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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Update Monday Morning! 4 Tornadoes in Tampa Area Confirmed by NWS. Election Day Mother Nature Voting so ... IF You Didn't Vote Early Watch Your Weather Apps For Timing on Storms. Mike Covers Tornadoes in Tampa on Facebook Live.... Watch as it Moves On Shore and Mike Goes in Search of His Umbrella That Was Gone With the Wind. Storm Chasing in Florida... Gets Hairy and Crazy Fast!

Watches for today above.
Watch the rest of the South go into Warning mode tomorrow.
Say it ain't so....
Bad weather on Election Day?
I voted early... 

I'll update this later on Monday afternoon.
I want to see how a few models play out.
Watch the satellite loops and get a better feel for timing.

Note the presence of deep moisture in the GOM
As it lines up and connects with the front.

Provides more fuel.
Warm, tropical energy meeting a cold front.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Could have power outages.
Severe weather.
Again NWS updates watches and warnings in real time.
So go to your most trusted source for local weather.

Find your city in the link below. has a huge array of graphics.
If you are voting tomorrow you might want to start there.
He does more than just Tropical Weather.

Speaking of tropical weather...
I'll write more on that soon.
Models last week kept showing weak development.
That feature does show up...
..however the NHC is not going with it.
When weather ramps up... tends to ramp up across the board.
There MIGHT be something to watch.
Time will tell.
Either way...
If you didn't do the deed...

Go Vote Tuesday!!

Now a look at Storm Chasing ...
..and Mike's Tornado in Oldsmar in Tampa Bay area.
The tornado that chased Mike!

In the beginning of Mike's video... have your typical squall line.
The water turns this green gray color.
That's never good.
Then the colors become deeper.
There's this point when the sky turns purple...
...the water is frothy grayish green.
When things are about to pop.
Note the waves further out from shore.

After a nice chit chat with a neighbor...
..who heard the weather siren go off...
And decided to also go take a look.
Mike begins to run for cover.
You can see the "cloud" changing shape here.

Basically it's turning into a waterspout...
Funnel Cloud... 


Then all hell breaks loose live on Facebook Live.
That's why they call it Facebook Live.. duh.

Then the signal got messy.
So did Mike...
Though he handled it very well.
Scared but streaming as long as he could.

Note below the mess afterwards.

Trees down here and there.
Trash cans went flying in the wind.
So did Mike's shoes and umbrella.
Lord knows what happened to his energy drink...

And there's his tornado.

Mike being a bit of a practical joker...
..probably some people didn't believe him.

Here's the warning... 
... put up in real time.

And here's Mike's Facebook Live link to the coverage from beginning to end.

Absolutely love it. Video Mike took on Friday when a squall line was coming into the Oldsmar area in a park where he is used to chasing storms. This is obviously the first time a storm chased Mike and he recorded it live on air or about as live on air as you can get on Facebook Live. There's got to be a way to get that on Youtube.

See the news coverage of the tornadoes. At least four tornadoes touched down.

It would be easy to say fast forward to about ten minutes in, but without watching the weather slowly coming in and advance towards land it's hard to really appreciate how fast things can get crazy when you are out there waiting for it to ... well ...get crazy. Been there...done that ...though not in Oldsmar. I'd take a good guess that one of my Great Uncles has been there as my family moved from Key West in the 1800s to Tampa around the turn of the last century to the Miami area in the 1930s My Uncle helped develop Anna Maria Island and parts of Holmes Beach and loved life on the water and watching storms. Some things are genetic and karmic at the same time, but let's get back to Mike. Smiling, love it really. I've been down in the Keys with my brother chasing storms and seen squall lines that looked uglier than that or from my perspective more beautiful but didn't produce a tornado and we usually got to safe cover before the line washed over us. That's really the only way to describe that sort of rain storm as it washes over you like one big wave and you feel as if you have been tossed into a drive through car wash but without the car...

When things got crazy Mike was actually lifted up and his flip flops went flying in the wind. I'm pretty sure Jimmy Buffett needs to write a song about this... Anyone round here know Jimmy Buffett? That would make one fun, heck of a song to write. His umbrella took off faster than the wicked witch of the west went swirling up into the Twister and now that I'm thinking on it... how did stay on that bike in a Twister pedaling along ... oh right......Hollywood.

This was the middle of the afternoon in July.
When weather gets nasty everything gets dark fast.
2014 Hurricane Arthur offshore Long Island.
When a strong band came through..

So know that when you are chasing things like this can really happen. Good to have a safe spot when you see hail moving in on you...which my daughter and I did not have when we were in New York in the bands of Hurricane Arthur. We walked down through a park on a spit of land that looks across at JFL where the planes were grounded and suddenly something got "funny" in the water and Dina being quick realized it was hail whereas I was taking pictures in awe of the dark clouds obscuring the view of Manhattan. She insisted we leave as in "NOW" and we did and we sort of raced back through the park to the car where we chased the squall line a bit more down near Long Beach where she grabbed some great pictures and we walked around inspecting some post Hurricane Sandy construction. Turns out later we heard there was severe hail in the area. I really would liked to have gotten those pictures... but I digress.

We were here...........before we had to relocate because of the large hail coming down in the bay.

The plane is by JFK, it was grounded.
The discoloration in the water near land...
...was hail falling, bouncing in the water.

There's nothing like weather. Really nothing like it and it's unpredictable in that tornadoes can spin up without any watches or warnings especially in Florida where a sudden waterspout decides to become a landlubber and tears up a park or a house or anything it wants to on it's way somewhere else.

So yeah that happened. Funny as I'm going to be in New York this coming weekend with Dina who is chasing her 3 year old son more these days than weather, though she took some incredible video driving through the back roads colored with fall foliage ablaze in the sunshine.

Below is a pic I took with my brother and one my brother took of me. I'm wearing a Hurricane City tee shirt :)

Actually I remember that line.
We were oceanside and took cover near a hotel.
Lots of funnel clouds that day.
Some Asian tourists stood with us...
..we were excited, they were terrified.

This picture was taken from just under an overhang.
At the tip that juts out past the pool near the ocean.

That's Florida for you.......
One minute it's all aqua, turquoise and sunny.
Twenty minutes later it can be black and white and stormy.
And dark........very dark as the storm moves in.

I think I'm going to leave this up as a stand alone blog, easier to find and more fun to look back on.

Up late watching the clock turn back. Seriously, I had a horrible headache Saturday afternoon and I ended up sleeping for about five hours. I didn't sleep the headache off but I got my evening sleep a bit early. Going to sleep again now, now that the headache is gone and I'm smiling. I just might watch the video again just to laugh. And speaking of weather......the weather has turned cold again in Raleigh and though we missed the wild weather both New York and Florida had today (including a storm that took apart an Amazon building under construction in Maryland) we are headed into peak of the season leaf watching so I don't mind missing a storm for once. Hopefully later today on Sunday I'll get some nice pictures and do a full post on this week's weather and my thoughts on the tropics later on Sunday evening. For now I have a small fake fire going in little heater and the AC is off and so is the ceiling fan tonight! Brrr... Florida girls up north in NORTH Carolina get cold fast :)

Hope y'all turned your clocks back if you still have one or two of those great old radio clocks that my father loved and I still use. Amazingly everything breaks excepts those clocks.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... And a big thank you to Mike for being Mike!

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