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Monday, December 31, 2018

NYE 2018 Into 2019 - As the Weather World Turns

Kind of awesome isn't it?
We can watch the whole world's weather...
...from up above.

NYE weather..... January 1st?
Watch the weather world turn.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

For a good part of the year I'm watching waves roll off of Africa and what's going on in the Caribbean and then I'm suddenly aware of an odd noise outside ..... and I realize it's raining in my backyard. The irony is that unless it's winter and I'm hoping it will snow I rarely pay attention to the local weather in my own neighborhood. I check my kid's weather as they don't use weather apps or pay attention to the local weather until someone posts weather news in the family WhatsApp feed. It's a strange, big, beautiful world. 

And we are moving fast from 2018 into 2019 as the hours click away and the clock counts down. It's human nature to look back every year and remember, bitch, complain and wax poetic on what was the most wonderful and what was the most horrible. There are always things that remain in our memory and others we don't remember until someone reminds us. I suppose it's a good thing to take stock every year and smile and ponder what we would like to do this coming year. Goals are good, surprises happen and sometimes you actually get what you are wishing for but I may warn you as always to be careful for what you are wishing for... because you just might just get it!

It was a busy year for me traveling frequently to see my kids in the 3 corners of the USA and back and forth up and down I-95. Cranky is right my life has become traveling North and South on I-95 yet I went to Seattle this year and am drinking coffee this morning out of an Amazon Go mug picked up in the store where you don't pay the register and I literally mean "picked up" as I wandered through the store with my son and one of his friends. I walked around the huge Biosphere Globe and I do mean "walked around" as it's reminiscent to my first trip to Disney World. Amazingly my son worked on some of the algorithms that made that store work and it was wonderful seeing him and his awesome family. I was there for my granddaughter Bella's birthday party and celebrating life and family. Even without the kids there I'd love Seattle, something about that city resonates with me deeply.

Seattle is truly so magical.
A tropical paradise inside the globe.

And, then back home to the East Coast.
Yet we watch the West Coast for our future weather.
 We watch Alaska and before that the Pacific.
Look at that Jet Stream in the NW...
Wet weather up across Mexico ... 
Then the Southern Jet up coming into the South East.

The two jets of 2018...
...will they linger into 2019?
Or hook up again somewhere?

Speaking of Alaska... 
...big earthquake this year.

And there you see the current pattern.
Snow in the NW...and the Great Lakes.
Rain the Southeast.
Down the road Oklahoma might get snow.
Just a blue patch there in the middle of the country.
The rest of the South stays clear of snow for five days.

Then what?
If you don't have snow...
... play in the sand.
And Mike does.
He made a Sandman!

Somehow this year he became the Drunk Monkey Man.
I'm not sure where the girl is who called him that online.
Hopefully she keeps those things "inside thoughts" from now on.
My younger kids use that term.
My older kids tell their kids "use your words"
Use your words wisely.
Mike as always runs with the ball... 

You can buy a tee shirt or an umbrella!
Check out his site for weather and merchandise.
I bought a Hurricane Season tee shirt..
sorry not putting a donkey across my breasts.
People look enough as it is....
... nuff said there.
Cute though.
Mike's cute.

Jim Williams chased Michael.
This was definitely the year of Michael.
Michael and Florence in the tropics.
Retired names (they will be) of 2018.
A wet Southeast was the legacy.
Rainiest year in Raleigh since 1945.
1945 was a huge hurricane year...

Good for him.

He got out of his studio/office...
..and back to his roots.
Jim's always been a chaser...
I know that, trust me.
But he's an awesome Weather Historian.
He's awesome in general. I know that.

Jim Cantore finally got out of Wilmington.
They were pounded by rain before, during and after Flo.
Flo would not leave....

Tornadoes happened in Wyoming this year.
Oh and Cape Cod got some action too in that department.

Weather is locational.
Memories of 2018 are connected to your location.
Fires in California were the story of the year there.
Well there's time for a big Quake but times running out.
It's 8 AM on December 31, 2018
The "ball" or "acorn" will be dropping soon.
In Raleigh they drop an acorn.
It's Raleigh... don't ask.

You remember the weather you had that rocked your world.
Or you hanker for the weather you want and didn't get.
You hope it won't snow or you pray it snows.
I had a surprise snowfall in New York in Mid November.
Magical snow flakes falling from the sky out of nowhere.
Not in the forecast...
Raleigh got snow, a lot of snow later that month.
We have not had snow since.........
Last year it was freezing on New Years Eve...
...this year it's forecast to be in the high 60s today.
(count ten days til snow...)

You have to roll with the punches weatherwise and in life.

I have 3 new grandchildren... this year.
2017 was the year of weddings.
2018 was the year of babies.
A brand new Instapot and beautiful Kitchen Aid.
Maybe 2019 will be the year of cooking and baking!

For most baby boomers losing the Bandit was hard.
He defined a good part of our lives.
Especially if you live Down South.
but I know a few Yankees who loved him too.

May 2019 bring you wonders and magic.
Magical moments to remember.
New friends, children, partners, grandchildren.
Maybe a new puppy or goldfish or lizard?
May you take trips to paradise or enjoy staying home.
Home is where the heart is...
..but in today's world... 
The world wide web let's us take our heart with us..
..wherever we go.
We are all on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook.
And we can watch the world turn from up above.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

My special thanks to all I mentioned...
..all I implied (you know who you are) 
And to those I didn't mention but usually do.
To all of you who rock my world...
Thank You!

And as for Burt....
The Bandit stole our heart.

Besos BobbiStorm
Thanks for the birthday wishes.
Happy 2019!!

As for the 2018 Hurricane Season..
Jim and I both love maps and weather.
Going to let him do the 2018 Hurricane Season round up.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... As for me I'm watching the weather.
Wearing a plethora of tee shirts.

This one from
Finding weather from the Keys to Seattle...
... in Iowa or New York City.
Sometimes even Raleigh...

Thanks for following along.

Enjoy the thoughts and the music.
We do get older, we kind of grow up.
Sometimes I think we get even better with time.

From Carolina........

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