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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sex and Hurricanes

I find it funny that I came across an article tonight that explains the history of the Sub-tropical Cyclones that are always much maligned and often ridiculed. There is this sense of either it is or it ain't. Is it Parkay or Butter as the commercial goes... Sometimes, you just can't tell but no matter what it is exactly it is a named storm with the National Hurricane Center giving out coordinates and advisories.

Seems way back when, before the birth of being politically correct the word was Neutercane. The early 70s brought a period when you were either on the bandwagon burning your bra or you weren't and alas... they became Sub-tropical Storms which oddly go by the initials STS. Who got the last laugh here I'm wondering.

There is a really nice, brief explanation on today. Main page, good story and worth reading up on before the season starts and we talk on whether the first storm out in the Atlantic is or isn't a real storm.

The beautiful picture above is Nicole in 2004.

Here is another link to a beautiful storm off of the coast of Florida in 2007 named Andrea.

Why I think this is so funny and worthy of being written about tonight as I sit here, trying to unwind listening to Harvey's music and pondering life is that I read several articles today about Elizabeth Taylor and her close friendships with men that were not sexual in nature and her very sexy persona that more than a few times came in to conflict with the Women's Lib movement who felt it was better to burn their bra and not use their sexual charms to fight the battle of the sexes.

A few articles stand out.

And, a long but incredible article about Elizabeth and the women of her era.

She used her charm, her beauty, her talent and her brains.

A woman is or should be equal parts of those traits as well as maternal, loving, strong and independent.

Elizabeth Taylor was some woman.

Many love to make jokes about her many husbands and marriages. But, she did it her way and she was an original. An old-fashioned girl who believed if you were going to sleep with someone you ought to marry them ;) and she did . . .

There is a famous quote by Anais Nin is " I have the right to love many people at once and to change my prince often." I'd say that quote could apply to Elizabeth as much as Anais.

It's said her jewelry is conservatively estimated at 150 million dollars and it's believed except for a few pieces she bought and gave away to friends, all her jewelry was given to her as gifts by her husbands, the men in her lives.

However, her fortune is supposedly worth over $600 million dollars and she had some business head on those beautiful shoulders. She knew how to demand money for a movie and was the first to receive a Million Dollars for a role. Note, she demanded it or rather said this is what she would accept to do the role. Not exactly some 1930s starlet that was pushed around by the studio. So, who was truly liberated the Womens Libbers of the 70s or Elizabeth Taylor? She, like Dolly Parton, used her image in the same way men like Jimmy Buffett do and built a line of perfumes and other ventures that were built around her simply being "Elizabeth Taylor."

So, we can no longer just use women's names for Hurricanes which makes sense as they are not called Himmacanes are they?? No... because some women complained and made a fuss and it wasn't politically correct so in 1979 we were forced to use men's names which brought us Hurricane David in 1979.

Personally, I was always annoyed when they went with men's names. I sort of liked being a woman who could be compared to a hurricane. I'm sorry but Hurricane Mitch just does not have the same image as Hurricane Camille.

Then again, I enjoy being a woman who adores men and has great male friends as well as having been blessed with some great boyfriends... husbands... and I'm never gonna burn my bra or worry on political correctness whether it's on hurricanes or life.

Life is what it is and more so it is what you make it.

Elizabeth Taylor had some life. She lost the love of her life early on and she kept on going. She became a grandmother before she turned 40. She left behind 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, a legacy of friends and fans and she never apologized for being a woman.

I think a Hurricane should definitely be named after her. Maybe she could hit Elizabeth City, North Carolina or Elizabeth City, Maine.

Come on guys... think about it ;)

Just my thoughts on life in this busy evening in the world of news and weather.

Sweet Tropical Dreams

Ps Mel if you are out there, just want to say... been thinking on you, hope you are doing okay!


No Canes Today - Gone Fishin

Sorry, but there are no Canes today and I am still waking up so may I say...
Yeah, October 2005 was fun or was that 2006 though I did think on the corn the other day too and smiled. Okay, I was annoyed about something, but I did still giggle.

Key Kaye wrote a great short piece on the new rules and regulations of the Cone from the National Hurricane Center ...

On another front, exhausted from watching coverage of the bombing in Israel yesterday and hoping all my kid's friends were okay, though am sure a lot of other people's kids were not okay. Thank God the kids who hung out at the Meyer House are okay.

Saddened on Elizabeth Taylor's death. She was my favorite actress growing up, idolized her in so many ways.

Great movie, very underrated. No one did Tennessee Williams like she did Tennessee Williams.

How am I doing?? Was this enough of a post for ya? Nah, I don't miss a thing either.

Besos Bobbi
Ps ...don't want to be too ghoulish or Steven King like this morning for ya... going to a funeral for a friend on a nice Spring Day and then doing Brunch my way.

chow for now - me

Friday, March 18, 2011

Supermoon -- Purim -- Spring

So much going on in my life... now I have to worry on the moon?

Seems we are all waiting to see how tomorrow's Supermoon will or won't affect the situation from a geological point of view or a lunicalogical view?? I think I just made up a word.

Some interesting things out there in the media worry on:
Exposed Fuel Rods and children whose parents have not picked them up from school in Japan and most likely never will. Hopefully, a few parents are alive and will show up and find their children alive.

Great little interactive video game that allows you to see how close you live to a nuclear plant, if you haven't already googled that...

Some astrological info on the Supermoon.

Some CNN News:

Wouldn't it be nicer if we could have Superman and not the Supermoon this weekend?

Spring is here in a few days. And, hurricanes can't be far behind Spring.

Tides are affected by this Spring Equinox, even if your behavior isn't. What are the tides of your life I wonder? Aren't we made up of mostly water? I know our planet is made up mostly over water... seriously we could really use Superman now.

And, Purim is here on Sunday! Purim is one of the happiest days of the Jewish Year, when children dress up like ballerinas and superheroes and Mordechai and Queen Esther. We dance, we party, we give thanks for salvation against an evil enemy who wanted to wipe out the Jewish people. It is a sign in ways of Spring, of new chances and life and the inability of evil people to totally overcome and win against their enemies. The bad man is vanquished like a mean, cold winter and joy and light and goodness pours through like sunshine and happiness. Salvation. The victory of good over evil.

It's a holiday very appropriate for these times we live in. It's so easy to focus on the problems, the radioactive cloud that may or may not be floating in the atmosphere towards our homes or that may go poof in the radioactive night. There are bad dictators, bad leaders, evil pirates roaming wild and killing people of peace who were giving bibles to people in Africa. If we don't need "JOY" now when do we need joy???

Seems to me that we need a prescription right now to think positive in both prayer and in how we look at the world in these times, which are not so bad as times in history such as the Plaque, Inquisition or the Ice Age...

Some come on and raise your glass and give thanks and celebrate the rebirth of Spring and Purim this weekend!! And, when you look up at that big, beautiful Supermoon in the sky say a prayer of thanks for living in this beautiful world and all the beauty and love around you. Give thanks for hidden miracles... they happen everywhere!!

Good Shabbos!


Friday Morning...Libya & Japan & Super Moon Coming Up Saturday....

Good Morning!

The suns up, the birds are singing incessantly and it's a sunny day in my part of the world.

Reading through the news and smiling. One of the things I love about Matt Drudge is the way his mind works. Buried down under the main stories he has the stories he blessedly buries but feels the need to report on.

Love the way he lays things out on his website.


ROYAL CARIBBEAN rolls out 'all-you-can-drink' packages...

Charlie Sheen Sells Out Two Nights at Radio City Music Hall...

He pushes Charlie Sheen down under the "all you can drink" package on Royal Caribbean.

So, time to figure out if we are or aren't bombing Libya. Time to figure out if we are or aren't going to have a full meltdown or if we can avoid the worst, worst case scenario.

And, some people are worrying and obsessing on March Madness...

Why doesn't this pooch have a mask on? Such a beautiful dog...

And, some people are waiting for the world to go shake, rattle and roll with the SuperMoon .... and the Spring Equinox...

Why do we always think the world has gone to wreck and to ruin? I just wonder??

Everything today is totally modern, check your email...check your facebook and check your twitter in the bathroom while you have two free moments... hmmmmmm

Goodbye good girlie girl cause I am changing and how cause beat those drums cause here comes Thoroughly Modern Millie nowwwww

Be back later after a good shower and an even better cafecito :)

Besos Bobbi are so cute and you know who i mean when i say "you"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bryan Norcross on TWC talking on Dispersion Models - - Cable Hooked Up but will it work???

Walked into the bedroom this afternoon and heard the voice of Bryan Norcross, a voice I'd know in the dark with no electric on in the house..

Seems TWC has brought in their Hurricane Specialist to speak about the dispersion of radiation from Japan and show lots of models and graphs and to do what Bryan Norcross does best.. reassure and inform the public. No one does it better than Bryan, who will let you know if you have something you might have to worry on down the line and who will tell you the truth.

In a world where so few people are giving real data and info it's reassuring to hear Bryan's voice giving explanations and never dumming down the weather or anything else to the public.

My second thought though was, "Oh my God, it's so bad they had to bring in Bryan Norcross????" Smiling, but true... he only comes on for the big ones.

Back at the plant... they have hooked up an electric cable that they hope will restore some power and enable them to pump water into the reactor and save them from a total Meltdown.

Hoping it works. Praying it works. Really....

Listening to the live news feed/press conference as I type...

Getting used to her voice at night, it's almost soothing except she's talking on a dangerous matter.

So, am going to leave you all tonight with some links that you can access depending on your specific interest.

We will know tomorrow if the pumping of the water has resumed and if this will stop the reactor from having a Meltdown. But, don't worry because Bryan Norcross is on TWC giving dispersion forecasts.

Oh lord... I am losing it. I need sleep :)

TWC and Bryan Norcross:

Really good discussion on RT about media manipulation by the Nuke Lobby:

Before and After pics... you can move the screen back and forth to see before and after:

Good blog with good info for people who want to better understand the terminology:

More atmospheric models:
(note how it looks like a silk scarf at first waving in the breeze...)

Great article by the NY Times who gets their story right always, with all the facts:

Another by them on the "plume"

(could add something here about Rolling Stone, but no I won't...)

Foods that are high in Iodine in case your tablets are on backorder ;)

For the musically bizarre... there is a beautiful, haunting piano composition that runs quietly in the background while you can watch the swarm of earthquakes on Google Earth that led to the 9.0 earthquake.. <--- must see and listen to

What can I say? I am going to bed.

Been a long day... I have the holiday of Purim coming up and there are things to do and foods to bake.

It's been a week since the earthquake went POP and then the tsunami and then the nuclear disaster.

As I said a week ago, the nuclear disaster would be their Katrina. The earthquake that killed so many thousands of people almost gets lost in the shuffle.

And, now we are moving on to Libya in the news and hoping the fallout from the problems there will only be bleeps on a map far, far away and still we pray for the people in Japan who have yet to find their loved ones, yet to bury their loved ones, yet to be able to put this behind them. And, areas of Japan may be affected for decades to come if the radiation is as bad as many fear.

Kiss your loved ones tonight, tuck them into bed, put on a good song and listen to the music, thank God for all you have and look forward to Spring which will officially be here on March 20, 2011.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

48 Hours to Meltdown??? Fuel Rods Exposed & No Water in the Spent Fuel Pool. . .

These are now the words being used by official sources, not just scientific types talking on blogs and on message boards.

"far more dire than the Japanese have advised"

"reactor completely dry" "radiation levels are extremely high"

"we are interfacing and taking precautionary measures" (Nuclear advisory committee)

CNN's evening's lead reporter used the words "extremely dire" which means if they can use that phrase on air, they are legally justified from their sources it's not just hyping but reality.

Now that we have some good satellite imagery down into the damaged reactor it seems we are sure there is no water in the area that should be covering the exposed fuel rods. It has been speculated that the problem with the fires the last few days and explosions meant that the fuel rods were exposed, now we know they are just sitting there and if there is no water to cool them ....the next stage after "radiation escaping" is MELTDOWN.

Many online have said that Japan has 48 hours to a Chernobyl like Meltdown.

There have been very mixed signals from a company that runs the reactor, a company that has a history of avoiding the truth and hiding details, a private Japanese company vs the government of Japan.

Many European countries have called their reporters back and/or asked their citizens to leave. America has upped the zone to 50 miles around the plant, but if the plant blows how is that going to help is what I am wondering?

Note the headlines on Google News:

Japan has just 48 hours to avoid 'another Chernobyl'‎
Montreal Gazette - Gordon Rayner - Martin Evans - 36 minutes ago
An earlier fire and explosion in the No 4 reactor building is thought to have ... that secondary containment has been destroyed and there is no water in the ...
Video: Radiation Forces Pullout Around Japan Plant The Associated PressU.S. forces kept away from Japan nuclear plant area‎ - Reuters
Workers evacuated from atomic plant‎ - The Australian
GlobalPost - NTDTV
all 31910 news articles »
New York Times (blog)

Green: The Long Half-Life of Chernobyl‎
New York Times (blog) - Felicity Barringer - 1 hour ago
Associated Press Chernobyl's No. 4 reactor, seen from a helicopter a few days after the April 1986 explosion. ...

New York Times (blog)
Nuclear crisis: Australians stranded in Japan as lethal rain looms‎
Herald Sun - Paul Tatnell - Padraic Murphy - 7 hours ago
Picture: AFP Source: AFP This picture, released from Tokyo Electric Power Co shows the damaged third (L) and fourth reactors of the Fukushima No.1 power ...
EDITORIAL: MSNBC Report on US "Nuclear Risks" Features Many Flaws‎
DailyTech - 4 hours ago
There are 104 commercial nuclear power plants in the US (69 pressurized water reactors and 35 boiling water reactors). That means there's roughly 1 in 742 ...

Aerial, satellite images of Japan Earthquake devastation surface ...‎
IBTimes Hong Kong - 1 day ago
Water is dark blue in this false-color image. Plant-covered land is red, exposed earth is tan, ... Reactors No.1 to No.4 can be seen from bottom to top. ...
Video: Japanese Search for Survivors, Fear Radiation The Associated PressJapan earthquake: As it happened‎ -
Earthquake, tsunami hit Japan‎ - USA Today
Sacramento Bee -

The issue of transparency or the lack of it rears it's ugly head here and it seems we know what the truth is, it seems they are just pretending for sanity's sake and to stop panic.

An interesting read that was posted on earlier today.

The snow is falling and it looks surrealistic. We think snow and we think purity and beauty, cleanliness and perfection but there is nothing perfect or pure about the snow that is falling as it most likely has the smallest amounts of radiation.

People are panicking far away in the US trying to get Iodide something or other, there are so many different possible formulas in case of radiation poisoning. I seriously doubt that in America we have to worry on this, though there may be radiation on low levels mixed into the air patterns if and when reactors 1, 2, 3 and 4 blow Chernobyl like...

I bought some kelp tablets at Whole Foods. No, I don't think I will need them but I did it to make a friend feel better. The strange things we do for others... the liquid real stuff is gone, back ordered and not in stock.

What I do think we need to do is take a good look at the nuclear plants in America and upgrade our strategies for a worst case scenario and we need to explore and produce new alternative ways to provide energy other than one that can go Snap, Crackle and Pop radiation into our food supply and endanger our children's lives.

Children to me are a high commodity, what kind of world are we leaving them when we don't expect a worst case scenario to happen? Are we that naive as people or just greedy and want cheap energy any way we can get it?

You see there are fault lines in a lot of places and many way too close to nuclear plants and populated cities.

The list of strong quakes in the last few hours:

y/m/d h:m:s LAT
deg LON
km Region
MAP 5.3 2011/03/16 22:36:17 -32.469 -71.424 24.7 VALPARAISO, CHILE
MAP 5.1 2011/03/16 22:14:52 38.831 144.205 26.9 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.0 2011/03/16 22:07:53 38.797 144.192 25.7 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.1 2011/03/16 22:03:21 37.609 143.482 39.8 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.3 2011/03/16 20:44:43 37.358 143.610 20.2 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.0 2011/03/16 19:35:03 37.641 141.987 24.9 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 3.0 2011/03/16 19:09:37 44.613 -112.082 10.8 WESTERN MONTANA
MAP 5.0 2011/03/16 18:23:09 29.412 141.806 23.7 IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
MAP 5.0 2011/03/16 18:13:00 37.161 142.134 35.0 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 4.2 2011/03/16 17:55:02 36.277 143.154 25.8 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 2.5 2011/03/16 17:52:53 35.230 -92.379 5.1 ARKANSAS
MAP 2.5 2011/03/16 17:50:26 35.214 -92.370 4.1 ARKANSAS
MAP 4.3 2011/03/16 17:36:55 45.570 -74.550 18.0 ONTARIO-QUEBEC BORDER REGION, CANADA
MAP 4.8 2011/03/16 17:19:28 35.542 140.754 24.8 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 4.9 2011/03/16 17:12:39 56.631 121.307 12.0 AMURSKAYA OBLAST', RUSSIA
MAP 2.5 2011/03/16 16:39:12 19.875 -155.571 20.7 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
MAP 4.6 2011/03/16 16:07:24 38.508 20.413 10.0 GREECE

Mind you that does not show the smaller ones that have been going on all day in California around L.A. and up and down the coast.... <----SAVE THIS LINK

What bothers me here is the same thing that bothers me with hurricanes. We see something happening, unfolding and the official powers that be wax poetic on it's only a worse case scenario, it probably won't play out, it's a long range model, etc, etc, etc and we see it happening. Finally, when it's really obvious that it's happening the Media jumps on it, the heads of the agencies give press conferences and everyone is like "huh??? They said it wasn't going to hit"

That's happening here. It was obvious days ago that the fuel is getting "hot" and there was nothing to do to stop the Gamma Rays from going into the air and the radioactive steam from being released.

That is why people who panic ... are going out and buying up this product in any form they can find, because over time they have been burned by the official sources who said they didn't need to worry on _______________fill in the blank___________. And, they don't want to have to rely on the government to hand it out seeing as they tend to be control freaks and prefer having access to what they need in their hot little hands. Okay, bad description... in their possession.

That's why we buy water for a hurricane and batteries for our toys. It's why we stock up on canned goods and junk foods, because in the end when there is a natural disaster of some kind it takes days for the marines to show up and so better prepared (or whatever that Boyscout motto is) than not prepared. At least they can sleep better tonight knowing what they really need is within their grasp.

What do you need most? Ever sit down and write what you need on a piece of paper if only you are the only one that is ever going to see it and then burn before someone else sees it or you are tempted to reread what you wrote?

Do you need peace of mind? Kelp is cheap at Whole Foods if there is any left.. $9.99.

I'm still wondering why we couldn't just eat salty bananas?

Well, I will leave you with that thought and go eat my dinner. I did have sushi for lunch. I do not want to even think on my sushi being on short supply if the radiation

Steam is rising from the number 2, 3 and 4 reactor... if I got those numbers right, it is currently blowing east.

I'm a student of history. Learn from history so that you do not repeat it. That is my thought tonight.

Watch for yourself:

Again, the new policy released from the US Government is:

"American citizens within a 50 mile radius of that plant should evacuate" That is the official United States statement.

What can be done? Charity donated to groups trying to help. Prayers can be offered, it never hurts. Stay tuned, pay attention...knowledge is power and lastly history is being made here live in real time.

This is historic and we are watching it happen and unfold live.

Keep watching...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sub-Tropical Storm Arani in the South Atlantic

When it rains it pours?

Arani, a subtropical storm, formed in the South Atlantic today when a satellite covering the area caught the small circulation on imagery and meteorological information was given out on this very rare event.

The last storm formed in 2004, it's name was Catarina.

You can find satellite imagery at the hurricane center's site:

Info below comes from the following link:

On March 15 at 1500 UTC (11 a.m. EST), the Brazilian Navy issued a special marine warning for the Brazilian coast. The warning stated that Sub-Tropical Storm Arani was located near 24.0 South latitude and 37 West longitude. Arani had a minimum central pressure of 998 millibars and was moving east-southeast near 10 to 15 knot winds.

Tropical cyclones in the Southern Atlantic Ocean are rare. In 2010 System 90Q formed in the same region where Sub-Tropical Storm Arani formed this year. For more information on System 90Q, visit NASA's Hurricane page archives at:

Dr. Jack Beven of the National Hurricane Center, Miami, Fla. said that Sub-Tropical Storm Arani is not currently as well developed as Tropical Storm Catarina was in the Southern Atlantic in 2004 or System 90Q last year.

In case you are wondering how this might relate to the 2004 hurricane season... busy season, lots of landfalls.

As for Japan, the workers have been evacuated which sounds like they are giving up the ship. We will have more information in the morning on what is now officially, the worst nuclear disaster after Chernobyl which still is the number 1 on the list.

It's an amazing world, beautiful from outer space or on a vapor loop or any loop.

Good night Arani


Wind Patterns, New Fire Burning, Aftershocks.... As The World Turns

When I was a little girl my mother watched As the World Turns.

This is my version these days:

The situation is getting worse and there is nothing to stop it from getting more worse, much worse, seriously worse.

I'm not an alarmist, I have not run out and bought liquid Iodide like it has been suggested and I had sushi tonight and hope to have it next week.

Then again am thinking why can't I just eat seaweed and bananas or salty bananas? My ex-husband used to sell Km by Matol, am wondering if it would be good for me to get some because I could use something to keep me up and working when I am tired and falling asleep. Great stuff. Tastes and looks like motor oil, but incredible stuff!

I have my priorities. I'm worried on the Football Season and whether or not radiation could leave me eating veggie sushi rolls :(

I also obsess a bit about the middle east and the sadness of the tragic stabbing to death of a 3 year old boy and a 3 month old baby girl whose neck was slit while she lay sleeping next to her father, who also had his neck slit... it's a sick world out there sometimes and often in Israel. I go on, but it hurts and I think on what I can do to make the world a better place.

I dance and enjoy music and friendship and love.

Life goes on my friend so often says...and so it does.

We cannot give up on life and we cannot stop loving.

Vapor is coming out from the broken pipe and most likely that vapor has radiation in it and it is being released into the air and eventually rain will fall with radiation.

Something needs to be done. This is a massive tragedy. But, what can be done?

We can look at our own country and question the logic of putting nuclear reactors near geologically unstable areas.. for a start.

I'm a big believer in dealing with reality. There are five or six reactors, they will all go in a chain, there is nothing right now that can stop that.

We need to look at our own plants, many built by the same people, some newer, some older...

It's time to look at using Shale Oil which we have in abundance and not being reliant on other countries for our energy reserves. Explore the use of Wind Power and let the birds get used to them and go around them. I'd err on the side of some dead birds rather than a dead city from a nuclear explosion at a plant in California built over an active fault line. Solar Power... as a child in Miami I used to take showers with water heated by a solar heater on the roof, most of my friends did..this is a no brainer.

If you dance with a tiger, you are likely to get hurt at some point in time.

Think on it, there are always alternatives, always options...we need to find them. If you don't learn from history you are going to repeat it...

Sweet Dreams Bobbi
Ps 2 aftershocks today in the 6.0 range, tomorrow could bring an 7.0 or an 8.0 and there is a Supermoon on the 19th that could up the ante on Earth's plates... sleep tight.

Crazy Quilt of Thoughts, Links and Info

I really don't have time this morning to write a legitimate, well written post about what is going on in Japan this morning as the truth is... no one.... knows the truth about what is going on anyway.

It's all speculation and not good speculation and it's a topsy turvy world where everything is changing rapidly and one of my better, sources of good info is a Twitter link from Russia. Mind you, my degree is in International Relations - Russian Studies but even I never thought one day I'd be getting real-time, info from someone typing onto his telephone keypad for me read online in real-time in America.

What a wonderful world... despite the pain and tragedy it IS a wonderful world.

So, going to post some good links to read on that cover a variety of obsessions and then I am going to the gym and going to dance. I love dance, it's my favorite form of exercise and this is ballet and stretch with some moments of yoga thrown in to the mix. (Never end a sentence with a preposition)

So, whether you are worried where to buy Iodide or canned goods, this post is for you and if you can read between the lines, go for it and dance, laugh or sing because along with prayer it is what keeps the world together.

I had a question the other day that was answered on the news this morning. Simon Winchester wrote a book on the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake that relates to the world today. In 1906 several parts of the Rim of Fire rattled big time, prior to the BIG ONE in San Francisco. So far in the last year or so we have had MASSIVE BIG Quakes in Chile, New Zealand and Japan. Can a BIG earthquake in California somewhere (that includes Baja California and Mexico) be far behind?

I want this book, going to look for it today.

He was on air this morning and he brings up the question of the Cascadia Fault Zone along with the better known San Andreas. The Cascadia is way overdue and has not spoken loudly in over 200 years.

Understand that when dealing with Geology and Planet Earth nothing acts in a vacuum.

Here are some links to surf by while I am dancing and taking a well deserved break from meteorological and geological madness.

American Business News & Thoughts:

for scatological geologists:

message board with humanity:

BEST TWITTER SITE for news on the quake...odd but true:
best twitter site:

good weather info:

Fun in the sun maybe had too much fun but fun to read:

Drug of choice:

That's it for now folks!
See ya soon...
Besos Bobbi

Ps Extra Credit Laugh of the day:

If the Farrelly Brothers created their own studio to finally produce and direct The Three Stooges they would call it.... ready..... really ready????

Yellowstone Studios


(i thought that was funny, gotta go)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fire At #4 Details coming in slow...

The number four reactor now has a fire burning. Official sources are not clear on whether the fire is under control or just burning...

Fuel Rods continue to be exposed.

There is a possibility that there is damage at the containment facility.

A fire has been confirmed and "therefore the officials are giving explanations" (word for word from the Press Conference....

Scary thought that this can go on for a long time:

Salient Quote:

"The two reactors where the explosions occurred are both presumed to have already suffered partial meltdowns — a dangerous situation that, if unchecked, could lead to a full meltdown."

That's what my television looked like earlier when I got home and turned the TV back on.

We have gone from "no immediate health hazards" to discussion on at what level temporarily infertility begins.

To follow the 24 hour feed it sounds like a math equation.

#2 reactor and the fire at #4 = Houston, we have a problem.

Example, I am not making this up:

"A FIRE is burning at the No.4 nuclear reactor at Japan's stricken Fukushima No. 1 power plant, Prime Minister Naoto Kan confirmed today, warning that dangerously high levels of radiation are leaking from the area."

Story below:

"You are asked to stay indoors" She goes on to explain IF you go outside to please immediately wash your clothes. Try to "seal" yourself inside, do not ventilate, do not use the air condition. If you have laundry outside do not go outside and get it as it could have been exposed to radiation.

I'm sorry, we went from assurances that all will be okay to giving information to people about how to seal themselves into their rooms and what to do if they were contaminated.

I fear what the news will bring tomorrow. Number 2, Number 4 or the seemingly quiet Number 3.

Again, there were five reactors that had problems.

Notes from the conference online:

They are giving information more now on how to stay indoors and warning people not to go out, if they go out they will need to wash down radiation... obviously something has changed in the last hour.

Notes from the conference that is ongoing on the web:
A person working at the plant is being quoted by the on air reporter:

"no way of extinguishing the fire, he can only observe what is happening. He says he never dreamed this could happen" ( i may have missed a word, I type fast)

Okay, I'm calling it a night. Take a few minutes and pray that things somehow get better over there and dawn's early light brings some positive news.

Feel free to watch the reactor, webcam:

Good source of info:

LIVE FEED in case you wake up at 3 am and cannot sleep and do not want to snack or watch reruns and need current, live information:

And, by the way... the Yen is down, in case you were wondering...

Sweet dreams on something other than nuclear meltdowns...


New Blast, Container Breached. Radioactive Water Leaking Out

This is as much of a worst case scenario as you can get. The containment area has been breached. Radiation has leaked out into the air and by water. This process cannot be stopped, all attempts to stop it have failed and they are evacuating people from the plant.

"This could be the worst case scenario for the Nuclear Power Plants in Japan" is a direct quote from the live press conference.

They have said there is no "immediate" harm to people... not good words with not much of an assurance for what sort of problems the people who live and work there.

The new blast came from the containment area, unlike the previous ones.

Details are slow in coming, even while listening live to the press conferences and there is low confidence as in the past they have been slammed for not giving important information out in a timely manner.

So, when they say this is a worst case scenario, you really have to listen and wonder.

They also said the situation is "not stable" and this whole drama is unfolding and developing live...

Stay tuned....

Very sad...........very scary.

Is a Meltdown In Progress? Can They Stop A Meltdown?

These are the questions people around the world are asking, as they are glued to live coverage of the Nuclear Disaster going on in Japan as I type this...

We have had THREE explosions of some kind, some breakdowns and there are most likely TWO more as there is not much that can be done to stop the process.

I've heard it compared to a runaway car. Personally, I'd call it a runaway train.

A few days back there was much talk on managing the crisis.

We now have admittance that the core was exposed briefly, the fuel rods were exposed on two occasions, etc... sea water rushed in and there was a hydrogen explosion as the steam poured out of the plant.

Unfortunately, the US helicopters that were there trying to help were coated with radioactive debris as well as 17 or 18 people who were on the deck of the Ronald Reagan that was underneath the cloud's path out to sea.

I find it strange that CNN and the news media is just releasing today what I knew yesterday, that the Quake has been upgraded to a 9.0. Guess it takes a while for it to be official and to write a press release...

There are also press releases from the plant that read a lot like Hurricane Advisories. The word "may" crop up often and there is more not known than known.

Note wording below:

At approximately 11:01am, an explosion followed by white smoke occurred
at the reactor building of Unit 3. It was believed to be a hydrogen

According to the parameter, it is believed that the reactor containment
vessel remains intact. However, the status of the plant and the impact
of radioactive materials to the outside environment are presently under

There is a lot of talk on China Syndrome Scenarios and there are people worried that the air flow from Japan will take any residue east towards parts of California and beyond.

It's easy to say there are way too many alarmists out there with nothing better to do right now, but the truth is they keep admitting to more and more problems at the FIVE different locations that are in danger of melting down. They are in fact, admitting to the possibility of there being a Meltdown going on.

It's amazing that we think some things are impossible, but after watching CNN or FOX for a few days and watching one layer of tragedy upon another being placed into the news we become inured to the reality that this is the worst catastrophe to hit Japan since World War II and they do not mean LOSING the WWII they mean the nuclear aftermath of the bomb being dropped on them.

There is such an irony here that a country that was devastated by radiation was not afraid to use it and run with it.

These plants in this part of the country that were damaged by the Earthquake are indeed very old plants, more than 40 years old and it is said that plants built more recently are safer plants. Personally, I don't think nuclear power is "safe" power but I am in the minority, or rather I was in the minority until recently. Many of my friends have asked me today, "exactly how far are we from the closest nuclear plant?"

The "not in my backyard" mentality is beginning to set in.

Keep watching...

Keep alert. Knowledge is power and it's better to stay informed than to have your head under the ground like an Ostritch unless you can get the rest of your body down there should the worst happen.

Be well, stay safe... Bobbi
Ps Remember, to have one reactor with this problem was unthinkable, let alone five. And, the nuclear plants in California have spent the day explaining to the media that they are built to withstand an earthquake as strong as the one in Japan. I hope so. The truth is we don't know until we know if there would be or wouldn't be a problem.

2nd Explosion @ Nuclear Plant, Fears on Contamination and Partial Meltdown

These fears are not just things that conspiracy theorists dream of in the dark of night, but very real fears in Japan right now.

Last night the much worried about #3 reactor went boom in the night.

Actually, last night while Anderson Cooper was live on CNN doing his thing. I've never seen Anderson Cooper without anything to say, he looked catatonic for minutes after finding out the explosion was the reactor and while being "assured" that he was probably safe he was told there was breaking news of a Tsunami Warning. Rare dark comedy in the long night of one bad story after enough, Anderson Cooper trying to form words and think what to say when he obviously was not happy to be that close to the exploded reactor. Can anyone say "Iodine tablets??"

No, I am not making this up and was sure it was online somewhere this morning.

Anyone who loves to complain about Anderson or make fun of him NEEDS to watch this video:

Am sure he's safe... I think.

Are we is the question?

This is far from over. Aftershocks are hitting the area one after another the way a carpenter pounds nails into a house he is building.

The Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan was exposed to radiation from the radiation cloud and so were helicopters. They have changed their positions and are currently rethinking where to go and what to do regarding this very dangerous, dynamic situation.

Watch the video, as the man explaining it to Anderson does a really good job of explaining how it is only "mildly radioactive" ...

Anyway, off to get things done today and will be back later with more info.

I was on last night with hurricane friends trying to track down specific information. The people online who are considered the extremists in almost any situation are the ones who are suddenly right on target and I think it's better to err on the side of safety and knowledge than to assume everything is okay.

Remember, there are more nuclear plants unstable and more aftershocks that will be rocking these unstable plants. Sure Money is on there being more disasters not less, but we can hope and pray.

Stay tuned... Bobbi
(ps thank you ... enjoy the musical fireworks)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Death Total to Reach 10,000 in Japan, 9.0 Upgrade and 5 innocent lives in Israel

One has to think on what the message we can learn from all of this tragedy this weekend and that includes a very probable death total of 10,000 plus when all the bodies are found in Japan. If..and this is a real possible IF.... there is and was a continued leak of radiation from the MULTIPLE failing Nuclear plants the death total will rise and the total of people whose lives will be destroyed forever by the illnesses caused by the fallout could be almost unimaginable.

And, while the world watched Japan a team of terrorists did what terrorists love to do..they attacked an innocent family living in Israel who were asleep on their Holy Sabbath Friday evening. While a young girl went to a teenage youth group terrorists entered a home, stabbed a 3 year old little boy in the heart multiple times, slit the throat of an infant who was not even 3 months old while she slept next to her parents and then finished off the parents and another small child in the house. Five lives snuffed out in an instance of evil and what can only be work of the Devil on Planet Earth.

The Devil seems to have worked overtime this weekend.

I'm not one to talk on the Devil often, I can barely mentally conjure him up in my mind as anytime I do I see Ray Walston doing a song and dance in Damn Yankees but he was an angel in disguise and this evil force ran rampant this weekend.

But, I do believe in goodness and kindness and acts of goodness and kindness and charity and learning from History.

History is teaching us that Nuclear Power is too dangerous of a source and we need to find safer sources that we can control in times when there is an earthquake or a hurricane or a terror attack. Connect the dots here... it's not very apparent to the evil powers that be how such a shut down of a nuclear reactor can cripple a country.

And, you never appease your enemy that wants to destroy you unless it is to buy minutes to regroup and save yourself later and overcome your enemy.

The game of appeasement that Israel has paid for peace will not bring peace.

And, Nuclear Power will in the end only cause more problems than it is worth in the short term.

Just saying.... you either learn from history of you relive it over and over again.

We did not learn from Hebron Massacres and other massacres, I only hope we learn from this one and I only hope that we immediately look into other sources of energy other than this very dangerous form.

Just my ten cents.

More later when there are more definitive details and after I get some fresh air.

Donate. Help. Learn.

Besos Bobbi
Ps when the Japanese Prime Minister said this is the worst thing to overcome since WW2 he was not talking about an offshore earthquake but the problems from the nuclear meltdownS. Making it a 9.0 rather than an 8.8 does not change the fact that they built nuclear reactors in a country that has more earthquakes than almost any other populated place on Planet Earth.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Meltdown of the Nuclear Plant In Japan Could Be Their Katrina...

In the same way that the failure of the levee system in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina's landfall in Mississippi could be Tokyo's radiation disaster. One of the plants is a mere 160 miles away from Tokyo, a city that escaped major damage when the Quake hit further to the north off shore.

Now, if this nuclear plant or one of the several others that is missing power to work their cooling systems has a total meltdown, or even a possible meltdown the effects from the radiation that is being released into the atmosphere can be down the line a larger, ongoing drama that will eclipse the horrible tragedy of the damage done at the small towns closest to the original epic center.

I know...there are a lot of comments being released, as fast as the gas is being released, by the governments involved to waylay fears in the general population of Japan that is dealing with shortages, energy issues, transportation issue and locating loved ones they have not heard from for days who live closest to ground zero.

I'm not saying I don't believe the government, I am saying that I don't believe anyone knows yet for sure how bad this could get.

It is only logical to believe that the Nuclear Power Plants NEED a cooling system and the cost of the construction of the cooling systems is one of the biggest factors involved in building a Nuclear Plant. You can't just take this one basic block of a Power Plant away and pretend there will be no dire consequences.

That would be in the words of Mister Spock, "illogical" and to that I would agree.

One of the basic building blocks of a nuclear plant is missing, people are being tested all across a large region and the radiation that has already been released is getting caught up in the atmosphere and will flow to other cities nearby. A storm system will be coming through soon providing rain and possible drinking water to people who are currently without food and water. Could it bring radiation poisoning even on a small level, I wonder? And, it is also forecast to bring snow and colder weather to an area where people are still trapped under debris, without food and energy of any kind other than perhaps the most basic man has ever used... making a fire.

A lot of questions tonight here and tomorrow and the next day will provide answers. Praying this is not a worst case scenario of the nuclear nature.

Some highlights from past nuclear disasters are listed below.

Besos Bobbi

Friday, March 11, 2011

Radiation Problem at Nuclear Plant, Several Trains Swept Away and Missing Ships

These are the most recent reports that have surfaced. Sadly, the trains have not been found and are either swept away by the tsunami or buried somehow under rubble.

This quake was a massive quake that was part of the North American plate snapping and there will most likely be more quakes as the earth adjusts to the new 150 mile long, 50 mile wide break in the earth's crust.

With regard to the issue of the earlier quake that was 7.2 on March 9th, this statement was issued. "The earthquake occurred near the site of another tremor that shook Miyagi Prefecture on Wednesday, so the earlier quake may have been a fore shock, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency."

It is impossible to adequately make estimates as to how many people are missing, dead or who will be dead due to the aftermath of the quake that will include and might include more deadly quakes, disease and people who are seriously injured dying from lack of available medical care, medicine and food.

This is a dire, urgent situation that calls for world help, world prayer and world compassion.

And, it's very possible that another strong quake somewhere along the lines connecting the plates will occur in the near future.

I imagine, down the road during the hurricane season this will be factored in to worries and fears as storms form and head towards areas still devastated by this quake much in the way we worried on Haiti having to deal with a hurricane while it is still recovering from an earthquake.

With prayers and tremendous respect for all of the reporters, bloggers and on air commentators who are doing their best to bring information to the world who is hungry for details and facts on this horrible disaster.

Good Shabbos and prayers for no one to have to go through what the people of Japan are going through today,


Best Links to Watch For News on Japan Quakes & Effects Around the World

BBC coverage has been live and incredible and a life saver while Fox and CNN covered a long, long press conference that took away from breaking news in the US. Note, their coverage is more newsy and less graphical than the US... watching both as they are all good.

Sites online such as

Great image from there that shows the timing on the Tsunami that has yet to get near SOUTH AMERICA....

We sometimes tend to be too ethnocentric... the waves actually angle towards South American more than California.
Put in BBC or CNN or whatever your choice and they are doing better live time updates filled with infos giving me an all new appreciation of Twitter than I ever had in the past.


BBC_WNA World News America
The official Kyodo news agency is reporting that about 88,000 people are missing.

Geology Links that show real time info on quakes and patterns can be seen by anyone:

Websites and message boards such as have a plethora of amazing educational information on everything geological and scientific during the off-season when there are no hurricanes. Did you know that you can use satellite imagery to watch solar storms and flares and how they hit the earth much the way you can watch a Water Vapor Loop when a hurricane is forming?

Excellent post for example:

Odd places to look?

Go to your favorite site that covers religious news and most places have missions of some sort in Japan, missions of every religion:

Even Entertainment news:

As a librarian I learned to widen a search, bring it in close, go wide again. There is a lot of news out there from every point of view there is...

When I was a little girl my uncle used to listen to news on Ham Radio. We would hear people in Cuba talking, Europe (Radio Free Europe??) and so many sites. When I got older I widened my search for news to a subscription with the New York Times. I lived in Long Beach, California and some man downstairs sat all day listening to the police scanner :)

Today we can get information anywhere... not just Drudge who does world disaster better than anyone I know, with the possible exception of a guy on Canetalk at HurricaneCity.

So... post any link that I may have missed.

Stay tuned, this is far from over.

There are two trains missing, ships missing.. How many people are missing?

How many more times will the earth shake and how strong in Japan? This could conceivably be a Fore shock to a bigger quake, though probably not but on March 9th, I thought that the 7.2 in Japan was the BIG ONE.

Watch California, Arkansas and other spots that are geologically active. There was a quake in Oklahoma recently, small but well... better not be anymore. Hawaii and any other place that goes beep in the Volcanic night.

Everything on our planet is connected, we are all in the same boat... we just don't always know it.

It is easy to take the dog for a walk, go out to the gym or watch a Soap Opera and pretend it's not going on, that people are dying and suffering and lost in the aftermath of the strongest Earthquake in Japan's recorded history. You can miss the news that four people were swept out to sea in Crescent City...

"Crescent City Councilwoman Kelly Schellong said the docks and harbor "are pretty much completely destroyed."

Stevens said the damage cost was estimated to be into the millions, and surges still are expected through the afternoon."

Some people have loved ones in Japan on business this week and they are freaking trying to find out if they are okay or if they might be affected by a dangerous radioactive cloud.

Not everyone can be located as easily as a missing muse who is half asleep and hasn't gone online and not everyone can send out the Dogs to check on their loved ones like some crazy people can, there are people missing in this Epic Disaster and pain and yes... Misery going on everywhere. So, may I say... if you love someone tell them you love them, don't wait until another day when you can speak up or say what needs to be said today. Smell the roses, enjoy the beauty around you, pray for those who need prayers, give charity and stay informed because history does repeat itself and worst case scenarios happen whether they are meteorological or geological.

News happens... life happens.... treasure every minute of it!

Besos Bobbi

Ps will update what I can before Shabbos when I will spend my day in prayer for those who need and reflecting on the many that I love... including "crazy person" .... to be continued................

Terrible Timing For Obama to Tie Up Air Waves During a Time of Crisis

Be clear here... this is not a partisan response and I do not care if Obama was born in Kentucky or Kenya or is a Republican or a Democrat, I don't care if he is Black, White or Blue from the Planet where the Na’vi people lived.

NOW is NOT the time to wax on and on in his academic style hogging up time on CNN and FOX when people are glued to the TV looking for news on loved ones in Japan, Hawaii or California.

Now is not the time. He spoke and is currently still speaking on everything from domestic policy to his upcoming trip to Brazil.

The nuclear plant is having a problem cooling down and despite attempts from the US who tried to get special equipment in there the plant is obviously not cooling down properly. The reason for the whole "cooling systems" is because they are needed, not something that can be bypassed. Pressure is rising and they are evacuating larger areas.

News of any damage from the Tsunamis was just streaming in and people are glued to the Television world wide.

Now was not the time to go LONG and speak for almost an hour, giving what seems to be a State of the Union Address.

Shows a total lack of humanity and concern for the drama being played out in real time across the Globe.

His words, "a potentially catastrophic" disaster shows his lack of connection to the every day real world as a 8.8 earthquake is not a "potential catastrophe" but a very real one.

Mind you he is the President, I respect that. Speak, give a short speech, say what you NEED to and GET OFF THE AIR and do not HOG up CNN and FOX at a time when everyone is looking for breaking news ...none of what he is saying is "breaking news" it is his attempt to hijack the media at a time when he knows people are watching to give his opinion on everything he has been pretty silent on for far he has spoken on everything except Charlie Sheen.

Very disappointed actually in CNN and FOX that they do not cut away and cover the larger, more important story.

To anyone who is annoyed that surfers are traveling miles at higher speeds than the tsunami to beaches in California to surf the Tsunamis... they seem more sane than he does right now as far as priorities.

Very, very disappointed that we have a President who worries so much about how America is perceived in the world vs worrying on the needs of most Americans and humanity to cover a story larger than his thoughts on things he could speak on any other time not while people are trying to find out if their loved ones will be able to get out of the airport in Japan where they are stranded.

Someone just called me, worried on their relative who was visiting Japan with a swim team from a base in Okinawa and their kids cannot get out as the whole city is shut down.

Now was not the right time for an hour long Press Conference .... this is really pathetic and sad, poor judgement in my humble opinion and annoying I have to try and get BBC online live because Fox and CNN are being held hostage by this long, rambling, untimely press conference...

Annoyed Bobbi


TWO entire trains seem to have been swept away and are missing in Japan, do you know how many people might be on those trains? Just one of the many breaking stories that I feel are more important...

Japan Honshu 8.9 Quake. My question ...Were warnings issued after 7.2 Quake on Thursday... Tsunami Damage Reports &Watch

Okay... my first question here is was the area issued any sort of warnings for a Strong Quake after the 7.2 Quake on March 9th, which to me was a pretty big Quake. However, the 7.2 on 3/9 came amidst a series of several quakes over several days that were all in the 5 and 6 point range. I would have thought with that sort of seismic activity they might have thought that 7.2 was NOT the big one as we know this morning.

When I first heard about the quake this morning, someone said did you hear about the Quake in Japan? I was half asleep, I said with a yawn, "yeah, it's been real busy the last few days, they had a really big one the other day" and went back to sleep. Just as I was stepping in the shower, my brother called hysterical to put on CNN ....

And, is it possible that an aftershock of the 8.9 could be even as strong or stronger which has happened often in places such as Haiti last year. It is realistic to expect another quake above 8.5 in the next 48 hours or so for that region and those quake can create tsunamis also.

Right now all eyes are on Pacifica, Crescent City in other ports of low lying call along the West Coast of America where harbors are close to sea level unlike the houses perched high on cliffs above Santa Barbara. Many beaches in California are low lying and then you hit a cliff, a high cliff where most people have built their homes. You see this in Laguna, however you also have stores on streets closer to the beach. Venice Beach for one is sea level, give or take and the shops there could suffer possible damage from a small, but strong tsunami whereas other areas are far inland.

This is where topography and geology make a difference.

Islands in Alaska, traditionally have homes built up high whereas the boats docked in the harbor are still low lying.

It's nice to say there was no major damage in Hawaii, but if that's your big boat turned over on top of someone's car in the harbor... you would consider the damage from the Tsunami in Hawaii as BIG. It's all relative. Miami was told Katrina was no big deal, because it paled in comparison to what the people in the Gulf Coast went through but had Katrina not hit Mississippi then Katrina hitting Miami would have been THE STORY of the year from a meteorological point of view.

Will post pictures later. But for cities such as:

Crescent City

Venice Beach
Marina Del Rey
Point Reyes

The list goes on and on... many Malibu beach homes are up on the cliffs.. many are not and are ocean front.

Besos Bobbi
Ps back with more images and info after the Tsunami hits the West Coast and we see if this was hyped or not hyped enough.

Again, I want to know why this Quake was not EXPECTED after the 7.2 quake on 3/9/11.

Another question is the one that everyone on have been going crazy with the last few weeks, that is were the Solar X Flares connected to this seismic activity?? It's time for us as scientists and historians to start connecting some dots.

y/m/d h:m:s LAT
deg LON
km Region
MAP 4.8 2011/03/09 23:57:42 38.308 143.275 20.0 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.4 2011/03/09 23:37:01 38.438 143.185 32.8 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 2.6 2011/03/09 22:41:30 36.589 -121.186 4.9 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
MAP 2.6 2011/03/09 22:17:41 35.272 -92.344 4.2 ARKANSAS
MAP 6.5 2011/03/09 21:24:52 -6.022 149.659 29.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
MAP 6.1 2011/03/09 21:22:18 38.385 142.642 23.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 4.9 2011/03/09 21:00:58 38.267 142.580 22.5 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 3.5 2011/03/09 20:48:31 35.243 -92.397 5.9 ARKANSAS
MAP 6.0 2011/03/09 18:44:35 38.502 143.199 23.0 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 2.5 2011/03/09 18:28:33 18.470 -67.398 18.7 MONA PASSAGE, PUERTO RICO
MAP 3.6 2011/03/09 18:25:27 52.441 -174.552 167.1 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
MAP 6.1 2011/03/09 18:16:15 38.378 142.506 22.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 4.9 2011/03/09 17:57:27 18.714 121.430 59.9 LUZON, PHILIPPINES
MAP 2.5 2011/03/09 16:12:03 36.240 -114.504 14.3 NEVADA
MAP 2.5 2011/03/09 15:58:01 51.810 -176.265 106.8 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
MAP 4.8 2011/03/09 14:24:06 38.589 143.226 10.0 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.3 2011/03/09 13:57:28 8.631 92.395 23.2 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
MAP 3.2 2011/03/09 13:55:24 32.191 -115.277 10.0 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
MAP 5.1 2011/03/09 13:51:42 -20.216 -174.350 132.5 TONGA
MAP 5.0 2011/03/09 13:24:08 -27.462 -68.853 108.0 CATAMARCA, ARGENTINA
MAP 2.7 2011/03/09 12:56:36 51.646 -174.029 5.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
MAP 2.6 2011/03/09 12:14:14 32.619 -115.746 12.7 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
MAP 4.7 2011/03/09 12:03:18 38.358 143.119 13.1 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.1 2011/03/09 11:27:52 38.529 143.040 28.2 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 3.5 2011/03/09 11:05:09 19.403 -75.384 5.0 CUBA REGION
MAP 4.7 2011/03/09 10:13:40 38.721 143.090 27.2 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 2.6 2011/03/09 09:45:13 51.147 -172.586 20.3 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
MAP 4.8 2011/03/09 08:55:38 38.667 143.055 15.6 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 3.3 2011/03/09 08:37:30 18.066 -68.122 84.1 MONA PASSAGE, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
MAP 5.3 2011/03/09 08:02:36 38.606 143.103 15.4 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.1 2011/03/09 07:56:28 38.849 142.929 10.7 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.0 2011/03/09 07:13:48 38.246 143.108 9.9 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.1 2011/03/09 06:25:12 38.299 143.067 10.8 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 4.9 2011/03/09 06:12:13 38.681 143.022 10.0 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 4.7 2011/03/09 05:27:06 37.830 145.135 10.0 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.3 2011/03/09 04:45:54 38.543 142.740 27.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.7 2011/03/09 04:37:04 38.666 142.991 25.5 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.2 2011/03/09 04:32:10 38.727 143.001 32.1 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 3.0 2011/03/09 04:17:17 34.280 -116.839 6.7 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP 4.8 2011/03/09 04:15:39 38.857 142.658 12.6 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.2 2011/03/09 04:05:54 38.870 142.420 10.9 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.0 2011/03/09 03:19:00 38.795 142.962 19.9 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.2 2011/03/09 03:08:36 38.339 143.097 24.4 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.6 2011/03/09 02:57:17 38.402 142.825 17.5 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 7.2 2011/03/09 02:45:20 38.424 142.836 32.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 4.6 2011/03/09 01:47:47 52.893 160.683 25.0 OFF THE EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA
MAP 4.7 2011/03/09 01:30:27 -19.410 171.907 19.3 VANUATU REGION

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday Morning - March Madness

It's been called to my attention that I haven't posted in a while, blogged, posted, etc.

I thought I had but then again it's March and March Madness for me is the cold, dark season when hurricanes seem further away than the Northern Lights. Football is a distant memory and it's not prime time for the Red Sox. Snow is distant, quiet and brooding far away in the Badlands somewhere...not here.

Where is my mind I wonder in March? Marching to a different beat, scattered, eclectically everywhere.

Musing a bit on dance, poetry and life.

My favorite city is bogged down dealing with rioting rants of geological doomsday theories and space sagas. I really do wonder how NASA can lose TWO satellites that cost $54 MILLION DOLLARS to LAUNCH... Maybe scientists should study history, because they seem to not have gotten that lesson down well. And, on top of everything I'd rather the money be spent on curing AIDS or the Common Cold than "Global Warming" which could seriously turn on a dime if some meteorite hits the Earth in 2011 and changes our climate not to mention our geography maps.

So, rather than sitting here worrying on meteors and volcanoes and fault lines that go bump in the night I am going to do some writing, read some tweets, dance to my own mix of beats as Sunday is Zumba first followed by Bollywood at the Gym.

It is truly amazing how the American Musical, an original form of art, made it's way to India :)and has thrived.

And, just so you know while writing this blog I am helping my son who is studying computers in college write a paper. Am I a multitasker or what?

Thank heaven for Joe Bastardi who tweets fast and furiously about everything from wrestling to basketball to runaway vacations to the future, upcoming Hurricane Season of 2011!

Notice the relevant tweets listed below:

Amazing "avoidance" of US coast like last year not likely this year. cold pdo, warm amo 2cnd year nina also has some 1950s links

BigJoeBastardi Joe Bastardi
Heh, I am in Florida... Though I think snow in PA, I gotta say something about hurricanes while I'm here, right?
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BigJoeBastardi Joe Bastardi
Less numbers than last year, more bang for the the buck... get ready for folks to follow that

Let's see what happens when we do meteorological math:

US Landfalls

I doubt he means 1950:

Maybe he means 1955... Hmnnnnnnnnnnnn

Well, I'm going to go and stand around in the light rain that is falling down outside as I sit inside and type. I'm going to take a hot, hot shower and then I am going to go dance like there's no tomorrow and worry on the Hurricane Season another day...or later today ;)

Thanks for making me write something with real punctuation and for making me smile. And, to my friend sitting there with a silly look on his face trying to figure out what Willie Nelson song I am thinking on....

Always wonderful "spending Sunday Morning with you" ;)

Besos Bobbi

Ps Any typos are because I'm online with a friend, drinking cafecito and trying to do 3 or 4 things while taking a slow dance down memory lane ;) and yeah you win was not a Willie song, I just love his rendition.

Original:, what a song....