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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hurricane Oscar Our October Surprise in the Tropical Atlantic. 8th Hurricane of the 2018 Hurricane Season. Oh....and RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES!!

Hurricane Oscar formed tonight a bit ahead of the original forecast and has been doing what it wants most of the day. Moving fast to the West, though that is expected to be halted at some point down the road before being swung back out to sea. It is also forecast to become a 100 MPH Hurricane and personally I think that may be conservative but as always time will tell. The advisory is below along with some discussion worth noting and the ever popular "cone" that shows the track. To be honest this was a done deal since earlier this evening. I've had one eye on Oscar and one eye on the Red Sox the last few hours. Oscar became very photogenic after a difficult beginning as it evolved into a hurricane.


Out to sea... eventually.
Discussion from the NHC ... 
11 PM

Compare the 11 PM discussion with the 5 PM below.

The many faces of Oscar

Red mode for the Red Sox ;)

Totally tropical now.
Hurricane Oscar.

Well aligned all in all.
October Surprise in the tropics.

And I want to say one thing on that.

Never judge a hurricane season until..........'s over and in the books.

Speaking of "in the books"

Red Sox won the World Series :)
I'm a big fan..

Happiness is your team winning the World Series.
Good to smile and I am.

So that's a wrap for the baseball season.
However........hurricane season isn't over.
November 30th, 2018 official end.

So keep watching.
And as for our Oscar October Surprise...
..he may keep surprising us.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps........... Please watch the video below.
It was just released tonight.
It's awesome.
Turn the sound up.
Jim Williams chasing Hurricane Michael.
Made into a documentary.

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