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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Cold Fronts Moving. Volcano Lava Flowing. December is Tomorrow! Lots of Weather But NOTHING Tropical!

Cold front slicing through the country.
Moving East.
Lost some of the energy from yesterday.
Below is the storm reports from then.

The temperature is dropping.
My maple tree is losing it's leaves.

The leaves are on the ground.
But now I can see the tree...'s bones, it's shape and the house behind me.

The seasons are a work in art, every day something is different. A tulip pushes thorugh the ground and suddenly appears. You notice colored leaves on your green tree and then it thins out day by day, storm by storm and suddenly the leaves are gone and the branches appear. Storms begin to form over Africa and they eventually form groups and become tropical waves that move west across the ocean. It's really true, to everything there is a season and you appreciate it more in the Carolinas. 

In Miami there are seasons but they are not all good ones if you dislike traffic. The tourists arrive, you can't get a table in a good restaurant to save your life. Boat Show comes and shuts down Miami Beach and parts of Miami. Art Basel comes and if you are not an art lover you are more like "oh crap" and leave town the way my friends in Augusta do when the Masters arrives in town. 

And, it's holiday time and the season of decorations, love and traditions. I just love when a city is decorated or a home or a Mall. 

Weatherwise we are in waiting season in most of the country. Waiting for winter to arrive. Waiting for a possible chance at a Winter Storm Warning.  Those who like it warm are waiting for their flight to leave town to somewhere they can play golf or go swimming at the beach.

What are you waiting for?
Obviously not "Hurricane Season" . . .

We spend our lives "waiting" for the right moment, or time or ???

End of November today and the advent of December arriving tomorrow really hits me as "oh my goodness where did 2022 go?" but then again I know.

Screen grab while I was tweeting ;)

I'm a weather person. Everything reminds me of weather on some level. I was watching Mike do his Facebook Live this morning and I giggled thinking on it. In truth his show is best this time of year when he just talks, is himself and talks on weather and the regulars are there the way the locals are in Miami when the tourists go back to wherever they came from... But in Mike's case he's a "snow" person and he's prone to chasing snow so the site is a Winter Site this time of year. And, as I am a girl for all seasons my blog here covers whatever weather there is to talk about.

Same way hurricanes move North towards the poles, helping to move energy around our planet the reverse is true in the winter. Cold weather descends down in the winter. Florida (the part south of the panhandle) does not participate!

Stay tuned.
Oh and there's a volcano in Hawaii acting up. Imagery is incredible. Below this image looks like a torrnado in ways... but it's not and lava is flowing down.

Besos BobbiStorm
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Monday, November 28, 2022

November ... Dixie Alley Severe Weather Alert (Hot Air Meets Cold Diving Air) Clash of the Seasons! Tropics Quiet. Miami Busy with Art Basel and I'm Watching the Carolina Autumn Moon

Weather news of the day.
Tornadoes possible in the Dixie Alley.
Deep South = 2nd Severe Weather Season.
Severe weather happens when cold meets hot.
Clash of the seasons is never calmy done.

Blue is for colder weather.
Purple is for "really cold weather"
Orange hasn't seen winter's teasers yet!

This is that amazing time of year when Winter flirts with those of us North of the Florida Georgia Line. And many of us are hungry for more real colder weather with it's possible various frozen types of precipitation! Hurricane Season is fading into history and those who do reports on the "2022 Hurricane Season" are busy researching, writing and comparing notes with colleagues. A bird is singing outside as it hasn't gotten the memo that Spring is over.

In the tropics we have a stalled out front draped from near the Yucatan through Florida threading the needle of Lake Okeechobee that is basically Florida's barrier that doesn't allow colder weather down into Miami much. North of the Lake it's one climate, South of the lake we have a humid, subtropical climate. If you are lucky enough to live in Tampa, where Mike lives, you get the chance to fire up the fire pit and roast marshmallows if you live in Miami you are drinking Marshmallow Frappes all winter!

As regards 2022 Hurricane Season it proved one point that many meteorologists often make and Jim Williams is famous for saying and that is that West Florida (near Tampa) gets hit with hurricanes in slow years in October. He's also good at correcting  me so I'm sure I made some mistake in how Jim always says it but the point is that the "Tampa area" and whether you want to believe it or not Ian hit in the general Tampa area vs the Miami to WPB megalopolis! It's like saying Andrew made landfall near Miami in Homestead. Nuff said. Yes, it was September 27th not October 1st but this whole year has run a month or so ahead of schedule. It's November and we have had temperatures go down to 27 in Raleigh already. And, fronts barely took a break for a summer vacation this year and they have reappeared and are on the move again every few days ... unless you live in Miami that got nice weather for Art Basel! 

Yeah, I"m so proud of her. I'll admit it. A huge fundraiser and raising the awareness of the life saving organization Hatzalah and in a trendy studo where artists painted while people sipped wine and enjoyed watching are being made in real time. If you haven't been to Art Basel then get down there now or put it on your list for next year as it's fun, beautiful and the city of decorated in all sorts of art and colors. I'm often in town this week there before when the city is being wrapped in colorful hues and decorations. This year I'm here watching the last of the red leaves clinging to the maple tree and helping put on programs here where I live in the Carolinas. Need to sneak down to Florida soon before we get into the possibility of snow and I never want to miss snow so... yeah, that's a problem to solve. Love seeing my daughter and her friends working on meaningful projects and in her case she gets paid to make a difference, very cool!

I snapped this incredible picture last night.
Leaving a party in Raleigh.

The crescent moon through the Maple Tree.

Love where you live.
Love what you do.
Never stop chasing weather!

Besos BobbiStorm
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A kind of artsy view of Art Basel.


Friday, November 25, 2022

Happy Day After Thanksgiving. Are You Shopping or Recovering? Weather in Hurricane Country in the Blog Today... As It Began it Ends...

IF you live in New England.
You may have winter weather.
November this year feels like December!

Parts of West Texas and the Panhandle....
New Mexico... got snow.

And the Deep South has rain.
Severe Weather.
This weather is a big concern today.
Travel on I-10 will be messy in areas.

As for the Tropics.
Closed to action!
FRONTS rain supreme....

Probably the biggest story in the tropical parts of our world is the fronts moving along the Deep South, depping down into the Gulf of Mexico drawing on warm, moist, tropical air feeding into our next cold front that's marching across the East Part of the country. The warm, moist air invigorates the atmosphere, priming it for more volatility than normal. I mean really who wants a "dry cold front" if you're a weather person?

As the season began with a parade of cold fronts that marched across the maps until August, so the season ends in a march of maps moving along steadily again. And, in time they will dip down from the Arctic and the precipitation could be snow vs rain on a quiet late November morning.

Thanksgiving was very nice here. Our Synagogue had cute little breakfast buffet with omelets of whatever kind you asked for and a bagels and lox spread. Nice to be together with whichever friends showed up on everyone's day off that was left in Raleigh and didn't travel away to visit family.  Later in the day I had a nice quiet but delicious meal with my husband that was traditional and hit all the appropriate Thanksgiving side dishes. My older son came in late in the day so we had a late night buffet. He's cooking the main dish for tonight's Shabbos meal and I already baked challah rolls with onion sage toppings and there's stuffing and sweet potatoes dump cake (oh my gosh) and fresh cranberry sauce and whatever else I decide to add in.

Maybe Thanksgiving is really that harvest time feast when you fatten yourself up before the winter descends in December and you give thanks you made it through hurricane season. 

Not everyone was so safe so what I'm asking y'all to do if you're reading this is to give charity to those areas that are still recovering and trying to find "normal" again and trust me that took weeks into months for us in South Florida after Andrew so I totally get that sudden desire for normal vs excitement When the The Weather Channel came back on when our cable was reattached (rebuilt) it was October.... after a late August Hurricane. There are great churches, community groups and synagogues I know in the region helping but the list is long and as my brother has worked on the ground with the RedCross I know what a great organization it can be for getting people and money on the ground in the right places at the right time.

Make a difference in someone's life today!

Sweet Tropical Dreams...
...or snowy dreams.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.

One of my favorite holiday movies.
If  your family was like mine.
Find some bourbon or chocolate this morning.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Weather Today... Before Thanksgiving!


If you are traveling for Thanksgiving... is a good day!

I am not.

Weatherwise fairly quiet.
Quiet before the storm........

Check back later...
Besos BobbiStorm
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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Is the Hurricane Season Over? Close... But Remains "Open for Business" Til November 30th! Buffalo No Longer Plays in Snow No More?? SW Carib Always Has a Purple Splotch in November...


Huge Front. GOM Moisture lingers.

SW Carib has convection and westbound waves.

Not much to say about the tropics. Models insinuate the season has another storm name in it. Tropical Waves are busy late in the season this year and there's always a possibility down in the SW Carib this time of year but it's not a huge one but just know you could hear something suddenly formed and be surprised. If it does, it's not getting far as Winter has descended deep into the heart of the country all the way down near Florida Georgia Line. For Florida this is a bit of a problem in that the front just hangs there like a high, hanging kick that makes it almost impossible to run with the ball. Speaking of football they moved the game from Buffalo because of 6 feet or more of snow and apparently they don't even try to play in the snow no more. 

Link below....

Buffalo is Buffalo, it always gets snow.
This is early but snows.
Usually the game goes on.

Why am I talking about football and snow on a tropical blog? Well probably because it's my way of saying we are closer to the Super Bowl than we are to the start of the NFL football season and when it snows that hard in Buffalo to move a football game.... winter is on the way earlier than normal this year and as winter comes on the tropical basin gets quieter and quieter. The SW Caribbean always has moisture that can sometimes work it's way up towards a stalled out frontal boundary and/or get whipped by a deep diving front and yanked out of the Caribbean and slung out into the Atlantic far from Florida and Cuba and Puerto Rico. Carolinas can get events but more so Lows off the coast and currently it's dry, dry, dry in the Carolinas this year so far. So annoying... cold enough to snow and yet no moisture to fall from the sky. So let's look at the old fashioned weather maps, because y'all know I absolutely love maps!

Current weather map.
A series of cold fronts dropping down.
A Low in the Gulf of Mexico.
(that's what make them great actually...)

Down the road the front is now stationary.
Moisture covers the SE.
Another front near NE.

One thing I learned very young when I first began watching weather maps is that every cold front in Florida if followed by a stationary front and often a warm front and even as a little girl that seemed like a vicious cycle of disappointment as it rarely really got COLD for more than a few hours the first day the front slipped South and then Mother Nature held the line and shoved it back up again. 

Apparently Florida pays for protection these days.
Seriously not sure how that heavy convection works.
But they do seem kind of exempt??
Shields up??

Take the wide view in late November.
Color in SW Carib.
Snow to the North.
Front agitating things off the coast.

Yes the Hurricane Season is slip sliding away.
You know that when I stare at the N Atlantic.

Look at that tightly wound storm.
I want snow.
I'll take ice.
Hell I'm hungry enough for sleet....

As for football.............
...... they used to play in blizzards.
It's strange.
But Buffalo does strange things....
...they brought on a snow plow to clear the field.
And beat the Dolphins by getting a score.
Fins didn't realize you could call the plows in...
No Miami Dolphin fan ever forgets that.

What goes around comes around.....
... how cold and snowy will December be?

Stay tuned.
Thanksgiving is around the corner.
At some point the 2022 Hurricane Season ends.

Gotta say one thing.
Ya gotta love Reed Timmer.
He's a PHD for any weather season.
If it's extreme he's there.
After chasing Nicole....
...he went North to what looked like the N Pole!

I want snow. 
I love snow.

But all I got is COLD!
I'll take it, loving furry boots weather ;)

Stay tuned...
Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.

Not the song I was looking for...
...but works as well.


Link to the Ice Bowl story

Ice Bowl of 1967... 

Link to most historic game...

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Freeze Frost Line All the Way into Deep South - Florida Exempt! Tropics Quiet Still But... Could Be a Punctuation Down the Road to the END. Time Will Tell.

That's cold baby!
Frost Freeze line.
Stops at Florida Georgia Line.
Deep into the heart of Texas.
Calender says November....
...temperatures feel like December.

Tell me it feels like Winter without telling me...

Winter Sites Prime Time on Spaghetti Models.
Cantore chasing snow a week after Nicole!

Not a lot of moisture in that last front in the Carolinas.
But was a very wintry scene and watched the front slide in.

We were in Charlotte the last few days and I don't believe I blogged but that's because Charlotte is somehow like Miami, it's always a nonstop action trip vs Raleigh where I settle down and take things slower. We drove some back roads on the way back to avoid Rush Hour Traffic.. and stop in one of our favorite spots.  If you ever want to go somewhere that has that "oh look it's a mountain" feel to it without going far and you're in this area you can try the Uwharrie National Forests or anywhere near the mountain range. They are very picturesque off in the distance, especially on yesterday watching the cloud layers from the most recent cold front sliding down across the South. Googling them I found out they were once one of the largest mountains that eroded down with time and that was interesting. They are always pretty when driving through that part of North Carolina, an easier drive than out to Asheville and so pointing this out. On a cold gray day it feels a bit like you're Out West somewhere and as I did live somewhere 'Out West' I know what that feels like.

Nothing tropical to add. There is moisture down in the EPAC near the coast but no yellow circles, and models have hinted as something forming deep down and then backing off faster than a Texas Two Step. Listen I love the Winter here as the leaves on the trees finally disapeer and you can see the beauty of their structure and the shades of sunset peeking through what usually is hidden by our head treescape scenery.

They are pretty like this.... 
... no two trees are exactly the same.
Shape form and design.
And I can see the sky!

Have a wonderful day!
Besos BobbiStorm
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Twitter usually winter and Instagram whatever.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Mid November. Bucket of Mixed Weather. Snow. Thunder. Rain. Fall Leaves Falling Away As We Dive Towards December.

November 15th

The big news in the "tropics" today would be the wicked weather moving along at the bottom of the frontal boundary towards Florida.  When warm moist weather collides with colder, dry weather meteorological fireworks often happen so if you live in this area close attention. And, I'd say that's anywhere that front is kicking up possible action. 

This is not tropical weather...
..but weather we perceive is in the tropics.
GOM is tropical...right?

Short blog today.
I'll be on the road.
And, there will be weather...

Snow as creeped into the Carolinas.
Way up in the mountains.

We get rain in the Piedmont.
November 15th
Mid Nov.

North Florida has Rain.
Possibly Severe Weather.

Never stop chasing weather.
Love what you do.
Be kind.

My thoughts for the day.

No not leaving the Carolinas, have things to do this week and next though at some point I need to get down to Florida. My favorite winter shoes are there in the back of my daughter's closet. Don't ask, long story.  Enjoy what is left of Fall because with every front that flies through takes more leaves off of the trees and pretty soon it'll be a winter landscape waiting on winter weather. Yes, I love winter weather. It's a new found passion I always knew would fit if I lived Up North again (it's capitalized) and yes I'm living in the South (also capitalized) but to a girl from the Deep South ... well it's called NORTH Carolina for a reason. 

Way too much rambling. Gotta pack fast, gotta get going. 

November 15th... such a point in time. Apex of November and after that we slide on down to December in my  mind. 

Love ya all.
Thanks for reading and discussing weather on Twitter with me.
If I see any good weather I'll be tweeting on Twitter.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter usually weather and Instagram whatever.

Enjoy the music.
Watch the weather....

Sunday, November 13, 2022

NHC SAYS: Nothing For 5 Days.... Snow Flirts With Parts of the South. Cold Fronts Dive ...then go stagnant. Rain on the Horizon - Thanksgiving On My Mind


The take away here is that you can see cold fronts marching across the East Coast, with cold air diving down to the Florida Georgia Line...that  means the Carolinas get cool weather. Snow is flirting with parts of the South, parts of Texas? West Virginia (nearby) and probably a dusting in the Carolina mountains somewhere. Just seeing it that close makes my heart beat fast in a totally good way!

There's a convection convention in the SW Carib.
Prime Spot this time of year.

It's there. Not much to worry about up here.

A front draped across the Florida Panhandle.

There's our ambitous front.
The problem with November fronts is...
..they go all flat over Florida eventually.
Moisture, messy weather ends up in the GOM

That's thunderstorms.
They form at the end of a dead front.

And the front is delivering COLDER AIR.
A week of cold air in the Carolinas.

Last night the GFS provided this little teasing dose of snowflakes for moving closer on the models than we will probably see here in this part of North Carolina, but still it makes me smile and like all early season GFS runs that promise hurricanes or snow it's a sign of the times.

A front went through this morning, the sky is a color I can't describe other than it's blue. Like some blue shade in an eyeshadow palette that everyone buys but is afraid to use because it's sooo blue. There's just something about the color blue as it provides peace, calm and intensityif it's the right shade. So blue.. the sun so bright, a slight breeze (okay it looks stronger than a slight breeze) and I'm happy because I love the change of the seasons.  Don't get me wrong I love Miami and most parts of Florida, but growing up nothing much happened other than an occasional hurricane but here in the Carolinas we get all 4 seasons and if you add in pollen and hurricane season there are actually six seasons! For the easily bored person (like me) it's awesome, hard to get too restless when you know the weather will change soon enough!

Yes! Snow in the mountains!!
What begins up in the mountains....
..eventually ends up down in the Piedmont.

So I'm going out and going to do some things, pick up some things and relax a bit as ther is nothing happening in the tropics but I am marking the march of time and Starbucks is selling Winter and I might just get a frappe today because it's still too warm to get a latte! 

How early is too early to decorate for Chanukah??
Good question.
Light up your life.
Find a drink you like.........
.... a sweater that keeps you warm.
I bought Winter Teas on Friday!
I took down my winter clothes to go through...
... you can feel it in the cripser air up here!

Donate to people in need after Ian and Nicole.

Time is a moving.......

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... once upon a time I had a friend who passed away in November on Thanksgiving. Yes, really not stealing a scene from a novel it's true. After the pumpkin pie was served and my best friend and I sat in a parking lot kind of numb nibbling on BBQ Potato Chips and Diet Dr. Pepper. Wasn't easy but life does go on. He loved Enya and I happen to have some of his Enya CDs which always usher in winter to me though he  loved Orinico Flow. 

Choose the song you like today.
I think I owe ya all some.

No it doesn't depress me.
Makes me remember good times.
We made side dishes together often.
Fun times, few people always make you smile.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Nicole's Legacy Tidewater Tornado Watch SC NC VA -Tornado Warnings Here All Morning... Will Continue into Tonight! StayAlert! Pay Attn to Weather Warnings!!


Nicole is not alive but still kicking!
Red circle points to her "center"
Not the long band thru NC
That's her dangerous weather.

Raining heavy here as I type.

Can barely type let alone tweet.
Warnings coming in hot and heavy.
You can see the moisture feed below.
All those deep oranges...warm tropical air.
To our West clashing with it is cold, dry air.
A perfect set up for severe weather.
Tornadoes, Hail, Thunder. Wind.

Tidewater Weather Day.
Google Tidewater.
History Georgraphy Map person here.

Images today tell more than I can tell in a thousand words and honestly I can type fast but want to pay attention to the weather and look around to see what's happening. Note the huge cloud shield (so to speak) from Nicole's remnants. Her heart is down over the Atlanta area but the whole Piedmont (especially where it meets the Tidewater area) in Carolinas and Virginia is deailng with nonstop training storms from that bright orange band from Nicole and it's endlessly pumping up into the area. Not truly "dangerous" unless a tornado warned storm sets up over you. And, I'll add they are popping up fast and moving faster so danger is a moving target. One just popped up to my East and the rain picked up and the wind is blowing more as the area moves away from me. Then again one can pop up South of me or SW of me and come screaming through my area.  Oh and this ALL moves up the coast but talk on that later when the weather calms down and after I see what we have beyond my bedroom window......

view from my window...
leaves leaving from the wind.
my maple tree....

It's a perfect set up for severe weather that ironically may carry more wind than many that witnessed Nicole's landfall had and so I'm going off. 

Loving the weather but got to tell you ... I really, really, really need some Winter Weather. I'm at that point where I'm watching for cooler temps and not saying Hurricane Season is over I'm just saying I'm craving winter weather.

Love ya all... thanks for all the interactions!
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather, Instagram whatever.

This song popped in my head. I'll go with it and not over think it though sure some will do that :)