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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Power Back ON.. Cold Front Plows Through

The power is mostly back on though there is much discussion on what exactly caused the outage. One early report said there was a fire at a sub-station, later they seemed to know nothing about the fire as they were looking for the cause of the outage. Something about "THE GRID" and something about the system doing exactly what it was supposed to do (shut down half of Florida?!?) and they are tracing the problem... etc... etc... Zzzzzzzzz

Not terrorist, just FPL ;)

No ACs on today... everyone is enjoying a cold blast of winter which is blowing through the Miami area today.

Some film crew across the street is trying to figure out whether to set up or set down the catering tents that my just be Gone With the Wind if that strong band of showers blows through with winds gusting to 40mph and hail that they keep warning about on the Weather Radio. Suppose they aren't listening to the weather radio.. oh well...

Note pictures of the bank tower were taken about FIVE minutes apart! Yes, Virginia.. it's dropping THAT fast ;)

Wearing my high heel suede boots today..

Besos Bobbi

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Florida Power Outtage... "It's not Terrorism, it's JUST FPL!"

Great line... they keep repeating it on the local news over and over. Ironic line for those in Miami who see FPL as the enemy after most hurricanes....

To many... FPL are sort of terrorists you know... If you have ever had to deal with them.. you'd understand.

It takes FPL over an HOUR to make ONE press conference to explain that they were working on it and not to panic..etc... ????

And.. not to mention there is a Tornado Warning in the Broward County area with a sighting of a twister near Port Everglades.. which occured AFTER the power outtage.

Truth is... probably everyone turned on their AC at the same time down here and the system couldn't handle it.

Developing.. more to come.

Besos Bobbi
PS.. I have power as I am on Miami Beach along the small corridor for the rich people and tourists who have underground cable.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quik Scat vs USA 193

This is an article on Quik Scat... this is the article from the front page of on the spy satellite they successfully shot down... very quickly!

Just seems funny to me that they can bring one down so fast and blast it to smithereens but they can't get one up there to replace the one that's dying and will go blind in the sky soon and fail to give us data that is badly needed to keep track of the world's oceans and tropical systems...

Can we work on that please!

Mucho Besos Bobbi

Monday, February 18, 2008


Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity
He's broken every human law, he breaks the law of gravity
His powers of levitation would make a fakir stare
And when you reach the scene of crime Macavity's not there!

You may seek him in the basement, you may look up in the air
But I tell you once and once again Macavity's not there!

Memory, turn your face to the moonlight
Let your memory lead you
Open up, enter in
If you find there the meaning of what happiness is
Then a new life will begin

Presidents Day 2008


Quiet steady gray sunrise.

I'm on vacation... nothing big to talk on except that I am on vacation.

House quiet... kids on a ski trip.

Trying to play catch up.

Watching news. Watched the end of NASCAR.

Hung out with Sharon and talked.


Figure out what to do today... or not.

I'm on vacation.

Going to go look at and think on weather movies.

Find your favorite president:

Have fun ;)


Still listening to this lol ... maybe it reminds me of my days as a very cute
annoyingly happy cheerful young girl ;) lol giggling
rolling eyes lol. Well.... you HAD to be there then you'd understand..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

From me to all of you!

May you enjoy love, friendship and laughter today and always!

Here in Miami... the bad weather is gone, the Boat Show is ready to go... the City of Miami Beach must have put in an order to the powers that be for nice, sunny weather ;)

Enjoy love today... share love...

Muchos Besos Bobbi

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Miami Radar... Strong Red Bands

Sitting here in the lull in weather listening to the rain fall off the roof onto the ground. No rain, just rain off the roof, drop by drop, musically making music.

In between bands that look like red ruby bracelets dangled across the arm of Florida.

Fell asleep last night to rain, wind and thunder. Woke up, fell back to sleep. Weather radio went off for Tornado Warnings and Severe Weather Warnings. A lot of localized flooding and a few touchdowns but no big damage reports yet... which is good. Then again, there is time left for another round later. Hopefully after I get to work.

Pretty picture on the Miami Radar.

Cocoa Beach had touchdowns of the meteorological kind yesterday. Hopefully the rest of the day all we will have to deal with is strong rain, possible hail and those ever sexy straight-line winds!

Later... Bobbi

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tornado Watch Issued For Most of Florida

Big weather day.. going to get worse. Naples should get slammed or just north of there tonight.. another cell moving into the Keys. Reports of twisters in a few places, haven't seen video yet myself. The line was vivid red and vicious earlier today as it passed through New Orleans and Mississippi.

Rained here.. a lot, boats are rocking in the breeze... later tonight or tomorrow we should get whatever is primed to push through.

Stay safe, keep your weather radios nearby and with good batteries in them to keep you warned of severe weather if it happens in the middle of the night..

Important info from the National Weather Service:

Be safe, Bobbi

Weather Updates 9am..

Garbage Cans down all over on Miami Beach as the winds pick up. Loose palm fonds have begun to fall across roadways on sidestreets.
A helicopter is hovering over South Beach.. Possibly weather related or not..

Miami Expecting Bad Weather - The Boat Show Better Batten Down the Hatches...

Well... depending on who you listen to .. it's going to rain today a lot in Miami. Picture was taken this morning, low clouds, full of warm tropical moisture moving into the Miami area just after sunrise.. as promised by the National Weather Service!

Severe Weather expected to move in shortly. Strong downbursts, downdrafts, straight line winds... all those sexy words that meteorologists love. Even more so.. the ever popular pre-frontal boundary line. If that doesn't sound weather sexy what does?

Isolated Tornadoes.

Seriously.. the experts are talking, not my crazy weather friends online who will be out chasing today I am sure..

I've been told to expect heavy rain and wild weather depending on who to listen to..

The Weather Radio is begging (or as close to begging as an automated voice can beg) for people to keep batteries in their weather radios in case of sudden severe weather and for residents and visitors to pay special attention to the weather.

In layman's terms...

There is warm, hot, moisture moving in from the South... SSW and there is a strong front amplifying (don't you LOVE when frontal boundaries amplify??) and it's pushing down here hard... and if you look at the Tampa Radar moisture is coming in from the Gulf.

So... that is like one wicked love triangle guys and girls... the moisture from the south starts to spin as the storms from the Gulf roll in and when you get that mixing of all the wild energy...

You end up with shake, rattle and roll... severe weather style.

Close the windows on the East and South side of the house, take in any small things that could go flying as winds will be strong today and could gust up to 40 miles per hour or strong depending on which cute weatherman or weathergirl you listen to and... watch out for those isolated tornadoes tonight. Keep the batteries in the old weather radio and keep off major appliances while you sleep.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

What a day to go shoot some good weather footage.. and enjoy the wind in your hair!

Besos Bobbi
Weather... always happening and often sexy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Orange Bowl Goodbye....

I went with my brother Ronnie today over to the Orange Bowl and looked around, walked around, sat on the ground, took pics... said goodbye to a very big piece of my life or my young life. Childhood memories, teenage memories... a few from years later.

I went to the Orange Bowl when I was really little with my Uncle Oscar and the family for some Rodeo which was a big deal in the days when Miami was still very Southern and before the Dolphins were a team. I was little. I remember it.

We went back once for a July 4th party that I barely remember...

Then came the Dolphins... went rarely but once in a while. Games were cheap, they lost a lot... easier to see on TV my father always said though Uncle Oscar enjoyed being "there" even though he was probably most happy to be there when he was hoping the Gators would beat the Canes.

In high school, senior year... especially during the summer when they played exhibition games and the games were really cheap Joe ... Joseph... Joe Geller arranged for a bunch of us to go and sit up high in the End Zone, hot sunny day, storm clouds as always rolling in or hovering nearby, moving east from the Glades. It was a great day, Joe scored more points than the Fins did but they won... and they kept winning... Always and forever, the Perfect Season. Then... Senior Year, Key Club sponsored a few of the football games, a few held there... especially the Miami High game, stood there in my little Key Club see through Jersey (thanks Joe...great design you guys came up with) and well... football team came running out onto the field, through the signs... it was dark, the lights were on, the grass was hard and not real but the Orange Bowl was as always the real deal. Can't remember much about that night except that... the place sizzled with energy, even if for only a high school football game. Whoever I was with.. whichever of the gang... barely remember, it's all a blur but not the feeling of being out there on the field... which I was a few times that year. You just stood there, leaned down..felt the hard astroturf rub against the palm of your hand and thought on how those players felt falling on that stuff. And, then the game began. Coral Park went undefeated that year... possibly the only year they ever did or until State Championships.

We were the Class of Perfection. Not the wild sharks from 71... or the very laid back easy going class of 73 which I really belonged in but got pushed up ahead one year in the beginning of elementary school.

Sitting on the grass at the Orange Bowl today, looking up at the West End Zone..

Can't believe they are tearing it down piece by piece. There were little boxes with poorly printed paper on them like a ring should be inside that had a piece of a rock that read "Orange Bowl" SIC. The seats they insisted they were going to sell with plaques and engraved were piled high with hand written signs that said $39.99... Liars.. they always lie when they want to tear something down. A lady selling the chairs said to me.. "well, at least the money goes to the demolition, better than the tax payers paying for it" my brother's response rightly so was "the tax payers didn't ask for the Orange Bowl to be torn down, I never voted on that!"


University of Miami and all their championships...

So the Orange Bowl that sold Miami as a place to live year round in the winter sunshine is now being sold piece by piece to the highest bidder (and soon on EBAY) to pay the City back for the City's decision to tear the place down.

So... I say goodbye... to a stadium rich in history, rich in memories and rich in victory.

I say goodbye to a little piece of my own history, high school and otherwise...

You are still such a beautiful lady... you deserve better than this...

Friday, February 08, 2008

Stormy Friday in Miami....

And a baby survived...

.... his mother killed in the Twister.

The baby was found lying in a field near his mother and is now held tight in the arms of his grandmother.

Like a rag doll tossed high in the air and somehow surviving.

Twisters.. finger of God or of death or whatever you want to call it but despite the 50 people or so that died... somehow this baby survived the Twister.

Life does go on... and you gotta keep moving no matter what life throws at you.

Weather... it can be calm, serene and silent or a deadly freight train racing through your house, exploding it into slivers of wood and fractured memories tossed about like confetti on a wild winter today. Debris falling from the sky in bits and pieces instead of snow falling softly in the gentle night.

May you all be blessed with the weather you love the most today and this weekend.
Good Shabbos! Bobbi

The World Is A Wacky Place Lately

Sort of like a carnival whirling wildly in space... maybe silently but oh so fast.

I fell asleep way too early and woke up way too early and can't fall asleep because every cat in town seems to be making out or breaking up with a fellow cat just outside my window sill. I had weird dreams... I get trying to lock the door in the old house and there was no bar to put through the lock. Did the old old house have such a bar? Probably, who remembers... okay my kids probably do, my ex-husband probably does. I think sometimes it used to fall out... a crazy door from 1926 that some new owner finally replaced. Odd size, not to conformity.. like our lives lol. The door was wide, tall, rounded, had windows... but it made it through Hurricane Andrew pounding on it with winds slamming into it from the East...

Anyways... so I wake up... can't get back to sleep. Decide to have some tea. (Rolling eyes, making a face..good old Harvey remedy) and I open up the cabinet in the kitchen and a little bag of Sleepy Time teabags falls out onto the counter. I never use it. How it got there I don't know. Or why it fell out like that but it did. They say when Angels are nearby a feather falls to the ground. Sells a lot of books and magazines but... don't think so.

Giggling...the newspaper just got thrown onto my lawn. Must be a present from Clark, special delivery. Surprisingly it didn't hit me in the head.. ha ha missed me :P

So... I made the Sleepy Time Tea and I still didn't go to sleep. I suppose a good adjustment would help ... back, neck, attitude?

I'm going to work on my novel this weekend and or finish the 1926 Hurricane article.
That's my goal. Stay on track. Maybe give myself the Presidents Day Weekend to finish the article and get busier on the novel.

I miss the hurricane season... I miss winter... I miss Santa Monica Pier.
It was always the easiest place to disapeer to in LA... the end of the road, off the road, over the little bridge thing to the Pier... the city simmering behind me in the hot July sunshine... steamy, hot, baking. Gosh how I missed Long Beach, the cool mornings, the purple jacaranda blooms against a gray quiet sky. The late night and early morning low clouds and fog. Signal Hill and the view from it. Bixby Knolls and all of it's silly little dips that made the cars break faster there and the Euclyptus Trees.. I was so happy there.

Anyways... what is going on in the world today?
Crazy people going crazy and losing it... my nephew's school was in lock down yesterday as some child lost it... tried to hurt everyone. He's okay, he's fast... probably will seal his ticket out of there next year to a different school, worked out well for him.

Headlines of the day...

According to Yahoo news people went crazy all day... they lost it in court rooms, business offices, took people hostage.. little people losing it in big ways.

Romney pulled out. I mean... days, weeks, months went by and everyone waited but yesterday Romney pulled out.

Fell asleep, woke up and texted my friend the following question: "Anyone else drop out?"

Big planets changing signs... everything crammed into Capricorn and Aquarius. Too much for the world to take I guess.

And, Atlantis blasted off... I didn't even realize it was on the launchpad or as Leslie said years ago... "I didn't even know there was a New Cutler Road!" Oh, I miss her, I should call her.

Where has my mind been the last few days?? Well, it will rest a bit now I hope. I could use the rest. Lord knows.... seems like every member of the tribe are going descend on me for Passover and I may seriously hit the road jack for the last days. I mean... if Moshiah is going to come on the last day of Pesach... where would I want to be to greet him?

White Street Pier? Top of La Concha? Moshiah Seudah...

Anyways... the world is a whacky place right now. My suggestion to you all is to lay low, hang back, relax, take a time out... inhale deeply the scents you love, listen to your favorite music, paint a picture, draw a scene, write some words of wisdom, dream a little dream of me...

Besos.. Bobbi

a bit scary in ways but very good song, good movie, good to watch ..the mind is an amazing thing... better than an IPOD.. you just have to give it time to find it.. or let it fall into your lap on youtube.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Quits... McCain that much closer to the nomination

So... Romney quits, pulls out, bites the dust. Makes a fiscally responsible decision that he cannot win it and not worth investing his entire fortune on a bid to run for President.

Either people want you..or they don't.

That's just the way it goes...

Personally, I think he should try to end that writer's strike and add that to his resume and maybe... just maybe.. one day he can return and run again. Or not.

Enjoy your money, your life... you gave it your best shot...

Gee... who knew Ann Coulter and I might end up voting for the same person??

Then again... I like McCain. Eat your heart out Ann Coulter. He is a class act.. which is obviously something you know nothing about...

What a day in politics!

Happy Chinese New Year... and .... somewhere over Austraila the sun was eclipsed by the moon!

As I said earlier in the week. The big winner this week has been Huckabee because... against all odds, he is the only candidate with delegates of any measure running against McCain and he has nothing to lose by staying in the race.

And...................he more than any other republican CAN deliver the South!

Think on that..

And, another ones gone and another ones gone and another one bites the dust!

Good Luck In the Year of the Rat !!

love it... oh where is that CD??

(sums love up doesn't it ;) giggling)

note.... that is Dean, Sammy and Frank
NOT... Larry Moe and Curly

So stop your crying... be happy again.. Keep on Smilin'

Vicious Weather... Happy Rat New Year!

Vicious Weather indeed (rolling eyes)

I'm sorry but when I wake up in February and it's 70 degrees outside in Miami and humid I want to hunt down that creepy little hedgehog and blast him with a shot gun right between his beady little eyes!

So I went to Drudge... wanted to see what Ole Matt put up this morning.. Nice picture, very nice. Thank you. You win in the picture category.

Years from now there will be some article about me somewhere and I will be quoted as saying I only read Drudge for the pictures and for the music :P

He's still not dead... Castro is still alive. I mean did this man sell his soul to the Devil or what?? There is no way that this is normal.. what does he not understand about moving on and coming back next time as Obama's baby or perhaps Maria Shrivers grandchild? Maybe a Lubavitcher ... the beard has strong karma you know? And, yet CUBA has universal healthcare. People are starving to death in rice an beans but well... if they make it to the hospital they do get taken care of and not put out on the street to die.. around the globe.

There is volcano erupting in South America.
There are tornadoes in the South... part of America.

It's 70 degrees in NY today... forget that thought of jumping on Jet Blue and surprising the kids in NY and cooling of... noooooo maybe San Francisco. IF you ever want to cool off.. Northern California is the place to be... any time of the year..

So..............what can I tell you today except go eat Chinese, pop open a fortune cookie and wonder on what weather will be like in the Year of the Rat and hope that is not a political comment on this year's election.

By the way..........I caught Michael Moore on King last night...half asleep and forcing myself to stay awake. Good news old friend..that stay in Miami at the spa must have helped, he's looking good. And, one of the most logical clear headed speakers I have heard speak in the last few days on the elections.

Go figure that one... really. Calm, mature, quiet... thoughtful.
Wonder if he's taking Kava Kava or Passionflower Tea?

Smile... gotta go as Sharon says... the coffee is getting cold and I have to go figure out what I am wearing to work today ..on a day when I want to hit the road and go find my life.

My Life... me, myself and somewhere... well...

chow for now Bobbi
(i don't care if it is spelled wrong it looks better)

Another man of many hats...

okay it was a great cd... need to go dig it out of my closet and find it from wherever i threw it when last annoyed at someone

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday Twister Outbreak

While Hillary and Obama fought for the lead in the Democratic Party and McCain marched on towards a nomination in the Republican Party both Huckabee and the Twisters took the South on Super Tuesday.

Where was Superman?
Well.. he may have been there helping those students in the dorm that collapsed .. either Superman or angels because that's pretty miraculous.

You have to understand that Winter is NOT Twister Season and many were caught off guard by the extreme intensity of the Twisters as well as the number of them on the ground.

I'm sure Senator McCain who was still giving his victory speech knows how the residents of those towns feel as he was caught off guard by Obama's need to go on the air live without waiting for McCain to finish his speech. That is how the world of politics work by the way... millions of dollars of free air time was lost when Obama (who had to have known McCain was not yet done) decided he just HAD to go out to his public and speak without waiting. They always wait. It's about giving people respect and acting a bit humble even when happy over winning so many states. It's about not stepping on your fellow candidates and depriving them of millions of dollars of free air time on Super Tuesday Night. Manners is something I don't want to change and neither is class. It was extremely disrectful for Obama to start his ralley and speech before waiting for McCain to end his.. a speech he had barely started.

This isn't about politics and I am not supporting Huckabee or McCain by mentioning them and there is much about Obama to like but he obviously needs to understand more about how the system works on Super Tuesday and give more honor to his fellow candidates. Only then can I consider voting for him... and McCain deserved to finish his speech. McCain, who I might not agree with on many things is an honorable man.. and he was blindsided and is owed an apology.

Sadly, Mother Nature gives no apologies and we just have to hope that as the day progresses and the weather heats up out there that there aren't more twisters yet to descend upon the South.

The politicians may have left town but weather stays and remains and it's looking nasty out there on the National Radar.

Good luck.. stay safe and my deepest sorrow on the many families whose lives were ripped to shreds last night on a Super Tuesday that will not be remembered for one clear cut winner but losses of life in Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. Over 60 touched down last night. Over 45 are dead and that number will continue to rise.

Remember to keep your weather radios on alert mode at ALL times, not just when you expect nasty weather because Mother Nature doesn't play by the calendar rules.

More later..
Be well... stay well and safe, Bobbi

Links to sites below:


Video of touchdown

Water Vapor Loop to watch:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's In A Word?


Hit me yesterday on some deep level of understanding that when you have WON something you OWN it. It is yours. Can't take that away from me... as the song goes.

OWN.. worked hard for it, played hard, won it..

Be it peace of mind, an award, the goal, the pot at the end of the rainbow.

If you worked for it, if you competed, if you won it... it's yours. You own it.

If not... you're just living in a dream world.. dreaming your life away.

WON OWN and even more so


it's a very present tense word... of possession of victory.

What's in a word... maybe nothing. Maybe it's just a coincidence those letters all connect. Maybe not.

Just felt I would share it.

Pondering the complexities of life... and somewhere a train whistle is always blowing, even in Miami.

Besos, be well.. Bobbi

Monday, February 04, 2008

Good Morning From Perfectville!

The sun rose this morning and Miami woke up to a mauve sort of sunrise... sort of partially gray and partially colors of the inside of a conch shell. And, Miamians smiled. Because they still live in Perfectville. A very unperfect paradise that holds its place in history as the owner of the Perfect Season, perfect memories, a perfect 1972 (and 1971 wasn't bad either) and our own little crazy place in history.

Football is about drama. Football is a team sport. It's not basketball, where one player can make or break a season. Not even a broken leg by the great Bob Griese stopped the 1972 Dolphins from going all the way... they went all the way with Earl Morrall as back up quarterback! ALL THE WAY. (Is that the greatest phrase ever used ;) all the way... all the way to......victory, to the end of the road. Otherwise.. it's like stopping at Annies Beach and not doing the whole drive down to Key West to stand at there on Whitehead Street and know you are at the end of the road, end of US1.

The Giants are a good team. They deserved to win. IF any team could win it would be the Giants.. as their fans in Miami have told me all week "they never give up"

And, as Sharon pointed out to me... Earl Morrall, the man who brought us the Perfect Season was a New York Giant before... he was a Dolphin... so... here's to you Mr. Man of the Morning... a pre-destiny link to one of the greatest games in Super Bowl history. Karma... gets you every time... coincidences in the game of life.

I didn't want to believe it, can barely remember most of the game. Watched and peeked like a child watching a horror movie that you know probably will have a happy ending, if the giant dinosaur doesn't destroy the whole town, carnival and walk away with the heroine in his mouth like a stolen Oscar or well... anyway. You know what I mean. You know the bad guy is going to get it in the end, you know but while you are watching... hard to believe every last man standing isn't going to give it up and die.

What a year, what a season. One of the worst times in my life I can remember for being a Dolfan. I mean.. seriously. This season was like an exercise in misery, a lesson in losing, a test to see how much of a fan you really are... what you are made of... a lousy, lousy year and that one win felt like we had won the Super Bowl, was silly but good. Watched online with my friend, great game. Almost as great as that middle of the night win the Red Sox had on overtime, extra innings, whateva..

So... going to post few lines and smile my way through the shower. Going to take the coffee into the shower. Ever do that... sort of good to the last drop, all that water falling over your body and sipping coffee, the end all total WAKE UP of a true coffee lover, shower lover, dolphin lover.

Okay... so staying on topic here...

As Jimmy Johnson, one of the GREATEST coaches of all times (take that Gatorville) it is all a matter of perspective. One minute you are on top of the world, the next.. it's as if you lost the whole season. Or as my brother Jay wrote me this morning... funny how in the year where the Dolphins felt like the biggest losers they wake up feeling as if they won the Super Bowl and the team that should have been (never say should) should have been the ones to win and steal the Perfect Season away from the Dolphins with one loss... ONE... feels like they are the biggest losers. And, the 2007 Miami Dolphins had only ONE victory this year ... yet thanks to the wonderful Giants now feel they too won the Super Bowl, again and again and again.

Got to go... last thing... make sure you listen to Jim's interview with BILL PROENZA and webcast online at He has it up online and it's worth the cost to subscribe, it's worth the chance to support one of the Miami Dolphins greatest fans... cause Jim is... a great guy and a great fan....

Oh weather and football, weather and football...what am I going to do for the next few months? straight from South Florida.. from Perfectville

Love you all... a special link to a special scene for a special friend who loves this stupid (rolling eyes) movie soooo much.

Good story on the Super Bowl...
Yes.. if you are a Miami Dolphin or anyone who has ever loved the Dolphins or a Giants Fan or an Earl Morrall fan lol... you woke up today the happiest person in the world even if... its still gray, there are still bills to pay.. it's a wonderful life...

Good Morning America... I love you and I love the Giants!
Always.. Bobbi

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Giants Win the Super Bowl! 1972 Dolphins Own The Perfect Season

oh wow
I can't breathe
Oh wow..

Oh thank you... oh wow ;)

Mucho Besos Bobbi ;)
ps.. I was just kidding before... reverse psychology!

MacArthur Park

no...this is not an ad for McCaine, I mean McCane, I mean.. .well you know how I mean.

This ones for you... Sunday Nights not the same without you..

You expected some sappy romanticized version of bells and cherry trees ... no.

My cake is melting and I don't think that I can take it and I may never have this recipe again... but... I'll open a new cookbook, a new window... a new day, a new world. So the 72 Dolphins will share their place in infamy with another team, life will go on but it's still not Sunday night without you... take care of yourself and those you love (as you do) and can't wait for next year's hurricane seas... I mean football season.

Oh what am I going to do until Spring Training starts (promised to take Zalmy to a game) and... seasons turn... spring, summer.. and FALL again...

smile.. rolling my eyes

Ground Hog Day! More Winter...

My brother Jay loves that movie... gotta love a weather movie!'s that part of the winter I hate. You realize there are only so many more cold fronts that will make it down all the way to South Florida. You miss the concept of winter even though you really don't have it's still on the Calendar. The wintery scenes of January and February. Some cold weather scene that looks foreign in Miami.

And, it's so uneven this year. New York City barely had snow yet the Far West was buried under it. My son in Postville and his wife are sick to death of snow but waiting for Spring and Summer. My daughter in Ottawa is "enjoying" her first winter in the capital of Canada. The Miami part of the family is hoping it doesn't get too hot today. Or... maybe I'll go to the beach and enjoy the heat if it is hot.

But..yet the little groundhog saw his shadow and yes...Virginia there is another 6 weeks of winter.

Candlemas... more winter.

Maybe I'll go to Pier One today with Sharon and buy more candles.

I'll light a candle for the Fins to keep their perfect season and New England to lose and the Giants her FAVORITE team will win.. even more favorite than Brett Favre Green Bay... and no matter how much I LOVE the Red Sox.. I seriously dislike the Patriots.
Even without the whole perfect season thing..

And.. well maybe if the Pats do win (haha I remember THAT screen name.. not much I forget) even if they do win.. will be a sign, like Venus and Jupiter up in the heavens this week dancing, like Pluto moving into Capricorn... a sign of change, a new window on the world....a new order to life.

All things change and whether the Dolphins are the only team to have a perfect season or one of two.. it is still an accomplishment that will be remembered forever.
And, we did it with players out that were injured and a good part of the season we had the back up quarterback playing. That was a no excuses team.. a great team and it was fun to be growing up as a kid during that whole era...

Happy 6 more weeks of winter.

After today I become a real BITCH I warn ya...

No hurricanes for months to come and no football and well Sundays without football are not just the same. Yes, Spring Training is coming... that makes me think on things I'd rather not think on today.

Gotta go... have a good Sunday.

Love to all my friends and anyone who surfed in.

Yaffah, I miss ya. Back at ya! Bobbi