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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Last Day of January -What Will February Bring? Depends Where You Live.... Tourists to Florida Looking For Sunshine. Snow to the Mtns in the West. What Do You Want For February? Weather Wise or Otherwise? Stubborn SE Ridge.

Link below to Mitch West Weather.

One of the things about the weather community online that has always been a constant is that most of us support eachother and share the links and the love to other sites, storm chasers and bloggers. You gotta give credit where it's due and though generally I watch Mitch during Hurricane Season ...Winter Weather is what he loves the most. We actually love all weather, sometimes it's a tie breaker which type we enjoy the most or maybe we just love the season we got :) or got stuck with :( and it's winter and I love winter weather but come April or May I start looking for early westbound tropical waves and coastal lows. 

This winter is been filled with the SE Ridge....
...vs Coastal Lows.
No snow in the Carolinas ...
..flurries in the mountains.

Today in Raleigh....

I have winter fog... meteorologically not emotionally.
Cold nights and cool days.
I really do enjoy that.
So why am I Carolina Blue today?
Because the SE Ridge is keeping the snow away.
Many in this region love that!!
They move here from Ohio, Minnesotta and Michigan.
To them it's tropical and no snow to shovel.
But often the Carolinas, especially North Carolina...
...gets snow. 
Not this year.
Right...yes I did see snowlakes at 1 AM one night.
Won't lie it was wonderful.
But I prefer daytime snow, falling, silently, beautifully.

Oklahoma may get some ... ice. 
Models showing a wider ice footprint now.
Dallas getting near that quarter of an inch danger zone.
Lines go down, power goes out.
Most people hate ice storms.

How I see the world.
New Madrid Fault Zone getting Ice/sleet/snow

I'm not making this up....see?

After meteorology I love geology though my main game is geography and the weather that Planet Earth gets as all of our weather comes from somewhere else. Think Global, Act Local. It's interesting to see what's happening in Santa Cruz but you better pay attention to what's happening in Denver if that's where you live!

So here in North Carolina I look to see what Tennessee is getting as sometimes the cold air is stronger than expected and it dips down and flirts with North Carolina/VA/Maryland. VA/Maryland has a way better chance than here as we are just forecast to get spotty, cold rain.  

I'm listening to Mitch talk while I type because I'm in a mood and it's a funny mood. Trying hard not to live and die by models as models can be unfaithful like the incostant moon ... that's a quote by Juliet... swear not by the moon and swear not by the models. Generally they are good, but the snow they promise they also take away and the near term models are way better than long term models. My Drama/English right brain background collides always with my left brain analytical side. 

See those yellow, gold autumn/summer colors? That's the Southeast Ridge, the grinch that is stealing Winter from those of us in the Carolinas and Georgia. When I looked at the Satellite Imagery today and the forecast I saw the winter weather staying North of Atlanta and that pretty much says it all. 

When Atlanta gets winter weather....
...Raleigh/Charlotte have a chance.
It's called the Piedmont Crescent. I85 Corridor!

When Atlanta gets snow it usually impacts the Charlotte area then moves up the I-85 corridor like a car bound for Raleigh/Durham (tho Durham has better chances than Raleigh obviously) and Greensboro usually gets snow and with every inch it moves East the chances go down but there's a chance. When they stay North of Atlanta.... the mountains get snow and this becomes more of an inland event vs a coastal event further up the coast. This year each system steers up towards the mountains staying mostly to the West of them as the SE Ridge holds tight and Arctic Air doesn't even want to fight with that tough ridge.

So yes, I know the lay of the land. That and fifty cents won't get me snow. 

I decided yesterday while in bed sipping tea and taking herbal supplements and sinus meds to stop obsessing on the models, stop obsessing on snow and know that it is what it is and to remember I really LOVE Winter in the Carolinas. The bright/deep tall green Carolina Pines punctuate an otherwise gray, brown landscape making it both picturesque and beautiful. Magnoila Trees are one of my true loves as the scent of the flower is hard to copy even though every perfumer tries but misses the target in some way as it's a heavenly, ethereal scent that is divine. And the Magnoila tree stays green all winter and provides us a measure of green beauty that places further to the North don't always have and therefore I don't really get Winter Blues (unless snow is hiding from me) and you can see the sky through the beautiful silhouette of the unique structure that every tree showing off it's bones much like a naked swirl on a weak but stubborn tropical storm shows us structural beauty when it stubbornly fighting off shear. I may have mixed tenses, but who is reading this in January? Hoping y'all forgive me.

Silhouette, love that word but it's sure hard to spell. I had a boyfriend in highschool...okay not really a boyfriend just an annoying close friend who teased me a lot who would complain about how weird the english language is and why words can't be phonetically spelled properly. I mean how would you spell silhouette if you didn't know how and there was no Google to double check because you're typing a blog for others to read. Silowet? Few people actually say the "i" in Magnoila it's totally illogical that it's not spelled Magnola. See what I mean? He was right about a lot, wrong about some things and he's still a bit annoying but lovable. I digress....

Love the weather you got is the key to happiness, especially in the winter.
There's two types of people in the winter...
1.... The ones all day praying for snow and depressed it's not falling, waiting, hoping, praying.
2.... SAD sufferers of seasonal something definciency missing the sunlight.

I love the light we get in the Carolinas that turns our skies that odd shade of Carolina Blue, specifically because it's winter and the hardwood trees drops their leaves and go into silent slumber allowing me to see the most magical colors at dusk just before the sunsets.  What one person loves is what another person hates. And, then any day now I'll take a walk up the hill and notice a few early daylillies pushing up through the ground or a Redbud that is blooming early because it thinks it's March but it's only February. The promise of Spring, change, renewal and something different happening because I'm a restless person who gets bored easily.

So stay tuned.... odd things are out in the Atlantic, way too early which makes me wonder a lot on preseason activity. Gotta spinner ... a low... upper level low...who knows what kind of low out there spinning. Always watching the MIMIC in every season.

SE Ridge.  Odd signal E of the Islands.
It's Feb 1st tomorrow.

4 months to the Hurricane Season.
But we know we get stuff in May right.
So 3 months... 

Have a wonderful day.

Link to Mitch... who does a good job.
Especially in Winter ...pray he gets snow.
And shares some with me, thanks!
Carolina Snow is the best!!

If you wanna live virtually....
...follow Reed Timmer out in the winter elements.
Never. Stop. Chasing.

Songs that came to mind while writing the blog today.
Connect the dots... or not.
Just enjoy the music..............

A few songs stuck in my thoughts today.... enjoy!
S&G can be too slow.... this is better!

Ps...excuse any typos... sinus meds make you funny :)
LOL ...true.
But generally I'm funny anyway.
Funny Girl... I know.

Friday, January 27, 2023

In Search of Snow......... 2023 Weather Game. Models Are More Fun in Hurricane Season


It's really all a game when you look more than a week out. Models forecast snow, sleet, rain or nothing and it changes on every single run. Much like during hurricane season but different. Snow storms form in real time and until the Low wraps up, draws in the moisture there's no way of knowing for sure what it will do and add in time of arrival (4 AM cold weather or Noon and weather warmer) and add in layers in the atmosphere so do you get sleet, snow, rain or freezing rain. It gets very complicated. And, how can you be sure where it will go when it hasn't formed and the system that will spawn the possible snow storm is just about to hit the West Coast and you live on the East Coast; California and Carolina have similar letters but different locations and with weather location always matters does elevation.

A strong, vigorous tropical wave leaves Africa and you get a feel for it's potential by the way it operates over it's early travel through the East Atlantic. Does it battle shear stubbornly? Does it stay together in one particulr shape or is it bottom heavy? Does it have a vaguely defined center or is it a total mess? Then you see the patterns in the atmosphere, add in CLIMO (odds in Vegas) and you can see where it will most likely go. When it comes to snow storms... it's anyone's guess until it actually forms over Tennessee or South Caorlina or over Raleigh and then will it be a Miller A storm or a Miller B storm? Or a dud storm that never ever got to meet Mr. Miller ... link below.

It's a busy day for me as I have 2 grandchildren in town and have to navigate the unique eating habits of the two but if I put chocolate in something one will eat it and I'm not making sushi so darn have to figure out what the girl likes. Yeah the boy is the chocoholic...   their father just wants "Mommy food" so nothing intricate as in the old days feeding a lot of kids food was tasty but simple. Sunny and cold, no sight of snow except in some models that seem to want to respect state borders and prefer Virginia to North Carolina. Models are weird the weather is weirder and we won't ever get into politics but just saying.


Have a good weekend as we cruise fast towards Februay... the month of really cold winter weather, chocolates (preferably from Godiva...hint hint) and when roses suddenly go up in price faster than eggs. In today's world if someone makes you a souffle they must really  love you!

As for the inconstant models.... every morning I wake up and wonder if it likes me today and when I go to sleep after a wild 18Z run I think ... will it love me tomorrow?

Note I trust a really good, old fashioned met who knows how to forecast without models (though peeking at them) a week out more than either the EURO or GFS ...once we get closer the HRRR can be good but hey once it's closer most of us can see what's gonna happen better.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever

Ps  Miller link the weather bible in the Carolinas.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tornadoes in the South... TX LA - Cold But No Snow Yet in the Carolinas. NY Finally Got Some... Weird Winter 2023


Chasers are on the ground going LIVE
Tornado Warnings Nonstop Today.
Reed Timmer Chasing..

Cold in Carolinas........but no snow 
Not in my neck of the woods.
Barely any elsewhere.
Models tease and tantalize!

GFS promises promises.
EURO says NO!
Time will tell.

All the weather is down in Texas.
But moves EAST!

Woke up this morning heard we had frost!
Ran downstairs and it was pretty.
Rooftops looked like it snowed...
...but it didn't.
Frost covered the car windows.
Like little itsy bitsy ice crystals.

It is what it is.
Waiting it out.
Keeping busy.

It's not Hurricane Season but....
...never tell that to the E Atlantic.
2023... what next meteorologically?

Oh right the comet...
...haven't seen it.
Need a dark, clear night.

Stay tuned....
2023 is a work in progress.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather
Instagram whatever.

Enjoy ....great song.
Love it. 
Always did, always will...

Some guys have the cutest little sound when they giggle.
It kind of catches in their throat...
..and always made me giggle.
Still does ;)


Friday, January 20, 2023

Sandal Weather in January......Say It Ain't So!! I Want Snow.... Pattern Will Flip Eventually Especially in an Unsual Year ...So Far 22/23 Been Odd to Predict Far Out.


It's really frustrating when you can't even get a Fake Forecast from the GFS promising to deliver you snowflakes on it's way somewhere else. All the snow stops at the mountains and lifts up, up and away. That would be the equivalent of the GFS not hitting Florida with a hurricane last hurricane season on the 10th day. Did they retune my favorite teasing model or even fake snow can't be forecast ten days out on the 18Z?

I wore sandals today to the store in NORTH Carolina. Yes, it was cold if you are wondering but not cold enough for me to go upstairs and put my boots on. Maybe I was lazy or maybe just being rebellious and I'm protesting this lack of real winter in Raleigh. Yes, we had 10 degrees for one day and yes I did have snow flurries and sleet at 1 AM for 20 minutes, otherwise it's been a no show. 

Not interested in hearing about West Coast Storms as I miss living there and it's far, far away. I don't want to hear it might snow in Colorado and the Great Lakes... it's supposed to snow in places such as that in the winter so to me that's click bait not news.

Yes, the weather here is beautiful. Blue skies, cool days and the sun is out to boot.

So marking this point in winter when we really aren't that far in, yet it feels as if winter is over. It isn't over, just like the 2022 Hurricane Season wasn't over when we went silent all August. No it wasn't the hurricane season we expected, but it was not over and there was more to come. I tend to think that'll happen with the Winter of 2023 also.

I'm too old to think if I hold my breath it'll snow. I'll just turn blue and pass out. 

Also in a year that is not always what it appears .........often a fast clipper system or a wild jet streak brings the weather down fast to an area not previously forecast by models to see snow happening. Forecasters a few months ago did not see any signs of the deluge of winter storms lined up off of California to attack the coast with rain, flooding and wild weather.  

So stay tuned. 
Enjoy the weather you've got because if there is one thing you can rely on... it'll change when the pattern flips soon enough. Til then I'm wearing sandals...........even with my leggings! I painted my toe nails pink, kind of a wintry pink frost!

Hit me with your best shot Mother Nature.... 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever! personal tribute to a great musician we lost this week. Sail away to musical heaven....

not my favorite but  meaningful....

Monday, January 16, 2023

Update! 4:30PM ... Invest 90L No Name Storm Gets a Name in N Atlantic Delivers Winter Weather to NE - A Year Since Tonga Eruption... How Did It Change Our Weather? Are We Headed Into an El Nino? California Stole Carolina's Winter...So Far But It's Not Over. Winter Has Just Begun Not Even a Month In...

As the sun sets on Invest 90L

Yellow Circle Zero Chances.
Hey it has an X in Januarry.

Does it change anything? Yes, no ... kind of in that it validates that it was there and the truth of the matter no matter what happens or where it goes. It's really a beautiful spinner.  Sometimes when a system has a strong influence that far North (and it does) it can help push some change a long a bit. It's three weeks into Winter and everyone is ready to stick a fork in it and declare it dead. The rush in the world these days to move on fast to the next holiday before the holiday we are in is barely over. January 1st the Dollar Store had Valentines Day Candy for sale and pink aisles filled with hearts and sweet treats to send someone. But have enjoyed the satellite imagery today of a system Dabuh and I were talking about forming way back when models were hinting at it off the Florida coast and it's worth noting it's been a persistent, strong system with or without a name, be it January or May things can spin up when you least expect them to...

* * * * *

9 AM

Strange Mimic imagery for this time of year.
A strong subtropial sort of cyclonic storm... sucking up tropical energy on the right side of it...
..and delivering cold winter storms on the left side.

In motion this is funneling down around...
..the West side of our No Name Storm.
Seen beautifully below.

Sure looks like it should have a name.

The new regime at the NHC has been very careful and diligent in naming storms after a few years of naming long lasting thunderstorms that made landfall so fast that Jim Cantore went to lunch and by the time he came back the sudden, surprise named storm had been downgraded. There's a line between upgrading a storm after it makes landfall and saying the hurricane hunter plane may have missed the stronger winds and so it was upgraded a real "huh?" if you've been doing this as long as I have... no it doesn't work that way. Often the NHC does a reanalysis of a season and upgrades systems to named status or demotes a system, or just re-evalutes in an academic way vs in real time when putting out advisories. Will see what happens down the road. But on this very non-tropical January day there is a system out there that has been there for a few days and is about to slowly fade away. 

New England ended up with a fast sudden Winter Storm and a blast of wintry weather reminding them it IS Januarry still on the East Coast even though the West Coast has been hogging all the winter weather! Okay, to be fair I had a day with a frost so thick it looked like snow, but it was not. And, Friday evening or rather early Saturday morning I stood outside watching snowflakes falling mixed in with well formed sleet that was neat and had enough of a beat to get my attention that "something was happening outside" when I was offline for the Jewish Sabbath. Okay I left the window ajar so that when I woke up I could hear sleet if it happened and figured it had better chances of sleet than snow if anything happened.  I knew the chances were there to see flurries and as I'm offline at 1 AM on a Saturday morning I just did what any normal weather obsessed person would do... I threw a winter coast over my pajamas and run downstairs and outside to see if it was indeed sleet! And, yes it was and yes it was better than any meds I could take for these Winter Blues and then I stood under a street light staring in wonder as flakes fell slowly (almost in slow motion) as the noisier sleet bounced off my black coat and eventually covered parts of it. There were snowflakes too but the sleet was actually quite heavy considering it was around 39 degrees outside. The air up above was way colder than down below, and when that happens we get lucky in Raleigh!

A year ago Tonga exploded suddenly. 

We are in a strange period it seems and most likely on our way to an El Nino down the road, as I really don't want to discuss anything "neutral" currently and I still think we'd have had an El Nino had the Tonga Volcano not erupted into one of the largest eruptions we have been able to document.  Scientists immediately argued on the various ways it could impact the rest of winter, the summer, the hurricane season that was impactful due to Ian but way below the high expectations forecast.. Yes, one year ago the volcano went BOOM and it's repercussions have been ongoing with a complex pattern that's been stronger on our Pacific Rim states than it has for the East Coast. Ask anyone in Northern California or Washington State what kind of winter they had had and they will tell you they have had enough!

Link to article down below.
What a difference a year makes!

Isn't Facebook annoying?
Good thing we didn't have it when I was in high school.
Pretty sure I'd need meds for moody memories in my head..
..if I had to see images of everything that happened.
Good times .... Yes I had good times in high school.
One of those lucky kids who was popular....
...had friends and was super uber busy.
In a world without Ubers.
College was good too.

Where were you a year ago?
Do you remember without your phone reminding you?

A year ago I had snow in my hair and on the ground... it was beautiful. This year I had one day of a strong frost and a bit of sleet. No pics of the sleet but trust me it was neat! I still think we will have winter weather here this winter, but guessing it will be late in coming much the way the Hurricane Season of 2022 didn't show up until late in the season and then raged on for about a month. And, yes we did have COLD weather as it was close to 10 degrees one night in December when two of my kids were here for Chanukah and we walked to Temple on Saturday dressed as if we were in Siberia. Those same two lucked out and saw snow flurries flying in Manhattan the other day. 

South Carolina got frost!
We had frost like that last month.
Looked like snow and ice.... beautiful.
California is stealing Carolina's weather this year!

It's not just California.........many areas on the East Coast used to snow storms are still waiting to see lasting snow and New England can thank a subtropical looking storm without a name for delivering a surprise winter wonderland as the flow around our No Name Storm is delivering wintry weather.

Some years are like that. A fast moving short wave or clipper dumps sleet or snow on an area that was deprived by every forecast cold front and an area that was hot all hurricane season (the North Atlantic) gets a beautiful spinner in January. In 2016 Alex formed in the same region but that year storms were named almost too easily compared to this past year.

Note it formed in the same area as our No Name Storm

2022 No Name Storm more Subtropical.
And again it's fading away today.
So it's kind of a mute point.

I predict, lol for what it's worth, the train of winter storms on the West Coast may moderate and Mother Nature will try and provide a few Arctic Invasions and the East Coast will get some winter weather. February may deliver what we normally expect in January, just as our Hurricane Season was late so may our Winter Weather be late on the East Coast. Time will tell. 

Wait long enough and the weather pattern will flip and changes will happen.

Have a good day... now and always.... and thanks for reading my blog.
I've been quiet. I know. I just have had a difficult few weeks and I'm coming out of it into the light, appreciating the sunny blue skies and taking it one day at a time. I will say it's these sort of years that deliver surprise storms and busted forecasts, so don't let your guard down we are barely a month into actual Winter and Hurricane Season always teaches you never judge a season until it's over.

Article from photos above.
Another post to read that was written in January after it happened wondering how it could impact the weather.

Sweet Tropical Dreams or Snowy Dreams .... whatever you desire most, 
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.......

Thursday, January 05, 2023

Thoughts on Yesterday's Storms... and Where Are We Going This Winter? Bit of a Rant on Non Stop Busted Local Forecasts....

Front across Central Florida and the West Coast is under the gun with one storm system after another washing up onto the Pacific Coast. When I lived in LA we called this a "Pineapple Express" as they moved across the Pacific from Hawaii ...tho they don't begin in Hawaii. 

Lined up like planes. Comma clouds we call them.
Think of them like tropical waves....
A few days to clean up and then....
... there's another wave washing up again.
Wearing away at coastal highways.
Flooding, nasty weather.

In the East we have cold fronts.
Nothing dipping down from the Arctic today!

One of the best to follow in Raleigh or NC.

Yesterday we were watching this graphic.
Today we are wearing short sleees and sandals in the South.

Mitch does a good job, if you are into YouTube.
There's a link below to today's video.

Models every few days hint at some wild wintry storm that will deliver snow into Virgnia and the Carolinas and then the models take it back again. Note we are all watching what may happen in real time, as models have been difficult to trust this winter in the way that many models spin up hurricanes out of westbound tropical waves and then then the waves fizzle out never developing. This Winter is reminding me alot of the 2022 Hurricane Season that spun up some early storms than went on hiatus for a month or more. It was a late season what we call "back ended season" and I'm beginning to believe this Winter Season of 2023 will be much like the 2022 Hurricane Season. 

August and most of July were silent.

After some promising tropical waves nothing much happened despite everything the models promised. We have had a few strong bursts, not sustained, of crazy cold weather and then nothing much happened. Yes, we had a day when it was 10 degrees recently but within 6 days our high temperatures in the Carolinas were close to 70 degrees. This is a see saw pattern and often the saw part of the pattern slaps you in the face after trees begin to bud and people begin to put away their winter clothes. I say that from whatever winter experience I've seen in the Carolinas for the last 14 years and when I say Carolinas I mean coastal Virginia and most of Georgia. As always elevation will deliver snow somewhere. 

The other thing I want to mention is that at least in this area I have never seen such a consistently crappy job of forecasting the weather more than a day out. Every day the local weather does a 7 day forecast or an attempt to help you plan out your week on the news networks that is based mostly on NWS discussion that also goes long range and explains what may or  may happen during the week and usually it doesn't happen and the short range forecast is adjusted. Every. Single. Day.

It was supposed to rain for most of the early part of the week, then the end of the week and day by day the rain evaporated into a sunny day as dry weather has been in hold in this region and is refusing to let go. I remember a year here years back that was so frustrtating as we watched "snow" on top of us according to the radar, yet the snow never made it down to the surface. A bit of rain with a bit of sleet was all we got when we were promised a Winter Storm.  I get it the layers of the atmosphere are dry, my question is why aren't the local forecasters taking that into consideration as it's often obvious the forecast will be a fail. 

Tell me the weather today and tomorrow, don't ignore that while telling me how to plan my week when I know it won't verify!

This year it's been continually awful.

The LOCAL weather experts have been fantastic offering a possibility of tornadoes when the official forecast suggested we would only have minimal severe weather. And, yesterday we had a tornado warning out of nowhere AFTER the line passed and was well to our West but our county was in the Tornado Warning. Actually we lost cable twice during the height of the storm and when they came back they were live with the Tornado Warning. 

And this is why I tell all of you over and over during the Hurricane Season, find yourself a good local meteorologist who knows your local area and it's unique weather issues (be they elevation or something else) who are not afraid to say "be on the look out for a stray tornado tomorrow even though it's currently not in the forecast" (meaning discussion from NWS) and pay attention in real time to your weather.

Winter will show up in parts sometime eventually, exactly where or when I can't say but if you want snow go to the mountains, hunker down, stay warm and enjoy it. Otherwise if you live along the coast or in the Piedmont regions of your state you may be waiting until Mid February!

Just my fifty cents... price adjusted for inflation ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
Ps Enjoy the song.... my rant isn't about TWC as I don't watch much this time of year unless a Winter Storm is within the 5 Day and then I obsess constantly, but more to certain local weather sources who keep repeating the NWS long range forecast that barely ever verifies. I get it NC is a hard place to forecast, but each year a pattern sets up. It's kind of like South Florida where you hope a front will pass down through the state and make it past Miami and it gets caught up near Ocala...almost every time. Without a strong Arctic push you just don't get a cold front to Cuba and you don't get snow in the Carolinas.

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

January Thaw in SE Getting Old.... West Coast Wild Storm..... Snow is Up Where It Belongs. Is Winter on Hold or Does February Dump Winter Weather Everywhere?

News story of the day in the SE.
Nasty weather moving in....
..with a front bringing possible tornadoes.
Yes in the South we say count 10 days after Thunder.
In the Winter...
..for Winter Weather.
A very old saying... sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Each winter is different.

Snow is up where it normally snows every winter.
Does Mother Nature think she needs a passport... get snow Down South?

I know, it is what it is...
...until it isn't!

The real photographic storm is out West.
Check that out.

Impressive Low.
Weather troublemaker.

A lot of warnings up along the West Coast.
The whole West Coast.
Californina hogging all the weather today!
Aside from the Carolinas.
Maybe it's a numerological thing?

I'm in a bit of a funk and it's been hard to pull out of it. Not really a "bad mood" or a "sad mood" just a mood. Like "I don't wanna" and I usually get these January Blues when there's no winter weather here, tropical weather seems far away and football is ending week by week. Really depressing football drama from Monday Night football that kind of hangs over the play offs and the rest of the season. Definitely prayers for Damar Hamlin. I love football, but no one wants to see a player get hurt and more so in what seemed an easy one on one play.

Anyway.... many in the weather world are watching California with their left eye waiting to see if the earthquake trend will continue as most meteorologists are closet geologists as we are all intrigued by Earth Weather and Geography and how everything pieces together on Planet Earth.

I lived in California, as old timers here know, and I know what a big storm coming ashore is like there. San Fran seems under the gun this winter for trouble weather wise and otherwise.

So the GFS is offering me an olive twig or possible snowflakes a week from now. Patchy areas of snow possible if you wish to believe the GFS that promises things it never delivers. The EURO is silent, my weather app shows rain. Gets pathetic when I'd be happy to see a snowflake on my weather app. If I wasn't going to the Denver area in March I'd be booking at ticket to see my son and his family this month! Either way I miss him and everyone as I haven't seen them since Covid as they were in Seattle and I wasn't flying long distances. Denver suddenly sounds closer... 

I went down to New Bern for my birthday as I love New Bern, a beautiful city on two rivers at the entrance and the wind and feel of the sea moving up from Pamlico Sound makes it a kiss of fresh air with a waterfront that's a delight for anyone who enjoys watching seagulls fly or starlings swirl in the sky and sailboats slide along the the water while people in canoes enjoy a sunny winter day.  And if you like sailboats you can stand in the marina and stare as long as you want until you're tired and ready for a drink on the water somewhere.

Been staring at sailboats since I was a child in Coconut Grove.
Magical, beautiful ships.

New Bern is beautiful.
Home of Pepsi Cola.
Not a huge tourist attraction with a high entrance fee.
Just a cute corner store where you sip a small Pepsi.
Eat some popcorn and stare at memorabilia.

Not a bad day.

So I'll push through my funk.
Appeciate the cool highs and short sleeve weather.
And wait it out until I see some wintry mix.

Thanks for reading.......
....if you're reading!

Have a wonderful day!
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Been staring at sailboats since I was a child in Coconut Grove.
Magical, beautiful ships.