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Friday, October 19, 2018

Weekend Weather. Tropics? Taking a Break of Finished? Coastal Storm... GOM. Questions Abound.

Convection in the Caribbean.
Rain lingering along the Texas coast...
... continuing to flow in with a flood alert.
Cold weather clouds off the East coast.

Everyone wants to know what's happening with the weather this weekend and next week but some are wondering on the tropics and others are wishing for a snow storm. It's that time of year we start watching the Troposphere to see what may be coming down our way.

Cranky watches up above.
He lives up north.
DaBuh watches down below.
He lives Down South.

In reality we watch the troposphere...
...because what develops there and dips down...
... becomes the steering currents in the tropics.

What goes around comes around.
DaBuh loves to say that...'s true.
It can lift a hurricane up towards landfall...
...or it can sweep one away from landfall.

Currently there are no hurricanes forecast to form.
This time of year things can pop up fast so we watch.
But rain is forecast to fall and fall and fall.
This Fall of 2018 

With or without a name Texas gets rain.

The image above is from
They are awesome and they get better and better.
You can switch from wind to rain.
Windwise nothing really develops.

An area tries to close off..

But doesn't really...

Epac is active.

And a storm could form off the Carolinas.

But the easy money is on off the tip of Long Island
South New England.

Old school model view.

That's for NEXT weekend.
If that plays out.
I predict people will start using fireplaces soon.
Carolinas and Virginia in for cold weather.
Front would reach down into Florida.

One thing that is certain is cool air is moving down.
The AC in my house is obviously set perfect.
But the AC is not on... 
Mother Nature is providing the cool air.
Love it.
I really love it.

And a short plug for the NC State Fair.
If you live round here...
Go.. enjoy it. 
Saturday may be a wash out.
Sunday the last day will be beautiful.
It's just fun to walk around and enjoy being outside.
What you do is not as important as that.
You can enjoy being outside again.
Eat an Ice Cream or something fried.
Fair weather is fair.
Not too hot. 
Not too cold.

As for the forecast.
Here's the 3 day.
Mike has it up on
Scroll down he's got so much there.
He adds snow maps in during Winter.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

One of the best measures of what is happening.
It changes in real time like the forecast.
Here's the link below:

It changes in real time because....... is fluid and always changing.

The above is actually reflected in this link below:

The flow goes FAST across the Caribbean....
...into the GOM.
Where it mingles with leftovers from the EPAC
And creates a rainy set up that goes on and on.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

A front flies off the East coast.
Watch that dry air race off the Carolinas.
Oh my goodness yes...
I'd turn the AC up cause it's cold but...
...the AC isn't on that's just cool air getting in here.
Got my velvet sweat pants from Victoria's Secrets on :)
Short sleeve top in a matching color.
We are moving bit by bit into Autumn.
Took off the hot pink nail polish...
..tried a new color Burnished Bronze.
It looked like a Fall Shade ;)
Patchy frost possible on Monday... 
Brrr for Bronze.

As for the tropics until that flow stops flowing...
We need to watch the Caribbean.
And any stalled out cold fronts that linger.
That means the GOM and off the FL coast as well.
Late October and early November can produce hurricanes.
On this day in history... Wilma did the Yucatan.
A few days later she did Florida.
She caught a cold front.

Some people stop watching the tropics after the first good cold front goes through Florida and simply say things like "it's all zonal" and what they mean is if they aren't getting any huge CV Hurricanes they don't care and aren't chasing any subtropical or hybrid storm. I'm not that person. I watch with one eye on the tropics and one eye up at the North Pole. No ... not looking for Santa though might be wondering what Superman is doing up there hiding out but he's probably just enjoying the snow. Everyone wants to know about snow or a hurricane, but the reality is that weather happens in between in places that wish they could get rid of the weather. Texas for example is so stuck in a wet pattern and that's common this time of year some years. Caribbean moisture is still moving up towards the Gulf or Mexico and there's much rain but not a lot of spinning going on. No name storms wash out bridges, destroy WHOLE small communities built in the cheaper low lands close to where people work and they get no press. But tropical destinations along the coasts that have destruction get lots of press. You could say it's not the same but it is and it's a matter of perspective. If your community was washed away by a Flash Flood that wasn't even on the radar the night before when you were decorating for Halloween and putting together a few things for Christmas presents it's the same devastating, horrific catastrophe. Oh you heard a neighborhood of trailers were destroyed so you think somehow that it's not as big as a beach front home that looks like the beach front home you always dreamed of... 

A statistic I read this morning said that 30 to 50% of the people in the path of Hurricane Michael live within the poverty range. That might be higher in the part of North Carolina flooded out by rain from Hurricane Florence. To the people who live in the trailer parks and work in the farmland in Florida, Georgia, Carolinas and Texas from the No Name storm they lost their homes and their jobs. I was told it takes a good fifteen years for a pecan orchard in Texas to really produce, that's a long term disaster for people in those parts and I can bet you money that in five years Panama City will look more beautiful than it ever was before Michael. I know because we went through it in Homestead, some of the poorer areas looked like beautiful suburbs three to five years later as money flowed into the area in the same way devastating hurricanes winds blew in with Andrew. Money flows after a hurricane into some areas and other areas money creeps in and the towns barely come back and the people who lived and worked there pick up and move away. Just inland about 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach or less there are tobacco farms, cotton farms and farms that grown winter wheat and the landscape is filled with small trailer communities on the edges of the farms and small towns that all look the same in that they have a few old beautiful buildings and some store somewhere has been changed into a Chinese Buffet. Drive the back roads someday they are beautiful and an education about what it takes to make a country like the USA. Not everyone lives in the cities and not everyone is rich and owns a beach home or a ski chalet but life is way better here than it is in most places across the world. If your home, trailer or beachfront dream house was destroyed your world was destroyed. Some have good insurance or money put away and will rebuild there or somewhere else and others will simply pick up and move on to some other town where they can make a living and send their kids to school.

Some good local news stories in this link below:

Or take a drive somewhere out in the country and look at the Fall Foliage or drive down to the coast and spread some money about encouraging life to get back to normal along the coast of North Carolina. Not sure what I am doing this weekend. Maybe staying close to home and watching football or take a long drive somewhere or maybe go to the Farmer's Market for fresh Fall produce that is bountiful this time of year round here. Time will tell. I'll update the blog should anything happen worth updating. If the models start to come on as fast as Jack Frost is nipping at our door I'll post some information on them. Have a great weekend if you are a Red Sox fan and I am .... you'll be wearing your colors and having a smile on your face. I'd play the Fenway Park video but this series shows we can win anywhere even on the road and we have done that before haven't we? I just realized I have a charm not just a bunch of tee shirts and a way too big oversized tank top I sleep in sometimes.

Besos BobbiStorm.
@bobbistorm on Twitter

If you aren't a big Red Sox fan here's another video below.

Ps. Going to put this here and let y'all think on it a bit and let it sink in that being a mother can be empowering and doesn't mean you can't "have a life" and continue doing what you love. Most 1st world and many 2nd and 3rd world countries have had women leaders and they were often at the top of their game without having to worry how to balance careers. Women in both political parties work in Washington while raising children and even being active grandmothers. I like to think God gives mothers an extra measure of strength especially in today's world where mother's work full time and have to balance being a mother and working in careers from Publix to being an Ambassador at the United Nations. Being a mother takes a lot of navigating and often but not always the father's do their share making it all work. But either way... she does a good job and makes a good point. So this is for any young girls out there... you CAN be a METEOROLOGIST and you can work on air or behind the scenes and you can be anything you want to be you just got to work at it hard as success takes hard work and sometimes a measure of luck. Good luck!

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