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Friday, November 02, 2018

Tornado in Tampa... Watch Out as the Violent Line Snakes It's Way through Florida and the South Tonight and Tomorrow

It starts like this.......

Ends up like this......

If you Google Tampa at 3:30 PM... gives you a Tornado Warning!

Sort of escalated fast.
This is the line that was associated with the weather I've mentioned.
I thought on blogging this morning but I had some issues.
I did mention to the kids in the Miami area to watch out.
The line moved faster than expected.
The "line" is from Florida to the Carolinas.
It's draped across the SE and has the potential for wicked weather.
More wicked weather...

Some images of the the severe weather on radar.

Mike was in it and broadcasting live on Facebook.
He apologizes often for his language.
It's not that bad....
First time he's been IN a Tornado.
This is what you sound like when weather happens fast.
And somehow you lose your flip flop...

He's extremely honest, listen and know that's the way it feels when something unreal suddenly happens. Oldsmar was in the path of the Tornado, his home is on the water and it's near where the line came in..

This is the line..
I tweeted on it last night and this morning.
The Northern part of the line is shown below.

By the way the wind on Mike's video is awesome.

This was a mean line... forming last night.
Below you can see where the line pulled apart...
Part of the energy went to the North...
...another part hung back in the Gulf of Mexico
And moved East FAST today.

Note the ball of red down by BOC.

So telling you know if you are in the line of this system...
Take it seriously and watch out.

Amazingly no real watches or warnings.
Just put up when the tornadoes came through...

What can I say?
Don't think there is any place like Tampa...
...when it comes to fast breaking wild weather.
Storms form over the GOM...
..slamming into Tampa Bay fast.
Then the rest of Florida gets a heads up.

In South Florida there's a boat showing going on.
First big event of the Show Season.
Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.
My kids asked me... I asked Phil who is great.

If you live in Florida watch it carefully.
In the Carolinas it's mostly expected to be rain.
A narrow band but a dangerous band.
Note no real warnings up for Tampa before hand...

In motion............

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

No real warning other than "bad weather coming"

Really why I wrote about it a few days ago.
Because the news cycle is so crazy right now.
Things get lost...
Like checking on the weather...

Stay safe.
Stay happy.
If weather happens....
... take pictures from somewhere safe.

Besos BobbiStorm 
@bobbistorm on Twitter.... for constant weather updates.

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