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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hurricane Pic 1926 Miami

Boats 3 blocks from the bay after Hurricane 1926

Cool Morning and Baby Weatherman

So...yesterday while talking to my son in NY he put his son who is my grandson (is that sooo cute, Bobbi is a Bubby.. anyways) so... know what he told me.

He told me it was a "Winter Day" and that there was snow on the roof and it was very cold and very windy!

So cute! He has... weather genes, they are showing. Somewhere in those little toddler Gap Genes are tucked away in the pockets... Weather Genes!

Can you imagine how proud I was.... my little weather man.

All I could think of was... (this is so sad that this was my thought)... staring off in a funny way like .... "Hope Joe gets that pleasure someday...." lol

Life... weather genes... whoosh goes the wind, gotta go.

Life is busy, not very wintery unless you consider the frigerator that is my library.
Taking tea. Taking coffee. Will go sit in the sunshine and watch the parrots. South Beach, not real, just like one big back lot with extras walking around fast to the sounds of parrots flying over head.

Later all...
Where's DJ?
How many days are there left til the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season?

Great song..

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Florida Primary Results - Weather Wise

McCain or as some people I know think of him.. McCane won big in the State of Florida last night. A big win in a big diverse state with many serious issues and no denial on the economy or immigration issues. Lots of views on the war and military spending with all the bases and government offices down here. Lots of problems with mortgages.

So... McCain had a real major win in my opinion and Romney had a Category 4 loss if you as me... as he outspent McCain 10 to 1 and still came up empty handed. Nice to have money to burn... shame he can't donate some to hurricane research.

As for Clinton.. Hillary... she trounced Obama and I really find it ridiculous for Obama to complain he couldn't campaign and that he had poor name recognition. Few people on the planet do not know who he is and...he was the only candidate running ads on CNN constantly down here while he was.. not campaigning.

Hillary won the Latin vote, the soccer moms, those worried on big issues such as security and how an American President would deal with the world if we were threatened, not Obama's strong point if you ask me.

Expect Hillary to put up a storm of protest to get those votes counted at the election. At least half of them... or all.

Ridiculous that my vote should be disenfranchised because a few greedy politicians in the democratic party trying to make a name for themselves decided Floridians wanted to vote early. I'm sorry but I never got to vote on that so why should I get punished?

Keep watching... it's only going to get more interesting!

Besos Bobbi

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bill Read Takes Control at the NHC. Good Luck... and Best Wishes

Okay, am back thinking on the Tropics and on topic today.

A new director of the NHC has been announced and his name is Bill Read. He has been around a long time, paid his dues, is well thought of and I hope he can do the job and make a whole lot of people happy.

Being the Director of the NHC is a lot like being the Tax Assessor. Everything is all sunshine and roses until the first big dispute over some blown forecast or comment made that someone was upset about or... and then the honeymoon is over. Then we see what someone is made of and how they react with the public, with their own staff and with the storms themselves.

So... welcome back to the TPC/NHC. Good luck! I say that with a few prayers added in as we never really know what the next hurricane season will be like.

They don't always follow patterns, they don't always follow the plan and they rarely read what the media writes and they do not think Dr. Gray and crew are as cute as I do they frankly don't give a damn what he thinks, what NOAA thinks or even what Jeff Masters or Joe Bastardi thinks. Capricious storms they are, with minds of their owns and caught up in the meteorological currents of the moment even if that goes against whatever climatological patterns predict ... each storm once named and on the board is like a football game. On any given Sunday... any team can win, any team can lose and any storm can do whatever the current synoptics demand.

Good luck Bill Read! You have some of the nicest, smartest hurricane people in the world working there and at their research division over on the Rickenbacker. They DO need to work together, hand in hand as research goes together with forecasts like a Cake needs flour or sugar and oil. It takes lots of ingredients to put out the best track and the best forecast.

I know many of do read Jeff Master's blog even if the Hurricanes done... so his comments along with others are posted below. At the bottom are so thoughts and comments from blogs and opinions givens on Dr. Read's appointment to the most coveted job in hurricane circles including Jeff Masters. I don't agree though with his comment regarding his "not taking an interest in forecasting" but I do love his other comments from the buzz at the AMS convention.

"His predecessor, Bill Proenza, was criticized by his staff for not taking an interest in forecasting."

Sorry, I know disagreeing with Jeff Masters is not a popular thing to do these days as he is next to God currently on the blogging/hurricane websites but I do not feel that Bill Proenza was not as interested in tracking the storms as he was research. I think Bill Proenza wanted to get the Hurricane Forecast Package right from all angles... all parts. Bill Proenza was interested in getting INTENSITY FORECASTING correct so that when they give a forecast it's not only on the money for point of landfall within the now infamous "cone" but he wanted to get the intensity right. When Humberto did his intensity dance and exploded... the NHC may have had the track down right but they were a little surprised by the rapid change in intensity. When Wilma exploded down near the Yucatan...they were off on intensity. They didn't see it coming.

That is what Bill Proenza was trying to do... get it right, save lives with a better forecast both on track and intensity!

Storms have a tendency to explode and a storm coming in as a 2 or a 4 and knowing it 2 or 3 days in advance can ONLY be figured out by the research department's work on hurricanes... they have to work hand in hand with the guys over at FIU in the bunker. They cannot hide themselves away in some think tank without paying attention to the people who are trying to uncover and mysteries of why storms like Opal do what they do.. not just where they go.

Most meteorologically minded people online can figure out and prog a storm by hand where it will go especially with some of the best models around... it's the intensity darlings.. it's the intensity and Bill Proenza knew that... that was his goal, to improve the intensity forecasting. That's where the lives are saved.

When Andrew turned suddenly west bound around the latitude of Miami that was a problem. When Andrew did not catch the front which was forecast to grab it.. I believe back when Steve Lyons was at the NHC not at TWC.... that was a problem. When Andrew suddenly found his groove and went from a Cat 1 to a Cat 5 in a little over a day on a bearing headed towards Miami THAT WAS A BIG PROBLEM...

Intensity forecasting...that is the holy grail and I hope they find it and find it soon before some population center on a coast somewhere gets hit by a storm that was forecast to curve beautifully out to sea just 75 miles offshore but instead curves suddenly north into the shore and slams in as a Category 3 and not a Category 1 because often what synoptic patterns create the change in direction also are responsible for a sudden burst of intensity.

Good luck Bill Read, you will need it even working with the best and brightest of the meteorological minds in the business (not to mention all that great hardware over at FIU in the bunker)... this might be one memorable hurricane season filled with strong storms that intensify close in vs far out and may create havoc and cause devastation somewhere from Brownsville to Maine along as Jim calls is "The Hurricane Coastline" so...

Here's some links to things said about Bill Read.

Otherwise, all is well ... am just busy and missing hurricane tracking and hoping that on this given any Sunday the New England Patriots lose.. as always, time will tell...

Besos Bobbi
Ps... to a certain met... you still owe me that AMS scenario ;)
Note the February 1st show will highlight Bill Proenza speaking one on one with Jim Williams. :) Smile Anyways... listen in or sign up for his service and you can access all of his previous shows and a tremendous amount of data and help support one of the best weather/hurricane sites online.

In a generous mood today, even adding Storm2K ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

On a tiny in home vacation

Will return when the pain in my head subsides, have had a headache for days... and sorry but the little blue pills don't work and the tylenol3 makes me itchy and listening to music from old movies like..

or this one.. God I love this movie!!

sort of how I feel... like the world is sort of sideways at an angle.

rained again in Miami in January..

I'll write about the new director at the NHC real soon, promise...

When the head ache goes away... wait, I think it might be going away.

We'll see soon.


There's no real football, no hurricanes... not new ones anyway but I am supposed to be working on the 1926 Hurricane Article... as soon as the pain goes away...

Miami, 1920s... see you later...

lost in the 20s... so I can do finish writing the article for Paul, don't want to diappoint him

Before... still roaring 20s..

after the Big Roar roared through as a Category Four Storm

Got to feel it to write about it...

See y'all later.. Mucho Besos Bobbi!

( i saw this on Broadway... yeah... mingle til they think you're single... as long as you come home with me........."

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Been Busy...

Was busy with a wedding, daughter of my best friend Malka. Danced a lot. A lot.

Then something about a 24 hour trip to Key West.

Moved the library today... a few times.

Been a long few days.

I'll be back.

It's not like there are any storms out there... just a foggy morning in Miami, rained, then got warm.

Did you know the Galveston Hurricane was on Sept. 8th, 1900.
Jim is the most amazing source of information on hurricanes history anywhere.

besos bobbi

Ps..there we are.. Bobbi and her best friend, blondie... big blonde hair, so happy together, a lot of scotch and a lot of dancing ;) Great night, out door wedding on the beach with a storm chaser taking video and checking his anemometer ... peak wind gust 49 mph........... yeah, high wind warnings indeed :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Windy and Wild in Miami

The wind is howling tonight. I heard what they said the gusts are but... I don't believe it. I want one of those little wind meters Jim Cantore has.. because it howled a few times and it rarely does that at gusting to 23....

Coldish but not freezing.

Green Bay lost.
Brett Favre looked frozen and funny during that busted turn over where they got the ball back. Unfortunately, they didn't score... Can't imagine how anyone can play in that game. Nuts.. really. But, Giants won... can't see how they could possibly beat New England but if they did.. telling y'all here and now... I will be a Giants Fan for the rest of my life! On record.

Not on record... watching youtube and telling you THIS would be more fun to do as a remake than the 3 stooges or .... Harpo and her/his brothers, wierd blonde poochie wig.

People want "fun" unless they want action and adventure movies.. but they like buddy movies and this is the biggest buddy movie of all.

Hey.. what do I know??
Well.. I knew the first time I saw it.. it was NOT filmed in Miami. Nope, in the famous words from Operation Petticoat paraphrased... Miami doesn't have anything like this... (mountains off in the distance on the beach.. duh.........)


Nite, from windy Miami
Is this a noreaster or something? What is going on?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Death In the Hurricane Community - Victor Wiggert

Not many people know who he was but they all know what SLOSH charts are ... and refer to them often for advice and preparation.

Victor Wiggert passed away this week..he was a hurricane researcher who helped create those charts and spent his life working on hurricane research.

The world is made up of many people doing jobs, doing their job carefully with dedication and you don't read about them when Hurricane Allison or Alexander is threatening your home town. You know who the director of the Hurricane Center is and you know one or two guys who take over the camera while he is sleeping but it takes a village to really compile all the details of hurricane research and they sometimes do their hardest work in the off season when they have time to work through ideas or re-evaluate past storms. It's all about maps and math and history and analysing data and men like Victor Wiggert added to what we know and what we have learned and we keep on learning...

He will be missed by many friends, co-workers and his family.

And, like most weather people.. he was a weather person 24/7. In the article his daughter is quoted as saying, "There was really no way to separate it from him,'' she said. ``He was our weather man. We'd be out for a walk and he'd be telling us what kinds of clouds were up there and what they mean for the weather.''

We all know weather people like that... yep, well.. I do.
From Wiki:
Sea, Lake, and Overland Surge from Hurricanes (SLOSH) is a computerized model developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and the National Weather Service (NWS) to estimate storm surge depths resulting from historical, hypothetical, or predicted hurricanes by taking into account a storm's pressure, size, forward speed, forecast track, wind speeds, and topographical data.

SLOSH is used to evaluate the threat from storm surge, and emergency managers use this data to determine which areas must be evacuated. SLOSH output is used by the National Hurricane Program (NHP) when conducting Hurricane Evacuation Studies as a hazard analysis tool for assisting with the creation of state and local hurricane evacuation plans or zones. SLOSH model results are combined with roadway network and traffic flow information, rainfall amounts, river flow, or wind-driven waves to determine a final analysis of at-risk areas.

One of my favorite weather guys is always talking SLOSH... loves to complain about this or that or refer to them.

We all pay attention to them... we owe him and others our thanks!

May you all be well and be blessed to be reading this with the person you love near by.

Besos Bobbi

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Funny How Time Slips Away...

Waiting for a front to blow through this weekend, my daughter's sweet 16 and my best friend Magda's daughter's wedding.. where we will drink, dance and be merry!

Windy Day in the South

Snowed yesterday briefly in Alabama and Atlanta. Some ice around some parts and a lot of rain. Moving east.. moving south east ... might get some rain today mixed in with the wild wind.

Great song, great video. Really hit me this morning while watching CMT.

Excell at being yourself, ain't no one else gonna be you but you...

Besos Bobbi

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!

A very special happy birthday to my very good friend Howie who is one fantastic friend, a great hurricane specialist and an all round, beautiful man!

So... here's one to make you smile...

Sort of hurts to watch almost... she looked so beautiful and golden.

And, here's one to make me smile.. love Sting, doesn't even Sting to hear it when he sings it.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Willie Nelson - Moment of Forever

I went to see Willie Nelson at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida with my brother who took me for a belated birthday present and he was soooooooo good.

Two hours, nonstop, fast, slow, soulful, fun, playful, funny... oh wow.

Was great. Smiling. Nite.

Besos Bobbi

Oh... thunder and lightning today as the pre-frontal trough passed through...

different concert but yeah... he played this song.. and so many others

new song... looked just like this tonight, last night... forever in my mind, a moment of forever, thank you Willie

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Songs, Memories, Wonderful Island of Dreams..

Was this the most amazing man and the most amazing song.

And, when you realize that so many of us barely knew him til he was gone yet he left a legacy that will last until almost forever.... for somewhere, some couple is dancing at a wedding to that song or looking back at their life remembering beautiful memories or someone they loved who is now no longer a part of their life and who they will never get to see again except in their memory.

Time in a bottle... few songs have said it so well, such simplicity, so musically, so beautifully.

For the opposite of simplicity... but one of my all time, forever favorite songs
no matter who sings it or which version i have hidden on some Cd someone sent me
love this song, incredible lyrics... some of the most beautiful fragments of lyrics ever written

like an apple whirling silently in space...
keys that jingle in your pocket, words than jangle in your head

LOVE THIS SONG... fragment of a song, half remembered names and faces

Stood on top of the parking lot on Lincoln Road today while fireworks were exploding on the beach somewhere and the skyline of Miami Beach and all it's iconic sort of art deco towers lit up looked like something from a 1980s movie..

Miami Beach... Wonderful Island of Dreams.
WIOD. Old radio tower, came down, down, down in the 1926 hurricane but it will always be the Wonderful Island of Dreams.

And, lastly... stumbled on this song tonight... shouldn't go there but I did... great song, used to haunt me a bit... even though I rarely listen.

Peter Cetera... Chicago..

Love + Inspiration go together like Groucho and Harpo lol, Lois and Clark, where would the 3 stooges be without Larry... just 2 stooges? That's not funny...

Zelda and Scott, Tonto and What's His Name... Hi Ho Silver...

You're the meaning in my life... you're the inspiration....

When you love somebody.... always on my mind...

In a mood. Lost in music tonight.

I remember this music video, used to get to me.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire.. Polls Wrong Like Bad Hurricane Models

When the models are bad..they are really bad and it seems when the polls are wrong they are wrong BIG time.

Hillary Wins! And, she wins consistently... may have been close but was no neck and neck Fins/Jets shoot out. Was consistently ahead, same margin... consistently.

Also.. Hillary got more votes basically than any other candidate percentage wise although there are a lot of Republican votes up for grabs when you count up Ron Paul's votes and Guiliani's votes.. where would those votes have gone? Huckabee or Romney.

As for Romney, I'm sorry... I think he could cry a river and never get any more votes. Just my thoughts.

I think Bill's campaigning did more as much for Hillary as her show of emotion (she did not cry a river... showed emotion... what made the Tin Man human in the Wizard of Oz? Lion can cry and laugh, but the Tin Man... wasn't really made of Tin but had a heart afterall.... )

So Hillary has a heart...

Edwards and Obama have been real stale with new messages .... same speech, over and over...

After a while when Obama speaks I begin to blur over, eyes blurry and go "what IS he saying?" Although last night he made the biggest play I have heard yet for the "black vote" and even though I think his win in IOWA was more geographic than racial he is going to ratchet up the rhetoric going into South Carolina. If he can't beat Hillary there.. he has a big problem. And, if Obama is not surging... not the best thing since white bread was thrown aside for healthy, whole wheat... he will lose some of his supporters who were originally Hillary Clinton supporters. I'm sorry but his speech last night was the weakest of the losers speeches, I thought for a minute he was going to launch out into "I have a dream..."

Huckabee... spent less money than almost anyone. I heard a figure, not confirmed by SNOPES...that he spent $41,000 in NH. That's a lot of votes per the least amount of money.

Edwards needs new speech writers...

Obama needs to risk something.. and show who he really is.. not some repackaged JFK sort of All American Young Man out to change the world. I think he lost a lot of college votes to Ron Paul... go figure I guess some college kids really believe those Facebook sites that say Ron Paul IS the most Presidential.

McCain... good man, honorable, really a good man but can he win the country as a candidate? If you get into a shoot out with just Republican voters in states where only republicans can vote for republicans... can he beat Huckabee?



Is it possible that this year we could have two conventions when no one is sure 100% who will get the nomination after the 3rd primary?

I could see 2 brokered conventions... not probable but possible.

Someone better go shake those poll computers around the way the NHC plays with the models because they are not showing the pulse of America here...nope.. they sure aren't.

Congrats Hillary because as I see it.. she pulled the highest number.
39% of votes to 37% for McCain..

As for my favorite weather/political friend... thanks for the memories last night.
Was fun... still think you like McCain cause it really sounds like McCane :P

Besos Bobbi
You are the best.. Bobbi :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Miami Morning

The helicopter woke me up a few minutes before alarm in the cell phone did..

A helicopter circling, over and over, not leaving the area. Pitch blackness outside but a definite sign that once again North Miami Beach had made the early morning newscasts.

Hit off on the alarm. Turn on the TV. Wake the kids. Put coffee up. Go outside and see where the helicopter to my east is exactly. Wow.. now the Walmart, way beyond the Walmart, across the canal somewhere.

There it is... circling, round and round. Search light isn't on bright so.. it's TV news waiting do their morning report. Whatever happened had gone on way earlier, done, finished, probably someone dead.

Turn on the news. was a cop. A cop killed in NMB. A poor Miami cop off duty caught in what looks like some ambush in North Miami Beach... only 4 or 5 blocks away from the North Miami Beach Police Station....which is one of the most dangerous areas in South Florida it seems. How bad can a Police Department be that it cannot shut down crime within 5 blocks of it's Police Station, City Hall and Library. I mean if you can't clean up your own backyard how do you expect to go out and clean up the City?

I'm sure there is more to the story. I'm sure the story will evolve like all stories in Miami that always have a second act, a third act and even usually an epilogue. Sometimes a sequel.

The copter looked pretty up there silhouetted by the beautiful tropical sunrise. The cop looked very dead in his car that was riddled with bullets from an AKA something Assault rifle.

New Hampshire looks pretty in snow on CNN. Huckabee, Hillary, Romney, McCain and Edwards all look hopeful and happy that New Hampshire is almost over while they look picturesque giving interviews in the white, virginal looking snow. Does the snow get dirty ever in New Hampshire?

Go to Drudge for Breaking News.. it's witty, visual and right wing. You can then sort of balance it out by watching CNN. Life is all about balance, don't cha know?

As for me... going to drive past the big crime scene on my way down to work. So much noise in Miami this morning. Helicopters, Cars, Planes even a Train or two.. my mind is not really here it's elsewhere. Looking out at a field in Iowa, covered in snow yet patterns of rural life cutting across the scenery in a geometric vision of farm land waiting to be tilled again when the winter thaws and turns to Spring. Shabbos in Iowa would be nice. Wish I could close my eyes, blink myself in like Jeanne.

I'll settle for Lincoln Road at Lunch Time or close my eyes and pretend I am at Tom's house bothering him and Sid while they try to work and lie out by the pool that is too cold to swim in and stare up at the Coconut Palm swaying in the breeze.

Body is in NMB.
Mind is in Iowa or New Hampshire.
Soul is in Key West.

Where are you today? Really? Who are you? Why are you reading this? Where would you like to be? the tropics...the Bermuda High is really strongly in place... guess it's a good thing there is no storm out there this morning or it would just cruise right in on an easterly breeze.

Love and Kisses... Bobbi
Ps.. end the writer's strike already, come on.. it's time to go back to work...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Barack Obama's Win From A Jewish Perspective

Going to talk here a little about Iowa politics, not Iowa weather. It's cold, snows a lot in winter. What else can you say?

Barack Obama Won in Iowa because he is Pareve.

Plain and simple. Obama is like Soy Milk! Goes with anything, does no harm, heatlhy for you.

Yes, he inspires. My right-wing, republican daughter who is 26 and likes Guiliani likes Obama. She's lived in NY a lot. She wouldn't vote for Obama.. but she likes him. He inspires. I'm more inspired by Edwards but NOTE... they also both want to end the war. Iraq. Health care and the Economy ...DUH!

But, more than inspiring... Obama is what Jews call Pareve. Neither meat nor milk, can be eaten with anything at any time. He is neither black nor white but can be accepted by both groups. And, let's get real.. the oriental and native American do not have a big vote in this country. Mostly.. you are either black or white. Obama is a man who calls himself black who was raised by a white mother and a father from Kenya who did not raise him but gives him that slightly exotic worldly appeal. Raises his "sexy" and "interesting" quotient but basically he was raised by a white mother who sadly died young and did not get to see him rise to be an inspiring politician who could walk either side of the road and scare no one.

I mean this man looks like he could be working for the CIA or maybe as an accountant. Very clean arrow. Very beautiful wife who sort of looks a bit like a black 1960s version of Jackie Kennedy. Two beautiful young daughters... real visual up there for people are baby boomers.

He could just as easily be called white as he can black, or just neither. He might easily just be called an American of mixed heritage who wants us to GET OUT OF IRAQ, wants universal health care (anyone who has lost a mother to cancer cannot be called just playing an issue.. it's from his heart) and who is worried on the Economy.

He does not offend, at least not yet.

In the Jewish world of KOSHER... you can't eat milk with meat. He is sort of like Soy Milk. You can put him in your coffee after a pot roast, you can have him over your whole grain cereal, you can sneak some out of the carton while the fridge is open after eating a Roast Beef sandwich. You can get Soy Milk in Plain, Vanilla and the ever now popular Mocha. I'm serious, not playing the race card here.. you can buy Mocha Soy Milk and put it in your morning coffee for that added little ooppfh... like Starbucks at Whole Foods.

Obama can be packaged and appeal to many... offend few, for now anyway.

You don't have to wait 6 hours after eating meat.. you don't have to wait an hour after milk... a lot of people love to eat Pareve.. gives them options for what they want to do later in the day. They can decide what they REALLY want for Dinner later... all options open. Soy is nice, but at some point you want to go to Ghiradelli's and get a Mint Ice Cream Sundae! You try to be healthy, you really do but it's not the same as Half and Half in your Coffee...

Like soy milk.. he appeals to the young and those ready to make a change.

Last but not least... he is from ILLINOIS... HELLO??

Does anyone here really understand Iowa? It's not Kansas. It's not New Mexico. Unless you want to fly into Des Moines or some small little airport to get out of Iowa you have to FLY out of or into a nearby airport and most likely that airport is CHICAGO. IF you live up in the NE part of the state like my son.. you can fly out of Minneapolis but even half of those flights fly through Chicago.

People in Iowa follow one of 3 teams.. and most follow the Chicago Bears.
The Vikings... Green Bay or Chicago.

Iowa in some ways is like a really far out suburb of Chicago...

Iowa did not vote for a "black senator from Miami, Florida" .. they did not vote for some Democrat from LA.. they did not vote for a New Yorker of mixed heritage.

They voted Pareve.. for one of their own. A Pareve vote that keeps their options open and at the same time can be viewed as a SAFE vote for CHANGE.

Trust me... his being "black" was not an issue and he was from just across the border.. no ...not the Rio Grande.. across the Mississippi... Illinois. They had the choice of voting for Hillary (lady) or Edwards (southerner) and that makes Obama almost look like he is a home grown, native son!

He was more at home in Iowa than he will be in places like Florida or Maine or Nevada.

IF he can win in from those phunky cities, those congested big town places where people want loud, in your face people who look like fighters not inspirers, if he can win in Texas... THEN.. he is the REAL THING.

Right now.. Obama is a Pareve voice for change, sort of like soy milk... of any flavor.

People have now voted for change and inspiration and a good guy, with a real family image.

Not some old lady opening presents alone under a Christmas Tree (bad bad commercial and if you ask me, bad, bad campaign Hilary is running) nor does he look like a Santa Elf like Guiliani... he was a nice normal American man sitting at home with his little family...

People like Edwards... they know he loves his family, they know he could sit home and be rich but he would rather make a difference, he would rather be part of the process.

People like the concept "love of my life"

How can you not have that phrase tug at your heart .. especially if you are a woman and it seems a lot of women love Obama. My daughter likes him.. wouldn't vote for him but she likes him.

Hard not to like.

Me? I like Edwards. I like Huckabee.. I AM VERY IMPRESSED BY a candidate, people WANT to like him. I like McCain, always have.

Obama? I don't trust him and down the road I think people will begin to wonder if they should vote their heart for inspiration and change and something different that isn't really scary or will they be moved by constantly changing political events ongoing decide he is not yet ready for Prime Time.

He is sort of like a young Sidney Poitier who is a whole lot whiter (I think of him as a man of color.. a true American, a nice looking mutt) who seems honest, rational, strong, wears a nice suit, has a short haircut and you want to like him. Sort of a To Sir With Love look for the baby boomers.

Just overheard a commercial for a beauty product on TV while I am typing this... explains how it is made from soy and is therefor healthy, used the quote:

"total soy, guaranteed to protect against past damage"

Bottom Line... this was not about him being the First Black Winner there... this isn't a race issue, he was a Pareve choice for change from a neighboring state on almost home ground.

Barack Obama is in the world of Jewish cooking and politics what we call Pareve.

Soy. Pareve. Goes with anything..

Something to think on..
Good Shabbos
Besos Bobbi

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cold In Miami. Snow Showers Off Shore..

Like money. Moving south.. one solid, thin band of pinks and blues... Catch it quick or it will be gone once the sun comes up...

It's cold. My son in Postville, Iowa argues that and my daughter in Ottawa explained how many layers she is wearing to go teach this morning. I'm sorry. They are not living in a jalousie house that lets the air in (I saw those Tornado Proof windows in Iowa..) and we don't have normal heat down here. A reversed cycle "heat" on the AC mostly smells like a fire is burning somewhere in your wall... dust in the air conditioning vent stinks when you turn it on..for hours and the smell never goes away. As you put on the stove burners to get warm you tell your kids "do not do t his it is not safe" lol...

Okay..wearing the sexy, brown, suede boots today... with a long skirt and possibly keeping the long pink underwear leggins from Victoria Secrets that I bought for that Postville trip last winter. Might even wear an old blonde wig... does the weather radio in Miami REALLY say "if you must venture outside... wear a hat and gloves"
Sounds like Clark hacked into the weather radio if you asked me and I'd rather wear a cute wig than a hat!

Very cold and clear and beautiful, wind is whipping through the palm fronds.

And all of Miami is on a Bill Parcels watch to see just what and when he will snap some more leashes... and tries to remember where they put the space heaters and remembers fondly those fireplaces they had somewhere once when they lived up north. For me it was the fireplace in Long Beach. Great fireplace. Someone had bought it in Mexico... gorgeous tile, big, heavy wood trim... and we would sit around with it roaring, big hot fires... feeding it old newspaper or broken logs. Miami Beach had a nice fireplace in the old 1920s house but was barely a fireplace. And.. in Iowa... my son's father in law makes one hell of a fire in the fireplace so do NOT tell me how cold it is up there cause the house is warm and toasty.

So..making eggs and grits to warm up and watching the temps, going to work.. funny knowing somewhere off shore, over the Gulfstream of all places is the chance of snow showers... moving south but probably just staying off shore.. Good luck Palm Beach in catching a few..

As for the shoot out between Neil Frank and the local Weather media.. most specifically quoted Dr. Christopher Landsea.. smiling, I wouldn't get caught in that shoot out if my life depended on it but I would sure love to watch up close and personal. I agree with Neil.. but not to the degree that Neil differed. I wouldn't say that many were not real storms but I think a few were very, very questionable calls and there has been much to do about nothing over the last few years. A storm should have to verify for more than a few minutes as a Tropical Storm.. in my humble opinion. Throwing make believe snow balls (oh STOP smiling!)

Hugs and Cold Kisses from Miami,

Weather for Miami, FL 33162
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: NW at 20 mph
Humidity: 68

Wind Chill is much colder.. look at that wind.
Fruit freezing is the big story here... not Bobbi and her boots!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Cold Front Coming Thru South Florida... Gators Lose...

Sorry about the Gators losing. Imagine my cousin is not a happy camper. Does it help to say there is always next year?? Don't think so.. But, it is true.

And... a cold front is moving down the state and blowing through our area. The winds have already changed. My daughter is driving back to Canada... she wasn't very excited to hear how we might have temps in the upper 30s Wednesday Night...

I have to say there really isn't anything as amazing as watching the temperature change... feeling it... Amazing. One minute it is warm, humid, sort of sultry and then you go outside 30 minutes later and the wind is racing at you, tugging at your clothes, hitting you in the face.. cold, winter air ... out of the NW... a cold front! Just something you often can't see (air... ) can be so real, so alive and so in your face. When the clouds will part later tonight, the stars will come out... wow, it blows me away!

Kids are almost done partying round here... slowly settling down. Everyone had fun.

As for 2008? Oh, I don't know. Besides the regular suspects of "diet" "Finish my novel" I'd have to think on it. I'd try going totally Vegan but know I'll forget and eat some teriyaki beef or lamb chops but it is healthier.

I am writing. I have an article I have to finish (about the 26 Hurricane no less..) and have written more on my "novel" of late than in a long time. That's good.

My diet.. has been good, I eat pretty healthy... going do to Country Line Dancing or Belly Dancing depending on which classes work best with my schedule. Generally I rarely eat cake but for my birthday a friend took me to Bissaleh after the movies and I got a piece of Tiramesu. They sang Happy Birthday and it was fun to see my friend while he is in town between NY and Key West. Then... my kids treated me to a party at my cousin's house and they picked out a Mocha Chocolate cake. I mean.. two mocha sort of creamy cakes. What are the chances on that? Life... guess it means I'll have a lot of Starbucks this year :) or Cafecito depending on my mood.

So.... what can I say except enjoy life, enjoy the birthdays, enjoy good friends, good company... and be grateful for the big things.. as well as the little things.. like a Cold Front in Miami!

And... still dealing with the death of a very close friend and well... I think it's time to be a little more "out there" and less afraid and just being myself.

Me, Myself and... hahaha...............Just Bobbi.

My ex-husband has expressed an interest in the Writers Strike ending so... if anyone here can do anything about that... he can go to rehearsals again. And, everyone else can go back to work.

As for me... going to go watch the end of the Rose Bowl. Been there, done that... pretty floats!

Love and kisses to everyone...and smile.. Bobbi!
Ps... Tebow is incredible. Can't wait to see what else comes out of Camp Tuna :)

Pss... pssst Clark.... Lois is back, watch out!!!