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Friday, October 26, 2018

Stormy Weather. World Series. Stock Market Crazy. Mystery Bomber with Fake Bombs. Does Feel Like October. Where's Oscar?

Covered with clouds but...
...a circulation down there nevertheless 

Note the wording below.

This is our possible storm.
At 90/90 chances someone should be naming it soon.

Today's a day when it seems there are so many mysteries going on in the news. Who is the "bomber" sending the bombs around the country. What will New England and the Mid Atlantic really see from a storm without a name. When will the NHC name the storm out in the Atlantic that has to have fulfilled the standards for Tropical Depression status. What will Winter really be like and what happened to Autumn that seems to have gone whoosh with the Autumn Leaves falling off trees before truly turning colors. Who will win the World Series? So many questions. So few answers. So much hype on TWC and CNN, MSNBC and FOX are in full hype mode as well and yet there seem to be few answers.

Nice closed system above.
Wind pilling in from all sides below.

Our satellite image that shows little.
Well cold rain is misery like in itself.

Lots of color out by 95L

Oddly waves keep rolling off of Africa.
Low riders but moving West.

Note below the tropical warm energy in the GOM
rushing into the Nor'easter with no real snow 

Much tropical energy for 95L/Oscar

Models for Oscar....
Show him out there a while.
Like Leslie.
But it could get trapped moving West.
Waiting to be picked up.
Fronts are on the move so...
..that shouldn't be a problem eventually.

One thing that is a known is that it's apparent that fronts are on the move and taking up residence across the United States. Even if the weather warms up some in early November as some long range models show the cold will win out in the end. As for the Caribbean watching out for a November Storm of some kind is possible between dying out fronts dipping low and tropical waves Westbound low. This is the way of the world, the tropical world...the weather world..the winter world. It's the way it goes. Nothing that unusual. So stay tuned.

I'll update on Oscar when the NHC takes the time to name it and write advisories. As the storm evolves today on it's way up through the Southeast and Carolinas where everyone is wearing furry boots with leggings and men are wearing leather jackets it's looking very fashionably winter not Fall. That I can say. But it's the World Series time so Play Ball and hopefully they will catch a break in the investigation and catch whoever it is that seems to be taunting us all sending out fake bombs with excessive postage and names spelled wrong trying to send some sort of message... but for now it's still a mystery.

Seems perfect for October. Oh and if you are dabbling in the Stock Market... good luck. It's October.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Fake bombs"

Really? Wow. What TV news do you watch?


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