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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hurricane Oscar Out in the Middle of the Atlantic Dancing with the Front, Going Out to Sea. High Surf for Bermuda. 105 MPH - Cat 2. Wicked Weather in South Tomorrow Again... Tropics and Halloween.

Look how bulked up Oscar is.
Also about to merge with the front.
But for now holding his own.
105 MPH - Category 2

Holding his own for now...
Reminiscent of Florence in ways.
Between a rock and 2 hard places.

Models on top and center at Spaghetti Models
Out to sea.

Will bring high surf to Bermuda.
Maybe Affect Europe..
North Sea.

What is next?

More strong weather along the Gulf of Mexico..
Deep South and Southeast.

Tomorrow should bring really bad weather down there.
Winter obviously is NEXT...
but... there is still tropical moisture out there.

Oscar at the top left.
More tropical moisture Westbound.

Until that faucet is fixed.
It bears watching.
What starts there can get into the Caribbean.
How you ask?
Between frontal systems.
Indian Summer... 
That warm up that comes in early November.
That's why storms that form in the Carib...
...catch the next cold front out to the NE usually.

What are you dressing up as?
Dangerous subject these days.

Cranky put this in his blog yesterday.
What is that? 
Scary Man?
Incredible really...
...nothing like Mother Nature.

If I was going to a party...
..I'd probably dress up as a Flapper.

Or a Gypsy... 
Both dance. 

Maybe I'll wear one of Mike's shirts...
or a tee shirt.
I'll dress up as a Storm Chaser.
Maybe it's too soon round these parts.

Whatever your plans...
Keep it safe.
Have fun.
Let your inner Super Hero come out ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Or my Perfect Storm shirt?
Or my Red Sox shirt?

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