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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Lessons Learned From Ukraine... Evacuations Traffic Jams Remind me of Floridians Stuck on the Road Before Hurricane IRMA. Now is the Time for Hurricane Prep Not Once It Begins to Rain..


Winter seems to be making trouble.
Ice, Snow, Wind and Rain.

Stay off the Icy roads !!
If you live in the SE.. Florida.
Enjoy it.
Come hurricane season it'll be problematic.
Florida definitelly in it this year.
But more on that later.

Before the sunset in the Ukraine....
...dark clouds cloaked the sky!

Really not much I can say today on the weather, except that you learn from weather many things. Be it Winter or Hurricane Season I keep a bag with priorities in it in case we need to leave suddenly or the power goes out and I need to find things fast. Foods that do not need electricity to eat (no we don't have a generator in Raleigh) and I'm aware of the weather threats at all times. Usually, thankfully, nothing really happens here but I know I can and learned from the past that having basics in a place I can find them even if the lights go out is important.

It blows me away that the leaders in Ukraine in denial insisted publically they didn't need to worry and only yesterday after Russia moved in did they tell people ...while they were being make a "go bag" and to go into bomb shelters. While that's good advice, it should have been pushed earlier as realistically they needed to preapare "go bags" and evacuate (if they planned to) before the bombs began to drop.  

And it hit me... Miami doesn't have subways.
NY has Penn Station.
Russia has subways... bomb shelters.

My point here is not political it's about the things you learn from weather dangers and how to prepare for them and it's sad that after the Russian troops were past the gates were they told to find a bomb shelter and put together a "go bag" as the "STORM" was on the horizon and the tea leaves didn't need translation.

So with that in mind...........
1. Make a "Go Bag" for hurricane season.
2. If in Florida and you plan to evacuate if there is an IRMA storm with FL in the Cone... 
    Plan that evactuation now...figure out your plan before the hurricane season begins.

Just some weather thoughts here as we all watch what is going on ...on the other side of the Atlantic, because in a short time it will be Hurricane Season and it's better to have a plan than no plan. 

With prayers for safety everywhere both in Europe and here and in all parts of the world!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... Know where your Hurricane Shelters are! Know what your plan is... Get hurricane supplies before you need them and know your atlternative routes out so you do not get stuck on the Florida Turnpike running out of gas trying to evactuate from South Florida ... while everyone has a cousin in Miami it might be good to be on good terms with cousins far from Miami. That's a song for another day..but again remember... make plans now not after the storm surge rolls across your beaches!

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Listening to Mike Talking........Laughing, Smiling, Nodding.... Do You Really Want Hurricane Predictions NUMBER Wise? Are They Valuable or Just Clickbait?


I was debating on writing a blog today, but as I was listening to Mike talk.... I decided to just go with it and say what's on my mind. First off, he's fun to listen to and I've known Mike so long... well let's put it this way ... I don't want to incriminate myself LOL so suffice it to say he's fun to listen to and extremely educational especially if you feel lost on complicated weather sites that have more options than you are really even aware of... 

People ask me all the time how I get that Windy graphic as their phone takes them to the main page, the default so to speak and while watching Mike navigate these sites they often learn how to do things they did not know previously. How do I KNOW this??? Because they tell most of my closest friends and high school friends and some of my kids watch him especially during the hurricane season. 

People go to they get this above!
But there are filters on the right... "more filters"

When you go to the "more filters" you get a more better understanding of the layers of the atnosphere. More better is a saying Down South... means way more better ;) options and now is the time to learn more about your favorite site online before there is a Category 3 hurricane threatening to go Cat 5 as it takes aim on you as you are on the edge of the 5 Day Cone!

IF you don't want to learn how to navigate the various meteorological websites filled with models, atmospheric pressure grahics and other data to study you can go to Mike's site shown above that tells you everything you need to know. Soon he will switch over to tropical sites and leave winter behind, but for now ice is moving through the country So  some people are still getting winter weather! It also tells you I have an addiction for Sephora and I'll be honest wandering through that store especially mid week during the day when it's semi-empty, the music is playing and I'm taking it all in ... it's a bit of nirvana...  What advertisement is on your screen I wonder? 

So Mike is talking on the topic today of how many hurricanes we may or may not get this year and he went on one of his rants, long verbal rants and I laughed and nodded my head, because he is right and we both hate this game that is much like going to a carnival and trying to guess someone's weight or age.  Mets come up with numbers as if they are in some office pool 15-7-3  or 12-5-2 or if they are overly confident due to the last few busy seasons they go out on a limb and offer 22-9-5! 

Top number is named storms
Middle number is Hurricanes.
Bottom number is MAJOR HURRICANES!

The forces that be at the NHC these days are always ready to upgrade, whereas old timers such as Bob Sheets or May Mayfield were slow to upgrade even when they had incredible satellite imagery of a closed system. Some years you get storms that just manage to crawl across the finish line and get upgraded and remain for a mere 29 hours a minimal Tropical Storm of 40 MPH other years or you get an El Nino inspired slow staring season with one or two early systems in May and then no Hurricane until August such as Andrew in 1992. It's a crap shoot and it also depends on whether a crappy looking system gets upgraded based on good reviews by the models or a mediocre wave gets poor reviews and even when it starts to come together there is low confidence it will wrap and become a hurricane ......................and then you have Florence that lasted for an eternity as it was the little engine that could as it swam across the Atlantic. 

If you like guessing the numbers go for it, but it's more important to me WHERE the hurricanes will go and that's where some such as Jim Williams ( and Rob from really shine in putting out PreSeason maps with possible tracks for the coming year. Obviously I read every CSU report put out and updated frequently, but tossing numbers into the wind as to 15-7-3 is just kind of silly, but if it's your thing.........please share your thoughts and your numbers. 

This time of year I just kind of glide as football is over, hurricane season is 98 days away and while I watch what is going on in the Ukraine/Russia conflict I remember how much I loved studying Geopolitics. Yesterday I turned the news off and watched an old video filmed during the original comflict in the Donbas by my favorite professor Dr. Ralph Clem on YouTube, he's so good at what he does and how he presents the info. His class was a joy and I took every class he taught as well as some Independent Studies on smaller regions not covered in the larger classes.  Paul George the historian is one of the only other people I know who has that sort of mind that's just literally amazing filled with so much knowledge and amazingly they enjoy sharing that knowledge.  Good to remember what you love sometimes and I do love how geography, meteorology and climate all influnece everything but especially politics!

I noticed this girl sitting there in the front row, taking it all in... that was me back when though I was writing fast in colored flairs his serious thoughts on how place, location and opportunity all play a factor in Geopolitics. And, in truth place, location and opportunity ALL play a factor in any given Hurricane Season. When Louisiana is hot as a target and towns are located too close to the coast and near the bayou they are more likely to be negatively impacted than another town in any given year. Yet, when an El Nino rears it's head suddenly the Gulf of Mexico can go more quiet as strong winds across the Caribbean from the Pacific cfreate shear and make it more difficult to get a wild hurricane going. The first time I studied an El Nino event in depth was in Dr. Clem's class as it related to an International Law dispute regarding fishing fleets in South America. But as we impacts or hurricane season as well as our winters if it sticks around.

And, if you are Florida or the Outer Banks sticking out into the water like they have some sort of neon blinking sign on them screaming every season "hit me with your best shot!" they are more likely to get hit be it early in the season or a CV storm in the heart of the season or a tropical storm moving from the SW to the NE out of the Caribbean catching a cold front.

Lastly............remember our growing season in the heartland of the country is fed every year by countless tropical waves that do not develop into hurricanes but wash up onto the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and their moisture rides up into the Missississippi Valley creating rain for the crops we are so lucky to have in this country that is blessed to be at a temperate latitude unlike places such as Russia that has much of their large expanase of land cloaked in snow a good part of the year ... where we have four generally gentle seasons and a long growing season across a wide area of our heartland... add in crops in the Carolinas and Virginia in fertile regions that only get lost if there is a hurricane.

It's all about weather..........always and geography!
Like music and lyrics.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever... obviously some make up and food!

Ps.........If you live in the Danger Zone in Hurricane Country... now is a good time to remember 2022 is moving fast and before you blink it will be time to make a list of things to buy, supplies just in case the NHC puts you in the danger zone in their cone!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

99 Days Til Hurricane Season 2022 - Names, Thoughts on 2/22/22 day and El Nino? La NIna? Or Just Make a Margarita??


Remember that old song 99 bottles of beer on the wall? Well today is 99 days until the start of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season! You may want to start buying drinks, snacks that are on sale after the Super Bowl and start stocking them away; if you're into chocolate stock up on post Valentine's Day Sales as well! You can read the article from the station that put together the graphic above... down below! 

This is you're "we are getting closer to the Hurricane Season" notice so mark it down on the Calendar (if you have not already) and know that this year the Tropical Outlook from the NHC will be put out on May 15th which to many of us mean ....that is the de facto start of the season! Graphics mean so much these days!  

1992 list from Wikipedia 

Many of you will recognize this list as the 1992 list that brough you Hurricane Andrew! I believe Colin replaced Charley! Fiona replaced Florence (F storms seem to get retired faster than other letters. Earl does not, hope I didn't jinx things here regarding the ever popular often wayward Earl!! Fiona replaces Frances which was retired after it partied with Jeanne that is now Julia!  Hermine is still on the list.... Karl and Lisa remain, while Mitch was replaced after ....well you know Category 5 Hurricane Mitch that took up a good part of the Caribbean at one time! This is NOT my favorite list as I remember the hurricane track map from 1992 so well as we all made fun of the name Andrew. Note... never make fun of a name on the list as it may know where you live!

This brings up the question of La Nina or El Nino or is this a gender neutral year known as "NEUTRAL" obviously. 

I'll talk about that soon as we get closer to the season and we have a better handle on just what is happening with that. As today seems to be National Margarita Day and Lord knows with everything going on in the world today on 2/22/22 it may be a good idea for you to sit back with a drink and hope all we have to worry about this year is the Hurricane Season ... 

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Flooding Near Rio - Waiting on Strong Front Moving East Bound with Wild Windy Weather Promised by Forecasts. Waiting on Russia - Ukraine Drama, Roaring 20s and Other Obsessions. "Slow Times" Waiting on Hurricane Season.


Storms in Brazil bring mudslides and death as the world watches what may or may not be going on in the Ukraine. Everything is really about where you focus your attention and what you are looking for and often big stories go under the radar unless you scroll through Twitter regularly and see dramatic images and videos that take your breath away. It's a big world, I get it and yet amazingly we always look back at Europe vs down towards our South towards South America; you know the other America. 

A man rescuing a dog caught in the mud, a picture that pulls at the heart strings of most of us and it's hard to wrap our head around such a sudden, devastating weather disaster. Kind of reminds me of Ida's rampage on her way out to the sea when water surged through open windows into basements in Brooklyn killing the occupants who could not get out fast enough to save their lives. Water rushing across an expressway in New Jersey sweeping cars and their occupants off the highway into flooded ravines taking way too many lives. 

Again where is our focus? We watched Hurricane Ida nervously as she moved towards landfall and everyone was happy that so few had died and then while few, except meteorologists warning of possible flooding, way too few were watching their weather apps or paying attention to the weather forecast for Ida's rampage along the East Coast? 

As I was falling asleep last night I heard there were minor, possible squirmishes in the Ukraine that were eventually confirmed by Reuters, but after scrolling through reliable sources on Twitter it became apparent I could go to sleep and catch up on it in the morning. Again, one of my degrees is in International Relations specifically Russian studies and so this to me is like watching a strong wave rolling off of Africa that every model insists will be a Category 5 in 3 days, then 4 days, then not at first as it's having problems getting it's act together being blasted with strong sheer but all the models insist this will be a Major Hurricane before the Caribbean Islands. Barbados is watching as a strong high is in place that will not let it escape to the North and it is forecast to crash into the Island chain on it's way to somewhere. Note, sometimes models are wrong and sometimes intelligence reports don't get it right but we keep watching as there is potential there for trouble.

I woke up early this morning, checked again on all of my reliable sources as to what did or didn't happen in the Ukraine and decided to watch Thor as he will fill me in on all the news that's fit to put in this daily videos known as THOR NEWS! He gets weather, he gets geology, he gets news and the drama of color dramatically showing off an incredible atmospheric event. Thor also gets the Roaring 20s and appreciates them as I do so while we are very different we are very much alike in ways that you probably wouldn't get unless you were once in a Speakeasy sipping a Bee's Knees listening to synocopated jazz! An intriquing time in history, kind of like living in LA in the 80s when Disco was all that.

Weather is like the news. Every weather person has their favorite model and agenda as well as their own perspective as they once was an On Air Met in Alaska so they watch those storms coming into the NWS vs the guy from Florida who never looks West of the Mississippi River. Propaganda is rife on both sides and the US and NATO engage in propaganda as much as the pros of propaganda being Russian News Agencies and the English just slam us with their picture laden websites filled with tons of spyware and more crap than you can flush down the toilet. 

Weather is local and supposedly I'm getting some, though got to tell you if it's not Winter Weather or Tropical Weather I'm a bit too bored to stare at a model as I'd rather watch Aviation Geeks (that's a thing) post images of planes from various nations flying across Ukrainian or Crimean air space. 

The Thursday event was pushed back to Friday.
So much for local weather forecasting.
Not much better than intelligence reports from NATO.

So we will see late tonight in the early morning hours...
...or tomorrow after the dawn breaks!

Last night I had a good time out and about...
..Tobacco Road in Raleigh is fun.

It's all about focus... 
.... I looked up at the screens at Tobacco Road and...
...oh my gosh the Florida Panthers were playing!
Carolina Hurricanes vs Florida Panthers.
Not sure who won I was drinking and talking ;)

I went out last night to an event downtown and downtown Raleigh is fun these days as it's filled with bars, beer houses and bistros. I do so love alliteration. Libertarian meetings are always fun and interesting as it's mostly men with some incredibly smart, talkative women mixed in and when there's no speaker everyone is drinking, eating or just enjoying being together. I'm not a hardcore Libertarian as I tend to vote Independent (the mind set not the official party) but I had a boyfriend once who was a hardcore Libertarian and my husband leans Libertarian and again they are smart, free thinkers who enjoy discussing politics, life and they are very well read...........says the ex-Librarian ;) They also give good hugs! Nice night, but as always I'm always off mentally thinking on something, wondering... waiting for a storm of some kind.

So there I was out having fun and thinking, wondering if anything was happening in the Ukraine. One track mind, sorry but again spent years studying the meteorology, geography, history, politics and yes literature of Russia so I'm a bit curious. We all have our passions, interests and fields we study or pay attention to in life. For me it's meteorology, geography, history as well as writing, dancing and wondering what Putin will do. Oh, and I do like make up which you know if you follow me on Instagram. I had a really good Stout I sipped most of the night, not too sweet, not too bitter but just right!

I'll be back when there's real weather or news to write about. But know while you are waiting for snow or Spring, there are floods in other parts of the world and tornadoes and wind events may be coming to your town along the line of the front that's getting it's act together today and there will be snow North of the Mason Dixie line from it and possibly in the mountains of the South, but only time will tell!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... When I was in college in a Masters Class on Fitzgerald, Faulkner and Hemingway with the author then known as Professor James W. Hall we studied The Great Gatsby in depth way more than the other two author's works.  I had issues with the "green light" as the official answer on a test is that it was "money... make money and win Daisy back" but to me the green light meant "go" as he was watching, staring and waiting to put his plan into action and "go" for it. The witty, fun professor told me I made a good case for it and I could be right, but the correct answer on the test was otherwise so if I wanted an A it was up to me. I got an A. I still believe it doesn't really mean "green" = "money" which really equates to the American Dream and all that jazz. 

Who knows?
It's all interpretation and perspective....

Just remember the 20s blended intot he 30s...

My favorite shoes are like tap shoes ;)

Monday, February 14, 2022

Valentine's Day After Rams Win the Super Bowl! Snow Cover Across the US... While Day Lillies Pop Up Around Town. Why Weather and Geography Always Matter in Miami or the Carolinas or Russia.


Today's satellite imagery above.
The cold came back.... 
..... like the cat!

Snow cover on the top.... up where it belongs.
But, cold temperatures invaded the South!
It'll warm up fast in the South..
Thursday it's forecast to be 74 degrees again!
Tug of War between Winter and Spring!!

That is really a beautiful front that swept all the way down into the Caribbean. It's too early to talk on the tropics, but it does make me wonder how long we will have cold fronts sweeping down past Havana this year and at some point if we will see early development along these decaying, frontal boundaries as so often happens early in the season.  Long paragraph to basically say that nothing is happening in the tropics yet, but I'm watching patterns and enjoying those last wintry blasts of cold air before Spring springs forth! I saw these little yellow daylillies or whatever they are called pushing up through the ground on the way to the synagogue this past Saturday. I always thought of them as tulips, because I didn't know much about Spring flowers growing up in the land where hibiscus bloom 365 days a year. But, when you see them you know that Spring can't be far away.  You can also buy them at Trader Joes! 

The Rams won the Super Bowl!

Amazingly it almost went into Over Time!
But it didn't and it was a close game.
In High School we called that Ram Power.
Because I was a Ram!!

Looks like a heart, doesn't it?
And, as Y'all know I love LA!

Blurry picture of me, my mother and my brothers. Note I'm wearing school colors, which I rarely wore as I'm not really a gold or yellow person but sometimes you gotta show some school spirit ...ya know? I found it over the weekend in a small box with some pictures my mother had ripped out of the family photo album. She was moody like that... I think we were showing off a bougainvillea plant that bloomed in the winter. You can tell it's winter, because I'm wearing jeans not a short skirt and she had on long sleeves. Weather once again dictates everything from our wardrobe to why nations often go to war!

It was a great school where I had good friends and happy times. Okay, I was fairly popular and overly involved in activities, clubs, parties and AP classes! It's always good to have a well balanced mix of fun along with advanced learning classes. I took a lot of History and English, I bet you aren't surprised...  It kind of looks like a yellow heart if you blur your eyes, so it made total sense I spent a good part of my life in LA where the Rams played!  (enough on the Rams.... )

This is a map of the world from the top of the North Pole looking down. No, it's not Christmas yet so keep working on that list for Santa. Note how America in the North American Continent has green mixed with white and the areas that are green will soon move into their annual growing season where we produce lots of wheat, oats, soy, corn and that keeps us flush in Cheerios! Seriously though, we have quite the charmed life as the warm, humid winds from the Gulf of Mexico deliver one tropical wave after another that didn't make it to Hurricane fame, but did make it to Kansas! The Coastal Plain of the Carolinas, Georgia and parts of Virginia also provide a bounty of produce that bolsters our ability to get fresh fruit and vegetables fairly cheap. There's nothing like a summer drive through these regions stopping at farm stands and buying berries, peaches and whatever else calls to you!

Up close and very in your face.......... see that most of Russia has SNOW.
Oh over near Ukraine they aren't covered currently.
Russia does NOT have a great growing season.
But hey they do the best they can... 

This is the real message of today's weather blog and I want you to remember it always. Climate and geography always matter in the world of Economics and Political Science. Countries did not go to war because they wanted to get their hands on a few weeks worth of Day Lillies, not they did not. They went to war over natural resources and often for ethnic reasons that had to do with where borders were or were not and their collective history of that region. 

It's funny in a world where Globalism is so important as a goal by many, many territorially look " and say "that was our land for hundreds of years, it's Russia and we want it back" and others say "oh wait but they declared independence and for the last 20 years they have been trying to get their groove going politically most recently electing a famous Reality TV start who had little experience in business nor politics, though he does have a degree from a University in some form of Economics.  Politics is strange. Geography, Climate and History are less strange and very simple. 

The Ukraine is a large country filled with different ethnicities and in the East it's mostly Russian (along with some Turkish and various descendents of Greeks who colonoized the region. My mother's paternal family lived there for a while before running away from the Cossacks who liked to get drunk and kill whatever population was there that was not originally from there and that was often the wandering Jews who wandered in from somewhere in Russia. So they ran away to Philadelphia before moving South to Florida where my mother's side of the family had been since the 1800s living in Key West and Tampa. 

History has to do with geography, both family wise and other wise. I had a Great, Great Grandfather who had asthma and liked Sea Travel.... and Key West called his name for health reasons first and then because he fell in love with it. 

What's your history? 

Praying for peace, obviously, however I don't think that much military power has moved from all parts of the European/Asian arena just to keep the peace. And, pretty sure Russia would like what it considers their land back and only time will tell if they can all work something out peacefully. Time is running out.

Lastly we have Valentine's Day! It's a nice day filled with roses or Irises or whatever flower is in bloom or in the store that you love the most. South American flowers make a long trek to usually Florida where the flowers are then sent out to Flower Shops to sell flowers in the middle of the winter to cheer up someone who is much loved and thought about. Boxes of candy are passed around and well what's better than popping candy kisses into your mouth or a big box of Godiva. Sadly, most Godiva stores in my area no longer are in my local Malls. The world has changed so much over the last few years. I do hope you enjoy Valentine's Day and actually every day as every day has promise and potential and something to gaze at that gives you pleasure if you only look out the window, take a walk or a road trip. 

According to Wikipedia, and they know everything, it could be celebrated on July 6th but it is not in America which is kind of sad as you'd think Mid Summer would be a much nicer time to take your girl to the beach and make out on the sand before taking a swim together or getting drinks at a near by Tiki Bar. Just saying......   

Also please rememebr the Patron Saint is also the patron saint of beekeepers so ... go find your honey and enjoy the day!

Much love....
Thanks for reading along....
Sometimes writing this blog is a personal therapy for me ... 
I love geography and weather, but my degree that I received with honors and actually cash awards as well as offers to work for the CIA (that I declined) was in International Relations, emphasis on Russian Studies in a Post WW2 World so I am acutely interested in what is going on currently in the ever changing history of Europe. That leaves me with one odd piece of trivia that everyone forgets and that is that Europe is a Peninsular! Russia is the Eastern backbone of that Peninsular as it is hogging up two continents both Europe and Asia! 

If you're still reading this............... Thank You! Give yourself a Valentine's Day Present today!

I needed to write and writing is a form of therapy and there are no hurricanes to write about today so here we are rambling like a rambling rose.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Weather mostly on Twitter and Whatever on Instagram.

Ps... Enjoy the beautiful song and dance. I studied dance too... lots and lots of dance! Forgive the typos today as therapy doesn't need an editor!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Mix Up of Random Weather News - Weather Round Up Going Into Super Bowl vs Valentines Day Weekend! Hot Hot Hot Valentines - Super Bowl Weekend! Santa Ana Winds! Does This Give Some Team the Edge?? Lost SpaceX Satellites ....


Valentines Day vs Super Bowl!

Note the oranges and reds in California means HOT.

It's an odd weekend coming up in that Monday is Valentines Day which would make it usually "Valentines Day Weekend" except in 2022 it crashes into SUPER BOWL SUNDAY aka SUPER BOWL WEEKEND! I truly hope that if you have a significant other...someone to share Valentines Day Weekend with that you are both either huge football fans or couldn't care less about the Super Bowl. Otherwise, I do think the Monday Morning AFTER is going to end up being Break Up Monday!

As everyone here knows I love football so this is not going to be a big problem for me. I do love Valentines Day in many ways so that works also!

Hot Time in Southern California today for February!
I lived there a long time... totally not normal!!

I lived in LA a long time, though the above forecast is for Long Beach as I can type that ZipCode faster into a Google Search! I love LA but truly, really loved living in Long Beach but that's my story not the story of today and this weekend's hot weather forecast for the Super Bowl. They have been breaking high temperature records with way to hot temperatures the last few days. You'd think this is some weather plot from General Hospital where some Cassadine is always trying to Lex Luthor like control the world's weather! Yes, I actually watched that GH plot line from LA in the 80s! But, in real life it's a crazy turn of events for the Los Angeles area that is hosting the Super Bowl! And, interestingly it impacts the Super Bowl where the high is forecast to be 86 degrees! Saturday if they are doing practice it will be 88 degrees edging up towards 90! Come on that's ridiculous, as LA in the winter is usually sunny, pleasant and beautiful! Long Beach, being a beach city, is gray and wonderful half the day until the sun comes out but that's a different story. If you are going............bring sunscreen and stay hydrated!

Does weather have an impact in the Super Bowl?
It could, if a team is not used to 88 degree weather?
Home field advantage could really favor the Rams...
... not used to that but not Cincinnati  weather?

In 1973 Miami beat Washington in LA at the Super Bowl!
Also very warm weather so see it can happen!
Then again the Fins won....

Worse for LA this week is Santa Ana Winds.
No one ever wants Santa Ana Winds.
I lived there.
They make you crazy.
You can stand and watch flowers die in real time.
Fires often rear their ugly head!
February is not exactly Santa Ana Winds Season.
But can happen any time, but it is rare.

One of the most Googled questions for the Super Bowl is if the stadium is air conditioned! Good question and while it is not technically, because you know it never rains in Southern California and you very rarely need AC... it was built taking that into consideration and is expected to be comfortable. I imagine "comfortable" is in the eye of the beholder. 

"isn't technically air conditioned"
If I was there I'd prefer it to say "is air conditioned" personally.

So is weather an issue? Possibly, could be... time will tell. If you are in the LA area for Valentines Day may I say a great place to head to in a heat wave is Malibu Beach. Go toTrancas, get some strawberries, wine, chocolates, sushi anything you and your love both love and enjoy whatever breeze you can find. Personally partial the Santa Monica Pier, but I do love Malibu!

More weird weather? 
It's raining a lot in Miami.
This is their DRY season.
The locals are not happy.
Though the guy dancing in the rain is...

If you want to feel like you are in Miami.
Follow @onlyindade on Twitter or Instagram.
It shows a familiar lifestyle with some humor.

So those are my thoughts........ why is the weather so hot in LA in February? Will it give one team advantage over the other? Are you focusing on Valentines Day or the Super Bowl or neither and you could care less and are going hiking or fishing this weekend, plesantly single or trying to forget the one you loved who got away?? 

And, lastly I think it's interesting that very few media markets are talking about the loss of the space satellites recently launched into orbit from a CME and I'll note the only people I know following the story are weather people who tend to watch Solar Weather as a component obviously of our weather on Planet Earth. The article linked here below explains the whys of how the atmosphere on many levels of our planet are impacted my solar storms and why Elon Musk lost at least 20 Million Dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from one solar blast, boom... and how that's a financial story but should be a story we are all paying attn to! I have read the figure in the dollar amount could be way higher than 20 Million, but what difference could a million here or there make? Ask Zuckerberg who lost way more recently in value of Facebook. Dangerous week for millionaires it seems.. 

I first saw this story on YouTube but the video was taken down by YouTube for whatever reason I don't know, perhaps they hadn't Googled and seen it's a real story not just Click Bait. Thor News did a story on it yesterday, but those of you who know Thor know he is always watching the Sun! May I say we both wish Cranky Weather would come back to Twitter, but I understand he wanted a break and well.. he's missed!

I ran a library at a College.
The job is teach students how to search... showing you how to search here as well!

Link to story below.

Strange, interesting times we live in this year. 

Keep an eye on the sky and watch the weather.... for surprises you didn't expect to happen would be my advice if the beat from 2022 keeps on going the way it has been. Surprises happen often ....

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
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Music Video.............hmmn
Honestly danced to this song in LA and it was fun... and been in LA on HOT HOT HOT days and it's not sooo fun. Ended up at the end of a dock in Marina Del Rey, laying down on the dock wishing for a bit of a breeze because when LA is that hot... it's not so much fun unless you have air conditioning and Ice Cream!

Thursday, February 03, 2022

Post Groundhog Day... Winter Rains Ice, Snow and Cold, Cold Rain Across a Large Part of the Country. Hurricane Season 4 Months Away. Mother Nature Messing with Texas, Oklahoma and Fronts Make it to Cuba Again and Again. Did You Know There Was a February Tropical Storm in 1952? Willie Nelson Music Day!


A good compare and contrast to the previous post.

Winter not letting go of her grip.

No matter what the Groundhog says.

Much like last year Texas is dealing with snow, ice and winter weather. Oklahoma getting it's annual "OMG there's SNOW!" episode and as it slides to the East as seen below it takes it's wintry mix towards the East Coast.  The South will most likely get Southern Rain and if you are really interested the Groundhog said "more Winter" which is no surprise and you can see that on the model runs but any excuse to have a holiday or party is good... right? 

Looks like a cold front! February. Logical.

Florida gets rain.... of course!

So this is how my mind works as we are officially 4 months away from the Atlantic Hurricane Season (Unless they start early on May 15th as there has been a lot of talk on that.) IF we keep getting these fronts that did get all the way down to well... Cuba.... it's possible we could get early pre-season action forming at the tail end of these abudantly strong frontal boundaries. 

There's lots to talk about as we move into the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season but with winter weather on the move impacting areas usually impacted by hurricanes I'm staying on the wintry topic but I am mentioning that it's worth thinking on. Will La Nina let go and allow us to go into a more Neutral cycle or is there an El Nino in our future? Just wondering.

A friend posted an image of a Groundhog Day Tropical Storm in 1952 that tracked across Florida. So after looking up the 1952 Hurricane Season, what I thought was interesting is not that there was a storm in February nor was it the last year to use the old Able, Baker set of names but that the hurricane season began on June 15th making me wonder when the change to June 1st began? Interesting, to see that decision made in 1952... sure there was a reason.  I love weather history and triva! Maybe they should make a board game for meteorologists and weather lovers everywhere? an interesting season in that most of the action was along the East Coast or out in the Atlantic. El Nino year and the GOM was basically therefore shut down tight.  After the extremely early February TS nothing formed until mid August. In late October a storm formed and looped a cute circle in the Atlantic, before giving up and becoming a ghost. 

Listening to Willie Nelson this morning. I needed to for some reason. Weird vibes? Willie always makes me feel better, well unless he made me feel sad but that was more sitting by the fireplace in California in the early 80s while listening to Yesterday's Wine. Loved that house, but I digress, it was one of the best houses I ever lived in. Willie always puts the sun, the moon and the stars in his songs and fills them up with weather references!

Now I need to research why the Hurricane Season was moved up from June 15th to June 1st seeing as now we may move it up it seems to May 15th which is the official start of the EastPac season.

And far away on the other side of the world there's a tropical system moving towards Mozambique.

Love Earthull's ability to turn the world around. Far away from Ice Storms in Texas, there's a tropical system and eventually we will be tracking the tropics not wintry weather. That said, they took my possibility of winter weather out of the forecast. Well ...there's always the next model run ;)

Have a wonderful day, enjoy the February parade of frontal systems sliding their way across the country and know soon tulips and daffodils will push up through the ground in many parts of the country. In South Florida that means the SNOW BIRDS will fly back Up North before it gets hot again!

Sweet Tropical Dreams

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps... Enjoy some Willie.