posting today as Beryl is nowhere to be seen and Chris is (smiling) obviously tapping fingers on a keyboard somewhere according to Jim. Maybe that will stir up the tropics knowing Chris is ready and waiting to go down in infamy or rather history.

Someone on HurricaneCity made a very nice site and put in a lot of work on keeping track of all of us (which is no easy job) and they have a Random Thoughts place on their website.

So true what they say, so true.
History repeats itself always, just the way it works.
If something has happened.. it will most likely happen again.
If something happens once...for the first time..suddenly it happens again soon.
Some whole conspiracy theory on time and events, synchronicity and butterfly wings

Truth is... IF Alberto hadn't battled shear it might have come in as a much stronger system and taken an area unaware.

Hurricane Opal is one of those storms everyone almost forgot because while people everywhere were debating on whether or not OJ would be found guilty or not...Opal was exploding in the NW Gulf of Mexico at a time late in the year when most people move on and stop worrying on hurricanes. Infact, I would venture to say many didn't even know it hit because they were far away and fixated on OJ.

After 911 a hurricane hit. I talked about this the other day with Hurric or rather he talked to me. I was tired from work and the heat. He was right..very right. Sort of the storm that time forgot.

Anyway, back to Tampa Bay.. they are right.

Why do we build at the water's edge when we know a Cat 5 can come and slam our world?

I say because we are mesmerized by the ocean, the water, the tides, the colors but to think a hurricane will go around us because we have bought a home or built a multi-million dollar tower there.. wrong.

My great uncle bought 3 lots on Anna Marie island and it is no more than a sand spit, sliver of land that now has beautiful homes and high priced property on it. One day it will be easily washed over in a hurricane. And, people think I am crazy for wanting to live in Key West. Okay.. when he was young, said Great uncle lived in Key West during the height of the cigar boom..1880s. Boy, what he saw and who he met. I wonder if he ever met Francisco.. I wonder a lot on the past but it was far away and a different lifetime. Not my lifetime.

Anyway, where I was...

Tampa Bay... so ready and ripe for the picking as hurricanes go..

As for me here

a) lol jeff wrote back. nice, old friend who i had wondered where he had gone to
b) i have to go shopping for dinner tonight and tomorrow, simple shabbos fare
c) i have to do so many things, yawn.. dont want to
d) do i keep the new sexy platform heeled sandals or not?
e) who is eating here tonight, do i know
f) i need to order the phone before this one dies
g) i have to wake Mendy... correction I did wake Mendy
h) i have to go to key west.. would love to sunday but think i will on a weekday
i) remember to take everything i take and get out of here
j) jim.. jim.. am sure i was supposed to get back to jim. Oh... yes, the notes from the 50th Anniversary from Hurricane Research and D..

oh regarding J..
I watched that CD from their Reunion the other day, really watched it as opposed to just flipping through it. Awesome.

Unreal awesome. I should post on it while it is slow.

The most amazing collection of photos of old storms, old planes that went into storms, people who tracked and flew into storms.. like watching history come alive before your eyes.

Gray, Sheets and Frank back in the early 60s and earlier.

Let me tell you..Neil Frank was one very handsome man in 1960. Young man.

And... some of the more recent photos of some of the more recent guys were great too.

Funny collection of shots of everyone asleep.. while the plane was flying, driving to the plane, etc... cute. People have a real sense of humor and real heart at the Hurricane Center. Real people doing real things that they love and are dedicated to..

And, an amazing Ode of Love to Joanne Simpson and her work over the years.. her life should be made into a movie, it's so inspirational.

YIKES.. I have to get out of here.

Late, late, late for what's left of my work week.

Anyone reading this.. check out Fire's site

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Heat Won! redsox lost Life Goes On

Well.. the Heat won. The series is tied up.

Redsox lost.. hard game to watch. I could hear my son Zalmy rooting for them in the living room.. one out left and he hoped they would tie the game. Sigh. Yeah, I know. Protect your heart. Protect your heart. Sage advice if I was able to locate the sage better I might listen.

I'm not good at protecing the heart. As a cute Ojibwe guy once told me. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Sweet, observant man.

A wave in the Caribbean but it's not yet worth writing home about. I do think it has a chance to blow up a bit in 2 days time. Another wave nearing the islands still has skeletal structure to it and possibilities.

I read a lot. I learned a little tonight. Both on and off line.

I have something I want to read that an old friend wrote and need my brain for processing. My brain is mush tonight. Mushy mushy.

I should go to sleep.

Again I don't listen well to the sage of "protect your heart" (giggling)

Going to go to bed.

Not going to obsess or write a redundantly long post.

When hurricanes form globally in all basins in the same year I will take global warming more seriously. This is not to say I don't believe we aren't doing damage to the enviroment. I just think there is more to weather than meets the eye. More to Climate than one or two decades.

More to weather people than just dancing in the rain. And, people at the NHC do more than twiddle their thumbs and tap their keyboards. What exactly? I wouldn't speculate. But everyone needs some down time occaisionally, in a few weeks they won't be able to remember what their name is or what shirt they are wearing.


Waiting for Beryl or another day in the discussion on Global Warming

The moment there isn't anything going on in the tropics the debate begins anew.

Every day is a new debate.

Global Warming.

Theory, reality, a Cult Like movement of Doomsday Scientists or a Con to get $$$ for funding ... a Stephen King Horror movie or a plot by Lex Luthor?

Time will tell. Of course many of us will not be here to hear it sing but it will tell the tail.

Climate is weather over a long time.

If you want to call it Weather Change that's fine... we are going through a period of weather change. But, will it last ten years, twenty years or hundred years or more.

Don't know.

Maybe next year will bring a Monster El Nino and that will be the new topic on the block.

Let's see..

If we wanted to rate things on a scale or what would you REALLY worry over...

Where would you rate the Canary Islands possibly disapeering into the sea in our lifetime (possible) and causing a gigantic wave that doesn't like New York?

Or... Aids in Africa killing tens of thousands of people.. millions?

Try googling:

Aids in America
New Madrid Fault
1926 Hurricane

Or any possible disasters you could imagine that will or could occur this year, later this year or tomorrow.

Personally.. I think Global Warming is far down the list of things that will kill someone in my life time.

How to stop polluting the earth? That I could discuss endlessly.

Bringing our troops home from Iraq.. give me room.. I will write endlessly.

Truth's headlines fade away under the glare of tomorrow's headlines.

And, they fade fast.

The talk on GW won't disapeer from the message boards until we have Beryl out there or... a Cat 3 Cane on the maps.

So many theories.

Time will tell.

But, there is a lot of money being given to study global warming to scientists who are screaming about it and that money could also go to Cancer Research, Earthquake Research or Aids research... very threatening real things.

more later...

Ordered Sushi for dinner for the kids.. we are a global family at least in eating habits.

Too hot in Miami to even think about spell checking. Wearing a tank top, a long loose jean skirt and going to jump back in the water in a few hours... Yes, it is hot, hot, hot but it is also summer and if you don't like the heat.. Move to Maine!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nothing Left to Say

I blogged on My Space.

Nothing left to say and don't want to say anything I'd regret.

Alberto has moved on. Everyone is looking SE towards the waves in the Atlantic to see Beryl.

The day was long, the day was hot, and I am not
a happy camper.

Stay tuned, as Scarlett used to say .. Tomorrow is another day!


Tropical Wave Coming off of Africa... Is it Beryl?

Doubt this will be the next named storm. Think Beryl is lurking elsewhere. Closer in but well.. wow... someone sent me this to look at and well...........

Considering I have learned most of what I know from this specific CREEP.. I wouldn't count it out.

Meanwhile... Alberto is coming ashore with beautiful banding howing up on the radar and would imagine those cells will really pop around 3pm somewhere across the state of florida.

God I hate creeps. I hate Superman and there was a lot to be said for Lex Luthor.

watching TWC and opening up 2 weeks worth of house mail

Wish I was in Cedar Key.. looks like a beautiful place to be today.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Tropical Storm Alberto Bears Down on Cedar Key

I listened to Jim's program tonight. He was as always excellent. Full of facts and figures and information that he collects, accesses and uses when a storm is hitting. I don't think people realize or appreciate how much work goes into his collection and compilation of data.

And... in the end, what is most fun is sitting back and listening to him be Jim. Sat here smiling, shaking my head as he tried to remember which alien from Star Trek that Max Mayfield reminds him of... So Jim. So funny. So real.

And... watched the storm on TWC on mute and made notes on things I am doing ... like practising my Russian.

As I am watching strong cells are popping up all over. And we aren't talking BANDS of rain, we aren't talking eye walls, we are talking fast pop up cells that show up on the radar RED and can contain dangerous weather that can hit at any time while you are sleeping thinking the storm is far away from you hitting somewhere else.

It's storms like this that make me want to beg people to buy Weather radios with alarms so that you can be warned in the middle of the night if such red cells pop up near you and a warning is posted.

Storms like this only take a few cells possessing twisters to get the name Alberto finally retired. You don't need to be hit by a strong eye wall to have death tolls climbing from some trailer park hit at 4 am as Alberto makes landfall far away from your trailer park.

So..that is why I am staying up at Midnight watching TWC... reading posts online and here blogging.

And, today I realized what Jim and others know so well. I am a Hurricane Addict. A junkie. A weather fanatic.

Weather Lover is too weak a term..

What people don't understand about those of us who track is...

It's an ongoing learning process. It's very cerebral and very gut based at the same time.

We are processing information as it comes in and and talking to eachother in real time mode. We are constantly rethinking, reevaluating, formulating new ideas and running the models back and forth in our minds while we are talking in the way that Chess masters play chess on 3 level boards.

For some... it's a gambling mentality at work. Constantly replaying mathematical equations in our heads.

For others... it's watching history walk it's way across a hurricane map you brought home from your local grocery store. Will this storm today be like the one that hit Miami in 26 or the one that buried the islands off the coast of Savannah killing 100s or people or perhaps... blow up like the 1935 storm did as it bore down onto the fragile chain of islands known as "the Florida keys"

We are watching history, we are playing a mental game, we are problem solving and testing our solutions like Jr. Scientists about to win a blue ribbon at the local county fair.

We are friends. Sometimes close friends.

We think alike and we enjoy the same things.

And, we all have numbers scribbled on papers or bills or any piece of paper sitting by or we have by accident typed into some email (or blog) cords of longitude and latitude and we all love the sky, the clouds, the wind in our face and messing up our hair and deep down we are all kids again having fun shooting the breeze with on another.

And, on days when a Named Storm is within a few hundred miles of our city.. and the wind picks up and the rain starts to fall we take off for the beach to watch the waves come on shore.

a Weather Addict... a real weather junkie.. admitting it here on my blog.

And...despite what TWC says on it's new commercials... I'd say the Hurricane Experts are sometimes not on TWC but on and other sites online. You read, you get to know who knows what and you realize you are working with real experts... degrees or no degrees. Not everyone has the chance, opportunity or need to go to college and get a degree in something.. doesn't mean you can't be an expert.

Alberto Close to Hurricane Strength

Alberto moves rapidly towards the West Florida Coast.

Possibly coming in on the low side of the cone and stronger than expected by many.

Possibly and that will be confirmed by the 8pm update that will have the new information from the Recon planes that are now in the storm.

This is one of those storms that if you ask 7 people you get 9 opinons.

The message boards all insist he is:
losing his center
not going over warm enough water to intensify much
going to intensify due to catching the trof and moving with the front (trof)
finding a new center closer to Tampa
on track with NHC projection
far to the south of NHC projection
falling apart
about to become a hurricane

Time will tell as Jimmy sings and time will tell sooner rather than later as he is moving towards the coast now.

For my part.. looks to me it is going more ENE than NE.. even at times north of East but it could be an illusion.

Will see.. either way, he is one heck of a start.

Note: If he comes in lower there will be more rain across a wider area and a stronger chance of Tornadoes over the Florida peninsular. Especially if you look at the long tail that is developing that will feed moisture up throughout Florida from the SW to NE which is an indicator of possible twister activities.

Hang on.. it's going to a bumpy ride and still think this storm could become a hurricane before landfall. Will see..

Tropical Storm Alberto Strengthens to 50 mph

Tropical Storm Alberto strengthen last night as it moved ever closer to the West Coast of Florida. Right on track with landfall (after it's brief detour) as the NHC had predicted.

This storm has been textbook, classic all the way. Classic in that it is a weak tropical storm that formed at the base of an old frontal trof.

And, it is one tough cookie. It has fought shear for most of it's life and kept on going. Got to respect a storm like that.

An old tracker taught me that. Well, he wasn't so old when he taught me that but he's a lot older now. And, I have learned from him tons .. tropically speaking.

Never turn your back on a fighter.. and Alberto is a fighter.

Planes on their way now... Alberto was not downgraded despite predictions of it's demise last night across the web and on late night weather reports. The wind speeds are up... he has concentrated a lot of his rain and I would say that like a good full back trying to jump over the line and get into the endzone.. just before landfall he will tuck his head down and go in and across the endzone with one big wet wallop.

Rule to remember in the tropics.. never turn your back on a fighter system.

Waiting for the data from the planes but watching Alberto spin. And, that blow up of convection in the SW corner was one of the keys to it's strengthening.

As for me.. I am a girl in search of Cuban Coffee this morning.

Going to work..

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Is Alberta Tracking NE? Recon and trackers wondering

Seems to me that so far Alberto hasn't followed the game plan and I think it may move more NE or even ENE in the near future rather than the path up to the Florida Panhandle.

Every passing hour I think this is Tampa's storm to deal with.. at least as a rain maker but even a mild TS can be a real wake up call. Tampa or just north of Tampa.

So far the way I see it there is strong high pressure and dry air to the west of the storm.. and to the NW of the storm... the ongoing rains to the east of the storm have created a weakness and a possible path back towards Florida as rains associated with Alberto are creating a path of lower pressures for the storm to follow.

Could happen.. it's a weak system. Anything can tip the scales in such a set up.. even rains from Alberto.

Oops.. forgot the links of Alberto

Sorry bout that.. not sure where my mind is..

Click here:
visible... tightly wound system
even if not real colorful
color image.. one of my favorite

too many images straining my brain :)

Oops.. forgot the links of Alberto

Sorry bout that.. not sure where my mind is..

Click here:
visible... tightly wound system
even if not real colorful
color image.. one of my favorite

too many images straining my brain :)

Tropical Storm Alberto

Tropical Storm Alberto formed today in the Gulf of Mexico.

A little camera shy but you can see it best on a visible satellite.

Here is a great color image of the whole area.
Note that although the colored mass of rain is far from the center it is closer to the center than it was yesterday and more defined.

The Keys are getting bands of rain, thin, dark, red bands.. vs the green mass of tropical rain that was showing up yesterday over a broader region.

Models vary though most are in agreement that it will zoom zoom over with a hard right turn to the West Coast of Florida.

Either way... which ever way it goes... you can definitely make out the center of circulation.

That would be that hole in the middle of the swirls... a minimal Tropical Storm but nothing to laugh at as it is over warm water and if the shear doesn't strengthen.. it could develop some before it hits land.

As for me.. here in rainy, quiet Miami... I'm listening to Willie sing ...

Cowboys are harder to love... great song... Mama don't let your babies grow up to cowboys... don't let them pick guitars and drive those old trucks.

Here's to the cowboys of HurricaneCity :)

NW 9
45 mph (i guessed that, really ask my friend)

He ain't wrong, he's just different...

later, Bobbi
Named Storm Day #1 and counting of the 2006 Hurricane Season..

Saturday, June 10, 2006

11PM NHC Sticks to the Game Plan

And, they are the best players in town.

The 11pm sticks with the original center (despite the chatter in other places on a different center forming possibly to the south) and has TD ONE at 23.4 86.2.

Notes that there is strong weather in a few bands and Cuba is getting pounded.

Love this.. I do. Just so much mental work that goes on in tracking and discussing.

My son sent me a message on showing me a track from Floyd. Similar but different time of year. That was October. This is June. But, similar in location and intensity. From Israel... with love, tracking together.

And, I write this knowing that I have a blue tarp on my roof and jalousie windows suddenly and I still need AA batteries but well...this is my world, welcome to it. At least from June through way past September.

Going to check out the city and I'll post tomorrow morning when the sun comes up over the visible sats and a new day has begun.


TROPICAL DEPRESSION ONE.. forms as expected

Tropical Depression ONE has formed somewhere close to the Yucatan. Official cords are currently (9 pm) 21.8 85.7. Winds 35 mph.

There is considerable discussion on boards and in chat rooms on where exactly the center is or more so..where the center might be reforming.

Truth is developing systems in not great conditions have multiple swirls that can (and often do) become a new center.

For now it is a Depression in search of a name. Until it gets one it is merely a depression that is depressing many in Hurricane Country.

Depression ONE is in fact... Reality Biting.

Cuba meanwhile is getting soaked and with or without a name this season is starting off as a messy one in Western Cuba.

Key West will get rain. I wanted to go down this Sunday but put it off before hearing of the storm. Maybe next week.

Either way, if the center shifts positions it will change the whole set up of the models as it relates to both timing and path. For that matter it would change intensity even.

We had a distant rain band from the mass of weather associated with TD1 earlier today.

Shabbos was wonderful. Nice. Youngest two kids home and their older brother and his fiance here for dinner last night. The house is very calm (all things considered) relaxing and enjoyable. Those of you who know me know what I am talking about. Trying to keep this topically tropical at the moment.

So.. it starts. It begins.

Whether this develops into a tropical storm or doesn't... the 2006 Hurricane Season has officially started.

Shear coming from an upper level low to it's West and a Trof supposed to come down and lift it and... this is classic, textbook June in the Caribbean.

Some reporter is in Key West doing a segment on the news. Oh, how I wish I was there.

Anyway... going to go read and a bit and check out myspace to read my messages from Shuky who is tracking in Israel I am sure.

Another really good site is from some onling tracker types.. excellent site.

I have to find the site from the Keynoter I like.

What did I do Shabbos.. besides think on June Systems (Alma)?

I read part of a book from 1980 on Evita, really great book on social history of Argentina and that period. Looked through various magazines and read the Miami Herald. Read most of the Perricone Diet book and thought how smart it is, how much sense it made and wondering how I would afford all those high price tag ingredients but good diet. Logical thinking. And, wondered why I haven't bought AA batteries yet.

Over and out, for now... waiting to see the next advisory and read the discussion to see what they really think is going on inside Tropical Depression ONE.

Oh..and the word for weather in Russian sounds like the english word Pagoda. I don't have the Russian fonts or I'd type it here.

Welcome to the Season, ready or not.. it's here.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Tropical Coffee Brewing in the Caribbean

According to the National Hurricane Center a "tropical depression" could form at any time.

Everyone is watching the area of disturbed weather that has persisted for the last few days and now that the shear is lessening the system is strengthening.

So... tomorrow at this time we could definitely have a Tropical Depression.

Will it still be TD1 or could this be Alberto?

stay tuned.. I'll check back after Shabbos
making Santa Fe Guacamole.. unreal good!

Jimmy Buffett

I'll figure out this html thing tomorrow...

Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett, Playing and Dying in 3/4 Blog Time

Jimmy Buffett a>

Hurricane Season Slowly Forming near the Yucatan

Well, from where I sit this morning it would seem to me that there is something to talk about. Great song.

Yup, down by the Yucatan where the season so often forms. Either there or the Bay of Campeche but this morning all eyes are on the Yucatan. An area of clouds, thunderstorms and what seems like bright reds and oranges have persisted over night and since yesterday afternoon. It is part of a large, broad area of weather but it seems most concentrated and most climatologically favored there for some development.

Large and Broad, by the way, are words the Hurricane Center strings together when they want to explain to the public and weather watchers everywhere that "yes they see it" as in "what do you think we are blind?" It is not just large it is large, broad.. over a large area.

It also means it hasn't formed yet. Hasn't started spinning.

When they use the P word... means keep watching.

P word: persistent

Another P word is: potential

This morning's love note from the NHC said, "some THERE IS SOME POTENTIAL FOR SLOW DEVELOPMENT WITHIN

Means also: Maybe, kinda, or in Jimmy Buffettease "Time Will Tell"

I have no idea if this is going to work. IF it does.. you see a picture. IF it doesn't. I'm doing better at Russian than HTML stuff.

As for Shabbos: Wine, Challah, Freshly made Gefilte Fish Log, Babaganush, Hummus, Sante Fe Guacamole, Cole Slaw, Roasted Chicken with Roasted Vegetables, Strawberries and Cherries.

As for Lyrics.. very good lyrics. Almost perfect lyrics from a great CD. Been listening for the last few days. Persistently as they say.

Far Side of the World
Autour Du Rocher
Jimmy Buffett, Henri Ledee, Leon Ledee, Marcel Limodin, Jean-Jacques Kraif

Mes amis nous allons quelque part dont tout
le monde
Se rappelle d'un endroit ou l'herbe etait
toujours verte
Et la fete ne s'arretait jamais
A autour du rocher

This a a little tale about a hotel in the Caribbean.
Well it wasn't really a hotel, it was a patio
bar with funky rooms and an outdoor disco
with bad wiring. Some people said if you looked
between the cracks of the floorboards of our
dance floor you would see Hell. If you ever
went there, you would know what I'm talking
about. If you never had, then we
thought we'd send you a little musical souvenir.

Some say it was a planet
Some say it was a rock
For five wild years in L"Orient
The party never stopped

There were pirates from the Indies
There were models from Paris
There were locals and New Yorkers
And the Brazilian Navy

By mini-moke and scooters
In cabs and stolen cars
Came the creatures of the evening
From St. Martin and from Mars

Alors, Alors, Alors, Alors alors come on, come on
Vien faire un tour autour du rocher
On croisera les fantomes du passe
Viens faire un tour autour du rocher
Sur les souvenirs l'herbe a poussee

Girl at the pool table
puts on a show for free
They were bivouacked in the bathroom
By the hot tub near the sea

Every night at midnight
Seems the devil took control
And the hill became a parking lot
Fueled by rock 'n' roll

They were talking by the cannon
But I couldn't believe my ears
The Russian had plutonium
The sailor wanted beers

They shook hands in the moonlight
And broke out a big cigar
Just business as usual
Beneath the tropic stars

Alors(come on) alors (let's go) alors
Vien faire in tour autour du rocher
On croisera les fantomes du pass'e
Viens faire un tour autour du richer
Sur les souvinirs l'herbe a poussee

It was better than a painting
At le Musee de Beaux Arts
And simply what we did for fun
Back in the old St. Barts

Then the glitz and all the glamour
Hit like a hurricane
Or maybe we just all grew up

But it never was the same

The gendarmes finally closed the joint
And the fire it did the rest
But on New Year's Eve of '91
We sang the last request

We were dancing in the ashes
We were dancing in the sea
We were dancing in the ruins
Where we left our memories
Come on let's go alors
Vien faire un tour autour du rocher
On croisera les fantomes du pass'e
Viens faire un tour autour du rocher
Sur les souvinirs l'herbe a poussee

Alors. Alors, Alors, Alors
Vien faire un tour autour du rocher
On croisera les fantomes du pass'e
Viens faire untour autour du rocher
Sur les souvenirs l'herbe a poussee

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First Week of Hurricane Season 2006

So far so good. So far so quiet.

This (if it worked) is a picture of what South Florida used to look like before it was filled with multi-million dollar condos and hotels. When storms came..they went as fast as they came.. the shoreline rearranged itself, some trees blew down. A full moon climbed up magically over the ocean and shone down silvery and magically upon a quiet beach.

Waves rippled on the sand. Palm trees swayed.

This was Miami before it was built up into the big, busy, metropolis that it is today. Long ago.. death tolls were low, dollar amounts lower and the sun rose the next day on a shoreline that was forever changing .. created by the natural cycle of nature, weather, wind and rain.

Pretty picture if you can see it. Exists only here... or on various art sites selling pictures of yesteryear.

Isn't it beautiful?
Well, I think so. Far from the storm over Global Warming and far from the lesser storm that should be raised about the tons of papers and litter that is tossed daily onto beaches and streets everywhere. Seems to me if people want to start cleaning up the planet they should start with their own block, their own beach and then work up to global issues.

You may not be able to change everything but if you start local at least you have started somewhere.

And...why is it that a computer model developed at FSU with Government money is now no longer letting the Government use it's output as the model has been sold to private industry? A post for another time.

This morning.. want to think on Old Florida.

Storm at Miami Beach, Florida