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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Travel Trouble. Tornado Warnings Now Florida. Give Back to Those Who Give You So Much Weather Info... Spread the Holiday Cheer and Charity.

The over advertised storm system that was forecast to swing through Florida is delivering the punch it was expected to pack and more. I woke up this morning to three different tornado warnings as the trouble began early today. Any travel from Tampa to Orlando to Daytona should be done with extreme caution and that basically means the I-40 and most of the Turnpike is currently cloaked in wicked weather. In the old days we used to call this an "E" ride at Disney weatherwise today but if that went whoosh over your head just know it will be a continuing mess until this clears the state later tonight. And, it will clear the state so you can keep those boots and sherpa jackets handy. The drama continues up the coast as the front continues to push across the general I-95 area. A crappy day to travel and a good day to stay on top of the weather in your local area. The best way to stay on top of the weather is to check your local NWS office.

Put your cityin and find your exact info.
The map below is from that site.
You can see if you are driving ...
..from Miami to NY today.
You might want to wait a day if you can.
Travel is going to be a big mess.

Florida is dressed in Red for the Holidays.

Mike living on the West Coast gets it first.
Radar grabs are all the same.
Only the colors will change during the day.

With the heating of the day it gets worse.
This is a strong front.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

Look at that front go through.

Check out those watches and warnings.
My brother is already at the beach....
Taking pictures.

He's a good photographer.
Photography runs in the family.
I had a Great Uncle who was....
..a photographer for the Ziegfeld Follies!
More to that story but staying focused here.

If you live in Florida PLEASE take this seriously.
And this is the set up for the Winter of 2018.
So far anyway.
The last one swung through.
This one will too.
There will be more.

As the weather pushes through GA...
South and North Carolina.
There are chances to see tornadoes..
..and wicked weather.
But that's for tomorrow...

Today it's mostly about Florida.
Carolinas will see a rainy day.

The severe weather threat is for Thursday.
This is what we call Apocalypse Weather.
Usually we see it in May and June.
Monsoons Gone Crazy.
But this Winter is a real Winter.
And Cold Fronts are on the move.

Watch your radars.
Pay attention to your Apps.
Don't say I didn't warn ya..
Everyone warned you...
The "hype" was a warning not "hype"

Weather evolves.
Stay tuned.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps A big PS here in that there are those online who work hard to bring you fast, timely weather warnings and information. In this time of GIVING make sure you GIVE and show your thanks. Mike for example provides information in a entertaining way yet he never takes his eye off the approaching weather. He may lose his umbrella in a tornado but he gives his all throughout the Hurricane Season and keeps chugging along throughout the year. Others such as Rob from Crown Weather has a paid for view service and he's almost always on the money so he's well worth the money if you live in an area and have weather concerns that go beyond waiting to see if TWC talks about it in real time. If you have problems separating the hype from the danger he is worth the money... and he has another site for New England. If you have a site and it has a button feel free to send them some holiday cheer. It's always good to know that people appreciate the work you put in.  Western & Central Massachusetts 



As for me I don't have a button but until 12:59 PM this site is active, my grandchildren go there and it's one of the best schools I know in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The children are taught in a way to bring out their own individuality and at least in my family I know that's a good thing as they are creative, bright and real individuals. They have a special fundraiser going on that quadruples every donation so for every dollar you donate you are actually giving four dollars. Can't get that much bang out of your buck when you donate and it's better than most the website sales of the day. So while shopping.... give a little cheer, give a little charity, be a part of the change in the world you want to see. If you do give... feel free to tell them BobbiStorm sent you :) That could be your gift to me for the holidays! They are always a good place to give to, high up on my list of charities and incredible schools.

Mike makes jokes but there is often a kernel of real truth in what he says. I thought on this jokingly the day before to myself. The "dipping low pressure areas" that are the reason for this season of Severe Weather in December....  There have been so many of these systems shown on modeling I was wondering if TWC was going to give them a special name. Mike went out on that limb but the point is this is not a one time set up, we will continue to get them for a while this winter and at some point deeper into January the pattern changes, the Polar Vortex does it's part but the Southern Jet being enhanced by the nameless El Nino will be pumping up the South and filling it with wet weather until that lazy ole Polar Vortex Does it's thing.

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