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Friday, March 01, 2024

2024 Hurricane Season - 3 Months Away. Winter Weather UP in the North, The South Looks at Spring. What Supplies Do You Really Need for Hurricane Season? My Thoughts....


This is current weather.
East of the Mississippi mostly.
Let's say Hurricane Country.

Strong rainstorms in New Orleans.
Snow to the North.

You can see the frost and freeze line.
Doesn't that sound like a shake of some kind?

Today is March 1st, we call this the Meteorological start of Spring, and you can see the further South you go the more chance you have of Yellow Pine Pollen and trees blooming. Yes, the Cherry Blossoms bloom early, but the bulk of beautiful blooms begin as we move through March into April. In the Carolina that means the Day Lillies or as most people call them "tulips" push up from the ground and in the Miami area the few trees that lose their leaves such as frangipangi, poincianna and jacaranda trees begin to show color; it's a process.

Speaking of a process..........the constant early predictions for the 2024 Hurricane Season are out and about and some are outright terrorizing. Fancy graphics showing us going through the regular list and into whatever list the NHC will use this year. If you go to YouTube, for example, you will see a list such as this.......

That does get the blood pumping doesn't it?
Don't let it scare you....
... just prepare yourselves!
Use this time wisely!
I feel like this should be ....
...Hurricane Season brought to you by Home Depot!

A look at the sea surface temperatures today.

People look at this and either scream "EARLY SEASON" and ask about early storms or say "it's March not May."  Let me say, that while the water near Africa today does look HOT, HOT, HOT .... it does not mean we will have hurricanes in March or April. There's Saharan Dust there currently, a really early burst of SAL as we call it and while that does provide beautiful sunsets in Florida and the Caribbean it does not make early hurricanes in March and April. Add in the flow of the air across the planet in that area is mostly West to East meaning we are not there yet.

As you can see above.

Out in the East Atlantic.
West to East the storms be flowing.

So everyone breathe a bit.
Inhale, exhale!

Get a plan.
While you can.... it calmly!

2023 "busy" hurricane season
compared with 2017 BUSY hurricane season

Of course, with El Nino leaving and La Nina expected to come on should be a very busy hurricane season. As we learned from last year, a busy El Nino hurricane season with the sheer number of named systems .... remember most stayed far out in the Atlantic as if NHC built a Wall! That's a joke, too much politics going on and it's a long time til the Presidential Election that will coincide with the end of the Hurricane Season and there are many factors that can mitigate signals for a busy season. One random factor could be a large volcano, another large volcano, blowing it's top in 2024 but in the Caribbean. Storms can form early, fast and furious near the African Coast and then just turn a hard right up into the shipping lanes threatening England or even Portugal if they form early and boomerang back. 

Looking at the map of 2017 up above, note named MAJOR HURRICANES moved all the way into the Caribbean and Florida hosted the mermorable Irma. The Islands were raked with Maria and Irma. 

Where hurricanes will travel to is more important than the sheer number of named storms that include many tropical storms that never make it to hurricane let alone Major Hurricane.  Where do they intensify, before landfall or out in the open North Atlantic? Will the Caribbean Basin be busy and if it is (with the lack of sheer from El Nino) often but not always what makes it into the Caribbean makes to somewhere between Texas and Florida! No two hurricane seasons are exactly alike, no two La Ninas are exactly alike!

Lastly, take a look at 1969 up above.
Whoah a busy hurricane season.
And yet only one Cane comes to mind.

It's not always about how hot the water is ... the Eastern Atlantic.

Wild card:
Early Sahran Dust....
Does that mean it hangs around forever or leaves early? 
Just wondering......

Stay tuned. Colorado State University doesn't put out it's EARLY 2024 Hurricane Season report until April 4th, so............  so...........let's all breathe.

Make a list.
Prioritize the list.
Look for sales if you have the extra cash and buy early.
If not, slowly one package of crackers at a time hide away in a closet somewhere... in a locked chest.
Think if you have to board up ...what your options are and if you leave to evacuate where do you go?

Never too early to start thinking on vs worrying on ....what you will do down the tropical road.

Think on this list and these links.
Less on the temperature of the water today.
What will you need in a few months.
Use your time wisely.

Sweet Tropical Dreams....
...dreams are good, actions better!

More to come on this topic.......

@bobbistorm on Twitter

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Wildfires! Tornadoes. Who Had This on Their Bingo Card for February 2024??


An old fashioned stampede.... they run for their lives.
Texas style 2024

So often history repeats with minor variations that create huge differences. Wildfires on the Plains throughout history were a common, deadly danger. Everything from catalytic converters to range wars for land, to methods of clearing land or villainous invaders setting fire to someone's homestead. Range Wars vs accidental fires when some careless person throws their cigarette or cigar out the window and it ignites dry grass that's ripe and ready to burn. And, burn it does. Add in strong winds fanning the flames as they race along 50 to 60 mph forward speed caught in the wild wind.

2024 vs 1834 there's a nuclear plant there.
This is a serious story and it's weather related.
Without the strong winds....
... it would be easier to fight the fire. Many good stories but go straight to the source as Dallas is watching this story more carefully than people in Kentucky that are dealing with the storm line that dropped tornadoes in February earlier near Chicago. 

Reed Timmer was on it early.
When he shows up in your town....'s usually more trouble than Cantore.
If they both show up....
.... well not much I can add there.

Good coverage.
As the sun comes up .....

I put on TWC this morning but they are barely covering it, now perhaps as the sun comes up they have video. Bottom line is there is currently "zero percent containment" which really should be a capital letters. My husband, who when young was a fireman, said when he heard that "wow" and he's not prone to saying things like "wow" and thinking Cantore understands this more than many who just want to see pictures of fire spreading, cattle stampeding and in truth they are mostly covering the  next storm moving Westward from the Pacific and the tornado that happened near Chicago. 

Yes, Hurricane Season is down the tropical road.

Dabuh has been in a mood.
Mother Nature has been in a mood.

Mike is watching the firess.
Mike's site Spaghetti Models...
aka Mike's Weather Page is 20 years old!
I remember the first time he sent me a link...
...awesome, whoosh 20 years :)

Everyone should be watching the fires.
It's a huge story and again.
out of control on the move.

That's my look at the weather news today. There is winter weather but it's up where winter weather usually is as opposed to diving down deep into the South or snowing on the fire in Texas.

March 1st is on Friday.

I've said this before, if you have never really seen a wild fire out on the Plains or the hillside it's hard to really know what those people know. Seen them in California when I lived there, seen the smoke from the fires when the Everglades is burning.

If you don't lose your home or farm........same thing but being clear here.
You lose power.
Infrastructure is gone the way it is after Hurricane Andrew.
Until the winds die down.... it'll spread into parts of Oklahonma and keep burning.

Becareful what you read as the conspiracy theories are off the charts on social medial.
370,000 acres is equal to 578 square miles.

Kudos to Thor News as looked on YouTube to see what was being shown and yes it sounds like we are all writing a screenplay for a Disaster Movie awaiting a title. Maybe the title should just be 2024! Laughing, seriously it just keeps getting more and more bizarre.

That said..........

Can't beleive I'm doing this before March.

Hurricane Prep:

That simple.
No excuses.
If money is an issue buy 1 thing....
...every trip to the store and put it away.
Always something on sale.
Think drinks......
Water good but drinks are drinks.

Memorial Day Sales = Hurricane Supplies.
Dollar Store... $1.25 filled with things to put away.
If you need them, use them, replace them.

2024 Hurricane Season expected to be wild.

Don't say I didn't warn you.
It's the 1 disaster you Can prepare for...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

I'll add a song in when my internet is normal.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tuesday. Pine Pollen Questions. Mean System Moving East....... End of February. Windy & Cold in Raleigh


Let me add it FEELS cold, it's not that cold temperature wise but it's damp, windy and gray. I wasn't going to talk on Pine Pollen but it's become a subject today. I'd venture to say it won't get really going til March begins (in a few days) but there's always that one tree or two that pops early. One year everyone was outside in the cul de sac and I was confused. I went outside, called my husband and he said it looked like smoke was in the air. Yellow smoke I may add. We could see it moving in the wind and yes, it was pollen. Every year it's different. Hot weather hastens early pine pollen season. A strong breeze will break up the early cones and get them going. Yes, that's what they are called.

I did figure I'd see it in Georgia soon.... soon as we drive South.
But surprised it's here.
I'll believe it when I see it.

It's a sign of the times. Gets warm, then cold again, then warmer longer again, then cold again and day by day, wave by wave of wavering temperatures bring us to that point that it's Meteorological Spring on March 1st.

The yellow on this image is convection.
Tired of it.
Ready for Spring.
Ready for hitting the road.
Ready to see blue skies and water.
Just saying.

March 1st 3 months to Hurricane Season.
Stay tuned.

Sing a tune..........
.........could use a tune, I'm in a mood.

Sweet Tropical Dreams
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps always think of this song.

lyrics get to me:

Michael wakes you up with sweetsHe takes you up streets, and the rain comes downSidewalk markets locked up tightAnd umbrellas bright on a grey background
There's oil in the puddles in taffeta patternsThat run down the drainIn colored arrangementsThat Michael will change with a stick that he found

I played this song on YouTube that gave me Joni Mitchell (eww I am so not a fan) and her voice hurt my ears. I always think of Judy Collins. My brother loved Judy Collins. I had a boyfriend named David and David was cute in a young, whimsical way and despite being crazy smart and in all the honors classes he played basketball incessantly on the court or imaginary little games while talking when restless. He made everything fun, simple feel good fun and I adored him. So did one of my best friends...he was adorable. He still is but he's grown and doubt he plays imaginary basketball when restless like I used to do time steps in tamp dance when young and bored. Some people have a bit of magic in them and they can take you up streets when the rain comes down and you hide in a patch of christmas trees waiting to be sold under an awning and hahaha it's not just the yellow arrangements he could make with a stick that he found but the smell of pine. Ironic but true. In a mood. This is what y'all get today. Taking meds lol so I stay calm, mellow and chilled in all ways. No stress allowed........

Can't wait to see May Monsoons in Miami. For David who left Miami long ago and is now Dovid far away. We are all so far away, oh Lord did anyone from my school stay in Miami???

Monday, February 26, 2024

Monday Morning. Another Storm System in the Pacific. Snow Up North. Thunderstorms in the South? What's on the Plate for This Week? Sushi or Pizza with Pepperoni? Everything Bagel or Sourdough?


This is a look at the State of the Union.
It was hot out West.
A new system coming in will change that.
Snow in the North.

Going wide.......

Storm systems off the West Coast have been everything.

A close up shows us the trouble makers

Churning, rearranging.
Appearing over and over again.

So what changes as we edge into Cane Season?
Not sure 100% but watching.
It's hot in the Atlantic.... bout the EPAC?
Things to do and check off this week...

Out West there's snow in the mountains.
Elevation matters.
Denver has a snow shadow sometimes...
...but they get plenty still.

I woke up this morning in a great mood, great as in wide awake, slept well and ready to roll. I had an immediate thought of "put on TWC and listen to Cantore talk on today's weather" something I haven't done in a while as I often sleep in these days. And there's no snow in my part of the world nor is there a hurricane so "it'll rain some, whatever" as nothing exciting to track, chase or enjoy. My second thought was "clean the closet this morning" a thought I went to bed with as a project for Monday. I put on Cantore (he truly is a National Treasure) and heard about the progression of storms coming into the West Coast and where it'll snow and where it won't tho some places have a minimal chance of severe weather and a random tornado. No it's not Tornado Season in the sense of "let's go chase a Tornado" but as cold diving air moves into regions where there is warm moist air, well you know how that goes. Keep an eye to the sky and radar IF you live in that part of the world where the meteorological powers that be collide this time of year.

I cleaned the closet, no there is not a Sweater Declutter on YouTube but it happened. Some going to the thrift shop and others put away for next year. Looking through my "spring/summer clothes" which are usually partly in the closet and partly packed in a suitcase for fast trips to Miami in Winter. I've made more than normal this Winter as we are snowless in Raleigh. Nuff said on that.

Hurricane Names 2024.
I'd wager Alberto forms before June 1st!
Maybe even Beryl!!

TWC has Winter Storms Names.
It's very controversal ....
...a lot of people don't like it.
I don't usually even know them...
..but they do get original don't they.
Though Ronnie is one of them.
I have a brother named Ronnie.
His hebrew name is Rafael.
Hmnnnnn odd.

... more to come this week
Will discuss the Hurricane Season soon.
As we round the corner into March.

Do u get excited when there's a runner on 1st base?
Or when the runner is on 3rd base?

Stay tuned.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Thursday, February 22, 2024

100 Days Til Hurricane Season. Solar Eclipse Over USA in 46 Days. Cell Phone Chaos Today ...Who or What Pulled the Plug


100 days til Hurricane Season!
I posted this on Twitter aka X
Everyone, mostly, was all over the Cone.

It's obvious most people interact with me for tropical weather or any weather and we are all Hurricane People, so yes most people cared about the new cone which for some reason isn't starting til August. What happens if we have an early Hurricane in June like Alma?? It'll be the old cone? I'm curious on this but over the next ten days or so I'll look more into this. In Raleigh it's Winter, cold and it's going to rain cold rain over the weekend! And, you don't care and truthfully I don't care. Been dealing with some problems personally and it's been hard to get excited about something that doesn't start for 100 days. And, the real season is usually Fall more than Summer. 

But............2024 has been different. Beyonce did a Country Song. No not posting it. Just saying tho. 


This is HAIL not snow....
....kind of strange.

Yes, today it's 100 days til Hurricane Season!

46 Days Til April Eclipse.

When the tropics are slow, trackers and chasers will chase anything, especially a solar eclipse. But will our tropics stay traditionally slow or will something unusual crop up? And, there's the possibility that we could have Spring Severe Weather during the Eclipse (sorry just saying) and well stay tuned. 

So let's look at the tropics today.

There's that plume of moisture that goes UP...
...towards North Atlantic.
Let's look at models.
Long range models.

Here's a map I rarely show in February....
...models be modeling.
Could some extratropical system form?
You know a replay of the Winter 2023 Upgraded Storm?

January No Name Storm.... 
...began a path many would later follow.

Look how busy the N Atlantic was in 2023

That's a whole lotta traffic!
It would cause problems at NASCAR!!

A look back at 2023 is a blur of named storms cruising West, turning just before the Islands and retracing tracks previous named storms took. Busy in areas mostly a concern for shipping lanes, remember all day, every day, the ships are cruising about taking product from one place to another. We may not see it as it's out in the Atlantic but those shipping lines are busy. 

Obviously in 2023 Idalia made landfall. Harold and Ophelia also made landfall as well. Otherwise, despite the "busy" season they were mostly forgetable storms. Some were weak and fell apart as a stronger one came too close, though quite a few came back suddenly for one last gasp of energy.  Busy, but not so memorable.

Looking forward to 2024 we have a short term concern and a long term problem. There is some discussion that something could form very early in the Atlantic that may or may not be worth a name, probably won't get much fame but there are conditions that could get us some contenders and as I said conditions that are making many online  go "hmnnnn oh my goodness!!" and "What If???"

The Atlantic is HOT!
Below  are some comparisons.

..u know I don't like predictions  made in February!

and....Dabuh is doing that thing he do....

He always has a reason for everything he says...
...or sings
............or draws.

We go back a long ways.......
....I have a secret decoder in my head.
It was implanted there........
I'm just playing with ya  ;)

100 days til Hurricane Season.
And a Solar Ecllipse in the USA.

And.... we had a cellular eclipse today.
Unexpected! Boom!!
Family group went crazy....
...everyone on their WIFI on What's App!
TMobile won 
ATT lost.

No one really knows why?
Will go with Matt for this one.
He's always been so visually oriented!

No one knows.
Pick your favorite theory.

1. The Russians
2. The Chinese
3. The Aliens (Martian not Mexican)
5. Turkish Hackers
6. It's a "TEST" by our Government.
7. Solar Flares (all week since last week actually.... )
8. Some Astrological Aspect ..... moody  music........
9. Gremlins.

Who knows. 
What you believe says a lot about you and your biggest fears. My oldest daughter couldn't talk while driving to me today, we are very close......this was a difficult morning for her. Office had Wifi YAY!  Oh and it was cold in Miami too! 

I'm being silly.

Do you wanna know a secret?


Seriously, this is the first time in 3 days I have not had a horrible headache or any headache.  They are called Cluster Migraines and yes women get them, they may have started with a Sinus Headache or a Stress Headache or well there was an Aura. Once for a minute the aura looked like a hurricane swirling. Honest. Seriously 3 days and very little helped not Rx or OTC; The chiropractor did help some. Actually, I had a best friend who loved the Beatles... but always loved this song.  I have other Beatles songs I like. I digress.

I'll update tomorrow hopefully.

Hope your phone works tomorrow.
Hope are cable works tomorrow.
Yes I still have cable.

Did I mention the eclipse path goes over ....
....the New Madrid Fault.

I like Geology and maps.

So stay tuned.
Also a moon lander landed on the moon.
And, yet people are still talking on other things.
I mean it's been ?? 50 years?
Barely any attention.

While people argue over Solar Flares ....
...and a cyber attack!
What do you think?

I was up at 3 AM.
Couldn't sleep.
Went to sleep.
Then phones went to sleep.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


Expect the unusual in 2024!

If you are still reading this......... are awesome!! :)

Sunday, February 18, 2024


Apparently it's been a week since I posted, and really it was a fast week. A blur of wind and not in a good way. To me a warm wind is never good. A cold wind is better but cold. A cyclonic wind is always best. Downdrafts before a strong line rushes through South Florida when a cold front races through....and straight line winds can be sexy!  But sometimes they don't race through and they just hang, hovering over everything from Daytona to Miami with untimely winter rain showers that imitate the May Monsoons.  

No, I'm not in Miami as I write this and my last trip was cloaked in hovering clouds and a stalled out front that hovered above until literally the last day of the trip. It was like Seattle but with coconut palm trees! And, I'm really not into gray days in Miami though I love them in Seattle. Looking forward to May Monsoons as I plan to spend more time down there once we get closer to May... We'll see my dance card is up in the air right now, everything is subject to change. Change is the one constant afterall. 

Listening to this powerhouse singer who knows who to dance. I got turned onto how good she was when she sang at an event my daughter helped put on in Miami and they spent time together and "wow" she's awesome. She came in 3rd place at Eurovision....that's bigger than anything we really have in the US. I dated a guy once who ranked at Eurovision, that was impressive after I figured out what it was lol.... he was cute without that tag to his career!

If you're wondering on why I'm not talking on the weather, it's because there really is no tropical weather to speak of where I am and should have gone to New York where they got 10 inches of snow this weekend, but I didn't. I'm in a mood. Hurricane Season suddenly seems closer than the 104 days away that it is in reality.

A front hangs draped over Florida.

This is Florida Dry Season normally.
Nothing is normal in 2024.

There's this lil cyclonic system in S Atlantic.
Fun to watch.

Everyone is watching signals.
El Nino leaving but not completely.
La Nina in the wings?
And an early warm signal in the ITCZ

Today is the Daytona 500.
Well it was the Daytona 500.

My plans for the day had been planned around Daytona.... nothing is normal. Football is over. Super Bowl was Super and in the rear view mirror. 

Heater is on..... wearing an old favorite soft flannel sweater from Victoria Secrets from the days they made cute, soft clothes that wore well and lasted for seemingly forever. Nothing lasts forever I know but things shouldn't begin to fall apart after a few months of wear and maybe they will fix that problem who knows.

But my attitude on that is how I am on models as models currently are weird and I'm talking weather models ....watching satellite imagery. Sturbbornly sitting and debating what to do today, now that it rained on the parade of Daytona. Been to Daytona but not the 500, my son has which is cool and that makes me smile.

So maybe I'll dance.
Maybe I'll go to Barnes and Noble.
Maybe I'll look at a calendar...and make plans.
Because I'm in a mood.
Not a bad mood.
Just a mood.

Will figure it out.
Weather wise I have decisions to make.
Everything revolves around weather.
I need a new dress.
Bought a new dress.
Do I wanna wear that dress?
What mood am I in?
What mood will I be in?

It's February.
I don't go to Miami in February.
I like Winter here.

Watching the kids enjoy it tho.
Miami is very real.

So that's it for this post.
I'm gonna get up and do stuff.
I made lists.
I blogged, that was on the list.
Now I'm gonna go do sometihng.

What are you doing today?
What's your weather?
What's your weather wish?
What's mine?

Have a wonderful day........
..... on my list for today was..
Listen to Noa Kirel!
Check that off.
Now I'm gone ;)

Sweet Tropical Dreams....

Ps she reminds me of Camila Cabello
If you didn't figure that out...
But she's not. Added her to the list.
To listen to, to dance to.
May... Miami Monsoons LOL.
Yeah, I'll be there!
May park myself there often in the Hurricane Season.
When will that begin?
Nothing in 2024 is normal!!

Teaser on discussion.
Many are comparing this set up to 2017.
Time will tell........