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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Eye of Hurricane Michael... Video... Thoughts on the Eye of a Hurricane.


Remember that image?
I posted it from a larger posted.
it's not doctored in any way.
Just cut it down to the eye.
And indeed it looked like a person's eye.
Michael's eye.
Below in Black and White.

Moving towards landfall.

Jim Williams was in the eye.
The edge of the eye.
It got quiet and calm.
He reached for the car door to get out... got really windy and things went flying.
I laughed.
Sorry... I wasn't worried about him.
He's smart, very smart and cautious.
Was just kind of funny to me.

The eye of Michael, plain and simple. I decided it needed it's own blog post and one I could refer to or find for myself easily to remember. Impressive video. I've been in the EYE and it's something you never forget. Surreal in ways as suddenly after a symphony of meteorological noise during the first part of the hurricane that is one part debris hitting into things, trees falling down nearby, the roar... the unmistakable roar of the hurricane wind louder at times and the slamming of rain and objects caught in strong squalls and then suddenly after hours it stops...and it's quiet and the blue sky comes out above and if you are luck you can see the sun shining down. Surreal but very real. You almost feel giddy after all the noisy, dangerous drama the sun is shining and there are blue skies. Sometimes you see the edge of the eye wall but usually that comes at you fast with the return of the cacophony of horrific noise and the need to once again hunker down until the second half of the hurricane has passed on somewhere else. You almost feel you are imagining the quiet, still calm of the eye but you remember it forever.

The Eye on Earthnull.
The center... very clear and visible.

Amazingly the eye or the "center" of Michael was still going strong as it moved into North Carolina. So now I'll leave you with video and some thoughts to wonder on and to remember the fury of the eye wall the surrounds the eye where the most dangerous, deadly winds are and should you ever have the chance to be in the eye of a hurricane....... remember stay near your safe spot and get back in it fast as the back side of the eye comes back with a fury stronger usually than the front side of the eye.

Another view.

Some video of Irma on Big Pine Key.

Hurricane raging....

Hurricane above.
Then the wind stops as seen below.

The sounds of a hurricane?
Turn your sound up.

And then it stops.
And the rain stops.
And the wind stops.
And the sun comes out if you are lucky.
But be careful where you are....
...when the eye wall comes back fast.
If you are far from safety.. run for your life!

I can still see my son running back to the house.
After telling us he "knew what he was doing" going to a friend.
And then.......
The wind picked up, the sky turned dark that moment.
It got very very very windy.
And he came running back down the street to the house.
I smiled.

Yeah......"Thank you God"
Good timing.
And we locked the door.
Bolted it.
Pushed the china cabinet back in front of it.
And hunkered down til it was over.

Some eyes are easier than others.
Some eyes are longer than others.
But then the second half of the storm returns.

This is when many people die actually.
They venture out to go check on their friend...
....To check on damage.
... maybe they can repair something fast.

The 1926 Great Miami Hurricane was a huge hurricane with a huge eye and it was moving slowly. It was mean and sneaky as the eye coincided with sunrise and daylight and to people not aware of what a hurricane was they thought they had made it safely through the dark night and the storm was gone. They got in their Model T Fords and drove away from safety across the bridge into Downtown Miami to check on their stores. Old timers begged them not to go but they were sure the storm was gone... the storm surge came back down the river, the wind blew and many were blown away. On Miami Beach people tried to get back to Miami and their cars were swept away as they tried to get back across the causeway to Miami to relative safety. During the eye you go out, look around and don't go very far from where ever your safe place is .... but in 1926 before satellite imagery and radar people didn't know where the weather was and didn't understand what a hurricane was and people died when the fierce second half of the eye raced back over Miami and Miami Beach. It happens in every storm, no matter how much we know now and how much information we have it's human nature to venture out and look about and try to check on a neighbor or a relative or run down the block to a friend's house and we think we can do it fast before the eyewall returns. 

Turn your sound up loud.
This is Jim Leonard who passed away a few years ago.
A legend truly in Hurricane Chasing.
The second half of Hurricane Charley.

I leave you with this because everyone always complains about Hurricane Charley. In any Chat Room or discussion on Facebook Live when Mike is talking people always ask him about how "sure" they are and mention Hurricane Charley. For those who went through the eye of Hurricane Charley ... those who thought they had lower chances of being in the eye than other places and faced a hurricane stronger than they expected they never ever forget Hurricane Charley. Every hurricane that makes it into the Eastern Gulf of Mexico reminds them of Charley and they worry that once again they will find themselves facing the wrath of a strong, powerful Category 4 Hurricane. Turn the sound up and you may understand why.....

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps... With extreme admiration for those who took the videos and gathered the data... those I know online and those I am friends with in person and know well. For those who have been through the eye of a hurricane as I have and some of us have been through more than one eye... each is different, the power and force of nature when it is on a rampage is never forgotten.

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