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Thursday, February 22, 2024

100 Days Til Hurricane Season. Solar Eclipse Over USA in 46 Days. Cell Phone Chaos Today ...Who or What Pulled the Plug


100 days til Hurricane Season!
I posted this on Twitter aka X
Everyone, mostly, was all over the Cone.

It's obvious most people interact with me for tropical weather or any weather and we are all Hurricane People, so yes most people cared about the new cone which for some reason isn't starting til August. What happens if we have an early Hurricane in June like Alma?? It'll be the old cone? I'm curious on this but over the next ten days or so I'll look more into this. In Raleigh it's Winter, cold and it's going to rain cold rain over the weekend! And, you don't care and truthfully I don't care. Been dealing with some problems personally and it's been hard to get excited about something that doesn't start for 100 days. And, the real season is usually Fall more than Summer. 

But............2024 has been different. Beyonce did a Country Song. No not posting it. Just saying tho. 


This is HAIL not snow....
....kind of strange.

Yes, today it's 100 days til Hurricane Season!

46 Days Til April Eclipse.

When the tropics are slow, trackers and chasers will chase anything, especially a solar eclipse. But will our tropics stay traditionally slow or will something unusual crop up? And, there's the possibility that we could have Spring Severe Weather during the Eclipse (sorry just saying) and well stay tuned. 

So let's look at the tropics today.

There's that plume of moisture that goes UP...
...towards North Atlantic.
Let's look at models.
Long range models.

Here's a map I rarely show in February....
...models be modeling.
Could some extratropical system form?
You know a replay of the Winter 2023 Upgraded Storm?

January No Name Storm.... 
...began a path many would later follow.

Look how busy the N Atlantic was in 2023

That's a whole lotta traffic!
It would cause problems at NASCAR!!

A look back at 2023 is a blur of named storms cruising West, turning just before the Islands and retracing tracks previous named storms took. Busy in areas mostly a concern for shipping lanes, remember all day, every day, the ships are cruising about taking product from one place to another. We may not see it as it's out in the Atlantic but those shipping lines are busy. 

Obviously in 2023 Idalia made landfall. Harold and Ophelia also made landfall as well. Otherwise, despite the "busy" season they were mostly forgetable storms. Some were weak and fell apart as a stronger one came too close, though quite a few came back suddenly for one last gasp of energy.  Busy, but not so memorable.

Looking forward to 2024 we have a short term concern and a long term problem. There is some discussion that something could form very early in the Atlantic that may or may not be worth a name, probably won't get much fame but there are conditions that could get us some contenders and as I said conditions that are making many online  go "hmnnnn oh my goodness!!" and "What If???"

The Atlantic is HOT!
Below  are some comparisons.

..u know I don't like predictions  made in February!

and....Dabuh is doing that thing he do....

He always has a reason for everything he says...
...or sings
............or draws.

We go back a long ways.......
....I have a secret decoder in my head.
It was implanted there........
I'm just playing with ya  ;)

100 days til Hurricane Season.
And a Solar Ecllipse in the USA.

And.... we had a cellular eclipse today.
Unexpected! Boom!!
Family group went crazy....
...everyone on their WIFI on What's App!
TMobile won 
ATT lost.

No one really knows why?
Will go with Matt for this one.
He's always been so visually oriented!

No one knows.
Pick your favorite theory.

1. The Russians
2. The Chinese
3. The Aliens (Martian not Mexican)
5. Turkish Hackers
6. It's a "TEST" by our Government.
7. Solar Flares (all week since last week actually.... )
8. Some Astrological Aspect ..... moody  music........
9. Gremlins.

Who knows. 
What you believe says a lot about you and your biggest fears. My oldest daughter couldn't talk while driving to me today, we are very close......this was a difficult morning for her. Office had Wifi YAY!  Oh and it was cold in Miami too! 

I'm being silly.

Do you wanna know a secret?


Seriously, this is the first time in 3 days I have not had a horrible headache or any headache.  They are called Cluster Migraines and yes women get them, they may have started with a Sinus Headache or a Stress Headache or well there was an Aura. Once for a minute the aura looked like a hurricane swirling. Honest. Seriously 3 days and very little helped not Rx or OTC; The chiropractor did help some. Actually, I had a best friend who loved the Beatles... but always loved this song.  I have other Beatles songs I like. I digress.

I'll update tomorrow hopefully.

Hope your phone works tomorrow.
Hope are cable works tomorrow.
Yes I still have cable.

Did I mention the eclipse path goes over ....
....the New Madrid Fault.

I like Geology and maps.

So stay tuned.
Also a moon lander landed on the moon.
And, yet people are still talking on other things.
I mean it's been ?? 50 years?
Barely any attention.

While people argue over Solar Flares ....
...and a cyber attack!
What do you think?

I was up at 3 AM.
Couldn't sleep.
Went to sleep.
Then phones went to sleep.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


Expect the unusual in 2024!

If you are still reading this......... are awesome!! :)

Sunday, February 18, 2024


Apparently it's been a week since I posted, and really it was a fast week. A blur of wind and not in a good way. To me a warm wind is never good. A cold wind is better but cold. A cyclonic wind is always best. Downdrafts before a strong line rushes through South Florida when a cold front races through....and straight line winds can be sexy!  But sometimes they don't race through and they just hang, hovering over everything from Daytona to Miami with untimely winter rain showers that imitate the May Monsoons.  

No, I'm not in Miami as I write this and my last trip was cloaked in hovering clouds and a stalled out front that hovered above until literally the last day of the trip. It was like Seattle but with coconut palm trees! And, I'm really not into gray days in Miami though I love them in Seattle. Looking forward to May Monsoons as I plan to spend more time down there once we get closer to May... We'll see my dance card is up in the air right now, everything is subject to change. Change is the one constant afterall. 

Listening to this powerhouse singer who knows who to dance. I got turned onto how good she was when she sang at an event my daughter helped put on in Miami and they spent time together and "wow" she's awesome. She came in 3rd place at Eurovision....that's bigger than anything we really have in the US. I dated a guy once who ranked at Eurovision, that was impressive after I figured out what it was lol.... he was cute without that tag to his career!

If you're wondering on why I'm not talking on the weather, it's because there really is no tropical weather to speak of where I am and should have gone to New York where they got 10 inches of snow this weekend, but I didn't. I'm in a mood. Hurricane Season suddenly seems closer than the 104 days away that it is in reality.

A front hangs draped over Florida.

This is Florida Dry Season normally.
Nothing is normal in 2024.

There's this lil cyclonic system in S Atlantic.
Fun to watch.

Everyone is watching signals.
El Nino leaving but not completely.
La Nina in the wings?
And an early warm signal in the ITCZ

Today is the Daytona 500.
Well it was the Daytona 500.

My plans for the day had been planned around Daytona.... nothing is normal. Football is over. Super Bowl was Super and in the rear view mirror. 

Heater is on..... wearing an old favorite soft flannel sweater from Victoria Secrets from the days they made cute, soft clothes that wore well and lasted for seemingly forever. Nothing lasts forever I know but things shouldn't begin to fall apart after a few months of wear and maybe they will fix that problem who knows.

But my attitude on that is how I am on models as models currently are weird and I'm talking weather models ....watching satellite imagery. Sturbbornly sitting and debating what to do today, now that it rained on the parade of Daytona. Been to Daytona but not the 500, my son has which is cool and that makes me smile.

So maybe I'll dance.
Maybe I'll go to Barnes and Noble.
Maybe I'll look at a calendar...and make plans.
Because I'm in a mood.
Not a bad mood.
Just a mood.

Will figure it out.
Weather wise I have decisions to make.
Everything revolves around weather.
I need a new dress.
Bought a new dress.
Do I wanna wear that dress?
What mood am I in?
What mood will I be in?

It's February.
I don't go to Miami in February.
I like Winter here.

Watching the kids enjoy it tho.
Miami is very real.

So that's it for this post.
I'm gonna get up and do stuff.
I made lists.
I blogged, that was on the list.
Now I'm gonna go do sometihng.

What are you doing today?
What's your weather?
What's your weather wish?
What's mine?

Have a wonderful day........
..... on my list for today was..
Listen to Noa Kirel!
Check that off.
Now I'm gone ;)

Sweet Tropical Dreams....

Ps she reminds me of Camila Cabello
If you didn't figure that out...
But she's not. Added her to the list.
To listen to, to dance to.
May... Miami Monsoons LOL.
Yeah, I'll be there!
May park myself there often in the Hurricane Season.
When will that begin?
Nothing in 2024 is normal!!

Teaser on discussion.
Many are comparing this set up to 2017.
Time will tell........

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Super Bowl Sunday - Mardi Gras Week - Fat Tuesday Can Almost Feel Spring in the Air & After Spring is Hurricane Season Discussion Time

When there's nothing tropical to look at...
...but let's look at Saharan Dust anyway
Red Sand from Africa
Trying to fight the wind flow

Mimic shows a way too early suppressed ITCZ
Wrong Season, wrong month ...
....but does Mother Nature care?

Of course what has been stimulating this season of early tropical dreams is the flow that flows up into the Gulf of Mexico and curves up through the Appalachians and out to sea like the ghost of Hurricane Camille.

Supposedly change is coming.
Change is in the wings.... 
...enter Stage Left
Blocking setting up?
Not talking about football bloocking!

Not that I don't trust Mitch, he's very trustable (why not?) and he's good at watching the general pattern while praying for our part of the Carolinas to get snow which .....wishing on doesn't seem to work. He may want it more than me as he's doing some meteorological lent refusing to eat pizza til it snows. He did see early season snow on a trip he took with the family so at least he had that. I may see it soon enough on a trip to places where it may actually snow.

Fell asleep last night under the covers listening to the rain fall and woke up this morning to the sounds of the rain falling, a steady synocopated beat but not too loud. Almost a misty day but it's rain not mist though it sure looks misty!

Got my Daddy's old alarm clock there.
Gets good radio stations lol.
This is my transitional look.
Winter but some spring flowers.
Rain not snow.
Ya know..

Superbowl Sunday. 
I'll be honest. I love football and yet I don't really have a dog in the race as they say. Never was a big San Francisco fan, preferred the Dolphins, Green Bay and would love the Carolina Panthers but there's not loving me much these days. Whatever, maybe  next year. Not the biggest Mahomes fan, but I'll admit he's stubborn. Then you have the guy that no one remembers his name unless they are a 49ers fan.

So see this is why football is fun and I love it and on any given Sunday some guy goes to the Super Bowl who no one ever expected to see in the Super Bowl!  You heard so much about Andrew Luck once upon a time, yet no one heard much about Brock. I'm too into football to have this game be eclipsed by Taylor Swift and while I'm not a Switfy I'm not a hater, just this to me is all about Play Ball! Drudge trying to get me back to his page by putting up that long article on one of my favorite writers (for various reasons) and unless you are into writing or football you don't get the reference but some do. 

Let's say if Purdy pulls this off, maybe I'll believe Raleigh can get snow falling from the sky this winter still. Who knows? Time will tell. Maybe I'll make a Hurricane to drink while watching the game!

What would Hunter think? 

Link to article down at the bottom but it's dark like most of what Hunter S Thompson wrote when he wasn't temporarily having a blast being himself, until football season ended. Just don't read that until you're done with my blog please ;)

Weather is more than just one part of the coast.
Yes, moisture flowing up into GOM
But...that long feed, nonstop.
Stuck for a long while.
What will unstick it?

In a silly mood this morning.
Have a great day.
Hope your favorite team wins.
And then there's Fat Tuesday!
Mardi Gras!!!
Then Valentines Day!!!

Got my dance card for the week set.
Let's hope for good times.

Speaking of good times!
This is the most Iconic Mike Post ever.
And trust me we go way back...

Literally everyone's in the mood today.....

Sweet Tropical Dreams
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Special thanks to Darius Rucker
As I listened to this song over and over and over.
Love this song.


Friday, February 09, 2024

Super Bowl Weekend! Winter Dreams Meet Hurricane Discussion Online.......

 I go look at the long range models and it's all rain...

...moving up from the Gulf of Mexico, again.

Oh and it's supposed to warm tomorrow!

Eastbound rain....

I'm going to do something a lil different here today as I'm in a mood and honestly there is nothing specific to say about this lackluster winter in the South that felt more like Spring Tornado Season in ways and all I can tihnk is as the discussion on the new movie TWISTERS gets going soon, we may have a difficult Tornado Season in the Dixie Alley. 

Others here are talking on the Hurricane Season coming up in June of 2024, though we could have an early Gulf of Mexico storm of some kind in May. This would be a set up for something forming early in that area, most definitely. I want to remind everyone that during the hurricane season, early forecasts for this winter we are currently living through expressed the multiple chances for SNOW in the SOUTH and laid out several paths to such fruitation and that did not happen. Yes, we have had some wild cold snaps and nonstop, flow of severe weather coming up across the South, dragging it's way across Florida and no snow has fallen in any part of the Carolinas that are not in the far Western Mountainous regions. I know, there's 3 weeks left of February and all of March for those wild, surprise snowfalls that catch us unaware in the morning when we look outside and see a beautiful dusting of snow that'll melt by mid day when it's 67 degrees! 

We do get some wild swings in the late Winter and we also have strange things that happen as El Nino begins to leave and we move towards a ???? Neutral or La Nina so far down the road it's ridiculous to even talk about on February 9th with 113 days left until Hurricane Season. 

It's supposed to be 70 degrees here on Saturday in RDU land so glad I kept out those cute lil short summery dresses I bought for my recent Miami trip a few weeks back.

So I'm leaving this here for y'all to watch.

What do I think? Yes, I watched and yes I think it's possible for it to be an active hurricane season. Again, though it all comes down to definition and in my mind 10 named storms out in the Atlantic that form fast, fall apart while competing with other nearby storms may be "busy" but not what I think of busy. I'm fairly sure many of my chaser friends feel the same. For those who want to track every wave and named system, 2023 was a buffet with not much else than salads and some chicken dishes mixed up with vegetables, no real meat there if you know what I mean; kind of like an Impossible Burger Buffet. Well except for a few storms we had to deal with and did something other than what looked like a preprogrammed hurricane season with some track out in the Atlantic and trust me I'm happy the Islands were spared, I have many friends down there. Oh, I have no problem with Impossible Burgers once in a while as I can put cheese on them and being kosher it's either Impossible Burger or fake cheese on a real burger. Most people, by the way, prefer real burger and fake cheese. 

Anyway, lot of good thoughts, disussion and possibilities in the vide about the 2024 Hurricane Season. But in real time the shine of what may happen down the road wears off and reality sets in. No two El Ninos are the same and no two hurricane seasons are exactly the same. And, ALWAYS something pops up in real time that didn't show up in February when people were discussion how busy the hurricane season would be or it's busy in another area than previously forecast.  

I will say once we get into April, a better assessment of what we will deal with in the June July and August part of the Hurricane Season is more interesting. Sooo enjoy the video. Time will tell.

In other news.........
It's Super Bowl Weekend and that moves fast into Fat Tuesday so may y'all have the snacks, drinks, treats you want and hope your team wins.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter
Ps What's your Country Song? 
What's your favorite team? 
What's your favorite memory? 
What's your favorite dream?

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

February. Will Winter Weather Do the East Coast? East of the Mississippi River and the MTNS? Maybe IF Models are Real. Hurricane Season is 116 Days Away.... Not Yet. Life in February Still


If you want weather and you live on the East Coast.

You're in the wrong place. 

California would love to give it to us I'm sure.


East of the Mississippi it's been slim pickens!

This image at the top reminds me of the Country song "all the gold in California, is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills in some body's elses name" or something like that. We aren't getting any, and yet two blocking ridges to the North may set up soon and the Carolinas and parts of the South and Mid Atlantic and deliver some Winter Weather if the models are to be believed. Supposedly, according to weather experts I trust from a proven record, the doors will open up soon and allow colder air and storms East of the Mississippi and the Mtns and well time will tell. I can't even get a weather app to show me a snowflake in the 10 day currently.

It's not Hurricane Season and I have a general rule that I don't go there until at least March and I'm sticking too it. I'm not going to put up "how to survive a hurricane" guide in February as this is my off time, my time when I rant on things like my lack of snow and the sunshine on the naked branches and wonder on volcanoes in Iceland or Hawaii and watch the flow of news and Lord knows there's a whole lotta of news going on always. And, there's a ton of sites online all year that show that info if you want it. Sometimes when bored this time of year I watch an old movie like Star Wars, Grease or Sweet Home Alabama.... can watch Sweet Home Alabama eternally as not only is it a cute love story but it has a weather component to the story!!

Yes, NHC is going to change the maps a bit to try something new (YAY) and we will discuss that soon in detail. Some people are debating upgrading hurricane categories to Category Six and we will discuss that here as well. How do you feel? What do you think? I'll ask on Twitter or just watch the flow of people fighting it out there. My answer would be what would the parameters be? A long time ago in a place far away after Luke and Prince Leia and Han Solo there were rules and the rule was a "wind speed" had to be "2 minutes sustatined" otherwise it was a just a strong wild gust. This came up often during monster hurricanes such as Andrew where a windspeed of 164 MPH ripped the radar off the roof of the NHC and the building itself felt like it was shaking. It was also a tall building in an area not surrounded by other tall buildings and took the brunt of the wind so strong that they lost the radar at the NHC.

At the time it was said to be a gust.
Hurricane Wind Speed had to be sustained 2 minutes.
Those were the rules then....
...what are the rules now?
I want a rule book!! Link to article above and below showing how intense Andrew was far from Homestead.

So yes, we will discuss this endlessly down the road.
Down the tropical road. 
It's not June it's not May it's not even April.
I'd prefer waiting til after Peter Rabbit hops on a bit.

Today...offshore storms and a cold GOM

Hello February!! I've been a miss.... missing in action. Fighting off a cold and or a sinus infection. Not Covid, not the flu but the ole blues that come with feeling not yourself unless you take medications carefully on time. Oh, and the meds make me spacey or silly, and when I'm that silly............I've learned from experience.........probably best I stay offline :) Smiling, true and so here I am and yet the weather is not here in any dangerous or wicked way in my world. Weather in California has been wild and wicked and as dangerous as it gets in an El Nino year that wants to show off before Mother Nature shows El Nino to the door! Keep that in mind, and remember how often our worst hurricanes come at the end of the season. All those M storms like Mitch and Matthew and Michael and never forget Sandy! 

Often whatever signal pushes late Winter storms helps flip the switch down the road to the seasons, often the wild Sandy like storm pushing up the coastline helps flip the switch to move on to the next season. Like relay races where the one runner passes the torch to the next runner who passes the torch to the next. Mother Nature and the Seasons are like that and often the first BIG Winter Cold Snap is stronger than most of Winter and the last Winter Storm after a January thaw that crashed into February is the big storm after everyone took out their flip flops and shorts and debated planting tomatoes. Do not plant the tomatoes in the South, not yet. That's a huge thing in the South, it's like they are panning for gold or something everyone has to plant their tomatoes. Me.... I head to Whole Foods and Trader Joes and smile thinking "wow they got the good tomatoes in" as I am not much of a gardener or a farmer though I can manage rose bushes as my mother was big into rose bushes; my mother got skin cancer when older despite being olive skinned and blamed it on the roses so I buy those in Whole Foods too!

As for weather, let's take a look at the status of Winter 2024 in the first week of February.

If this was Hurricane Season...
...ppl would be pushing the case for a name.
Subtropical or Extratropical but it's Winter.

I had a friend who asked if one too many hurricanes carved out that "Georiga Bight" that goes from N FL coast up to the Carolnas. Cute thought but Continental Drift would tell you that's where the horn of Africa went.  Just because something kind of makes sense doesn't mean it's true, and yet I'm sure the flow of systems going up the coast over time helped a bit in the erosion process. And, yet if you go way back the coast of Carolina wasn't where it is now, it's now where it once was..... as you can read in the detailed discussion below from a site online that I linked to further down in the blog.

"The Outer Banks are geologically young. The geologic framework of Cape Hatteras was constructed by the cyclic rise and fall of relative sea level. This framework controls the sediments available to the modern barrier island, and the ways in which the island responds to natural and anthropogenic processes. About 5.3 million years ago, sea level was much higher and marine sediments were deposited across much of what is now the coastal plain. During multiple glacial episodes (ice ages) beginning 2.6 million years ago, sea level rose and fell many times, and rivers incised the previously deposited marine strata, leaving a paleotopography that controls the estuarine geometry and bathymetry and the location of the barrier islands. These paleoriver channelswere then backfilled and buried by Holocene sediments during the last 10,000 years as sea level rose to its present level. As a result, the sediments underlying the modern barrier island are a complex assemblage of marine, coastal, estuarine, riverine, and other Coastal Plain deposits, ranging from compact peat and mud to unconsolidated to semi-consolidated sands, gravels, and shell beds."

If you understood this paragraph you may have studied geology in college or been a bit of a Geology or Geography hobbiest.

Great books on this subject.... geological time is a long time and Florida was under water and above water, Florida Keys were once under water before they rose and Atlantis may or may not have existed off the coast. I was always into geography, geology, meteorology and Atlantis books have great. I'm a map lover or as some say a cartophile! The water level in Florida these days can be a moving target and we are always watching and researching to stay ahead of the curve when building homes and waterfront communities there. 

The world is always changing, rearranging and sometimes it's ignited by Mother Nature and some earthquake or volcano and other times it's something we as humans have added to the equation.  Planet Earth is awesome and amazing and provides me much to read through when there's no snow in Raleigh and it's far from Hurricane Season. I have a book I love but I'm not searching for the link, but there's good info on the link above to the government site. 

In other news I found out today that Toby Keith died and that was sad, as a Country Music Lover I loved his sons and others like him that would make funny videos when videos were funny and made you laugh or think on life or just hum along. Now days everything is so politically correct it's hard to get a good, funny country song without someone saying. It's good to laugh, it's good to smile, it's good to fall in love to a song that played in the background and then to love a song that makes you remember the pain of losing love. One of my favorites is Not Your Momma's Broken Heart....

Great song video but this about someone else.
Remembered for so many songs.
"I should have been a cowboy.... " to name just one.

So let's keep it together it's only February.
Going to take a long hot shower.
Take some meds.
Get dressed and go out... maybe.
Kamakazie lawn mower guy outside bugging me.

Sweet Tropical Dreams
Sweet Snowy Dreams
or whatever you wanna dream...
...tho u don't havta tell me details ;)


How many times have I shown this video...
..when a weak system becomes a Major Hurricane?

Love this one below too...

Special bonus for the song mentioned at the top.

Have a blessed happy good day.
Don't forget to smile.......!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

West Coast Storms .... Ensemble Models Show Snow... Maybe. From the Land of the Pines..... A Look at Why NC Is Best Place to be in Winter... Beware Long Range Forecasts for Hurricane Season That'll Pop Up Soon the way the Tulips Do!


At least we can paint or draw Snow ....

Hmnnn... thinking. 

Storms in the Pacific.
Missing in action in Carolina today.
Quiet day, birds are even chirping.

Life in North Carolina depends on which part of the state that you live in or are visiting on your Winter Vacation. It'll snow in Boone and some relative in Miami asks "did you get a lot of snow" and you say again for the 1000 time "no that's up in the mountains" and the same relative calls when a hurricane hits Wilmington and asks "are you okay up there, I heard you got a hurricane?" and you say "no that's down by the beach" for what seems like the 1000 time. Raleigh is the Piedmont, it's the capital and it was moved here from New Bern after the Governor's Palace was flooded twice at the conjunction of two beautiful rivers that make New Bern a beautiful, scenic, historic place to visit. Supposedly there was a Tavern with good beer as well and to be fair beer and breweries is a huge part of North Carolina life.

Hurricanes usually happen on the coastal plains, tho not always, and snow storms usually impact the mountains, but not always.

And, it's those "not always" events that make those of us that live in the fairly safe Piedmont cities pray we see snow every winter. We do get beastly hot summers and occaisional tornadoes. Usually, at least once a year, Mother Nature dusts of slams us with snow to remind us she can get us anytime she wants even though we are not in the mountains. Happens. So far this year it has not happened, despite early Winter Predictions that this Winter would be like the 2009/2010 Winter when we had so much snow I thought that was something that happened every year in Raleigh, but alas I was wrong. It was fun tho...

Even the GFS is stingy this year.
Last day of January.
Snow in the mountains.
Rain in the Piedmont.
Storms by the coast.

Thursday February 8th.
Snow up in Canada
A cyclone like looking low off the coast.

Monday on the 5th there's a sliver of a chance..
..snow may happen near Charlotte.
There's a 2nd NC city.

The GFS has been fixed it seems.
It's not promising us everything always every day.

There was a recent model that showed a Winter Storm.
In the Raleigh Durham area,
Okay it was an Ensemble Mode

Yes, that ensemble model showed a wild storm that did seem to come in too fast like an out of control 18 wheeler careening everywhere all over an icy highway. Ensemble models are where we go when even the GFS shows nothing, nada ...nowhere outside the mountains.

I get it. 

And I also have beautiful blue skies and cold air and sunshine and lots of breweries to go enjoy good local beer and drown my winter dreams in sudsy sorrow while debating a trip somewhere that it might snow.

Yes, as I always say Weather is Locational. Someone with a drought going on snow wise really doesn't want to look at pictures of snow falling in Montana, it's almost painful.

As we move towards February and many start discussing the 2024 Hurricane Season online, remember that long range early forecasts for this winter promised Winter Storms likely in the Piedmont and then everyone who was posting said those took them down or pretended they never posted them.

Long range models are fun to watch ....especially when you're bored without any real weather...and yet they are long range and often something changes.

But hope springs eternal as we enter February later this week. Isn't it amazing we are still in January and everyone wants to write off the rest of the Winter. Not me. I take it one day at a time weather wise. I love the winter here with or without snow. It's cold, I'm nice and comfortable in my warm PJs under the covers typing on my laptop watching the lil fake fireplace in the bedroom that is basically a fancy floor heater but hey it's all about illusions. Nespresso was good this morning and I'm planning my day. Going to take a walk and look at the Nandina that's in bloom, plants with lil red berries that are in abundance so the lil critters can get some juicy fruit even in cold January.

We also have a Winter Camelia that blooms too!

That's one thing I love about NC.
I lived in NYC once a long time ago.
Yes, I had winter but it was slushy and dirty.
All the trees were bare there.
Snow became dirty gray in a NY minute.

In Raleigh we have green trees in Winter.
Carolina Pines and Camelias.
And flowers that bloom in January.
Nice.... very nice.
With or without snow I'll be just find.
And or I'll hit the road :)

Here's a link to the site with the pictures above and it's a great look at the type of plants that grow here all year round, even in the winter. I'm an alumni parent, my daughter graduated from NC State! Most excellent Weather Program there as well!

I moved here because I got remarried and my husband's business is here. I was also ready to leave Florida if need be as it's not the Florida I grew up in and while I still love it Florida doesn't really love me. I get daily headaches there from the mold that's part of the soil from the constant rain and humidity. I am actually "allergic" to Miami Dade County Soil shown by a huge red bump on allergy tests over the years. 

Years back my best friend Sharon and I made up a list of places we "could" move to that had certain important priorities in our lives:
Gets Hurricanes 
Has a Football Team.
Good Airport (we had kids in various states)
Chabad Synagogue.
Gets Snow.
Less Traffic (why Raleigh is better than Charlotte tho Charlotte can be more fun)
Has beaches you can easily get to.
Mountains would be good too.

So when I met my future husband, North Carolina worked and in my case I'm old Southern and love that warm country folksy feeling along with fresh collards to make for dinner in the depths of winter (from Farmers Market Sunday) and well I do know how to use maple and molasses (over biscuits and sometimes even in coffee) and I like dark beer, porters or an occassional Guinness! I'm still praying for the Carolina Panthers to get it together again. 

If you are still reading you are a diehard BobbiStorm fan as there really is no weather to discuss by me, no squalls out on the Gulfstream and only memories of El Nino Years in California back when I lived there with my ex-husband who was a Valley Boy ....really, San Fernando Valley but we lived in Long Beach and West LA for a long while. No hurricanes so I studied earthquake faults! Learn to go with the flow... 

Enjoy life.
Enjoy weather.
Find something you enjoy.
Go for it! 
Do it!

Beauty of Weather is that at least up in these parts of the world it is always changing and as much as I'll hate to see Winter go I'll look forward to the Magnola Trees in bloom with a flower that has the most heavenly scent. Azalea blooms in multiple colors and every street looks like a cover for Southern Living Magazine. And, oh my gosh the Dogwood is legendary in Raleigh.

Hoping Mother Nature surprises me with a dusting of snow.

Dream whatever weather you want...
Besos BobbiStorm
Ps I'm probably the only person you'll meet who prefers summer in Miami over flying South for the Winter and there's always storms to chase there ;) If it's gonna be beastly hot at least Miami has an incredible breeze off Biscayne Bay vs Raleigh that feels like the pits of hell. Sorry, but being honest ...that's why the locals go up to the mountains or down to the beach.

Thanks for reading and playing along with my need to write this morning and share my thoughts on Winter 2024 and give a caution to early forecasts for Hurricane Season written in January or February...

One of my all time favorite songs.
My mother was a singer.
She loved music.
So do I

She introduced me to Nat when I was a lil girl.
Loved him ever since............

If you prefer the lyrics.... listened to a lot of Ella.. a lil girl too

If you're still here...