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Sunday, December 09, 2018

SNOWING Carolinas ... Deep South Winter Storm. Rain, Snow, Sleet, Ice, Flooding... Tornadoes?

Obviously I'm in Raleigh where it's snowing.
But this story is bigger than Asheville and Raleigh.
It's bigger than the Carolinas... both of them.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

You can look at the image below and the loop above.
The signature in the GOM is trouble.
Yes it's feeding our snow storm.
It's causing flooding below the snow line.
And it could cause severe weather later today in Florida.
Even tornadoes are not off the table ..
So watch for any squall lines that set up fast.

And this storm evolves unlike a hurricane.
A hurricane forms and travels as an entity.
Winter storms evolve in real time....
...and evolve as they are traveling..
Hard to predict.
Especially Southern Winter Storms.

This picture is current as of 6:30 AM.
Down below the blue is snow.....
pink diamonds of ice show up 
And green rain below that.
That line where they meet is the iffy part.
As the sun comes up that line moves up.
Snow turns over to rain... freezing rain.
Currently the snow is coming down steady.
What will the rest of the morning bring?

Watch a low to set up off the coast.
See the yellow just South of OBX?
Over time yellow will transition in here.

They call it a layer cake storm...
..or lasagna storm.
Snow, Rain, Ice, Sleet, Snow.

Asheville, Winstom-Salem, Greensboro 
They have one storm.
Raleigh Durham another.
The Sandhills another.
Parts of NE Georgia got snow.

A lot of warnings up across the South.
That changes in real time too!

So that's my story for now.
Please keep an eye on the weather.
And, I'm talking Florida and Georgia.
Not just the Carolinas.
Oh and yes...Virginia is in it too.

Wind is going to be a problem.
Heavy wet snow crusted with ice.....
and then the wind picks up.

Ice is a problem in some areas.

As for me I'm going out soon to take pics.
Eating drop biscuits I just made.
Lots of recipes online.
Try this one or another.


Stay inside.
Stay warm.
Stay safe.
And hope you have a nice view.
I know I do ;)

And hopefully we keep our power!

Besos BobbiStorm.
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... I'll update in real time later.
If I lose power I'll just stay on Twitter!

Been watching this storm for almost two weeks.
Well models and satellite loops.
And got what I wanted from Mother Nature.
Chanukah Snow Storm :)

View from my window.... 
Snow ;)


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