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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Updated. Tornado Warning Sugar Land Texas... Storm System Headed Towards Houston Now Tornado Watch UP---. Halloween and Wicked Weather in the South Coming to Your State Soon ... What's Your Favorite Candy? What's Your Favorite Costume? Twister Movies... And Hollywood Inspiration

Really feels like some sick joke.
A Tornado Warning in Sugar Land Texas on Halloween.
Lot's of tricks Mother Nature has up her sleeve.
This storm is moving towards the Houston area now.

Don't say I didn't warn ya..
Been much talk on this system the last few days.
But it probably got lost in the news cycle.

Thought I'd put this up as it's good to remember.
Halloween comes with a treat...
..tomorrow has some tricks in store.
Or late tonight in some places.
Good read below if you are in the areas above.

As for me I spent the day at the Mall.
Very early holiday shopping.
Big family....gotta start early!
I may go as an Angel for Halloween ;)

Oh and I voted

* * *

This is foreshadowing..........
But this post is really about Halloween.
Halloween and the movies... 
And weather... of course.

A kind of cult classic. You either love it or hate it. But everyone loves to be scared by movies with tornadoes in them. People who won't watch "thriller movies" will sit spellbound through movies with mean tornadoes that rain down hail or metal and as long as the twister is spinning people are mesmerized.

Why I don't know. Don't blame it on Twister, blame it on the Wizard of Oz that held a generation spellbound and then held their children spellbound as well. Was it the "yellow brick road" or the "bluebirds flying?" or the "wicked witch of the west" an iconic forever symbol of a wicked witch. Of course Glinda is always the good witch, but that's not how most people dress up for Halloween.

In vivid color and ruby shoes Dorothy and Toto entered a world where they were protected by the Scarecrow and her other friends from the Wicked Witch of the West.

In 1996 a movie was made with special effects that made the sounds of the Twister come alive and with some comedy, romance and a measure of terror audiences were held spellbound once again. And thousands of kids went online into weather chat rooms looking to be meteorologists. True too. Most didn't but some did and the legacy continues. Listen to that Twister growl... sounds you would normally hear in an old classic like "The Birds" but this was Mother Nature showing her mean side.

Red inside is green is NOT good.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

This coming week Mother Nature may once again show her mean side along the Deep South and along the Gulf of Mexico states as warm air rushes up to meet a cold front. It won't have a "name" but it may produce tornadoes and severe weather and in some places it's possible it will come in the dark of the night.

Wouldn't it be lovely if Superman could save the day and protect us from Mother Nature when she's in a bitchy, witchy mood the way he saved us time and again from Lex Luthor? Lex Luthor always trying to control the weather, because he knew if you could control the weather it gives you the ultimate edge.

In truth Weather People try to save you all the time, but until the sky begins to get dark, the wind starts to blow and your App or WhatsApp goes crazy no one takes them seriously :(

One thing I learned in North Carolina is that for some odd reason.... nighttime tornadoes happen in Raleigh more than any other time of the day. Kind of the reverse of in Camelot where it only rains at Midnight. And in parts of the South severe weather could be a big problem, yet everyone is thinking on Hurricane Season leaving us and Winter arriving soon on the scene. This Autumn may end up being the Twister Season that went whoosh with the wind this past Spring when they usually appear out on the Plains. But in the Fall that happens also, as warm Gulf of Mexico air rushes up towards diving fronts and when there is a strong Southern Jet setting up .... get ready because we may have an Autumn to remember with dangerous weather.

Hurricanes don't work as well in most movies as do Earthquakes and Tornadoes.

Watch the weather carefully this Autumn and while you are watching perhaps the 2018 Hurricane Season will squeeze out one last storm somewhere.

Something to think on while eating candy or drinking punchy drinks or dressed up as your favorite Super Hero. Does anyone dress up as Kryptonite I wonder? Isn't it funny that it's green like the Emerald City? And the planet probably blew up when some bad guy like Darth Vader who hit Alderan with the Death Star that actually was green and then the planet exploded in a million pieces.

Where would Halloween be without Hollywood and candy?

Have a wonderful time wherever you are and whatever you do even if you sit up at home watching old movies or listening to broadcasts of the War of the Worlds. Really the day before Halloween and no one wondered on that? Hmnnn  It was a different world. The biggest "fake news story" of them all.

Whatever world you are in today and tonight enjoy it. And watch out for severe weather approaching as it will. Oscar is off to see the Wizard faster than a speeding bullet and wicked weather is coming to the South over the next few days. Be prepared for it. Party today, prepare tomorrow!

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps ... as for me... maybe a flapper or maybe Cat Ballou. Lord knows the shoe fits :) Would anyone realize I was Cat Ballou? Yeah, someone would. Either way it's about having fun. Fun is good. There's another things in the world that are not fun. Today is a good day to have fun. 50 seconds or so in one of my favorite scenes... iconic! Ha!

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